White beard old men gay sex movietures first time Aiden Summers and

White beard old men gay sex movietures first time Aiden Summers and
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My wife and I have been married for over 30 years and we finally got all the children out of the house and launched into society. We decided we would go and have a little fun and treat ourselves to a well deserved vacation. We discussed many different options and looked on the internet for several weeks when my wife said she would like to go to an all nude resort.

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She had never done anything like that but she thought the idea of just being out and free and naked was appealing to her. Well I thought getting to see a number of naked people was appealing to me also. We talked about it and she told me to get all the sexual thoughts out of my head this was not a sex vacation or so she said at the time. We booked the reservations and started to make all the necessary plans to have a great time.


The trip was scheduled for about 6 weeks off so we had time to get ourselves into better shape to be naked in public. We both started on a crash diet and we committed to going to the gym every day until departure. We started going every evening after work and after just a couple of weeks I could see a nice change coming over both of us. We also spent a lot of time surfing the internet to find out as much as we could about this resort and what we could do in the area.

The resort has a night club and lots of themed activities every night so you don't have to go anywhere else Libby decided we should just let our hair down and play along.

She was busy getting together the clothes and costumes we needed for each night. While all this was going on I was chatting online with some people that had been there before and they told me how great it was. They asked me if we planned to do the cruise ship icebreaker party they offered, they said it was very nice and if we were adventurous this was a great way to start the vacation.

I asked them for details but they said everyone that goes also promises not to tell the details but they did hint that it did involve some sexual contact.

I knew my wife would never go for anything like that but I thought I would just see what she said since this was the beginning of our new life of excitement and adventure. She later told me she had been chatting online with a few people that also had been there and she knew what would happen at the ice breaker. Well the trip date finally arrived and we were getting ready to go and I said since this was a nude resort we shouldn't wear or take any underwear, she said she couldn't travel without a bra and panties and I said sure you can people do it all the time, you're going to be naked soon so what does it matter.

She relented and she took off everything and removed her underwear and then she unpacked all the underwear she had packed and we started the trip with some excitement. The trip was off to a very good start we got to the airport and checked in and headed thru security. I was teasing her about what if they had to search her she only had on the dress you could see and nothing else. She said then they would get a good look at what everyone else was going to be seeing in a couple of hours anyway.

We went thru without incident and were at the gate waiting to depart. I asked her to flash me her pussy while we were waiting and she resisted at first but then said ok and I sat across from her and she would just open and close her legs and gave me a great view of her smooth pussy.

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She was starting to loosen up and I had high hopes for this trip. While we were flying to t he resort she had chosen the seat next to the window and I was next to her, there was no one else in our row so we had a little privacy. She covered up with a blanket and pretended to go sleep and very slowly grabbed my hand and pulled it up to her pussy and I got the idea and I started to finger her sopping wet pussy. She had a small smile on her face as she just sat there with her eyes closed.

This was slow and easy and I know that she really likes it that way sometimes. The trip down seemed to just fly by with the playing around we were doing and she stopped me several times because I think she was very close to cuming. The flight attendants announced we were going to land so we straighten everything up and got ready. We made it thru customs and got the limo that was waiting for us and we were on our way. The driver spoke a little English and said we could take off our clothes if we wanted to because this was the only stop for him and he would take us inside the resort and everyone would be nude there already.

My wife just looked at me smiled and then she peeled off her dress and was nude right there in the cab.

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This was the first time anyone had seen her naked other than me and I was right behind her in getting my clothes off too. They had drinks in the limo so we helped ourselves and just sat back and enjoyed the hour drive to the resort.

The driver was very discrete about looking by I could see him taking a few looks. I am sure he had seen so many naked people that this was just part of his job. We arrived and were greeted by the staff and they took all of our things to our room they had already checked us in we just signed in our room, very nice. We decided to just go and walk around first thing and check the place out. I told my wife that I would need to relieve some of the sexual pressure that I had built up already otherwise I would be walking around with an erection she said No Problem and for the first time in years she just dropped to her knees and sucked my dick right into her mouth and gave me the best blow job she has ever done.

In only about 2 minutes I told her I was about to cum and she just looked up at me and smiled with my cock still in her mouth and continued to work it with an enthusiasm that she had not shown in many years if ever. I held out as long as I could but it was less than a minute more and I shot off right in her mouth and she pulled back so just the head of my cock was in her mouth and she let all the spasms stop and then she just stood up and kissed me and feed me all the cum I had just shot into her mouth.

