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"You know what to do?" Mom glared at the small, blond woman. She glanced at Aunt Karen, who sighed and, gravely, nodded, once. The blond was named Stacy. I had never seen her before but, apparently, she used to work for my mother. That's not too surprising; my mother worked as the head of human resources for a medium-sized company, back in Des Moines, where we were from. She hired, fired and laid people off all the time. It was part of her job.

And, in the case of Stacy, Aunt Karen had gotten involved, as well. My aunt was a partner in the law firm that Mom's company kept on retainer. Susan and Karen Cooper, my mother and my aunt, made a pretty intimidating pair. Both well over 6 feet tall with straight, dark hair, high cheekbones, and long, angular faces. They were the sort of faces you see on fashion runways, except that the Cooper sisters were far too curvy to be models.

I did not have fantasies about my mother, because that would be sick, but I was a red blooded, 15 year old boy; my aunt featured regularly. Although, since I was jerking off 2 to 5 times a day, pretty much any girl I met who was my age or older, had made at least one guest appearance. And now, thanks to a 25, or so, year old woman with a vindictive streak, it looked like some of my fantasies were about to come true.

Mom had been planning the trip to Panama for almost a year. We did not take vacations, as a rule; Mom generally preferred to use her four weeks a year of paid leave to do projects, around the house. We had done more renovations than I cared to think about and moved, twice, since I was eight, mostly to get a house that needed more work. But Mom saw a TV show about this luxury resort and, for some reason, decided we needed to stay here. I certainly was not going to argue, especially since the TV special had briefly mentioned that some of the nearby beaches were clothing optional - not that I ever expected actually visit, but just knowing one was nearby could fuel many fantasies.

Mom invited Aunt Karen to come along.

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They reserved a two bedroom suite and I spent a long, cold, Iowa winter dreaming about bronze skinned, Panamanian women. After literally months of waiting, the departure date, in the middle of July, finally arrived.

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We spent all day on planes or in airports, on our way from Des Moines to Panama City with stops in Chicago and Miami. And then we still had one more flight to the island in the Bay of Panama, where our resort was. So we were pretty beat, when we checked in to our hotel. Fortunately, there were no problems with Mom's reservation and we soon had key cards and a someone to help us take our bags to our room.


The first clue we had that something was wrong was when the bellhop, having laid our suitcases in a neat row in the sitting room of the suite, was leaving, with a crisp $20 bill in his hand.

"Your daughter arrived some time ago," he said, in immaculate English. "She is probably sleeping." "Daughter?" Mom asked. "So, I lied." The door to one of the bedrooms opened and a very small blonde woman with a small, but deadly looking, handgun, stepped out into the sitting room. Neither Mom nor Aunt Karen recognized her, until the woman, who introduced herself as Kristin, refreshed their memory. She then proceeded to tell us that we would either follow her instructions, precisely, or take our chances with a .38 special.

My mother and aunt, being successful business women, were far too pragmatic to be heroes. And, to be completely honest, any thoughts I had of over powering the woman, who I outweighed by at least 20 pounds, despite my almost complete lack of muscle, were pushed to the side as she explained exactly what she expected us to do. "And then you will let us go," Mom said.

"And then we will start our vacation," Kristin replied. "How far is this going to go?" Aunt Karen asked. "I haven't decided. If you cooperate, not too very far." "Fine!" Mom snarled. "You know what to do?" Mom glared at the small, blond woman. She glanced at Aunt Karen, who sighed and, gravely, nodded, once.

Kristin tucked her gun into the waistband of her shorts and picked up the professional looking video camera she had shown us, as she was explaining her expectations. "Remember," she reminded us, "do not look at the camera and speak only to each other. Act naturally." Mom snorted, derisively. "Naturally? How are we supposed to act naturally?" Kristin shrugged. "Do your best. You know what I want." Rolling her eyes, Mom shrugged and nodded.

"Well, then, let's get started." Kristin raised the camera and, looking through the viewfinder, said, "Action." Mom and Aunt Karen exchanged glances, and Mom's eyes flicked briefly towards me, then she said, "What a flight, I am beat." "Yes.

