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Gay black teen shaking ass
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Going South My name is Billy and I have lived all my life in the state of Michigan. I believed that my life was pretty normal, but in reality it wasn't. My mother had me when she was twenty years old. My father did not care for the idea of a child and left my mother to make out for herself. I never knew him or ever met him, in fact I did not even know his first name. My mother would not consider abortion or giving me up for adoption. Instead she opted to take on the situation of a single mother.

Lucky she had a few friends to help baby sit me in my younger years. Mother is a strong willed woman and she was determined to make a life for us. She worked two jobs to make enough money.


Mother made sure I never lacked for what I needed and that I knew I was loved. After I graduated high school I got a job at a local factory and my income and hers made out lives a lot easier. I was twenty four when mother told me she had breast cancer.

She went for surgery and then treatments but they did not get it all and she died a year after the surgery. It was really hard to lose the only person who loved and cared for me.

I continued to work at the plant. One day fortune turned on me and I found out I had a winning lottery ticket. The ticket was a mega millions and I won over 140 million. I decided to take an annuity of five and a half million a year for 26 years. I quit my job as I did not need the money and decided to travel. I purchased a new car and headed south with no destination in mind. Michigan winters can be snowy and cold and I did not want to be looking out a window for six months.

The next change in my life happened on the second day of my trip south. I had spent the night in the city of Louisville Kentucky and in the morning continued south a few miles to Hillview to stop for breakfast.

I was about to go into the café when I noticed a girl huddled against the wall of the café.

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She did not seem to be dressed warm enough for the chill in the air, even though there was no snow on the ground it was pretty cool. She seemed to be crying as she wiped at her eyes.

Normally I don't get involved in other peoples problems but something seemed to pull me over to her. I asked if she was alright and if there was anything I could do.

She said she was ok but it didn't look that way.


I said "you look cold and maybe you would accompany me inside the café to warm up and I will buy you a cup of coffee." At first I thought she would refuse but then she just nodded and followed me inside. When the waitress came I ordered two breakfast specials and two cup of coffee. She smiled at me and I just said "you look hungry." She did not look more than sixteen years old.

I said "did you have a fight with someone." She said "yes I had a disagreement with my boyfriend." "He will probably be back saying he is sorry before you finish your breakfast" was my reply. She told me "my boyfriend and I had run off from my parents but he got scared and decided to go back. He just left me here when I said I wasn't going back." I asked her name.

She said "my name is Sueanne but everyone calls me just Sue." I asked her "are you running away with a boyfriend or running away from her parents." It seems to me she was running away from your parents. She kept her eyes on her coffee cup and said "yes, I am running away from my parents." She said "my mother is always drunk and when my father gets drunk he will beat on my mother and sometimes on me." She remarked "my life at home is very bad sometimes I think dad will kill my mother or maybe even me, and that's why I ran away." When our food came we ate in silence.

I was perplexed on what I should do with this girl. Part of me thought give her fifty bucks and wish her luck. The other part of me wanted to do something but I did not know what. With the meal done I asked her what she was going to do. She said she would find someone to give her a ride and get as far away from here as she could. I knew I could get into trouble if I gave her a ride but it seemed all I could do.

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When I offered her a ride she said yes and never even asked where I was going. Once in the car she commented on how nice it was. After I started driving down the road she finally asked where I was going. When I said south to where it is warm. She just smiled and nodded. In a little while she was asleep. After driving for five hours I stopped for gas. She woke up and I asked her if she was hungry. She said "no." I said "I will drive for four or five more hours and then stop for the night." I said "you don't have any spare clothes for the night, we will stop and get you some." About thirty miles down the road I spotted a walmart store and pulled off the highway to it.

"This will have all that you will need for the night." She followed me inside and I got a cart and went to the women's clothing section. I said "pick out the stuff you will need." She said "I do not know what to get." "You will need sleeping clothes, you know pj's or something like that. Also underwear and couple of changes of outer clothes like jeans, blouses and shorts." "Also you will need socks and a pair of shoes, the ones your wearing will fall off your feet soon." I went and got her a small pull suitcase.

When I got back she had picked out a number of outfits and she asked which ones I liked. I looked at them and put them all in the cart. After picking up socks and shoes. She found two pair she liked. We went to health section and I told her "get whatever hygiene products you use in case you start your period." She said "my mother showed me how to put a rag inside her panties and that's all I use." I knew I was not well acquainted with women's products but had seen what my mother used and put that in the cart.

I picked out a toothbrush, toothpaste, mouth wash, soap and a holder. Shampoo, conditioner, hair brush and finally a small spray bottle of perfume. When we got back to the car I packed it all in the suitcase. While I was packing it I looked at her and saw her watching arms across her chest. I could see she was cold and said "why didn't you buy a jacket." So back in the store we went and got her a coat. When we got out she put it on and smiled at me and said "thanks." I guess that it made me feel good that she appreciated what I had done.

Three hours later I stopped at a motel for the night. After booking in I told her to take a bath and put on some clean clothes as we were going to dinner. Half hour later she comes out of the bathroom washed clean and hair shampooed and dried. She had on a skirt, blouse, socks and casual shoes. I said "you look good cleaned up." With dinner over we went back to the motel and watched some television. Then I showered and got ready for bed.

