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Vater hilft Stieftochter Yoga
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Our Related Stories in Succession. It is advisable to read them in order as the stories transcends to the next one: 1. Bree1 Kate- Story for Texans, the prequel to: 2. Bree 2 Girlfriend's Big Surprise 3. Bree 3- A Trip To The Mountains 4. Bree 4 -Wife's Accidental Encounter With The Donkey 5. Bree 5 Bree and Suzanne Go To The Mountains 6.

Bree 6 The Awakenings 7. Bree 7 Shannon's Encounter with Jake The Donkey 8. Bree 8 The Reunion (a stand alone story but references people in Bree 1 6) As a reminder, you are encouraged to read these stories in succession so you will gain an understanding of how these events began and unfolded over time. Bree 1 Kate Story For Texans Growing up on an Arabian breeding horse ranch in the Texas Hill Country, I was curious as any normal guy watching the studs in action and occasionally feeling a twitch in my pants.

My family was third generation raising champion Arabians and has a national reputation with even some international clientele. They also breed ponies. When I was in local public schools, our ranch was the one all my friends always wanted to come to or plan a party at.

As I started dating and various girlfriends happened to come out to the ranch during the stud breeding activity or semen sales collection, they made all kinds of comments ranging from downright derogatory to intriguing. Quite a few of them just remained silent and focused on the activities.

It's funny as I recalled one of these girls, Suzanne, was being so silent (not anywhere near her nature) and intent on the observation that I actually startled her when I took her hand to show her some of the other horses and facilities. My interest was fully turned on when one of my steadier high school girlfriends, Anne, and I went to a party where we got plastered. Friends dropped us off at her house; her parents were gone for the weekend. Anne had just finished riding both of us cowgirl style to exhaustion and was lying on top of me when she began to moan and shifting her hips around.

I raised my head looking over her shoulder and saw her German Shepard, Adolph, licking between her open straddled legs. I told him to go lay down but Anne shushed me saying "Leave him alone, he has done this before". Thinking back on this, I remembered being very, very drunk, exhausted, and I either fell asleep or passed out with Anne still straddling me with her moving and then the bed moving.

Now I wish I hadn't been so drunk because of later countless rehashings of this episode to improve my fogged memory of what actually had happened. I think Adolph did more than just did oral with Anne, that was the only thing that could account for the bed moving as I fell asleep, and Anne yanking the sheets off first thing the next morning when we awoke, practically rolling me out of bed.

It did not click until a couple of years later when I was in college that Anne was one the girls that had come out to the ranch and made some intriguing comments during a stud breeding activity… I had a strong interest in photography and journalism. Based on my work for the high school newspaper and yearbook, my advisor recommended me to go to Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State University) in San Marcos or University of Texas/Austin to major in photojournalism.

UT Austin was too big a university, too many students in a class and also being in a large city with huge traffic problems I went to Texas State. I was soon recruited to be a photographer for various university publications like the newspaper The University Star and the campus magazine Hillviews.

As a way to make extra money, I also hired out to take photographs for the fraternities, sororities and other university social and fundraiser events. During this time, I met my long-term college girlfriend at one of the Zeta Tau Alpha social events that I was hired to photograph.

Her name was Kate and she was one of the Bobcat cheerleaders. We dated all thru college and even discussed marriage later on in the relationship, but Kate was firmly set on medical school and if her school of choice that was out-of-state accepted her, she would be going.

Kate was extremely intelligent and carried an incredible course load. Kate lived in a sorority house and had a single room to herself that shared an adjoining bath with another room that contained her two very best friends, Briana and Shannon.

Both Briana and Shannon were beyond description gorgeous (as all three were!). While we did at times socialize with Shannon, I only had a brief introduction to Briana. When I did see Briana around campus a crowd of friends always seemed to be surrounding her, but Briana always smiled and waved at me when she saw me. However, I never approached the crowd that always seemed to be encircling her, as I did not want to have the appearance of being intruding, so I just smiled and waved back as I passed by.

Kate is 5 feet, 10 inches, reddish blond hair, startling bright green eyes, tanned skin tone, large firm round breasts, with a prominent up tilt to them, small nipples and small areolas. She also had a ripped abdomen and a small tight curvaceous muscular ass from all her high school and college cheerleading, exercise routines, as well as years of dance instruction. Kate alternated her days running six miles and lifting weights for 11/2 hours, not to mention the number of crunches she cranked out twice a day - it would have made a military drill sergeant tremble!

When she was nude and bent over, all her womanly charms and tight rosebud were clearly very revealed. Kate had small labia lips and when she was aroused her labia would swell and openly part on their own. She kept her pussy area waxed and shaved with just a small narrow stripe above her pussy. Kate also had a large pronounced clitoris with an almost non-existent clitoral hood. When aroused, her clitoris became a very visible prominent promontory "her little man in the boat".

Kate confided to me she had always had chafing issues in this area being so athletic to the extent she had to talk to her obgyn about it to figure out preventive ways to prevent the chafing. One other thing was that she was pretty much uninhibited and even more so when drinking, as is common with college age kids being away from home - the freedom and the hormones surging during these peak years.

She was a souped-up wildcat in bed, always initiating new things to try. At times I was seriously concerned if I could keep up with her! She loved going to the Adult MegaPlex store in South Austin to look at the toys, costumes and movies with me as well as her girlfriends.

On these girlfriend-shopping trips, they loved coming back to my off-campus house and showing me what they bought. At times this became quite risqué if they have been out drinking and continued partying at my house as they tried on what they bought and roughhoused/kidded around with each other with their new "toys"!

Their wild antics of course piqued my curiosity, wondering how far they would go if they really cut loose! Overtime, I became more known around the campus and to Kate's friends for my photography and editing skills, would work for reasonable rates and had a great personality. I began to get discrete inquiries to take photographs similar to the Glamour, Romantic and Lingerie shots of the girls and fiancée's.

