Extremely huge Black cocks giant dicks

Extremely huge Black cocks giant dicks
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Headlights, screeching of tires, blaring of a horn BAM&hellip.


I wake up and see only black. I am being moved. "We need to get her down to the tunnels before she wakes up!" I fade out again. Opening my eyes I see a gray stone ceiling with pipes and hear metal wheels on a stone floor. I look up and see someone in a surgery maskmale I think.

He is talking to someone to his left "Now that I have come through with her they had better let me in!" I hear a deep voice reply " Lets just get her to the lab first." I try to turn my head and my cheek rests against a cold zipper. I feel what seems like plastic against my skin and realize am naked. The man pushing my gurney meets my eyes and winks.

I close my eyes and fade out again. I hear several male voices and open my eyes. I turn my head and see a man on a gurney next to me. He is naked&hellip.

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Looking around I take in the room, drawers, gray walls, freezer door, several men and women naked on metal gurneys, 3 metal tables and a group of about 10- 12 men in white coats and medical masks in the corner. I catch words… "swing&hellip. riggor mortis&hellip. lab". I turn and look and see I am in a large black bag with my head free.

It slowly dawns on me… body bag, morgue. My mind races and I open my mouth. no sound comes out. I try to figure out how I got here and have no memory. As I struggle to move one of the men notices me and points. A large man comes over and looks down at me.

"Hmmm looks like someone is awake! He unzips the bag father exposing my breasts to the cold air and they watch my nipples harden to their delight. He squeezes my nipple and a small sound escapes from my throat as I feel the pain.

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Ok boys she can feel but not move… this also means she can't scream unfortunately! Lets sling her up and get her started on Big Al over there while he still has rigor mortis and his cock hard! I glance where he indicates and see a corpse his skin grey and his huge cock hard sitting below a beer belly his glazed eyes still open and lips almost black. The leader unzips the body bag and I feel straps being put around my thighs and am rolled over as they fit the harness under my back.

I hear a winch and am lifted off the metal gurney my body limp. The only thing I can do is slightly turn my head. I hear the winch again and my legs are spread, I feel the cold air hit me and gasp. Another masked man steps between my legs and puts shaving cream all over my slit. Deftly he swipes all the hair off of my pussy and mound. He must have done this many times. My nipples harden as I feel the cold air on my newly shaved mound as I lay there lifeless.

I listen to the banter and gather this is a group of med students and I have been taken to the university lab through the tunnels under the hospital in a body bag on a metal mortuary gurney. I was swiped from a paramedic when they brought me in. Car accident they said&hellip. I think back and can't remember anything. I am lifted higher and my back is raised.

I am now sitting with my legs spread the rest of my body being held upright by straps around my arms and chest. My forehead has a wide strap across it holding my head up. Big Al is wheeled under me and my eyes widen in fear. I am slowly lowered and Big Al is positioned perfectly his huge cock pointing at my freshly shaved slit. An intern positions himself in front of us with a camera. Lower&hellip. Lower… I feel the cold dead cock at my lips and someone opens them and pours lube over Big Al's dead member.

I am held there as several interns take closeups of the head of Big Al's cold cock against my hole with their phones. Tears slide down my face. A signal is given and I am lowered slowly onto the grey hard cock, I start to sob as it forces my walls apart as my weight pushes it inside me. The burning pain taking my attention. I feel completely full as a stabbing pain causes me to gasp as his cock rests against my cervix fully swallowed by my warm living flesh.

His cock doesn't heat up instead the cold seems to seep into my body. Several interns take their cocks out and start to rub them.

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Again interns move in for more closeups with their phones. One starts to pinch my nipples causing them to get hard. Another spits on my clit and rubs it with his thumb laughing as a small whimper escapes me.

They back up and I am raised about 6 inches and dropped back down onto Big Al's cock, again and again, I close my eyes as I feel my G spot being hit over and over. Sobbing my body starts to build to orgasm. Behind my eyes I see Big Al's grey hairy legs and the interns masturbating. "We have lift off boys!" One voice calls out as they see my muscles contracting.

I am slammed down and left there. Several interns come up and turn Big Al around his cold dead flash turning in my stretched cunt. I am now facing his head. My upper torso is slightly lowered so I am face to face with Big Al's lifeless gaze, my nipples pressed against his cold hairy chest.

His skin is a steel grey and his thin lips almost black. His eyes are milky and staring right through me. Panic wells up in me and my rump is raised then released and my cunt slamming on him again. I close my eyes and behind my eyes Big Al opens his mouth and licks his lips with his swollen blackened tongue. My eyes fly open my heart racing and Big Al still stares through me. My rump is raised and lowered faster and faster the terror washes over me in waves but my body betrays me and starts to build another orgasm as his cold flesh slams against my G spot.

My tears drop into Big Al's milky eyes as my body starts to shudder.


They fuck me faster onto the dead cock and suddenly I start to cum… hard… I squirt all over the gray cock and balls several guys cheer as I sob all the harder. One rushes up pressing my nipples against the cold chest of the corpse and I cum harder as they laugh. My walls grasp at the dead mans cock trying to milk it to no avail. When I finish I am winched up and Big Al Removed. A young girl is wheeled under me she is in her late teens 19 or so, her flesh is pale and brown hair frames her face.

She has a pert nose and a pixie like look about her.


Small breasts lay on her chest and she has been shaved. I glance down and her beautiful red nails catch my eye… this makes her real and I feel sick. Her gurney is lowered till it is 2 feet off the floor and she is wheeled under me her feet behind me and her face under my hairless pussy. My mouth is opened and a metal O ring is placed behind my front teeth holding my mouth open.

