Lovely Latina Jazmin Torres Fucks Big Black Cock

Lovely Latina Jazmin Torres Fucks Big Black Cock
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Deanna was driving down the street in her '74 Plymouth Fury, one of those throwbacks to a bygone era. It was the kind of car people referred to as a dinosaur, a behemoth, a lard wagon; she had a certain attachment to the car however, it was the car her Dad bought her when she was in high school shortly before he died. It had something in common with all big cars of that era, a big back seat. She had engaged in her first heavy petting in that big back seat. The dark stain in the middle of the seat was a reminder of her lost virginity with her first real serious boyfriend, Phil, who later became her first husband.

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She had been afraid her Dad would see the stain and realise what had happened, but he rarely looked closely at the car. Deanna married Phil about six months after their session in the back seat. The first year was fine; but then Phil started showing less and less interest in Deanna. She even considered that he might have something on the side and she just hoped it wasn't one of her friends. Finally, Phil approached her with a notion that might bring back the old magic to their relationship.

He suggested a breast enhancement. Deanna had never really been self-conscious of her flat chest. She had a pretty face and a nice ass, just no tits. Now she realised that her husband was a tit man and she was lacking in that department.

It took some weeks of persuasion before Deanna agreed to go to a plastic surgeon across town. She and Phil leafed through the catalog like ordering by mail.

They agreed on a set of implants which would give Deanna about a 36C measurement. After the surgery, Deanna was concerned about the large size of her breasts. Phil told her that the Doctor had told him that there would be swelling initially which would then go down to the desired breast size.

What Phil had not told her was that he went back to the surgeon and offered a substantially larger sum of money to go up to a 38D cup. The surgeon was in the process of retiring to Mexico and wasn't available to respond to a malpractice suit. Another year went by, then Phil came up with another demand. He wanted to have a swap session with one of his friends and his wife. The friend's wife was a knockout and had a bigger set of tits that Deanna. She protested loudly, then gradually gave in when she secretly realised that she might get into some strange dick.

She pretended to hold out and then, when she thought the time was right, she gave in and agreed. She never would have guessed what happened next. Phil became indignant that she had agreed to swap partners, even though it was his idea. He got furious, called Deanna a whore and hit her in the face giving her a black eye. Deanna agreed to not file charges if Phil would agree to a quick divorce.

Deanna was through with Phil. In the months after the divorce, Deanna enjoyed her new freedom, maybe a little too much. She made a hobby of fucking Phil's best friends, all his drinking buddies and the guys that came over to watch football on the weekends. They just pretended to be watching football, they had been watching Deanna bend over while serving the beer and pretzels in case one of her gorgeous boobs would fall out of her shirt.

She got them allone by one, hoping one of them would brag to Phil that he had fucked her. Finally, it was Warren that couldn't help bragging. Warren was the one who was known to have a whopper.


The men all talked about it, and the wives were even aware of it. His ex-wife was asked one time how big it was; she took hold of her left arm at the elbow and stuck it out to the other woman and said, "It's about as big as my arm." Phil was over at Warren's house one day with the subject came up. Phil asked Warren if he was sleeping with his ex-wife to which Warren replied, "We don't do much sleeping, and I'll bet you never made her eyes roll back in her head." Phil responded by cold-cocking Warren, and then Warren beat the piss out of him right on the spot.

Deanna was on her way to her friend Samantha's house to go swimming in her pool; she liked Samantha and enjoyed playing with her four kids. She had to admit she liked the attention that she got from Samantha's husband. Samantha had lost most her feminine attraction in the course of four pregnancies in six years. But on this day, Deanna wouldn't make it to Samantha's house because the number four piston was just about to weld itself to the cylinder wall.

The car made a loud backfire and coasted to a stop by the side of the road. Deanna tried to restart the car, but all the starter would do was click. She knew this was coming ever since the oil light started flashing off and on the then eventually stayed on all the time. She wondered what she would do now, since she had no funds for another car, and Phil had ruined their credit when he filed for bankruptcy after the divorce.

Deanna got out of the car and raised the hood, but then remembered that she knew nothing about cars and wondered why she even bothered to look. She then became aware that she was being watched from across the street. She had broken down right in front of Honest Abe's Easy Pay Car Lot.

