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Men's sex drives are not only stronger than women's, but much more straightforward. The sources of women's libidos, by contrast, are much harder to pin down. It's common wisdom that women place more value on emotional connection as a spark of sexual desire.

But women also appear to be heavily influenced by social and cultural factors as well. Marina wakes up to me saying something about breakfast, still feeling groggy from a late night of sex.

She tries to say that what she really needs is coffee, but all she manages to get out is groaning " nnnn coffee." " Stay in bed," I say clearly.

" Roll over on your side." My voice is gentle, but very firm. Low and even, she responds to my tone and rolls over. I pull myself forward to meet her, settling myself firmly against her back, pulling my head in close so my lips sit right behind her ear. " Raise your leg and separate," That same controlled voice in her ear. Her tired brain finally catches up to what's going on.

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As she moves her leg, she realizes that she is already turned on. She dismisses it, thinking I must have been lucky enough to catch her on a morning, she is having a nice dream. But as the sleep clears from her brain, she realizes I'm probably laying in bed next to her, stroking her hips, running my lips across her neck and shoulder, trying to wake her up. Marina caught me doing it many times, and has suspected me of doing it many other times.

She starts to turn to tease me for what she is sure she has caught me doing, but I interrupt, that familiar, in control, voice so close it feels like it's coming from inside her head. my words quite, slow, intentional: " Use your vibrator on yourself while I lay behind you." I'm incredible at honing in on the things she didn't even know she needed, until she hears them as little commands from me. As soon as she hears the words she knows it's how she wants to spend her morning. There's a particular kind of pleasure to saying yes to the things I ask, to obeying those little commands that are carefully chosen to be exactly what I know will satisfy her.

Marina reaches forward into the nightstand and feels around for her vibrator, as soon as she manages to pull it from the drawer my firm hands settle her comfortably back against me.

Her vibrator whirs to life with the buzzing we both know well, and as she nestles it against herself the outside world fades. All she feels is the pleasurable hum of the vibrator, moving her closer to release, my hands firmly on her, my cock pressing patiently into her back, and my words, spoken directly into her ear: " There's nothing hotter than you with the vibrator pressed up against you." " I will never stop telling you that," She feels herself surrendering; the words in her ear becoming the only thoughts in her head.

" I want to appreciate you." " Let me have you, you're mine to play with." Her hips start to grind involuntarily, struggling against my grip, the familiar tension building. She feels my breathing change against her, but somehow my words are just as even and sure: " I want to taste you." " Let me lick your lips while you vibrate to an orgasm." The questions are not really questions at this point, I roll her onto her back without waiting for an answer.

In an instant my hands are on her inner thighs, and I brush my lips against hers, holding them there for a second, getting them wet. She swears she hears me take a long inhale before I purses my lips around one of her lips, pulling on it ever so slightly.

The new sensation almost sends her over the edge, but she tenses up to resist. I run my tongue slowly around her opening, she feels her head roll sideways as I tease myself just inside. For this first time this morning she feels herself with a need that I haven't taken care of before she realizes she has it: Marina needs me pressed firmly against her.

There's just something about the release of an orgasm with someone or something pressed hard against her, it changes all the sensations. She feels my tongue slowly and firmly trace all the way up her opening, and just as she worry's she might not get what she needs, she feels my face press against her, my tongue flicking slightly back and forth. She struggles with her free hand to hold my head against her bucking hips. I oblige and push myself firmly against her. The moans she can't control drown out the buzz of the vibrator and as I match the thrusts of her hips perfectly the pressure sends me over the edge and she feels herself shaking and contracting against me.

I keep myself pressed firmly against her as her orgasm slows and her contractions wind down.

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As she pulls the vibrator away I very slowly return to let my tongue roam, but this time more gently. Drinking her all in as her familiar post orgasm giggle signals to me that she has been satisfied and she is now relaxed. Wordlessly I kiss her deeply, she doesn't know which of us enjoys the taste of her on my lips more. She opens her eyes to meet my gaze, waiting for me to show her what I have in mind next—-whatever it is, she knows she wants it." Get on your hands and knees." as I snickered in her ear.

" Now hold still. You will enjoy this." Marina whimpers into the bed as my hand feels its way between her legs and onto her ass cheeks. I plied and kneaded at the soft globes until my middle finger found its way in between the mounds. The finger rubbed and wormed its way around, at last finding the entrance to her sweet pussy. She moans softly, causing me to smile. She didn't resist as I push her legs apart dragging her hips slightly back, positioning her for entry. Licking my lips, I took my cock in hand and guided it towards her pussy lips.

" Oh God, John" she groans as she feels the head of my cock press against her pussy lips. In one, quick jab I thrust half my cock into her wet pussy. She whimpers and moans but I hold her firm. I put one hand on her hips, and with the other I push her head down and slightly to the side. Sucking in a hot breath, she tenses, then forcibly relaxes, trying to accommodate my size in her wet tight cunt. I hold her head as she sniffles, she slowly reaches down and begins to finger her clit.

