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Monica, what can I say about her; she's my good friend, a constant companion, and my long term crush. She also happens to be gorgeous and full of energy, being a geek and dancer she has a unique blend of down to earth along with an unabashed fit body. She's around 5'6'" or something not skinny with soft baby fat over hard muscles from her dancing and exercises.

She has dark thick hair which she kept short around shoulder length, her eyes are hazel, and her lips are so luscious and full always in a smile or laugh. Her raw and oft times crude sense of humor always with the sexual undertone makes her a thrill to talk with. As I mentioned she was always with me as a 'friend', one of the only girls I allowed to keep me in the friend-zone willingly.

I think I was just content with what I had, possibly I was too afraid to ever try for more. That was when we were in our 20s. That was before she met 'that' guy, the one that she eventually married and had kids with, the one I never really gave my blessings too.

Of course I wouldn't, not with my underlying motives and sexual desires clouding my friendship. I eventually stop trying and we drifted apart. This wasn't a surprise as these type of friendship often ends up this way and I 'was' a willing participant in it. During the decade following I dated and slept around but I always seemed to be comparing them to Monica.

Small things I would nitpick and dismantle from my relationships; those that got that far. More often than not I settled into my brutally honest persona and slept with women I tell honestly that I am just after a good fuck. It's a little jarring that some of these women would take 'I just want to sleep with you' and translate that into 'save me with love'.

NO. On a side note I knew that some women love the challenge of trying to change a man but honestly, just stop. After thirteen years of this one day I happen to receive a text message from an unknown number. (Unknown number) Hey Scott?

This is my new number. Not sure if this is you. (Me) Umm hi, who is this? (Unknown number) It's Monica, it's been a while but Hi! I am dazed at the name, all that time of trying to live my own life and now all of a sudden I feel like I might hurl from my anxiety from one text message.

I quickly grew angry at myself for being so weak against her. I thought to myself 'I'm the conqueror of pussies old and young, ugly and hot, I can deal with an old friend right?!?' As it turns out I couldn't so I ignored it. About a week go by, it's Saturday now and I have stared at my phone every day since trying to make sense of my own feelings, I knew I could easily enter her life again and it will be just as it was before but worst because I would have to constantly be reminded that someone else is enjoying that body.

But I was deathly curious and I hate not knowing and regretting so I picked up the phone and brought up her chat: (Me) Hey, I'm sorry for not responding I was busy with work. (Monica) For a week? (before I could respond) (Monica) Haha anyways what are you up too?

Are you busy? Wanna grab lunch today? (Me) Umm sure I'm free. Want to meet at that Bistro on Fifth near the coffee shop? (Monica)The new Italian one? OK give me about two hours?

I can't wait to see you! As I put the phone down I knew I couldn't escape this urging inside of me. It was excitement and trepidation roiling all through me. I couldn't help but think of her last statement 'can't wait to see you'. I oddly found myself smiling as I went about taking a shower and getting ready. I decided to dress my age and brought out my most stylist blazer, jeans, plain white dress shirt, and boots.

I was out the door in an hour, I figured I get coffee and calm my nerves a little.

She was late about thirty minutes but as I watched her walk up in front of the Bistro from my coffee shop vantage point I nearly forgot everything I have been mulling over for the hour I waited.

She was wearing black leggings with knee high black boots with a white top that definitely showed her shapely mother figure.

I don't say that in a bad way at all, I can tell she kept up her work out even after her pregnancy because she was full figured but tone in a way only a person who moved around a lot can be. Her once small A cup breast were at least a couple cup sizes larger (thank goodness for breastfeeding). Her hair was long and wavy and came down to her ass which at the moment was facing towards me, it looked soft and perky in her tight leggings. I was getting a hard on just looking at her.

I went out to meet her and as I was approaching from behind I couldn't help but feel anxious and worried. Worried that I would torment myself again with fantasies of her to the point that I would rather be alone if I couldn't be with her. This feeling kept getting stronger up until the point she turned around with her energetic smile and embrace.

