Lustful and wild pussy delights

Lustful and wild pussy delights
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Ch. 03 song titles Air on the G string (Bach) The Little Fugue in G minor (Bach) An Unforgettable Melody: Ch. 03 "You've always been a smart one. You give yourself too little credit, boy," he said with his thick Texan drawl. Mike chuckled.

"I know, Granddaddy." Harry Weston adjusted his thick glasses. "After all, what have I always said about power? Men who seek power actively are destined to abuse it…" "…But men with power thrust on them unwittingly can be trusted to guard it." Mike laughed. "Sometimes you're a regular Uncle Ben Parker, you know that?" He glanced at his gold wristwatch.

"Well, 'bout that time. I'd best be going now. Just remember son, you be sweeeeeet…" he said, bleating like a sheep on the last word.

Ever since he was a little kid, Mike couldn't help but crack up laughing at his catchphrase… As Mike slowly awoke, he became aware of a warm, sticky sensation occurring between his legs. His eyes fluttered open, treated to the sight of a gorgeous redhead sucking his cock gently.


"Good morning," Melody said with a smile. "It certainly is…" She giggled, continuing to lick his rigid cock as if it were a piece of candy. Slowly, his senses began to fully awaken, causing the sensations to increase and his member to grow even harder. Mike glanced at his alarm clock.

7:10… plenty of time… he thought mischievously. He sat up straight in his bed, causing Melody to pause. "You no like?" She had her pouty face on again. Mike chuckled.

"Oh, I love… but I want more," he said with a wink. Smiling a mile wide, Melody moved to kiss him, but they both were hit full force with the other's morning breath. "Oh, wow that's awful!" "Sure is. Umm, let me think… I wish for both of our mouths to always be completely clean and have fresh breath, even after oral sex, so that we will always be able to enjoy kissing each other," Mike stated. Tingle. Flash. Without a word, Melody immediately stuck her tongue down Mike's throat, moaning in pleasure.

"Much better," she said with a wicked grin. "Agreed." Pushing him back on to his back, she playfully pinned him between her legs. "I believe someone said they wanted more." He nodded.

"I seem to recall that." "Well, that works out perfectly." She leaned close to his ear, whispering, "Because I wanna ride your brains out." Mike's cock twitched in anticipation. As she aligned her moist, shaven pussy with his rod, Melody began grinding her hips on the tip, causing her sweet juices to dribble down the length of his shaft. "You were so gentle last night, I couldn't have ever dreamed of a better way to lose my virginity," she said, still torturing the tip of his cock.

"But now…" finally lowering herself onto him, "It's my turn to show you what I can do." Placing her hands on his chest, she began to work him slowly and deliberately, squeezing her forearms together to give her incredible tits the perfect amount of lift. As she sped her movements up, this created a stunning visual as they bounced from her increasingly rapid humping. Unable to resist, Mike reached out to begin working her nipples with his thumbs and index fingers.

As her eyes widened in pleasure, Melody threw her head back, her face a vision of lust and desire. Breathlessly, she managed to ask, "Is that wish from last night still in effect?

That I cum when you cum?" Not slowing his breast play for even a moment, he replied, "You bet your ass." Opening her eyes slowly to gaze at him, she asked, "Does that mean that I can only cum when you cum?" As Mike appeared confused, she continued in a sultry voice, "I'm multi-orgasmic.

I could cum three or four times in a row." His eyes widened at the revelation. "Then do it. I want you to cum as many times as you're able to." Smiling wickedly, Melody shifted to a grinding motion, biting her lip as she did so.

Mike could tell she was working her clit directly on him, and was only more aroused by the fact that she was literally using his cock to jack herself off. Worried that this might cause him to blow his load too soon, he managed to eek out a wish. "I wish that I won't cum until after you do. I want you to cum all over my cock, then cum from me exploding into you." Tingle. Flash. "Done… oh God!" Mike instantly felt his stamina return, allowing her to increase her tempo as her climax approached.

He couldn't help but marvel at Melody's technique; despite her speed, she was still managing to ride his cock perfectly to where he was never in danger of slipping out. Her breathing intensified, her eyes rolled back into her head, until the wave of her orgasm finally broke. "Yeeeeessssss&hellip." She moaned as rode out the aftershocks.

Mike loved the feeling of her tight pussy contracting around him, attempting to milk him for all he was worth. If it hadn't been for his wish, he'd have been done right then and there. As her speed gradually decreased, indicating her fatigue, Mike wrapped his arms around her, pulling her down to lie on his chest.

As Melody's breasts dangled in his face, he simultaneously began to pound her pussy full force while sucking and licking her right nipple. She loved every second of it, running her hands through his hair just to try and steady herself as her second climax began to approach.

"I don't want to rush you, but it's almost 7:30," she whispered breathlessly. "Do you… want… to cum… now?" He released her breast from his mouth to speak. "Only if… you… cum… too." Melody nodded forcefully. "Do it. Fill me up. I need it." Wrapping his arms tightly around her, Mike thrust his final five strokes into her before their dual orgasms erupted within them.

"Oh… SHIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!" They exclaimed simultaneously. Melody collapsed onto him, lightly kissing his chest and grinning contentedly. As she propped her chin up on her folded hands, she gazed at Mike lovingly. "You were smiling, you know." Mike was confused.

"You mean just now?" She giggled. "No, silly. While you were asleep." He shrugged, replying, "Well how could I not? I got woken up in the greatest method imaginable." She shook her head. "Nope. You were smiling way before that, from the moment I woke up. Were you dreaming?" As it slowly came back to him, he nodded. She smirked. "Here's hoping I can keep up with your subconscious." Mike laughed, responding, "No, no, nothing like that.

I was… I was just talking to my Granddaddy. The one I mentioned to you that was a Southern Baptist preacher, remember? He was always the perfect combination of cut-up and wizened sage." Kissing him lightly on the cheek, she said, "He sounds fantastic.

