Muscular inked stud lays down on the bed and strokes dick

Muscular inked stud lays down on the bed and strokes dick
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As our story continues, along come some exciting twists and new revelations. Just as before, some of this is true and some is fantasy. A warning - this segment doesn't include any sexual encounters. It is our shopping trip through the adult shop. Some sexy outfits, foreshadowing of some possible things to come… but didn't write in any sex for this segment. Thank you everyone for your support.

I look forward to feedback, either positive or negative… all can help me become a better writer. Let me know what you like or don't - story line, wording, and even ideas of your own to make it better. Thank you for reading and enjoy! ******************************************************************* As Amy and I slipped out of the preview booth and started walking down the hallway, I realized that we had been in there for a while.

"Jeez, Steph has to be wondering where we disappeared to." We stepped out of the security door and Amy walked over to the counter. "It was nice, but I think we may keep looking. Thanks." The man behind the counter nodded at us and went to put the movie back. Amy turned and started to scan around the store to try and find Steph. She started walking over towards the toy section and waved at Steph, who was flipping through a rack of dvds.

When Steph looked her way, Amy gave her a thumbs up sign. When I got over to them, I apologized to Steph for disappearing. "It's no problem, I was having a good time myself.

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So, what do you guys want to look at first?" "Well, let's take a look at the toys first, sound good?" Amy took each of our hands and we started browsing the aisles. I didn't realize it, but Amy and Steph were hanging back a little. They were talking in hushed tones and really analyzing what items I seemed to be drawn to. I spent most of the time looking at the items and either wondering what they were or what things Amy and Steph would like.

There were a copious amounts of cock rings in different sizes and colors, but Amy had already bought one for me. I just bypassed them. I turned the corner and I saw a number of strange hand held objects with openings on one end that looked like lips or vaginas. It was obvious that these were for men to pleasure themselves. If I had found these a week ago, I probably would have bought one, but now I was pretty sure I wouldn't need one anymore.


Right next to those were a variety of dolls - ranging from cheap plastic blow up dolls to very realistic molded models that were just a portion of the body. Most of these advertised that they were lifelike material and bragged that they were actually molded after famous porn stars. The very last one was a huge display with a full-bodied, full sized woman. There was a spot where you could reach through the packaging and feel how realistic the skin felt.

I walked by and turned a corner and found myself facing the back wall. There was display that stretched almost half way down the length of the store that held a huge number of dildos and vibrators.

Hundreds of different styles with a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. All of the packages were either hanging from metal hooks or sitting on shelves. There were special displays that had different dildos and vibrators out of their packaging so you could see and feel the different sizes, textures, and materials. I stopped in front of a display of glass dildos with swirling colors through them. I turned and looked at Steph and Amy. "Do you like these? I mean, they are pretty, but it is something you would like?" Amy picked one up and looked at it.

With a frown, she put it down. "Yeah, it is pretty but it is too hard. I like a toy to be more realistic. Soft enough to have a little give but hard enough to do the job." "True. I tried one of these before and it was pretty uncomfortable." Steph took my hand and led me to the next display.

These were a variety of strap-ons. Steph held one up for me to touch. It was the ultra-realistic material like the dolls and the strap-ons the girls had earlier.

I began to look at all of the different styles and sizes. Amy and Steph noticed that I stayed on the end of the display with all of the realistic toys. They also realized that I seemed to be very interested in the different styles of ways that could be used to hold them in place. I picked up one that was more than just a series of straps. This one had a wide back made up of purple crushed velvet with black leather trim. It was actually two halves that were connected in the middle with a black satin ribbon.

There were wide straps that were attached to the top corners that would ride along the hips.


They attached to a small triangle made of the same crushed velvet that would ride along the pubic bone. There were two narrow connecting straps that also connected the front and back that would go between in the inner thighs and would ride one each side of the vagina.

It looked almost Victorian with the corset-style ribbons and crushed velvet. The dark purple color and black leather was both elegant and sexy, but it also felt a little kinky as well.

