Taboo stepdaughter cocksucking and riding

Taboo stepdaughter cocksucking and riding
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Meeting good men, on line has never been easy. My name is Ben, and I have been meeting men on line for years and have developed the ability to read people quickly on line and weed out the trash. I have accumulated several great friends and playmates over the years.

It has seemed to me that meeting people with the same desires can lead to some strong friendships. One of my desires had always been to have a daddy son relationship with a good young man. That would be with me as the daddy. This is the story of how I meet my wonderful loving son on line. I had been watching his ads for 3 years.

He was fucking sexy as hell. His body was the slender smooth type that I loved, and drove me insane crazy with sexual desire. His cock was just the right size for his body, and he had a bubble butt to die for. He had even done listings over the years where his hands were tied behind his back, so I knew there was a kinky side in there. I wanted that young man to be my boy, and I his daddy.

I did not think there was any chance of it though, as he was in his late 20's and only willing to talk to guys under 35. I know, I responded to his ad, and he never replied to my emails. I could understand it though as I was in my mid 40's.

Then there came a time that his ads disappeared all together for about 6 months. I did not know what had happened during those months. He just was not posting, but something had seriously changed in what this young man was looking for when he returned.

Instead of posting in casual encounters any longer, he was now under romantic connections. This was what he put up, with his sexy G pictures instead of anything X rated. It read: Young Single Man Seeks Genuinely Loving Daddy Daddy, I am looking for you.

I have never been with an older daddy, but the idea has become extremely appealing to me. I want to find a loving, caring, romantic and passionate daddy who knows how to love his son. I am a single white male, 30 years old, mostly bottom but verse with the right connection, 5'2", 115 pounds, 5 inches cut and shaved, completely smooth body, no drugs and disease free with papers to prove it, Non-Smoker.

UB2. I am NOT looking for a sugar daddy. I have a career, and I have my own thank you very much. You must be over 45, tall and handsome (handsome in my opinion), HWP or pretty close with a descent sized cock. I am not a size queen, but want your cock to be bigger than mine. I need a man who will have time for me, not just fitting me in when he needs relief. Who knows, maybe we will even move in together someday.

I will not help anyone cheat. I am never going to be somebody's dirty little secret or booty call. In your response, I want you to impress me with your knowledge and use of the English language. It does not have to be perfect, but it does need to have descent sentence structure. You need to write more than one line, and you must write coherent sentences that form complete paragraphs. However there will be no points off for close spelling as my spelling is not perfect either.

Daddy, good writing skills will catch my attention faster than any dick pic will. All us guys have dicks, and I already know what a dick looks like, tastes like in my mouth, and feels like in my ass.

I need you to introduce yourself to me in your response. Here are my G pics in the listing. No pics from you, means no reply from me. I will send face and X pics after I see yours, and if I am interested. Here is your secret assignment and test, you must tell me your favorite color in your response, so I know you actually read the entire listing.

Hope to meet you very soon daddy. Love, Son. I could not believe the listing. This young man was so sexy, intelligent, and he crafted a listing that was an appeal for someone with an intellect not just an appeal for dick. I wanted to get to know him, and be his friend, and if that worked out, I wanted him in my bed and my life. It was like he was talking to me this time, so I responded right away.

Hello, young man, my name is Ben, and my favorite color is blue. I would like to show you how caring, loving, sensual, sexy, and passionate a true daddy can be for his boy. There are things that only a daddy can do for his boy when it comes to loving passionate sex that no one else can. You will see that this daddy can be a great friend to his son, as they make passionate love and fuck. I would gladly take you out in public and show you off, go to dinner, movies or other events, as well as stay home to snuggle and cuddle before we fall off to sleep in each other's arms.

I will be happy to be seen with you in public by my friends and yours. It will be nice to have a friend who I can talk with about many different subjects as well as make love and be very active in the bedroom. Young man, I am 48, 6', 170, 6 inch cut, thick, and shaved, DDF, and a non smoker. I also have papers to prove I am clean too. My career is on a stable track and like you, I have my own too. This sounds like we come to each other as equals in that sense.

Divorced and single for 20 years, I am bi, and this is a great time in my life for a new friendship and a potential relationship if it grows there. I have included face and body pics, G rated to show you this is a serious response to your listing. X pics to follow if you want them. It would be my pleasure to go out to dinner with you for what I call a meet and greet, to just sit and talk and get to know each other clothes on first before anything else ever happens.

If we click, then we can talk about more. I am pretty sure you and I will click, and I look forward to making your acquaintance. He responded within an hour with a face pics and the X pics I was so used to seeing, saying that he would love to chat and get to know me, and that his name was Drew. Since he had sent X rated pics, I did the same so everything was even up.

We conversed for several days and learned lots about each other. After the first day we exchanged cell numbers and had actual phone conversations for hours. We shared our life stories and experiences.

