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Galega abrindo o cu pra levar rola
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Disclaimer: I in no way, shape or form endorse any acts of violence what-so-ever. This naturally includes the non-consensual acts which are portrayed in this story. This is the work of fiction and fantasy which I wrote for my girlfriend. She shared some rape fantasies with me (actual, beat you down fuck you in the dirt kind of fantasies) and I'm certainly into BDSM which is more about relinquishing control, as well as trust.

So I decided to bring them together to make sure she didn't think I thought it was weird. I actually really enjoyed writing this one. She ultimately found the first chapter rewarding so I thought I'd share. Chapter 1: Madness They say the world belongs to those that seize it, and there I was, on the brink of taking all I wanted I already had so much power, all the money in the world.

A position that made me the king of several corporations and here I was standing over the figure of a high school crush. A woman I hadn't seen in a decade. She was as beautiful as I remember and she seemed elegant even in her slumbering state. I didn't seem nearly as elegant. More like a creep lurching over her in the darkness. Then again, I was just that. My heart stopped as she rolled over opening her eyes. There was no longer an opportunity for indecision. I pressed a cloth drenched in chloroform over her mouth and nose.

I hadn't used it before and was half expecting her to go down quickly but I was met with a fight as she swung her arms and kicked at me. Somewhere in the commotion, my hands slipped and I felt her clawing at the mask I was hiding behind. It came off and the severity of this made me lose the gentleness I had hoped to maintain in this process. I closed a hand around her neck then reached for the backup plan. She stopped fighting when I cocked the hammer on a revolver and pressed it under her chin.

I reached for the cloth as she started murmuring for me to please stop. "You fucking saw my face," I remarked as she started to slowly get disoriented. This wasn't supposed to be like this. She shouldn't have seen my face, that screwed with the entire arrangement. "Shit!" I yelled as I looked down at her, her eyes starting to flutter after the longest five minutes of my life. She seemed so peaceful now. Her black hair a mess and her face flushed from over-exerting herself. I got off the bed and realized a decision needed to be made.

I had planned to spend the night here but originally I wasn't even sure I'd do anything more than toy around with having her at my mercy for a while. I was pushed into a corner now, however. Maybe she'd forget the whole thing if I left but if she didn't my life could be over.

I could already see her blackmailing me. "Well, if you're in for the penny," I said as I reached into my backpack extracting several sets of handcuffs, I fumbled around a while longer and eventually withdrew duct tape too. I pulled the blankets off of her in a rush unveiling her PJs to be no more than an old T-shirt and a plain black thong.

All I had fantasized about was within my grasp, I thought I'd have had some doubts but I had none, I simply wanted to ravage her. I grabbed her panties and pulled them down, rolled them into a ball and stuffed them into her mouth before sealing her lips with the duct tape.

I spread her legs as I approached from beneath making my way up until I saw her pussy, covered in a few day old stubble. I was about to indulge when the fact that I didn't need to remove my mask reminded me that she had seen my face.

Restraint at this point seemed impossible, but I managed to pull myself away inspecting her gorgeous body for a moment. She was lithe and had perfect breasts, I estimated they'd be a C-cup or just on the brink of Ds but it was hard to tell through her top. I ignored the urge to take it off and instead moved to cuff her hands and feet together.

There wasn't much more for me to do then so I simply picked her up and headed for the door - I had left New York a week ago on a "trip around the country". The company was surprised to have me take leave - I hadn't ever done that before. I used the pretense of a road trip for this little escapade as well as to run an errand or two.

The errands were done and I had been all over the country by this point. Cincinnati was the last stop before heading back to the Big Apple. After heading down the stairs I laid her down while I looked around for her keys. I found them on a hook by the door. Soon she was in the trunk of her car and I was out the door, jogging along the back trails to the nearby mall, where I found my car. I'd be back in ten minutes but by then she was awake.

When I opened the trunk I found her eyes open. Her pupils were dilated and her stare was glazed over. She was clearly still crippled and confused by the drug, so I used the opportunity to transfer her from her trunk into mine. My trunk was less spacious, the issues of driving a luxury car. It was a ten-hour trip back home and I didn't intend on speeding, so she would be in there for a while. I thought about what a mess it would be if a cop pulled me over.

I'd be in even more trouble that what I was originally in for. So I set out immediately. By the next morning, I was pulling into the personal parking lot of my building. My guest had been kicking and screaming in the trunk for the past few hours but it seemed she was fast asleep now. The systems detected my car approaching and the automatic booms activated to open the path for me.

My company started out small but we now had our fingers in the pie of every major industry in the world, from developing satellites to developing luxury buildings for the super rich to live in. One feature we had tested in this building was personalized parking, in New York of all places.

This building was equipped with a state of the art elevator which would transport the cars of the elites living on the fifty-third and fifty-second floor to the fifty-first floor. There was another option reserved for the penthouse suite which was for your car to be taken to the personal two car parking lot in the penthouse. By the time I had reached the penthouse my heart was finally racing with excitement. I knew I was in a bit deeper than I had hoped but a part of me was always chasing the excitement of the more primal side of my psyche.

Even just having her here was better than any drug I could take. Being on top of the world had dulled my senses for excitement.

That's why I had to do it alone, with my wealth I could have hired some sicko to deliver her to me, or simply paid her whatever she felt she was worth then live out the fantasy and be done with it - but I needed it to be real.

I popped open the trunk unveiling the beauty inside. She looked at me with emerald eyes that showed genuine loathing but more than that she seemed afraid. 'Good', I thought as I reached out for her. She started struggling again but I was ready to speak a language she would understand.

I drew the revolver and pointed it at her. "Now trust me, I do not want to hurt you - hell I didn't even want to take you. But every time you misbehave you're making things worse for yourself," she stopped struggling so I holstered the gun carelessly, it didn't have rounds in it either way. I then unlocked the cuffs around her ankles.

I tugged her out of the car and onto her feet then pulled her by the chain linking her cuffs on her wrists. She stumbled forwards, her legs no doubt stiff from being stuffed in such a cramped spot for so long.

We went up the stairs to the second floor where the study was, I placed my hand on a book that scanned my print opening up the panic room. Looking into the room I realized that all it needed to be a standard New York studio apartment was a kitchen. It had a bathroom, a few racks, and even a bed. The panic room didn't notify security or the police when activated like these rooms usually do because I liked to use the room frequently to store an arsenal of things I had bought that I didn't want guests or cleaners to come across.

Most of it these items were BDSM tools and toys. Some were simple ropes and chains, restraints and tasers others were far more elaborate contraptions. If anyone took a glimpse inside this room that they would immediately brand me a pervert then use their new found knowledge to either tarnish my reputation or extort money from me. I pushed her inside watching her ass sway as she walked inside reluctantly. I followed suite and once we were inside I closed the door behind us. We were alone now and as much as my body had felt tired from the ride, this had exhilarated me.

Her hands were still behind her back so I approached her and removed the duct tape slowly. I then pulled out the spit soaked panties that I had stuffed into her mouth earlier that day. I was expecting her to plead. Instead, she opted to move her tongue and cheeks trying to moisten her mouth again. Was she trying to deny me some sort of satisfaction or was she simply too scared to say anything?

"You don't have anything to say?" I said finally as I started unbuttoning my shirt. "Would it help if I did?" came her response - her statement was defiant but her voice quivered. "Depends on what you have to say I suppose," I pushed her backward catching her by surprise.

She tripped slamming into the bed with the top part of her body. She shrieked then groaned making it clear that she was winded. I walked over to the safe, keyed in a combination as well as placing my finger on the scanner then dropped the revolver and holster inside. "Please," she said as I undid my belt. She must have thought I was going to hit her. So I threw the belt aside before dropping my denim to the ground and revealing my rock hard erection.

I picked her up and dropped her on the bed, face down. She couldn't see what I was up to and I knew it was driving her mad because she was frantically shifting her head to see as much as possible.

Soon her legs were bound to two separate corners and a pillow was being pushed under her belly to prop up her ass. With her hands still bound behind her back, she was powerless. I started dripping lube all over her crack, letting it make it's way down over her pussy. She drew in a sharp breath as my fingers started probing her cunt.