Me too." Aunt Karen sounded like a woman who was trying to act naturally. "I can't wait to get to bed, but I want to hit the beach, first thing in the morning. So we should probably get tidied up, first." "Yes. You are right." Their dialogue sounded stilted and unnatural, but Kristin didn't seem to mind. "Danny," Mom said, looking at me, as Kristin stepped back and turned to bring me into range of the camera lens, "could you give us a hand?" "Um, okay." I did not sound any more natural.

"Thank you. Give us a couple of minutes to get ready." They turned to face each other and, although Aunt Karen looked pretty pale, Mom blushed a warm pink color. And then my aunt and my mother reached out and started to unbutton each others blouses. They went slowly, with obvious reluctance. But it did not take long before they were pushing the white cotton they had both worn off of each other's shoulders. They took turns with their bottom halves, Aunt Karen unzipping Mom's skirt, and letting it drop to the floor, first, before Mom did the same for the Capri pants that Aunt Karen was wearing, dropping to one knee to tug them down over her hips.

While Mom was on the floor, she unbuckled Aunt Karen's sandals, and then, standing, slid her own, black flat shoes off. Again, they stood facing each other, each dressed in a bra and panties.

Mom swallowed, nervously, and, reaching out them, released the hook between Aunt Karen's breasts which dropped into the open. Mom pushed her straps down her arms and my aunt's bra fell to the floor. I knew my aunt and my mother were both fairly full figured; they both liked to wear well tailored clothes that accentuated their curves. But I was still impressed by the size and obvious weight of Aunt Karen's tits, bouncing and swaying as she walked around my mother to release the bra hooks in the middle of her back.

Mom's breasts were slightly smaller than Aunt Karen's, which is to say each was about the size of a cantaloupe half. Her areolae were slightly larger, though, and darker; and her nipples were fatter and longer. When they were both topless, they stood facing each other for a moment or two, each starting and stopping once or twice before Aunt Karen finally took the initiative and, dropping to her knees, reached up for the waistband of Mom's panties. When Mom had done the same, they turned to face me.

"We don't want your clothes to get dirty," Mom said, as the two of them took the three or four steps required to close the distance between us. My instructions, at this point, were to act as if I was fascinated by their naked bodies.

I managed to pull that off, without too much difficulty. I didn't have to be Al Pacino to stare, mouth open, at their pale, ponderous breasts. Acting in unison, Mom and Aunt Karen grabbed the hem of my T-shirt and pulled it over my head. When they dropped to their knees, to untie my shoes, I became painfully aware that it would not be long before there would be no way to hide the fact that, despite the duress of our situation, my body was reacting to their nudity.

And, sure enough, when they pulled down my jeans, my underwear was straining. And when they pulled down my briefs, my rock hard dick bounced, right in front of their faces. For the first time since they had started the little act that Kristin had scripted for us, both Mom and Aunt Karen glanced towards her. Kristin raised an eyebrow and, looking at my bouncing erection, gave a meaningful nod. Following the directions they had been given, Aunt Karen, first, and then my mother, leaned forward to kiss my balls.

All three of us were blushing, when Mom and Aunt Karen stood up. "I'll," Aunt Karen's voice cracked and, swallowing, she started again. "I'll go first. Okay, Susan?" Mom nodded and, as my naked aunt spread a towel on the oversized ottoman in the middle of the room, went to the sink to fill the ice bucket with warm water.

Aunt Karen was on her back, with her but perched on the very edge of the ottoman, her knees bent, and her feet flat on the floor, when Mom put the water on the coffee table, nearby, and went back to the sink for the other supplies that Kristin had already laid out. And then, Mom knelt near Aunt Karen's head, and, after my aunt spread her legs to make room, I knelt between her naked thighs.