Is he still…?" Mike shook his head no. "He died when I was about nine years old." Melody put her hand over her mouth apologetically. "I'm so sorry, I probably shouldn't have brought it…" Silencing her with a tender kiss, he smiled. "It's totally fine. I miss him, but thinking about him doesn't make me sad. Hell, right now he's probably lecturing Jesus himself about how criminal it is that 'Even in Heaven I still can't get breakfast in bed!'" Melody rolled off of him, laughing at the impersonation he did.

"Would he really do that?" "Oh hell yeah, the man had no shame. I may be an only child, but he was that only child everyone grumbles about," Mike said dryly. By this time, it was 7:32. Turning to Melody, he said, "Why don't you go ahead and take a shower first?" Here eyes brightened.

"Ok! A shower sounds so relaxing… and even more so if you were to join me," she purred. Briefly considering it for a split second, he then thought better of it. "Don't think we're gonna have time. But I tell ya what. If you're a good girl," he said, tapping her nose playfully, "then we'll do just that when we get home after lunch. Deal?" Kissing his lips sweetly, she responded, "Deal. But I'm holding you to it." "I thought you just did… hold me to it," he shot back. Slapping him with her pillow, she rolled out of bed.

"I'm going to take a shower you little smartass." Entirely pleased with himself, Mike reached into his nightstand drawer, pulling out his iPad mini.

After a few minutes of checking email and social media, he suddenly had a brilliant idea. He just had to check one website… That'll do perfectly! Just then, he heard the bathroom door open. A nude Melody emerged, her gorgeous red hair still damp from her shower. "Damn, I coulda stayed in there forever…" she mused.

Mike emphatically nodded in agreement. "Yep, and now it's my turn," he said, rubbing his hands together. "Guess I'll let you get ready for church… oh crap." "What?" "You don't have any clothes besides your shorts and t-shirt, do you?" She giggled.

"Please. My powers let me instantly generate any clothes I may need for myself, as a part of blending into society. No worries." "Oh, that's cool," he said, slightly amazed. "Are you able to do the same for me?" Frowning slightly, she replied, "Only if it were necessary for your protection.

Masters are generally expected to provide their own basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter. Genies only intervene in the most dire of circumstances." "I guess that makes sense.

Ok, I'll be out in a few minutes." Giggling, she shot back, "And if you aren't, I'll know what you were doing!" Rolling his eyes, Mike turned the hot water on and stepped inside, letting the stream roll down his back. He kept his shower rather businesslike, washing his hair, getting a quick shave, and cleaning up his nether regions. Once he finished, he stepped out of the bathroom, toweling off.

Retrieving his glasses from his nightstand and combing his hair, Mike soon found Melody in his walk in closet, posing in front of the floor length mirror. Staying at the doorway for a moment, he was very impressed by her attire. She had chosen a fitted white button up dress shirt and a knee-length shamrock green skirt.

The shirt had the sleeves rolled up to just above her elbows, which styled nicely with the light and airy skirt. Mike whistled in approval, causing her to turn with a grin. "There's my sexy stud," she said, sauntering up to him. "All clean?" "Yep," he replied.

Stepping into the closet to grab some clothes, Mike paused in front of the mirror. Melody joined him, resting her chin on his shoulder from behind him, and running her hand over his freshly shaven neck and face. "Goddamn you're hot…" she muttered. Mike shrugged. "Meh." "Meh?" she questioned, cocking her eyebrow. "What's that mean?" Sighing, he replied, "I love that you tell me I'm so hot, but really, I'm just average in the looks department. Always have been." Melody gently, but convincingly, turned his head toward hers by the chin.

"I love you, and I always will, but after all the lectures you've given me about free will, self confidence, and deserving to be loved, I don't wanna hear you talk that way about yourself.

Besides, if it's that big an issue, I do have the power to alter your physical appearance however you wish." Taken aback by her forcefulness, he gazed at his reflection again. Now that he thought about it, he didn't really want to change his appearance much. He could wish to be taller, but that would make everyone suspicious. Nobody in his family was taller than 5'8", plus Melody already said she couldn't provide clothes for him unless it was for protection, which would immediately make all of his pants useless.

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Thoughtfully, he responded, "Ok, let's try this. I don't want to change my facial appearance or height at all. Let's have my body be in perfect health and slightly above average physical condition, on the condition that all of my clothes will still fit me just fine. Wait, you can undo any changes we make, right?" She nodded in confirmation.

"Awesome," he continued. "Additionally, I want my perfect health to remain intact no matter what I may eat or how little I may exercise. As far as outward appearance to others, I don't feel the need to hide these changes, as long as they look realistic and believable enough to anyone who knows what I looked like before. Does all that work?" Tingle. Flash. "Done." Immediately, Mike felt the same tingling sensation over his entire body.

As he watched the changes to his body in the mirror, his vision suddenly became warped. Afraid he might fall over from the sudden change, Melody instinctively removed his glasses.

"Perfect health, remember? That includes eyesight," she said, kissing him on the cheek. Checking out his new body in the mirror, Mike was impressed. Still the same height and build, his arms, legs, and shoulder were now notably toned with slight muscle definition. His stomach and chest, while not bulging with muscles, were completely flat and lacking any excess flab, feeling quite firm to the touch. Flexing his right arm in front of him, Melody chimed in, "I was able to make your body stronger than it actually appears to be by enhancing the efficiency of your muscles.

Some would refer to this as being 'scrappy and wiry.' Based on your description, it seemed like a result you'd be pleased with." He smiled, and channeled his inner James Earl Jones.

"Impressive… most impressive." Seeing the confused look on her face, he replied, "Don't worry, it's just from my favorite movie series ever. I'll show it to you sometime here." Giggling from behind him, she wrapped her arms around his neck and asked, "Is there anything else you wanted to alter?" Laughing at himself for what he was about to say, he decided there was no going back now.

"Honestly… I'd really love a bigger cock." As she kissed him sweetly on the cheek, she replied, "That's nothing to be embarrassed about. I mean, seriously, how many guys would've made that wish first thing out of the gate?" Nodding in agreement, he said, "I guess that makes sense. Ok, let's see… I'm currently about an inch wide, maybe 4.75 inches long, right? Let's increase the girth to just below two inches wide. For the length, how about five inches when soft, seven inches erect?