Kate became my partner, as the girls posing for these shots were even more comfortable and uninhibited with another woman present beyond what my personality would accomplish. Kate actually became the main coach setting up the poses while I worked the technical details with cameras, lighting and background. A lot of these shots were also taken out in the remote countryside and the Hill Country streams and rivers that the Texas Hill Country is renowned for, Later, I would learn there where several photography websites of beautiful women being photograph in outdoor scenes (nature shots) and with horses.

From past experiences, I knew most women have a weakness for beautiful horses, and occasionally I would trailer a horse from the ranch for a photo session, which commanded good fees that were willingly paid or set up a photoshoot at the ranch.

During this time just for fun, Kate entered a Budweiser Girl contest that was held in San Marcos due to the university being located there and it's party school reputation.

Kate was actually selected to be one of the "Bud Girls" but after carefully reading the offered contract, determined too much time and travel would be involved and it would affect her college premed studies. Over Spring Break one year, my parents and the ranch hands had to go to a big horse show in Colorado taking several of the horses with them and asked us to come to the ranch to look after the remaining animals.

We had planned on going to South Padre Island for their infamous Spring Break where I was sure to get some interesting photos to sell, but my parents had never gone out of their way to ask me for help and I knew this big horse show had a lot of potential new clientele represented. At the time, I think that my parent's thought that Kate and I would marry after graduate school, we had even kind of talked around the subject but finally dropped it because Kate was PreMed and still unsure of where she would go to medical school - in state or out of state, and was even thinking of getting a PhD in the medical research field.

Kate was very driven in her educational goals and at this stage of her life she made it clear at the beginning of our relationship and again when we really started to get serious in our relationship that her advanced education goals came first.

About two weeks before going to the ranch, I showed Kate some web sites: Girls-in-Nature, MET-ART and Riding Fantasy. These sites showed beautiful women clothed, semi-nude and nude women outdoors, posing and riding horses. I told Kate that with her looks, we could take some pictures while at the ranch and sell them to these websites and split the proceeds.

She initially said "No" because she was afraid they may resurface later and affect her future career. I then opened up an expensive professional photo editing program I had purchased and been using for the portrait shots and demonstrated how to photoshop a photograph and another demonstration on altering/morphing facial and body features to totally change the appearances of a person to appear to be another person, have another body type, or features and still appear to be an unaltered photograph.

I told her all the photographs in Playboy, Penthouse and Playgirl all have been extensively reworked by programs such as this one. I explained to Kate I could alter her facial features just enough to be deniable as to her actual identity but still retain some authenticity, then I demonstrated by altering a photograph of her. It took about 20 minutes but the finish product showed an image that almost looked like Kate but wasn't and still looked like a real photograph.

I explained to Kate that the real image and the altered image could not be discerned unless a really good expert had the original images to compare and only with a very expensive computer and special image comparison and analysis software. We then browsed thru some more Website pages, then Kate readily agreed after she reviewed the artistic style of the photographs and finally when I showed her the payments offered upon acceptance of the submitted thumbnails.

Kate then stated her facial features would have to be altered so she would not be positively identified and she would have to approve each and every edited photo before it was sent for submittal. Then, a glimmer of an idea emerged out of a deep-seated fantasy, from out of the past, that came unbidden to the surface… I then showed her one more web site: Fakepix, showing beautiful women having sex with animals.

I remarked to Kate "You know, we could make some good money doing this also" Kate immediately said "No Way I'm Doing That!" I told Kate to take a closer look at the web site and the descriptions. While she was looking, I told her these images were mostly fake and photoshopped.

In cases where it was an actual photograph, the facial features were professionally edited with special software like I have or the face actually cut and pasted with another face to disguise actual identities. Kate commented that she could not tell the real ones from the fake ones for most of the photos but a few she could tell have been altered.

She then asked if the animal penises were photoshopped too and I said sometimes but the point is you are not suppose to really be able tell in order to sell the most realistic photos. As she clicked thru the web pages, I could see that the photos were beginning to pique her interest. I then showed Kate some submittal paperwork I had received from a web site company listing prices for submittals upon acceptance of the thumbnails and proofs.

Kate asked why some prices were much higher than the others and I showed her where it stated that the lower prices were for the photoshopped simulated submittals while the higher prices were for the "real" photos that either had been professionally edited as to be indistinguishable from the real and the fake photos or had the facial features altered to disguise the actual identities.

Prices differed on how good the photoshopped or the altered photo features were. Kate asked "Just for clarification, these higher prices are for photos of women actually having sex or pretending to have sex with animals?" I replied "Yes… Kate clicked thru several more pages quietly and then told me should would have to think about this and to make it clear that if she did decide to do this it would only be simulated poses and positions.

Sternly she reiterated that her facial features would have to be altered so she was not recognizable at all, and she would have to approve each and every edited photo before it was sent for submittal. Kate said she had one final question, for clarification, that I had mentioned that the erect animal penises were sometimes photoshopped and some were real. I laughed and told her "Kate, you are going to be on an Arabian breeding horse ranch, there is no need to go to all the time and effort to photoshop an erect penis".

Kate had a puzzled look on her face, and then said "Ewww! I'm not touching a horse penis!" I then told her how we prepare the studs for mounting or semen collection, the special disinfectant soap that is used to wash the penises with, how the horses are bathed every week, and finally a horse penis looked and felt just like a human penis except for the size.

I told Kate in fact we could take some very erotic photos of you bathing a horse while you are in a bikini with the soap lather on the horse and you, then semi-nude and then nude and then see if you want a photo session washing a penis.

