Big booty girl oils up her ass

Big booty girl oils up her ass
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"WHAT THE FUCK J!!!' screams the woman.

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"YOU DITCH ME TO COME BACK HERE WITH A DUDE THAT YOU PROBABLY JUST FUCKING MET, KNOWING I HAVE ANOTHER CLASS, AND YOU ARE HERE FUCKING HIM!!!" All I could do was look with my mouth open at her sons face. He had a drilling look, but it wasn't a mean/angry look. He was too young to understand any of this anyways.

It was more of a confused/questioning look. He was staring right at both of our juices sliding down my dick onto my thighs. I laughed. Wrong move. "YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY DO YA'?" "Becky please, I'm sorry okay. I just thought I'd be back in time to take Sean so you can go to class. "YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE IN CLASS THOUGH JENNY!! INSTEAD YOU'RE GETTING YOUR PUSSY PUMPED!!!" And it was when she said that that my flaccid penis jus flopped out of Jenny's pussy, and landed in between the crack of her ass.

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I heard a sharp gasp from the door. From Becky&hellip. Well, when I heard that I thought two different things simultaneously.

1. Good thing she stopped fucking screaming, because I was about to get up and shove my messy dick down her throat. 2. I learned a couple of names.

Ha-ha. I lifted Jenny off of my lap, grabbed the nearest pillow, stood up, and slowly made my way towards Becky.

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She looked at my wet, sticky dick, and then looked at me square in the eyes and the corners of her mouth twitched upwards in a small smile. "C'mon Sean. It's nap time… for you." And she led Sean into the back room. I turned back around to Jenny and smiled as I asked "ready to go again?" She said she was, and I walked up to her.

With her still on the couch, I stood in front of her and held my now hardening dick straight out so that she can take it into her mouth. Slowly she started to lick it up and down. She licked the tip of my dick, playing around my whole for a few seconds before she licked my shaft and down to my balls. She squeezed them gently in her hands before she took them both into her mouth, Oh how great that felt.

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I leaned my head back and stood there in pure bliss as she sucked me off. "I looked at her again and ran my fingers through her hair. I slowly started to fuck her mouth when the back room door opened.

I looked over to my left to see Becky standing there butt naked with pure lust in her eyes, their gaze at her friend getting her mouthed fucked by my now hard dick. I let go of Jenny's hair and took a step back so that my dick would fall from her mouth.


She looked up at my face to see that I wasn't looking at her. She turned and saw Becky there transfixed. She then smiled. Becky walked towards me and put her hand on my abs as she looked me square in the eye. "Since you're the main reason I'm pissed, you're gonna' make up for it." "Oh," I said. "And how am I gonna' do that?" I responded with a sly smile on my face.

She looked over at Becky and asked, "mind if I?" And "nope. Not at all," was her response. So with that said and done, Jenny pushes me back onto the couch, drops down to her knees, and takes all of hardening dick into her mouth.

I looked over to my right at Becky who was now furiously fingering her wet snatch, and I smiled. She gave me a smile, and then reached up with her wet fingers towards my mouth. I licked and sucked all of her juices off of her finger. She then leaned over and kissed my lips. We started to make out, and after about three minutes of furious kissing I felt myself tighten 'there.' "Keep it up and you're gonna' taste my kids," I told her, and she smiled while holding my dick in her mouth with her lips, and sure enough, a few seconds later I shot my hot load towards the back of her throat, and down she swallowed.

She then stood up and pulled me up by my hand. "Now it's Becky's turn." Sit over on the edge," She told me. I did as she asked, happy that I was going to get a show.

I was suddenly transfixed at what I saw in front of me. Jenny on the couch, legs open, fingers twisting her nipples and her breaths coming out of her mouth in short gasps, as Becky kneeled on the floor in front of her, eating her pussy like there was no tomorrow.

Once again, my dick was getting hard. I knew that in a few minutes I'd have to join in. Becky reached up with her hands and assisted in the tweaking and pinching of Jennys nipples and that's when I couldn't hold back any longer. I stood up, gave my now fully hard dick a about three good strokes, then went behind Becky. I kneeled down and leaned over to see how good of a pussy licker she was. And damn!! If I were a lesbian, Becky's the woman that I'd want giving me head.


Her tongue was all the way inside of Jennys pussy, sliding in and out, in and out, in and out. I looked Jenny in the face as she was breathing hard after just coming down from her orgasm, and she gave me a wink. That's all I needed. I lifted Becky's ass up, smacked my dick between her ass crack a few times, and felt for her pussy hole. As soon as I found it, I shoved my dick in, and started pounding the shit out of her.

Now I was really fucking turned on. I pounded away, and Becky started moaning loudly into Jennys pussy. Jenny just reached down and ran her fingers through Beckys hair. I pulled out and stood over Becky so that Jenny could suck on my dick for a bit, but instead, she took hold of it as if it were a handle, and directed me to sit down.

I did as I was told and was greeted by her hopping onto my lap. My dick was sandwiched in between both of our stomachs, but it felt really good. She started to lick and suck on my neck and chest. I felt a tickling feeling on my balls, and realized that that must be Becky sucking and licking on them.

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I lifted Jenny up by the ass and told Becky to line me up. As much as I was enjoying the 'play-time,' I was hard, and wanted to fuck. Becky did as I told her and held my dick straight up so that I could sit Jenny down onto it. I slid her down slowly, and after a few seconds, I was straight up in her. She started to bounce up and down on my dick, and I loved the feeling of her nipples sliding up and down my chest. I saw Becky stand up behind her and smile at me.

I winked at her and bounced Jenny harder up and down my dick. I felt her tense up before I heard her moan. I knew that she was getting close to her orgasm. I wanted to cum with her, so I stood up holding her on my dick in my arms, and turned around and layed her back onto the seat of the couch. I started to fuck harder and harder into her until I felt myself tighten. Within the next minute we both scrunched up out faces about to cum.

At the last second, Becky had knelt over Jennys face. We all then had a huge orgasm; I shot in Jennys pussy, Jenny came around my dick, and Becky came over Jennys moaning mouth. We then broke apart and sat on the couch for a while, breathing hard and soaking in all the pleasure that we have just had. "I'm not mad anymore," said Jenny.

And we all three just laughed. 3 MONTHS LATER I was sitting on the couch of my new apartment watching SpongeBob with Sean, whom I've taken a liking to when I read a text from one of my two girlfriends.

[We're both having twins!!!]