Untie me so i can cum

Untie me so i can cum
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This is part 2, and just took place last week. Dad honored his request to take Nicole, Samantha and I shopping. As we drove, dad questioned Nicole and Samantha about if they had any second thoughts or issues with keeping the relationship we created going.

Neither had anything negative to say and we adamantly agreed they were 100% into our little pact that was created pretty much out of thin air! We all made plans on which day we would go and what time we would meet. When the day came and after we arrived at the mall, we left dad and the three of us proceeded to American Eagle Outfitters. Ever since Samantha tried on her sister's string undies, she wanted some of her own. The only problem that the ones she had when she wore them was they were just a little too loose around the waist.

I told dad about her wearing them, and he said to be honest he didn't notice and kind of felt bad she had worn them for him. Anyways, AEO has the coolest thing in the world regarding sizing for petite or young girls wishing to buy thongs or string underwear.

They go all the way down to size XXS!! The sizing is women's (personally I'm not aware of any retail store that will sell "girl's thongs" for whatever reason), but it is really awesome when you have a 23" waist as a teenage girl when you can't find stuff like this anywhere else! When we arrived, we went right to where we were planning to end up just like bees to their hive. Samantha checked out quite a few different colors and went for the ones just her sister had purchased a few weeks back.

Purple is Samantha's favorite color, so she also chose a tee shirt for her top in that color also. The sizing on the jeans she wanted was a little confusing, but we had plenty of time for her to hit the dressing room. She finally settled on a pair in size 12 slim. A sweet pair of sunglasses and she was ready to go!

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After Samantha paid for everything, she asked if she could change into her new attire. Of course there wasn't a problem with her going back to the dressing room. I was quite amazed and a little turned on by her new look when she returned!

I guess you become a little more liberal after loosing your virginity. Since it wasn't that long ago, I can remember I sure did!

She mentioned she was already a little damp in the wrong place just thinking about the remainder of the day once we returned back at my place. Just before we getting reading to leave the store, Nicole noticed a nail boutique across the aisle.

Since Samantha has spent most of her money on the items she purchased, Nicole wanted to pay to have her baby sister's nails done as a nice gesture.

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Samantha gave her sister a big hug and we walked over. As we discussed the amount of time we had left, it was a better idea to kill two birds with one stone and leave Samantha at the nail boutique while we went shopping to get what we wanted. It was agreed when and where to meet so we could hook up with dad and not be late for him. Nicole said she wanted to go up to the second floor of the mall and check out a few stores.

As we walked, she was quite up beat about doing something very special for my dad and she didn't want to spend another dime on herself. The stores she wanted to go to were to see if she could find something for him. I also had some personal items I needed to buy but Nicole talked me into helping her out. As we continued our walk, we almost ran right into Nicole's mom!

Oh my GOD, I thought to myself! What are we going to tell her if she asks where Samantha is? What would her reaction be if she saw her thirteen year old daughter in her new clothes that she had just bought? As we approached her, she seemed in quite a hurry and said she needed to get home in time to check the crock pot. Nicole instinctively offered to help her mom out while I went back down to the first floor to see how much longer Samantha was going to be.

I walked at a fairly high pace making my way back down to the meeting place we had chosen. I could see my dad already waiting and Samantha in route. As we teamed back up, I brought everyone up to speed. Samantha had decided not to get her nails done because of the waiting list, but made an appointment for a later date. This was a good thing because of the circumstances.

It was another ten minutes or so when Nicole made it back in. Our crew was all linked up and ready for some fun with my dad!

Nicole, being my dad's pet always got to ride shotgun, which was not a problem because I really like being in the back seat with Samantha. She did have time to buy something else, as she had a bag in her hand from the fabric store. I asked her what she had bought. She proceeded to pull out a cloth measuring tape, the kind they used at AEO to take measurements.

With a really puzzled look on my face, she told me to "shush," because it was for later.


She whispered in my ear "Be quiet, I want your dad to let me measure his hard penis and then make him measure Nicole, you, and I. Then we will make him go shopping for us!" I almost started laughing out loud, but bit my lower lip. It seemed a much shorter trip home than it did to the mall, as I'm sure the three of us girls were already expecting what was going to happen. As we unlocked the front door, Samantha was first in.

Nicole was next, followed by dad, and then me. I locked the door and headed for the den. Dad told me he had already made plans for using the master bedroom.

As I walked in the two other girls and my dad were already in his bedroom. Dad started lighting some candles he had already placed on the head board. He pointed at Nicole and said nothing. She walked up to him and knelt down to unbutton his jeans. As she pulled out his already erect cock, she motioned Samantha over.


Nicole told her sister to try giving my dad oral again, but didn't have to keep going if she didn't want to.

Surprisingly, Samantha joined her sister in front of my dad and kissed the head of his cock! My dad smiled ear to ear, but had no idea what Samantha had in mind.

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Dad reached down and removed his jeans, followed by the rest of his clothes. He then asked who wanted to go first. Samantha said she would if he would take off her clothes. Dad began removing her jeans slowly remembering what I had said to him, but it's funny how your clothes stay on when they're the correct size! He then removed her tee shirt. Dad kissed Samantha just below her belly button once, and then had her turn half way around. He started kissing her back and then began working his way downward.

He pushed her shoulders forward to make her bend over. As dad then began kissing her ass cheeks, she did her all famous shuttering shiver which to him meant she was ready. Samantha still had her v-string on which was freakin' tiny, even on her small body.