Would that feel good for you, or would it be too big?" Her eyes glazed over lustfully, before she snapped back to reality. "Sorry, I was just… ahem… picturing it for a moment. No, those dimensions would be absolutely perfect for me. You ready?" Glancing down at his best friend in the world, Mike said, "Hold on to your hat, little buddy." He nodded to Melody.

Tingle. Flash. Mike's eyes immediately widened, examining the high-caliber weapon he was now packing. Gently tilting it in all directions, he could see that his balls had increased proportionally as well. Melody chimed in, "I did take the liberty of shaping it slightly differently as well. The slight upward curve should hit my g-spot perfectly." A wicked grin spread across her face. "When do we get to take a test drive?" Laughing to himself, he moved to his rack of shirts.

"After lunch," he said, slapping her on the ass playfully. After slipping into a black dress shirt and tan khakis, he put on his brown loafers, took Melody's hand, and asked her, "Ready to really go out into the world?" As she nodded excitedly, the left the apartment, heading to his CR-V. Once in the car, it took quite a few minutes before they were able to drive away. Much like her first meal and her first video game, Melody was excitable and curious about every little button and switch in the entire car.

After she had played around enough to satisfy herself, Mike cranked up the engine and they began the drive to his church. Along the twenty-minute drive to Woodlane United Methodist, Mike began to wonder more about Melody's powers. He asked, "So, I get that most wishes you are able to grant have to be erotic in some way shape or form.

You did mention, though, that your powers of protection and privacy have very few limits. What sorts of things are you able to protect us from?" "Virtually anything," she responded. "It doesn't matter if it's a freak accident, a wild animal, or another person attacking us. I have full authorization to use any and all means necessary to protect my master and myself. For example, if the wire holding that traffic signal ahead of us decided to suddenly snap, falling on our car in such a way that would normally kill us, we would certainly survive." "How?" "There are several options available.

First, I would likely slow down time as much as I am able to upon detecting danger. The most desirable outcome would likely be me grabbing the wheel of the car to swerve into another lane, avoiding the signal altogether.

However, if this was not an option, perhaps if there were cars all around us who would be hurt by this action, there might not be an option available to avoid the lights completely. In that scenario, they would hit and damage the car in exactly the way you would expect, except that we would walk away completely unharmed. I would likely add some temporary cuts and bruises to lower suspicion, making it easily plausible that we escaped by good fortune alone." Mike was awestruck.

"Wow. You can affect time?" Grinning she responded, "To an extent, yes. I can't stop time; no creature that I am aware of is powerful enough to do that.

However, I can slow it down drastically, as long as it is for the purposes of love, protection, or privacy." Thinking for a moment, he then said, "Ok, how about a more extreme scenario? Let's say we were walking down a sidewalk, when a murder walks up behind us, no warning whatsoever, and stabs me in the back, directly hitting my heart. What would happen then?" Thinking for a moment, she responded, "First of all, there would certainly be warning in that scenario.

I am able to read people's thoughts to some extent, particularly on something they may be acting on in that moment. In addition, my protection powers would allow me to sense that a threat was approaching, resulting in us being able to prepare to fend off the attack, or disappear to a safer location. "If, however, the attacker somehow managed to completely surprise us and stab you in the manner you described, I would again slow time. Even if he stabbed you in the heart, the human body does not lose all life for several seconds.

All I would need is an instant to completely heal your wound. After that, it would merely be a matter of constructing a believable story for the aftermath of the situation.

I would likely subdue the attacker so that he could do you no further harm, and I would alter his memories to make him believe that he couldn't stab you squarely, with his knife getting caught on your jacket, or something similar to that. This would fall under the powers of anonymity and privacy, preventing suspicion from being raised by you surviving a fatal stabbing." Slowing time?

Altering memories? Holy shit… Mike now knew he had made the right decision to keep Melody around. It terrified him to think of what might happen if the wrong person had gained control of such abilities. Melody's face turned more serious. "Mike, there is one other ability my powers afford me.

Do you remember, when we first met yesterday, your concern for what would happen to you 'once your number was up' and you had to answer for your decisions in life?" Nodding, he responded, "How could I forget?" "Well," she continued, "There is nothing that says your number has to come up. My powers can keep you safe and healthy from anything, even a death of natural causes." She rubbed his knee softly. "We can, for all practical purposes, live forever." Mike pondered this revelation for several moments.

"I honestly don't know if that's something I want. As great as it sounds, it stands in direct contrast to everything my faith has taught me." "What do you mean?" Melody had a confused look on her face. "I believe, along with almost every other Christian in the world, that death is merely the beginning of eternal life," he responded simply.

Extremely surprised by his answer, she gazed at him, marveling at his confidence, yet more afraid for him than ever before. "Are you saying… you don't fear death?" Mike smiled.

"Not in the least. I fear the uncertainty of it, the not knowing when and how it will come, but fearing death itself is pointless in my mind. Death comes for us all, eventually.

No discrimination, no favoritism. It's the ultimate equalizer; the one thing that connects every living thing in this world, whether we like it or not." Melody paused, realizing that he was quite resolute in this topic. "Master… will you be angry with me if I bring up this subject again in the future? I know you hold firm to your faith, but I will be required to constantly ensure that this is what you truly want, for me not to prolong your life beyond a death of natural causes." As he pulled into a parking space, Mike immediately took notice of her calling him Master.

He turned to her, brushing her cheek with his finger, and said, "I will never be angry with you for looking out for me. I can tell it'll take time before we can fully understand each other's perspective on this subject. There's nothing wrong with that. It's part of a healthy relationship. Just promise me you won't ever hold something in if you're concerned about it. You can talk to me about anything. Literally anything in the world." Melody smiled and kissed his hand sweetly. "I promise." Opening the car door, he beckoned her to follow him.

"Where are we going now? This isn't your church, is it?" Mike laughed. "Nope, my church is a block north of here. But I thought I would teach you one of the universal truths I've learned over the years. We all know that death comes for us all and time marches on, right?" She nodded. "The third universal truth: where there's churches, there's doughnuts." His trademark smartass grin spread across his face as he pointed up to the Dunkin' Doughnuts sign, Melody giggling all the while.