I grunted and laughed in her ear, as I begin to move my cock around inside of her as best I can. From the combination of the stimulation to her clit and the cock in her pussy, Marina feels her juices begin to flow and lubricate around my cock. I feel it too. With A handful of her hair, I squeeze her tits through her nightie and start to thrust up into her.

She closes her eyes, I begin to batter her with quick, hard thrusts. my body is locked on one, solitary purpose: filling her cunt with my sperm. As my thrusting became more and more ferocious, I begin to push on her head, forcing her closer to the bed. With my orgasm near, she begins to thrust back against me.


I moan as she starts to milk my cock with each thrust. I can't believe how good it feels. Now that she is fucking me back, I knew I couldn't last. Grabbing her shoulders, I slam into her several more times before at last erupting in her cunt.

Blob after blob spurted deep inside her. My cock jerking and slowly starts to soften. I lick the side of her face and pull out abruptly. I wipe my cock on her nightie and left her gasping for breathe on the bed as I lay beside her, totally satisfied.

Marina slumped against the bed, her pussy is on fire. She feels her juices, blood and my sperm dripping down her inner thighs.

She turns looking at me with pure love in her eyes. I smile back at her. She knew, now, that her torment has only just begun. She sucked me off, swallowed my sperm, she feels my eyes crawling over her.

She hesitated, but slowly got up and followed after me. She found me naked, face down on the bed. She frowned, but found herself climbing onto the bed beside me. She started at my shoulders, rubbing them awkwardly. I sighed. " That feels good," I moan.

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" Straddle my hips." Marina slowly swung a leg over my body and settled down on my ass. I groan as I feel her bald pussy lips brushing my skin. I still feel the wetness of her juices, and my cum mixed within her. She works over my neck, shoulders and back as best she can. I moan in appreciation, but said nothing, letting her work. For half and hour she kneaded and rubbed, working out my muscles.

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By the end of it, I'm laying on yet another raging hard on. Marina pulls herself off of me and starts to move off the bed when I grab her by the arm and pull her down.

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Moving quickly, I force her on her back and climb on top of her, pinning her small frame beneath me. She squirms against me and pushing at my chest, trying to push me off. " John!" she groans, as she beats at my shoulders feebly. I grin down at her. " Get off." She opened her mouth to let out a scream but before she can finish taking a breath, I smash my lips into hers, filling her mouth with my tongue.

Her eyes widened in shock. She lay there stunned as I kiss her, exploring her mouth. She snapped back to her senses and bit down on my lip. The salty taste of blood hit her tongue before I snapped my head back. I force her legs apart and thrust my cock in between her thighs. Marina fought and twisted, kicking with her legs, trying to break free, to not let me inside of her again.

I grabbed both her legs behind the knees and pushed her wide open. In one thrust, my cock found her opening and buried itself deep inside. She screams, surprised more than pain as I wrap my arms around her shoulders and grind her body into mine. Her cunt is still slick from the last fucking, and burying my face in her hair, I begin to brutally slam into her. Marina grunting as she took each stroke, one direction filled completely, another nearly emptied.

I'm in pure heaven as I fuck her cunt like a wild animal. I feel her hot body beneath me and is slightly sad that I can't feel her bare breasts against my naked chest while I fuck her.

Oh well, plenty of time for that later. For now, I fuck her like a man possessed. Marina closes her eyes and tries to be far away, but the ramming cock in her pussy kept her close to reality. There is nothing she can do this time. Pinned beneath me, her legs spread wide while my hips and ass pump in and out of her, she can't even move, let alone try to help the process along.

It didn't matter, though. Within minutes she hears me grunt and feels my entire body stiffen as my cock plunged into her to the hilt. She feels my hot cum fill her pussy for the second time. I grunted again and moaned with pleasure. My cock jerking and spasms inside her. I just fucked her for the second time in one night! I started laughing to myself and unceremoniously rolled off of her. Marina remains on her back, eyes closed, breathing heavily. " That was good," I laugh, turning my head to look at her.

Her nose crinkled in disgust. " As a reward, you may have one hour for yourself to take a shower and get cleaned up." She looks over at me and sneers, but got to her feet and headed thankfully to the bathroom. " Marina," I said as she reached the door, " make sure your dressed properly when you're finished." She didn't turn to look at me as I spoke, only nodded and continued on. I lounge in bed, humming idly to myself, as I hear the water start to run.

I smile. This is going to be a great day. No doubt Marina will use the entire hour, but that is okay.

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I will use the time to get hard again. Marina turned the water off and stepped out of the shower with excitiment and anticipation. After drying herself, she pulls back on the nightie and brushed out her hair.

