Brutale Deepthroat und grobe Fotze schlug

Brutale Deepthroat und grobe Fotze schlug
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Sunday at the Pool with George I always saw him in the dressing room at the pool in our apartment building. I'm 53 years old and retired.


I swim every day to help me stay in shape so I've seen him many times both at the pool and in the changing rooms. He's probably about nine or ten years old, a little over four feet tall with sandy, reddish blonde, sun bleached hair. Before that Sunday afternoon I had never spoken a word to him but I had noticed him since he liked to strut around the changing area in the nude and when he did so, he invariably had a full erection. It was actually kind of comical to see his little hard penis poking up rigidly into the air as he strolled slowly to the urinals or the showers, giving everyone plenty of time to appreciate his equipment.

It was obvious that he enjoyed showing off his body and especially his rock hard little dick. His body was still totally hairless. His tiny prick was only about three inches long and the diameter of a drumstick even when hard, and his balls were still tightly encased in their sack, held up snug to his body like a couple of almonds.

His butt was small and hard, each cheek the size and shape of an unripe mango and his butt as well as his pubic area were lily white against the deep tan of the rest of his body.

When I went into the showers on that particular Sunday, there were two other men outside, dressing to leave. As I entered the shower, I saw the little guy standing under the spray of one of the heads and, as usual, his prick was as hard as a rock, jutting proudly skyward and jerking and swaying under the impact of the spray.

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As I stepped under another showerhead, I spoke to him for the first time. "Hey pal, how you doin' today?" He just shrugged and mumbled, "Okay." I was, for some reason, fascinated by his smooth, hairless, little naked body and I realized that I was staring at him, drinking him in with my eyes. It was then that I noticed that, he was also stealing glances at my cock. Of course it was soft relaxed but it was still about five inches long and an inch and a half or so thick, nestled in a thatch of curly dark brown pubic hair.

I felt my cock swinging and bouncing, more heavily than his, as the shower hit it. I became acutely aware of my own nudity when I felt my prick start to stiffen under the solemn little boy's steady gaze. At first he just glanced at my dick but soon he forgot himself and stared intently at my dick.

I just smiled, finished rinsing and shut off my shower.

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As I left the shower area, I heard him turn off his own shower and follow. I went to the bench where I had left my towel to dry off before I went back to the private cubicle where my clothes were hanging.

He also went to a towel he had brought but instead of drying, he just stood staring at my cock as I rubbed myself down. Finally, I smiled and said, "My name is Stan, what's yours?" "George," was his one word response.

"Well George, would you like to take a closer look?" He seemed startled but I guess my friendly smile made him feel that it was okay. Finally he nodded and said quietly, "Yeah, if it's okay." "Sure, I don't mind," I replied, "but maybe we should go into my dressing cube in case someone else comes in." Once again he nodded. "Okay." We picked up our towels and headed to the back. As we walked, his little hard cock quivered and swayed and I realized that I too was now about half hard with excitement from his interest.

I didn't understand why I couldn't take my eyes off him, but I thought that his iron hard little prick looked as cute as a button.

As we walked, I reached down to lay my hand on his shoulder. I just had to feel the incredible smoothness of his bare skin. As I touched him, I felt my dick jerk and harden even more with increased interest. I let my hand slide over his body, caressing his shoulders and upper back and glorying in the silky soft feel of him.

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As we entered the small room I closed the door for privacy and turned to him. "Well, here you go my friend," I said, lifting my cock and holding it toward him on the palm of my hand. He stepped closer, bent to my growing hardon and examined the shaft and head closely, his eyes only inches from my dick.

Of course I knew that what I was doing with this young kid was way wrong but for some reason I just couldn't stop. As he stared, I felt my hand reach, as if of its own volition, and, with my finger tip I pressed lightly onto the tiny soft head of his cute, white, rigid little cock, touching his prick for the first but, as it turned out, not last time today.

A jolt of illicit pleasure shot through my entire body at the mere touch of the kid's dickhead. I pressed down until his tiny prick pointed to the floor, then released. It leaped back up like a spring, wobbling a couple of times before once more pointing toward the ceiling.