Walking up to the counter inside, Melody began to inspect the menu. "Oh wow, so many choices!" Oh, yeah.

She's never been to an actual restaurant before. "Yep, they've got almost anything you could want. My advice is to start with the traditional favorites. Glazed or chocolate frosted are probably the most popular," Mike explained. "Ok, I'll have one of each!" Melody's eyes lit up excitedly. Mike handed his credit card to the cashier. "And two glazed for me, plus a Coke to share." The pair took their food to go, eating in the car before heading inside to church. Melody was absolutely adorable, as per usual, even with her lips smeared with chocolate frosting.

"You, uh, got a little something… everywhere," Mike said, pulling open the car mirror for her. "HAHA! I'm messy!" After she cleaned herself up with a napkin, they headed across the church parking lot. Melody was pleasantly surprised by how warm the atmosphere was. In her mind, she was prepared for Mike's church to be a rather stiff experience for newcomers, but the friendly greeters and soothing organ sounds of Bach's Air on the G String soon quieted her mind.

As they sat listening to the prelude, Mike pointed up to the chairs surrounding the altar. "See the girl with the dark straight hair? That's Ashley Perkins, the associate pastor. She's my friend I was telling you about. We grew up in Sunday school and youth activities together. You'll love her." For most of the service, Melody was very self-conscious. Mike had expected that she would be reserved and nervous, and made a point of gently rubbing her knee every so often to reassure her.

She stood and sat whenever he did, though was unsure about joining in whenever they hymns were sung. Ashley's sermon, on the other hand, was easily Melody's favorite part of her first church experience.

Ashley spoke on the parable of the Prodigal Son, opening the sermon by asking the congregation if they had ever felt they were unworthy of love in some way. Tentatively, Melody raised her hand along with much of the congregation, Mike included.

Ashley's message went on to explain that mistakes do happen in our lives, because we are human. This doesn't mean we shouldn't try to avoid them, but she also emphasized that mistakes don't make us unworthy of love.

Processing Ashley's words in her mind, Melody was beginning to make sense of the events of the last twenty-four hours. The boy in the parable was such a foolish, flawed individual, yet he was welcomed home by his father, which allowed him to turn himself into a better person in the long term. If even he was deserving of such love, maybe this servant genie is in fact deserving of her kind and generous master. I didn't DO anything to deserve his love, but… maybe that's the point?

As the service came to a close, Melody's mood had brightened considerably. She joined in singing the final hymn, and was very excited to meet Ashley. Once the congregation was dismissed, she was about to start walking out with Mike, when he gently held her by the arm. "Not yet, wait 'til you hear the organist's last piece," he said with a wink.

Almost instantly, the organ started playing another Bach piece, The Little Fugue in G Minor. Much faster than the prelude, Melody was immediately impressed as the organist effortlessly danced her hands up and down the keyboard.

As the piece came to an end, she joined the small lingering portion of the congregation in applauding the organist. She turned to Mike, excitedly asking, "Can we go meet Ashley now?" Mike laughed. "Sure thing.

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You really enjoyed that sermon, didn't you?" As they walked out into the gathering room, the pair saw Ashley finishing her goodbyes to an elderly couple. Spotting Mike from across the room, she made her way over to him, announcing her presence with her traditional greeting.

"Hello friend!" Ashley had been greeting everyone she met that way since high school. "Hey Ashley," Mike responded, stepping into her side hug. "Wanted you to meet my new girlfriend." "Hi, I'm Melody Roberts." "Delighted. Ashley Perkins." She shook Melody's hand. Melody seemed a bit more shy than usual.

"I, um, really enjoyed your sermon.

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It really spoke to me." Ashley beamed. "Well thank you. It's one of my favorite topics to preach on." Biting her lip slightly, Melody said, "It was exactly what I needed to hear." Mike chuckled.

"I think you've got yourself a fan, Ashley." "Well, tell you what," Ashley said, "I've got one more service I'm preaching at, but afterwards, how about you two join Trey and me for lunch?" Nodding, Mike replied, "Sounds good to me. I've got a quick errand I need to run, so we'll meet you at Lenny's Subs at, say, noonish?

"That'll work. We'll see you there. Bye Melody, great meeting you!" "You too!" Melody waved as they strolled to the parking lot.

Mike drove a few miles up the road, arriving at the local Home Depot. As they entered the hardware store, he mentioned to Melody, "I've got a couple things to pick up. Why don't you wait for me in the garden section? They've got lots of plants and flowers I bet you'd like." "Sounds good to me!" As Melody strolled through the greenhouse, inspecting the various brightly colored flowers and plants, she was completely entranced by the variety of pleasant scents entering her nose.

Stopping to read the description of every plant she passed, she hadn't even realized that it had been a full thirty minutes before Mike returned. "Hey baby!" She saw he was empty handed. "Didn't find what you needed?" "Nope, they were out. Ready to head to lunch?" "Sure. You said the place is called Lenny's Subs?" "Yep," he replied.

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"It's a sandwich shop. They're mainly based in Philadelphia, but are working to expand into other states now." During the short drive to lunch, Melody described the various flowers and plants she had seen in the greenhouse. Her favorite smelling ones were the daisies, though she loved the look and feel of lamb's ear plants too. As the pair pulled into the parking lot, they saw Ashley already inside the sub shop, sitting with her husband, Trey.

As the pair entered, Mike introduced Melody to Trey. He was a large man, well over six feet tall and 270 pounds, but his imposing figure was quickly overtaken by his sharp wit and jovial personality. I like him, Melody thought to Mike.

He seems very much like you. I figured as much, Mike responded, chuckling in her head. Like I said, he and Ashley are some of the few people I actually choose to keep around as friends. As they stepped up to the counter, Mike let Trey and Ashley go first to give Melody time to decide from the enormous menu. After a couple of suggestions from Mike and Trey, she settled on a 6" Philly cheesesteak with provolone cheese, being that the shop originated in Philadelphia.