She smelled so good being this close, like field of Lavenders. She was so soft and warm as she held me, melding into my arms perfectly as if we were two parts of a mold.

"Hey handsome!" she exclaimed happily. Before I could help myself I blurted out "Holy shit you look amazing!" I saw her register what I said in shock than her face soften and slowly she began to blush a little as she held me at arm's length.

My eyes leering all over her body. I felt helpless and a little greasy but I couldn't help myself, she was gorgeous! Her already curvy body gained definition and swell, I didn't realize how dramatically until I was up next to her. "Thanks, you are looking great yourself!" She responded with big eyes and a big smile.

I wanted nothing more than to grab her and kiss her deeply. "Let's go grab a table and catch up." I suddenly felt relaxed. I had a revelation as I stood watching her while waiting for a table; I realized I have never truly been honest with her about my feelings and that in turn reflected on how I acted towards her.

After we were apart and I began my methodical honest heartbreaking I was brutally honest with all those girls. I swore to myself as we were seated that I would be honest with her no matter the cost.

As we ate we caught up on our lives. She has two kids and has been a housewife and mom. She said she misses me and that she's glad that we could catch up because she was moving to New York.

Apparently her husband got a promotion and will have to work in NY, he and the kids are already there settling in while she finishes some things here and will be flying in a couple days. Needless to say I was somewhat disappointed in hearing this but at the same time I realize she is alone at the moment without having immediate responsibilities. She loves her children and I knew I couldn't compete with them with her time. I began to plot my move, I needed her to know exactly how much she makes me crazy with lust and love.

As we were finishing up I asked if she had any pressing business left today. She responded with a huge smile and told me she did not and that I should keep her company as she is alone and misses her family.

I responded with "of course I will keep you company, just treat me like a substitute anything.anything you need." I'm not sure if she caught on to my implications as she just smirked and said 'ok'. After lunch we went and got coffee and then to the movies.

We caught a early slot for a romance comedy. I didn't really pay attention as I kept looking at her and trying to keep my hands from touching her. Halfway during the movie I notice that the armrest was up and her sexy legs were fairly close to my hand so I carefully leaned over whispering in her ears "that's totally me" while patting my hands on her thighs in sync with the protagonist telling a joke on screen. I kept my hands there and she tightened up but didn't really gave any implications to her discomfort.

As I already promised myself that I would just say whatever I thought I leaned in again after a couple minutes and said "does it bother you that my hands are on your legs? I like the feel of your pants. I can move them if it makes you uncomfortable." It took a couple seconds as she continued to stare at the screen but she finally responded "I don't mind." I couldn't believe it, I was about to blow my load just from touching her thighs; how could I even have sex with her I thought.

After a while I wanted to push the boundaries so I began to rub her a little and to the inside. I felt her tense up but she continued to watch the movie. I got a little more bold and with my little finger I began to slide it up into her crotch almost touching but not. I could feel the heat coming from her and it drove me crazy. Embolden with my new found honesty I leaned in again.

"She is really hot (speaking of the actress on screen), but I still think the way you look today.you are way hotter." I watched her shocked reaction and furtive glances at me.

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"I don't think so but thanks anyways." she responded. I smiled and watched the rest of the movie while my hands gently rubbed her upper right thigh.


After the movie was over it was already dark. The movie theater was full and people they were walking every which way. I thought it was a good opportunity to grab her hands feigning that I didn't want to get split up. Her hands were soft and warm as I pulled her along towards the exit. It reminded me of the past when we would hold hands everywhere, the curse base of the friend zone: holding hands. Outside the air was nice and cool with a slight breeze, I looked over and saw that her hair was gently blown over her face.

It was the cutest thing as she brushed her hair out of her eyes, sadly this made her break our hold to do so. She caught me staring and asked "why are you just smiling looking at me?" I caught a hint of playfulness in her voice. "I was thinking that we should go grab dinner and drinks so I can continue to tell you how beautiful you are." I said with a tinge of fear that I might have scared her off.