Kate said she was ok with it, except for maybe the last part; she still had to think about it as she continued to flip thru the Fakepix Website pages. CHAPTER 2 When we arrived at the ranch, my parents and the ranch hands greeted us then loaded up the horse trailers and took off. We ate a light lunch and I was planning on firing up the big BBQ pit for the evening. We started off drinking a bottle of sangria enjoying being outdoors and the view.

We had started on a second bottle when the afternoon light conditions were optimal and I asked Kate if she wanted to start taking some photos. I had planned on several photo sessions over the course of the week dependent on light conditions: * Kate posing with the Arabians and ponies clothed and then wearing a bikini around the ranch and in the river * Kate riding an Arabian wearing a bikini and then just chaps semi-nude then nude * If she was comfortable with the idea, Kate washing the cock of an Arabian and then in various poses on top of the horse and with the cock * Finally, Kate in various poses with a stud pony, then washing his cock and in various poses with the cock Kate went in and changed while I fetched a pair of chaps.

She totally floored me when she came out wearing a Brazilian style low-rise string bottom with an extremely sexy profile that rode low on the hips and left her entire hip area bare except for where the strings tied. It had just barely a bit more backside coverage than an average thong. A micro triangle-sliding top that just barely covered her nipple area of her large firm breasts complimented it. Unknowingly and as a surprise for me, Kate had been preparing for the photoshoot by buying this daring bikini and going to the tanning salon every day.

We took a couple of hours shooting her riding and reclining on horses in various states of dress, down in the shallow river and then just wearing "nothing but chaps and a smile". I had always found a woman in chaps very exciting and erotic, and even more so than Kate in chaps and nothing else! Kate looked so sensational being nude and wearing a cowboy hat and chaps, her large upturned breasts jutting out, very erotic and photogenic as she slowly trotted around the pasture, her breasts slowly heaving up and down in time with the slow trot, her small nipples hard in the breeze, the golden tanned and untanned contrasts of her breasts and body.

Her small tight firm muscular ass looked like tiny white moons contrasted against her darkly tanned body, then the tiny twin white spotlights of the very small untanned nipple areas of her large firm up-swept breasts.

Kate outshined even the most beautiful lingerie model! By this time we were on the third bottle of wine, or rather Kate was on the third bottle of wine. The afternoon was very warm and Kate was shedding her inhibitions and her reservations as the warmth and the wine dissolved them away.

The time was no better than seeing if Kate would proceed to the very erotic photos. We walked the stud back to stable and I got the grooming supplies out. Some more photos were taken of Kate lathering the horse up in various states of dress and then undress which ended with her nude and lather on her and the horse.

I pointed out the special cleaning supplies for the horses cock. Kate hesitated, then reached for them asking how does she do it. After I again explained to her it was just like a human cock in appearance just bigger, she agreed to do it. I helped her mix the cleaning solution and gave her the soft loofa sponge to wash the cock. Kate looked puzzled and asked where his cock had gone, she had seen it dangling earlier and then it disappeared.

I laughed and had to explain a little horse anatomy to her; that the cock is usually withdrawn into his sheath unless he was relaxed, aroused or it was very hot, when it would be let down to help dissipate the body heat.

I told Kate she should have to start washing his sheath to get his cock to let down. Kate squatted down and began to wash the Arabian stud's sheath, his pink cock slowly let down and I watch her eyes become big. Kate exclaimed "It does look just like a human cock! Except much bigger, and a very pretty one at that!" Kate began slowly washing the cock and I watched her slowly become mesmerized by it's size and shape as it began to stiffen.

Her washing motions got more and more languid and after a few minutes of this I saw her tongue slightly protruding, which she does when concentrating. It was very obvious that Kate was very enthralled and fascinated at feeling for the first time such a powerful and massive male sexual organ. The massive shaft was throbbing swelling and contracting as she attempted to encircle her fingers around the shaft but failing to do so.

Kate could see as well as I her encircling fingers actually spreading apart 11/2 inches each time the massive shaft throbbed and swelled Kate's nipples had grown hard as diamonds then I glanced lower… in Kate's squatting position, I could clearly see that her labia had become swollen and puffy and had openly parted. Her vaginal area was slick and glistening with copious secretions, with dewdrops clinging to her glistening folds… I told Kate his cock was clean enough now and told her that there was a bottle of J-Lube in the other bucket next to her and to put it on his cock so it would show up glistening in the photographs, as I continued taking photographs, the camera whir and click having it's own rhythmic mesmerizing sound.

Kate squeezed out a generous amount in her hand and started doing long slow languid strokes the length of the cock as I shot photographs. Kate commenting on how thick, slick and stringy the J-Lube was. When she had a look of utmost concentration on her face, I told her in a low voice to put some lube in her other hand and put it on her pussy to make it glisten in the photographs as well.

Kate squeezed another generous gob of stringy lube in her hand and with one hand doing long slow strokes on the pink cock shaft while staring obviously enthralled with it; with her other hand she slowly applied the lube to her pussy. I noted her hand lingered over her pussy after she had applied the lube and I had to ask her to move her hand slightly aside so I could get a shot of her glistening pussy while she squatted with legs spread and stroking the cock When she moved her hand aside, I could see her clit prominently sticking out, it was hard and swollen, even larger than it usually is when she is aroused.

Her labia was also engorged, red and openly parted baring the opening to her tight love tunnel. Again, in a low voice I asked her to stand up, bend over and back up to straddle the cock between her legs.

Slowly, she turned and looked at me, then back at the cock, gave me a slight nod and then stood up and guided the cock between her legs. From my position, I could see her swollen engorged parted labia as she slowly raised the cock up against her pussy and I watched her swollen parted cuntal labia folds lay on either side of the massive shaft. After a minute she asked in a quiet voice if I had gotten all the shots I wanted.

I replied "Almost, why don't you slide your pussy back and forth along his cock a little bit so it would look like you are really going to fuck him?" Kate hesitated, then in a small quietly quivering deep voice replied "Ok." then began to slowly slide her pussy back and forth along his cock while using both hands to gently press the cock up between the swollen parted folds of her pussy.