Mike ordered his favorite 8" meatball mozzarella sub. As the quartet ate their lunches, Mike and Melody repeated their now familiar origin story. Ashley smiled wide hearing of Melody's interest in Mike's spiritual life, nodding in approval.

"While I don't believe in predestination," Ashley mentioned, "I do believe that God puts us in situations where, if we make the right choices, we can find exactly what we need, sometimes in the most unexpected ways." Melody grinned. "That basically sums up my experiences with Mike to the letter," glancing at him in admiration as she said so.

With the plates on the table now empty, Ashley stood for a moment. "I'm gonna go freshen up a bit. Melody, care to join me?" "Sure." Melody bounced up, following her to the restroom. Now alone for some guy talk, Trey turned to Mike.

"Ok, dude, give it to me straight. Is she for real?" Mike laughed. "You know, I had that same thought the first time we played Call of Duty. She absolutely destroyed the competition." Trey sat there, openmouthed.

"She likes video games?!" Nodding, Mike replied, "She might even be able to whip your ass!" Trey sat back with a smug look on his face. "Well… we'll see about that. Seriously, man, where is this going? I just have to ask after that whole Amanda thing-" "I know, and I really appreciate you looking out for me," Mike interjected.

"In all honesty, this is it. She's the one." The look on Trey's face turned skeptical. "She's great, but how well do you really know her? That's a bold statement." Beginning to grow frustrated, Mike reminded himself that he would be doing the same thing if Trey were in this situation. "She loves kids, Trey. You should have seen her playing with my neighbor's little girl. It all came so naturally to her; she wasn't even trying." Trey, knowing full well how big a deal that was for Mike, began to understand what he was saying.

"Very well, then. If she means that much to you… I give you permission to date my daughter." A smartass grin formed on his face. "Dude, you're full of shit!" Mike said, cracking up. "Couldn't help myself!" By this time, the girls returned to the table.

"Whatcha boys laughin' about?" Ashley inquired. "Oh, nothing," Mike smirked. "Just warning your husband not to play Melody in Call of Duty unless he wants his ass good and thoroughly kicked." "It's true," Melody replied with her trademark giggle. With her workday over, Ashley and Trey departed, saying their goodbyes and promising to meet up again soon.

Mike and Melody strolled back out to his CR-V to head for home. Along the drive, Melody couldn't rave enough about Ashley. "From what you've described, she seems to have a lot of your Granddaddy in her, doesn't she?" "You mean the combination of cut-up and wizened sage? You know, I've never thought about it that way, but they do seem to be kindred spirits in a lot of ways," Mike responded thoughtfully. "You should see the way she talks to her dog.

She babies him; sees him as her child. It might be cute, if it weren't so scary." Laughing at the mental image, Melody replied, "Now THAT is something I'll need to see!" After a few quiet minutes, Melody had a thought. "To be perfectly honest, if anyone could be trusted to understand and keep the secret of my true nature, I feel it would be her. Obviously, that decision rests entirely with you, but…" "I actually had that thought myself," Mike said. "Now is probably too soon, but we should definitely file that thought away, in case we need help with anything in the future." "Definitely," she said with a smile.

Arriving back inside Mike's apartment, Melody was practically bouncing with giddiness. "Now then, I believe you said something could happen when we got back from lunch, right?" Mike chuckled.

"I did, but first thing's first. There's a little matter we must discuss." "What's that?" Melody asked, slightly confused. Wrapping his arm around her shoulder, he couldn't help but grin. "Well, you were just born yesterday, correct?" "Yes," she said, unsure of where this was going. "That makes yesterday your birthday. And, that being the case, I got a little present for you during our trip to Home Depot." He reached into his pocket and withdrew a key from it, handing it to Melody.

"A key?" Melody questioned. "Yep. To the apartment." "I don't understand? You know I can instantly be with you no matter where you are, so why would I need a key to your apartment?" Mike grinned. "I realize that.


The key is more symbolic than anything. This is not just my apartment anymore. This is now our apartment. It's your home." Stunned, Melody could only reply, "You're serious?" Nodding, he said, "I'm going by the apartment office Monday to have you added as an authorized signer for packages and mail. That's about as official as being my live-in girlfriend can get." Walking slowly up to Mike, she wrapped her arms around his neck, drew him close, and kissed him lovingly.

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"You never cease to amaze me, Mike. Just when I think you've shown me all the kindness you have to give, you floor me all over again. I've got a home, all-powerful genie magic, and the most incredible guy imaginable to share it all with. What more could a girl want?" Cocking his eyebrow, he replied, "How 'bout a nice hot shower?" "Done!" Melody's face lit up in excitement.

As they walked to the bathroom in back, Melody had already begun seductively unbuttoning her shirt, slowly revealing her flesh colored bra. She stood in front of the counter leading to the bathroom door, smiling at Mike behind her in the mirror.

He slowly wrapped his hands and arms around her now bare stomach, reaching up to slide the shirt off of her shoulders. As it fell to the floor, he resumed his embrace of Melody from behind, kissing her cheek lightly before moving down to her neck.

Her eyes rolled back in her head as she moaned in pleasure, her fingers stroking the strong arms she was being held in. She couldn't imagine a safer place in the universe than where she was at that moment. As Mike continued kissing her neck and shoulders, he was now drawn to the scent of her shampoo. He remembered noticing a new bottle in the shower this morning, and was now intoxicated by the light citrus smell wafting into his nose.

Moving his hands around to her back, he gently undid the clasp of her simple nude bra, sliding the straps off by rubbing her shoulders. Looking back at her in the mirror, she had covered her breasts with her arms after the bra fell to the floor.

"Tease," he whispered in her ear. Giggling, she turned to face him, keeping her chest covered. "You love it." "Well," he said with a mischievous look in his eye, "I'm still wearing all my clothes.

If you plan on getting me out of them, I think you may need your hands." "Really?" Flash. All of a sudden, the buttons on Mike's dress shirt began unbuttoning themselves; his shirt tails being pulled out from his khaki pants by an unseen force. As the last button came undone, an invisible breeze blew directly in Mike's face, blowing his shirt clean off his shoulders.