I couldn't quite read her face through her hair but I think it was surprise with a touch of amusement. "Ok, do you know a place?" "I do, let's go!" I said and led the way. Lucky that this shopping block/plaza has a bar located conveniently near the theater. The bar was a small pub that you would find anywhere that has a downtown.

We sat furthest away from the big screen TVs so we could hear each other while still able to see the whole bar.

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We settled into our comfort zone easy as the drinks kept coming. We decided on sharing a bunch of appetizers since we were still full from lunch. We joked and laugh, talking about everything and anything. It was easy to forget that we haven't seen each other in so long when the synergy was so palpable. As we got to our fourth round I remembered that we use to joke about Robot sex of all things.

It was a long inside joke about the future when we would be able to put our minds inside robots. I would say that I if I could, I would have the most advanced robot penis ever being able to move in every which way with vibration settings and lots of horse power for thrusting.

She would always insist that it would be obsolete at that point because anyone not in a robot would be dead from all the STD's due to people like me, we would agree and laugh. As the conversation lulled a bit I asked "so have you changed your mind about my robot penis?" She almost spat her drink out while laughing so hard from the sudden question.

This led to a long debate on synthetic lubrication or organic lubrication, then it went into a debate on firmness of a penis; if too hard can be a bad thing. Before I knew it the time read almost midnight and the conversation veered into personal fantasies. "So what is/was your ultimate fantasy girl and what did you do?" She asked with a wicked smirk, eyes only slits leaning over with her tits resting on the table. My mind went blank as I stared at her not so covered cleavage.

After a minute I took a sip of my drink and leaned over until we were almost nose to nose which brought a bout of snorts from her. I composed myself and with a stern face said "My fantasy dream girl is staring me right in the eyes right now.

She has always been so and I believe always will be, as for the act I would first please her with every appendage I have. I would eat her pussy until the slop dripped down to her toes, I would clean every inch of her skin with my tongue and then some. I would use my fingers, toes, elbows, knees, mouth, and body to give her such pleasure that she would forget her own name.

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When she's lying drained from all her wet orgasms I would fuck her in every hole until my body breaks and I am no longer able to move anything!" I said the final with an evil grin and settled back to take a drink. By the time I finished her eyes were as big as saucers and her mouth hung open slightly, I reached down and stuck a chip into her mouth from the nachos. She jerked back and chewed on reflex still staring at me unblinking. I think she was pondering how to answer or maybe formulating an escape plan.

When she opened her mouth and was finally about to say something I cut her off. "Whew that was a dinner, did you like the nachos?" I said changing the subject, at least trying to.

She didn't bite. I almost said 'just kidding' but I decided that the truth felt good to let out. She scrunched her face a little and let out a "WHAT THE HELL!?! no you don't get to not explain!" When I played deaf for a couple of seconds she almost shouted "WELL!" "Well what? What I said was the truth. I'm sorry you don't want to hear it but I'm sure you knew, you cannot not know.right?" I said mildly.

"I.uh.um.I kind of figured so, I guess." She seemed to deflate a little as she pondered what to do next.


Finally she said quietly "for how long?" I decided to be a smart ass and responded with "I'm willing to go all night and through the week if that's what it takes!" She finally let out a laugh and smile and swatted me on my head.

"Ass! You know what I'm asking." She exclaimed. "Well pretty much since the first time I met you at that party I guess. It.I mean the feeling never left, it dulled a little but it wasn't gone. When I saw you today, it was if we were back at the party so long ago and I saw you in that 'cute black fuck me dress'.

I never forgot how sexy you are; age and motherhood didn't seem to have diminished your looks. If anything I think you are many tiers more sexy now, especially those.(here I cupped my hands on my chest and pretended to squeeze).

She looked exasperated at this and started to laugh so hard that she almost spilled her drink. "Oh my god, you're so still the same! Well thanks but I don't feel the way you explained about me, me with milk and god knows what over my clothes all the time." She says while shaking her head in submission.