Kate did not realize this but a few minutes passed with her doing this with a look of the utmost concentration on her face with her tongue slightly protruding out. Then and just barely, I could hear a low long suppressed groan slowly escape from her parted lips as she slowly rocked her entire body back and forth as she slid her pussy along the slick and long massive cock as her hands now firmly pressed the shaft upwards against the parted furrow of glistening labia and her hard clit.

A saw a tremble run thru her body and then the groan abruptly stopped, Kate suddenly conscious of how vocal she may have been and trying to hide it. But there was no hiding her diamond hard nipples, her labored respiration, the sweat beading on her forehead and her intense concentration, but mostly of all, her highly visibly aroused pussy!

Her swollen parted labia hugging either side of the massive 31/2-inch thick shaft and how she rocked her hard protruding clit against it. It seemed just a matter of moments before Kate again started uttering little noises each time her hard protruding clit bumped against the cock head as she slid back and forth, her sliding to and fro action likewise noticeably picked up… Suddenly the Arabian gave a snort and Kate uttered a loud "OH!!!" as an astounded incredulous look came upon her face as she felt and saw the cock head flare and then explosively ejaculate a long thick stream of cum - jetting out at least four feet!

Kate exclaimed with an awed look on her face "OH WOW! Did I cause this? I did not realize this would happen, and the tip of his cock got really big and changed shaped!" Unconsciously, Kate kept sliding her pussy along the shaft; her hands around the flaring cock end, cum still jetting out and pouring like a waterfall from her hands.

Kate exclaimed again " I did not know they could cum so much or so powerfully!" I laughed and said "Honey, as gorgeous as you are you can make anyone or anything orgasm!" This statement seemed to have broken the spell as she began to blush and slowly removed the cock between her legs that she had been straddling.

"What about the changes to his cock head?" Kate asked. I explained to her that this was an equine evolution mechanism, the cock head flared and it temporarily locks inside the uterus to ensure that semen and a large quantity of it, was forced into the uterus. This was due to horses in the wild were always on the lookout for predators and that copulations were quick. "Well, it certainly seemed to be awhile before this one came" Kate stated.

I told her to remember that this was a stud ranch and each one of the studs were either serviced or underwent semen collection a few times a week, so over time it took longer for a horse to ejaculate. "Let's go and get you cleaned up, we can still get some shots in with the miniature horses while the light is still good if you are still willing" Kate's face was deeply flushed, her small nipples still diamond hard, as she just nodded… I led her over to the stable shower stall and went to get towels for her to dry off.

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As Kate cleaned up in the shower stall and dried off, we finished the bottle of wine, well, again, she mostly did. CHAPTER 3 We made our way over to the end of the pony end of the stable, to where Stormy was, his back stall gate was open and I could see him in the pasture. I told Kate "Watch This" and I whistled. Stormy picked up his head and came galloping across the big pasture back to the barn, delighting Kate in watching him run with his black mane flying and his sleek black glossy sides shinning in the sunlight.

Stormy looked just like a full size horse with great confirmation just in smaller size he was a large pony and just somewhat smaller than the smallest Arabian and he was a champion sire as well. He had won several confirmation prizes and commanded high stud fees; he was also a little spirited!

Stormy was not wearing a halter but his lead rope was hanging on a wall so I quickly improvised a rope halter and I told Kate to lead him over to the tie off area while I set up the cameras and reflectors. Again, I shot pictures of her washing his sleek black coat and then washing the penis as she squatted down beside Stormy. Kate needed no instruction now on how to groom a horse; she acted like an old hand at it.

I had laid out the tube of lube nearby in plain view - this time to see if she would take it up without prompting and she did! I shot photos of her squeezing a generous amount of lube into her hand and then onto the cock. I told Kate I wanted to do the same shots as before but with some different poses and angles, unbidden, Kate also applied lube to her pussy. As I pretended not to notice, she had causally kept one hand in place between her legs in her squatting position but I could see her surreptitiously moving her fingers against her clit while she languidly fondled the cock as it slowly stiffened to it's full 18 inch length!

When I said I needed to get shots of her glistening pussy, she slowly moved her hand aside.

Immoral spectacled lad holds hand

Thru the viewfinder, I could clearly see her protruding clit and swollen parted cuntal labia folds; I couldn't wait to see the high-resolution photos of this! After I got these shots, I asked her to move under Stormy more and kneel down on her hands and knees and place the cock up over her raised ass and let it lay there over the small of her back so the photographs can show long it is and how deep it would go if it actually could go in.

Kate got into position - tilted her ass up and spread her legs apart on her own without any prompting! From the rear, her pussy was very clearly aroused with her swollen labia openly parted, her tight vaginal entrance exposed and her visibly protruding swollen clit.

Damn! The contrasts between the tanned and untanned areas of her hard, firm lithe body enhancing the sexy erotic view! The side view shots showed the long cock as it emerged between the parted curvaceous moons of her tight ass then jutted up well over her back, her back arched, her hard nippled large firm breasts jutting forward.

I took several photos from the rear showing her lovely tilted up firm ass, the suntan contrasted moons of her parted ass checks made for particularly fine contrast shoots - her tight nether region quite visible, and her swollen parted cuntal folds.

Stormy slowly started doing small humping motions, his slick lubricated cock sliding between the open cleft of her spread ass cheeks and up over the small of her back. Kate said "OHHH!!! What is he doing?" I replied that he is familiar with a body being is this position and it is instinctive and by training to start small humping motions preparatory to be serviced. Kate gasped "You mean have sex!" I told her to relax; there is no way this would happen, besides, his cock was way too big and would never fit.

Then I ask Kate to do the same thing as she did with the Arabian and straddle the cock except to do it while she was still on her hands and knees. Kate slightly raised one knee up and brought Stormy's cock under her and then lowered her knee again.