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She was more surprised by my interest in her ass as she found my fingers not only invading one of her holes but two. The majority of my attention was going to the former not the latter.

"If it hurts I urge you to scream, this room is sound proof!" she seemed confused by just what was going to hurt. Then she felt the shift of my weight on the bed and my prying fingers leaving her exposed sex to rather grab a handful of her hair. I pushed down with her hair still in my clutches forcing her to wince as she was forced to turn her face to the side. "Please, no, please stop" she begged finally as an effort, as my dick pressed up against her slit.

I hesitated. That's what she thought at least, then she felt my cockhead no longer making contact. "No," came my response at last as I spread her ass cheeks and forced the entire length of my cock into her ass in an instant. The feeling of her body spasming around my cock and under me drove me mad with lust. Then there was the shrill shriek she had released followed by the expression of pain on her face. She started taking shallow breaths to deal with what was going on as well as the pain.

Tears ran down her face and soon I started thrusting adding to her pain and discomfort. The longer I went on the more her whimpering had turned to moans, moans that would meet a rather unsatisfying end. Soon I was cumming, I collapsed onto her as I went limp inside her.

The rush was amazing. "Was that as good for you as it was for me?" I added mockingly as I pulled out of her. "Fuck you, you bastard!" her words were hardly audible through the mixture of disdain and rage.

I spread her cheeks to see her asshole swollen and inflamed, with a thin line of cum seeping out. "Just for that I'm going to leave you like this until I get back" I slapped her ass and headed for the door. My fingerprints unlocked the exit and soon I sealed it behind me.

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"That was better than I ever imagined," truth be told, initially I wasn't ever sure if acting out my fantasies would be rewarding or just another tick on a to-do list that would fade from my memories.

I was relieved that it was this exhilarating, although I could feel stress creeping into my mind as some things would clearly need to change to accommodate for my new.

pet. I took a seat at my desk, grabbing a piece of paper and a pen. I needed to make a list of what needed changing.

"Well, I don't always want to keep her in the panic room, maybe that could just be where she sleeps." I started writing, 1. Clear supplies out of Panic Room, 2. Buy bolts for chain and collar, 3. Survey apartment for possible escape routes and remedy them.

4. Make her s. My front door swung open as my assistant walked in. I froze, not only was this a compromising position to be in but I was still completely naked.

Jennifer seemed to not notice me as she quickly walked from the kitchen with a jug of water, all the while texting on her phone. Her red hair was set alight by the balcony light outside shining in. She poured water into my ferns and a few select flower pots that were spread throughout the apartment. Jennifer turned towards the study, which was on the second floor and only accessible by a flight of stairs. She hadn't noticed me yet but I knew the Gold of Kinabalu Orchid needed care next and it was right beside me.

I thought it better not to move and simply own the situation. I heard her foot on the staircase and announced my presence. "Uhm, Jennifer" she dropped the pitcher as well as her phone while letting out a high pitched shriek.

"It's me, Daniel - I came home a bit sooner and uh - I'm a bit exposed," she looked up and saw me sitting at the desk then she saw exactly what I meant. She froze staring at first then she turned around her mouth agape "I-I'm sorry - I didn't know!" "Give me a second to just get dressed," I walked down the stairs "then I'll clean up that mess" I touched the small of her back as I passed her on my way to my bedroom.

I could see in the reflection of one of the mirrors on the wall that she was still staring, just more covertly this time. I was quite proud of my body, I worked out frequently and was pretty sure I was endowed well enough to satisfy even the most ambitious of partners. She saw my reflection watching hers and averted her eyes as her cheeks lit up.

I flashed her a smile before disappearing into my room. "Why didn't you let me know that you were back?" she exclaimed so I could hear her through the door. "If I knew you were coming." she felt guilty for walking in on me like that, or perhaps ashamed. It wasn't her fault she should know that much at least. I wasn't about to apologize for that either, though. I opened the door walking out in a bathrobe and some slippers. Her high heels tapped on the oak floors as she moved out of my way as I bent down to clean up.

"I wasn't expecting you to be here so early, I was just sending you a mail to let you know," I stacked shards of what had been the glass pitcher onto a magazine I had grabbed off of the coffee table. "I'm sorry about the pitcher Mr. Price," she bent down to pick up her phone from the pool of water it had been resting in, just then I looked up "It's no problem Ms.

Caziel" I smiled again, our face mere inches apart, she responded in kind before standing up straight trying to dry her phone on her expensive woolen jacket.

You wouldn't know it from looking at her but behind those hazel eyes was a Harvard educated mind. I had poached her from the legal division of our holding company because she had assisted me with legal input on a project I had worked on almost four years ago.

Her proficiency and the frequency in which I needed to call on her made me offer her a position as my direct assistant. She was boosted from an intern's salary to a very overpaid PA in a matter of months. She had earned her keep, though, I was known to be a bit of a difficult guy to deal with. She had the wit to outmaneuver me when my demands were too strenuous and the guts to stand up to me when I was doing something wrong. She had steered my decisions down an ethical path of late, I couldn't help but wonder what state my career would have been in if she arrived on the scene when I was just starting out.

My penthouse wouldn't have been half as luxurious, the thought brought a smile to my face. I realized I was staring at her just about the time she noticed, "Is everything alright, boss?" "I'm just. happy to see you," I turned taking the pitcher to the nearest trash can and dropping it inside with a crash.

"Now I know something is wrong," she said slipping her phone into her jacket pocket and approaching me with a serious expression on her face "What happened, why did you decide to come back sooner?" My eyes darted to the panic room and back to her causing her to turn back. Of course, she wasn't aware that there even was a panic room behind that bookcase but I couldn't help but seem a little nervous.

She started in the direction of my office, then I realized what was on my desk. Sure it wasn't a confession but a note reminding me to escape proof my apartment was more than she would need to go to bed with a curious mind and wake up with a theory. "It's nothing really," I followed her as she moved up the stairs "Okay, shit just wait!" I rushed past her to my desk making her pick up her pace to as a smile spread from cheek to cheek as if we were playing a game. "You know you've just confirmed it for me.

What's up - just come clean so we can manage this together." she folded her arms, her staple move when she was ready for whatever bullshit dilemma I would throw at her. "This isn't something you can solve for me," I said after pretending to have an internal struggle on whether to let her in on what was going on. "Danny, you hired me to solve problems for you.

That's the only reason this job is still interesting to me" she took a step closer as I moved in behind my desk. "You know I hate it when you call me that." I took a seat reaching into the backpack that was next to my desk on the far end while as casually as possible flipping the paper I had written on over. I hoped and prayed she hadn't noticed that. I withdrew a small box from the bag. "But fine, you win" I handed her the box. "I was going to give it to you anonymously but you pressured me now," I had lied to her a lot since she's been my PA.

Mostly because I could, but at the end of the day I really had a soft spot for her and it was showing now. I didn't like opening myself up like this so I stood up and turned my back on her to look at some of the books on the shelves as of they weren't mine. For a moment all thoughts of the panic room and the to-do list were gone from my mind.

"Are you friggin kidding me?" she said finally and I turned to look back. She was holding an old pearl necklace in her hands with a locket at the bottom. She turned it around to see the inscription on the back. "To J. C. Caziel. this is the heirloom my mom had to sell to get me through college" her face was as pale as I had ever seen it. "I had an expert track it down for me but I wanted to go pick it up myself - to make sure it was the real deal and that it got back here safely," I turned to her taking a step closer as my left hand trailed the desk "I hope it's not too much?" Then she threw her arms around my neck placing a clumsy kiss on my lips.

I was caught off guard so I just stood there for a second before kissing her back placing a hand on the back of her head and another on the small of her back.

"Thank you," she rested her head against my chest before repeating the statement a few times while fighting to hold back the tears of joy. So we just stood there for a moment my arms around her while the scent of her hair teased my nostrils. "I'm sorry, that was so unprofessional" she took a step back wiping the tears from under her eyes before straightening out her outfit.