I had to concentrate on the task at hand, or risk injuring my aunt. But it was not easy, since, as I was using scissors, and then water, shaving cream, and the first of a collection of disposable razors, to shave away my aunt's thick, curly mass of pubic hair, my mother was leaning down to kiss and suck her nipples. It took about 15 minutes before she was completely hairless and then, as if she weren't already humiliated enough, Aunt Karen raised her legs, Mom grabbed her ankles and pulled back until she was pretty much folded in half, so that I could shave away the last few stragglers around her pink, delicate little ass-hole.

I was a complete and utter virgin. Totally inexperienced, I had never even held a girls hand, let alone kissed one.

And there I was, on my knees, naked, facing a real live, hairless pussy, spread open and presented to me like an oyster. The position of Aunt Karen's legs had pulled the lips of her pussy apart. Her pink, inner flesh was glistening and her small citrus was visible, right there where every picture and article I had read told me it would be.

And it was time for my starring role. I glanced up at Mom, who was watching me, and Aunt Karen, whose eyes were closed. Mom gave me a solemn nod and, leaning forward, I swiped my tongue from the top of Karen's anus, through her labia, and across her clit.

Aunt Karen was supposed to act like she was enjoying herself but I thought she was overdoing it a little, as she panted, "Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, my fucking God!" I was lapping at her pussy enthusiastically, but she was more than a little over the top. Or so I thought, until, just two or three minutes after I tasted my very first pussy, she screamed, until her voice faded as her lungs emptied, and, shaking like a leaf, flooded my face with a rush of musky fluid.

She had actually come. Despite the danger and the completely inappropriateness of our situation, my forty-two year old aunt, the buttoned-down, always professional lawyer, had just had a screaming orgasm with my face between her thighs and my tongue between her lips.

I rocked back on my heels and stored the scene in my memory, forever. Aunt Karen's legs were pulled back and spread wide. Her hairless pussy and inner thighs glistened with her moisture and my saliva. Her tight, pink anus was clenching, spasmodically, and her breasts, flopped to the sides of her chest, were heaving and jiggling as she gasped for breath.

She stared at me, wide eyed, from between her gyrating nipples, having raised her head until the top of it grazed my mother's bare tits as she, also staring at me, held Aunt Karen's ankles.

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"You can let go, now," Aunt Karen quietly said, looking up, past Mom's tits at her chin. "Oh. Um, yeah. Sorry, Karen," Mom mumbled. Her usual eloquence failed her, which isn't too surprising, all things considered. And then, as if my erection wasn't stiff enough, as Aunt Karen's thighs were sliding down my arms, Mom added, "I guess it's my turn." I stood up, my aching dick bobbing, dumped the bowl of soapy, hairy water into the toilet and refilled it.

Mom was waiting for me, on her back with her legs spread and her hairy pussy on display. If anything, she was even hairier than Aunt Karen, who's thighs, at least, had been shaved - Mom had hair running several inches down the insides of hers.

"I was planning on shaving in the morning," she explained, when she saw me looking. As if she had to explain herself. I didn't answer. There's not a lot I could have said, in the circumstances, and, besides, I'm not at all sure I was capable of speech, at that moment.

Between the scissors and the extra time spent shaving her thighs, it took longer to finish Mom than Aunt Karen. But, eventually, my aunt had a firm grip on Mom's ankles, spreading them wider and pulling them back farther than Mom had to her, so that Mom's hips were up in the air and her freshly shaved pussy was pointing at the ceiling. Mom's nipples were red and her tits were shiny with spit since Aunt Karen also seemed to have been a little more vigorous while sucking on them, while I was doing the bulk of the shaving, and Mom's nipples were firm and proud, as I lathered up the delicate flesh around her anus.

When Mom was completely hairless, I looked up, toward her face. She had her eyes squeezed shut, as she waited for what came next. Aunt Karen, on the other hand, was watching me, intently, her eyes gleaming. I didn't even glance at the camera before diving into Mom's pussy. She was just as wet and slick as Aunt Karen, possibly even a bit wetter, since my fingers had slipped into her pussy several times, as I tried to pull her skin tight. But Mom wasn't nearly as vocal and it was harder to judge when her orgasm happened.

