Student fällt für die Fotografie Trick Cireman

Student fällt für die Fotografie Trick Cireman
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Lee had been sitting alone on the sofa for some time while Trish was in the shower cleaning herself up a bit. He could hear her singing; she must have left the door open with it being just the two of them in the house. Looking at the clock on the wall Lee saw it was 1: 25 PM Trish was late for work. "Trish you'd better get a move on you're late," he shouted up to his sister who appeared from the bathroom naked. "Oh shit what time is it?" she asked as she dried herself with a pink fluffy towel.

"Five and twenty past one" Lee shouted back to his sister who was in her room now getting her work clothes on once more. "Crap I'm supposed to be back by 1: 15 and its 10 minuets to work," she said quietly as she pulled on her t-shirt. She ran down the stairs as she saw her brother waiting for her she stopped when she got to the bottom step and smiled at him.

"You should get going," he said as he watched her move down the steps two at a time. "I know but you're well worth getting the sack for little brother that was great," she said as she walked over to him the light from the window casting a glow around her as if she was an angel. "Don't say things like that," Lee, said shyly almost blushing as his sister gave him a kiss on his cheek before turning for the door and leaving for work. Lee was back in the living room relaxing when he heard the front door open; quickly looking at the clock, he saw it was 2: 00 PM.

"Hello anyone home?" It was Stacey. "Yer in here" Lee shouted from his seat in the living room. Stacey smiled as she heard her brother's voice and quickly went to see him. "Hi Hunky what's going on where is everyone?" she asked her brother using the word Hunky for the first time ever. "They're all out I'm all alone" Lee informed his sister not really realising what she had called him. "All alone well…" Stacey said as she walked over to her brother and sat on his lap getting comfortable by wiggling her ass over his now hardening cock.

"Yep what are you doing here? Not that I'm complaining" Lee asked his sister as he felt his cock push against its tight confines and her ass. "I took a late dinner and thought id come home to see my fave Hunky," she said as she felt his cock push against her. "Hunky when did I become that then?" Lee asked surprised slightly by the nickname he had been given by his sister. "A few days ago do you like it?" Stacey asked as she ground her as down onto her brothers cock a little harder.


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I don't know what to say no one has ever called me that before" Lee said, as he looked into his sister's eyes. "No well I will from now on I like that name for you.

My Hunky" Stacey said sealing it with a soft kiss on her brothers lips. Lee was in no mood to do anything but agree with his new nickname it was actually quite sweet of Stacey to say such nice things about him he thought as he kissed her with a little more passion. Stacey quickly grew tired of the kissing; she was in need of something a lot more then just her brother's lips on hers.

Lee was quite satisfied to just kiss Stacey for a while after his session with Trish just 45 minutes earlier he was still a little worn out, but who was he to say no to a girl like Stacey. He watched as she moved herself off him slightly rubbing his cock through the jeans he had on before sliding her hands to undo the button and zip opening them wide now only his boxer shorts between her hands and his cock.

Looking into his eyes, she smiled and reached her hands inside grabbing his cock tightly and massaging it, the heat from it warming her hands nicely as she rolled his foreskin back and forth licking her lips as she did so. She was just about to kneel before him and take his hard member into her mouth when they both heard the door open once more. Quickly Stacey helped her brother pull up his pants that had been pulled down to his knees by Stacey in her rush to get him inside any of her holes.

"Hello anyone in?" It was Marie their mother she was home early. "We're in here Mum" Stacey called as she got up from her brothers lap and went into the kitchen to greet her mother with a hug.


"Hi Stacey what are you doing here shouldn't you be in work now?" Marie asked as her daughter gave her a hug. "Late dinner what about you?" Stacey asked. "Oh just got off work early today there was some sort of problem with the equipment and we all got sent home early" She informed her daughter as Lee walked in and gave his Mum a hug. "Where have you been?" she asked him. "I just had something to do but I didn't forget you did I?" Lee said really what he was doing was trying to get his cock to soften so he did not greet his mother with a raging hard on.

"No you're a good boy I guess" she joked as she went to the fridge "You two want anything to eat?" "No thanks mum I'm fine," Lee said. "I'll just have a sandwich please," Stacey shouted from the living room.

Mare got out some turkey slices and asked Lee to get her the bread, which he did looking in to see Stacey sitting disappointedly looking at him as he went to get the bread. Lee saw the look in his sister's face and smiled before blowing her a kiss, which she pretended to catch before bringing the hand; she did it with to her mouth and kissing it like she would her brother if only their mother had not been there.