"Don't be ridiculous," I said taking a step forward giving her a quick hug then moving to the kitchen. Just like that, my guard was up again. "So why were you going to mail this to me instead of giving it to me from the start?" she walked down the stairs too.

"Because I'm rotten Jen. I'm spoiled to the core and you know that - I didn't want you thinking I was using this. personal and intimate regret you had in your life to manipulate you into thinking I was anything more than a scoundrel," I pushed a cup into the espresso machine and clicked on an order, causing the machine to grind and hum for a moment.

"I never thought you were anything short of a decent human being, Daniel" she took a seat at the kitchen counter and I passed her a small cup that was fuming with an aroma.

I turned back to the machine to prepare an espresso for myself too. "Well I didn't want you getting the right idea about how I feel about you either," I turned to see her wearing the necklace and her blissful smile put one on my face too.

"You know, if you do things like this- you could have any girl in the world eating out of the palm of your hand," she sipped from her cup, too happy about the gift to care about what I had said. "Oh, is that so?" I removed a chocolate pebble from the bowl on the counter and held an open palm a few inches from her face resting my elbow on the counter. She looked to me then to my palm then back to me and at my palm again.

She seemed as if she was trying to determine if I was serious. Truth be told I wasn't sure if I was flirting or joking at this point. She leaned over sticking her tongue out to grab the chocolate before laying her cheek in the palm of my hand.

It was surprisingly sensual, I hadn't thought witnessing someone eating a sweet could be this alluring. She was watching me. Daring me to dare her. My thumb caressed the side of her nose then her cheek. "You're making it very hard for me to restrain myself, Jen," I said at last.

"Maybe you're not the only one rotten to the core, Daniel. Maybe I'm spoiled and broken too," she lifted her head from my hand then seized it. Guiding me with both hands into her blouse "Maybe it's time we just stop restraining ourselves" My hand traveled under her bra and soon I had her full, firm breast in my hand. Then I pulled my hand out of her blouse, I saw an expression of shock on her face.

I let it linger for a second or two to stir some tension before I walked around the counter making my advance clear. She stood to face me and now our lips were mere inches apart, our noses touching just slightly as our bodies writhed to and fro.

"If we're not holding back this could get rough," the sentence was broken up and almost lost between the quick exchanges of kisses. I worked at the necklace, undoing it and dropping it on the counter, would hate if anything happened to that. "Try not to hurt yourself," she said with a naughty smile. My robe dropped, exposing my body to her as I walked her backward until she was against the wall next to the staircase.

I took her jacket off, then ripped her blouse open - sending buttons flying all over the room. Soon the ragged remains of her designer top were on the ground and her skirt was kicked off to one side too.

I had started to plant kisses on her neck, then her shoulder and by the time if got to her chest I had removed her bra - exposing her firm breasts. I had imagined seeing her naked a few times over the years, especially when she would accompany me to functions but my imagination couldn't do her body justice.


I kissed the top of her breast, then the nipple and then worked my way down her stomach. By the time I had reached her crotch she had slipped out of her underwear bottom and wiggled it to the floor, revealing a thin line of pubic hair just above her slit.

I lifted one of her legs over my shoulder before planting my mouth over her pussy. Letting my tongue dance between her lips, into her and over her clit. It only took a minute or two of this before she started clutching the back of my head and arching her back - an orgasm no doubt building in her loins. A few more minutes and her juices were dripping from my chin, but she wasn't there yet. Almost but not quite. I sucked on her clit then stopped as I felt her tensing up, leaving her drifting somewhere between having an orgasm and being on the edge of having one.

She had been moaning all the while but now, she was calling me by name as if to ask why I had stopped. I let her delayed satisfaction linger before placing my middle finger into her slit wettening it with her juices. Even just that pushed her closer to the edge. She couldn't handle the wait any longer so she reached down to finish the job herself but I caught her by the wrist with my left hand forcing her right against the wall.

She moaned again in longing agony. I waited a second more then withdrew my finger replacing my mouth onto her clit and doing as much as I could to push her to the edge, then when she was about to cum my middle finger wormed into her asshole.

I could feel her butt clenching but I could also feel her thighs closing around my head as she let out a deep groan. A tune so feral in fact, that I didn't think her body was capable of making it. My finger and my tongue were still hard at work making sure she was on the high of her life.

She was still pulsating with her orgasm when I lead her to the couch and bent her over it. "You're fucking incredible," I said as I for the second time today I would fulfill one of my fantasies. I slowly slid myself into her as I leaned forward kissing her shoulder and neck before biting softly on her ear.

She groaned, looking back at me with her mouth agape, but not bothering to open her eyes as she started moaning again. I started caressing a breast with one hand letting another snake down in between her legs while she compensated for my unsupported weight by bracing with both arms on the couch. My fingers flicked from side to side over her clit as my pelvis slammed against her ass in quick succession.

I could feel myself getting close and, based on her moaning and the way her body began to tense, she was too. Then as I slammed into her a final time, letting my fingers work for a moment before my own orgasm disrupted my ability to do so.

"Fuck-ing-hell!" her cunt squeezed my dick as she ceased her moaning as sporadic breathing took over, her back arched and she pressed her body back into me. I stood for a moment with her as her pussy milked me, the walls contracting as she experienced her high.I pulled out of her, my dick still semi-erect but my body tired from the effort. The long journey and the endeavor just minutes before taking its toll. We collapsed off of the couch and onto the cold hard ground.

I didn't mind, though, I could do with the cooling off and she was laying on me for the most part. "This is going to be a problem isn't it?" she said after a few seconds of peaceful cuddling.

My hand was tracing a circle on her ass cheek while she similarly was tracing one on my chest. "If you want it to be - that's what it will be," I felt her reposition to get into a more comfortable position for a serious conversation.

Her body propped up by one arm while her other lay flat on my stomach. "Why would I want it to be a problem?" her voice was stern. "If you want it to be a problem that's what it will be, but if you don't want it to be a problem then it won't be one. Whatever you need to be happy - I'll make sure you get," I still had a hand behind my head acting as a cushion but my other traveled to hers locking fingers.

"I can't be," her eyes trailed downwards innocently as she thought about the complications this could cause "I can't be that PA that's fucking her boss" "I care about you," I thought about those words.

Why had I suddenly fallen so madly for her? I had always found her attractive, we'd always flirt and I did care for her but never to the extent that I wanted to ravage her. I hadn't even thought about making a move on her, just seeing her happy had been the goal of the necklace.

Then I saw the bookcase, the secret that was on the other side - was I offsetting such a clearly negative stimulant with one which was good enough to challenge it? Or had I always admired Jennifer and this newfound bravery just gave me the tools I needed to finally realize it. "I l. I mean yeah, I care about you too but how do we handle this?" she asked brushing some hair behind her ear.

"I know," I stood, helping her up too "Well, we have a few options. One of us resigns or changes positions, we can hide our relationship. or whatever this is at this point. Perhaps we just take it in our stride we don't hide it but we don't announce it either and see how that turns out" "Those are some pretty big moves for two people who haven't even been on a date yet," she hugged me pressing her firm breasts against my chest.

"Think about it then I'll pick you up at eight? Two birds, one stone" I planted a kiss on her head as she squeezed tight before letting go. From there we headed for the shower. It wasn't long then before she left to go about her daily business - she was no doubt already late for a few meetings, I hoped that she'd manage with what was left of her top.

For now, I still had my vacation to enjoy. A part of me felt the sting of regret as I locked the door and turned towards the panic room. I was tired now, really tired, but I had to make sure she didn't find a way to free herself from the bonds she was in.

So I approached the door placed my print on the book and pulled it back causing the seal of the door to hiss and the mechanisms to push it open. Then she charged out, swinging her bound hands at me making me stumble then running for the first door she could see. She also yelled for help, which was a problem so I quickly rushed after her and tackled her to the ground.

Abandoning all attempts at self-preservation to silence her as quickly as possible in fear that Jen might hear her. I felt her claw at my chest as I laid on top of her. And I felt a rage burning in me and all I could do to prevent myself from flat out hitting her was to squeeze harder on the seal my hands were making around her mouth. "You should just have behaved Samantha!" I roared as I plucked the sash, which was meant to keep my robe tight around the waist, loose.