Kate, again without any prompting pressed the shaft against her pussy and started to slide her parted cuntal folds along the length of Stormy's shaft. Once again, Stormy started assisting by making small humping motions. I let them do this for a few minutes until I judged her concentration was again at its utmost and her breathing again became labored.

I told Kate to come back out so we can get some shots of some new angles showing how long and thick the cock was against her flat, well defined ripped muscular abdomen. I pulled over a low padded bench with a small hard pillow that I had prepared earlier. I informed Kate for this shot, I would place a low bench under Stormy and then she would lie down on the bench on her back, then she would place the cock along her flat belly showing how long and thick it was against her. With the hard pillow raising her head, Kate could see as well how it looked as I got a few more shots.

I asked Kate to apply more lube to the cock and then her pussy to make it glisten more as the setting sun was casting a sunbeam right onto her and highlighting the scene. Then I told Kate, to make the photos look realistic simulating she was actually having sex, that she would raise her legs and feet up and alongside Stormy's sides. To be helpful, I told her I would put a length of rope over his back by his flanks with a loop on either end that she could rest her feet against so she would not get tired holding her legs up as I moved the light reflectors to shine the light better and then take the photos.

Kate placed the arch of each foot partway thru the loops, which had the effect of causing her legs to widely spread and tilting her tight ass/pussy upwards.

Her body was now in a slight curving concave position - head down, pelvis up. With Kate in this position, it created and revealed a stunning view showing her engorged openly parted labia folds glistening in the sunlight as they lay on either side of the long massive cock that reached well past her navel, the generous amount of lube she had applied to herself glistening in a slow rivulet as it ran downward and across her exposed tight anus.

I got several more shots of her in this position and then I asked her to make it look even more realistic, to lay the head of the cock against her pussy.

At this, Kate hesitated for a moment, and then slowly proceeded to place the large cock head against her pussy and used her hand to keep it there. (I omitted to mention to Kate how sensitive the tip of an equine cock is to a source of heat and how most studs will instinctively hump toward the source of heat!). I had taken several shots of Kate holding the cock head against the length of her pussy, shots against her hard protruding clit and finally shots against her tight vaginal entrance, which looked spectacular!

I started describing to her how it looked - a massive cock head with a very long and very thick shaft, her swollen labia lips partially encircling the cockhead as if trying to open up enough and begin swallowing it in. I told her how magnificent the composed scene looked, how sexy, beautiful and erotic she and the scene were as I slowly took photos from different angles.

As I continued the narrative, I noticed her breathing had deepened, her nipples were hard and she had a look of concentration upon her face then I abruptly became aware she was no longer holding the cockhead still against her tight entrance but, in very small increments, slowing circling the cockhead against her tight vaginal entrance alternating with moving the cockhead a little up and down between her swollen parted flared labia before bringing it back down to her tight entrance and circling it again…!!!

I slowed my photo taking down as well as restricted my movement and became silent as I saw her concentration increase. I was wondering if Kate had become aroused enough to masturbate against the cockhead or was trying to get Stormy to ejaculate against her pussy or both!

Suddenly, Stormy gave a little stamp of hooves, reared up slightly and gave a slight humping motion forward… I was looking at Kate's face thru the viewfinder when I saw a surprise look overtook her face, her mouth formed an oval and a loud UNGGHH! explosively blew out of her mouth as her legs shot straight out causing her feet to go completely thru the rope loops past her ankles! When Stormy had slightly reared, he had pulled his cock back just enough with Kate still holding it positioned directly at the entrance to her tight love tunnel, then Stormy slightly humped and Kate felt the cock head suddenly open her up wider than she had ever been opened!

Any further penetration of the cock head was momentarily halted when Kate's vaginal muscles involuntarily and tightly clamped down - trapping the massive invader within her constricted vaginal opening along with Kate's frantically tight slippery grip! Slowly the cock head flattened in shape from the muscle pressure, which then allowed three inches of cock to slowly slipped past and into her tight vaginal sheath with a squishing noise, her slippery grip acting more as a guide rather than preventing more from sliding in.

As the three inches of cock slowly slipped deeper into Kate, she felt every inch slowly go deeper, her eyes got wider and wider with disbelief with each inch. I could see Kate's abdomen muscles tightly constrict and flutter as she tried to prevent more from sliding in. With her feet held up, pelvis tilted upward and laying on her back on a padded bench with her body in a concave position, Kate could not any more move away to avoid further impalement or withdraw what was already impaled due to the slippery lube on the cock and her own slippery hands.

Moreover, with her raised head, she could see clearly see exactly what was going on! In fact, from what I could tell, with her eyes wide in surprise and her mouth partly open, she appeared to be in a total state of disbelief and surprise that the massive cock had actually gone in!

Stormy did another small hump again and two inches then slowly advanced with a loud prolonged squishing noise and I saw Kate's face change when she realized she was in a predicament: She could not stop Stormy from pushing anymore into her or the fact that he would soon start actually fucking instead of just pushing his cock in with short humping motions.

With this dawning realization, Kate frantically looked around for me. Just as her gaze locked onto me and Kate opened her mouth to speak, another inch was humped in with another loud squishing noise causing Kate to deeply suck in her breath.

Kate finally managed to loudly yell "PULL HIM OFF BEFORE HE STARTS FUCKING ME!!!" I could see that Kate was in distress. As I moved to pull Stormy back, he repeatedly snapped at me. I yelled out to Kate what was happening and that I had to go find a muzzle.

Kate yelled out "JUST HURRY, DAMN IT!" CHAPTER 4 As I began to move away to begin my search, I heard loud repeated squishing noises begin as Stormy started slowly fucking Kate's tight pussy. Feeling herself being dragged backwards by the massive shaft on the withdrawal stroke, Kate grabbed Stormy's front legs with both hands to prevent her from sliding backwards, then I saw Kate's eyes go wild with each shallow tentative thrust!