It never occurred to me that she might fake one and I didn't give her much chance. I lapped, sucked, licked and, generally buried my face in her wet heat until, after probably ten minutes, or so, I remembered one of Kristin's instructions and, pulling my lips back to expose my teeth, bit down on Mom's clit.

Mom grunted and jerked her legs out of Aunt Karen's hands. I managed to keep my mouth on Mom's pussy, as her hips rolled toward me until her feet were behind my head. I wound up biting much harder that I intended but, about the time as I was realizing this, Mom was crushing my face into her crotch, with the backs of her legs, and bucking her way through a wordless, grunting orgasm. After her body relaxed, I gently rubbed my lips and chin up and down the swampy mess my of mother's pussy until she stopped holding me in place and let her feet drop to the floor.

From my hands and knees, between Mom's legs, with my chin just a few inches from her pussy, I looked up to see Aunt Karen staring at me, wide-eyed. Mom was panting heavily, with her head back, her face framed by Aunt Karen's breasts. "Well, that was interesting." Kristin grinned, lowering the camera.

"I must say, you played your roles better than I expected. Now, sit on the sofa and relax while I process this." I crawled out from between Mom's knees and, trying to angle my body and hang my arms to hide as much of my stiff, bouncing dick as I could, I sat at one end of the white, leather sofa.

Aunt Karen sat at the other end and, after putting on quite a performance by sitting up, Mom Took a seat, perched on the edge of the center cushion with her knees together, her back ramrod straight, and her folded hands resting on her thighs, as if she weren't naked. Without ever quite turning her back on us, Kristin opened the door to a small closet and took out a large backpack from which she removed a laptop computer.

She spent a few minutes connecting cables and then started to transfer the video she just made from the camera to her computer. Once that was started, she turned her attention back to the three of us. "Oh, no. You are far too stiff and formal. Danny, trade places with your mother." I stood and, after Mom slid to the end, sat back down in the center of the sofa and, along with Mom and Aunt Karen, followed Kristin's instructions as she arranged us to her satisfaction.

"Danny, lean back. Good. Now, you two, scoot in. No, closer. Everybody sit back and relax. Danny, put your arms around their shoulders. Good. Now, ladies, each of you put a hand on Danny's leg.

Higher. Good. Now, Danny, stretch your hands down and grab their tits.

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That's right, give them a good squeeze. Ladies, spread your legs. More. Perfect. Stay right there." There was nothing I could do to hide how holding a large breast in each hand while the two of them had their fingers a fraction of an inch from my balls was affecting me.

Between Mom's and Aunt Karen's spread legs, and my stiff dick, we were putting on quite an obscene display and Kristin, after pulling a small digital camera from her bag, took several pictures. "You just stay right there where I can see." Kristin glanced meaningfully down at our displayed genitalia, "all of you, while I finish this." She sat at the desk, with her revolver nearby and her computer on her lap, and, glancing up at us periodically, busied herself doing something I could not see.

I sat, holding Mom's and Aunt Karen's breasts while they held my thighs, for so long that my dick actually started to soften. It was at least half an hour, and seemed much longer. But, when Kristin closed her laptop, she said, "That didn't take as long as I expected.

Who would have imagined that a Central American country would have better broadband then my apartment in the states?" "Broadband?" Mom asked. I had felt her stiffen when Kristin said that word. "Well, yes. You didn't think I would keep the only copy of such a great little film here where you could destroy it, did you? I just uploaded your movie to a server in New York; from there it will be automatically replicated to three more, in Phoenix, Denver, and LA.

But don't worry. As long as I sign-on every morning and evening to reset the timers, the email messages to your coworkers, Pastor, family, and as many friends as bitches like you manage to have, will not get sent. You might be able to convince the police that you were coerced, but nobody will ever look at you the same way, and the video of a 15-year-old boy shaving and eating his mothers and aunt's pussies should go viral within hours." "Why are you doing this?" Mom asked, her voice trembling with fresh anger.

"Revenge. You were already talking about this great vacation you had planned, when you fired me, remember?