I saw Jen's lingerie bottoms under the couch right by us and reached for that next. Then through her mumbled screams and kicks and attempts at further clawing at me I forced the garment into her mouth before tying the white sash around her head twice ending it in a knot.

She groaned and mumbled as I flipped her over. "You know, I wasn't even going in there for you - but this little wrestling match we just had has gotten me quite worked up!" I pinned her under my weight, grabbing a handful of her hair and forcing her head down while I leaned back to inspect her puckered asshole. The swelling had gone up, not down since last I violated her and I didn't have lube handy so I knew this would hurt her even more than before.

"You know that saying 'We often meet our destiny on the road we take to avoid it'? Well you're about to learn that lesson the hard way," I lined up to ass-fuck her once more. Then I stopped myself. "I guess I did promise not to hurt you too much," she looked back confused as if she had no clue what I was talking about. I wasn't that surprised, to be honest - I hadn't told her anything. We'd only chatted online, made some promises and the next thing she knew she was being attacked in her apartment.

I wanted to be spontaneous and make sure I enjoyed myself as much as possible. I was going to fix a lot of things for her, so I wanted everything to work out well. It needed to be real. She changed everything when she tore my mask off - she made it real. We'd been talking online for what seemed like ages. We met in a chat room for people of similar. interests. She had been interested in BDSM and finding someone who was up for a fling.

With her coming out of a divorce recently and her career in art tanking she was not only in a tough financial spot but an emotional one too. She never said so, but the reason for her interest in BDSM was that she wanted to relinquish control and just feel good. After a few months of talking she wanted to meet. We hadn't exchanged real names or even pictures at that point so I wasn't sure if I was ready to trust her. Even just chatting online meant I could be blackmailed.

So I hired someone to trace our communication backward and pinpoint her true identity. Samantha Penny. We went to the same High-School and we were close, back before I had started working in sales or had my own company. back before I was on top of the world.


I definitely couldn't meet with her after learning who she was. She was in a tough financial situation and knowing who I was and after having chatted to her about my fantasies - I just knew it could never happen. One day she went dark, though. For a few weeks, she stayed offline. Upon her resurfacing, she told me she was in a bad place.

She needed money. She wasn't asking for it, though, just venting. I knew I could help her out. Then again, she'd know who was helping her out and eventually make the connection. That's when the idea came to me. She had gone on and on about being desperate, even joked about having to whore herself out soon. So I posed the question. "What would buy me my fantasies?" she joked around about how I wouldn't need to pay.

So I made it clear. "If is sneaked into your room - tied you done and fucked you for the entire night. even hurt you a little - then left ten thousand dollars on the nightstand, would you be better off?" "Maybe if we met on a date first, that sounds a bit scary for a first timer?" she was still seeing this as some sort of role-playing.

"A hundred thousand?" I made sure she understood what I meant. No one pays that much for a prostitute or if you're helping someone out. "Not that desperate. yet -I'll let you know?;P" so the answer was no. At least I knew. "Seven figures?" I tried one last thing.

"Haha - for a million dollars you could bring a friend!" that was all the motivation I needed. Pretty ridiculous in retrospect. That was three months ago. Two months before my road-trip and not our last communication on the matter.

I could see she was clueless she hadn't expected it to really happen and on top of that, she didn't seem to piece it together yet. That made me happy - that would make the fantasy real, I only had so much time before it all came together and it was time to pay up the piper.

Chapter 2: A Dance in Darkness I pulled her to her feet and dragged her after me, up the stairs and into the safe room. She'd made a mess of the place so I grabbed an extra set of cuffs and linked them into the cuffs that were on her already and then around the base of the bed. She just knelt there, tired and defeated as I cleared out the room. Soon the only things that remained were the toys, the safe and the empty racks on which, and in which, the supplies were packed.

Once I was happy that there was nothing left in the room she could use to inflict harm or escape, I closed the door behind us. I was really feeling the fatigue now so I decided to do a simple setup to start with. More uncomfortable arrangements could be made tomorrow. I undid her cuffs so I could redo them behind her back then I took a length of rope and tied her elbows together too.

I opened a box of toys. Among its contents were a set of vibrators. Both were silver and one was slightly larger than the other. "Lithium batteries, apparently these last all night" I knelt over her and inserted the larger of the two into her cunt before slowly pushing the other into her ass then tying her legs together right above her knees so they couldn't part, allowing no room for the toys to slip out.

"That should keep those in there" I pressed a button on a remote I held in my hand and a buzz started between her legs, making her writhe. I took advantage of her crippled state to fit a leather collar around her neck which had a metal chain attached to it. I tied this to the base of the bed leaving her mere inches to play with. "You sleep on the floor tonight, you can join me on the bed once you earn it" and with that, I got into the bed and switched off the light.

I could hear her heavy breathing, her moans, and her muffled attempts at pleading and for the first few minutes, it was hard to sleep. All I wanted to do was put my raging erection to use but as time went on her moans became like the soft tune of the night.

A lullaby meant to carry me off to sleep and asleep I fell. I couldn't have been out for more than four or five hours when I woke up, startled by the sound of a scream. My head still pulsed with grogginess as I moved to jump out of the bed. Then I realized and remembered, at the same time, that I was in the panic room.

The shriek was Samantha, who was writhing on the ground. While I was asleep she had managed to get the gag out of her mouth and she was having another orgasm by the looks and sound of it. "Please, please take them out I've had enough" she was squirming laying in a pool of her own juices, a thick layer of sweat over her body.

I sat up and pressed the button that cranked up the vibes then watch her groan in dismay. "If I switch this off will you behave?" I asked toying with the settings, the inconsistency driving her mad.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes - anything you say just make it stop!" I could see more tears welling in her eyes so I pressed the button switching them off. Relief washed over her as her body relaxed.

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She was tired and seemed almost paralyzed her skin was covered in a thick gloss of sweat and her chest was heaving. "Quite a mess you've made here" I knelt next to her starting to undo the bonds around her legs, then slid the two vibrators out of her. The one that was in her cunt was covered in her juices, "Ever taste yourself, Sammy?" I grabbed her by her chin squeezing on both sides of her jaw to force open her mouth.

"Stick out your tongue," she hesitated, then obeyed. I wiped the vibrator on her tongue covering it in n her substances before grabbing onto the tip of her tongue and pushing the vibrator into her mouth then slowly towards her throat. Once she had gagged a little I took it out and tossed it aside. "Oh, I can't wait to fuck you again" I let go of her tongue then pushed her legs apart.

It was a sticky and sweaty mess and I wanted a part of it. I repositioned myself so that I could get into a position more suited for going down on her.

Soon I was lapping at her soaked cunt, watching her jitter every time my tongue touched her. I wasn't even going straight for her pussy, my kisses ventured to the sides of her lips and up her legs and stomach.

When I was done she was shaking again holding on to the base of the bed to cope. I pulled at the short hair growing above her slit and saw her wince but remain silent. "Good girl, are you hungry?" her head turned to me in an instant, giving away just how hungry she had been.

"Come with me" I undid her chain and lead her out of the room. The clock on the wall read 3 PM letting me know I had been asleep for just over five and a half hours. I walked to the kitchen before tying her to the sink, with more leeway this time. "Kneel" she raised her eyebrows and her eyes widened. "You earn your place at the table too" she stopped as if to object, then looked down ashamed before complying. "Come to think of it, you earn your food too" I grabbed the chain quickly undoing it and voiding the whole kneeling action, before leading her towards the bathroom and tying the chain to the shower-head.

No leeway here, she could barely stand on the tips of her toes. I opened the tap and let the water wash down on her. "And here you earn things by being subject to whatever I want. I'll come fetch you when the food is ready" just as I left I heard her speak a few words "Thank you" I started making brunch.

Eggs, bacon, toast, pork bangers and even some pan seared mushrooms with garlic and cheese. I dished up then went back to the shower. She'd been standing there for a good fifteen to twenty minutes. The hot water had made her flush and as I helped her out I felt how soft her skin was from the prolonged exposure to the heat.