Beginning to feel the same thing happening to the button and zipper of his pants, he quickly slipped off his loafers. As soon as he had finished, his belt had already been loosened and the zipper was beginning to be lowered. Upon feeling the zipper reach the bottom, his pants immediately fell to the floor, leaving him in nothing but his socks and underwear.

"Ok, that's impressive, and very creative," he said. "Why, thank you," she replied, giggling. "I didn't know you could take those kinds of liberties without my making a wish." "Only because of your free will wish; and even then, only for your benefit. Don't worry," her voice turned seductively, "you can trust me." Grabbing her a bit forcefully around the waist, he replied, "Oh, I have no doubt." Unable to keep teasing him any more, she flung her arms around his neck, kissing him passionately and squishing her breasts against his strong chest.

She felt his hands slowly work the elastic waistband of her green skirt, slipping it and her panties down to the floor in one movement. As he cupped her firm ass cheeks in his hands, she couldn't help but egg him on a bit. "Now that I'm completely naked, it's just so cold. Know of any way you could… warm me up?" Chuckling, he squeezed her ass playfully with both hands. "I think I know a way." Mike stepped into the bathroom and turned on the shower, adjusting the temperature to be blissfully warm.

As Melody joined him, he realized a flaw in their master plan: his tub shower combo was very cramped, and the soap dishes were placed in such a way on the shower wall that the pair would be banging them instead of each other.

Thinking for a moment, he turned to Melody. "Do you think you could make my shower more conducive to couples showers? Say, a nice large walk-in shower with an unlimited supply of free hot water? After all, we can't risk our shower turning cold right in the middle of play time." Tingle.

Flash. Instantly, his bathroom transformed into a spacious sanctuary, lined with light blue tile. The shower was now a spacious granite fixture taking up almost the full size of his original bathroom; a large showerhead was fixed on the wall, capable of hitting almost any corner of the shower they wanted. He could also tell that the center portion of the showerhead was detachable.

Well, that should make for some good times. "Can you make it so this is the standard form of the bathroom whenever one of us uses it, but revert to normal when anyone else is here? Like if we have guests or for the apartment workers inspecting things?" Mike asked. "Absolutely." "Sweet. Oh, am I safe to assume that the change in the room doesn't affect the outward appearance of the apartment building or the size of the other apartments?" "Definitely," Melody replied with a grin.

With steam now clouding the room, Mike slipped off his socks and boxer briefs and swung open the glass door of their new shower.

"After you, ma'am." She smiled with anticipation, stepping under the powerful stream of warm water, wetting her gorgeous red hair immediately. Mike closed the door behind them, hugging her from behind as they relaxed under the water flow. Sighing in pleasure, Melody craned her neck and reached her arms behind her, playfully running her fingers through the back of Mike's wet hair.

He began kissing her neck before slowly moving up her jawline and to her cheek. She turned her face as he did so, softly touching her lips to his. Kissing her as passionately as he could from this angle, Mike slowly moved his hands up to fondle her large wet breasts, first rubbing them in wide, soft strokes, then focusing on her nipples, causing Melody to twitch and spasm in excitement.

"Someone likes that I see," he purred. "Well, just wait for what I've got planned next…" Still cupping her right breast in his right hand, he moved his left hand southward, caressing her bare pubic area, before beginning to trace the moist lips of her pussy with his middle finger.

After a few more circles around her outer rim, he slipped his finger into her slit, feeling how wet she had already become. He stroked in and out for several minutes before withdrawing, leaving Melody whimpering and begging for more.

Gently turning her around to face him, he reached up to detach the inner circle of the showerhead, a wicked grin spreading across his face.

Now fully anticipating what was to come, Melody leaned slightly against the granite wall, grabbing hold of one of the strategically placed handles along the perimeter of the shower. Kneeling before her, Mike continued his inspection of her pussy lips. Moving his face to her inner thigh, he softly kissed his way up to the slick tunnel that was his ultimate goal, lightly licking both sides of her outer lips as he arrived.

Turing his attention to her swollen clit, he finally tasted her for the first time, savoring the sweet nectar seeping from her womanhood. Gasping, Melody could barely speak. "How… do I… taste?" Giving her clit a quick kiss and suck, eliciting another squeal, he simply replied, "Heavenly." "So… are you gonna use that powerful tool between your legs?" She ran her fingers through his hair. "And I'm not talking about your cock." Without a word, he slowly brought the shower nozzle up to the entrance of her pussy, causing Melody to moan and grip the shower handle for dear life.

As he circled the water stream around her lips, the spray of water on her clit nearly brought her to orgasm right then and there. However, sensing she was near the edge, Mike backed off, pulling the nozzle further away to decrease the intensity of the water flow.

He intended to build her up to the biggest orgasm of her young life. Repeating this cycle twice more, the intensity of Melody's moans was almost too much to bear. "I don't want you to hold back your passion. Can your privacy powers ensure that nobody hears us?" Tingle. Flash. Melody was panting so hard that she couldn't even breathe a word in response. Deciding she had had enough torture, he lowered the shower nozzle and reinserted his middle finger into her now soaked pussy.

Fucking her steadily with his finger, he then resumed his slow but firm licking of her clit. As the bucking of her hips increased, so did the intensity of his finger strokes, until she finally came to the edge of the dam bursting. He began lapping at her clit with a much speed and power as he could manage, enjoying her unbridled moaning as the wave of her orgasm finally began to crash.

"Oh god, that feels so… in… credible!!! HOLY SHIT, DON'T STOP!" She sucked in as big a breath as she could manage, "Yes… yes… yes, yes, yesyesyesyes!

Oh, MASTER!!!" Her pussy juices finally erupted from within her, coating Mike's chin as he gently eased off his pleasuring of her womanhood. Placing the nozzle back in the showerhead, he stood in silent self-satisfaction, enjoying every breath she took, and knowing the look of unbridled joy on her face was all his doing. A minute or two passed, as she finally recovered enough to stand and entwine herself in his arms once more.