"What about this little guy?" I asked him. He looked up, confused. "What?

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My peter?" he asked. "Yeah, your peter. Do you ever play with your peter to make it feel good?" Well, sometimes, in bed, I rub it and it feels really good until it feels like I'm going to pee and I have to stop," was his reply. "Can you show me how you rub it?" I asked him.

Sure, I guess so." He sat down on the end of the bench with his legs spread, then lay back. His cute little boner pointed to the sky, quivering with anticipation. I dropped to my knees between his legs as he reached for his little prick, sandwiching it between his palms, then began to roll it between his hands as though he were making a snake out of modeling clay.

As he rolled his penis, I gently laid my hands on his inner thighs, running them up and down and stopping with my thumbs rubbing his tiny soft nutsack, making small circular motions on the miniature rubbery orbs within. He didn't stop rubbing himself; his motions only got faster, his breath came quicker and his eyes began to close.

I kept fondling the boy's balls and soon his prick started to twitch and he suddenly stopped. "What's wrong?" I asked, knowing he had been about to come.

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He raised himself up until he was leaning on his elbows. "I had to stop. Like I said, I started to feel like I was gonna' pee!" "Let me help you, George. You won't pee, I promise?" "Well, OK, I guess so. I guess if I do pee it won't really matter in here anyway." "Alright," I said, "just sit there and leave it to me." I slid one hand up from his balls and another shiver ran down my back as I took his tiny peter between my finger and thumb and began slowly rubbing it up and down in tiny strokes.

My other hand still cupped and fondled his balls as I jacked him off. The feel of his prick between my fingers and his balls in my other hand was so exciting that I felt my own cock rise even more. It lifted from my thigh, nearly fully erect now. George's little boy dick was hot and as hard as glass to my touch and the speed of my jacking increased.

In what seemed like no time, he fell back onto the bench, his face and neck flushed red, his eyes began to flutter and I felt the rigid little penis in my fingers began to throb. "Uh… Stan, I think you better stop! I'm going to pee on you!" He was a little panicked. "That's okay George, you won't pee. Remember I promised. And if you do that's okay too. We'll just go shower again. We're still naked so it won't get on our clothes. So there's no problem." By then it was too late anyway. As I slowed my stroking, I felt his balls tighten and his hard little shaft spasmed as a jet of white cum shot from the tiny hole in the tip.

His first cum shot! Four little spurts of sperm jetted from his dick, each slightly less than the last. His cock was so hard and tight that the cum flew a good four or five feet into the air.

Some landed on my hand and arm, some on his chest and some on the floor. His breath caught in his throat as he came and his eyes opened wide, staring at my hand on his dick. "Wow!" he exclaimed, rising back up onto his elbows.

"That felt real good!

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And you were right, I didn't pee. But what was that you did to my peter?" I was still holding his cock and balls. I couldn't seem to let go. His skin and his sex organs felt magical in my hands. "What I was doing to your peter was called jacking off; and you can jack off yourself anytime you want. You can slide back and forth on your peter like I just did or you can roll it like you were doing.

Either way, just, when you feel like you're going to pee, don't stop and that white sticky stuff will squirt out.

Isn't that great?" "It sure is." He thought for a minute. "You mean all this time, if I'd just kept rubbing my peter, when it felt like I was going to pee, that white stuff would have squirted out and it would have felt like that every time?

Oh, man!" "Yep George, every time." "So, what was that white stuff that squirted out of my peter." "That was cum, George. When a man rubs his peter until the cum squirts out, that's what makes it feel so good." I noticed that his little pecker had only softened slightly after he had shot his wad.

As I continued fondling it, it once again grew rigid against my palm." "It feels like your peter is already hard again. Would you like me to show you something else that feels really nice?" "You bet!" He responded enthusiastically.

"Okay, this is something you won't be able to do to yourself. You'll need someone else to do this to you," I explained as I anticipated how his tiny pecker would taste. "Just lie back again." I leaned over him and opened my lips to allow his cockhead to slip into my mouth. I felt the velvety texture of his penis with my tongue for the first, and, I was hoping, not the last, time.

