Sensual and romantic mastrubation at home

Sensual and romantic mastrubation at home
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The light fog added a moisture to the air. The coolness of the night wrapped around her like a wet towel, sending a shiver up her spine.

She was lucky she knew the area so well, or she could have easily become lost. She looked through the trees at the house where he lived, slightly smiling at the one electric candle burning in the kitchen window. Kevin kicked back the reclining chair, raising the footrest, and grabbed the remote to turn on the TV.

He thought about watching something that might actually interest him, but he had been having trouble sleeping and settled on a football game. As someone who was not very interested in sports, he knew the game would act as a tranquilizer.

As he began to drift off, he started thinking about her again, his mind wandering back to the first day they had met. Kevin and Casey had met on the worst day of their lives; two days into a torrential rainstorm. Casey was running out the front doors of their high school with tears streaming down her face. Her boyfriend of two years had just dumped her in front of all their friends a mere two days after their first night together, leaving her completely blindsided and humiliated.

After two years together, she had been sure she knew everything about him, and had never thought he could hurt her this way. Kevin had been walking around the side of the school as a shortcut to the parking lot. He just wanted to get as far away from the school as possible. He had been meeting with the varsity football coach and team doctor and learned that the knee injury he'd received at the game last week was more severe than he'd thought.

The injury would require surgery and he would never be able to play football again. His dream since junior high had been to play for the varsity team, and now, one game into the season, it was yanked away from him.

So wrapped up in their misery, they collided right around the corner. With his weight and reflexes, he was able to avoid planting his ass in the mud. Casey was not as fortunate.

As a perfect ending to her day, she fell flat on her back into a puddle, ending up drenched with filthy water. Although it didn't start as romantically as most stories, after that day, Kevin and Casey were inseparable for the next two years of high school, starting out as friends, and eventually becoming lovers. With Kevin, Casey found out what it was like to literally make love, and had her first orgasm, an experience so beautiful, it moved her to tears.


The day after graduation was the day they walked down a different aisle. And instead of diplomas at the end of it, this aisle had rings. Friends told them they were crazy to marry so young, but they had not seen the point of waiting for what they were already so sure of.

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They knew it was where all fairy tales eventually went… the happily ever after. After an idyllic honeymoon summer, both were ready to conquer the collegiate world. Kevin was going to study engineering and Casey was going to study fashion and design.

They had planned their lives out carefully, working and saving to live together and go to school. With the unrealistic spirit of youth, they knew school would be hard but they were in love enough to conquer anything.

As a combined wedding present, their parents had supplied them with a small house in the valley, equal driving distances from their respective schools.

Before entering school, it seemed like a perfect setup. But once registered and exposed to the whirl of activities around him, Kevin decided that he would rush a fraternity.

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Casey put on a supportive face, but spent the first night in their new home alone and crushed. Kevin had intentions of making it home but it his choice was to either spend the night in their new home with his wife, or do what the brothers had asked him to.

The brothers had assured him things would be over by midnight, but when midnight rolled around, things were just getting started. The argument this caused when he finally did make it home, resulted in the first crack in their marriage. In the four years that followed, they came to realize though fights and making up that married life might never be the happy ending it was supposed to be.

It was hard enough for them to try to figure out how to be freshmen in college amid the hectic routine of classes, studying and other activities, without adding in being a newlywed couple. After the first year they decided it would be best to act more like a couple in a serious relationship, rather than a married couple.

It eased some of the strain of attempting to be everything at once and allowed them to start figuring out what kind of people they were and ultimately wanted to be. When they finally made it out of school, they were sure they would be able to really work on their marriage and repair the spots that had been damaged, but the pressures of entering the workforce and trying to keep up with the fast-paced careers they had chosen got in the way.

After graduation, Kevin had been recruited by a prestigious engineering firm and was rising rapidly through the ranks with his innovative ideas. Casey had been awarded an internship at one of the hottest new interior design firms in the city.

The firm had a huge following of celebrities and every single home Casey worked with was the talk of the season. She had a knack for assessing the personality of the client and developing a design scheme that reflected exactly what they were looking for.