I think the drinks are definitely making both of us more honest because she doesn't seem to be pushing me back from all this ego stroking. I came to a conclusion that I should definitely make my move, it's now or never. I have nothing to lose, and the alcohol is making me far more confident than I should be. I leaned over again with a pitiful expression on and said "look, I really love you.

(I paused for dramatic affect and hoped to catch her heart string) When we stopped talking I was really lonely I lost my fantasy and best friend. I know you needed to live your life with your family and I respect that but my life wasn't the same." I looked down and sighed deeply hoping she would feel guilty.

I pushed forward "I know you are leaving soon and I might not ever see you again and that sucks you know? I was wondering if you could.maybe.stay with me tonight so that I might at least get to know what heaven feels like." It was the most disgusting and cheesy thing I have ever said but she is worth depraved actions I think the alcohol is doing its duty because she seems to be considering it.

She was looking down at the table for a while and finally looked up. "What do you mean stay with you?" She knew damn well what I meant, I guess she wanted me to specify before she conceded or denied my request. In an innocent voice as not to sound too eager I said "I just want you by my side tonight, I need you in my arms like we are in love. We use to sleep together all the time remember?" It was true that in the past we sometimes slept in the same bed but I didn't mention that those times it was because we were too drunk to care or fuck.

"Just sleeping? With clothes on?" She asked with brows up skeptical. "Clothes, no clothes.does it matter?" I said trying hard not to smile. "Scott.I don't think my husband would appreciate it either way." She said almost firmly. I had to think fast, I needed to convince her, short of pouring shots down her throat.

"He doesn't have to know, besides he hates me and he was the one who took my friend away from me. I think he owes me some consideration. I just missed you so much and I can't remember the last time I had so much fun." The last part was convincing as it was true. She finally conceded that we should spend more time tonight to talk. We took a taxi to the hotel she was staying at since she was closing on the sale of her house here.

When we got to the room I was trying to not look to happy, keeping a neutral face on. She excused herself to go to the restroom to change and what not.

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An hour past before she came out but what she had on almost made me forget the anger and curiosity at why she took so long. Her face was newly scrubbed and I can see how soft and shiny her face was without make up. Her hair was pulled back into a knot and it looked damp. She was wearing an oversize T-shirt with no bra, I couldn't tell if she wore panties or not but her legs were damn sexy.

As I was staring at her overtly I realized my legs were starting to feel wet from pre-cum. I wanted nothing more than to pull it out and relieve the pressure. She must have notice as she settled on the top of the blankets. I pulled my shirt over my head forgetting it had buttons and undid my pants. I didn't pull my pants down yet as my raging hard on was in full firmness. Finally she turned off all but one light and I turned around facing away from the bed and pulled my pants down and off along with my socks.

I was just in boxer briefs as I sat on the edge. "Why are you sitting that way?" She asked laying down. "Because my cock is in full salute and it's your fault." I said honestly. She seemed to chuckle and expressed with a sigh why she was doing this. I finally lay down next to her with a bit of adjustment and stared at the ceiling wondering what she was thinking. She was turned away from me and I can see from the corner of my eyes that she was wide awake like me.

Finally after a few minutes of silence she pulled the covers over her and settled in. I did the same thing still looking straight up. I can feel the warmth of her so near me and I can smell her sweet citrus face cream.

I slowly turned towards her and debated if I could spoon her, I longed to feel her ass on my bulge. After a heated debate in my head I decided that I should push her as far as I could, maybe I'm still drunk at this point. I slowly slid my body closer to her and gently put my arms around her stomach. She immediately placed her hands on top of mine, the gesture wasn't lost on me; it meant don't touch anywhere but here.

I put my face at the back of her neck and pulled her to me, she allowed this but it meant that my hard cock was pressed between her ass. As soon as I felt this I almost came right there. I think the mental strain on my hormones was too much for me because I pulled her tighter and grinded a little. She didn't seem to hate this as she started to grind her ass into me. Thinking in hindsight I think she had a little bit too much to drink as well and it's hard to control these things once your already half naked and pressed together like lego blocks.