We talked about what we liked to do in bed, and what we did not like. Meeting on line is different than meeting through normal social channels. Here people are more up front about what they are looking for. In casual encounters they tend to be looking for sexual release.

You know any hole will do, and they never see that person as a person. In romantic encounters they of course are looking for passion and romance. This can make things easier and make things move rather quickly. After those several days of talking, I asked him to meet me for dinner the next evening, which was a Thursday. He was free, so we decided on a convenient place to meet that we had both knew.

We lived about 5 minutes apart. I shared my address with him to show him that I trusted him and wanted to be his open and loving daddy. When I met Drew face to face at the restaurant, he was everything he represented himself to be.

We hugged each other in the lobby of the restaurant when we greeted each other. His pics were accurate, and he turned out to be a genuinely nice guy.

We hit it off right away, and chatted for hours over dinner. I figured we would as we had talked so much on the phone already. At dinner we talked about our lives, careers, and of course a lot about sex as we held hands at times across the table.

It was a great fit. The boy told me why he had stopped running listing for the past 6 months. He had simply grown tired of all the bullshit and garbage that came with young self-centered top guys.

He wanted more and since he was 30 now, had decided he was curious about older men as lovers after seeing his buddy in a daddy son relationship for the past several years. Drew decided he wanted to explore the same thing as he had seen how good it was for his buddy. When we had actually finished eating, I invited him to come to my house Friday or Saturday evening to spend some time together and actually play but only if he wanted to. Drew excitedly accepted my offer for Friday evening. We agreed he would come over at 8, after we were both done with work for the week.

He would be welcome to spend the night if he wanted to but did not have to. We had spent so much time talking already; this was going to be fun. We kissed goodbye in the parking lot after dinner. At first it was just a little peck on the lips, but then I lingered very close to see if he would go for me.

He did. He was a great kisser with nice luscious soft lips that tasted divine as we embraced by his car. I went in for the deep passionate tongue swapping kiss. That boy was the perfect kisser, he opened his lips just knowing I was going to go there.

His hands were on my hips as we kissed for several more minutes. Then I felt his hands moving down and he squeezed my cock. I was so hard already, but I did not stop kissing him.

The boy broke the kiss and suggested we sit in his car for a while. I agreed and hoped for something to happen. After we got in, we continued to kiss as he grabbed for my cock. He started to try to undo my belt and was having trouble, so I helped him out and slid my pants down just enough to free my cock. The boy's mouth was on my cock immediately as he started bobbing up and down with a great hunger for my cock.

He was out to make me cum in a hurry, and I was going to do it for him. "That's it boy, gawd that feels so good," I said as I reached a hand down the back side of the boy's pants to grab his ass. This young man was good, I mean really good, and I was so excited that it only took him a couple minutes to suck me off. His tongue hit just the right spot on my cock as he coaxed me to the edge and over.

I blasted my load in his mouth, and he swallowed every drop. "That was a great start daddy, thank you for that nice load. Now tomorrow, I will take care of you properly at your place," he said. We kissed good bye, and the taste of my cum was still in his parting kiss.

I got out of his car, and we both headed home for the night. We conversed on the phone till 1 that morning talking about what we were going to do with each other, but we both had to get some sleep and get ready for work the next day. We were ready for our first play date, and he had already started to call me his daddy. I was so excited during the day Friday, that I had a hard time concentrating at work. I had to hide my boner under the desk several times during the day, and in the morning it was so bad, I had to go to the men's room and jerk off.

This young man made me feel so good thinking about him. Drew later told me he had to do the same thing in the morning too. Friday evening, Drew was right on time at precisely 8 PM and just sexy as all fuck.

I had set the mood in my home for a sensual evening.


It was what we both wanted. The lighting was low in the living room where I would greet him. In the bedroom it was all candles. The master bath was candle lit also. When I opened the door there was my boy, and he looked so good I wanted to take him right then and there. His short hair was perfectly in place, his eyes were radiant. He was wearing a light blue dress shirt, and dark slacks. I was more casual since it was my place, I only had my robe on.

You could feel the energy when he came into the room. He had brought a nice bottle of wine to share. Taking the wine from him, I set it down on the foyer table and wrapped him up in a nice tight hug.

His arms were around me too as he buried his head in my chest. Just his embrace was making my cock grow stiff, and in his slacks, I could feel he was getting hard too. He pulled back just a little and looked up at me longing to kiss. His eyes showed he wanted passion, not just sex. I leaned down keeping my arms wrapped around him, and we began to kiss gently.

The passion that this boy kissed his daddy with was so innocent yet intense. He was experienced and knew just what he wanted. I could tell he was happy to be in my arms, and I was excited to hold him. He kicked his shoes off in the foyer, and he was bare footed. Even his feet were sexy as fuck. Did I say I had a foot fetish? We put the wine in the kitchen and headed down the hall towards the master bedroom. I lead him into the bedroom, and we stood near the end of my king sized bed face to face as we kissed some more.