Soon they were both traveling extensively for their jobs. Kevin was off creating plans for structures all over the world. His buildings were being photographed and lauded for being both aesthetically pleasing and Eco-friendly.

Casey was doing so well that, after a few years, she was able to break away and begin her own firm. Many of her loyal clients followed her and referred her to their friends. When she wasn't home, she could often be found in the most exciting nightclubs, hanging out with her new celebrity friends. To Casey, it felt like a more glamorous, more photographed, repeat of college. Every so often, they would attempt to include the other in their travel plans, but while on these trips, once the lovemaking was done, it was hard not to feel like strangers accidentally traveling together.

Kevin's hectic work schedule finally started leveling off once he made partner in his firm. He had more control over his traveling; now, if clients wanted him, they traveled to him. Finally, he figured he could stop working all the time and focus on what he had in his life; namely, Casey. He had money; they both had more than enough money. They had talked once about purchasing a few different homes, but ultimately, they both loved the little house they had begun their marriage in.

Kevin started to try to make time to be with Casey, to try and get out and do things with her when she had the time. He tried having dinner on the table when she came home; the problem being that she rarely showed up on time. Casey, on the other hand, had become accustomed to this living together, yet apart, arrangement of a marriage.

While she thought it was great that Kevin was really trying to spend more time together, she couldn't help but wonder what the ulterior motive was.

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He was home more than he had ever been, and she wondered if something had happened at work. While she still loved Kevin; he was the only man she ever had; it was hard to remember the crazy in love feeling she'd had for him in high school when they were together constantly.

These days, their relationship felt more like an Internet romance than a marriage. Most of their time was spent flirting on the phone or computer, but they did meet up whenever they could for intensely romantic weekends away.

But now, with him trying so hard to spend time together, it was starting to make her feel guilty when she couldn't leave the office at a normal hour.

Instead of greeting him when she walked through the door, she was starting to find herself apologizing. He always said he understood, but she still felt like she was disappointing him. As she pulled into the driveway, her phone rang. It was one of her newest clients with an emergency they needed to talk through right away. Casey eyed the front door, but decided to stay in her car for privacy. She pulled out her notepad and gave her full attention to the client. Kevin was beginning to worry. As used to Casey's constant tardiness as he was, he had never known her to be this late without calling him.

He had tried her cell phone, but it automatically went to voice-mail every time. On his way to check on dinner, he happened to glance out the window to the driveway. He saw Casey's car, with Casey in the front seat, laughing into her cell phone. And just like that, his worry evaporated into anger. He had told her he was making dinner for them tonight and he had waited, worrying for two whole hours while she had been sitting in the driveway, not bothering to let him know, or even come inside.

He decided he was too damn tired to deal with her tonight, so he blew out the candles, left the food he had thoughtfully prepared on the table and went to bed. That was what started it for Kevin; over the next few weeks, he felt like he was constantly angry with Casey. She had apologized and explained what had happened, but in his mind, the damage had been done.

Obviously she didn't care about keeping their marriage together, so why was he knocking himself out to be there for her? He stopped taking the time to articulate what he was feeling and started lashing out at her. He could feel the rift his actions were causing, but he didn't know how to make it better when it seemed like Casey wasn't trying either. He started to ignore her texts and phone calls, believing that he shouldn't waste his time if she wouldn't make an effort to at least try to come home for dinner or to meet him for a romantic night out.

If the celebrities she hung out with wanted her time and she would rather be with them, then fine, he would find something else to do and she could go to hell. Casey, meanwhile, was confused by Kevin's sudden change in behavior.

Since the night of that disastrous dinner, she had been trying to make it up to him by coming home at a more normal hour, but now he was the one who was gone most of the night. She texted him more frequently during the day, but rarely got a response. She wondered if his work situation was to blame again. Maybe his being gone all the time meant that things were picking up for him at the office. Her own business was booming, she had made some amazing contacts and she felt alive, needed, and powerful by it all.

It was nice after being constantly on the defensive whenever she and Kevin did happen to spend more than a few hours together. It all came to a head one night as they lay in bed, turned away from each other. They had not seen each other in two days and to say the atmosphere was frosty was an understatement, the bedroom felt like the Arctic Circle.

