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Horny pretty babe got shaved pussy fucked couples amateur
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Foreword: So, I sent Marie the link to the first story and she loved it! She said she can't wait to see which story about her I write next. She asked if I was going to write one particular event which I hadn't planned on sharing, but she thinks I should.

I told her that that story was really more hers than mine so she has volunteered to write it herself. I told her to go for it and I'd post it, so that will be coming later. For now though, here's what happened next.

Seven Months With Marie- Part Two Summer 2004 Marie and I had been dating for a few weeks and I could not have been happier. It was Saturday and I had the day off. Unfortunately, Marie was working. I looked out my window and saw that Karen (My landlady and co-worker whom Marie and I had had a threesome with) was home, so I got dressed and walked over.

I knew Marie was only working the lunch shift and would get off around 3pm and I couldn't wait. I knocked on Karen's door and she invited me in. Karen offered me a Bloody Mary as I walked through the kitchen. "Sure." I happily accepted as I saw Alexis (the bartender from the Tiki Hut who looked like a lesbian) sitting on the couch drinking a Bloody Mary of her own.

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"Beach sex guy!" she shouted. "Do you remember me?" "Of course. You work at the Tiki Hut right?" I answered. "Among other things." Karen answered for her as she handed me my drink. "Karen was telling me that you guys had a pretty wild night." Alexis said. I was surprised that Karen had shared that information with anyone. Maybe Karen wasn't as private a person as I had thought.

"You told her about that?" I asked Karen as I sipped my drink. "Well, I had some questions." Karen answered. "I had never been with a girl before, but Alexis here has plenty of times." So I looked at Alexis and asked the Politically Correct question. "So you're gay?" I didn't really need to ask. Alexis had a beautiful face.

Her hair was brown and very short. Her body was thin and muscular. She had almost no tits to speak of (which I actually found kind of hot) and she was generally sort of masculine. "Guilty." She answered. I turned my focus to Karen. "So now you're wondering if you're gay?" "No, no. Nothing like that. I love guys too much to be gay. I was just telling her that I did really enjoy being with a woman too." Karen finished.

Alexis then butted in "I think I'm the only lesbian that Karen knows, so she thought that I was going to have some kind of magical answer like the wizard of Oz or something." I had to laugh at that. Alexis was funny and I enjoyed her openness. Karen clearly didn't want to be the center of attention.

She sat down next to Alexis and looked at me. "So how is everything going with Marie?" "Better than great!" I answered. "She's smart and hilarious. I don't ever feel like I have to slow things down with her. Then there's the sex which is just ridiculous. "How so?" Alexis asked. "Well, I guess I've always had a pretty healthy appetite when it comes to sex. I suppose you already heard about our little adventure with Karen here.

It's just incredible. It seems like she's up for just about anything. She's totally nuts like me and I can't get over it.

We've only been dating for a couple of weeks and we've already done so many things together, and a lot of it was her idea. She's just too awesome." I rattled. Karen and Alexis both sat on the edge of the couch, staring at me. "Like what kind of stuff?" Alexis prodded.

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"Okay." I said looking at Karen. "Do you remember that party at Reed's last weekend?" Karen nodded. I looked at Alexis. "Reed lives on the inter-coastal and has a little dock behind his house. Anyway, during the party, she took me out there and we ended up stripping down and having sex right there on the dock as boats were going by!" The girls were listening intently.

"The next day, we went over to her sister's house for lunch. We were only there for about five minutes before Marie took me into the bathroom for a quickie." I had their undivided attention. "Just last night, I took her out to dinner.

On the way home, she stripped completely naked in the car and gave me a BJ all the way home, and then when we got there, she didn't even bother getting dressed before she got out of the car and ran inside my house. She's so wild, I just love it! I really met my match. Alexis took a sip of her drink. "You sound pretty happy, but it also sounds like it would be hard to keep up with her." I had never thought of that.

She was right. I was going to have to step up my game. Marie called me when she got off of work and invited me over. I was so excited that I am pretty positive I broke several traffic laws on my way there. I knew she wanted sex. That was the best thing about being with her. There was never any pretense and hardly ever any foreplay really. She was like me. An animal. I got to her house and found the front door unlocked, so I let myself in.

I found her in her bedroom sitting nude on her bed. Her long dark hair fell over her shoulders and down her back. The afternoon light coming through the window bathed the edges of her body in an orange glow and she looked like something out of an old detective movie.

