Female slave plays with some toys

Female slave plays with some toys
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​ I felt Richie's teeth digging into my shoulder blade. It was a familiar calling card of his orgasm, and I had learned to yearn to feel it because in all times but the last it meant I was almost done.

"Oh fuck Sarah, oh shit! Shit baby, yeah, yeah, YEAH!!! UGGHH!!" I felt one more thrust from him as he yelled those words before I felt his body tense, his hands, one on my hand, the other under us and gripping my breast both clenched and I felt the warmth of his seed as he came inside one more time.

He always came inside.

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The asshole would not ever wear a condom, so I had to go on the pill. In retrospect I am lucky I didn't have to have an abortion, or worse carry his baby to term. As if it wasn't gross enough to have this smelly, fat, balding psycho fucking me, but to have his child. I would probably kill myself.

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At least they didn't force me to be a voyeur. . anymore. I felt the sick asshole slide his hand out from under me and pressed on my hip as he pulled his dick out of my pussy and flopped down on the bed beside me, kissing my shoulder and neck.

He seemed to love that part of the woman's body. I assume it is why we often finished in this position. Of course, without the viagra he didn't last very long anyway, sometimes it was only this position. At least I didn't have to look at him this way. "Shit Sarah. That fucking pussy is as amazing as it was the first time. How do you stay that fucking tight?

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Muah. Good girl, good girl." He mumbled as he started kissing my neck again. I had my face buried in my pillow, and I would until he left. His hand caressed my ass and thigh until he had recovered from his orgasm. "Ok, Bruno, we got places to be. Goodnight baby, see you soon I am sure." He laughed and so did Bruno and I heard them leave.

I heard him say something to my Dad as he left and the flimsy door on our trailer home. I felt the shame coming over me I felt every time after Ralphie. I rolled over and curled my legs us, feeling a drop of Ralphie's deposit slide out of my opening and roll down my ass cheek to my thigh and onto the sheets. It didn't matter, I always changed them the morning after anyway. "Are. . are you ok sweetie?" I heard my Dad ask. I reached for my comforter and pulled it over me haphazardly.


The bottoms of my legs and feet were still exposed but at least it covered my ass. I didn't need my dad seeing my naked body. He had seen enough the first time Ralphie came to see me. All I really wanted was for him to go away before I started crying. I could only hold out so long before the emotion of being whored out overtook me. Well, I guess I wasn't technically a whore, more of a loan payment. Ralphie was a mid level Capo for one of the local families of Cosa Nostra here in New Jersey.

You are probably wondering why my mother didn't stop this shit, but that is the thing, she was the cause of it, indirectly of course. My mother was also no longer on this Earth, so unless she was going to start haunting, she wouldn't be heard from.

Mom got cancer about 3 years ago, when I was 12. Back then we had a nice little house, Dad had his job at the jail as a janitor and mom had a job as a medical assistant. We didn't have a lot but we had our home, and we had each other. Then mom got sick, and not just sick, but really sick really fast. She was in and out of the hospital all the time, and treatments didn't work well. About 2 years in Dad found this experimental clinic that she could get treatment from.

But insurance didn't cover any of that stuff. Dad really did love Mom, and he was willing to lose everything for her. We sold our house, spent a bit on this shitty little mobile home unit, and the rest went to treatment. But it wasn't enough money, so Dad used some connections from his time at the jail and borrowed money from the Mob. It was stupid but he wasn't thinking right. Mom died about 7 months later, costing about $78,000 in borrowed money.

Dad had never thought of how he would pay it back, but soon Ralphie came calling. At first Dad sold off what we had left and gave a good deal of his pay to Ralphie. We were so broke we ate beans and rice most of the time. Soon there was nothing left to sell and daddy didn't make enough. That was the first time Bruno punished daddy by punching him hard in the face a few times. This happened three more times in the next 5 weeks. I always hid in my room when they came by.

Until that one day when they came a day early. I was in the kitchen cooking rice, and being at home I didn't care too much about what I was wearing. The lack of ability to overeat and my determination to get out of this shithole one day had me exercising a lot.

In fact, with no money for cable or other entertainment, exercise became my one and only release from this world, and I hoped for a scholarship, or maybe, a modeling contract. I had developed a lot over the last year, and it had been hard having to buy most of my clothes at the salvation army, but I just couldn't fit into my old stick figure clothes anymore. My hips widened by 5 inches, my butt stuck out a good 3 inches more, and my flat chest had morphed into a 36B bra size.