He undid my rode and slid it off my shoulders and grabbing my hard cock with both hands as he looked up at me and got down on his knees. My build is very average, but my cock is rather thick. It is only about 6 inches long, but measures 7.5 inches around when I am hard.

Looking up he told me, "you have a very nice dick daddy. The size is just right for my ass. I love the feeling of being stretched open by a thick cock when it goes in. Your cock is the perfect size to fill me and not hurt me." He took my cock in his mouth and started to suck the head of my dick for the second time.

His warm wet mouth felt so good on my cock, I could have shot my load right then and there, but I wanted that first load tonight in his ass to make him my son. Then he stopped looking up and went to work on my hard rod. He started bobbing up and down on me, as his tongue worked the bottom side. I pulled back for a moment and sat on the edge of the bed.

He adjusted, and crawled up on his knees between my legs to take my hard cock back in his mouth. Several times he took me deep so his chin was in my balls, and other times he stroked my cock while he licked and sucked my balls.

His throat was amazing how it felt as I penetrated it. He was going to get me off if I did not stop him soon. I told him to stand up. As he did, it was very obvious how excited he was by the tent in his loose fitting pants. "Turn around boy," I said as I stood with him in front of me, and ran my hands up and down his chest reaching around from behind with my dick pinned between us. As my hands got to his pants I undid his belt and lowered his zipper, spreading the waist of his pants so they could fall to the ground.

Devious sexy little boy, he was commando and his dick was standing straight out for me to grab. "Do you like me commando daddy," he asked giggling. Grabbing his cock, was my response.

Silly boy how could I not love him commando under there. I loved everything about this boy so far. He stepped out of his pants as I was still behind him reaching around to unbutton his shirt.

With his shirt now open I ran my hands up and down his smooth body and then peeled the shirt off of him. He put his arms up with his fingers laced behind his head and said, "here daddy, let me give you better access." I ran my hands up and down his sexy naked body while pulling his cute ass back against my hard cock.

My cock was pinned by the crack of his ass, and the head of my dick was in the small of his back peeking up at me. He was so smooth; his skin was soft, and supple.

The nipples on that boy, so small and hard, I had to squeeze them and then wetted my thumbs and flicked them. He really seemed to like the flicking of his nipple, so I made the note of only light stimulation there.

His form and shape was that of a sex god. He was perfectly proportioned, and here he was here with me. I turned him back around so that he was facing me and we embraced and kissed again for a bit. "Now son, I want you on your knees on the very edge of this bed," I said. He did just as I wanted and put his head down on the bed so his ass was in the air for me. "That is just perfect son, what a beautiful site," I said. His back was slopping forward, and his checks were spread baring his open hole to me.

He was so sweet, and had obeyed perfectly trusting me and presenting himself to me. I could have lubed him right there and taken him, but that would have been way too soon for this first night. "Thank you daddy.

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You like what you see daddy?," he responded. My hands ran up his back as I stepped in close and pulled him back to pin my cock in the crack of his ass again. Reaching up to his shoulders, I pulled his body back firmly as if I was driving me dick balls deep in him. Releasing that pull, my hands ran down his back as I stepped back and dropped to my knees.

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His full open ass was mine for the taking. I moved in and licked from his balls to the top of the crack of his ass right across his sweet rose bud. He moaned as I did, so I kissed both of his cheeks several times, teasing him before I dove in and rimmed his clean hole. He pushed his ass back onto my face asking for more. But this was just to tease him for now, I still had plans. Backing away and standing up myself, I told him to stand up too. Taking his hand I said, "Follow me son, I want to take you to the shower and wash your body boy." He had taken a shower before he came over, and he was completely clean.

But he knew exactly what his daddy had in mind. This was to be sensual play, not just soap and water. The towels were already laid out beside the shower, and I turned the water on to warm in it up. It was a big shower that was meant for two people who wanted to play and fuck around in there.

It was 4 foot deep and 6 foot wide all nice tiled walls and floor, with hand held shower heads on each end, and a tremendous flow of water too. Once the water was just right we stepped in and I slid the shower door closed behind us.

I only had one shower head going right now, that was all I needed. "Stand in the middle son, spread your feet wider than your shoulders, and lace your fingers behind your head like you did earlier." He did as I had told him.

He was so sexy standing there like that. His muscles were clear, but not over developed. You could tell he worked out like I did to stay in good shape. His chest has just the right definition on his little almost flat pecks with his nipples dark and small.

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His belly was flat, and the curve of his back was just right. His ass, oh that ass was a guys bubble butt to die for. His legs were well defined and appropriately muscularly rounded.

His cut cock was standing at full attention waiting to be put to good use.

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"Is something wrong daddy," he asked me "No son, I was just admiring how fucking sexy you are," I said. He blushed a little and said, "I am nothing special daddy, just a smooth boy. I have never really had any body hair. It's kind of embarrassing to me." "You underestimate you appearance young man. I will have to learn you just how handsome and sexy you are son.