She was smiling and she had something in her hand. It was a small bottle filled with clear liquid. "Take off your clothes." she politely suggested. I slowly disrobed in front of her and stood next to the bed. She popped open the top of the bottle and poured some of the liquid into the palm of her hand. My cock was already as hard as it could get. She closed the bottle and dropped it beside her and I read the label.

"Astro-Glide." (I had never actually used 'lube' before, but let me tell you…WOW! If you're using lotion or whatever, do yourself a favor and go get some of this stuff. It's AMAZING) She reached up toward my eager shaft with her hand cupped so as not to spill any of the liquid. She then placed her palm on the underside of my cock and wrapped her fingers around my cock. She then spread the lube all over me and slowly began to stroke me. The sensation was unbelievable. I stared down at her and watched her eyes as she studied each movement of her wrist.

She looked so thoughtful and it made my heart bounce in my chest. Then she looked up at me and very seriously asked "Has anyone ever told you that you have a beautiful cock?" I immediately remembered the evening when Kasia had told me I had a 'pretty dick' and couldn't help but laugh at the memory. "I have actually heard something like that before." I smiled.

You should know I don't have the world's biggest dick or anything. On a good day I am a little over 6 inches, hard, but I will say it is pretty wide. Apparently though, it is asthetically pleasing to some.

"It's beautiful." She said. She seemed to be in a little trance, just staring as she slowly stroked it.


What kind of stuff do you think about when you jack off?" she asked. "Honestly, for the past few weeks, I've only thought about you. Of course, you've kept me so busy that I've barely had the need." "That's sweet." She said. "So what did you used to think about?" I never felt the need to lie to her.

I felt safe telling her everything. I had never really had that kind of connection with anyone. She stared into my eyes and kept softly stroking my cock as I told her all about the threesomes I had had with Belinda and Marcela.

I told her about living with Belinda and Kasia and how the three of us had also shared a bed. She asked me for details and I gave them to her. There was never an ounce of judgment or jealousy. Only fascination. "Do you only think about the past? Do you ever imagine things? Fantasize about people that you know?" she asked.

"I guess not." I answered. "I've watched a lot of porn, but it pales in comparison to my memories." I said. "Why? What do you think about?" Her hand slid up and down my cock. "When I finger myself?" "Yeah." I moaned. "All kinds of things." She answered. "If I see a cute guy at the grocery store, I might think about him.


A cute girl at the gym. Whatever really." Normally I would have felt threatened by that, but she had allowed me to be completely honest and I owed her the same respect. I could understand her. I was really only curious. "Do you ever think about other people when we have sex?" I asked. "No." she paused. "Well sort of, but not how you might think." "How then?" I moaned as she tightened her grip on my cock. "I imagine you fucking my friends." She answered. "Really?" I asked. "That's so hot.

Which ones?" "All of them really. I imagine watching you fuck them. After that night at Karen's, I just want to watch you fuck everyone I know. It might sound weird, but it's always hotter in my mind if it's with someone I know." I was getting really hot by then. She was quickening her pace and her hand felt wonderful on my cock. "What else do you fantasize about?" I asked, hoping to get more juicy images in my mind. "Well, sometimes, when we fuck and it gets really hot…" she trailed off.

"What?" I asked. She hesitated for a moment and then continued. "I want another cock… Or even three or four." She said. "Like how?" I asked. "Like being gang banged." She said. "I get really hot thinking about sucking your cock while some other guy fucks me really hard. Or maybe you fucking me in the ass while he fucks my pussy and I can feel you both inside me." At first, I was not really into this line of thinking, but as she jacked me off and I imagined what she was saying in my mind, it actually started to turn me on even more.

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"Yeah." I decided to go with it. "And while I fuck your ass and some other dude fucks your pussy, there's another guy ramming his cock down your throat?" "Oh yeah." She moaned as she jerked my cock. "I want to know what it feels like to be used like a little fuck toy." She said as she jerked me even faster. "Have a big fat cock like yours in every hole." She continued. I was panting heavily by then and she knew I was going to cum soon.

"And at the end, just be surrounded and every time I turn my head I get another cock forced into my mouth." I threw my head back. "And then everyone takes turns cumming all over me until I'm just dripping wet." She finished. The visual I had in my mind of her being so completely dirty sent me flying past the edge and I felt my body jerk and my knees go slack as I shot a huge load all over her face.

She opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue. My cum went everywhere. Into her hair, on her face and down her neck. It was literally dripping off of her chin. "God, you're so fucking dirty!" I moaned. "I love it!" She went to the bathroom and came back with her face clean and wiped my cock off with a T-shirt.

I had so much to think about that my mind was going ape shit. I woke up at her house the next day and realized I had to go to work. She had the day off though so I knew I wouldn't see her again until probably after midnight. All night at work, I thought about all of the things she had told me.

I went over all the fantasies that she had recounted as I waited my tables. I had to force myself to stop thinking about it a few times because I could feel an erection developing. I finally reached the end of my shift and couldn't wait to be back with Marie.

I called her as soon as I got off. She sounded drunk on the phone. I wanted to be drunk too. She told me she was at her friend Michelle's house and then I heard her ask Michelle if it was cool if I came over.

Michelle was obviously drunk too. I heard her yell "Fuck yeah! And tell him to bring his beautiful donger too!" "Shut up dummy." I heard Marie whisper/giggle. Michelle also worked at the restaurant. She and Marie were very close friends and when they got together they loved to party and they partied hard. As I drove over, I figured that Marie had gotten drunk and told Michelle about how pretty she thinks my dick is.

She must've also shared a story or two about how sexually adventurous we had been together. Michelle had developed a reputation for being somewhat permiscuous around the restaurant. Marie had even told me that they had made out once when they were partying together. Michelle wasn't bad to look at. She was tall and had medium length dirty blond hair. I'm not sure exactly how long it was because she always kept it in a pony tail. She was thin and very tan.

I got the impression that she spent most of her days off lying on the beach. I was beginning to form a plan. When I arrived, I could hear them laughing from outside.

Yes. They were definitely drunk. Marie had this casual way of talking about sex that made people let their guard down. I imagined she had already laid most of the groundwork for me. I approached the door and stood outside and just listened for a few minutes. When the laughter finally subsided, this is what I heard. Michelle: I've totally heard stories about Karen, but I didn't think she was that crazy! Holy shit! Marie: She was totally into it. I think she has a thing for him, but I'm not really worried.

Michelle: If she thinks his dick is as pretty as you seem to think it is, maybe you should be. Marie: Right? I can totally get him to show it to you. He doesn't give a fuck. He's awesome. Michelle: Even if I did want to see your boyfriends dick, WHICH I DON'T, it would only be out of curiosity.

Facts are facts Marie! Dicks are NOT pretty! HAHA! That was my cue. I knocked on the door. "Come in!" I heard them say in unison. All I could think about was how Marie had told me that she fantasizes about watching me fucking her friends.

This was a very rare opportunity and I was not going to miss it when it knocked. "I'm sorry, but did I just hear you say that 'dick's aren't pretty?" I asked, smiling as I closed the door behind me. Both girls started laughing hysterically.

"I hope you don't mind baby, but I told Michelle that you have the most beautiful dick I've ever seen. Her contention is that dick's CAN NOT be attractive." Michelle butted in "Don't get me wrong though. I love dicks. They're functional, but I've never seen one that was actually pleasant to look at. If anything they're kind of funny looking. No offense." "None taken." I said as I walked into the kitchen.

"Can I grab a beer?" "I don't have any beer, but you're welcome to whatever you can find in there." Michelle answered.

I began to make myself a rum and coke. "Dicks don't really look funny to me, but I guess that's because I've had one my whole life." I shouted from the kitchen.

I walked back into the living room, drink in hand, and finished "But I've never thought of them as 'pretty' either." "Baby, if you thought dicks were pretty, we probably wouldn't be dating." Marie laughed. "But I totally think you have a beautiful wiener." She finished before sipping her drink. "Well, I like it." I said smiling.

"Michelle thinks I'm crazy!" Marie pouted. "Can you just show her?" Michelle was watching and laughing. "I am not a piece of meat!" I shouted pretending to be hurt. "Please just keep your dick in your pants." Michelle laughed. I knew the timing wasn't right yet. I was still sober and they weren't.

If I made a move then or did anything too bold, it would be out of character and I could have this whole opportunity blow up in my face. I looked at my drink. "You guys got a huge head start on me.