It looked like today would not be the day that she had hoped it could be. Stacey had been thinking about Lee all night, she had so wanted to just get out of her bed, go to his room and spend the night sleeping with her brother.


However, that was not going a possibility with everyone in the house they would have easily heard all the notice the two would have made. It was a long night for Lee too he thought about Trish and what may have happened with Stacey, should Marie never have come in when she did.

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He was woken early by the bright sun flowing through the window, looking at his clock he saw it was 7: 45 AM way earlier then he would normally be up and earlier then any of the others too (normally April got up at about 8: 30 AM, the others at about 8: 00 AM since most had work at 9: 00 AM or Uni to go to).

Lee got out of bed and got dressed, checking his wallet he was he had amassed a total sum of £150, looking around he decided it was time to spend his cash so grabbing his coat he set off for some early morning shopping.

Leaving a note explaining where he was going he made his way to the bus stop a few seconds away from his house. Stacey came down and found the note. Hi, I have gone out, will be back in a few hours, the door is locked; please lock it when you go out if April is not up Lee Stacey read the note and smiled she had a plan; she was going to get Lee to herself if she had to kill all her sisters and mother to do so.

"Hi Stacey what you got there?" Dawn asked as she saw Stacey holding the note in her hands.


"Oh hi its just a note, Lee's gone out" she smiled, it wasn't Dawn who was the problem she, Marie and Trish would be in work in a little bit and she knew that Kim and Stephanie both had Uni all day, it was April who was the problem she needed to get her out of the house for a while. "Hi April" Stacey greeted her sister as she made her way downstairs at 8: 30 AM as normal. "Hi Stace" April yawned as she entered the kitchen and made her way to the fridge for a drink.

"So what are you doing today?" Stacey asked curious to know if April would be in the house or not. "Not much gym then who knows" that was not the answer that Stacey wanted to hear.

"Oh really" Stacey said a little dejectedly.

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"Shouldn't you be going to work by now?" April asked as she drank a bottle of orange from the fridge. "I'm not well I rang in sick," Stacey said quickly trying to sound the part of a sick person. "Oh that's too bad well I'm here with you so you'll be ok" April smiled as she said the word, Stacey looked down a little disappointed "Where's Lee this morning?" "I found this note when I got up he's out shopping or something why?" Stacey asked her sister.

"No reason just wondered that's all, so how are you feeling?" April asked trying to change the subject from her brother. "I'll be fine say April you couldn't do something for me could you?" Stacey asked knowing that April would do anything for any of her siblings. "Sure what is?" she asked as she looked for her gym bag. "Well after you've been to the gym, how long will you be gone by the way?" Stacey asked hoping it would be along time.

"About two hours" April informed her sister. "Oh Ok well when you're done could you go and get me some." Stacey stopped trying to think of something that would take a long time to get.

"What? What do you need?" April asked intently listening for an answer. "Err some chocolates, there for Giga" Stacey said that was the best she could come up with at the time with so little time to think. "Who's Giga?" April asked a little confused by the request and the name. "She's someone I work with, she's not been well recently and has just broken up with her boyfriend so she needs some cheering up" Stacey was thinking on her feet with this one.

"Looks like she gave what ever she had to you" April joked as she grabbed her trainers and put them in her bag. "Yeah it does so will you get them for me then?" Stacey asked with a polite smile. "Sure it won't take me five minutes after my workout," April said happily.

"No I want you to get some special ones I saw them in town there these really nice ones she likes" Stacey said quickly. "In town, but that'll take me an hour to get there and back then there's the stuff to get" April looked at her sister who was looking back with pleading eyes. "Come on April just for me please" Stacey begged knowing that April would not resist. "Ok just for you" April said shaking her head and rolling her eyes. "Thanks sis you're the best here's the money," Stacey said handing over £30.

"Wow she must be a good friend!" April said as she was given the money "What are these chocolates you want?" Stacey explained where to get the chocolates from and the exact sort she wanted and watched as April went out the door for her morning workout.

'That's her gone until at least one, now all I need is Lee back here' Stacey thought as she sat at the table and waited for her brother's return. Lee arrived at the front door at 11: 30 AM he had been out since 8: 00 AM and had been around most of the shops but hadn't bought much, a few CD's, DVD's that was about it. He opened the door surprised that it was not locked meaning someone was in. Lee was greeted by the sight of Stacey sat at the table, she had changed since the others had left now clad in a long shirt and just a pair of tight lace knickers.