She slowly opens the door and looks out. I'm not in sight. She sighs and heads slowly for the living room. As she enters the room, I grab her, in one swift motion I pull at the flimsy material of her nightie and tore it free, leaving her completely naked before me. I drag her by the shoulders to the couch and toss her to the floor. She lay there, uncertain of what to do.

She is more vulnerable than ever, laying on the floor, slumped against the couch, she refused to move. Her aching muscles fought against her, she suddenly feels herself being bent at the waist over the couch. " You're going to love this, Marina," I smirk at her. She feels my wet tongue lap across her pussy lips and jumps. My tongue feels huge. It seems to cover her entire cunt with each lick. Marina has never had a guy eat her out like that. My tongue licks forward and fills her up like a cock.

Marina squeals as she feels me rub against her inner thighs. She has never been licked out like this. She can't help but feel her body become aroused as I assaulted her cunt. " John, Oh God!" she wails as I continue to assault her cunt.

She begins gasping, the depraved act robbing her of all of her innocence. Marina soon stops gasping, and is now grunting with each lick. I listen carefully and hear the grunting from pleasure. Marina closes her eyes as the sensations between her legs betrayed her mind. It is so good. She has never in her young life been so thoroughly pleasured orally by anyone. All that mattered is that she is getting the pleasure of her life. She turns her head and sees me standing behind her, I drop to my knees, I push the head of my cock into her cunt.

Grabbing her hips in both hands, forcing the rest of my cock slowly inside. I move slowly for a few thrusts until I feel her moisten, then fucked her as fast as I can, Marina shuddering and grabbing onto the couch for support as I fuck her from behind. I jerk in and out of her in quick, short thrusts, one hand slipping under her to grab a tit while the other balanced on her waist.

Within ten minutes I'm sweating from the effort and feel my orgasm is close. Slamming into her, I came quick and hard, pumping my seed deep into her cunt.

I groan as my knees buckled and I lean on her body for support. I chuckle and pull myself out as I lick her ear. " Thanks, Marina," I sneered. Walking out of the room, Marina shivering and slumped against the couch. My cum dribbling down her leg again. She realized she had to clean herself up and pulled the discarded nightie from the floor.

She grimaced as she wiped my cum from her leg and stuffed some of the clothing between her legs to sop up the mess and prevent further leaking. Marina feels a little disgusted, and a little naughty, as she placed the dirtied clothing into the pile and left them all on the couch.

She retrieved a towel from the kitchen, she stepped into the living room, finding me waiting against the hall walllike a lover waiting impatiently for his girlfriend to finish her business. I put my arm around her shoulder and pull her against me, and led us down the hall to the bedrooms. She feels sick to her stomach, but lets me lead her. I stop outside the large master bedroom and guided her in. " Might as well get some shoes to match your new dress," I said as I kissed her ear.

I took Marina to a nice small restaurant, I lead her to a small table in the quiet restaurant. A late hour for dinner, most of the tables are empty. I pull out her chair. She sits. I sit across from her. The only light is from a few well placed candles. A waiter approaches and, without saying a word, pours them wine and leaves the bottle. No menus.

I had ordered for them in advance. There will be no interruptions from the wait staff aside from the bringing and clearing of the courses.

I watch as she sips the wine. She notices. Blushes. A shy smile slips out. I love watching a beautiful woman. Looking into a secret world. I smile warmly back as if to comfort her. It does. She begins to enjoy my gaze. Soaking it in. Feeling my eyes move over her. From her eyes to her nose, cheeks, lips.

The curve of her neck. Slope of her shoulders. Her chest. The tiny bit of cleavage just peeking out from her dress. Again, she blushes. Back to sipping wine. We lock eyes across the table. Everything around them fades away. They are in a universe all our own. Lost in the depths of each other's eyes.

She can feel my desire, I hers. But it is not lustful. Calm, gentle, controlled. With a sense of longing to escape. I move my chair next to her and took a seat, I become bold, my hand resting higher and higher on her leg until it reached her knee, then her thigh. She is aware of the unwelcome touching. Marina's lack of negative reaction, I lick my lips and slide my hand up her inner thigh.

Marina closed her legs before I can touch her pussy and squirmed, but said nothing. I smile and gestured to the waiter meaningfully towards the back storage room. The waiter looked to it, then back to me, I nudged Marina, and she reluctantly got up to follow. I had to push her twice to get her all the way inside, and I closed and locked the door behind us. I grab her from behind and clamp one hand over her mouth, just like I had at home. But this time, instead of bending her over, I pushed her to the floor.

All at once surprised and amused and aroused. I slipped in behind her and laid on top of her. I nestled her neck, tasting her soft skin. Marina moans and presses back, her eyes never opening. She allows me, even helped me, spreading her legs as I slip my cock inside of her.