I hope you don't mind if I try and catch up." I said as I chugged my drink. Marie and Michelle both hooted as I finished it and headed to the kitchen to make another.

When I returned, I brought my drink and also the bottle of rum with me. I took a chug from the bottle and sat it on the coffee table. "I have to side with Michelle on this one. Dick's aren't pretty. I'm glad you think mine is, but in general they're just not attractive. Like, I think of boobs as being attractive. Looking at it purely from a design standpoint, they're perfect. You have three concentric circles. Tits are like, nature's bulls-eye." They were both laughing as I continued my speech.

I had them going now. "Plus there are two of them." I continued. "And Marie has the best tits I've ever seen. If you want to show Michelle something beautiful, you should show her those." Marie was laughing too hard to take a drink. "I don't think Michelle will get the same kind of satisfaction from my tits as you do." "Probably not." I smirked as I took another big chug from the bottle.

I kept drinking and refilling their drinks too. I had been there for about an hour and we were playing 'Never have I Ever.' Basically, the rules are: You go in a circle.

When it's your turn, you say "Never have I ever—" and then you say something risque that you have done. If anyone else has done it, you have to take a drink.

We were all good and drunk by then and I decided to make my move. I knew that most women have been told more than once that they had a pretty pussy. It's a pretty common fact that most straight men think that they are pretty. It was my turn to play and I made my move. "Okay. Never have I ever been told by more than one person that I had 'attractive' genetalia." I said as I took a swig of my drink.

Just as I expected, both girls drank. Then Michelle looked at me and asked, "So someone besides Marie told you that?" "Yep." I said proudly. "Okay, okay. Fine." Michelle drunkenly smiled. "Let me see it." "Seriously?" I asked trying not to appear eager. "I'm afraid it's been built up too much. I don't think I can live up to the hype." Marie put her hand on my thigh. "Come on, just show her. Even if she doesn't think so, I still do." Here was the crucial part.

In order for this to be more than just me flashing them, I had to do it the right way. I had to get Marie turned on. If I just stood up and pulled it through my fly, it might just seem like a strange piece of meat to them.

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I had to be bold and take it a step further. "Okay, I'll do it." I said and I rose from the couch and stood in front of them. Marie smiled like a child and Michelle chuckled a little. Instead of just pulling it out, I pulled my shirt up and dropped it on the floor. Then slowly, and maintaining eye contact with Michelle, I unfastened my belt. I popped the button and unzipped my fly and then pushed my shorts and underwear all the way down to the floor.

I stood up straight and put my fists on my hips. "So that's it." I said. They were both staring at it. I didn't yet have an erection, but I was aroused.

My cock had grown fat and heavy so it appeared a bit bigger than it normally might've. Marie smiled. "Well?." Michelle broke off her gaze to look at Marie.

"Okay. It is nice. I don't know if I'd call it beautiful, but it is pretty nice." I made no attempt to pull up my shorts.

I needed Marie to get worked up, so I just stood in front of them, basically dangling it in her face. Both their eyes went back to it and just stared for a moment. Then Marie said "You have to see it hard." I loved Marie. She could take something so devious and make it sound so innocent. "Okay." Michelle smiled. They kept staring at it. After a moment I confessed "Well, I can't just 'make it' hard." "Do you want me to talk dirty?" Marie asked.

"Okay." I said. Marie was on a mission. She didn't hold back for Michelle's sake. "I want to put your cock in my mouth and just hold it in there and feel it getting harder and harder. Then I want to spit all over my hand and jerk you off." I could feel the blood beginning to pulse down there, but I tried to hold it back. Marie loved a challenge and I planned to give her one.

The rum helped, but only so much. I thought about baseball, or movies. Anything to keep from getting hard too fast. I needed things to escalate. "I want you to rub that fat cock all over my face. I want to feel you deep in my pussy and feel your balls banging against my asshole." Think earned run averages. Think runs batted in. Think. Think. I heard Michelle say "Damn Marie. I knew you had a dirty streak, but fuck!" Now we were getting somewhere.

Marie looked over at Michelle and continued. I did my best to put on a mental block but it was tough. "Then I want to watch Michelle suck your cock." Michelle's eyes widened as she looked back to Marie. "I want you to grab the back of her head and fuck her throat." "Fuck." Was all Michelle could get out. Marie was really getting into it. I was about half way to being fully erect. The clock was ticking. I was counting on Marie to escalate things.