Lee stared at his sister as she smiled at him from across the room, Dropping his bag of bought items he looked at her, not knowing why, but he knew that they were alone.

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Stacey's smile widened as he walked over to her and placed his hands on either side of her face leaning down to her face he kissed her softly on the lips wetting hers with his saliva as his tongue then made little licks on them. Stacey was very happy to respond to this and soon she was standing pushing her tight body against her brothers, her arms wrapped around his neck as she pulled him closer to herself.

Lee did likewise holding his sister around the waist; he pulled her backwards with him until they hit the sink, their tongues still deep in each other's mouths caressing every part. Once they had hit the sink unit, they walked the other way back to the table where it was Stacey's turn to hit it with her legs.

Her legs being as long as they were she could easily sit on the table, which is just what she did. Sitting back, she let her brother slide his hands inside her shirt pulling it open with ease revealing she wore no bra her breasts just as nice as they had been the first time they were in this sort of situation. Stacey leaned back on her arms pushing her chest out at Lee who quickly leaned down and took her right nipple in to his mouth kissing the hard little nub before moving to the next one.

Lee marveled at his sister's perky breasts as he slid his tongue over each as Stacey moaned out from the stimulation she was receiving at the mouth of her brother. Stacey pushed her brother off herself after a few minutes of his assault on her breasts, she leaned forwards and grabbed her brother's sweatshirt pulling it over his head, and Lee lifted his hands to help her. Once that was gone, she did the same to his t-shirt discarding both to the floor she looked at her brother stood like her topless.

Stacey took this chance to kiss his chest licking his soft skin as she made her way down to his jeans, she slipped off the table kneeling before him, she kissed his stomach as she undid the belt pulling off his waist and out of the loops of his jeans.

Both slid to the floor, Stacey pulling her brother onto of herself she looked at him, she reached down between them and pulled her knickers down her legs wiggling them off when her hands could go no further down her body. Lee watched as she did this holding himself high on his hands he looked at her purely white breasts and hard nipples. Stacey watched his body move as he breathed and smiled before reaching for his jeans once more pushing them and his boxer shorts down his thighs letting his cock spring free.

She grabbed it pulling the foreskin back as she guided it to her open pussy, Lee moaned as he felt the heat from his sister's pussy before he even entered it.

Stacey placed the head at the entrance and lay back as she let her brother do the work getting it in.

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Lee happily obliged putting his weight forwards his cock easily slipped in to Stacey's wet and ready pussy parting the lips and forcing a moan from his sister. Stacey wrapped her legs around Lee's waist as he went deeper into her, the heat coming from her insides was incredible, it was hotter then the first time they had sex for sure!

Feeling he had gone as far as possible, Lee pulled back so he could come in for another thrust. Stacey moaned as she felt her tight pussy grip her brother's cock and the friction it caused when he pulled back and went back in. Lee was moaning too as his sister grabbed his ass cheeks with both hands pulling him in then out as she kissed his neck, moving up to his ear, moaning right into it as he thrust back and forth within her.

The thrusting stopped as they kissed each other's mouths once more, their tongues not touching this time though it was just a kiss on the lips as they looked into each other's eyes.

"Lets go upstairs and finish" Stacey was the one who spoke, she said it softly as her brother nodded his agreement and got up off the floor helping his sister to her feet his jeans still held up by his thighs they were gone by the time they got to his bedroom. Once inside they were quickly on the bed, Lee sat as Stacey climbed onto of him squatting her long legs on either side of his body, her feet flat on the bed, knees bent holding her entire body on just the power of her thighs and her brothers cock that was buried once more deep inside her wanting pussy.

Stacey started to grind her hips back and forth, pulling her brothers cock almost out before pushing it back to the hilt. "AAAHHHHH yessss" Stacey moaned as she ran her hands through her brother's hair while continuing to grind herself into his body. Lee too was moaning as his sister moved he placed his hands under her ass to give her some additional support taking the pressure off her legs slightly; she smiled through a groan of pleasure at her brother's kindness to help her out. Stacey was getting tired as the Lactic acid built up in her legs from the constant holding in this position; she was not one of the gym nuts the others were so she was not used to holding in a squat position since it was not required in her dance routines.

