Cam Hure großes Spielzeug für ihr lockeres Loch

Cam Hure großes Spielzeug für ihr lockeres Loch
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Note: This story deals with males on males, if this does not suit your fancy, stop reading. My parents were out for the month, it was summer. I was bored at home, there's not much at the age of 18 that you can do at home during the summer.

I thought to go to Oceansplash, a water park near my home. This sounded good because not only could I get wet and cooled off during the hot day, but I could get some hours of prime people watching in. I am a tall runner. I am toned and brown haired. Don't forget a good tan! I was confused still at this point, and still am, about my sexuality.

When I got off the freeway and into the park I stood in line for the bracelet to get into the line. That's when I saw him. I looked to my right and saw a six foot, tanned to hell, ripped guy. He had his shirt off and had his arm around some girl, damn. He had dirty blonde wavy hair. He was laughing. I feel like I took a picture of him and sent it to Abercrombie; he would be their new model.

"Sir" I heard in the back of my head. I snapped out of it and walked to the window. I paid and the lady handed me a bracelet. I headed into the park. The park had a wave pool, a river type thing and all the slides were in a large staired structure with many different lines to many different rides.

I grabbed a single tube and headed to one of the rides that were single tube only. When I was halfway up the stairwell, I looked over the rail and there he was again. I couldn't help but stare. He was gorgeous. Someone said something funny and he flashed his beautiful teeth. I looked at his face and he looked over.


Shit. I was caught I looked down fast and then down the fence to see the floor below trying to seem preoccupied. When I looked back he was looking at me. He smiled, I Smiled back awkwardly. When I got to the top I went down the enclosed slide thinking thousands of possibilities from that smile. I was an idiot. When I got to the bottom I went to the bathroom, because I didn't want to be the thousandth person to pee in the water.

When I got to the bathroom I went into a stall. Over the wall that lead to the cabanas outside I heard a girl shout "You asshole" and some words that indicated some guy was screwed.

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When I was done peeing I went outside and casually stood next to the covered wall of the cabana, out of sight. When the girl stormed out of the park I heard a guy say "Glad that's over".

I was curious. I looked through the crack and it was him. He looked up and saw an eye looking at him. Wow did I feel like a creep. I sped off and was thinking "Oh shit oh shit oh shit". I looked over and he was looking around.


I got so flustered that I walked into the line for inter tubes that was for double tubes. I stood there and when I got to the front the lifeguard asked if I had anyone to ride with, I thought "What?" and then I looked up.

I felt like an idiot. When I began to stammer out no and how I was sorry, a hand cupped my shoulder. I froze, still antsy from before. An angelic voice said "He's my friend, were riding together". I looked up to see him. My heart jumped. I awkwardly smiled again. When we got the tube we headed for the ride, I aimed for one that had a shorter line but he jerked me to the longer ride.

I felt like he was going to beat me up. He stood behind me and I stood in front of him not daring to turn around. He still had his hand on my shoulder and the warmth from it was amazing.

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He slowly turned me around and I looked at him more closely. His eyes were blue and he had defined facial features. "Hi I'm Mark". His voice was like an angel. "I'm, uh, Jeremy".

"So Jeremy" he said "I have noticed you looking and I want to know why". "Well, I, uh, well, I came hear to mainly people watch and I thought the fight between you and your, uh, girlfriend was uh interesting." He laughed. "Yah that is interesting." The rest of the way up we talked and it turned out we shared similar interests.

When we got to the top the lifeguard called us over. I placed the tube in the starting area and climbed in the front hole. He climbed in the back. Oh God. The lady instructed him to put his legs under my arms. My Heart jumped no clue why. When I put my arms down they rested on his legs. They were beautiful. They were well defined and muscular. When the gates opened and we were pushed out the ride went down and then went up.

When the ride went up my head flung back and it landed in his crotch. When I opened my eyes he was smiling at me. I awkwardly smiled, again, and raised my head. My heart was racing. I started to get hard which was not good because I was in swim trunks. The ride continued to curve and go up and down, every now and then he would tighten his legs around me and I would just continue to get harder.

When the ride dropped us off into the river he would not loosen the grip on me with his legs. We had to get out. The lifeguards were blowing there whistles like crazy.

We dropped out. When I looked at my watch it was 5, I had to go, but I couldn't. I told him that I had a nice time and that I would see him later (Yeah right, it isn't a small world).

We got out of the river and he gave me a hug and said ill see you later. I was in heaven. I could feel the distinct lines of his beautiful abs on my stomach. He squeezed me tight and said goodbye. When I walked out to my car I looked back to see where he was, no where. I got to my suburban and put my head on the steering wheel. Did all that just happen?

I couldn't believe that. It wasn't much but still. Then I got bummed that I wouldn't see him again, it was unlikely. When I went in reverse someone sped through the lot. I braked, and they braked. My window was down. I yelled "ASSHOLE! WATCH WHERE YOURE GOING!" When I got onto the freeway I could barely concentrate. I was too focused on him.