I had another urge and yet again I had to find it within myself to not simply act on it. But it was becoming harder - she'd better enjoy the luxuries I was affording her now because it wouldn't last forever. "Use the lavatories, wash-up and then come and eat. Don't try anything stupid" I kept the door open after untying her elbows then left to eat.

Halfway through my meal she appeared, the door to the lavatories was at an angle from where I was sitting so I didn't have a direct view, but it was direct enough for me to make sure she didn't try escaping or notifying anyone. When she joined me she knelt, sitting back on her calves with her cuffed hands on her lap.

"Please can I have something to eat?" she said almost too softly to hear. "Sure there's a whole other plate up here, some good ol OJ too" I pulled the plate closer to the edge of the table so she could smell the bacon and garlic. She sat up so her head was just over the counter, inspecting the plate, then as she leaned in, I pulled it to me. "No, you don't eat from the table unless you have a seat at the table" I moved my seat back a bit. When my robe parted she could see what the proposition was as my dick stood erect, a most inconvenient obstacle if she was to sit on my lap.

She stood then moved to stand next to me, unsure of how to proceed. "Sit." she slowly went down and I guided her to sit straight on my cock, letting it slip inside her pussy slowly and surely.

Until I was balls deep in her. "No need to wait for permission, eat" she quickly reached for a piece of bacon nibbling at it as I pushed my empty plate away. I wanted to see how much frustration I could cause her so I started to play with her nipples, pulling on them then squeezing them between my fingers, not too hard, but hard enough to make it impossible to ignore.

Then as she reached for another piece of bacon and the glass of orange juice, my fingers went in between her legs and the crack of her ass at the same time. I saw her freezing as a finger wormed into her asshole while two fingers toyed with her clit, then she unfroze and continued.

Soon she had gulped down the glass of OJ and her plate was clean. I was still hard inside of her and she had been dripping with juices because of my relentless presence between her legs. "That's enough pleasantries for one day - don't you think?" I pushed her up and withdrew my cock before standing up and bending her over the table. "Stay" I turned around grabbing a ring gag off of the table then spreading her jaw wide open to insert it.

I could gauge that it was slightly too large but I got it in there after some effort. I proceeded to take some rope and tied her ankles separately to opposite legs of the table.

What came next were her hands, I linked a rope with the cuffs then pulled her hands forward over the length of the table, before tying it down. She had no room to move. She must have thought I was going to fuck her. I wasn't that predictable though and she could hear the rattle of a belt buckle behind her. I closed my fist around the buckle then circled the belt around to make sure I had a good grip on it. There were a few seconds of silence, I did this on purpose. I wanted her to be worried.

To be confused. I brought the belt down hard on her right ass cheek leaving a red welt that blurred as she squirmed around trying to cry out despite the ring-gag.

Another smack came down and this time it drew a welt from her shoulder to one of the dimples on her lower back. She squirmed even before the next hit came down, I had taken an angle here drawing a horizontal stripe on both legs just below her buttocks. Her outcries had become too much for me so I dropped the belt and latched on to her like a predator would latch onto its prey, slamming my dick into her pussy in one quick movement before following it up with several riveting thrusts.

I groaned as I tried going faster and faster, I slapped her ass, then again and again. Then I stopped, slowing my thrusts almost completely to catch a breath. It felt good to just fuck her, as hard as I could. Her moans made it clear she was enjoying this. That was a problem I would fix by teaching her what I liked. "You know, I've always been an ass man" I pulled my cock out and almost immediately started slowly working it into her asshole.

I wasn't going to thrust in like last night - she needed some time to recover after that and I wanted her to like it despite finding it repelling. I remembered her saying she hadn't ever done anal before and hadn't intended on it, that along with her welcoming fuck, surely made her hate it. I was going to make sure she came despite that, though. I could still see she was inflamed. It was kind of sick that I wanted to hurt her just as much as I wanted to derive pleasure from her.

The truth was though that this was how it worked. Whether it was turning her on at this point or not. She needed to know I was in control of what brought her pleasure, what made her feel good, what kind of food she ate, if she was going to feel discomfort, embarrassment, pain or even her level of worth.

That ultimately fuelled my conquest of her psyche and her body, once she truly surrendered to me I'd be satisfied.

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By the time I had finished my train of thought I had been thrusting in and out for a minute or so and I could feel her asshole tensing up every time I pushed into her. I was sure it was just a reaction to the pain but it was pushing me closer the edge. I stopped standing, opting instead to also bend over her letting some of my body-weight fall on her and also putting my head right next to hers. "You know what that ring gag is for? Once I'm done here you're going to get to suck my dick too" she didn't say anything but as the words left my mouth her ass clenched and she kicked at her bonds.

"Oh, you don't like the idea of that do you?" I bit her earlobe, before biting her neck then her shoulder then her back, leaving a trail of bite-marks. Just as I felt a climax building I spotted her side-boob and decided I'd give her tits a nibble too. I bent sideways awkwardly and as my teeth pinched a part of her breast I bit down a bit harder than intended, causing her to writhe and slam her body backward as she kicked at her bonds yet again. I was so close to cumming now that I didn't have time to go at her slowly.

I slipped a hand in between her legs, found her clit and started moving my hand rapidly from side to side. Then I slowed before speeding up again. I came, still rubbing and thrusting her despite the rush nearly paralyzing me. Soon she shook her head which I took as an indication that she wasn't happy about what was about to happen. Her head arched back as she moaned in a climax. I could feel her contract around me once again, this kept me erect even after I had come.

So I stopped rubbing her and opted instead to stand and keep thrusting. I could hear her groan, she clearly thought it was over. My thrusts were more rugged now, savage even. The gentleness I had originally approached this with was out the door. I wanted to know that when I was done with her puckered little asshole would hurt more than the day before and every moment I was away from her tonight she'd be thinking of me.

After I had become tired, I withdrew. Slapping her ass, as she would soon learn I do after every ass-fuck I gave her. Now it was time for her to get acquainted with the second thing she'd experience every time I was done with her ass.

She saw me approach her from the front and her head turned away. So I grabbed a handful of hair and pulled up, harder than was needed so she not only was in position but also so she could learn a lesson.

Her eyes got teary as eyes often do when someone pulls at your hair. "You think you have the right to turn away from me?" I yelled before I grabbed her head with both hands, holding her still and I thrusting into her. I heard her gag so I pulled out for a second before stuffing it back in with the same result and the same reaction. I did this over and over varying the time I held my dick down her throat.

After a few minutes of this saliva was dripping onto the table and off of my balls. I gave my dick a few strokes then shot a web of cum onto her face followed by a few more. From the way she was breathing it almost sounded like she had run a marathon. Then I undid her bonds, even the cuffs, and walked her to the safe room. I could see a mixture of her juices and cum dripping between her legs as she walked with her arms tight against her body and her head bowed as she took narrow steps.

Signs of fear or insecurity, good signs in other words. Once she was in the room I locked the toy box and made sure, again, that there was nothing she could use to escape. Then I pointed to a box on a shelf, it was the only thing I had left in there the night before. "You'll find makeup in there, along with a dress, some heels, a brush and a marker. Use it to prepare for a date night and get creative with the marker and I'll be back tonight. If you do a good job - I'll reward you properly" I started getting ready for my date with Jen.

I couldn't help but wonder what would wait for me upon my return. Would she go all out? Would she not prepare at all? What would she do with the marker I left her? I started thinking of her punishments and rewards. Then the thought came to me that I should write down my ideas. I noticed the paper was gone.

The one with my notes on. My heart stopped. I jumped to action starting my search, looking under the table, then in a stack of documents. After fifteen minutes of searching and it not turning up, all I could think about was that someone would find it when they came to visit. I gave up on finding the notes for now though because I was running late and still needed to set up for our date.

With tension and frustration hammering down on my nerves I vowed to not write anything down again. ever. Jen expected me to pick her up at seven so I needed to take a shower and get dressed, quickly too. After my shower, I walked into my closet and walked out dressed in a fine, tailor made, suite.