I was shocked and excited all at the same time and just accepted the warm creamy mixture then she pulled back and said swallow. I did and she informed me that I would be eating all my ejaculate on this trip that was her new rule. She licked her lips and said not bad I think we are both going to enjoy this more than ever. We left the room and walked around and she was just as comfortable and relaxed as if she had been doing this her whole life.

It was fantastic the scenery was beautiful the staff was gracious and helpful and the people were very nice and friendly also. I thought this was a little weird that everyone was sitting or walking around and acting as if being nude was no different than being dressed but it only took about 30 minutes and I was just as comfortable nude as I had ever been clothed. We covered each other with sun screen and had great view of the beach and pool from the patio we were on so we just laid back and enjoyed the next couple of hours.

The staff would check on us from time to time to see if we needed anything to eat or drink. The spa employees would come by and give you a free massage to show off their skills and book you for a regular session. My wife was very eager to have all the male masseuses give her a demo massage. She later told me she would almost cum each time because they did not cover you up at all and she knew they were looking directly at her smooth shaven pussy that was glistening wet for all the attention.

She told me she was sure she was going to have some wild dreams tonight. We just relaxed and enjoyed the sun and the stress free lifestyle this was going to be a great week. I asked her what the plans for the evening were and she said that after dinner we were going to a special ice breaker for new couples. I asked her what we did at the ice breaker and she said that I just needed to have an open mind and she was sure I would enjoy it.

I was beginning to wonder if she knew more than she was letting me know. We went to dinner nude; you did not have to put on any clothes at any time at this resort which I thought was great.

We sat at a table with another couple and had a good meal and great conversation I enjoyed looking at our guest Cheryl's tits as we ate and I also enjoyed looking at my wife's tits too.

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What man wouldn't like having all this naked female flesh to enjoy while eating? I asked our dinner guests if they had gone to the ice breaker and they didn't but heard it was a lot of fun for the couples that did go. The evening was perfect and after we ate we walked around to take in more of the sights. My wife said it was time for us to get dressed for the ice breaker I said dressed she said yes they were very specific that all the men and women were to wear 2 articles of clothing each no more no less so we went to get dressed and I just put on a pair of shorts and a t shirt my wife put on a super short sun dress that barley covered her pussy and a pair of sandals.

She spun around and asked me if I thought she was as pretty as the other women there and I told her defiantly any man here would be happy to have her for their date.

We walk over to the cabana where the ice breaker was being held and they had it all set up just like a cruise ship night club. It was a fairly large cabana with open sides out to the ocean and to the grounds all around.

When we arrived there were two other couples there and another walked in right behind us. All four couples were in their fifties and looked like your average couple you would see anywhere else. We sat around the large table that was in the middle of the room and talked for a little while and then the party director showed up and introduced herself to us as Celeste and said she would help direct the activity tonight.

Couple #1 we will call Jack and Jill couple #2 we will call David and Robin by the way David was an large black man and Robin was white and we are couple #3 and we will call us Michael and Libby couple #4 we will call Joel and Tiffany. Celeste said this was a simple game but they had found that this was one of their most popular. She said I will tell you the rules then you can decide if you want to stay and play or you could leave no one had to play if they didn't want to.

She said we played as teams/couples just as we were and we would play strip poker. The ladies were to play the hands and the men stood right next to them. The couples that had the loosing hands each round had to remove one piece of clothing each time they lost and the men would lose their clothes first.

The couple that would ultimately win the woman chooses one couple for her sexual pleasure and the man chooses another couple for the same. During the game anyone who had on more clothes than someone else could fondle and touch any body parts that were exposed. The winners got to keep the couple they chose until lunch tomorrow. The losers could come back the next night and play again but the winners could not.

Anything the winners asked or told you to do you had to do as long as it didn't cause any real pain or damage. The men could not fuck anyone without permission from his spouse. I think everyone there was more than a little surprised and Celeste said take a few minutes to discuss this and then let her know if we wanted to continue.

Well each couple was talking between themselves and Jack and Jill decided this was too much for them and left, to my surprise my wife said she thought this would be fun and she wanted to see if it was true what they say about black men and their cocks and she knew she was going to win anyway.

David and Robin, Joel and Tiffany and us were left to play the game. We had not seen either of the other couples during the day so this would be our first chance to see each other naked. Celeste gave us the cards and said to have fun and she left us to start the game.

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We arranged the chairs evenly around the table. The table was lower than a regular table it was about level with everyone's knees. The men all stood to the right of their wives and then the first hand was dealt. The women were taking this very seriously and played hard. Round one Robin and David won and Joel and I took off our shirts, there were a few comments about how nice it was to watch the men strip for a change.