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It was a wonder that I got home without an accident because I could not pay attention. I pulled into the driveway and took a breath. When I walked into the door I looked at the calendar and it was only day two of my parent's vacation and 28 more days to go.

Perfect more days with nothing else to do. I went to the bathroom and turned on the shower, the water at that park could not have been good, I smelled like dead fish. As I turned the shower head on I heard the doorbell. What now? I went and looked out the window; the car that had almost hit me was outside. I freaked out. Could this person hear what I said earlier and come back for revenge?

I was petrified. The bell rang twice more. I crept towards the door and opened it slowly. I looked up and my heart leapt. It was him. He followed me! That was really hot and creepy at the same time. "So im the asshole that needed to watch where he was going?

I sure did. Can I come in?". "Yeah" I barely breathed out. He came in and I closed the door and locked it. I turned around and he charged me. He pressed me against the door and pulled me close to him. He pressed his lips to mine and kissed me deeply. When he released he looked into my eyes and said "Nice place".

"Uh, yeah" I stuttered out. Nice house? NICE HOUSE? What the hell? That was cute.

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He walked me to the couch and sat me down he sat right next to me and held my hand. "To tell you the truth dude, when I followed you to the ride I couldn't help but look at you.

But when you saw me before that in the line when we caught each others faces, I fell head over heals" "Head over heels?" I said. "You are gorgeous and you fell for me?" "Yeah, that's why my girl left, I told her that there was someone else". Oh my God. I could have cried by how in love I was. "That's, uh, nice." "Is someone here? Why is the shower running?" he asked.

"Oh I was about to take a shower, but got interrupted" "Well I need a shower too and well were in a drought so why don't we conserve water and shower together?" He slyly said. "FINE BY ME" I blurted out.


Embarrassing. He just laughed and pecked me on my lips. I slapped my arm. I had to be dreaming. Nope. We walked to the shower.

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It was about eight at night. I was already in my swim shorts when he knocked on the door. He peeled off his shirt and I melted. He was just to fine. He took of his shorts and underwear and stood there. I froze. He had his back to me and he had one of the hottest butts I had ever seen. When he turned around my tent sprung up in my shorts. What dangled in between his legs had to be illegal.

Right in my line of sight was an unshaven, uncut, 6 inch flaccid dick. He got in the shower and cleared his throat looking at me. Like a dumbass I was in my trance and was standing there clothed.

I peeled off my clothes and got in. I was 5 inches flaccid and about 9 inches hard. I was hard. He turned me around and began to wash my back. He got down and washed my ass and then my legs. I was in heaven. He turned me around and I looked at him.

He was hard as well and HOLY FUCK. His little friend had to be at least 10 inches hard. Ohhhhhhh. He pressed me against the wall and began to kiss me all over. He shoved his tongue down my throat and our cocks were pressed in between our stomachs. He took my finger and traced the outline of his abs with my finger. The feeling in these moments was just right. He began to kiss my nipples my abs, my V on my pelvis, my hips and then he got down to my member. He took it in his hand and looked at me.

"Is this ok with you?" "YES" I yelled. He laughed and said you are to cute. He began to tease me and started licking up and down my shaft, taking my nuts into his mouth.

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I would have yelled at him to come one and do it already but I couldn't. What I felt for him was to right. He then quickly engulfed my dick. I flattened against the wall and gasped. He was amazing he went up and down, added suction, and swirled his tongue on my dick. He continued going up and down.

I was going to come by the pleasure but I held it in.

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He kept going for 10 minutes and I just couldn't help it. I yelled "I'm going to come!!" And this just made him go faster and suck harder. I took his head and shoved my dick in his mouth. I shot stream after stream of cum into his mouth. He swallowed it all. HE got up and kissed me again as I went limp. "your turn" he whispered. I copied him and kissed all the way down him and took a little detour at his abs and licked them up and down.

Instead of teasing him when I got to his dick I just went for it. I copied like he did except I could not fit all his glory into my mouth. After a while he began humping my face and sped up. He went harder and harder until, without warning, he shoved down my throat and came like there was no tomorrow. I swallowed it all as well. He stood me up and help me close to him tightly. He then picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him. We began to furiously make out.

When he set me down we just stood there with each other. After a while he whispered into my ear "Remember were in a drought" and he turned off the water. When we got out and dried off we headed into my room. I climbed into bed and he said "Shouldn't you call your mommy and see if its ok to have a guest over for the night?" I said "Shut the hell up and get in here babe". When he climbed din we were both naked. He pulled the covers up and pulled me close.

He wrapped his arms tighter and he said to me "I don't know what love is and ive never been in love with somebody, but when I saw you today, I finally understood what it was." I turned around and responded with "I love you more, than anyone iv ever met." And with that we fell asleep in each others arms. More to come. Tell me if you want more.

This is truth and I swear to you, I have more. :)