She went into the bathroom and got herself ready. I turned off all the lights but one bed light. She came out of the bathroom and climbed into bed with me. I asked her what she was doing. "You were nice to me and its my turn to be nice to you." I said "I did not expect you to do anything like this, and besides you are pretty young." She said "I'm sixteen and will be seventeen in two months I just look younger." "You know your not the first guy I have had sex with." "I was thirteen, well just about fourteen when I had my cherry popped by young Jessie." "He caught me skinny dipping at the creek near our place." "He didn't ask if he could join me, he just stripped off his clothes and came in the water with me." "At first he was just splashing and having fun in the water, then he says "Sue you are a beautiful girl" and takes my hand and leads me up on the bank." With that July sun beating down on us Jessie laid me down on the grass and starts in kissing me.

I never had no boy kiss on me before and I got to liken the feeling and I started to kissing him back. Next thing I know he is all worked up and has me on my back. He gets between my legs and I feel his cock go into my pussy and he pops my cherry.

I expected a lot of pain like other girls had told me about but I hardly had any. I thought the kissing was wonderful but the screwing was the best ever. It was not long before Jessie has a climax and filled me with his cum. Before the afternoon was done we fucked two more times and I came both times with Jessie. Screwing is just a part of life in the backwoods of Kentucky.

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Just about all the girls I know had lost their virginity by fifteen. When I told my mother about screwing Jessie she asked when I had my period. When I told her I just finished, she said you are lucky you could have got yourself pregnant. She told me about the times it was safe and when it was risky. I asked her if the guy that left her in Hillview was Jessie. She said no that boyfriend came along after.

She said she had sex with four other guys before him. Some times I don't think I have good sense and it especially bad when the little head does the thinking. It had been awhile since I had a woman in bed with me, and I never had such a young one as this.

I looked at her for while deciding if I should do this, then I leaned over her and our lips kissed. Her arms came around my neck and she held me tight to her. I guess she was right about having experience with sex.

We kissed for quite awhile and I was ready to screw. But instead I kissed down her body and soon was licking and sucking on her pussy. All she said was "god your good" and continued to moan as I worked on her pussy.

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After five minutes she lifts her ass up to me and moans that she is coming. When she is done she says its my turn and she goes down on me. I had a hard cock when she started to suck it. She says "you have a real nice cock" and went back to sucking it. I did not want to cum in her mouth and I told her so.

I pushed her over on her back and moved between her legs and notched my cock in her cunt. I pushed in home and she told the truth, she was no virgin. She was nice and tight and she was real wet. She fucked up to me as I pushed down into her pussy. We fucked for about half an hour when I felt her reach another climax. This brought on my own climax and I pumped rope after rope of cum into her pussy.

When our breathing returned to normal I rolled off her and my cock made a sucking sound as it came out of her pussy. I reached up and turned off the light and went to sleep with her curled up to me. When I woke in the morning she was laying on her back with her hair fanned out on the pillow and one hand over her head. The blanket was off her chest and her tits were exposed. She really looked good and my morning hard cock wanted attention so without hesitation I moved over her and back between her legs and into her cunt.

Her eyes opened and she smiled and said good morning and her arms came around my neck and we were off on another fuck. Half hour later I had my cum and she said " keep fucking me I need to cum too." A few minutes later I felt her find release too. We were late getting on the road because we spent to much time in the shower. Well the shower did not take long but cock suck she did after lasted awhile.

Also we got breakfast before hitting the highway. While driving I looked over at her and said "I'm probably in big trouble if anyone found out what we did last night, being you are only sixteen." She said "you are not in any trouble as I will not tell anyone what we did and what we are going to do from now on because its none of their business." "And beside that the police would sent me back to my parents and I don't want that to happen." It was late in the afternoon when we arrived in Tampa.

I was getting horny for the little bitch and decided to get a room early. When we got to the room she said she had to pee. A few minutes later she came out of the bathroom and paraded around the room. Then she lifted up her dress and she did not have her panties on. I took after her and caught her on the bed. I did not bother to take off my clothes and just pulled my cock out of my fly.

She was face down on the bed and I lifted up her dress and slapped her ass. She gave a yelp but soon changed her tone when my cock slid into her tight pussy. She was as horny as me and was pushing her ass up to my strokes.

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We only lasted a few minutes and we both had a climax. After resting a minute I said "girl I'm hungry why don't you get cleaned up and we will go get something." She said "I will shower later but I will wipe myself down and put on some panties so that your cum will not run down her legs." We went to a café and then went shopping.

She picked out some more clothes and asked if I would buy them for her? How could I refuse with all the good hot pussy she was giving me. It was after eight when we got back to the room. We were no more then in the room when she stripped off her clothes and modeled her new ones for me. Then she took off those and came on the bed nude. She stripped the clothes off me, and climbed on top me and placed my cock in her pussy and fucked me for the next hour. She would ride on my cock for five minutes then stop and lay herself flat on me and French kiss for five minutes with her arms wrapped around my neck.

Then she would go back to fucking me. She kept alternating for the next two hours. I don't know how many times she came but I came twice.

When she finally had enough she got off me. We made small talk for awhile then I got on top her. It was eleven o'clock when the fucking came to a stop. Mainly because I could not get it up anymore. I said "girl lets get some sleep, we have to look for a place to buy tomorrow." She said "ok" and with a sigh curled up next to me and fell asleep.