Soon my hair was combed back and I was ready to go and with only a few minutes to spare, I set up a table for an apartment date.

I pressed a button in the garage then got into my car, reversing backward onto the marked grid on the ground behind the vehicle. Then I waited a few seconds before small barriers rose on all sides and the floor gave way. My car was in a glass elevator shaft moving down. Soon I was out of the building and into the flow of traffic, making my way to Jen's apartment block.

When I got there, she kept me waiting, I knew she would. She wanted to make sure I knew she was a commodity. It was annoying, but it had its intended effect. I wanted her more, knowing she was this confident despite my position and the amount of wealth I had was something I didn't come across often. She walked up to the car and I got out to greet her. She flashed me a smile as I gave her a look up and down.

She was wearing a skin tight, black dress that started with silk straps at her shoulders then clung to her body all the way down to her knees. The only change in the fold of the fabric was from a cut of horizontal material just below her breasts, pulling the material tight after the bulge.

Her long red hair was pulled into curls and her makeup was so elegantly done that her eyes stood out even more than they usually did. I gave her a kiss on the cheek, "You look absolutely incredible" "You clean up well too, handsome" she stepped into the car, the door of which, I was holding ajar for her. When I got into the driver's seat she asked me about where we were going.

I just kept quiet and started driving with a smile on my face. Most would mistake the silence in the car for awkwardness, but I could see in the way she was looking at me that this was tension.

I'm sure she felt it too because I found it hard to focus on the road. "I hope it's somewhere nice," she said finally with a laugh "Would be funny if I got all dressed up for fast food or a meal at your pla…" As she said it we were back at the Price Building.

"We're going to your suite?" she laughed placing a hand on my shoulder as she leaned in to whisper in my ear "If you told me that I'd have dressed more comfortably, but I can always fix that now" I drove onto the marked lines and soon the elevator whisked us away. She undid her seatbelt, shuffling her weight from side to side as she pulled her dress up and over her shoulders, revealing the most enticing black lace lingerie I had ever seen.

"There we go, much more comfortable!" she turned to me smiling at my surprise. "You know people can see us in here, right?" my smile covered for my concern as I gestured to the glass elevator which was in plain sight of at least two apartments on every floor.

"So?" she asked leaning in to whisper in my ear before nibbling on the end. By the time we were halfway up the elevator shaft, I felt my buckle loosen and heard my zip open as she dropped her head between my legs. I felt her full lips, sticky with red lipstick, on the shaft of my cock.

Then I felt her mouth open, her moist breath sending a chill through my body as she indulged. Her head bobbed up and down. By the time we were in the garage, I was paralyzed by the sensation while my mind wondered how much further her exhibitionist side would unveil itself, I nearly came as I thought about all the places I could take her.

I felt myself wondering how open she would be to knowing more about my fantasies as my hand rested in her hair. I wanted to test it so as I was building to a climax I pulled her away from my crotch, by her hair. She groaned barring her teeth before smiling at me then laughing as she tapped her palm against my cheek, fainting a slap. "Is that how it is? You're testing me now?" she said opening the door and getting out when the elevator stopped.

The look on her face and the giggle that followed made one thing very clear. Jen was a much different person than I had thought she was. She ran into my apartment so I drove forward parking the car before following her.

As I stepped into the apartment I saw her at the kitchen counter, bending down to pick something up. "Jen, no!" I yelled as she started reading the elusive list. "What the fuck is this?" she said turning to me with her mouth agape. I was caught with my pants down, literally and figuratively. The list wasn't that clear but my outcry made it apparent that something was amiss.

"I can explain." I started pulling up my trousers as she threw the note aside heading for the standard elevator. Her playful mood was gone, I clearly had to salvage the situation. only I wasn't sure I could. "I don't know how the fuck you're going to do that because there's clearly something deranged or perverted going on here and I don't want any part of it" she tapped the button repeatedly as if the elevator would come quicker if she did so.

"Why can't things ever just be simple" I realized then that I only had one option. I had to show her who I was. Who I truly was. I rushed at her, grabbing her by her wrist. She turned an instant and instinctively planted a slap on my cheek.

Which tested my restraint as I latched onto that wrists too, pinning her against the wall. I had always had a short temper, one that didn't do well with pain. "Daniel, get off of me!" she exclaimed in startled frustration. I pressed my body against hers planting my legs between her parted thighs to ensure she couldn't knee me or otherwise kick at me.

"Just let me explain!" she struggled to try to get free. "Fuck off, Danny!" she finally gave up on being a lady and brought her forehead down hard attempting to smash my nose in. I recoiled, dodging barely but sending us both stumbling backward onto the carpet. Somehow in the midst of it, I had ended up on top of her, so I pinned her midriff with my ass, essentially sitting on her as I held her wrists down.

"I told you I was rotten, you said you were too!" she struggled to break free from my grip and I struggled to keep her pinned. When she had finally exerted herself she stopped to catch a breath. "And I saw it in you now too, you're probably dripping wet from this struggle" she turned her head away as her chest heaved as small beads of sweat started forming all over her exposed skin.

Then I noticed something that changed the whole situation around for me. She was blushing, profusely. She seemed stuck somewhere between conceding to what I had pointed out and fighting it. "You know it's true, you like the fight and you're as much of a freak as I am" I let go of her wrists watching her closely.

Our eyes made contact briefly before she looked away again - she had stopped fighting to get out from under me and that was all the permission I needed. I stood up taking a step away from her, "Now let me show you the true me them you can choose whether or not you are up for it" I glanced at the wet spot on her crotch and smiled, maybe she was like me after all.

I had better hope so. I pulled her to her feet then went to the panic room, she followed with an air of reluctance about her that was tainted by her clear arousal. I placed my hand on the panic button and a second later the book case moved, swinging slowly ajar to reveal what seemed to Jen to be an empty room. She stepped inside, and I followed suit. Closing the door behind us. She was, in the bathroom, my prized possession, trying to tighten a corset by herself. When she noticed us and looked our way I saw the scarlet color of her lips and the subtle blush she had applied to her face.

Her face still had the remnants of my dried cum on it. She looked down and walked my way. It was almost like she didn't even notice Jen there next to me, she must have thought it another test.

Or at least that's what I chose to believe. She had learned her lesson I assumed, she must really have feared the punishment she could receive. "Jen, I'd like to introduce you to." I placed a finger under Sammy's chin lifting it so that Jen could see her face "my sins personified" Jen had a scowl on her face.

This was not what she was expecting, or perhaps it was and that's what scared her. "Is she. is she into this?" Jen reached out placing a shaky hand on Samantha's shoulder. She moved slowly, as if she was confronted by a wild animal, and had decided to poke it instead of retreating. "To an extent," I stepped in behind Jen, snaking a hand around her midriff while urging her forward "that's how I found her - but I'll walk you through the details later.

For now, just explore. indulge" She drew a short breath as my fingers traveled into her lingerie bottoms, I could feel her lips glazed in her juices. "This is wrong Danny" she stepped back pushing against my embrace, a faint at attempt to leave.

"It's not just wrong," I urged her forward "it's madness" She stumbled into Samantha and for the second time, tonight found herself in a compromising position as they both collapsed to the ground.

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This time Jen was on top. She paused as she looked down at Sammy whose eyes were wide and wild. Jen looked to me, her eyes just as wide and her inhibitions blurring. I nodded as if she had been asking permission. She looked back down to Sammy who was frozen in anticipation, her eyes locked on me.

So Jennifer leaned in, placing a kiss on her victim's lips. I could feel myself stir as their full lips collided.

I saw Samantha's back arch as she returned the kiss. In a few seconds, they had forgotten that I was there. Writhing and grinding against each other while their tongues danced and their lips smeared together. I just watched them, trying to figure out which of them liked it more. It seemed like Sammy needed a gentle touch and Jen needed to indulge in Samantha's acceptance and took the kisses returned to her as such.