My breathing hasten and it was right against her neck and I can see goose bumps forming over her exposed skin. Her grip on my hand slacken and I quickly brought it down to her thighs right where her shirt ended. I began to slowly rub her thighs while discreetly pushing her shirt up. I can feel her body tense up and start to fidget. I inched my way up to her hips around her ass and squeezed a little, this time she once again brought her hands on top of mine.

I wasn't deterred this time, my lust was boiling over at this juncture so I reached around quite determined to get between her legs and put my hands on her pussy. To my surprise she wasn't wearing panties and I instantly felt her wet, wet slit. I used my thumb to subdue her clit as my other four fingers worked their way between her slippery lips and began to rub.

She let out a moan and curse as her hands once again shot on top of mine and her legs closed over my hand. This actually worked against her as my fingers were already trapped inside of her and all she did was put pressure onto herself. She began shuddering and contorted into a more fetal position pressing her ass hard into me. I was driven at this point, closed legs or not I kept my fingers working deeper into her and side to side. The same time I was full on grinding into her with my hard bulge.

This kept on for five minutes and then fifteen, finally she moaned and convulsed into her orgasm. Her walls were crushing my fingers and soaking them in an instant. Once she subsided in her throes I slowly pulled my fingers out and brought them to my mouth sucking all of her sweet juices up.

She was laying there panting with her face pressed into her pillow, my movement had pulled the cover off of us except our legs. Her hips were so curvaceous laying on her side like that with her shirt pulled up and bunched at her stomach, I can see her smooth perfect ass and the shadow between them that hinted at the most wonderful experience if I were to stick my cock there. As I reached to pull my boxers down she suddenly threw cold water on my fantasy.

"No more please." She said shakily. My boxers were right at my knees when I stopped what I was doing, cock shooting straight at her ass. "You seemed like you liked it." I stated simply. She seemed to draw more into her pillows because I barely heard her.

"I did, and I really am sorry that you didn't get to do your thing but this is wrong, I'm married with kids!" "If you like it, you like it. Don't justify cheating with stopping now." I said testily.

I was very angry and very horny. Two things combined can either go very good or very, very wrong. "I'm so sorry." She said almost tearful. Seeing her almost in tears made me go a little soft, just a little.

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"Can you at least tell me honestly that you would it if things were different?" I said in an exasperated voice. She turned around and looked me in eyes and flickered down to my cock and up to my chest before settling on my face. "Yes, of course. I am a woman first and foremost. In a different situation I would fuck your robot penis until it broke!" She chirped with a smile. I couldn't decide if she really meant that or just took pity on me.


As I concentrated on her face I saw that her expression switched from guilt to lust and back. I decided to leave it at that instead of saying something snide I said "I'm going to take a shower and go home." I then walked towards the bathroom kicking my underwear off and walking butt naked into the restroom before she could say anything.

As I showered I replayed everything that happened tonight in my head. The way her body moved and felt, the way she responded to my touches like she loved it. The more I thought about it the more angry I got, the image of her ass and legs kept playing in my mind.

My cock responded in turn, getting hard again. As I stood there under the spray of water stroking my cock I snapped. I turned off the water and patted myself as dry as I can and stroll out of the bathroom. Monica was laying on her back with a arm resting on her head. I couldn't read the blank look on her face but she seemed to be deep in thought and didn't notice me standing there naked looking down at her. I walked up and jumped on top of her straddling her hips, knees on either side.

I leaned down holding myself up with both arms I kissed her deeply. She didn't respond for a couple seconds but then I felt her kiss me back. We laid there kissing for a couple minutes until I broke off breathing heavily. Her eyes were still closed. "I don't buy your bullshit guilt, if you want me take me. We don't have to see each other ever again when you leave yet again!" Before she could respond I pushed myself down and dove face first between her legs, at the same time my hands swept up her shirt.

