Insanely hot realtor flirts with client and fucks on camera

Insanely hot realtor flirts with client and fucks on camera
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The Bondage Club Chapter 3 Kendall's sex was completely sore for sitting for several hours on the Sybian with no relief from the low vibrating machine.

Worst, was the fact she was unable to have an organism though she desperately wanted to. The only semi-relief she had was when another mistress named Kathleen came over for a spell to talk to Amanda. She was beautiful to look at with a small rounded face. Ruby red lips and dark eyes. Her hair was parted on the side and cut into a bob the length of her chin.

She had a slender body and wore a micro black leather miniskirt to which Kendall could seed from her vantage point she wasn't wearing any undergarments. Her medium size breasts were also exposed as she wore the frame of a bra but without the cups. Black leather thigh high boots adorned her legs completing her outfit. She carried a riding crop in her right hand while her left held a leash. The other end of the leash was connected to the collar around the powerful neck of a very muscular man who crawled on all fours next to Mistress Kathleen's left leg.

He was naked except a pouch which covered his member. A ring on the outside of the pouch at the base of his cock connected to another ring pulled tight just above the ball sack.

This gizmo kept the man/dog rock hard and Kendall could see even though it was in a covered pouch that his man-hood was large. Very large. While Mistress Kathleen was sitting and talking with Mistress Amanda, the man/dog began sniffing around Kendall.

He sniffed her leg and followed it upwards to her sex but because of the position she was in, leaning forward on the Sybian, he wasn't able to get his nose in close. So instead he worked his way around to her backside where he found her ass covered by the catsuit.

Using his nose and tongue he was able to get a hold of the partially open zipper and pull it further up. Soon he had his nose pressed in between her splayed ass cheeks sniffing at her bung hole. Thrusting out his tongue, he began to lick her hole. Though Kendall had a few boyfriends in the past, none of them every so much as touched her ass hole never the less have put a tongue to it.

She was surprised at how good it actually felt and was moaning in pleasure when the man/dog's mistress noticed and jerked his leash pulling him away. "What the hell are you doing?" She basically screamed.

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"Heal Manfred!" And the man/dog went and knelt besides his Mistress' leg. Putting the riding crop up under Kendall's chin, she lifted her head up to face her. "What the hell do you think you where doing allowing my dog to lick you like that? I didn't give him permission to lick your shitty ass! You need to be punished for that! Maybe in the future I'll have you brought to my kennels and have you mated with one of my mastiffs." She proclaimed.

"But for now I think this will do nicely," and reaching down yanked off the two nipple clips off of Kendall. Thinking she'd was going to find some relief from the numbness that had set in since the weighted clips were placed on her nipples, Kendall was in for a shock as the blood rushed forward back into them making it feel as if a thousand needless where jabbing them simultaneously.

Her muffled scream into the cock gag brought a smile of pleasure to the Mistress' face, knowing how much pain the action had really caused. After awhile her nipples felt as if they had returned to normal and Mistress Kathleen and her man/dog left and went about their way. A short time later she heard a familiar voice saying hello to Mistress Amanda. She looked up and saw her sister Kim moving toward them. Shorter then Kendall's 5'10", Kim stood taller than her 5'3" frame as she wore a pair of 4" stilettos.

A leather pencil skirt covered her curvy 38" hips to just above her knees and a shear blouse did nothing to hide her ample 36D breasts and was short enough to expose her 26" tummy. Her black hair was teased so it flowed around her head almost giving her the look of a lion's mane. Kendall tried to get her sister's attention but her muffled voice could be hardly heard in the club.

Her only hope was if Mistress Amanda reveled who she was to Kim. "Kim! Good to see you. Please, come have a seat next to me." Kim sat down to the left of Amanda. "How are you? "Well, thank you." "Are you enjoying what our establishment has to offer?" "Yes, for sure. I've really been enjoying it. I'm glad my application for enrollment was accepted." "The board and I thought you'd be a good fit with our life style." "Thank you, I'm so glad to be a part of this club." "Tell me, are the other members treating you well?" "Oh yes, and that Mistress Venus that you introduced me too has been showing me the things I need to accomplish to become full fledged Mistress myself instead of only an honorary one." "Yes.

Well one of the things you'll need to do is get yourself a willing slave." "Speaking of slaves, I see you have yourself a new one." Kim said glancing at the girl on the Sybian and thinking there was something familiar about her.

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"Yes, I just acquired her this afternoon." "She looks kind of young." "Old enough." "I noticed she isn't pierced yet?" "Yes, I still have to get that done." An evil thought passed through Amanda's mind.

"Say, you wouldn't want to help me with that would you?" She asked.

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"Really?" Kim answered. "I'd love too!" "Good. Then lets take her to my private play room then." Amanda said and stood up. Reaching down she turned off the Sybian and pulled Kendall off of it.

Kendall began to try and stand when Amanda pushed her back down onto her knees. "I didn't give you permission to stand, bitch! You follow me on your knees." She said and started to walk away pulling on her leash. Kendall desperately tried to keep up but failed.

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Amanda turned to Kim who was following along. "I think this slave needs some motivation." And handed Kim her own leather ridding crop. "It would be my pleasure." She answered.

