Blonde slut suck and facial on cam

Blonde slut suck and facial on cam
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Second Night with Alison Here I am, the very next day, getting ready to go next door and have some sexual fun with Alison again. Last night is going to be hard to beat but I am hoping that whatever happens, in a very short while, is as good as or better than last night. Alison was really turned on last night, thrashing and flopping around on the bed in continuous orgasms like a fish out of water.

Before last night had hardly gotten started she was begging me to fuck her hard and fast. It's 7:00pm and I'm walking out of my house, locking my front door and headed for Alison's'.

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She must have been impatiently waiting for me because within two knocks she opened the door, grabbed the front of my shirt and hauled me inside. I can certainly see that tonight is going to be one hot fuck session.

As soon as the door shut she reached to lock it, wrapped her body around me and gave me the hottest, wettest most passionate kiss I have ever experienced. With that we were already stripping each other's clothes off and headed for the living room sofa. Seems that I was wearing only shorts, t-shirt and sneakers without soaks I was completely naked by the time we got there.

Being braless, Alison only had her panties left on and it didn't take me long to get her out of them. Sitting down on the sofa so that her pussy was right on the end of the cushion I kneeled between her legs.

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Here I now am starring into the most beautiful, smoothly shaved pussy I have ever seen. I could already see her juices glistening on her lips. Damn! I need to eat and fuck that pussy dry. Starting at her feet I trailed my kisses up her calf and onto her inner thigh; stopping just below her fuck opening. She was so wet that I could see her cunt juices trickling down between her ass cheeks.


You just know that as much I as love to eat pussy I had to lap up her flowing cum with my tongue and swallow. I then trailed my tongue up to the other thigh to give it equal attention. Besides, I knew this would only make her hotter and I was out to make her explode violently. This time I didn't stop just short of her pussy and let my tongue lick her lips, parting them and gaining entrance to her inner moistness. Alison arched her hips trying to get my face closer to her clit.

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I didn't allow that to happen just yet because I had some kinky plans for this woman. After lapping up her flowing juices one more time I slid two fingers into her pussy. She shuddered and moaned as I found her G spot. Finger fucking her slowly, I prided her cunt lips apart and exposed her erect clit; then bent and suckled on it.

She shuddered into her first orgasm for the evening. Her juices were flowing quit freely now and again; I lapped them up and swallowed. Alison was very wet and overly excited now as I inserted three fingers into her easily. She writhed as my three fingers had massaged and fucked the inside of her honey-hole; her pelvis lifting involuntarily to meet my thrusting hand.

"GIVE IT ALL TO ME," she pleaded. "Tell me what you want Alison?" I asked.

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"All of your hand! FIST ME!" she begged. Without having to be asked again I withdrew my fingers, made my hand into as small of a fist as I could, slicked with her juices then forced my hand into her waiting pussy. As I forced and stretched her inner cunt walls open she moaned loudly and orgasmed once again.

I felt her contract and grip my hand like a vice.


Her juices sprayed all over my hand as she erupted into orgasm. I wanted to yank my hand out of her cunt so I could lick her love juice off of it but I knew she still had more orgasms to come so I left my hand inside of her. I kept pushing till my whole fist was deep inside her, my fingers playing and clutching at her womb. She orgasmed again, more violently this time, sending her whole body shuddering as she came. God I love to watch the facial expressions and involuntarily body motions of a woman as she orgasms.

It definitely gives great pleasure to know that I was the cause of it. No one can ever say that I left my woman unsatisfied when I make love to them (or just plain fuck them). Keeping the pressure of my fist inside her, I lowered my mouth to her clit and sucked hungrily causing her to orgasmed again. I had never seen a woman cum so hard or like this ever before. Just to see it made me so the excited that I knew that once I was ready to fuck her that I would be cumming large quantities of hot male juice inside of her.

The only problem is that I wasn't ready to stop pleasing her yet. I still had a little time to decide which of her three fuck holes I wanted to deposit my load into. I kept this up until my hand began to cramp and she kept cumming and cumming and cumming! Sometimes I would give her smaller waves of multiple orgasms and sometimes very hard and uncontrollable bodily orgasms. I withdrew my hand slowly, and licking her juices off my fingers and then placed those same four fingers into her mouth for her to suck.

"Please give me your cock," she whispered. I slid my cock into her, to the hilt in one swift movement. After fisting and stretching Alison's cunt open, she amazed me by clamping her vaginal muscles tight around my rod.

How could this be? She must have learned how to have absolute control of her inner pussy muscles. Her body lifted off the bed to meet my urgent thrusts as I pounded my, now rock hard, cock into her. I looked deeply into her eyes as my own orgasm was nearing the peak of eruption. I could hold off no more and holding her close I jetted what seemed to be a never-ending stream of cum into her waiting pussy. When she felt my hot cum flood her insides she started screaming that she was ready to cum one more time.

Alison shook and quivered in orgasm for at least one whole minute. She was so drained and by the time she subsided that she couldn't do anything but just lay there, breathing heavily, her chest rising and falling, trying to take in deep breathes; she was like a wet wash rag just laying there so lifeless.

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We lay together in each other's arms, each of us breathing erratically until our passions subsided. She turned on her side, kissed me deeply and passionately again and said, "I love you what you do to me."