She laid down on the king sized bed. Dad was paying more attention to Samantha for whatever reason as he began to go to work on Nicole's little sister. He had his face in her crotch while he skillfully reached around and snugged the string running up her ass crack upwards causing Samantha to arch her back, close her eyes and let out a few unexpected words of pleasure.

After that she grabbed dad by his cock and pulled it towards her. She commanded my dad in very plain and simple words "Fuck me harder and longer than you did before!" Dad went to remove her panties. Samantha stopped him and pulled the front of her v-string to one side revealing her pussy. She pointed down and said "Now please" in a very soft voice.

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As she was being penetrated, dad again worked on putting just enough tension on her string to just about push her over the edge. The damn string must have been making some major contact with asshole. I suddenly got the idea to try it, but instead of on myself i reached over and slowly pulled on Nicole's waist band. She wasted no time turning a quarter rotation and we began making out.

She said "Holy shit, that is so erotic Erin!" and tried it on me. I was soaking wet in about 2.5 seconds flat!!! By now, Samantha was buried underneath my dad as he was putting it to her. She looked over towards us in between moans and just smiled as she tried to catch an occasional breath of air.

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Nicole and I by this time were buck naked and it was time to unwind on each other. As we kissed, we began to finger each other. Nicole would reach up and flick one of my nipples occasionally. I whispered in her ear "You need to teach my dad how to do that babe!" At this point, dad and Samantha were changing positions with Samantha wanting to be on top.

She still had her panties on too! For being only her second time, she mounted my dad's cock like she'd done it a hundred times! Nicole had told her sister earlier to get on reverse cowboy if she could when we were in the mall talking girl stuff, and that's exactly what she did.

I was getting so turned on by just watching I had at least two or three orgasms. Dad now had the string at his disposal as he put both hands around Samantha's hips. His rather large hands easily went all the way around her waist while he used his thumbs to control the tension of the string. Samantha's body was so firm; there was almost no movement while she hammered up and down on my dad's cock.

It had probably been almost a half hour as they both were getting somewhat close to finishing their very pleasurable time together. Dad asked Samantha how close she was to cumming. Samantha out of breath said "Shit. I've already cum. about. fifteen times, so. whenever you're ready" as a tear streamed down her face. I was beside myself hearing her say this! My dad took his hands off from her hips and put them on her shoulders and slammed her seventy something pound frame for at least five minutes more.

He gave one last slam and let his load go. Samantha got off and fell in a heap on the bed. She was exhausted and her right leg was spazzing uncontrollably for a few minutes. She said "I'll be all right, just let me catch my breath…&hellip. that was so awesome!" As I turned around, Nicole was already licking my dad's cock off to clean up anything that was left! As Nicole, Samantha, and I found out, my dad doesn't always just cum once as his cock was still rock hard.

"Get on if you're ready" he said to Nicole. Instead, she laid back on the bed and dad began oral. Nicole started playing with her own nipples as Samantha rolled over and began kissing her sister. Samantha then said something like "I am SO going to hurt like hell in the morning" with a monster smile on her face!

Dad got up and made the motion to grab Nicole's right leg when Samantha said "Just a minute" and got off from the bed. She remembered her measuring tape! Dad looked a little confused as she took it out of the package. She motioned dad to turn around. After he was turned around, she kissed the head of his cock again.

Then Samantha placed the tape against his balls and pulled back on tape along his cock. She measured 7.5" and not sure what to say asked my dad if that was big. Nicole laughed and said "Measure around it, which is what the girls in school say matters, although I think the length is more than I have ever had before." Samantha quickly wrapped the measuring tape around the base of dad's cock, which according to her, the perimeter was 9.25 inches.

Samantha then quietly said "Okay, you can go fuck my sister now." Dad wanted Nicole to put her v-string back on, but she would have nothing to do with that. She was starving to get the same brutal treatment that her younger sister had endured for over the last half hour. She fell back on the bed in the same place she was earlier and pulled both of her knees up to her armpits.

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Dad had absolutely no problem putting his newly measured cock inside of her very expecting (and wet) pussy. She almost immediately began moaning as dad began a fairly fast pace fucking her harder than he would normally start out. I suppose she was so wet dad didn't have to pace himself. Nicole for her age seemed to be in control of the whole ordeal and would scream out "Harder, faster, yessssss!" Samantha had disappeared to the bathroom to clean up, so I left to make sure she okay.

I found her getting some Advil out of her purse and said it really helped the last time. I wasn't worried because she was up walking around much better than she was on her maiden voyage!

Samantha said she wanted to go back down and pretend we were spying on my dad and her sister, which sounded a little on the humorous side, but what the hell we're still kids!

Upon re-entry, Nicole had her legs wrapped tightly around dad's waist as he continued to rock her foundation. Samantha actually said she was horny again as she started playing with herself. Right about then, dad did something he had never done to me. He lubed up his right index finger with Nicole's juices and began working his finger into her asshole.

She began squirming and trying to get away but after he worked it in and out a few times Nicole worked back into the rhythm of having something in both her pussy and her asshole! The speed and intensity began to increase for the next eight to ten minutes.

Nicole and dad were both getting tired from the energy being exhausted. Nicole actually looked like I felt the first time. She wanted to get all she could, but unsure when that might be ending. Dad then exploded and let go with another fairly big load filling Nicole's insides just her sister got earlier. After Nicole showered and got her clothes back on, it was getting kind of late, so dad said he would drive them home.

When we all done getting ready to leave Nicole and Samantha gave dad really romantic kisses before we left the house.

Dad told them that they were allowed to come over any time and showed them where the extra key was hidden. To be continued.

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