As his entire cock slid between my lips, his tiny dickhead bumped the roof of my mouth and I opened just a little wider and allowed my tongue to flick out and lick and suck his balls too.

I knew I was going to hell but right now, with my mouth full of George's hard little cock and soft little balls, I was in heaven. My hands slid around his hips to grip the sides of his smooth, firm little butt as I sucked him off right there in the pool dressing room.

As my mouth engulfed his cock and balls, I felt him tense up. "Stan, you're sucking on my peter!" he exclaimed softly, shocked. I paused my blowjob to look up and smile reassuringly at him.

"Yeah I am kiddo.

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And your peter tastes really great when I suck on it. Doesn't it feel good too though, just like I said that it would?" "Yeah, it does feel really good.


OK, I guess you can go on and suck on my peter if you want to." he said relaxing back onto the bench again. I resumed sucking his dick. It took only slightly longer this second time before I felt his dick swell inside my mouth and, as it began to spasm, I felt the tiny scalding jets of his cum hit the roof of my mouth and I tasted his delicious young sperm on my tongue for the first time.

I had sucked my roommate's dick in college several times as he had mine but, while I would cum in his mouth regularly, he was never able to cum in mine so this was actually my first taste of cum. I didn't know how adult cum would taste so I didn't know how George's would compare, but the taste of his young cum was amazing. I only regretted that he had no more to feed me.

At least not right now! I leaned back with my still rigid cock pointing to the ceiling. It seemed as though I had never had such a hardon before. This boy had me hotter than I'd ever been with anyone.

I desperately wanted him to touch my dick. At the same time I wanted to touch and rub his entire body; his cock and his balls of course but also his stomach, his chest, his back, his legs and arms, his butt. I wanted to run my hands over his ass, feel the crack between his buttcheeks, open his buttcrack and feel and lick his small tight butthole.

I wanted to devour him. George broke the spell. "Maybe we can do it together if you want," he offered. "I'll play with your peter and you play with mine until that white cum shoots out of us and then we'll both feel that good feeling." Now I was in heaven. While sucking and jacking him off had been wonderful, the thought of him doing the same to me almost had me cumming without ever being touched!

I was thrilled. I probably wouldn't have had the guts to suggest that he touch my cock but he was offering to…and eagerly.

"Well sure, why not?" I responded, "but maybe here isn't the best place. Maybe we should go to my apartment where we can really relax and have some more fun. What do you think?" "Yeah Stan, let's go now!" he said with the undisguised enthusiasm of the young. "Well, I'll get my shorts on and you go get yours and we'll head over to my place then." We both dressed hurriedly in just shorts and left the locker room.

I had to remind myself that I couldn't touch him as we hurried through the public area to my door. My hands shook with nerves and excitement as I fumbled with my keys, finally getting the door unlocked and opening it. We stepped inside and, as I closed the door, I saw George immediately hook his thumbs in the waistband of his shorts and shove them to the floor, his once again rigidly erect little dick catching momentarily on the waistband and then springing free and bouncing a little as it settled in the familiar jut toward the heavens.

I immediately reached for him, running my hands over every part of his body, letting myself try to get my fill of the feeling of his skin. I parted the crack in his adorable little butt and he leaned forward a little, giving me a grin, to allow my fingers to brush over and then to rub firmly against his anus. "Do you like my butthole too, Stan?" he asked, not so innocently. "I sure do, George," my short breathed reply as I continued feeling his little poop hole.

"But I thought I was gonna' to play with your peter too Stan. Aren't you gonna' take off your shorts so I can?" Without reply I slid my own shorts to the floor.

My cock had now been rock hard for so long without receiving any attention that it was throbbing and red. The feel of my shorts sliding over my dickhead was almost enough to cause me to cum right then but I gritted my teeth and regained control.

I didn't want to waste my cum until George had had a chance at my erection. As soon as my cock popped into view, he reached out and touched my dick for the first time. His cool little fingers wrapped around my shaft and stroked up and down in tiny movements. Just his touch almost sent me over the edge again and I rasped out, "Just hold on to my peter for a minute George, okay? Don't rub it yet. I don't want to shoot out my cum too soon. Your hand feels really good and I'm afraid if you move it, I won't be able to wait." "Okay Stan.