Inadvertently she had facilitated the fucking when she released her hold on his cock and then grabbed his front legs and now she could not let go! Loud squishing, sucking fucking noises could be heard.

I could hear Kate's breathing become suddenly ragged and loud as she rapidly sucked in deep breaths and blew them out explosively Kate loudly cried out "OH FUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!



HURRY! HE'S STARTING TO FUCK ME!!!. As I passed the camera, I quickly set the auto fire selection switch to "2" which enabled the camera to automatically shoot a picture every 2 seconds.

As I turned the corner to find a muzzle, Kate yelled her loudest yet ARRRRGGGGHHHHH! IT FUCKING HURTS!!! I looked back and it appeared that Kate looked like she wanted to scream but couldn't interrupt her forceful deep breathing and explosive exhalations to do so with that monster cock thrusting into her.

I could only imagine Kate's pussy being impaled by that massive black and pink dick, it was far longer and much wider than any in her "toy" collection and certainly larger than any man but smaller than a full size horse, and I started to wish I had a massive dick like that! Stormy had hit the mark and the only thing that stopped it from going farther in at this time was his cock size, her tightness and her being all tensed up and struggling.

Without a beat Stormy pulled out slightly and plunged deeper OH MY GOD! STOP! IT HURTS!!! Stormy kept on fucking, after several more humping thrusts some more of his cock was in her. Kate later told me that she thought "Shit, I've never been this full of cock before, real or fake!" The pain was slowly dimensioning as Kate's body betrayed her by drastically increasing her lubrication in response to the massive thrusting invader and was being replaced by a hot sensation of complete fullness.

But then Stormy pushed forward again "UUNNNNNGGghhhhh!" Pain again, but nowhere near as bad as before Kate no longer looked tensed up but her eyes still had a wild look in them as she looked down at the massive cock thrusting into her, Kate's chest was heavily heaving causing her firm breasts to sway and heave as well.

I could see that way more than half of Stormy's dick was now in her pussy and was now rapidly being fucked in and out of her; I imagine that no more could fit. I could hear the loud wet, sucking, squishing noise of the fucking where I was standing. After a minute or so, Kate quit yelling and was just laying there still staring downwards watching herself getting fucking pounded as she continued to tightly grip his front feet with her two hands - her pussy being stimulated to a level she had never before experienced.

Small jets of fluid sprayed out with each thrust of Kate's massively impaled pussy, juices poured down the crack of her ass. She looked numb.

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Then I saw her body shift and I looked at Kate's face again; I knew the expression her eyes and her face took on when she was highly aroused, the friction from the tightness of their connection and her prominent swollen clit being stimulated her body stimulation overwhelming and defeating her mental reservation. I could see Kate's stomach began to tense and her tight anus began to pulsate. Kate tensed, then arched her back as she wrapped her arms around Stormy's front legs, pulled herself up to him and raised her legs up around his flanks, the heels of her feet on his back bearing down trying to grip him, tilting her pussy further up into him.

She began to fuck back against the cock being thrust into her, increasing her tempo until she got the rhythm established, her fucking back timed with each thrust, feeling herself slide up and down the thick member, increasing with tempo.

With every thrust she screamed "YES!


YES! YES! AHHHHH! UUMPH! AHHH! FUCK ME YOU BIG DICKED MOTHER FUCKER! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! OHHHHHHHH!" Since Stormy was also trained to be a stud, he did not cum quickly as he was used for service or semen collection a few times a week I watched mesmerized as I suddenly noted his large heavy balls were ever slowly getting closer to Kate's ass.

With Kate actually fucking back, more of his cock was slowly going in, each time she met the thrust with her cunt she could feel and I could see another fraction of an inch of the black and pink cock blast into her hot tight sheath. It took almost a couple of minutes I guess of Stormy fucking and Kate fucking back watching his large heavy testicles swinging closer and closer to her ass, until finally they were soundly thumping against her ass with loud slapping noises which apparently in turn spurred her on more.

Suddenly Kate screamed "OH MY GOD, NOOO! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! I AM GOING TO CUM!!! I'M GONNA CUM!!! By that time she barely realized I was back with the muzzle and kneeling down beside her holding her hand. It was an amazing sight as I continued to watch Kate convulse as Kate tightly gripped my hand and continued to work her hips up and down while the massive clock was thrust into her, watching it slide back and forth into her with long, long strokes with loud squishing sucking noises on each thrust and withdrawal.

It looked like at least10 or 12 inches of cock was withdrawn and then thrust back in at a time with no telling how much remaining inside her on the withdrawal. Kate finally lost her strength and fell back onto the bench, with her large firm hard nippled breasts heaving from her exertions and from the cock still thrusting into her.

Her taut nipples shook at the end of her darkly contrasted tanned & milky white breasts as she struggled for breath. Kate tried to hold out but the rough pounding of the huge stud penis against her cervix pushed her over the edge. "OH MY GOD, HE'S GROWING! HOLY SHIT!" Kate felt the shaft suddenly stiffen even more than it had been, and grow in thickness inside of her. She felt it pulsate hard lifting her butt up with it's strength.

Kate stretched her legs out as far as she could, given help that her ankles were thru the looped end of the rope, and she lifted her butt, trying to widen herself as much as possible. Kate arched her back and she yelled out and began to writhe as the fat long anaconda cock thrust back and forth hard, her lower abdominal muscles bulging with each thrust She screamed out "OH MY GOD, NOOO!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! I AM GOING TO CUM!

I AM GOING TO CUM AGAIN! Just as the Stormy began to start to buck wildly, Kate suddenly loudly gasped and then sucked in a huge breath of air and started rapidly breathing in and out as if doing Lamaze breathing, then she let out a long orgasmic groan as her body shuddered and trembled as the cock explosively erupted a powerful stream of hot semen deep within her.