She didn't disappoint. "I want Michelle to spit on my chest so you can fuck my tits." She said as she lifted the front of her shirt. "Feel that fat cock slide between my tits." She continued as she pulled the front of her bra down.

When she let go of it, it pushed her perfect nipples upward and it looked so hot. There was no more fighting it, but it was okay. I was almost where I wanted to be. Michelle was looking at Marie's tits by then and that was all the distraction I needed. My cock was completely hard and I reached up and started stroking it. Marie smiled and said "Yeah, Johnny. Stroke that fat cock." Michelle's eyes darted back to me and she saw me stroking my fully erect cock in front of them.

She was dumb founded. It was time to take charge. "Kiss her." I commanded Marie. She grabbed Michelle's head and turned it toward hers. With that she pushed her lips hard into Michelle's and forced her tongue into Michelle's mouth. Michelle didn't resist a bit. She aggressively kissed Marie back as she stared at my cock from the corner of her eye before finally closing them and losing herself in the kiss.

I continued to jack off as I watched them kissing. I watched Marie get Michelle just as worked up as she was. I watched and waited for the right moment. Finally, it was time for my next bold move. I stepped closer to them as silently as I could. They both had their eyes closed. I stood between them and slowly leaned forward on the balls of my feet and slowly slid my cock in between their mouths. Michelle's eyes popped open, but Marie's did not.

Michelle looked at her, then up at me. We were both so into it, that Michelle went right back into it. They continued to kiss and lick each other's lips as I gently rocked my hips and slid my cock in and out of their kiss.

I finally left it there for a bit longer and Marie took the cue. She started to lick the side of my shaft in long strokes and Michelle watched and soon followed suit.

Then Marie took me into her mouth and started blowing me. Michelle backed away and watched as Marie formed a tight ring with her lips and slid it up and down my shaft. "Fuck." She whispered again. The plan was working, but the deal was not sealed yet. I had to push just a little bit further. I pulled back and started jacking off again, and just as I had intended, Marie went back to kissing Michelle. I watched them kiss for a few minutes, just waiting for it.

I knew Marie. I knew she would do something. I just didn't know what. Then it happened. I watched as Marie slowly raised her hand and placed it over Michelle's breast.

She lightly rubbed on it and Michelle moaned softly into her mouth. I waited until Marie felt Michelle's nipple rise to her touch and found it with her fingertips and gave it a gentle tug. That was it. It was time. I stepped toward Michelle and rubbed my cock against her cheek. Instinctually, like a baby when she feels her mother's nipple, she turned her head and wrapped her lips around my cock. She drew me deeper into her mouth and I knew we had crossed the threshold.

Now it was just a matter of choosing a direction. We were all in and going for the ride. Marie looked up at me and bit her lip as she raised her other hand to Michelle's other breast and began to deeply massage them through her tank top. Michelle was now sucking me in long deep strokes. Her mouth was wet and she was very slow and gentle.

I watched as Marie's face gave away her thoughts. She was going right where I wanted her to go. She dropped down to her knees beside Michelle and reached for the elastic waistband of Michelle's boxers. She then slipped her fingers under the elastic and gently eased them down. Michelle never broke her rhythm on my cock as she pressed her feet against the floor and raised her ass off of the couch just enough for Marie to pull off her shorts.

She wasn't wearing any panties. I looked down and noticed the dark triangle of trimmed pubic hair between her legs. Once her shorts were out of the way, she sat back down and spread her legs. Marie knelt down by my feet and placed her hands on Michelle's thighs as she leaned in and pressed her tongue against Michelle's clit. Michelle moaned onto my cock as a bolt of lightning shot through her body. Marie pressed her face harder into her mound as she quickened her strokes on my cock.

Michelle's mouth felt wonderful, but she was no match for Marie in the Blow Job department. I placed my hand on the back of her head and applied slight pressure as I rocked my hips a bit faster. Michelle was receptive and soon she placed her hand on the back of Marie's head and pulled her into her harder.

I caught Marie stealing glances of Michelle sucking my cock and I could tell that it was really a huge turn on for her. I was trying to get Marie to take the lead. I knew about her fantasies and I wanted her to push them on us. My plan was working. Finally Marie pulled away from Michelle's pussy and looked up at us.