Jen's one hand slipped in between Sammy's legs and under the layer of lingerie that covered her soft mound. I decided I had seen enough, it was time for me to get involved. Jenifer needed to know what my part in this scenario was and Samantha needed to understand that she was at the bottom of the food chain. I walked up to the unsuspecting pair as they started moaning. They stopped kissing as the sound of my buckle hitting the floor alerted them to my presence, Jen looked back at me and saw a familiar look of determination on my face.

She'd seen it before many times, it was the face she'd see in meetings when I was done negotiating. So she looked back at Sammy in anticipation. I placed a strong hand on her shoulder pushing her down onto Samantha before pulling her panties aside and laying on top of her. My cock was pressing against her asshole as I whispered in her ear, "If we do this, we do it properly - if you want out you better say so now" There was hesitation, an awkward silence filled with tension.

She knew what agreeing here meant. Submission and dominance both at the same time. Not to mention the crime she would be buying into. The final of her worries was the price for submitting, I would slam my dick into her asshole and she would be relentlessly ass fucked. She looked back at me and I could see her flushed cheeks as she asked: "Does it have to be anal?" I only looked at her for a moment as Samantha started writhing under our combined weight.

"If you want in on this, it's whatever I want it to be" I then gestured with a nod at Sammy "But it's also whatever you want it to be" She looked down into Samantha's eyes searching for something she seemed to find, a moment later she looked back at me with a half-smile and nodded. I pressed my hips forward and she instantly groaned, even though the tip of my dick had only started to press into her. She lowered her face in between Samantha's neck and shoulder and intertwining the fingers on both their hands.

"Well that's as much consensus as I need, we'll get back to that later" I pulled away "but right now I'd rather we take this outside" I stood by the door opening it and gesturing for them to follow me back into the apartment. They both scrambled to their feet and once Jen was out of the room Samantha waited for instruction while she covered as much of her body as possible.

I nodded for her to also come through the door and once she passed me I grabbed onto the string of her corset and tightened it before following her down the stairs to the kitchen. She looked at that table and I noticed her body language closing up even more. I pushed her to her knees at the side of the table then pulled a chair out for Jen to sit, who seemed pretty confused by what was going on.

I had just deflated one of the more erotic experiences of her life for what seemed like no reason. When I lit the candle on the table she realized though that this was where I had intended for our date to play off.

"Samantha, there's wine on the kitchen counter - pour for us" Samantha was a bit delayed as she had not been given such direct instructions before. She followed the instruction correctly though and soon she had been given another and another and ten minutes later she was practically a waitress at a private restaurant. All the while Jenifer and I had been talking. I told her about my fantasies, how long I'd had them and how much planning went into this, being careful not to say too much as to give anything away while Sammy was around.

Jenifer, in turn, seemed excited and asked as many questions as possible while gulping away at glass after glass of wine. Then when Samantha had finished reheating the food I had in the oven Jennifer asked, "So what's after dinner?" "Desert" I gestured for Samantha to kneel again by the side of the table "But you get to have yours with the main course" "Sammy get in between those legs" I took a sip of wine before continuing "If you can't make her cum before my meal is done I'll punish you, and I think you know what that means" She whispered, almost inaudibly but desperately "No, please" as she reached for me in an instinctive plea.

"If you can make her cum, I'll give her the punishment instead" the smile of fascination on Jen's face quickly faded to one of concern as Sammy crawled under the table. From the way Jen jumped to the expression on her face I could see that this challenge was being taken seriously, she had gotten to work straight away. "What if she makes me." she opened her palms dropping her knife and fork as a surge of pleasure entered her body.

I smiled at the sight of her fighting back what seemed to be an inevitability at this point. "You must really be primed if she can have a reaction on you that quickly," I put a piece of steak into my mouth before continuing "but to answer your question. You would get her punishment, which. let's just say means we'll follow up where we left off before dinner" Jen had stopped eating, her wide eyed expression and the accompanying grip on the table making it clear that the struggle between my two play things would be epic.

A few minutes had passed and I was down to my last bite or two. I could hear desperate lapping and sucking noises echoing from beneath the table while Jen had closed her eyes. Her barely clothed body was blushing with fevered skin as she tried to hold back what I anticipated to be an epic orgasm. "Daniel finish your fucking meal already," the sentence came out as a collection of grunts and groans.

I smiled taking the final bite and laying my knife and fork down as I chewed. The second I said that I was done, Jen's entire body tensed up and she shrieked as waves of pleasure washed over her. She was writhing to a point where she slammed the flats of her hands down onto the table. She wasn't done though. The waves of pleasure were only building upon one another.

It seemed like a cataclysmic event. Minutes passed as I watched amused. By the time Jen came to I had already started administering Samantha's punishment. I had stretched her jaw wide open and was tightening straps behind her head to fix a ring-gag in place. Once this was done I fondled her tits harshly before picking her up and hoisting her over my shoulder.

"Come" I gestured to Jen as if she was a pup, she didn't hesitate following me and soon we were outside on the balcony. I suppose balcony is a bit of an understatement. This was a yard in the sky. There were trees, a lawn, shrubbery and hell, even a grill and a pool. I threw Samantha down on the grass near the shrubbery and immediately saw her looking around.

She hadn't realized, even now, that we were in a skyscraper. She could only see trees and shrubbery. I expected her to try and make a run for it, either way, she'd run into a pane of ballistic glass.

I turned my back on her to face Jen, who had followed me on shaky legs. "I want you to help me tie her to a tree," I bent down picking up a piece of rope I had hidden in the shrubbery "Then we're going to bed. We have a lot to talk about," She held herself with one arm running down the length of her left-hand side while the other held onto that arm at elbow height.

"Don't look so insecure, you won" I tossed the rope at her as I turned to face Sammy, who had much to my surprised gotten to her feet and was holding a set of garden shears in her hands. She had opened them and was holding them towards me like I was a wild animal and it was fire. I smiled, then let out a short burst of laughter which I cut short to look at her.

She must have seen the condescension on my face because she waved the sheers at me as if to reassure me that she would use them. "Right now you have two choices," I took a step forward leaving a foot or two between myself and those sheers "you either stab me and kill me or you don't and I take those shears from you before giving you an ass fucking like you wouldn't believe" Her knuckles tightened around the handles of the shears as I spoke those final words.

"Cause, I'll give you the choice" I leaned forward putting my hands behind my back "You kill me and leave here a victim of a terrible crime who somehow overcame her captor, then you return to your house just in time for the bank to repossess it and for your life to continue falling apart.

Or you drop those sheers, take the repercussions like a good girl and you don't have to think or stress or worry for a change. Your old problems go away and you trade them for new ones… ones that you have control over" By the time I was done talking I was mere inches from her, the blades of the sheers resting against the arteries on either side of my neck.

I could see the panic in her eyes, and if all truths were told, I'd have to admit that I wasn't as sure at that point as I was when I had first started approaching her. "'uck!" she tried to curse through the ring gag as she threw the shears into the bushes.

She rested her face in the palms of her hands as I pulled her close against me. For a second I almost just wanted to give her the peace of mind just hold her and hug her.

I wanted to tell her that I would make good on the deal I had with her and that her old problems would be gone when I was done with my games and finally let her back into her old life.

I could tell her that her mortgage had already been settled and that I wouldn't fuck her already raw ass for the umpteenth time since she's been with me. "I can't believe she threatened you like that!" Jen was right behind me and when I looked back she seemed livid. More livid than I had ever seen her. Jen reached around me grabbing Samantha by the neck before forcing her down onto the ground.

"You should've just taken your punishment and be done with it but now both of us are going to make sure you understand your place here" Samantha was moaning and groaning, but she wasn't resisting.

My affection for her gave way to my lust and I took the opportunity to deliver my promised punishment to her while Jen was holding her down. I spread her ass cheeks to reveal a puckered asshole still inflamed. As I pressed the tip of my dick against her I could feel how tender and sensitive her skin was. As I slowly pressed forward her whole body tried to fight me instinctively.

This earned her a slap from Jen who told her to hold still. Jen's eagerness and this volatile side of her personality encouraged me to not be as gentle as I was being so I thrust the length into Sammy. This caused her to squirm and try to cry out through the ring gag.