I saw Kate's eyes go wild once again, raising her legs back up around Stormy's flanks and over his back, ass up even higher encouraging more of the humongous monster cock to penetrate as deeply as possible and have another tremendous screaming orgasm, yelling "Oh my God, he's cumming in me!

He's cumming! Oh, shit, holy shit, it's so much cum! FUCK! It's sooo HOT! He's filling my womb up! I can feel it swell with all he is pumping into me! Fuck! Ahhh, OH FUCK YES! THAT FEELS SOOOO GOOD, SOOOO FUCKING HOT!" Kate became completely quiet and lax for a few seconds as her body was suspended in mid air on the pulsating penis deep inside of her, her pelvis fluttering up and down, and from the look on her face and twitching body, experiencing yet another orgasm!

Then I saw a large gush of semen erupt from around her impaled vulva and spray out a couple of feet. I could only imagine the pressure of the ejaculation deep into her and the copious volume being discharged. Kate later told me that the cock was repeatedly beating against her cervix. She believed that after awhile, her cervix was slowly dilating from the thrusting and pounding against the cervical opening because she could feel his cock start to push into the cervical opening and when combined with her orgasm and Stormy started bucking, she felt the tip of his cock push past the cervical opening and then start thrusting in and out of her uterus causing her to suck in her breath and begin the Lamaze like rapid breathing in and out.

Then Stormy thrust hard pushing his cock deep into her uterus, his cock lifting her up bodily then she felt the cock head expand and flare to an enormous size, locking it tightly against the uterine opening preventing withdrawal. She felt her cervical tunnel stretched tight around the inflated shaft just behind the hugely swollen head locked within her uterus Then she felt his cum explosively shoot directly into her uterus with a powerful force like a fire hose, felt copious hot cum shooting into her womb, blasting the walls actually filling her womb.

It was so, so hot, and the volume being pumped into her, she could feel her womb fill and then swell with the quantity, the feeling of all this had her into a long tremendous wave after wave of orgasms that seemed to have neither a beginning nor an end, the likes of which she had never felt. With that she collapsed, spent I thought, from one of the biggest orgasms she had ever had. However, it was shortly clear that Kate was still orgasmic as she shuddered and moaned and slowly rotated her hips in prolonged strokes, humping against the massive cock, her legs widely splayed around Stormy as her heels gripped his back trying to pull herself more onto the monstrous shaft, feeling the rigid penis still pulsating hard and still squirting copious amounts of cum, milking the erection with her vaginal muscles, feeling the pressure of the massive shaft against her G spot, trying to fit as much of the penis in her as she could on the upward movements of her hips, releasing even more semen at this point.

With one final wild buck, Stormy then stood still. It was close to a minute before Stormy's massive dick slowly began to slither out with a long drawn out sucking sound. The withdrawal momentary stopped as the giant mushroom shaped head neared the tight opening of her pussy, Stormy slowly tugged backwards which had the effect of raising Kate's hips up from the bench from the pulling and causing Kate to grab the bench, the flared cock head once again changed shape in response to the constricted opening, then one edge of the flared cock head slowly emerged on a slanted angle, hung tight another moment then other edge of the flared cock slowly slipped thru and the flared cock head slowly and finally popped free with a loud noise and dropping Kate's hips back onto the bench.

The cock sprang up and shot voluminous cum across Kate's body, covering her heaving hard nippled breasts and belly and then running off in pouring rivulets. Her vagina, now no longer plugged up, looked like a waterfall with copious amounts of cum gushing out that formed a large spreading puddle. Kate told me that when Stormy started withdrawing his cock, Kate said she could feel the tight friction of the expanded flared head tugging at her vaginal tunnel all the way out and the momentary resistance as it was stopped at the constricted opening into her tight pussy before finally popping free.

We both gaped in amazement at the girth and the LENGTH! Kate must have been impaled on almost 14 inches of an 18-inch cock, three inches thick! And what was truly astonishing was that she had been earnestly fucking back against that massive penetrating invader! We watched the rubbery head as it slowly deflated and sprung back into shape. Kate reached down to feel herself and realized that her pussy was gaping and gushing cum "OH MY GOD! I'M NOT GOING TO STAY LIKE THIS, AM I?" I told her no, your pussy would go back to its normal shape almost immediately.

I helped Kate stand up and she stretched her back, small rivulets of cum still slowly ran down her magnificent heaving breasts and body, drops of cum dangled off the tips of her hard taut nipples.

Additional cum gushed forth from her pussy as she stretched and ran all the way down her legs to her feet. Kate stated how weak her legs were, as she tried to put them together. I took Kate to the shower stall, adjusted the temperature, then helped her in and while I supported her, hosed her off and then lead her back up to the house still supporting her with one arm to the hot tub where she could relax.

Halfway there Kate suddenly broke free and spun around facing me and yelled: "YOU PLANNED THIS! You! Growing up on a stud horse ranch, you knew this would happen!" I managed a bewildered and shocked look on my face (she did take me by surprise!) and stammered out I had no idea this would happen, I never imagined a cock the size of a horse cock, let alone a miniature horse cock could ever go in!.

Kate stood there a moment and quietly replied "Well, I did agree to the photo shoots and strangely I got really aroused when washing the cocks, they looked so pink and pretty and big and then sliding my pussy along the big hot shafts, it felt sooo erotic, and then that one came and it got me hornier than hell!

I remember wishing that I wanted to feel that hot powerful ejaculation against my pussy and clit - I did not know that horses could cum so powerfully nor shoot that far or that much! I guess it made me careless with the next one when I placed it against my pussy, I wanted to feel the hot tip of the cock head there, I thought as well that it was too big to ever go in, I just wanted to feel it cum against my pussy and clit!" "Sooo, you are not mad at me???" I asked Kate stared hard at me and then slowly winked and gave me a slow, sly grin… I got Kate into the hot tub and then lit the many candles surrounding the tub and brought out something for her to drink.