Slowly I am lowered onto the dead girls face. I lay there staring at the floor and inhale in surprise as my pussy lips touch her face. My lips are spread and camera flashes go off. I am lowered a bit more till her cold face is buried in my warm flesh. Her nose is right above my clit and her full blue lips rest directly on my clit. Someone grabs my hair lifting my head and rams his cock deep in my throat through the O ring.

Holding my head by my hair he starts to fuck my mouth driving deep into my throat cutting off my air. I gasp on back strokes and notice as he fucks my face I am swinging back and forth my clit rubbing against the dead girls lips up to the tip of her cold pert nose and back to her lips.

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His face fucking is making me face fuck the dead girls corpse. He starts to grunt and suddenly pulls me all the way to his pubic bone I gag around his cock as it goes into my throat and cum shoots into me. I try to swallow as he grunts louder cumming hard. My hard swollen clit is against the dead girls nose and sends signals through my body. As the intern finishes he withdraws and drops my head.

Some cum drips out of my opened mouth and onto the floor mixing with my tears. I hear someone kneel on the gurney behind me. I close my eyes and can almost see him kneeling over the dead girls chest.

I jump as I feel a hot cock against my slit. He spreads me wide with his thumbs and slides in. I sob as he starts to rock me back and forth onto his cock my clit face fucking the corpse again.

He hisses and I feel my body responding to the cold dead flesh.

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Panting I start to cum which sets off the guy behind me his hot seed shooting up my cunt over and over. My walls try to milk him as I feel her cold blue lips against mine. Pulling out with a slurp I feel cum dripping out of me.

More camera flashes as his cum leaks out of my bare cunt onto the dead girls neck. The girls gurney is spun around and I am eye to eye with her shaved pussy. I feel another intern grab my hips and slide his cock deep in my cum filled cunt. I see someone standing over the dead girl and my hair is grabbed. Another cock is forced down my throat. I am rocked back and forth slamming one then the other to the hilt, gagging, gasping for air, choking. My clit hardens again as my shaved pussy face fucks the dead flesh.

As I choke the paralytic starting to wear off my body starts to build to orgasm, my clit and g-spot being assaulted as the intern behind me groans fucccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkk and slams me down on his cock and starts to cum.

The intern in front of me thrusts deep into my throat and starts to shoot cum into my belly hissing. My G-spot explodes and warmth floods the interns cock as he cums and he yells in surprise. I swallow as my body is wracked with orgasm the girls cold nose pushed against my clit. Sobbing in shame the cock is pulled back and the last few squirts of cum land on my tongue.

As my head is dropped the cock from my cunt withdraws. I stare down at the dead slit below me and watch as cum runs out of my mouth dripping onto the cold mound and sliding down her slit. I am winched up and moved over one of the autopsy tables. They lower my body till my knees touch.

I feel a prick in my arm "Just topped her up on the paralytic" an intern calls out.

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I feel a tube slid up my cum soaked cunt and cold water floods me. I hear the water rushing out as I am cleaned out. Next they lower me onto the table and the straps removed. I lay there lifeless as 2 interns pick me up and lay me onto an old womans corpse my face in her slither grey sparse hairs tickling my lips.

My head is picked up and my opened mouth sealed over the top of her cold slit. Her body has come from the cool roomher lifeless flesh spreading under my weight. My breasts press into the corpses belly as my legs are spread on either side of the womans neck. We are both slid down til her head falls lifeless off the edge of the table and O ring placed in her mouth as well.

An intern grabs my hips and slides his cock deep for 4 strokes then removes it. I feel the corpses body jolt 4 times then my invader is back. My lips rub against her hard cold pubic bone and I gag.

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My head is lifted and turned to the side an intern holds a mirror up and I see the intern behind me taking turns fucking my cunt and her lifeless mouth then back to my cunt. tears stream down my face. My head is turned again towards the corpses cunt and I see someone shooting cum on it. Lowering my head they rub my lips over the cum grinding me against the lifeless pussy lubricating my mouth and her slit.

Someone jerks my head up as another spreads her legs. I see them spread her slit and coat it in cum… so much cum&hellip. My head is forced between her legs and into her spread dead pussy. They rub my face in his cum and her clit. My tongue lolls out of my mouth resting on her clit tasting the salty cum. I panic and start to hyperventilate. They laugh and I pass out. As I come to I feel a cold rod up my ass.

My muscles clamp down and it burns. I am laid out on Big Al his cock up my ass and my legs being held up while the Intern fucks my cunt. 2 interns play with my nipples and clit. "The whore loves dead dick!! Lets make her cum hard this time!!" I hear agreements as I am fucked harder and faster the intern grunts and starts to cum. He pulls out and another cock is slammed in.

I feel their cocks rubbing against the cold corpses rod. my ass burns, my G spot getting slammed. My nipples pinched and an intern lowers down and starts to flick his tongue over my clit.

My body starts to go crazy and I start to squirt again the cock withdraws and I am held wide open as my fluids squirt several feet and the interns cheer. My clit is sucked into the interns mouth and he rocks my ass on the corpses dick making me squirt more…… as I finish cumming 3 interns come up jacking off into and on my cunt. I pant as my over sensitive clit is released. They lift me up the huge cock sliding painfully out of my ass and set my cum covered and filled cunt on yet another corpses face.

I just get a flash of old male black lips and no teeth. One intern grabs me by the waist as I am held there and starts to rock me onto the corpses face. The cum dripping out of me lubricates the corpses lips and nose and my clit slides freely over them. I start panting and my eyes glaze as I cum yet again the interns taking more pics… I sob in disgust and shame as I am cleaned out on a table again and strapped to a gurney.

They roll me and turn my head so I am looking directly into the old corpse dead eyes, both my and the interns cum covering his toothless face. He almost looks to be grinning………&hellip.

I pass out&hellip.