"So, do you really like that one?" Amy took it from me and began to look at it closely. "Sure. But it has one of the dildos that are made of really hard plastic you don't like." I kind of shrugged and started to turn away." "Wait, that is so great about these styles.

You can change the attachment. See… you can slide the one you want through this black ring and it will hold it in place." Steph had taken the toy from Amy and was pointing out the different features. She set the one in her hand back on the display and walked over to where the different strap-on belts were.

She found the style we were looking at and started looking through the stack of boxes that held them. "So, do you prefer the purple? They also have black and red." Amy looked at me and I shrugged. "It is up to you sweety." "Purple. I know you really love the color purple." Steph looked Amy up and down, turned and picked up a box with a size small.

"Okay, so now to pick the right size. I am guessing you definitely want one of the realistic ones." She led us over to where they were all hanging up on metal hooks inside hard plastic shells.

Amy walked up and started looking closer. She would pick one up and read the details on the back, return it to its place on the wall and look at another. Finally she turned to me with one in her hands. She stepped up close to me and whispered in my ears. "How does this one look to you? It looks like it is almost identical in size to the one we ran into in the back." She showed me the dimensions listed on the back - 8" long and about 2" in diameter.

She then turned the packaging over so I could see the dildo. It was the ultrarealistic material and the design looked exactly like a real penis down to the smallest detail. I just nodded at Amy and she smiled. "I just knew that it would be perfect for us." Steph stepped to the end of the display and picked up a plastic shopping basket and the girls dropped the selections into it.

I looked at Steph and asked her if she wanted to buy a new strap-on for herself, our treat. She just laughed and said that was okay, she was pretty attached to hers. The girls started to walk over towards the lingerie section of the store. They immediately started finding some real cute teddies, corsets, and body stockings.

I hung back behind them and just watched. They both had incredible taste and were picking up really sexy outfits. I paid particular attention to which ones they went absolutely nuts for and would walk up after they moved on and pick up a size small and stick it in the basket. They were almost identical in size, so I knew that if it would fit Amy, it would fit Steph.

I wasn't as sure about Steph's bra size because she was smaller than Amy in that regard, but luckily all of the things they had picked up so far were not bra-size specific. And then it happened. They came across bra and panty sets as well as a display of mix-and-match bras and panties where you could choose the style of top and style of bottom you wanted to complete a look. Steph was looking at one bra in particular that was black satin with a small trim of purple lace to accent it. She told Amy that she just had to buy this bra and started to look through all of those particular style.

She dejectedly hung it back up and said that they didn't have her size. Amy came to the rescue. "Well, what size do you wear? There are a couple styles over here that are pretty similar." "I wear a 34C. Let's take a look." Amy dug through and pulled out two in Steph's size. One looked very similar to the first bra, but instead of just a trim of purple lace, the lace was much more spread out and cover the entire cup, allowing the black satin peeked through the purple lace.

The other bra looked exactly like the original bra but instead of black satin, it was black leather. Steph took both of them and was commenting about how much she liked them both. "Well, get them both!" Steph looked at the price tags on the bras and put the leather one back.

She smiled and said she would prefer not to spend that much on a bra. I waited until the girls stepped over a bit to look at matching panties for the satin and lace bra and I snatched the leather one and threw it into the basket. I hovered behind the girls to see which style of panties Steph picked out to match the bra in her hand.

She looked at a thong and a Brazilian cut but put them both back. Then she spotted a pair of low cut boy shorts that were designed to ride low on the hips. She squealed with delight and held them to her chest. Amy and Steph started to walk away and look some more. I quickly knelt down to where the boy short-style panties were and found the matching leather pair to go with the bra in the basket.

Luckily I found her size (based on what Amy wears) and threw it into the basket. By the time we made it around through the women's section of lingerie, the shopping basket was getting full. I saw another stack of baskets next to a display. I dug out the strap-on pieces the girls picked out and put them in a new basket.

I set the other basket beside the display and walked over to the girls. I handed them the basket and made the excuse that I had to find a restroom. As soon as the girls turned away, I picked up the basket full of lingerie and took it up to the counter. I asked the clerk to put it behind the counter and begged him not to say anything when we were checking out because it was a surprise for the girls.