The air was thick with the sexual excitement of everyone doing something like this for the first time Round two Tiffany and Joel won so now David took off his shirt and I had to take off my shorts. I was the first and only one naked at this time and I was getting a little excited.


Tiffany just reached over and grabbed my balls with one hand and gave them a squeeze and grabbed my cock with the other and pumped it a few quick stokes to full attention, she said she had always wanted to do that to a stranger but never got a chance. Round three Tiffany and Joel win again now David takes off his shorts and my wife decides to take off her dress so the she is naked except for her sandals.

Libby has a shaved pussy and she had painted her nipples with lipstick so they were bright red and sticking out. I am standing there with a full blow erection looking at my wife on display and Tiffany gets up and walks over to David and grabs his cock and balls that was also fully erect and about 5 inches long and about 1 inch thick and gives him a few quick pumps and bends over and gives it a little kiss right on the head.

Joel just reaches over and slips a finger into my wife's wet pussy and she spreads her legs to give him easy access to her wet box it was a very quick fingering in and out but the sexual tension was very thick. Round four we win so now Joel takes off his shorts and everyone is surprised to see him with a bright pink cock ring on and he is also completely erect and has been recently shaved, Tiffany tells everyone that he has to wear the cock ring the entire time they are there because that was her rule.

My wife whispers to me that it looks like the biggest man has the smallest dick. Robin decided not to be out done by my wife so she also takes off her wrap and is naked except for the sandals.

Robin has dark brown shoulder length hair and a very hairy pussy that matches perfectly. Her breasts were nice and large and sagged just a little in a very attractive way. Recap all the men are naked and erect and Robin and my wife only have sandals on and Tiffany is still completely dressed.

Tiffany declares that she wants to feel up both of the other women and gets up and walks behind my wife and has her stand.


She slowly reaches around and gently feels her breasts while she is whispering in her ear then holding each breast as if to weight them in her hands she slides one hand down and a finger slips into my wife's open wet pussy again.

She then walks around and does the same to Robin, you could tell Robin was a little frightened but when Tiffany's finger went into her pussy she let out a small moan and you could see the excitement wash over her.

My wife decides to grab both David and Joel's balls and hold one set in each hand she is rolling them around and squeezing them and she has a smile on her face that tells me she is really enjoying this. Round five we win again and now Robin takes off her sandals and Tiffany wants to be the tease so she takes off her sandals also. Libby reaches for Joel's rock hard cock and just slips it into her mouth all the way to his balls and then she just let it slide back out she then does the same thing to me and then to David.

It seemed to me she was taking measurements of the cocks in the room to decide which one was the best.

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Tiffany had each man turn around and bend over and she grabbed each of them from behind and pulled on their cocks like she was milking them. Tiffany says lets all get a drink and the staff just show up and get everyone something to drink. All of the staff in this room are women and they seemed to enjoy seeing all the men with their erections they later told my wife they see lots of dicks all day but they really like seeing them hard and stiff at this party.

This was the final round and soon the winners would each get to have a couple for their sexual pleasure. The cards were delt and as it ended up Tiffany and Joel won they looked like deer in the headlights as it settled in they now were going down a path they had never been down before and there was a lot of nervous energy in the room. Celeste came back in and congratulated the winners and then gave Tiffany another room key so she could have her own space for the fun and games ahead.

David Robin Libby and I were standing there waiting to see what happened next and Celeste said it was ladies choice so Tiffany you get to pick your pets first. She walked around all of us and was touching the women's tits and stroking the men's cocks and then said I will take Libby and Michael.

Joel said to Robin grab your husband's cock and lead him to my room we are going to have a great time. With that he turned and headed straight towards the room and Robin grabbed David's cock and led him as she was told right behind Joel. Tiffany asked Celeste if it was Ok if we could play around here in the cruise ship lounge for a while before she went to the room and Celeste said that was fine and she left us to our own.

Tiffany told Libby to lay down on the table on her back and spread her legs wide open she told me to stand at Libby's head and grab her legs and to hold her open and for me to put my balls into Libby's face and she was to suck on them one at a time and go back and forth until she was told to stop.

Tiffany then took off her dress and we were able to see her for the first time she was very similar to Libby in size and build but her nipples were about an inch long and as big as my little finger, she said she had never been this excited before and she had never thought she would have any sexual contact with another woman and then she just leaned in and started eating Libby's cunt that was dripping wet with a little stream of juice running down her crack.