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"Fuck her hard, Daniel!" I didn't need Jen's encouragement but having it did have an effect on me as I was thrusting harder and harder each time she said it. By the time I was ready to come Sammy had given up trying to fight and had almost gone limp as my balls slapped against her pussy lips sending wet claps into the immediate vicinity. Jen let go of Sammy's neck as she walked into the house and towards the garage.

By the time she returned my balls had slapped against Sammy for the last time. I withdrew from her letting a trail of semen follow. Jen had with her a pair of cuffs and a taser. For a moment I pitied Sammy, but the sight of Jen was driving me mad. In part, because she was gorgeous and she was buying into the pure lunacy of what I was doing but also because seeing her this feisty again made me realize I had to break her all over again.

She wanted to immediately cuff and start punishing Sammy but I had other plans. I grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her to me, she must have assumed I wanted a kiss because that's what I ended up getting. "Drop it," I said tugging at each of her wrists individually. "You're not going to let me get even?" Jen seemed agitated dropping both the taser and the cuffs despite her challenging me. "Of course I will, but I'm the master here" I put a hand on each of her shoulders and pushed her to her knees "and if you want to indulge, you have to go through me first" My dick was rock hard again, drenched in Sammy's juices and pulsing with anticipation.

I sensed some hesitation "You just fucked her ass, Daniel. You can't expect me to put that in my mo…" I didn't give her time to finish as I grabbed two handfuls of her hair and forced my dick against her lips. Her teeth had clenched so I ended up pressing my dick in between her lips and no further. I was intoxicated by the power and sheer control I could exact.

She was just as deep in now as I was and I think having herself brought down a notch made her realize the reality of what had transpired. She was aiding and abetting me. She was guilty here too now. "You're in too deep now and we play by my rules first, then yours" She jerked her head to one side in defiance which brought a smile to my face.

"Perfect" I grabbed a fist-full of her hair and used it to make her comply through the pain. I pushed her face into the ground as she struggled to her knees. A second later she could hear the sound of the taser, the sound went numb as the arc of electricity made contact with her inner thigh.

She jolted and shrieked before starting to whimper and work with me. A few moments later she was standing on the tips of her toes, her hands cuffed around a branch above her head. "Samantha, get up" I pulled her to her feet and started working on releasing the strap of the ring gag.

Once it was done I approached Jen, "Now you two are going to trade places so you can learn to respect me as master" "Danny, you can't leave me out here" she started, her sweet voice layered in so much honey I almost bought into it. "I can and I will" I moved forward to put the ring gag in her mouth, "Daniel, get me down right no…" she hushed as my thumb and forefinger pinched her clit. Before she could formulate an argument I had applied a little pressure and used her gasp to get the ring-gag into her mouth.

I let go and continued to tie the gag. "Samantha, unless you want to sleep out here too, and get another ass fucking I suggest you get to work" I gestured to my semi-erect dick. She slowly went down onto her knees and started sucking and playing with me until I was hard again, and when it was I withdrew. "Good job Sammy, as a reward I'll let play with that taser?" I gestured to the self-defense tool which had since been discarded to the ground. She nodded so I stepped back and watched her pick it up then hold it against Jen's body before pressing the button.

Jen squirmed which only encouraged Sammy to press it harder against her before sending another zap through her body. Soon she targeted Jen's full breasts, one after the other.

Then an ear, under her arm and eventually the very narrow space that separated her bottom lips from her inner thighs. Needless to say, this had Jen writhing with pain and by the time Sammy was done Jen was spent. She had pink marks littering her skin and a thin layer of sweat covering her body. Her crotch was soaked though, for a moment I thought she had wet herself but upon closer inspection, it became clear that the wetness was, in fact, her juices. "Samantha, go inside and sit on the couch I'll be right with you," I turned to Jen "I just want to finish up here then I'll come tell you why you're here" Samantha went inside struggling to walk.

She must have thought I was going to punish Jen further just based on how closely she was watching us. I saw the tears and the look of betrayal on Jean's face and by the time Samantha was inside Jen's cuffs was loose and she had collapsed onto me.

With her body limp on mine, it all caught up with me. I felt regret. I had been too tough, maybe I hadn't expected them to go along with it. Maybe I was just too used to getting what I wanted. I carried Jen inside and laid her down on the bed before placing a kiss on her cheek and leaving the living room. She was conscious when I left but the look on her face said she didn't want to be. She was a proud woman, one I admired, and I pulled her into the shadows with me then beat the crap out of her.

I sat down next to Sammy laying my head in my hands before taking a deep breath and running my hands through my hair. "We're all just twisted Daniel" at first I thought Jen was speaking, but it wasn't her voice and she was in the other room. Samantha placed a hand on my shoulder, "You've been putting me through hell but I've been loving it and hating it, Jen will go through the same and so will you" "Sammy I…" ".'m not sure what to say?" she smiled looking me in my eyes for a mere moment before letting her gaze drop to the ground again "I pieced it together quite quickly actually I just wasn't sure… and as I said in the chat rooms a, I'm not big on butt stuff" The faint smile on her face defeated me, "I guess that explains your moderate cooperation today in comparison to our time together before why the garden pliers though?" "I said I figured it out, not that I was happy with it" she looked away this time as if making sure she doesn't poke the bear.

"You were always like this you know" I stood taking the hand that was on my shoulder "I could always sense you were submissive" Her eyes widened, as she tried to recall where we had crossed paths before "I don't blame you, back in school I was nobody going nowhere and I hardly ever spoke with you" "Daniel Price?" she looked up at me as it dawned on her "Wait little Danny Price from homeroom is the Daniel Price?" I should have smiled or shown some enthusiasm, she was blowing my horn and stroking my ego.

I couldn't manage it though, I was still too embedded in the growing conflictions within me. "The one and the same," I said as I pulled her to her feet. "What's with the long face, shouldn't you be trying to convince me to not press charges or go public with this?" she had a smile on her face and it seemed now that she knew exactly who I was she would go right back to poking that bear she was trying to avoid just a second ago. "Shouldn't you be trying to convince me not to keep you locked up in a room as a fuck-pet for the rest of your life?" A stern warning, I thought as I simultaneously cringed at how malicious that sounded.

"Why would I do that?" she smiled and bit her lip as she threw her body against mine "I already told you loved it there's no lose here for me" I could almost see our late night dialogues in the chat rooms in front of me. I had forgotten what a honey Samantha sounded like. "We're two sides of the same crazy and fucked up coin Daniel," she took a step back before continuing "So is Jen, you're not controlling our minds we're playing along.

So get over whatever shit you're going through right now because it's going to kill the vibe for all of us" "But…" she swung a roundhouse swing at me, one I hadn't expected, and didn't believe until she did it again.

I tasted iron as the third slap connected. My body moved forward on instinct. As if grabbing a woman by the neck and wrist and slamming her into the wall was the most natural thing in the world. She smiled as she rasped for air "If you're going to be the dominant one here you can't be all mopey about it" I pressed harder making it even harder for her to breathe as I tried fighting off the anger, "if you ever try anything like that again I'll tie you naked to a bed and open you up to the public.

Understood?" She nodded slowly and I loosened my hold on her. Her smile had faded but was back now as she added a "Yes sir," "That's master to you" I threw her onto the couch so that she was half bent over the armrest her ass pointing up as her tits smeared against the seat cushions. "Yes, Master" she purred as she looked back at me.

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Seeing her in that pose almost made me want to fuck her again, but I was more tired than I had since this all started and frankly I wasn't sure I'd be able to even keep an erection going. I opened a drawer and pulled out cable-ties which I consequently used to tie her elbows together behind her back. The second set of cable-ties were used to tie her knees together. Needless to say, she was pretty awkwardly bound, so I led her to the bedroom one tiny step at a time then locked the door behind us.

Jen was asleep by now, and I couldn't blame her. "You wake her up in the morning," I led her to the foot of the bed where I instructed her to lay down. "If I'm not woken up by the sound of her cumming or the sight of her sitting on your face you'll regret it" "Master," she nodded her head following it up with a bow. I crawled into bed. My mind was too busy to want to fall asleep but the tiredness overcame me and I was out in a minute or two.