Casey was lying there fuming, but the softer side of her just wanted to make up and put these stupid tensions behind them. In the spirit of reconciliation, she rolled over and tentatively put her hand on Kevin's shoulder, but he picked it up and moved it off, then rolled farther away from her. Rejection stabbed through her, sharp and hot, angry tears welling up in her eyes.

The weeks of angry words, cold glares and unanswered attempts at communication flashed through her mind and she reached her breaking point. She jumped out of bed and glared down at him. "What the fuck is your problem?" She demanded, crossing her arms. "Why are you acting like a spoiled brat?" He stared at her frigidly over his shoulder. "Oh, what, am I finally good enough for you to talk to?

I don't see how. I don't have any Grammies or awards. I'm just your husband, right?" He paused then added, "For now, anyway. Although I'm sure there are any number of trust fund brats and coked-out rock stars waiting to take my place." That stopped her cold. As unhappy as they were most of the time, neither of them had ever mentioned divorce before now. Kevin misread the look on her face and said, "Yeah, that's what I figured. I just hope you aren't screwing any of them." As soon as he said it, and saw the stricken look on her face, he knew he had gone too far.

He knew Casey would never cheat on him and he was dumbfounded at his own brilliant stupidity and tried to think of a way to apologize. Casey was fighting mad now. With everything they had been through, he should know that she would never cheat on him, no matter how great the temptation was. In that moment, she thought about all his business trips, meetings, late nights, unanswered phone calls and suddenly, his efforts at spending more time together seemed like overcompensating for his own infidelity and his accusation sounded more like him projecting his actions on her.

She glared at him; lying in the bed they shared, accusing her of screwing around on him, and lowered her voice to a deadly calm.

"You might want to say that to me when you're not fucking your assistant. " Crossing the room to her closet and throwing clothes into an overnight bag, she continued, "I have never been anything but faithful and supportive of you our entire marriage. I did everything in my power to keep us together, but apparently it's not good enough for you. Well congratulations. You and that whore can be together and happy.

" He laid there, too stunned to move or speak, as she finished packing and left, still in her nightgown. He heard the door slam and then her car as it sped away. That was the end of Kevin and Casey. He was served divorce papers the next day citing irreconcilable differences. He counter-sued, claiming infidelity. Both agreed through their lawyers to sell all of their mutual assets and split the proceeds, keeping their businesses separate.

When he saw her in court, she refused to look at him. The proceedings were a whirl for him, ending before he could think rationally or apologize in person. When the hearing was finished, she ran out of the room as if she couldn't get away fast enough. Kevin moved to a little beach front house and Casey relocated to a loft. Over the next year they had no contact, except for seeing each other in the business and entertainment sections of the newspaper. As the year following their divorce dragged on, they began to miss one another and regret the things they had said.

For Kevin, work had lost the excitement he had felt for it. He was still great at coming up with amazing building ideas and they were still talked about, but his heart wasn't in it anymore. The passion that had driven him in the beginning was gone, and work became something to fill his waking hours. Casey still went out and had fun, but she felt disoriented in her own life, her smiles became more forced and it became harder to have a good time.

Soon partying became a thing of the past and she stayed home most nights with her couch and a carton of ice cream for company. She was still a noted designer and was still very much in demand with her elite client?, but she wasn't having as much fun doing the work as she used to.

Finally, the months of loneliness got to her and one night, she picked up the phone and called Kevin. She had no idea what she was going to say and when he picked up after two rings, she lost her nerve and hung up. Kevin stared at the phone in his hand as if it were a snake. He didn't know how to explain it, but he knew Casey had just been on the other line.

He wondered if she had hung up or if she had been cut off. Before he could talk himself out of it, he hit the caller ID button and called her back. Casey stood in her kitchen, phone still in hand, asking herself how she could have been so stupid. The ring of the phone shattered the silence in the kitchen, sending a jolt through her and causing her to drop it. As it fell to the floor, a large piece broke off. She hurriedly picked it up and tried to answer, but to no avail.

She threw the phone towards the trash can and made a mad dash to her bedroom to get to another phone. Kevin sat, listening to the steady thrum of the ring, almost ready to hang up. He decided he would give it four rings, and then hang up if she didn't answer.