Tiffany licked her from bottom to top and back again she said she loved it and we would have to let her have all the oral pleasure she wanted.

Libby was very busy sucking my balls and pulling on them with her mouth while Tiffany was feasting on her pussy. Libby started to thrust her hips up into Tiffany's mouth and was bucking like she was riding a horse. Tiffany locked her mouth on her pussy and started to suck on her sensitive clit and in just seconds Libby was Cumming all over Tiffany's face.

Tiffany got up and came around the table and kissed me full on the mouth and fed me some of Libby's sweet pussy cream. She then told me to get down there and fuck her while she held her legs. I walked around to position myself between her legs and I watched as Tiffany sat her cunt right down on Libby's mouth.

She told her make me cum or she would not like the punishment she had planned for her. Libby began to eat her very first pussy and I could see it did not take her long to really get the hang of it. I was sliding my aching cock back and forth into her steaming hot snatch and was just watching what was happening as she licked and nibbled and sucked on Tiffany's cunt. Libby started bucking again and was about to cum when Tiffany told me to stop and get behind her and slide my dick between her pussy and my wife's mouth and she wanted me to cum right there.

Tiffany leaned forward and put her mouth back on Libby's pussy as I would slide my dick between Tiffany's cunt and Libby's mouth and go back and forth again. Tiffany just let out a groan and came all over my cock and Libby's mouth. I was on the verge of Cumming and she made me stop. She got up and told Libby to grab my cock and lead me to the winner's room that Celeste had just given us the key to. Tiffany grabbed my wife's nipple and pulled her along as she was pulling me by my cock to the room.

When we got to the room she gave Libby the key and told her to open the door and for me to get on my knees and get behind her and to lick her ass while Libby got the door opened.

Tiffany leaned over the wall and pushed her ass back and spread her cheeks apart and I got right down there and started licking her good she smelled of sex and the heavy aroma was quite intoxicating. I was busy with my face stuck between her cheeks when she just pulled away and walked into the room. Tiffany told me to get everyone something to drink and she called Libby to come get on the big round bed that was in the middle of the room with her.

There were mirrors on all the walls and the ceiling above the bed and they both just got on the bed and started making out. I got the drinks and brought them over to the two women and they stopped and sat up and drank up very quickly. Libby said she was surprised how much she had liked being with a woman and she thinks it was even more exciting knowing her man was watching.

Tiffany also said she was really enjoying this game and she hoped we all had a little more energy for tonight's activities before we went to sleep. Libby asked Tiffany why she had Joel wearing the cock ring and why he had to keep it on for the trip. Tiffany said that Joel had asked her a couple of months ago to dominate him in the bedroom and after some research she had decide that his wearing the cock ring along with his smoothie would announce to everyone that saw them that she was in charge.

She also said that she was sure that right now in their room that Robin was giving the orders to both of the men because that was what she had told him he had to do if they won the game. Libby told Tiffany that she had just one rule for me and that was I was to eat all the man juice I produced on this trip regardless of where I put it.

Tiffany said that was a great rule and she thinks she is going to make that rule # 2 for Joel after lunch tomorrow. Tiffany told me to get on the bed as she and Libby lay right next to each other and I was to get between their legs and eat their pussies going back and forth until they both came. Here on this bed were two very attractive women with smooth bald pussies and my job was to eat them. I started and went back and forth and licked and sucked and fingered and kissed, they were playing with each other's nipples and giving me instructions.

They both tasted wonderful and it was hard work to keep they both happy but after about 30 minutes they started to wiggle and move a lot more and were telling me they were getting close. Libby came first while I had my mouth on her clit and was sucking it completely into my mouth she shuddered and came and flooded my mouth with her nectar.

I then moved over to Tiffany and focused all my attentions on her pussy and clit and then Libby rolled over and kissed her on the mouth and Tiffany started to buck like a wild hose and it was all I could do to keep my mouth in contact with her pussy and then she came. After a few minutes Tiffany told Libby to get on her knees and they would both stick the asses up into the air and told me to get behind them and jack off and when I came I was to give each of them an equal share of cum right on their rosebuds.

They turned around and what a sight two smooth white asses stuck up in the air their cheeks apart and their pussies were open and swollen and wet. Libby said for me to tell them what I could see and describe it to them while I worked my cock.

It was only a couple of minutes before I was ready to explode and they told me to slow down and not cum for at least ten more minutes. This was probably the longest ten minutes of my life but I did make it and then Tiffany told me not to cum so I did not.