Lee knew she must be getting tired and laid her back down so he could take control for a while and let her rest her legs. Stacey smiled and quickly let her brother take charge of the thrusts, he started a rather fast pace taking himself deep into her before quickly pulling out then slamming back in.

This new speed made Stacey cry out as she was not used to it but it was only pleasure that she was feeling. Not able to take much more of this new pace Stacey pulled herself up; back into the sitting position, they started in and began grinding herself back into her brother.

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"Ooooohhhhhh god yess Stace yesss" Lee moaned as he leaned her back to get access to her breasts once again taking the nipples one at a time into his mouth before massaging her breasts with both hands.

Lee knew that Stacey liked having her pussy licked; he had once over heard her telling April at night and this was a perfect opportunity to show her just what he could do. Pushing her back once more he slid out of her totally making her wonder what was wrong, she soon found out nothing as Lee crawled down the bed and placed his head between her thighs.

Kissing her left inner thigh all the way to her soft pussy he began to lick at her juices that had leaked out onto her pubic mound making Stacey cry out harder then ever before as her brother probed her with his tongue.

It was completely different to having a cock pushed up deep inside of her, a tongue was gentle and wet and soft as it caressed her outer lips before moving up to her clit.

"Ooooooohhhhh goddddd ahhhhhh" Stacey moaned as she felt an orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks being dropped on her. Lee carried on as he felt his sister shacking on the bed, her hands pulling his head into her crotch tighter making it hard for him to breathe.

Knowing he would suffocate if he didn't get air soon Lee pulled himself up her body once more kissing every part as he want, when he got to her face he kissed her. Stacey wanted to give her brother something special now just as he had her when he went down on her so she stopped him and moved him off herself, before spinning onto her stomach leaving her ass slightly raised off the bed.

Lee figured what she was doing and smiled as he nervously moved behind her body leaning over her ass he laid his chest onto her back, his cock pointed at her ass. "Go on Lee do it" Stacey whispered as she brought her hands back and spread her ass cheeks for her brother, who after taking a deep breath placed the head of his cock into the tiny little hole of his sisters ass. Stacey grit her teeth as she felt her brother's cock slide uneasily into her back passage, she had done this before but that was with a condom which provided some lubrication this time it was only the juices they had made together that was used which made it a tad painful as it slid in.

"Ahhhhh Christ" Stacey shouted as she felt more of her brother slide in the pressure was getting hard to bare now but Stacey knew once he was fully in it would get better. Lee was also feeling the pinch as his sister's tight ass muscles squeezed his cock, but with one big push he was fully inside his sister's ass. Stacey felt really full and got a feeling she needed to go to the loo but she remembered the first time she did this and how good it felt when she had got used to it.

Lee was relived when he felt his pubic bone hit his sister's ass fully, indicating he could go no further into her, he stopped and waited for a few minutes. Stacey was now getting well used to having her brothers cock up her ass and told him to start a steady rhythm of pulling back and going back in. Lee did as instructed and the pleasure was immense, he thought that putting his cock inside his sisters pussy was the greatest feeling ever but this was well mind-blowing.

He started to pick up the pace as he heard his sister moan out with each thrust he made. Stacey's ass was so tight and hot he knew he wouldn't last too long but what ever time he had was going to be well spent, leaning down his body he began to kiss Stacey's back as she reached back with her hands and rubbed his head as he tightened his ass cheeks to thrust into his sisters ass harder.

"Ohhhhh God Lee that's it yessss" she moaned as she felt his cock penetrate her asshole hard. This hard thrusting was really making Lee get close to Cumming, the tightness and heat made his balls tighten and gave him that usual feeling that all men get when they are about to cum. With a loud grunt he started to shoot his hot cum right into his sisters ass, making her shout out from the new heat that had just been injected into her as it started burning her soft inner skin.

Lee pulled out as his cock softened from such a ferocious fuck as he had just had with Stacey who laid face down moaning into a pillow holding her ass cheeks closed she turned over to look up at her brother who was like her panting hard.

Stacey smiled as she felt some of her brothers cum slide out of her ass and onto his sheets. "You better change your bed Lee I think it's a bit of a mess under me" she smiled as she put her hand over her leaking ass holding the rest of the cum in as she gingerly got off the bed and sort of waddled to the bathroom.

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Lee looked at his bed and saw the mess that was left, but it was one he would happily clean up.