Your smooth skin and hairless body is a big turn on for me," I said. "Daddy you are weird, and you are the good looking one with the hairy chest and the big cock.

I am just a little man who is meant to serve," the boy said. "And serve me well you will my friend, but what you do will never be is taken for granted," I replied "Thank you daddy," he grinned.

I took the handheld shower and started to wet his entire body down. On the shelf in the shower I had the body wash and a nice clean wash rag. The wash rag was soaked and soaped up.

I started washing his chest and his pits, being sure to take some time to circle and flick his nipples then worked down his belly as he stood there with his hands behind his head and his eyes closed. "That feels so good daddy," he moaned. I ran the wash rage between his legs and cupped his balls and cock to wash them and stroke him some. Kneeling down I did the front of his legs and even the top of his feet with the cloth.

"Turn around for daddy now my son," I told him. He did just as I wanted and his perfect butt was right in my face. I kissed both cheeks several times, and then began washing the back side of his legs.

Standing up and off to one side the wash cloth was run between his ass cheeks like flossing him. Removing the cloth, I took my bare soapy hand now and ran it between his cheeks and his legs to grab his cock and balls. On the way back I felt his hole and rimmed it with my finger before I pushed my middle finger up his tight ass.


I heard him mutter a moan of "Fuck yes daddy." Taking the soapy cloth to his back, I finished washing ever inch and spot I intended to. He was covered in the slick lather I had worked up on his body. My cock was so hard from washing him, so I stepped up to his ass and pinned my hard cock between us.

He instinctively leaned forward at his hips a good bit, placed his hands on the wall in front of him to accommodate me as I humped my now soapy slippery cock up and down his ass crack. Reaching around first I rubbed his nipples, gawd they were so hard.

He certainly seemed to enjoy this. Then I split his ass cheeks with the head of my dick running it up and down across his hole. He moaned. "This is where my dick will go tonight inside you son," I said as I put just a little teasing pressure on his hole with the head of my hard dick.

"Not yet though boy, we can fuck in the shower later. The first time I cum in you is face to face in my bed so we can look in each other's eyes as my hard dick slides inside and fills you with daddy's seed." The boy moaned an MMMMMMM and that was all. I took the shower head and rinsed myself off first. "Did I tell you that you could take your hands down son?" He stood up straight and clasped them back together immediately, and I finished rinsing him off. It took extra time with the shower pointed up to make sure between his legs was rinsed properly.

"Now you may lower your arms son," I told him. "That was fantastic daddy, thank you, I really enjoyed that" he said as he turned around and hugged me to kiss me. "Play with my nipples more please daddy, nice and light flicking or circles like you were. I do kind of like that." I told him to stand under the shower for a moment, finish rinsing off and enjoy the warmth while I get dried off.

When I was done drying off, he turned the water off and stepped out. "Assume the position again son," I told him, and he did.

Taking the towel, I started with his arms and pits, then down his body to dry him off. His cock was hanging soft now, but would not be for long. When I had finished what I wanted to do playing with him and drying him off, I gave him the towel and told him to finish drying himself off. We headed for the bed next. "Sit on the edge of the bed son," I told him. He obeyed and asked what this odd wedge shaped thing was on the bed.

I told him it was a wedge pillow and that he would be laying on it on his back the first time he took my dick tonight, and then I got on my knees in front of him and went down on his cock. His cock was so beautiful; the head was large for his size, his veins stood out nicely. The warm tender touch of my mouth had him completely hard almost instantly; it almost seemed that it had to hurt him to be that hard. I wanted to give him some relief. Drew had told me in our conversations that when I started to blow him, do not stop until he came, and then just hold his cock in my mouth as he actually shot his cum.

He liked to get off early and often, and in a night, he could cum 3 or 4 times. I had told him I would be good for 3 times overnight. This was what we both wanted, a complete multi orgasmic night.

I sucked his cock and enjoyed him being in my mouth. His precum was starting to flow and it tasted so sweet. I bobbed up and down. He was not long enough for me to deep throat, but he was enjoying what I was doing."Fuck yes daddy," he cried out.

With that utterance, he told me how good it felt, with my mouth on his dick. That just encouraged me more. I worked the bottom side of the head of his dick with my tongue as I sucked him towards his orgasm.

After some time, I could tell he was getting close. "Here it comes daddy, I am going to cum in your mouth," was all he said before he blasted his load in my mouth. As he came I stopped moving as we both would get so super sensitive when we come from head, that it just has to be still.

His cum was so sweet. I knew I was going to want more from my boy. He laid back spent on the bed for the moment. "Thank you daddy, that was great," he said.