"That was… just amazing. I'm just… I'm sorry I called you Master. I forgot in the moment that you aren't a fan of that." Mike kissed her forehead softly. "Nah, that was ok. Honestly, it was pretty sexy in the heat of the moment like that. In addition, I did notice when you said it in the car earlier today." Nodding softly, she asked, "Was that not a good time then?" Thinking a moment, he replied, "No, it was. It got my attention as we were discussing a very important topic.

I'd say you definitely have permission to use your good judgment on when to use it, especially if you need my undivided attention on anything you're about to say." "You're so sweet," Melody purred, kissing his neck softly. "But enough about me. We need to make sure your new equipment is… functioning properly," she whispered seductively.

It only took two or three gentle strokes to bring Mike to full attention. Now seeing it fully erect for the first time since this morning, he knew this was going to be fun. While he was able to do amazing things with his previous length, it did make certain positions rather difficult. It's a brave new world.

Turning her back to him, Melody bent over slightly, grabbing the wall handle as she did so. She shook her ass at him and looked over her shoulder at him longingly, saying, "Don't you think it's time my Master takes me from behind? My pussy is still so wet and hungry for you." She spread the lips of her entrance, her juices dripping onto the shower floor.

Approaching her from behind, Mike kissed each of her cheeks before giving her ass a playful slap. He aligned his throbbing member with her beckoning tunnel and slowly pushed himself into her. Despite not being a domineering person, Mike had always loved having sex with a woman from behind. Though he was well versed in the opportunities for unbridled fucking presented here, he had also developed his own method of truly making love, even from this position.

As he slowly sheathed and withdrew his shaft, he could tell the new shape Melody mentioned was coming in handy. Her moans of pleasure increased with each stroke, and she even began lightly fingering her clit, complementing his motions. He gently grabbed her hips and began angling his thrusts slightly downward, hoping to catch her g-spot with the new curved shape of his cock.

Judging by her sudden gasp, he knew he had found it. Focusing intently on that spot, he now began lightly pounding her with increased speed, reaching around her to fondle her right breast in the process. Melody began squirming and bucking, unexpectedly reaching two small orgasms in a row from the pinpoint accuracy of Mike's thrusting.

Spurred on by her tight pussy milking his cock, he held onto her waist with both hands and assumed a power stance, allowing him to increase his tempo to a rapid pounding. Tender lovemaking now thrown out the window, Mike threw in an occasional light swat to Melody's ass. "Ooh, YES!" She squealed in delight. "Keep pounding me, please… don't stop… I need you… I need your cum!" Losing himself completely in her pleas for him, Mike was certainly not going to deny her.

He gazed intently at her gloriously curvy ass and pumped a dozen or more strokes into her as he felt his climax approach the edge.

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Slowing his pace ever so slightly, knowing full well it would increase the intensity of their orgasms, he slid is throbbing member into her one final time, feeling every square inch of her wonderful pussy, and finally blew his enormous load into her. The waves of their orgasms lasted at least thirty seconds, her contractions drawing more cum from his cock than he ever thought possible.

Remaining inside of her as their passions subsided, he gently ran his hand over the soft, pale skin of her back. Their breathing slowed, gradually becoming more relaxed and metered. Mike's cock began to soften, eventually slipping out of Melody, eliciting a final giggle from her. She slowly turned, falling into his arms, her head on his shoulder. "Wow…" Mike sighed, "That was fun!" "You can… say that again…" "Wow… that was fun!" "Smartass!" Melody stuck her tongue out at him.

"You love it," Mike replied. "Nice job on the equipment upgrade, by the way. It really, uh, hits the spot, doesn't it?" "Mmm hmm…" She mumbled contentedly. "I have a really sensitive g-spot, so anything that can hit that consistently is nothing short of explosive." "No kidding," Mike said, exceedingly pleased with himself.

The pair spent the next twenty minutes leisurely washing each other, each exploring every nook and cranny of the other's body. In between the scrubbing, there was plenty of laughing, groping, and the occasional make out session. As they finished and Mike shut the water off, they stepped out of the shower and wrapped a single large towel around them, embracing while drying off.

Not worrying about combing his hair, Mike slipped on a pair of gym shorts and crawled onto his bed with an armchair pillow, relaxing shirtless to cool off from easily the best shower of his life. Melody conjured up a skimpy kimono robe made of black satin material, modeling seductively for a minute before joining Mike on his bed.

Thinking for a moment, he said, "Melody, this bed just doesn't seem big enough for the extracurricular activities that will certainly be occurring here in the future. Why don't we make this a high quality king size bed, along with all of my sheets to go on it?" Tingle. Flash. Now relaxing on a luxuriously large bed that still fit in perfectly with his bedroom, Mike kissed Melody on the forehead.

"Have I mentioned how awesome you are?" Giggling, she replied, "Not today." Kissing her passionately, Mike smiled at her, saying, "You… are awesome." Even though their shower romp had lasted over an hour, it was still only 2:00 in the afternoon.

Turning to Melody, Mike asked, "Wanna watch a movie?" Her face lit up. "Absolutely. What do you recommend?" With zero hesitation, he replied, "Star Wars." As he explained the space opera premise of the series, she listened intently, already drawn in and ready to see what it was all about. Mike retrieved the DVD and hit play, beginning the iconic title sequence.

Melody was so entranced from the opening moments that she never even attempted to start any fooling around in their new bed. Near the scene where Luke Skywalker first appeared on screen, she turned to Mike with a question. "Couldn't you basically do a drinking game in this movie based on how many times C-3PO says 'We're doomed?'" Mike laughed, adding, "You can do the same thing every time Luke complains or whines about something." Right on cue, Luke whined about having to clean up the droids.

Giggling, Melody resumed watching the movie, taking in every last detail. She gripped Mike's arm tightly when Darth Vader choked his underlings, laughed when Han blasted Greedo, and cried out in shock when Obi-Wan was struck down.

By the end of the attack on the Death Star, her adrenaline was pumping full blast, lasting all the way through the ending credits. Melody was so excited after the movie that they talked for over an hour about everything she had seen.