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And by then, I had already installed back doors on your computer. I've been reading your emails for the last five months. That's how I know who to send this movie to.

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Sorry, to whom to send this movie." It was all I could do to keep from laughing. For some reason, Kristin correcting her own grammar, pedantically, after abducting us at gunpoint forcing us to perform in front of a camera, struck me as unbearably hilarious. "Now, it's almost time for bed.


So, you should probably put on your pajamas." Kristin reached into her backpack pulled out a gleaming pile of stainless steel which turned out to be three pairs of handcuffs.

"Danny, why don't you help the ladies slip into something more comfortable, and put them to bed." We all stood, and, following Kristin's instructions, I cuffed their hands in front of them, with Mom's cuffs passing between the loop formed by Aunt Karen arms and handcuffs, so that they were locked to each other. The suite had two bedrooms, with a king size bed in each. Our plan had been for me to sleep on the sofa, with Mom and Aunt Karen each taking a bedroom.

But Kristin had a different idea. She had me lead the two of them into the smaller of the two bedrooms, pull down the blankets, and help them into bed. "You'll have to work together, if one of you has to pee, in the night," Kristin said, obviously amused at the thought, as I spread a sheet and blanket over their naked bodies. Mom just glared at her, but I heard Aunt Karen whisper something, as we were leaving, and, while Kristin was cuffing my hands behind my back, Mom and Aunt Karen were struggling to get back out of bed.

Kristin shook her head, and, taking me by the elbow, let me to the bigger and more luxurious bedroom. "You will be bunking with me, kiddo. Have a seat." I sat on the edge of the bed, with my heart eyes starting around the room, looking for some way to get out of Kristin's clutches. But, after all I had been through, with no relief, she soon captured my full attention as she took off her clothes.

My mother and my aunt were both a bit more than 6 feet tall and I was not much shorter. Kristin, on the other hand, was about a foot shorter.

She had a tight, little body with small, firm breasts and nipples the color of bubble gum. Her pussy was almost as bare as the two I had just completely shaved and what pubic hair she did have had been cut very short and shaved into the shape of a small heart. "You seem to have a talented tongue," Kristin said, crawling onto the bed where she lowered her face to the pillows and spread her knees. "Use it." I suppose it was degrading, but I was rock hard by the time I managed to work my way onto the bed behind her.

With my hands cuffed behind my back, I had to support the weight of my upper body by curling my knees up under me, and leaning my face against Kristin thighs and ass. From that position, I licked her through three very vocal orgasms. And, each time I made her come, she wanted to wind down by having me gently lick her ass-hole until she was ready to go again.

"You are a talented young man," Kristin said, after flopping over onto her back. I kneeled on the bed, looking at her naked body and wondering if I was supposed to say, "thank you." "And you are pretty well hung, too," she said, staring at my cock, which had been so hard for so long, now, that it was throbbing, painfully. Once again, I felt like I should say, "Thank you." But I kept my mouth shut. "Has it ever been in a pussy?" I shook my head. "A mouth?" Again, I should my head.

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"An ass?" I shook my head, but felt my dick bounce at the thought. Up until that night, I thought anal sex was disgusting.


But tasting my first ass, on the same day as I tasted my first second and third pussies, seemed to have cured me of any anal aversion.

"How about a hand that wasn't yours?" "No," I mumbled. "Well." Kristin seemed surprised that I was a virgin. "I was going to fuck you, but you probably want to save your self for somebody special. Still, you deserve a little pleasure after working so hard. Come here, where I can reach you." I knee-walked closer to her and Kristin reached out and took my cock in her fist. "We are going to have so much fun," she said.

Kristin squeezed harder than I usually did, and jacked me slowly with her right hand while rubbing the fingers of her left through her soggy pussy.

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It felt really good. I hated the little bitch but I would be lying if I said I hated the things she made me do. It had been a long, sexually intense evening after a very long and tiring day. About 30 seconds after she grabbed my cock, I was coming on Kristin's belly and tits.