He smiled and said that it would be no problem. I quickly made my way back to the girls. I looked into the basket and I noticed that the girls hadn't picked anything else out yet.

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"Not finding anything else you like?" Amy turned to Steph and asked her where they kept the "Other" stuff, making quote marks in the air as she said it. Steph took her hand and led her to the far corner of the lingerie section.

There was a door in next to a display of frilly teddies. I had seen it earlier and assumed it was another dressing room or something. Steph led us through the door into a dark hallway.

We had walked about 30 feet when it opened up into a huge room. The walls were painted to look like brick and there was metal and leather everywhere. It looked like we had stepped into some horror dungeon. The girls began looking through all of the lingerie - leather, latex, rubber… it was all there. I started wandering around the outside of the room looking at all of the toys and paraphernalia on the walls.

I stopped and stared at a mannequin strung up from the ceiling in the corner. It was covered from head to toe in a black leather suit that included an attached hood that completely covered the face. There were only small holes cut about where the nose and mouth would be. There were little metal rings attached to various parts of the suit and the suit was attached to metal chains from rings at the shoulder.

It was these chains that suspended the mannequin from the ceiling. "That is a special order. I can measure you for one if you like." I turned and saw a man clad in all leather standing next to me. I declined nicely and began to strike up a conversation with him. He told me that he had been a leather worker for most of his life, and into the BDSM scene for the last ten years. He decided to combine his leatherworking talents with his passion for the scene. He had been working at the shop making custom orders and as a salesman for three years.

He could tell that I had no idea what all I was looking at and offered to give the grand tour. We walked around the outside of the large room, slowly passing the different displays.

He would explain what each of the items were for. Thick pads of all shapes and sizes that would attach to a control panel for electric current stimulation. Some long, thin metal bars for inserting into the urethra (I gave an involuntary shudder at that and stepped a little faster).

He laughed and said that it wasn't for everyone.

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There were blindfolds and hoods, different types of restraints, gags, and other assorted bondage gear. I saw whips and paddles, different cages for the penis that made it difficult and painful to get an erection, and torture devices. The girls came up behind as we talked. Amy had tried on an outfit and wanted my opinion.

"So, what do you think?" I turned and looked her up and down. Both my new friend and I let out a low whistle of appreciation at the same time.

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She was wearing a pair of knee-high black leather boots with thin 3" stiletto heels. Running up the outside from the ankle to the top were black straps with silver buckles holding them in place. Coming up out of the boots were black latex thigh high stockings that had built in garter straps that run up into low-waisted, black crotchless boy shorts. The stockings and shorts were all one piece of lingerie that helped avoid the garter belts from coming unattached when you moved.

Amy's stomach was exposed as the top left a small amount of under-boob.

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It was also black latex. It was cut like a sports bra and pushed Amy's breasts together and lifted them up, giving the optical illusion that her breasts were even larger than they were.

The front was cut so low that between her breasts, there was barely more than two inches of material from top to bottom.

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She also had on black latex gloves that went all the way up to halfway between her elbows and shoulders.

I didn't realize my mouth was literally hanging open until my friend reached over and pushed up my jaw with a laugh.

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"Great, I am glad you like it. So it is going to take a minute to get changed out of this… okay, probably much longer than a minute. By the time I get done, we will need to get on the road. Would you be able to pay for our stuff and we can meet you in the car? Plus, there are a couple things we want to grab that we don't want you to see yet." I took the tags from her outfit and picked up our basket.

I grabbed Steph's bra and panties as well, over her protests. She reluctantly gave up the fight and then handed me the keys to the car. "Just put the bags in the back seat of the car with me." Amy said.

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As I walked to the front of the store, I realized that this worked out perfectly because now they wouldn't see all the item I picked up behind them in the store. As the cashier went through and rang up all the items, I couldn't help but realize just how good it felt to spoil the both of them. **************** (to be continued) *********************