I began sucking her clit almost instantly upon contact, she let out a groan and a "oooooh shit." It drove me to tongue fuck her pussy as deep as my tongue would go. As I pulled my tongue out and over her clit I replaced them with my fingers and began to milk her G-Spot.

With my hands I reached under her shirt and began to play with her nipples which were hard as diamonds.

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I tweaked them between my fingers and she let out a yelp. My anger kept building the more I pleased her that I didn't even wait until she came before I got up pulled her to me by her hips and placed my cock just inside her. I reached and grab a leg in each arm and rammed my cock to the hilt into her.

The pain of entering her so fast just added to my anger and I began pumping in and out furiously. She let out a hard breath but didn't say anything but you can see it in her face that she felt the pain too.

Pulling her legs further into her in a bend and lifting my balls began to smack into her asshole. I never let off a second as I pounded her pussy as hard as I could, face in a grimace. She began to ease up from the pain and I can tell from her moans and face that she was starting to feel good. It was apparent from the amount wetness that was coming out of her, running down her ass crack and cheeks. After what seemed ages (when in reality was seven minutes or so) I pulled out.

I turned her over by force but she realized what I wanted and completed the turn on her own onto all fours. I placed a pillow under her and quickly stuck my cock back into her, hard. She was moaning incoherent words as I began to pound into her ass. After a bit I stuck a finger into my mouth to get it wet and started to tease her asshole which was a cute little pucker. She tried to bring a hand around and stop me but I brushed it aside and stuck a digit in. She let out a scream of pleasure or pain, I don't know.

I leaned down and began to kiss her sweat soaked back and neck while thrusting deep and putting my weight down, alternating between leaning over and leaning back and smacking her ass red. After a couple minutes of angry pounding, I couldn't hold out anymore and said I was going to cum soon. She told me not to cum inside her because she wasn't on the pill right now. I said it's either going in her mouth or her pussy and that she needed to pick fast.

Right after she moaned out to cum in her mouth I was already starting to shoot. I got off and reached down to her shoulders to flip her and didn't make it to her mouth but shot ribbons of cum all over her hair, face, and neck.

Some got on the pillow she was laying on. After the last spurt convulsed out of me I collapsed on her half turned body and gave small kisses on her stomach. There was no words spoken as I got off next to her. She got up and went into the bathroom and the last thing I heard before darkness took me was the sink running. I woke up early the next morning around six, I've always woke up early when drinking the night before. It seems like a cruel trait to have as my head was pounding into a hangover.

I looked to my left and saw that Monica was laying right up to me with her head buried into my sides. The memory of my angry fuck with my married friend came rushing in and I smiled.

My long sought after obsession finally came to fruition in a most conclusive explosion. I gently sat up and just stared at her sleeping form, ass out to the side, T-Shirt pulled up to tits exposing her soft body and stunning legs.

After a while she murmured something lost in the grogginess of sleep and rubbed her eyes. She seemed to be struggling with her current situation nestled next to me half naked and me fully naked. She had this startled deer look on her cute face and I couldn't help but let out a little laugh as I got up and started to search for my clothes. Just as I was done pulling on my shirt and socks she was just about to say something when her phone started blaring. "Hello?" She said sleepily.

"Hey hun.yea I just got up." Listening. "No it's OK, I should have gotten up already." I can only concur that it was that dastardly husband of hers. I quietly put my shoes on grabbed my keys and looked at her.

"How are my babies doing?. Are they driving you crazy yet?" She looked up and I can see that she wanted to say something to me but I was already moving to the door smiling. "Yeah.yeah.really? She said that?" She looked up again and gave me a tight smile as if saying 'this is my life and you made me cheat'. I gave her my most charming apologetic smile and went out the door. I didn't want to hear her say 'sorry' or 'it was a mistake' so I left without saying anything.

In reality I didn't want to hear myself try to cling onto her, I didn't want to see me try to express how one night could never be enough and that I wanted all of her. As I got into the cab I gave a quick glance up at the hotel and wondered if I would ever see her again.

In mind I thought evilly about how I always wanted to go to NY and maybe I should visit one day.