Casey launched herself across the bed to grab the phone on her bedside table. In her hurry, she put too much energy into her move and slid off the opposite side of the bed, hitting the floor, along with the talk button. Kevin heard the connection and her rapid breathing in the background.

As she breathlessly spoke his name on the other end, the sad weight he had carried with him for years left his chest, making him feel oddly buoyant. He whispered her name, half-exclamation and half-prayer. She closed her eyes against the warmth of the tears dampening her lashes. Hearing him say her name with so much hope took her back to their wedding day, when they were both young and invincible with love. They were both silent for a moment, reeling with the bittersweet flood of memories from the day they had met and all that had happened since.

When they had recovered enough to speak, they blurted out apologies at the same time, and then started to laugh, effectively disintegrating any leftover tensions. For the rest of the night, they talked on the phone, finally getting past all the jealousies and neuroses enough to set things right. Casey had been seeing a therapist since the day she had moved out. She had talked for weeks about what had gone wrong, her feelings and her own stubborn actions and the guilt she had carried with her.

But now she knew that all the therapy she'd had was nothing compared to how it felt to talk to Kevin and hear his reaction to her words. For Kevin, it was a relief to be able to explain his side of the weeks leading up to their final fight and finally being able to take back the hurtful things he had said to her.

They agreed that they had been hasty and stubborn and that they really should have been able to communicate instead of lashing out and being defensive.

When the sky was starting to lighten, Kevin drifted off to sleep. Casey smiled hearing his deep, even breathing, and turning on the phone's speaker, she laid it gently on the pillow where he would have been. Listening to him breathe, Casey closed her eyes and had the best sleep she'd had in a long time. Kevin woke up late the next morning to a soft snore. His hand reached out to touch Casey, but knocked several books off of the table, the resulting crash jolting him awake.

He looked around his living room, disoriented to find himself alone when he swore he had just been in bed with Casey, then shook his head as the night before came back to him.

He realized that he had fallen asleep in his recliner while talking to Casey. "Casey? Sweetheart, are you there?" He spoke softly into the receiver wedged between his shoulder and ear, in case he was crazy and imagining things.

Casey heard him say her name, but kept her eyes shut tight, unable to bear seeing his side of the bed empty. She replied in a quiet voice that hovered on the brink of tears, "I'm here.

But, oh God, I wish you were too." Hearing her voice so soft and vulnerable, clogged his throat with sadness. "I wish I could be too, babe." She smiled, keeping her eyes closed.

She grabbed the phone, turning off the speaker. "I miss spooning with you early in the morning, waking up and feeling your body against me and the way your breath made the back of my neck tingle." They spent the rest of the day on the phone. Casey had a few scattered around the house, but even so, the batteries kept dying on her. Kevin's solitary house phone died later, at which point, they switched to cell phones.

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Those didn't last long either, and just as Casey was about to suggest continuing the conversation on the computer via IM Kevin blurted out, "Casey, come to me or I'll come to you!" Casey's breath caught. She looked out the window at the sprawling city. The sun was setting over the skyline and casting a soft, fiery light into her loft.

She wanted to see him more then anything, but she didn't know if she would be strong enough to leave him again. The phone seemed to burn against her hand as she considered the consequences of agreeing. "Case? Are you there?" Kevin shook his phone, wondering if it had finally died on him. His voice brought Casey back into the moment and she knew what her answer would be, if there had ever really been a question."Yes.

Yes. My answer is yes. I will come to you. I'll be there as soon as I can." They parted on the phone, neither wanting to be the first to say goodbye, but promising to be together soon.

Casey raced to her closet to find what to wear. She hadn't been this nervous since the night of their senior prom. She wanted everything to be perfect, but she was so shaky inside, she couldn't think straight.

Hoping to calm her nerves, she turned on her stereo, then headed to the bathroom. Stripping off her clothes, she turned to examine her body in the mirror. She was proud of her body, taking very good care of it, so, even though she was in her late twenties, her breasts were still high and firm, her stomach flat but soft, legs long and ass supple. She turned on the water to the shower; the steam quickly permeated the air and fogged the reflective surfaces.