I had always looked like a hollow cheeked goon before, but then my cheeks lifted, my face grew into my formerly too long nose and my lips had plumped up. I had noticed the boys paying a lot more attention to me, and I had even thought I might get a boyfriend on the Varsity teams. Until that night, which started my utter disdain for sex.

The knock on the door was loud and Daddy jumped up to get it. My hair was unstyled after a shower, hanging over my shoulders just a tad. My hair is light brown with blondish streaks, all natural. I had been wearing one of my mom's old long sleeve white shirts.

I was a bit larger than her so the material was quite tight and really pushed my breasts up, despite having no bra on, not that they weren't perky to start with.

For bottoms I was wearing some sweat shorts that were three years old and barely covered the bottom of my expanding ass cheeks. But then, I didn't think we would be getting company. Bruno pushed the door in when Dad opened it, pushing him backward. Ralphie came in behind Bruno.

"So, Jerry, where is this weeks payment? Hmm? $600. Plus $600 for last week. $1200 dollars." "I--I don't have it.

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I am sorry, I don't get paid enough and I don't have anything left to . . ." "Don't tell me you don't have my money Jerry. Don't say that again." "I just need some time." "You have had plenty of.

.hmmmm. . time. Yes?" His accent was thick as hell, but he paused when he saw me. His eyes looked me up and down before he got a sly grin on his face. He walked to the kitchen, and came up behind me, putting his arm around my tummy.

"This is your daughter, hmm? Mmmm, pretty like your wife, maybe she would like to help, hmmm?" "No, she isn't a part of this, look Ralphie, do what you need to with me, but. " "Shut up fool!" Hissed Ralphie. You don't have my money, so your little girl will do." He grabbed my hair and yanked me to the side and pushed me down into a chair at the table.

"No! Don't you. oooooff!" Daddy was protesting and Bruno socked him in the gut, knocking the wind out of him, and grabbed him a full nelson. "N-n-no! Don't you touch her!" Daddy gasped. But it was no use, Ralphie shoved his pants down and his 7 inch and thicker than average cock sprung up and out, only a few inches from my nose. His hand still gripped my hair and he was pulling me towards him. I had never seen a penis in real life and his didn't paint a fond picture.

It was hard, with veins everywhere and the top was over engorged, swelled to a dark purple-red. I knew what he was doing, and I didn't want to do it. I knew women sucked on men's penises to excite them, but I had no interest in Ralphie's.

I put my hands on his thighs, pushing away with all my strength. But my young body was no match for his large frame and soon his penis was smooshed against my lips as I fought to keep them closed. Ralphie used his other hand to plug my nose.

I have never tried harder at anything in my life than I did to hold my breath. Ralphie was patient and eventually my mouth opened to gulp in air. He let me do a full breath before shoving his manhood into my mouth. He wasn't gentle and I gagged almost instantly as he shoved in deep with reckless abandon. It was disgusting, his penis and pubic hair smelled of sweat and body odor.

His penis stretched my lips uncomfortably as I have a small mouth. The contours of his cock felt alien on my tongue, the bumps, ridges and lines of the veins sliding along my tongue, in and out of my mouth.

I was groaning in protest, muffled by his cock. Tears were streaming down my cheeks as that sick fuck fucked my virgin mouth. "You son of a bitch, I am gonna kill you!" I heard my daddy screaming. "Shut him up!" Instructed Ralphie. Bruno slammed the butt of his gun on Daddy's head and knocked him out cold. I tried to run to him but Ralphie held me firm, and continued to rape my mouth, his cock going faster and faster, the tip hitting my tonsils.

My body wanted to gag and vomit but without an opening to deliver, it just settled in my throat. "Ah damn little lady, you are born to suck huh? That's good sweetie, shit that is real good." He was yanking my head all about while he met my head movements with his hip movements and his cock hammered my mouth like a insane popsicle.

I felt like I was going to black out and my crying was stuffing my nose till snot was coming out through forced breathing.

"Ah shit. Ah shit. Fuck, oh fuck yeah. Here it comes you hot little cunt! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" His head fell back and she stopped fucking my mouth, holding his cock well inside. I felt it swelling in my mouth, and could feel the vibration of his cum traveling up his shaft. When the first load exploded in my mouth the taste was unbearable. I flexed my cheeks and tongue what I could and forced most of his voluminous load out the sides of my mouth.

Unfortunately, the flexing left my throat open and the second shot of his sticky salty cum shot right against the back of my throat and slowly slid down my throat. I couldn't stop it. The gooey disgusting fluid could be felt every inch of my stomach delivery system.