Smacking Kendall on her ass with the crop, she said, "Move slave." And gave her a few more smacks of the crop. Kendall was forced to follow along on her knees across the club room and into and down a hallway, all along being smacked on the ass with the crop by her sister. They passed several doors on both sides of the hall until they came to one at the end of the hall marked #1.

Using a key, Mistress Amanda opened the door and pulled Kendall in behind her followed by her sister Kim. Without turning around, Kendall heard the door to the room close behind and a bolt thrown with a resounding "click." Kendall immediate felt a sense of dread. If only she could get Kim to realize it was her. The women lifted Kendall to her feet and then forced her to lay on her arms on a waist high leather covered bench.

She was then strapped down to the bench with straps around her waist and above and bellow her breasts. Chains where attached to the cuffs around her booted ankles after the hobble chain was removed and then pulled, lifting her legs up and apart in a Y-shape.

Amanda gathered several things and placed them on a rolling table and then rolled it over to where Kendall lay. "Let's start with her nipples." Amanda said. "I'll do the first one and then you can follow along by doing the other one." "OK, sounds good to me." Kim watched as Amanda began by teasing Kendall's right nipple, pulling, tugging and rolling it between her thumb and fore finger until it began to get hard and stiff from the stimulation.

Grabbing the nipple and pulling it, she placed the point of a long needle against the nipple and pushing from right to left, the needle pierce Kendall's nipple with a pop as it tore through it.

Kendall screamed, but the gag stifled the noise. Kim watched as tears filled the girls eyes and she still could not escape the feeling she knew her.


"Now you try it." "Ok." Kim said and picked up another needle and began to play with Kendall's left nipple.

Kendall tried to get her to stop making all kinds of noise but it was for naught as she felt Kim place the sharp tip of the needle against her nipple and push. Kendall screamed into the gag a second time as Kim pierced that one too. A floodgate of tears welled up in her eyes. Half dollar sized rings with small bells attached to them replaced the needles and were clamped shut.

The woman then moved down between Kendall's legs. Mistress Amanda showed Kim where she wanted four piercings on Kendall's outer labia, two on each side. She then lifted Kendall's head and forced her to watch as her sister Kim complied and pierced her sex and inserted small rings. Then moving the hood of her clitoris out of the way, Her clit was then pierced and then a small ring with a four inch chain hung down with a bell attached to the chain's end was inserted in the newly made piercing.

The pain was great and Kendall passed out. When she came to a few minutes later, she found her head was strapped down tight to the bench.

Taking a small piercing box, it was forced into her nostrils where her septum was then pierced. A two piece grommet was inserted on each side and forced closed with a pair of pliers. Then a ring was inserted through the grommet and clamped closed.

Kendall could not stop crying, but the women were not quite finished yet. A small hex key was inserted into the front of her dildo gag and turned. The dildo was then slid out of her mouth. Kendall found that she still could not close her mouth due to a large ring keeping it forced open. A pair of forceps captured her tongue and pulled it outward through the ring. Two more needles pierced her tongue and where then replaced with a stud in the middle of her tongue and a ring at the front of her tongue.

Finished, the women celebrated with a glass of sparkling wine each while Kendall remand bound and suffering from the stinging piercings and the alcohol swabs used to clean her wounds.

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For her tongue, they both poured some of their wine into her mouth where it stung her new piercings. "You know, our little slave girl hasn't properly thanked you for helping with her with her new jewelery, has she?" "I don't believe she has." Answered Kim.

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"I'd really like to try out that newly pierced tongue of hers." "Please, be my guest." Amanda lowered the head end of the bench as Kim removed her leather skirt. Kendall's eyes widened as she watched as her sister Kim straddled her face with her neatly shaved puss and lowered it onto her ring gagged mouth.


Suddenly, her own pussy exploded in pain as Mistress Amanda, wielding a multi-strand whip began striking her between her legs. Kendall's scream was muffled by Kim's pussy sitting on her mouth. A second strike hit her pussy again and Amanda told her she better get that pink wiggler to work as she was planning on whipping her until she made Mistress Kim cum. Kendall quickly thrust her tongue through her ring gag and into Kim's waiting sex. Mistress Amanda whipped her pussy, thighs and stomach as Kendall used her tongue to eat her big sister's pussy.

Licking up and down her slit and teasing her clit, trying to bring her to orgasm. She could tell she was close a few times, but Kim prolonged the orgasm by lifting her cunt up off of her mouth several times and laughing as Kendall's tongue stretched forth trying to reach it.

Kim also shifted her body so Kendall was reaming her bung hole with her tongue for several minutes before returning her cunt to her mouth. Kendall didn't know how long it was but she could feel her sister's body shudder in bliss as she came in a powerful orgasm. But she wasn't allowed to stop until Kim was satisfied that she has licked her clean and then forced her to lick her bung hole again for several more minutes. Finally having enough, Kim un-straddled Kendall's mouth.

"Wow, that was fantastic!" She said as she returned her leather pencil skirt around her waist. "Not too bad for your little sister Kendall's first time, was it?"