She sat down next to Michelle on the couch and gave her pussy a few last rubs with her fingers as she said. "I want to watch Johnny fuck you." I took a step back and Michelle stood up and took her shirt off.

I pulled her into me and kissed her hard. I reached up and massaged her breast as Marie stood up and took off her own top and then her bra. I then laid Michelle down on the couch and climbed on top of her. Marie took off her shorts and panties and sat down on the floor, spreading her legs as I guided my cock into Michelle. "Fuck that pussy." Marie goaded as I pushed deep inside of Michelle. Marie wet two of her fingers in her mouth and slipped them into her pussy as she watched me fuck Michelle.

Michelle began to moan louder and louder as I followed Marie's every command. "Fuck her baby. Fuck her hard." Marie was then rolling her nipple between her fingers and pulling on it violently.

"Bury that cock in her little pussy." I was pounding Michelle furiously and she was loving it. Moaning so loud I was afraid her neighbors might call the cops. I watched her face tighten up as her breasts bounced with each thrust. I looked over at Marie and found her rubbing her clit faster than I had ever seen her do it before. Her face twisted in knots as she would occasionally slip two or even three fingers deep inside of herself before pulling them out and violently rubbing at her clit again.

"Yeah! Yeah! Oh, Fuck that pussy!" she was shouting. It has been my experience that most women cum a lot faster when they are on top. I could tell that I wasn't going to last much longer, and I definitely needed Michelle to orgasm if there would ever be a shot of a repeat of the night's events, so I pulled out of her and plopped down on the floor, pulling her along with me. I pulled her thigh across my lap with her facing Marie and lowered her onto my cock.

I grabbed hold of her hips and began thrusting deep inside her again and made sure that she could see everything that Marie was doing and that Marie had a clear view of us as well.

It had to be perceived and remembered as a shared experience. Michelle really started to get into it and was riding me vigorously. We both watched Marie as she rubbed her pussy faster and faster. I could tell that Marie would be cumming soon so I reached up and wrapped my arms around Michelle and squeezed her nipples as she bounced on my cock.

That totally did the job for Marie, and we watched as her body shook and tiny squirts of white fluid dripped from between her fingers and down her asshole. Michelle had found her rhythm by then and was getting close to cumming too. I flexed my hips upward and pushed my cock forward as far as I could in hopes of finding her G-spot.

I think I did, because She screamed and I felt a warm gush of fluid surround my cock. She was a trooper though. She didn't stop, but rather bore down and tightened her inner muscles around me and grinded harder and harder until I knew I was going to spew.

"I'm cumming!" I shouted into the night as I pulled her off of me and stood up as quickly as I could. I grabbed my cock and started jacking off, using Michelle's juices as lubricant. Marie clammered over to me and knelt in front of me as I jacked my cock. Michelle then stood by my side and slipped her hand under mine. I let go and Michelle began to jerk me as I kissed her and squeezed her tits. It did slow things down a bit, but she did an amazing job.

After about thirty seconds, I was on the verge of climax again. "Fuck.

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Fuck!" I muttered as Michelle drew my load from me. We both stared down at my cock and Marie's waiting face. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open. I sprayed my cream onto her face and into her mouth as Michelle stroked it out of me. She actually managed to get most of it into Marie's mouth. Once I was completely spent, Marie opened her eyes and closed her mouth. She smiled as Michelle and I both heard her swallow my jizz.

She then picked up her shorts and wiped the rest of my cum off of her face before standing up and kissing Michelle. When they broke apart, Michelle turned and leaned toward me. "You guys rock." She said as she kissed me deeply.


Then Marie and I kissed. I was on a role. I had only been with Marie for two weeks and had already had two threesomes, not to mention some of the best sex I'd ever had in my life. The three of us sat around naked all night, drinking and talking dirty. We all had a good time and I felt confident that we would be visiting Michelle again. She was a part of it now, just like Karen was. My mind wandered. How far could I possibly take this?

How far was Marie willing to go with me? How far was I willing to go with her? They were all questions that filled me with delight. Before the sun came up, I got them to put on a little show for me while I jacked off.

Then Michelle told us that she wanted to watch the two of us have sex. We never did sleep that night. We just hung out naked together pushing one another to go one step further. It was brilliant. I couldn't wait until the next time the three of us got together. I was completely crazy about Marie and I knew she felt the same way about me. Yes indeed, I had definitely met my match. To be continued…