"You are welcome boy, now curl your legs up to your chest for me," I told him. His ass was just right on the edge of the bed now with his legs curled up like that. His cheeks were spread, and his rose bud was wide open to me. My hands ran up the back of his legs and I went directly for his hole with my tongue. He loved it as I rimmed him, and then tongue fucked him. He was completely clean and ready. I got out the lube and applied some to my cock and some to his ass. Personally I like coconut oil, it feels so good.

I rubbed it around his hole and then with my thumb shoved a nice chunk up his ass. He loved the finger in there and moaned his approval. I set up the wedge pillow on the edge of the bed, and made him position himself on his back on the pillow right on the edge for me. Once in that position, I went back to eating his ass. I do not know what it is about eating ass I am about to fuck that makes me hard, but it certainly does.

I was rock hard and ready. I had put the boy on the wedge because it put his hole at the perfect height for me to stand and fuck him. Standing up, I looked him in the eyes and asked, "Are you ready for me now son?" He said, "I have been ready for your dick since I got here daddy, but I have really enjoyed what you have done so far.

Would you please fuck me now daddy, I want your cock inside me. Do not finger fuck me though daddy, I don't like that. I want your cock to stretch me out, I love that feeling so when it happens." "You got it my Son, I also want to make sure that you still want me bareback inside you," I questioned.

"Fuck yes daddy, it is the only way I ever want your dick in me. I want your seed in me, not a condom," he said. I moved the head of my slick cock to his crack and slid it up and down a few times to tease him, then centered and began to push in.

I looked him right in the eyes as I started pushing my cock into him, and he stared back with the intensity in those blue eyes that said he wanted me inside him, not just some dick, he wanted my dick. His hole was tight for the thickness of my dick even though he had used toys on his ass earlier to be open and ready.

I could tell it was going to take some force to penetrate his ass, so with my right hand I started to wiggle my cock up and down. I have found doing this makes it much easier to get my thick cock in most holes. I watched in his eyes as he bore down and pushed back what he could, and I could feel his ass loosening and opening up as I pushed the head of my dick inside him. As he laid there pushing back, he could feel the head of my thick dick opening his hole. It had been some time since he had a real dick in him.

He had been using lots of toys though lately. It was hurting a little at first I could tell, but then he concentrated on loosening and opening his hole. This boy knew what he was doing. It was obvious that he could feel the wonderful stretch that he liked so much as my dick filled and opened his asshole.

"Fuck yes daddy," he moaned as my cock popped through, and I entered his body with my thickness. I pushed in a little further, and then pulled out some to push in even further. In a few thrusts I was balls deep in my boy and parked. I wanted to give him time to adjust to my thick hard dick inside him.

He rolled his head back in joy as my cock bottomed out in his ass.

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"Oh fuck that feels so fucking good being filled up with your cock daddy," the boy said. I started to slowly thrust, so he could feel the movement of the head of my dick in his ass.

He was feeling it alright I could tell it by the way his eyes rolled back in his head. I started to thrust longer, but kept it slow and steady.

As the energy built, the sensation in my cock was almost surreal it was so intense. The warm tender skin of his ass enveloped my hard cock and took me to the edge.

I had to keep the pace slow right now as I edged my dick in his ass. I would thrust some and park to let the energy bleed off into my boy and help him build his pleasure. He had opened up completely for me now, so I was able to withdraw all the way and thrust right back in balls deep.

Couple times I got so close, I had to pull out and drop to my knees and eat him some more. His hole was gapping, so I could truly tongue fuck him then. We fucked like that for 30 some minutes, and then I was ready to have him turn over.

We decoupled, and moved the wedge pillow to the center of the bed. He knew what I wanted and laid face down across the wedge pillow with his legs spread and his ass in the air for me to fuck him some more. Getting on my knees behind him, I spread his cheeks and rimmed him to playfully tease him before I fucked him some more.

Putting some more coconut oil on my cock I moved in closer and mounted him from behind. Drew gasped and moaned as my cock was back where it belonged, in him. He was pinned under me, and we were in total submission to our carnal desires.

The little break of changing positions had given me much greater stamina. I laid all my weight on his back pinning him under me and started to pound the fuck out of his ass. I had reached under his arms and grabbed his shoulders to pull his body into my cock as I drove it as deep as I could while kissing his neck and shoulders and nibbling on his ear.

"Yes daddy, that is soooo good, don't stop," he managed to get out. There was no worry, I was not going to be stopping for some time yet. I told him, "keep your ass loose, don't tighten up baby." I had moved my legs to the outside of his, and pulled his legs close together. This would help me last much longer as I fucked him.

He would get pounded for a bit, then I would park balls deep so he could feel all my weight driving my cock in his ass. He could feel the love and attention he was being given by his daddy. He loved the long strokes when I pulled out so just the head of my dick was between his ass cheeks and then drove back in. No one had ever done exactly that to him before, and he seriously loved that.