I fucked her slow and long from behind, my mouth kissing and licking. At last I came inside her, I pull out and we got up and left the restaurant. We got home going to the bedroom, undressing and going to bed.

I roll her onto her back and climb on top of her, my lips kissing hers, my tongue twisting around her. I slide my cock back into her pussy and fucked her long and slow into the night. When at last I came inside of her, I pull out and slump down on the bed, exhausted. Like lovers, we fell asleep in each other's arms. I awoke with the sun bright in my eyes.

I looked over and found Marina's head resting on my shoulder, her face peaceful and happy. I smiled to myself. That look will soon change. On the far side of her I spied at the alarm clock and groaned. It is nearly 11:00 a.m. Something I didn't tell Marina, I had a conference call just before noon, which is anytime now. Damn. I didn't mean to sleep so long. But I still had the chance for one final fuck.

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I move closer and rub a finger along her clit and down to her snatch. Rubbing at the opening, I slip a finger inside her cunt and instantly feel her moistening at my touch. She must be dreaming, I thought. I kiss her and she stirs and rolls her head back, opening her eyes sleepily.

" Mmmm, morning," she whispers as her vision clears. " John?" She blinked, unsure if she is seeing right. Memories of last night, of fucking me so tenderly flooded back to her. She made a face like she was about to throw up. " Morning, Marina," I smiled in amusement. " Sleep well." Marina ignored me and tried to climb out of the bed, but I caught her arm and dragged her back.

" Where do you think you're going?" I snapped. " Look, you fucked me all night," She whined to me. " Now leave me alone." " Can't," I laughed. " We made a deal. Don't tell me you're going to quit so close to the end." She sighs and looks at me.

" Okay, I'll make you a deal. You only have to fuck me once more, and the deal is done." She glared at me. " But you have to fuck ME." " What do you mean?" I laugh and lay back on the bed. " I mean, I'm just going to lay here. You have to suck me off, get me nice and hard, and then ride me until I cum. That's the deal." Marina made the face again. " It's that or we call the whole thing off." She sat in silence for a long time.

" Okay," she finally whispered. I nodded and pulled the covers off of me, revealing my limp cock. Marina sighs and bent over, her long hair trailing on my skin. My cock starts to twitch already, I fought against it. I wanted to enjoy this. Marina decided that if she is going to have to fuck me, then she will make it damn certain that it is quick.

She opens her mouth and swallows my flaccid penis and my balls, taking it all into her mouth in one bite. She licks at my balls inside her mouth and sucked hard. Against all my will, my cock starts to harden. She spit out my balls and starts to bob her head rapidly, making me fully hard as fast as possible. Her tongue worked over my shaft, dancing around my head. It feels so wonderful that I briefly considered cumming in her mouth again. Satisfied that it is fully erect, Marina stopped sucking and sat up.

She looks down at me with disgust and swung her leg over my hips. Marina hated sucking a cock, she finds it vile and nausating. I grin up at her and put my hand behind my head to watch as she took my cock in hand and guided it to her cunt.

Slowly she sat down, taking my entire length into her. She moves slowly at first, not wanting to be hurt like all the times before and starts to rock back and forth on my dick. I look up and marveled at how beautiful Marina is in the morning light. My hands reach up and cup her tits, squeezing and kneading at the flesh.

Marina worked me over with every trick and talent she had learned, trying her best to bring me off fast. She flexed and squeezed her pussy around her my cock. She raised her hips so that I'm nearly all the way out of her, then tightened her cunt muscles and forced my cock back inside.

She bounced and rutted on my cock with a fury, her breasts flopping around in a lewd, erotic display that drove me wild.


Through it all I remained nearly motionless except to occasionally fondle a breast or squeeze her hips. Half an hour later Marina is almost in tears. For her it had been a trial in frustration as I would not give in.

For me, it had been an incredible fuck.


I'm prepared to let her go, to cum inside her and end her torment, when the sound of my phone again broke the silence. Marina pulled off my cock and leaped to the window, staring down in horror and relief as she sees my car waiting for me. " Get back here," I growled. " We're not done yet." " Your phone is ringing." She said. I'm infuriated, leaping to my feet and flung Marina to the bed and jumped on top of her.

" I said one more time," I yelled as I shoved my cock back into her. Marina gasped in pain as I slammed into her, shaking the bed with my furious attack.

I fucked her with a purpose, to cum inside her as quickly as possible. The headboard banging and rattling against the wall as I fucked her. Marina cried out and grunted in pain, but I didn't care.

With one, final, deep thrust, I came, filling her again with my sperm.

I grunted, glared down at Marina and pulled away. Flinging my robe on, I didn't even look back as I went downstairs to greet my driver.

Marina watched me leave and curled into a ball, very aware of her raw, throbbing cunt.

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Her breathing slowed and she smiled to herself. She can't wait until I caught her doing something naughty once again.