"Please tell me there's more to the story!" "Oh, absolutely," Mike replied. "There's two more sequels to this one, plus three more telling the story of Darth Vader before he went bad. We'll watch the rest of them throughout the week." As evening approached, Mike warmed up the last of the leftover pizza for their dinner.

The pair relaxed and ate on the living room sofa with a cop show on TV for background noise, though neither of them really paid any attention to it; just hanging with each other was entertainment enough for them. As Melody lay on the sofa, her head in Mike's lap, he couldn't help stroking her red wine hair softly. "Mmm… that's nice…" she purred.

"Can't really help myself," he said. "I just love your hair." Looking up at him, she gently placed her hand on his cheek. "I love your eyes. They're so pure; easily the most honest looking eyes imaginable." She sat up, leaning her head on her shoulder.

"I imagine that honesty is why you've barely scratched the surface of my powers thus far." Chuckling, he remembered his dream from this morning. "You're not far wrong. My granddaddy always had a saying about power. Didn't matter if it was politics, religion, or anything else, it always applied. 'Men who seek power actively are destined to abuse it, but men who have power unwittingly thrust upon them can be trusted to guard it.' That was obviously his wizened sage side." Shrugging, she replied, "Seems like excellent advice, though you can definitely be trusted in using my powers." "Ah, but that's not what he said, is it?

He said they could be trusted to guard such powers, not use them. The minute someone strays towards using too much of the power they guard, they risk turning into the abuser. Make sense?" "Yeah, I think so." Thinking for a moment, he continued, "I know you've mentioned slowing time and memory alterations as within your abilities. Slowing time could be helpful in the right situations, but I'm not keen on memory altering unless absolutely necessary.

Messing with free will just isn't a path I want to go anywhere near. Outside of those, what other powers are you referring to?" Nodding, Melody said, "First, you are able to have any person you wish, whenever you want, in any sexual situation imaginable. I know that I previously confirmed for you that this includes actions and people considered illegal under your law, such as those under eighteen years of age.

Most of these situations would usually involve gauging the desired person's sexual interest in you. If it were high enough, I would merely give their subconscious a nudge towards moving in on you. Otherwise, my memory powers would likely need to come into play." Almost immediately, Mike responded, "You can go ahead and scratch anything like that from the realm of possibility. Just like you with me, I only have eyes for one gal, and I just happened to take her to the moon and back while in the shower this afternoon." Quivering momentarily, she continued, "You most certainly did.

I personally am incapable of jealousy, and would have no problem if you did desire other women. Still, there's no mistaking that look in your eye. I'm not changing your mind on that one, am I?" He shook his head no with a smile. "Very well, you have my word that I won't bring up that subject again. But if you do change your mind, just let me know. Anyway, the final power of mine that we haven't even touched yet is perhaps the most sought after power of genie servants throughout the centuries: the ability to create sexual fantasies." Mike instantly perked up.

"Sexual fantasies? You mean like sexual dreams?" "Fantasies of this type do put you into a dream like state, however the effects are much more powerful. First, the dream is far more realistic; you will feel in all ways that you are actually there, experiencing it firsthand. Additionally, once the fantasy has ended, your memory of it will not fade as a normal dream does.

Finally, your body will feel all the positive effects of the fantasy upon returning to reality.

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For example, if the fantasy involved a full body massage, that feeling of rejuvenation will still be present when you awaken." Taking everything she told him in, Mike was exceedingly impressed.

"Wow. That's incredibly powerful." Nodding in agreement, Melody continued, "Indeed. So powerful, in fact, that there are strict rules for fantasies that I must follow.

These are put into place for the mental and physical protection of my master, ensuring not only that he does not experience any fantasies too powerful for him to fully handle, but also that he does not spend more time in the fantasy world as opposed to the real world.

This was the biggest concern of all in the past, several thousand years ago. "In those days, most genies were servants to the various kings and rulers of what is today referred to as the Middle East. While the genie's primary duties would be to run the king's harem and keep his many wives happy and prepared for all sexual duties, fantasies were also highly desired and sought after.

Thus, time limits had to be put into place to ensure that the king was not neglecting his duties as ruler by constantly escaping into a fantasy world." "Ok, so how do the rules work?" Mike questioned. "First, a master acquires fantasy time continually from the moment their genie is first released. It's currently 7:00 in the evening, and you released me around 11:00 on Friday night, meaning you have earned forty-four hours of fantasy time.

Secondly, at your current experience with my powers, you are only able to experience a fantasy up to six hours long, and once you experience a fantasy, you must wait twenty-four hours before you can experience another. Finally, as you gain more experience with me and my powers, you will be allowed to earn fantasy time at a faster rate, as well as being able to experience longer fantasies at one time." Pondering all of this, Mike replied, "So, while all of this is happening, what happens to my physical body?" Melody continued her explanation.

"Your physical body will, essentially, fall asleep while you are experiencing a fantasy. However, it is still under the full protection of all of my powers. Normally, while you are in a fantasy, time will pass normally outside of the fantasy, meaning a one-hour fantasy will cause one hour of real time to pass for your physical body. However, I am able to slow real time for the purposes of a fantasy by as much as half, if you so desire." Leaning forward on the sofa, she continued, "I'm sorry for the lengthy explanation, but it is necessary for your safety that you fully understand the nature and limitations of fantasies before experiencing this power of mine." He wrapped his arm around her shoulder, and replied sarcastically, "Please, I'm never one to skip the safety briefing." Giggling, she asked, "So, would you like to experience a fantasy?

It can be anything. You could take your high school crush to prom, seduce a beautiful actress, virtually anything you can think of. I just need a basic outline of the script before we begin. Oh, and the fantasy doesn't have to be completely sexual, though sex of some kind does need to occur for it to fall under my powers' jurisdiction." Thinking for several minutes, Mike finally decided on a perfect idea.

"First, I'd like you to be in the fantasy with me. Let's make it a one-hour fantasy, and go ahead and activate the slowing of real time while it goes on; I value my time in the real world quite a bit. As for the specific script, I'm thinking something like this…"