Tiffany said she didn't think I had tended to them well enough yet to have the privilege of Cumming, I would have to earn the right to cum and she would decide when I had done enough for that privilege. She had me get some warm towels and gently wash both her and Libby and pat them dry and then they decided that I needed to have my hands tied behind my back so I wouldn't jack off while they were sleeping.

Tiffany said turn out the light and get in the bed we are all sleeping together tonight. She and Libby cuddled and I got behind my wife and we all went to sleep quickly. I was awakened with both Libby and Tiffany taking turns sucking on my erect cock. They had been talking to each other and had decided what was going to happen today.

Tiffany said that I would get the chance to earn the right to cum if I was a good boy and did everything I was told. She ordered some room service and a young lady brought the order to the room she told me to give the lady her tip by eating her pussy until she came right there.

I walked over to the staff member and she just smiled and lifted her skirt and pulled her panties to the side and told me to be quick she had other orders to deliver.

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I got on my knees and moved quickly right to her snatch and she let her skirt fall over my head and just pulled my face hard into her cunt and I was struggling to get my breath. She just rode my face like it was a fuck toy and in about 5 minutes she came into my mouth and all over my face as soon as she did she just pushed me back straighten her skirt told Tiffany thanks and left the room.

Tiffany and Libby had been eating the breakfast and then had me come over there and they fed me off their bodies. Libby said that she was having a lot of fun and hoped that I earned the right to cum because if I didn't that she wasn't going to let me cum the rest of the week that we would be there. Tiffany and Libby wanted to be a little naughty to my balls so they had me bend over and spread my legs as far apart as I could to give them easy access to my nuts.

They then took turns slapping and spanking them. Tiffany said that if you spank them hard enough they will swell up and get about twice as large and be very sensitive. Tiffany got in front of me and had me eat her as Libby was swatting my balls and she did this until Tiffany came then they switched and I was eating Libby's pussy while Tiffany was behind me.

Tiffany was quite a bit rougher than Libby had been and my balls were starting to swell up. This went on for about 20 more minutes and then Libby came. Tiffany asked Libby to come back and take a look at what they had done. My balls were swollen and Libby said that was very impressive and that she liked the way they looked being so big and red.

She asked Tiffany if I could fuck her doggy style so she could feel the big fat balls slapping up against her cunt lips. Tiffany agreed but reminded me that I was not allowed to cum yet.

I got behind my wife and my cock slid into her pussy without any resistance. She was so wet and hot from all the sex and excitement. I started to fuck her and was going a little too slow for either of the women. Tiffany said fuck her and make those fat balls slap her so I can hear it or else she will whip my balls some more. I started to hammer in and out of Libby's smoking hot pussy and she was in heaven.

She would push back on every stroke and my balls were now hanging low and slapping her loudly. Tiffany said to keep it up Libby was going to cum and she did not want me to stop until she did. I was fucking her like a mad man and was building up quickly to Cumming myself when all of a sudden Tiffany grabbed my balls and pulled down sharply to keep me from going over the edge and then Libby came and I collapsed on top of her as she fell forward Libby was panting and in a state of orgasmic bliss and my balls were swollen and hurting from the abuse Tiffany had been giving them.

Tiffany gets very close to Libby and asks her if I can fuck her now and if she says yes and if I do a good job she would let me cum. Libby says yes but only if she can help me fuck her. Tiffany says that will be great and tells me to get on my back. She climbs up on top of me and Libby gets behind her and holds my cock straight up and Tiffany settles down slowly onto my swollen cock after she gets it all the way in Libby takes my balls one in each hand and starts to milk them they hurt but this also if the most exquisite pain I have ever felt.

Tiffany starts to bounce up and down on my cock and tells us both this is the best fuck she has ever had. She picks up speed and is riding me well on her way to an orgasm. She starts panting and moaning and tells us she is going to cum and for Libby to hold my balls back so she can finish. Libby has one ball in each hand and is pulling them which kept me from Cumming. Tiffany throws her head back pushed down with all her might and cums with a great flood of pussy juice.

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Libby lets go and I start Cumming and each squirt was powerful and long and hurts so good. Tiffany rolls off me and Libby grabs her legs and pulls them open and tell me to get down there and eat that messy fucked pussy that I just made and I didn't hesitate for even a minute and dove in and started licking and sucking and eating.

Tiffany is squirming around and she cums again and then she tells me to go very slowly and lick up my mess. I finish and I look up to see that Libby has been taking pictures and tells me that we are going back to the room because it was lunch time and I would only be eating fucked pussy for now on.