I gave him what he wanted with lots of long strokes, and well I loved doing that too. Coming out completely to just have the head of my cock inside his ass cheeks and then bury hard and fast. I could have kept going, but we had been at it for well over an hour now with my dick in his ass. I figured he was due for a break here soon, but first things first. I was going to breed him, and plant my seed in him to make him my boy.

We decoupled again, and I told him to roll over on his back like he was before. As soon as he did, I moved in close and slid my dick in his ass again and continued to fuck him. I wanted us to look in each other's eyes as my first load of seed was planted in him. I kicked up the pace to the porn star jack hammer, and pounded the living fuck out of his ass. "Here it comes boy," I said. "I know daddy, I can feel it, let me have it," he said as he tightened up, and I pounded his ass into my climax.

As I went over the edge, I drove my cock deep in the boy and parked it as I pumped him full of my seed. I was seeing stars and feeling the power of my cum filling him. His eyes showed the intensity that he was feeling everything. He said, "shit daddy I felt the energy and the flow as you filled me, and it felt like I was floating in the energy you filled me with." I laid down on top of him, and we were both sweaty and spent for the moment as we both came down and recovered some.

"Nice job daddy, do you like my ass," he inquired. "Do you really have to ask that boy after the fuck we just had? Boy, that was amazing, and that is only the beginning for tonight," I told him. "I have not fucked anyone who is as open to me as you are son. There has to be a connection for me, and we have that connection that makes me so hard and last so long. This is good my boy, very good." I pulled out of him, and took him off the pillow.

We settled into the bed and made out and cuddled in the afterglow of our first fuck. The night had started out just right for my boy and me.

After cuddling, we got up to pee and such. I started to fill the whirlpool as he got two glasses from the kitchen and opened the wine. We settled into the tub with him sitting his cute cum filled ass on my lap drinking the wine and talking.

I told him, "Son your ass is fucking amazing how you look and can take dick. You are so sexy and sensual my boy, I just want to hold you and fuck you all I can." He told me, "I love having you inside me daddy. It just feels so right.

The feeling when you first penetrated my ass and stretched me out was great. It smarted a little, but it did not hurt.

It felt so good, and then when you pumped me full of your seed, I became your boy daddy. If you still want me to, I want to spend the night here daddy and sleep with you.

I have never felt wanted and appreciated the way I do with you daddy. I can feel the love in the room." As he was giving me those compliments, my dick had begun stiffening. I did not think I would be able to cum again, but his ass was right there on my lap.

One of the advantages of coconut oil, is that it does not wash off in water. The boy could feel my cock was stiff enough again to enter him, and he wanted me inside him.

Raising his sweet slick ass up just enough, we positioned my cock to slide right into him as he lowered himself on me. "Oh fuck that is good daddy, let's just stay here a while longer, I love floating on your cock like this, "he said.

"Sounds good to me son, we can move just enough to keep me hard while we enjoy this tub," I said with my dick in my boy's ass right where it belonged as we continued to drink the wine and talk. He told me how the string of men over these past many years had just used him as a cum dump.

Some would come back a couple times, but they all disappeared. He knew I wanted him as a friend and a lover; this was a first for him.

Drew said he wanted to spend the night here with me. It made me feel good that he would stay. The whole weekend was in front of us. We traded stories of some of the people we had played with as the air was full of sexual energy, and he was filled with my cock.

He hated the cum and go kind. I had to agree. We both liked being together in a cuddle fuck like this. After the wine was gone we decoupled and got out of the tub. I wrapped my boy up in a nice warm towel and sensually dried every inch of his body, especially his cock and balls. I got his cock sloppy wet again though as I backed him up to the vanity top to suck another load of cum out of him. He followed my lead and came nicely for his daddy.

After he settled down for a moment, he took another towel and dried me off the same way, and yes, he got my dick sloppy wet too. All cleaned up and relaxed, we went back to the bed and snuggled in to each other. I was on my back with my head propped up on a pillow, and the boy was on his side, with his head on my chest. My arm was around his back, and I could very nicely reach right down to his ass. His one arm was under him, and the other arm was across my body.

As we talked more, he ran his hand through my chest hair as I rubbed his soft back. It was so nice that we could talk and sensually cuddle. My boy and I clicked so well, and just enjoyed being with each other in bed, or anywhere for that matter. Soon his hand had wondered down and was wrapped around my dick playing with it. He was squeezing and stroking, and dang, did that feel good. The talking had stopped, and we were recovered over the last couple hours enough for round 2.

"Where is the oil daddy," he asked. "Right here baby," and I handed it to him from the night stand. "Thanks daddy," he said as I held the container, and he scooped some out to put on my cock and his ass."I have never used this before, but it is great. No other lube has ever felt this good in my ass or worked under water," he said. On his knees, he straddled my cock and told me he wanted fucked some more as he lowered his ass onto my cock. I threw my head back as the wonderful sensation of my hard cock sliding into my boy's sweet ass hit me again.