Deanna then wished that she had dressed a little better; but since she thought she was going swimming, she just had on a pair of cutoff shorts and a white t-shirt that fit a little too tight in her chest, really showing off those 38D tits. There wasn't anything to do but cross the street and maybe use the phone to call Samantha to come and get her.

On stepping onto the lot, the men all lined up to wait on her and see what they could do for her. The tallest was the manager, ED was about 40 years old, a little heavy-set.

"Hello little lady, what can we do for you today? I see you're having a little car trouble." Deanna explained the situation and told them that the car was probably done for and wasn't worth fixing. Needless to say, these car salesmen had the solution. One of the salesmen, Frank, a little younger and better built than Ed, suggested that she look at a few cars in their inventory and then he would establish what she could afford to budget for a car payment and hopefully send her home in a car today.

It sounded like a good idea, since she going to need a car to get to work. Frank helped her select a car she might be able to afford. It was a '94 Mustang with 120,000 miles on the odometer but was still in good shape. After a brief test drive with Frank, they went in the office and proceeded to figure a deal and arrive at a monthly payment of $155.00 a month.

Frank took a credit application and excused himself from the closing booth. After about fifteen minutes, Frank returned to the office with Ed, the manager. Ed sat down behind the desk and spoke first, "Little Lady, we sure would like to send you home in that fine car today, but we have a little problem. That bankruptcy on your record along with the other credit references you gave us don't quality you for bank financing at this time.

I'm afraid no bank in town will touch this deal, I just want to be honest with you." Deanna hoped she wouldn't cry and embarress herself in front of these four strangers. Deanna choked back the tears and asked, "Well isn't there any way I can pay you for the car over a period of time, I just have got to have a car as soon as possible." Ed excused himself from the booth and said, "Let me check with the owner and see if he would consider financing the deal in-house." Deanna started to get encouraged again, she really liked the car and hoped she would be able to drive it home.

After a few minutes, Ed and Frank returned with the other two salesmen and they all crowded into the small booth, probably to block the entrance to keep her from walking off the lot, an old car salesman's trick that she had heard about. "Little Lady, I think we can work something out here, we'll handle the deal for you, you can make your payments here. All we need is $1000.00 down payment to cover taxes and registration and give you a little equity in the car starting out.

Deanna was about to cry again as she realised that she had no money saved up and no way to borrow any. She explained her situation, to which Ed responded by leaving the office again with the three salesman to return a few minutes later. Ed sat down next to Deanna this time, instead of behind the desk and placed his hand on her left thigh.

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Deanna, honey, you need a minimum of $1000 to take that car home today. If you're telling the truth, that you have no money to cover the down payment, there is only one other option.

Deanna was beginning to get uncomfortable and was wondering what kind of option Ed was talking about with his hand on her bare thigh. Ed began to explain his plan, "There's four of us here as you can see. You need $1000; we'll each put up $250 toward your purchase of the car if you'll grant each one of us one hour in that back office." You'll have to do whatever we ask of you, within reason. We're talking about you having sex with us one on one; one guy will finish, then another one will come in and take over.

It won't be a gangbang, it'll just be you satisfying four men in a four hour period, and from the looks of you, it shouldn't be any problem. Deanna, couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"What kind of sick bastards are you guys? I come in here to buy a car and you want to put the make on me. There must be a law against that." Ed held up his hand, "Look, Little Lady, we're not forcing you do do anything. It's all going to be with your consent, then no law is broken. Now that's if you want the car, you can walk out of here right now if you want." Well that's when it dawned on Deanna. Walk out is the only way she would be leaving.

She started to outline a plan of her own. "If I agree to this, I am out of here in the car in four hours, is that right?" Ed assured her there would be no funny business over the deal they had made.

"And furthermore, I don't do anything kinky or sick, and oh yeah, I get to decide how far is too far." Ed went on to explain, "Baby Doll you can walk out any time, but if you don't satisfy all four of us in four hours, the deal is off.

If you walk out after taking on two of us, the deal is off." Deanna couldn't believe she was even considering the deal, but she had few options. Ed closed the deal with a last closing point, "And, oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, we'll never breathe a word of this to anyone so you don't have to worry about that." Deanna was sold.

