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Gorgeous asian babes in threesome
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After speaking to Stacey about what had just happened; she understood what I was going through but couldn't help. The next four weeks were the same; Tex would fuck me on consecutive Thursday's; then disappear somewhere for the next two. On the Thursdays he did see me he would have his moneys worth and fuck the shit out of me all day. My clothing was running out and I found myself walking around the house in little or no clothes at all.

It had become impossible to find work; at least I had food and a roof over my head; things will get better I told myself. Several months passed and it was almost Xmas; I had been in this hell hole for about five months now. My wardrobe had not improved at all; it consisted of Ugg boots, denim skirt, denim shorts, a torn apart blouse, a few tee-shirts and a denim vest. I now had no underwear left to wear whatsoever; it had been either stolen, worn out or ripped apart by Tex.


I was sleeping naked and rarely bothered to dress when I woke anymore; except for a button less blouse or tee-shirt; I no longer cared what people thought of my appearance.

I would have lost my sanity if I had not had Stacey to chat too. She sometimes spent hours hugging and caressing me; as she knew I was close to a breakdown.

All the other girls Tex had abused left; they must have had enough leaving me as the only one he could now torment. It was Tuesday and Tex was here he came over to my mattress; I was thinking that he wanted to fuck me today and not Thursday. "I have come to agreement with a friend of mine; there is an opportunity for you to earn some money and eventually leave this house". His words had me very puzzled; what was he up to? "It's not great; and it is in a brothel".

My face must have been blank because I just stared at him. "Remember I will be here on Thursday for my payment; you can also give me your decision". I sat on my mattress stunned and thinking about what he had said before talking it through with Stacey later that night. "You should think carefully about it; but do not waste your money like I did; bank it if you possibly can".

That was when I realised why she understood what I was going through; she had been through it herself. Thursday arrived and I stayed in bed thinking about what I should do; Tex arrived soon after noon. "Hi girls" he called out before heading towards me. "Time for my board Kim, I want to try your ass out".

I tried to tell him I had made a decision; but he cut me off. "On your knees Kimberley"; I was already naked so I got on top of my doona and positioned myself. "Now suck my cock; make it real sloppy". I slid across and unzipped his pants before pulling his cock out; I stroked it before putting it in to my mouth. He pulled it back out briefly to take his pants off; before slapping my cheeks with it and moving it to my lips.

He was moaning as I took his cock deeper and deeper inside my wet mouth. "Good girl now suck hard". I was becoming a real good cocksucker now with all the practice I was getting. He held the back of my head; and I was face fucked by "the fat prick". I had also become used to being violently face fucked too.

He was groaning and moaning and saying nasty words to me; calling me every slut under the sun. Then he stopped and pulled his cock out; leaving a trail of thick saliva dribbling out from his cock and my mouth down on to the doona.

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"On all fours and face the wall Kimberley". He spat on my ass crack and rubbed it into my ass-hole; before beginning to fuck my ass with two fingers. I moaned as I was now beginning to like it; Tex laughed as I started to fuck back into his fingers. "Oh do you like that slut; you love things in your ass"? "Yes" I nodded feeling a little bit embarrassed as my body was lusting for more.

Tex slapped my butt before spreading my legs apart and positioning his cock at my ass-holes entrance. "Kimberley, Kimberley" with that said he began to slowly force his cock inside my tight ass; I gritted my teeth and bit my pillow as I made a little screaming sound. He kept barging his way deeper inside until making one almighty plunge ensured he had bottomed out.

I increased my biting on the pillow to prevent myself from really screaming out in pain; as it seemed to be splitting my ass in half. I was whimpering a little when he slowly started to pull out; before jamming it back inside and back out again. It was hurting like hell and I could no longer keep my pain to myself; and I bellowed out a torturous scream. That made him laugh and he began to pound me harder and faster; all I could do was grit my teeth and take it.

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"Christ Kim your ass feels so fucking tight; I don't ever want to stop fucking it". He was gripping my hips as he pounded into me; the pain was easing and I began to enjoy it. "Oh God, oh God, oh God" I shouted moving against his thrusts. He was grunting and I was screaming with everyone watching. My legs and tits felt tingly as the sensation in my ass was driving me wild.