I was going to let him do all the work this time. He was going to be the one riding and in charge. He was so cute and flexible the way his legs folded up and allowed him to take my cock balls deep in his ass. He was so excited, his cock was rock hard. I took some oil, and started stroking his cock, as he was slowly bouncing on my cock.

The feeling for me was fucking amazing. Every nerve ending in my cock was being stimulated by this boy. He was so sweet and loving, taking me inside him, wanting me to breed him again.

I could see in his eyes how much he was enjoying my dick in him. He leaned back some now as he bounced on me, giving me better access to his cock, and bending mine slightly to really hit is prostate. The boy supported himself on his arms behind him on my legs and had his head leaned back. I could feel his cock getting harder and bigger. He was building his own orgasm as he built mine inside him. His precum was flowing from the head of his dick, he was so close.

Then his stomach muscles contracted and he curled up some, grunted deeply as the cum erupted from his cock and sprayed all over both of us. My boy shot 4 nice ropes of cum on his third orgasm of the night, and then leaned forward and laid down on me with his cum covering both of us now. He was spent. His orgasm had been so intense he had even let my cock fall out of his ass. I was fine with that. This one had turned to be for him to cum, and now I wanted him to enjoy the warm feeling afterwards.

"Daddy, that was fucking amazing. I don't usually stay hard when I get a dick in my ass, but with you it is different. You kept me hard and made me cum with your dick in my ass. I had an assgasm too daddy. How do you fucking do that daddy?" The boy wanted to know.

"Honestly son, it is the connection that you and I have that allows this and makes you want it. You know I care about you as my friend, and I think I am actually starting to develop feelings for you.

The energy of those feelings is what can do it. Or it may just be that you are super fucking horny and I hit the right spots. Either way, it's all good," I said. "Daddy, I think you are right. I have not been with anyone since I was in college that I actually thought I might have feelings for. He broke my heart when he left me. With you though, I think I am starting to develop feelings too. It is exciting and scary at the same time," the boy said. "Yes, it is Son, but we have all the time in the world.

There is no need to rush anything. We can just let things go where they go, and in the mean time, we can continue to fuck the hell out of each other and enjoy the good times. Time will tell if this is just a chemical attraction that burns out quickly or if it turns into love. This is not a question we need to answer tonight. Son, tell me what happened back then," I said.

"We were together for 2 years. I thought I was bi back then. It was a great fit, and I thought we loved each other. We had many 3 ways and attended different group parties together. We were an open poly couple. He had a few other boyfriends, and I had some boyfriends too. Shortly after we graduated, he dumped me and moved on with a new boyfriend. That was when I swore off love and decided to come out as gay. When he heard that I came out, he came back to me one night and bitched me out and blamed me for everything that went wrong.

He said if I had only come out while we were together, things would have been oaky. He had left me because I was not willing to admit I was gay. He was right though daddy, I was not willing to admit it till I lost him. He broke my heart daddy, and it took me years to get over him. That was what drove me into the anonymous sex just for the sake of sex with no feelings or connections.

I never wanted to get hurt like that again. About a year ago was when I started thinking there had to be more to life, and I thought about a real loving relationship with another man this time. I was not having any luck finding anyone, and now here you are daddy," he said as he got his arms behind my neck and hugged me. "Have you thought about being poly ever again, or are you just monogamous now," I asked him.

He said, "I would like to be poly with whoever I wind up with as a committed partner someday, but I would go with the flow if whoever I wind up loving wants monogamy. I think it would be really nice with a poly partner to play with other loving people again." "You are very open minded son, and that is good. I have been poly for 20 years since my divorce, and I have some great friends. We get together for parties and they often turn into play parties. Maybe you would like to come with me and meet some of them my son," I questioned.

"Daddy, I think I could see myself developing feelings for you too. I would love to go to some play parties with you and your friends daddy. You can watch your friends fuck me, or see me take one in the ass and one in the mouth at the same time. That is if you would like that daddy?" he said. "I have the same feelings about us son, but we have time to see how these feelings grow. I would like to see some of my good friends fuck you.

To see you take a dick in the ass and one in the mouth would be assume. What makes that the best though is that I would know you are coming home with me to sleep with me and fuck me the rest of the night," I said. "Cool beans daddy, but for right now, I think I just want us to get to know each other really well Daddy, but I do like the idea of having good friends and being sexually intimate with them as lovers.

We could have a lot of fun with that daddy," he said. "Sounds good son, now roll over on your side facing away from boy," I commanded. He did as told, and I spooned in behind him to snuggle. I had my lower arm up under his pillow and my upper arm around his body as I kissed his shoulders and neck. His smooth ass was pressed into my cock, and I could feel I was starting to grow hard again.

He could feel my cock stiffening as he rhythmically ground his ass into me stimulating my coming erection. As I got hard enough, the boy reached around behind his sweet ass, grabbed my hard cock in his hand and guided the head of my dick to his hole.