"Goddammit, who's first?" Ed motioned her to the back office. "We'll decide on the order that we go in and the first man will be in there shortly." Deanna went through the door into the back office. It really wasn't an office at all, it was just a room with a view of the lot for the night watchman and had a mattress in the middle of the floor.

Fortunately the sheets looked clean, maybe this wouldn't be so bad. Ed was the first to enter the room, she figured he'd be first, being the boss and all. "Deanna, I figured you've have your clothes off by now, well, we'll fix that. He grabbed her tight-fitting t-shirt and pulled it roughly over her head and pitched it in the floor.

"Goddamn, look at those hooters, they look too good to be real." Deanna didn't bother to tell him that he was more right than he knew. Ed placed his hands on her breasts and started massaging her nipples. His manner was almost rough, but not enough to scare Deanna. After he had gotten acqainted with her tits, he worked lower, unbuttoning her cutoff shorts and skinning them down her tanned thighs.

To his surprise, she didn't even have on any underwear. "Damn you're ready aren't you?" Ed positioned her on her back on the mattress and pulled her thighs apart. Since he was going first he figured he might as well eat her pussy before the other men get to her. He dived in and went right to work with his tongue, savoring the first taste of young pussy he had in years. Ed was older than any man she had ever taken on before, but at least his experience let him know how to find her clit and what to do with it.

In a few minutes, Deanna was having a mild orgasm and her hips were jerking forcing Ed to hold onto her thighs to control her movement. Then Ed rolled over on his back and pointed to his stiff, if not very large dick. "Let's see what that your mouth can do with that." Deanna obediently got on top of him and lowered her lips to his dick and swallowed him in one swift easy motion. Pretty soon her head was bobbing up and down on Ed, giving him the blowjob of his dreams.

She was using her best tongue work that she knew how, the sooner she could make Ed cum, the sooner she could move on to her ultimate goal. After a few more minutes of dick sucking, Ed let loose with a single shot of cum that Deanna swallowed with no hesitation. Ed was aggravated that he had cum so quick. "Damn you weren't supposed to make me cum so soon.

I get a whole hour. I haven't even fucked you yet." Deanna rolled over on her back and spread her upraised knees. "Go ahead, fuck the hell out of me with that big dick." That's when Ed looked down at his limp, rapidly shrinking member and realised that she had put him out of commission in fifteen minutes with just a blowjob.

There was nothing more he could do. He grabbed his clothes and dressed. When he left the room she heard him say, "Damn fuck'n whore." He slammed the door on the way out. One down--three to go. Bruce was next to enter.

He was about 30, medium build and not bad to look at. He undressed quickly and got on the mattress with Deanna who said, "Well what can I do for you?" Bruce was straight and to the point, "Honey, I get pussy at home, what I can't get is anal sex. My ole lady just ain't into it." Deanna explained that a year ago, she would not have done it either, but fortunately for him, some of Phil's friends had fucked her in the ass and she had learned to appreciate it.

His dick was average size, so she knew she could take it. She got into the doggie-style position as Bruce got behind her, stroking his cock in his hand to get it up. After a few strokes, he pressed the head against her anus and pulled back on her hips trying to impale her.

Deanna wished she had sucked on his cock first to get it wet with some saliva to make it easier entry, but it was too late now.

Bruce pulled harder on her hips as he thrust his hips forward at the same time, until his rod penetrated her, an inch or two at a time. Deanna was having a hard time, and feeling some pain at the intrustion.

"UHHHH, UHHHHH, EEEasy.Goddammit.OHHHHH.FUCK.No.MORE.I can't take it.

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Bruce didn't believe her, he just rammed harder until all six inches disappeared into Deanna's stretched asshole. Pretty soon, he was pounding away at her accompanied by her groans and yelps, "AEEEEE.AEEEEE.AGHHHHH.HURRY UP.CUM YOU BASTARD.IT HURTS.HUHHHH.HUHHHH.ARGH!!! Bruce speeded up his pace, feeling his release building, "Just a few more strokes, Baby, and I'll cum in your ass. Get Ready.Here.IT.CUMS!!!!

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His hips were slamming her rear end, his balls smacking her ass, Deanna was in more pain, "AUHHHH.AUHHHH.SHITTTT!!! With the last thrust, Bruce unloaded stream after stream of warm lubricating cum that soothed Deanna's ass. His cock started to shrink and finally fell out of her butthole making a plopping sound.