Will I get to suck on your peter too, like you sucked on mine?" Hearing this little boy asking if he could suck my cock was too much so I decided not to resist any longer. "Sure you can," I gasped, "later, but right now, I need you to go ahead and rub my peter real hard, up and down all the way and watch what happens." I felt his little fist grip my cock firmly and begin jacking me off again.

His eyes were only inches from my cockhead and they were glued to his hand as it jacked my swelling prick. It took only about ten strokes before my balls contracted and my cock throbbed with a powerful orgasm. I felt the first jet of cum pump through the shaft my dick and saw it spurt from the little hole at the tip of my cockhead. I usually shoot an unusually large amount of cum when I ejaculate, or so I've been told by several sex partners, but this was a massive cumshot even for me.

George was absolutely mesmerized as he watched gob after gob of sperm pump from the head of my dick. After the first, largest spurt flew past him, he raised his other hand and caught the next two or three, holding them in his palm and examining the milky cum closely as he continued jacking me off. I finally had to grab his wrist and stop him from pumping my dick any more as the sensitivity was now so acute that I couldn't bear the feeling, but I let him continue holding my cock loosely as he studied his handful of cum.

Finally he reached out the tip of his little pink tongue and tasted my load as it lay in his palm. He raised his tongue from his hand with a small gobbet of cum stringing from it and slid the sperm into his mouth, rolling his tongue and tasting.

Then he raised his hand and slurped up the entire wad. I could see his cheeks and tongue work my semen around inside his mouth, tasting it for a moment before he swallowed the whole load. Without releasing his grip on my dick, he once again extended his tongue and, opening his mouth wide, he engulfed the head and first inch or so of my shaft. If I'd thought that what had already occurred had been erotic, it was nothing to the sight of this little boy, totally nude, his tiny erect prick waving in the air for my eyes to eagerly enjoy, with his lips wrapped around my shaft, sucking off my cock.

I let him suckle my dick for a few moments but once again, I had to stop him as the sensations were simply too acute to bear. I allowed my cock to lie in his mouth as it softened and he remained still for a little longer and then I pushed him gently away, my dick popping free of his lips, wobbling and still slightly tumescent. I knelt, facing him and held out my arms. He stepped willingly into my embrace and I pressed my lips gently to his own as I wrapped him in my arms, pressing his naked body to my own.

I gently let my tongue explore the inside of his mouth, tasting my cum and feeling his tongue respond and dance lightly with mine. I felt his stiff little penis poking into my belly as I ran my hands over the smooth expanse of his back, slipping down to grip his tiny tight butt cheeks. I gently opened his butt to my finger again as my tongue continued to probe his mouth, sliding and twisting against his own.

My finger slid, lightly, then with more force, over his tight little butthole, back and forth, enjoying the feel of his tightly puckered little anus. Once more he flexed his butt out to open wider and allow me free access.

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Finally we broke our kiss and I leaned away. Still holding and caressing his butt, I gazed into his eyes. "Thank you George," I said sincerely.

"You have such a beautiful body and I just can't seem to get enough of it. I love holding your peter and sucking it.

I love rubbing you all over and playing with your butthole." I wriggled my fingertip on his anus and smiled as I said that. "And I love your lips on mine and on my cock, sucking me off like I sucked you. I hope you liked it too and that we can do this some more." "I did Stan, I really did like it.

I especially liked when you sucked on my peter and let me squirt my cum into your mouth. I wasn't as crazy about the taste of your cum but it wasn't too bad. I liked sucking on your peter too. I want to do this again too. I want us to suck peters together a lot. I'll get used to the taste of your cum if it means I can squirt my cum in your mouth some more." With that said, he bent and gave my soft cock a quick kiss on the head and then gave it a quick suck and a lick before straightening and grabbing his shorts.

"My mom will be wondering where I am so I better get home for now. Maybe we can meet at the pool again tomorrow, okay?" "Okay George. I'll see you tomorrow…can't wait to suck your peter again!" I reached for one final stroke of his bare ass as he pulled up his shorts. He grinned at me and scampered out the door.

So that was my Sunday at the pool with George.