I was so distracted by the sludge Ralphie had deposited in my throat that I wasn't doing anything with my tongue to stop the third shot, and it ended up being the largest amount, and nearly all of it pour passed my tonsils. "Holy shit, what a born cocksucker! Jesus Bruno, she is a fucking champ! You gotta try her out!" Ralphie finally let go of my hair as he pulled his shrinking cock out of my mouth and I doubled over in my chair and vomited out his cum.

I had an empty stomach so nothing but white goo exited and fell onto my right bare foot. I was gasping for air and trying to process what had just happened to me when my hair was gripped again and I was pulled to a straight sitting position. What I saw in front of me was terrifying, Bruno, Ralphie's head muscle man was in front of me with his pants down and what looked like a baby's arm holding an apple.

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The cock he had was shocking in its size and I begged him not to make me take it. He laughed and shoved forward, pulling me to him. But it was no use, his horsecock was just too big. My lips couldn't fit around it, not that his didn't try to force it in, but my teeth apparently were unpleasant enough for him to stop trying. Then he told me to stick out my tongue, I shut my mouth and wasn't going to comply when Ralphie whipped out a switchblade.

"Stick it out, or I will cut it out. Your choice." I closed my eyes and steeled my reserve and stuck my tongue out as far as I could. Bruno began to massage his cock on my tongue. Slid the shaft along it, pressed the head into it, moving his unit all around, masturbating with my tongue.

"Make your tongue hard you little bitch." "Whaaa?" I asked, keeping my tongue out. "Like this!" Bruno stuck his tongue out making a point with it. I copied him and he pulled his dick up so the underside was facing me and began to pull my head back and then push it forward, making my tongue slide up and down the underside of his moose dick.

He must have enjoyed it because he began moaning and groaning in Italian. This continued for at least a full minute or two before he said, "Oh shit, it's time!" He pulled back from me and started jacking off his penis. I watched, not knowing it was a bad idea until he grunted and bucked his hips, sending a full shot of his cum into my eye.

It stuck like a motherfucker, but I didn't have to spend too much time thinking about it as rope after rope of thick cum began to criss cross my face, the warm gooey fluid feeling slimy on me. "Ah Jesus. Oh I need a good cum. Damn I wish I could have tried that mouth." "Yes, her mouth is one to be proud off, ha-ha." Ralphie assured Bruno. Finally they let go of my hair and I heard them walking. I opened my right eye only, the left was drenched in semen, and just saw the back of Bruno as they left.

My dad was crumpled in a pile on the floor.

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I stumbled to my feet and trudged to the bathroom. I saw myself in the mirror and immediately doubled over and vomited again. Well, dry heaved, as I had nothing left to vomit. When I had steadied myself, I turned on the faucet and washed my face.

I still felt gross so I showered. Even clean, I felt extremely dirty. I walked past my Dad, still on the floor. I didn't want to blame him but I did.


He should have found money, he should have not let that happen to me. He must have come around during the night because the next morning as I prepared for school, my psyche destroyed, he was at the table drinking coffee but said nothing. In fact, we didn't mention a word of what had happened until I got home from school on Thursday. Thursday was debt day, and Ralphie would be coming by.

"Sarah, come here sweetheart." My daddy said when I got home.

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I sat across from him at the table, still angry with him. "Sarah, I. . I am so sorry for what happened to you. . I didn. " "What happened to me? Do you even know what that gross asshole did to me? Do you know dad?" "I know he was, well I am sure he finished putting himself in your. .

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mouth and. . " "You don't know! You were passed out on the floor! The sick fuck forced me to suck on him and he made me drink his stuff! It was the grossest thing that has ever happened.

And then that friend of his put his stuff all over my face! Why didn't you fix it daddy!?" "Oh god sweetie, I didn't realize all that happened." "No you didn't. You didn't ask!" He sighed loudly. "Sarah. .

. " His eyes were filled with tears. "I. . I don't make much money, it takes all I have to keep this dump. Ralphie. . he offered to take a payment. .


. of you." "What?" "He said he would count you as a $2000 dollar payment." "Payment?" "Yes baby. He. . he will trade an hour with you for that. Give me time to save up for next week." "What did he say when you told him no?" Daddy just looked at me.

My eyes teared up. "Oh. . God." I said horsely. "You told him he could, didn't you?" Daddy didn't have to say a word. That was when I heard a hard knock at the door.