Some of his cum leaked out and ran down the crack of her ass and over her pussy. After regaining his regular breathing, Bruce dressed and left the room without a word. Sid was next into the room. He was the youngest of the men at about 25 and the best built.

He was athletic and in excellent shape. He never said a word, he just peeled of his clothes and positioned himself between her thighs. Sid wasn't in the mood for foreplay and figured under the circumstances, there wouldn't be any need to eat her out to get her ready.

However, he couldn't resist the temptation to suck on her tits for a few minutes each. He was a talented tit sucker and Deanna was almost enjoying it when he raised up and positioned his cock at her pussy. That's when Deanna got her first look at his cock, it was at least eight inches and broad, it even kind of curved up into the air a bit. Deanna got ready for the fuck'n thinking I might enjoy some of this after all.

Sid spit on the palm of his hand and rubbed it on the tip of his cock just before shoving it in almost all the way. Deanna was taken by surprise by the onslaught. "FUCK'N DAMN.NOT ALL AT ONCE!.YOU BASTARD.EASY.AHHHHH.NOOOOO.NOOOOO.THAT's SO FUCKIN BIGGG!!!!. UHHHHH.YOU'RE.GONNNA RIP ME APART!!!! The intensity was relentless as Sid pounded away at the beautifully built woman underneath him.

He pounded her for all he was worth. After a while, Deanna's cunt secreted enough juice through an spasm or two that she started enjoyed it more than at first.

Deanna was breathing hard now, just as was Sid, "OHHHH.YEAHHH. FUCK ME BIG BOY!! FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG HARD COCK.AEEEHHHHH.AEEEEAHHHHHH.I"M CUMMING.CUMMMING.FUCK MEEEEE!!!!! Sid unloaded a massive quantity of cum into her pussy, pulling out his dick quick enough to even spew a couple of spurts on her lucious tits, then collapsed on top of her. Deanna and Sid laid together long enough to get their breath, and then Sid dressed and exited the room.

Three down--only one to go. The door would only have to open one more time, and it would be over. This time when the door opened, Deanna got a shock. There stood a tall, young, black man early twenties, even younger than she was. She raised a protest, "I'm sorry, I'm not into this, I don't do black men--it's not that I'm prejudiced, I just never." The young black man introduced himself as Jerome, the night watchman.

"It's my room you been fuck'n in. Stan ,the other salesman is on blood pressure medication and can't get it up, so Ed said I could go last.

See you got to take on four men to complete the deal if you want that car and here I am--number four. See, Baby, I a Alabama black man and you know what Alabama is famous for?

Deanna said she didn't. "Alabama is famous for black men and black snakes, and the snakes look kinda like dis. Then Jerome dropped his loose fitting shorts and exposed a massive black dick of 9 inches or more hanging limp, straight down his leg, halfway to his knee. "Don't say no right off, don't say you can't take dat, cuz I had it all the way up in a little tiny white girl half your size last week. She been calling me every day since then want'n more. I coulda held her ass in the palm of my hand, so you tell me where it went, but she took it all." Deanna was still laying on the mattress, supporting herself on her elbows, surely this black stud wasn't going to insist on fucking her.

Jerome peeled his athletic shirt off to reveal a massive chest with big ripples all up and down his torso. He kicked his shorts across the room and approached the mattress. "Just lie still, now, Jerome tell you when to move." Jerome moved over her and placed a knee on either side of her trembling body.

He brushed his hands across her tits and tweeked each nipple almost too hard, causing Deanna to cry out, "Not too rough.Easy.take it easy. Then Jerome lowered his mouth to her tit and sucked in one lucious nipple, sucking on it hard and massaging it with his thick tongue.

Then he moved to the other nipple and gave it the same treatment. Deanna was shocked that she was getting turned on by this black stud. Jerome leaned straight up and slid to where his big cock was at her lips. He wanted her to suck it.

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She opened her mouth wide and Jerome slid his cock straight down her mouth until he hit the back of her throat causing her to gag a bit. "Come on, Baby, suck that dick, do yo thing." Deanna did her best to accommodate the biggest cock she had ever had in her mouth. It strained her jaw muscles just to take it. Then Deanna got another surprise, Jerome was not fully erect when she first layed eyes on his cock. She had been sure that it was already at full size.