I pushed in and he pushed back as I slid into him again. With my chest to his back, and my arms wrapped around him, I started to fuck him, thrusting my cock in and out of his ass slowly as I held him.

His legs were not quite straight, they were curled up like when he was on the pillow face down, and my legs were about the same. We fucked in this loving cuddle fuck for like 30 minutes, slow and gentle so he could feel every movement of my hard cock in his ass. After that nice long while, I started kissing and nibbling his ear as I picked up the pace and started pounding the fuck out my loving boy. Not a word was said as I fucked him, but you could feel the energy between us flowing and building.

As I got super close again from the high speed pounding, I stopped and parked a moment, and then resumed at a moderate pace. We had the perfect speed and rhythm going. He was letting me do the work, and he was just laying there enjoying getting fucked.

I whispered in his ear, "you are such a good boy Drew, daddy is going to fill you with his cum again." With that I started pounding his ass as hard as I possibly could to make myself go over and cum again.

We had been fucking for almost an hour again, and I knew his hole need a break. As I went over, I parked my cock deep in his ass, so he could feel the pulsing of my dick as I shot my load in him. "Fuck daddy, I love the way you fuck me, I can feel everything you do, every movement of your cock inside me. And then when you fill me, I can feel the pulsing of your dick in me. You are the first I have felt this kind of energy with. I want you to keep fucking me for a long long time daddy," he said.

"Me too son, me too," I said. Both of us spent for the moment, cuddled and snuggled in to sleep. It was 3 in the morning now. The boy had the ability to hold my dick in his ass as I softened that was almost unreal. I actually fell asleep with my dick still in him. I think he fell asleep too with me still in there. We both slept very well that night in the afterglow. It was after 9 when I woke up to the warm sweet wet mouth of my boy under the covers on my cock. He was sucking my morning wood.

I did not let him know right away that I was awake; rather I just let him continue worshipping my cock with his mouth. With my right hand I gently cupped the back of his head for a moment, and then pulled his head down on my cock and penetrated his throat. He moaned in pleasure as he had me deep in his throat. Letting him go, he popped up from under the covers, "Good morning daddy, how you doing? Did you sleep well," he asked while he kept stroking my cock at the same time.

"Yes I slept well sexy boy, how about you?" I asked. "I slept great daddy, but I am still horny as fuck and need you to fuck me one more time before we get up," he said. "Well then son, what are you waiting for, ride my dick till you make me cum, and then I will suck you off," I said as I stuck a pillow under my ass and then lubed my dick.

The boy straddled me in a reverse cow girl, so it was like he was sitting on me doggie style. I started thrusting with my hips, and he started bouncing.

We matched up just right as I slid in and out of his ass.

He must have been sucking me for some time because very quickly I felt my balls begin to tighten and the feeling built as I went over the edge. "Oh fuck yeah boy, ahhhhhhhhhh fuck, there you go baby," I said as he sat down hard so he could feel the pulsing in my dick as I came in his ass again. "Fuck daddy, that was good," he said, "But I still have a hard dick daddy, what should we do about that?" He was so coy asking his question, but he did not know what I had in mind. I grabbed the oil, and lubed his dick while stoking it.

Pushed him off and then rolled over on the pillow so my ass was in the air. "You are going to fuck me now son and claim me as your daddy with a load in my ass," I said. "Fuck yeah daddy," he said as he mounted me from behind with his hard cock and drove balls deep in my ass. Gawd he felt so good as his cock went in me and opened my ass up. I like to bottom when I can as I enjoy it too, and it gives me better perspective as to what my bottom men are feeling when I fucking run my hard cock in their ass.

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I loved him laying on top of me with his dick opening my ass up. He fucked me hard and fast. He was so fucking horny, and came in a couple minutes.

He buried his cock in me, like I did in him, and I could feel every pulse of his cock in my ass. I counted 6 pulses of cum he shot in my ass, and then he collapsed on top of me. "Was that what you wanted daddy," he asked. "Exactly what I wanted to finish off our first night together son. You were perfect my boy. Your cock fit me perfectly, not too big, not too small, it fits just right. I knew you were fucking me and came in me. I like to bottom too boy, so anytime you want to top, just say so.

I will gladly take your load in my ass boy. Care to join me in the shower now before breakfast," I asked. "If that is what you want daddy, I will go turn the water on and get it warm for you and me," and with that his cute little ass rolled out of bed and padded over to the bath room.

He was so super sexy walking away watching those ass cheeks wiggle and bounce as he walked. "You like the view daddy?" "You know I do son, you know I do," I said. I gave it a moment, and rolled out of bed on my side and made my way to the bathroom when I figured the water was warm.

It was ready, so we stepped into the shower. I asked him if he had ever been into water sports since neither of us had peed yet this morning. He just turned around and smiled at me. "Oh yes I am daddy" It was going to be a great day with my boy.