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After she began relaxing I told her how magnificent and erotic she looked being fucked and when I noted that she really seem to get into it she began to blush furiously. Being the good photojournalist I am, once Kate relaxed, I was able to get her to tell me her feelings and the sensations, which I later wrote down, that was included in the little worded pictorial memoir I composed for her as a remembrance of our experiences.

Later, after our amicable split up, as I had time, I composed a longer story and asked if she would review the draft and she changed a thing or two and actually rewrote a few a few passages to accurately describe what sensations and thoughts she was feeling which comprises a good bulk of this story, BUT, that was after swearing our anonymity or my suffering her version of hell and brimstone!

A couple of times that weekend I tried to initiate sex. Kate stated she was too sore for intercourse but we did find ways to pleasure each other in other ways. During our second trip to the ranch to "take care of things", we were in the hot tub drinking beer and feeling pretty mellow. I told Kate about some ancient lore and how it supposedly started when a woman caught her man cheating on her, and she decided to take a stallion as a lover to prove that she didn't need him.

It caught on, and according to the many informational sites on the Internet, many women around the world, particularly in Brazil do it, and it was in Brazil, Portugal or Spain where the term "belly riding" was coined. "Wow! Really?" Kate replied I stated if you do a web search for 'belly riding stories' or 'belly riding saddles' you will get many hits for stories, photos and even for saddle makers. This really piqued her interest. EPILOGUE Kate and I, as mentioned before, parted amicably at the beginning of our last semester of college, remaining great and best friends as we still did things together just like we did except without the romance.

There were many times when we both had to catch ourselves before we backslid and went too far again. We both knew it would be extremely difficult to resume being platonic with each other, which would affect the future careers of both of us. It seemed a very short 21/2 years we were together and Kate had graduated college in three years with honors.

We stayed in close touch when Kate went off to another state to attend one of the top three medical schools in the country and I to graduate school. Neither of us dated anyone else this last remaining semester prior to graduate school until mid-semester when Kate, unknowingly to me, set me up with one of her two best and closest friends Briana (Bree for short) who would later become my wife (see the story "Bree-2, A Trip to the Mountains" on how Bree and I got involved).

Not until a little later when Bree and I got serious (which was just after a few weeks of dating) was I informed how close Kate, Bree and Shannon were… (see Bree 7 Shannon) Bree and I got married during our last semester of grad school, which Kate was Maid of Honor. Kate also brought along her fiancé Rick, who had been on the collegiate rodeo team with me, and who also had gone out of state to a graduate school near the medical school that Kate was attending. In turn, we went to their wedding the following summer where Bree was Kate's maid of Honor.

Kate being extremely smart and driven received her M.D./Ph.D degree in four years, half the time it usually takes. Kate and Rick moved back to Texas and Kate established a marriage counseling and couples sexual therapy practice. As both of us couples worked on establishing our career's, our contacts became less and less frequent.

A year passed and Bree and I encountered Kate and Rick at a university fundraiser. As we got reacquainted, they mentioned, they had inherited a ranch near Fredericksburg, which is not far from my parent's ranch. Our drinks were getting low and Kate said she would accompany me back to the bar while Bree and Rick kept their gabfest going. The bar was crowded and the wait was long.

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We had a long conversation. Kate brought it up first… "You realize if our career paths had worked out differently, I would have loved to have married you, I wanted to marry you! Until Rick came along, you were my only and greatest love. I have never loved another guy before and I did not date anyone else until Rick. The decision to go out of state to a top three ranked medical school and us splitting up was the hardest thing I had ever done and I saw how much hurt I caused you and I feel we are indeed fortunate that we were able to remain best of friends.

I was and still am very proud of the support you showed me to pursue my dream and I cherished each phone call I received from you during college, and especially telling Rick to look me up as we were close so I wouldn't be so homesick After our breakup, when we were hanging out together or doing things, I could still see the love you had for me and the lingering hurt as well and I for you!

I knew if we resumed our relationship it would have been even more difficult when we graduated and possibly affect or derail one or both of our future careers. As it was, we both almost backslid several times! Ever since I briefly introduced Bree to you she had been seriously interested in you but she had respect for our relationship, but that did not mean we did not intently discuss you many, many times! When we both discussed ending our relationship during our final semester - and I know that you wanted the best for me, to realize my dream, even if that meant me going out of state and leaving you - I knew that Bree was a natural for you!

I will tell you now, that Bree and I had discussed more than once of both of us taking you to bed! There were even a few times we fantasy role played both of us being your girlfriends and the uproar that would cause on campus! Now you know how close and deep my friendship with Bree was during college! I still love you and always will!" Kate and I discussed how we were both very happy in our marriages and resolved to keep in closer contact in part since we had at lot of commonality - friends in common, our long deep friendships together and our two ranches were just a little more than an hour apart.

Privately, she joked with me that it was "My Fault" that she wound up practicing couples sex therapy! I myself thought it was because Kate was slightly hypersexual and she undertook this path to learn more about her own sexuality. Kate then slyly looked up at me and began to blush as she stated "You know, I have more than once thought about that photoshoot at the ranch and our subsequent trips back, I still have that photography book you made for me…!" I myself started to blush and stammer and Kate told me to relax.

Then she looked over and saw Bree and Rick still chatting away in depth. Kate looked back at me and stated "Appears they are getting along famously, I'm sure Rick would agree that we both would love for y'all to come out to the ranch soon for a long weekend.

I can't wait for y'all to see our stud horse operation and meet our Great Dane!" With that infamous slow wink and a sly grin of hers, Kate turned around to place our drink orders…