She could not have been more wrong. She kept finding that she had more and more cock to deal with each minute she sucked on it. She had four or five inches in her mouth, gagging her from time to time. Her hands were stroking at least eight more inches that wouldn't even begin to fit in her mouth. Suddenly, Jerome moved off of her pulling his cock from her aching jaw and layed down on his back. "OK, Baby, you get on top and get the ride of your life. I'll let you get on top first, so's you can take it at yo own pace." Deanna knew that was the best deal she was going to get, she didn't want to get ravaged by this black dong.

Jerome's huge cock pointed straight up at the ceiling; Deanna got on top of the head and pried her pussy lips apart with her fingers to ease the entry. The well-shaped head was perfect for prying her pussy lips apart enough to gain entrance.

Deanna felt she might come apart if she tried to take the monster, but she rocked back and forth, rotating her hips as she rocked. The first orgasm was only seconds away as the first inch penetrated her.

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"OHHHH.FUCK YESSSS.FUCK. YESSSS.CUMMING.I'M CUMMMING.OHHH GODDD.Deanna was glad to be on top in order to control the amount of cock she was taking. It felt as big around as a soda can. She only had half of it inside her pulsing cunt. She bounced up and down on his cock, letting another inch penetrate her with every downthrust. She remembered how Marvin was the fuck of her life at 10 inches. This must have been at least 13 inches, and bigger in diameter. After a lot of humping and pumping, and several screaming orgasms, Deanna thought she had all she could take when the ninth inch disappeared up between her pussy lips.

"No MORE.NO MORE.THAT's ALL I CAN TAKE!!! PLEEZE.NOOOOO!!!! Then Jerome shoved his big, muscular hands underneath her ass cheeks and pushed her up and off him. Then he rolled her over on her back, "I'll show you what you can take.TAKE THIS!!" Deanna was really scared now, he surely didn't plan to impale her with the whole thing.

Jerome eased his cock back into her channel, until he got to the nine inch mark again, he hit resistance. "Get ready, Baby, Here I Come! Deanna was screaming now, "NO.NO. NO.Not All Of It! IT'S TOO BIG, YOU'LL KILL ME WITH THAT THING! Jerome, in control now, lunged at the helpless, shaking mass of woman beneath him.

His hips impacted hers with a thud, "OHHHHH, SHIIITTT, OHH MY GOD, THAT's BIGGGG!!!!! THAT's SO BIGGGG! IT'S FUCK'N BIGGGG.DON'T TEAR MY PUSSY.IT's SO HUGE.AEEEHHHHH.AEEEEAAAAA.HUHHHH.HUHHHH.HUHHHH.AEEEEAAA! WELL.YOU GOT IT IN.FUCK MEEEEE!!!! Jerome didn't have to be told a second time, as he pounded her small frame, relentlessly, Deanna was almost senseless now racked by one screaming orgasm after another, l3 inches of raw meat plowing pussy that had never been touched before.

At this rate it wasn't long before Jerome noticeably tensed his muscles, the ripples in his abs and forearms were even more prominent now as he yelled out in orgasm, "HAHHHHHH.HAHHHHHH.FUCK YEAHHHH.

HAAHHHH.HAHHHHH TAKE IT.TAKE THAT BLACK DICK LIKE LIKE THE WHITE HOE YOU ARE!!!! His cock unloaded a huge stream of cum that filled her pussy to capacity and then he pulled out the big shaft and left big gobs of cum on her tits and stomach. Deanna wanted one more experience, she grabbed his pulsing cock, sperm still spewing out in gobs and took as much as possible into her mouth until it was running out both corners of her mouth.

It was several minutes before Deanna even came to her senses. When she became conscious of what she was doing, she was shocked to find herself laying beside a young black stud, licking the last of the cum and her own pussy juice off his slowly shrinking tool which was back down to nine inches now. Jerome finally got up and dressed leaving Deanna in a heap of wrinkled and soiled sheets, breathing in the heavy aroma of black sperm and her pussy juice.

She savored the aroma for a while, then dressed herself and went back out to the office. Ed had the papers ready for her to sign, and she wasted no time in leaving the car lot in her new car, still leaking cum out of her sore, swollen pussy. She still tasted cum in her mouth and smelled his odor on her. It was a fuck that she would always remember.