Klassische Dauerwelle Küken Am Pool Gefickt

Klassische Dauerwelle Küken Am Pool Gefickt
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It was one of those special days in the Hidden Leaf Village. people were busy with spring cleaning, work, ninja missions, and secretly sex lives. Naruto was out taking a stroll disapointed that Ero-sennin was busy on his 'research' and couldn't train him today.

He was also bummed that there were no missions available for his rank, and worst of all the ramen shop was closed for the weekend! Sakura was busy at the flower shop with Ino. Kakashi-sensai was out with Asuma-sensai on an A-rank mission in the Land of Mists.

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About to head back home for a nap and some ramen, he decided to stop by the Academy and visit Iruka-sensai. He was on his lunch break so he stooped and chatted with him for about 10 minutes.

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getting alot hungrier he decided to go home and make some ramen before he passed out. But as he reached the academy doors he saw a gray wisp fly by him. Suprised he decide to follow it and see who or what it was. So chasing after it he came to a dead end. Scrathing his head ahe felt like someone was behind him, so turning around a little to fast he saw the gray wisp and now angry to find out what it was he decided to run after it, But as he turned the corner he smacked against someone hard and got flung backwards and suddenly blacked out.

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When naruto awoke he couldn't really see at all, it was so dark in the room. So trying to sit up he felt a rag slip off of his head and smack onto the floor with a light thunk! As he reached for the cloth he was suddenly suprised by a white and blinding light so strong that he had to close his eyes.


When it was a little darker he peaked out and saw the ghostly wisp! Suprised it was the wisp Naruto being an idiot reached out and grabbed at the wisp which had now taken the form of a female figure. The light still to bright he closed his eyes and touched what felt like a shirt and yanked as hard as he could. The sound of cloth tearing and a sudden gasp, Naruto said trumpintly "I got you whoever you are now stop teasing me!" He thrust open his eyes to see who it was.

Then was shocked. It was Hinata Hyuuga. Blushing redder than he ever saw her blush it looked as if Hinata's head would pop! Realizing what Naruto had just done to her shirt which was in pieces in his hand, she did her best to cover herself. Naruto now realizing what he had done blushed very red as well, for before Hianta tried to cover herself he saw her bare breasts which he guessed were about a 36c."He learned to calculate form Ero-sennin" Immediatly Naruto began to get very hard and by now his pants were hurting his cock.

HInata opening her eyes saw Naruto's shocked face but as she looked down towards the floor she was amazed by how long he looked in his pants.

Naruto coming back to reality finally said" Hi.Hinata, oh man im soo sorry about that i thought you were some stranger.

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Hinata closed the door and used some fire style jutsu to light 3 candles. Naruto didn't know what to say but by this time he was trobbing hard, he just had to fuck her at this point and he didn't care if it was rape! "Naruto-kun it's okay im glad you did that" she said in a sly voice. " Y.You are?" he asked confused." Yes because if you hadn't i wouldn't be able to see that" she pointed down at his throbbing meat.

Shocked he tried to cover it up, but being a complete moron he accidently knocked it out of his pants. Amazed at how long it was she guessed about 6.5 inches. Without her knowledge or permission her hand just sprung out and grabbed his meaty cock in hand.

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Then deciding to try it she leaned forward and gave the head a little lick. That caused it to stir and Naruto to moan" Ooooh holy fuck Hinata thats sooo good keep doing that." She wasn't going to stop now that she had a taste of the one she loved.


So she continued to lick and slurp all of his cock. She stooped occasionally to suck his balls which felt great, but returned to his cock after awhile. Soon she was easily deep-throation Naruto until his limit.


After about 10 minutes of this stuff Naruto screams" I.I'm coming Hinata, Ahhhhhhh." and just let's loose in Hinata's mouth. She didn't falter on swallowing, she got it all and savored his salty seed, moaning as she ate it. After all that she said" That was the best Naruto, I hope we can do it again." She said with a sly grin. " Well I don't have to be anywhere today, so how about we go back to my place and we'll continue our little party." Naruto said with love in his voice.

" I think i will join you on that my love." Hearing those words really touched Naruto," I love you Hinata" She was stunned but so touched by those kind words, then all of the sudden Naruto leaned in and kissed her, with that she knew that her and Naruto would be together forever. Though there was a sudden problem that presented iteself to Hinata. The rule of her clan was that she could not choose who to marry, rather the clan leader made the choice. And only the toughest of men could even be considered for Hinata's husband.

"Naruto i have bad news, my clan says i can't marry you unless my father chooses you to be my husband." Hinata said with a depressed tone. "Gah, stupid family laws, don't worry Hinata i will think of something to do so we can be together." Naruto thought hard when he said that knowing one mistake could seperate him from Hinata forever.

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