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I could not help but rub my wet clit as I moaned loving everything that was happening to me. I reached orgasm falling face down into my pillow gasping in ecstasy.


He kept fucking my ass as pussy cum dribbled and splashed everywhere; this was the first times I had squirted with Tex. I reached back with both arms and grabbed each of my ass-cheeks as he kept hammering my ass-hole.

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"Oh Kim you are a real anal slut you know." That made me smile as I continued to moan and hold my ass-cheeks apart for him; he must have loved it. "Fuck, fuck, fucking fuck you cock whore" he bellowed.

"Oh God, oh my fucking God" I moaned as I was reaching another orgasm; my doona would be a sloppy mess when he finished. Tex must have been close too as he began to thrust harder than before; and with one almighty deep thrust he slammed deep inside me then stopped. He still wiggled around but his cock stayed inside me. After that he collapsed on top of me in a heap; kissing the back of my neck.

Recovering again he used my shoulders as a means to push up and stumble off me; grinning as he watched me caress my twitching ass-hole. He laughed because my body was still moving as if it was still being fucked. I pushed his cum out of my ass with a fart; it oozed out my gaping hole and drained down my legs. Even after Tex left for lunch some fifteen minutes later I was still rocking my legs like I was being hammered up my ass. "You enjoyed that didn't you" said Stacey.

I just smiled as I carried on rubbing and fingering my ass-hole until my body calmed down; I then resumed my conversation with her. "I don't know what to do for the best; I can't live like this forever, but what will my life be like working in a brothel"? Stacey brushed my hair to the side. "The choice is yours; at least in the brothel you can earn some money." "You are right Stacey; if I do it for a year or two maybe I could finally move out of here into a cool place of my own".

"Mind you Kimmy it won't be easy; they break you in first and then decide if you are going to work in to their plans". "How do you know" I enquired curiously? "For the simple reason that was how I got my first start". I was still touching my tender gaping ass-hole; as I made my way to the toilet for a poop; it felt really good. Returning to my clothes I put on a grey loose-fit top with my now tattered short-shorts from the bag; before relaxing in the kitchen with a coffee. Tex called round a few hours later; that was when I told him "I will give the brothel work a go".

He looked at me with dead eyes at first then began to smile; "I will introduce you to the owner tonight after tea time". Then he hugged me before planting a kiss on my forehead; before leaving. Stacy told me more of what to expect if I wanted to be accepted. "You will be taken to an old warehouse for a week or two to be broken-in or "auditioned.

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You will have to service several guys a day during that time; then if they think you can handle it you will have the job". "If they think I am not quite ready will they tell me"? "If you are not ready the other option is to become a whore for Tex until the day you leave".

A few hours passed beforeTex returned with a couple; he told everyone to leave the kitchen except me. I was introduced to Ron and Stephanie; they were both dressed smartly in suits.

We shook hands and started chatting about working in their brothel; while Stephanie was checking me out. I was feeling nervous when I was told to take all my clothes off; which I quickly did. As well as being nervous I was embarrassed so I looked at the ground. They spoke amongst themselves for a while which I did not like much. It was Ron who finally spoke to me; "We will initiate you providing in time you are willing to do something about those" pointing at my small breasts.

"They make you look like a thirteen year old; also you need to gain confidence being naked around strangers". It seemed Stephanie ran the place when she stated the rules and their expectance of me. "The first time is the hardest time. Business can be slow and it can be hectic. It is a business we are running so always discuss terms first; what type of sex the client wants and how much he will have to pay.

Always use a condom unless it is proven safe. Your starting pay will be 40% of the client's payment which is calculated by the hour.

It will be $200 anything goes, $110 Anal only, $100 Vaginal sex only, $50 Oral only. If they want Oral and Vaginal sex, its $150, but offer them the $200 deal for all the three and can include cum swallowing. No clients equal no money do you understand." I nodded my head saying yes. "In time your pay rate will go up as your client list does over time. You will not handle the money your minder will take care of that.

There will be some very strange customers who you will have to be aware of. Your room will be $20 a day if you choose to stay at the brothel".

They stood up, shook my hand and gave me a card with a phone number on it before leaving. I had already made my mind before they told me of the dangers, rules and pay. So I slept on it and rang the number the next day; I was picked up via car and taken to St: Kilda down one of the back streets to an old warehouse building.

More soon.