She stepped under the warm spray, and felt the knot in her stomach loosen, leaving behind a shivery feeling of anticipation. She stayed in the shower until the water cooled, taking special care to ex-foliate, condition and shave every surface that required attention. She stepped out of the shower, the steam wafting around her body. Grabbing her big Egyptian cotton towel, she dried off, and started to blow-dry her hair.

Her black hair with red highlights hung full down to the middle of her back. When it was dry, she started to pin it back, but decided against it, letting it wave and curl, framing her face. As she began to apply her makeup, she took the time to consider her face. The only things she disliked about her face were also Kevin's favorite things.

Her face was small and heart shaped, her eyes large and almond shaped, but she had always felt that her nose was too large and her lips too small for her face.

Kevin had told her many times that he loved her face, calling her his little pixie, saying that her features made her look like a naughty imp, up to no good. She dropped the towel from around her body, and smoothed lotion all over her skin.

She pulled on a garter and snapped stockings into place on her thighs, admiring the contrast her skin made with the dark blue lingerie and black stockings. Feeling more confident, she started to go through her closet again, trying on one dress after another, discarding them nearly as fast as she grabbed them. Just as she was about to call in a favor to one of her designer friends, she spotted a dark blue dress that she hadn't worn in years.

Seeing it brought a nostalgic smile to her face. It was the first birthday present that Kevin had ever bought for her. She had worn it on three special occasions and thought this occasion would be the best one it would ever be used for. It was silk, made in a halter style, with a deep v-neck. The A-line skirt was short, ending just below her lace-edged stocking. She slipped it on, and then looked into the mirror one last time, to get the full effect.

Admiring her reflection, a Cheshire smile spread across her face. She looked even better in the dress now than she had before. Her curves had matured, filling out the dress in ways they hadn't before.

As a final touch, she slipped on Manolos that matched the color of her dress and had rhinestone bows on the toes. Finished, she grabbed her purse and headed into the night. Kevin had thought Casey was going to turn him down when she didn't answer him right away. He knew they still had work to do on their relationship before things could return to the way they had been, and he also knew that there might still be a part of her that wasn't ready to deal with it.

When he finally heard her say that she would come to him, his heart jumped about a mile. When she had hung up the phone, he took a long look around at his house. It was as big a mess as his appearance. He set to cleaning it up, thinking it would take forever, but in the end the mess was a few dishes and beer cans from the living room.

The kitchen and living room were the only rooms in the place he used; he couldn't bear to sleep in the bedroom alone. The beach house he had designed looked more like a log cabin, but with big, open, glass windows.

It had two stories and was much bigger then he needed. He wondered if Casey would notice that the floor plan was similar to that of their old house, with all the changes they had talked about, but never gotten around to making. Kevin went into the master bathroom and groaned. In the past few weeks, he had begun to let his general appearance go.

He picked up a razor and started to shave the beginnings of a beard from his face. He knew Casey liked hair, but he wanted tonight to be special for her. When done, he stared at his reflection. His face didn't look like his anymore, but was still a good face, with a strong jaw just a shade too soft to be called chiseled.

Thankfully he had just gotten a haircut; it was short and stuck up like porcupine quills. He brushed his teeth, and then hopped into the shower, in a hurry to complete his grooming. He stood in front of the mirror and examined himself, while thinking about what he wanted to wear. He had never been the dress-up type. He considered khakis but he'd never liked the way they looked on him. He stood in faded blue jeans, blue and white Vans, feeling the heat due to his undershirt and dark blue button-down shirt that brought out his piercing dark blue eyes, as Casey had said when she bought it for him.

He walked back out to the living room and looked around. Something felt off or missing and he stood, trying to place it. Then it dawned on him.

He turned out the lights and pulled out the old electric candle he and Casey had always put in the window when welcoming each other home from one of their business trips. Casey took a deep breath, and then stepped out of her car. She draped a soft white shawl around her shoulders and worried about her hair, as the light fog in the air added moisture. The coolness of the night wrapped around her like a wet towel, sending a shiver up her spine. She was lucky she knew the area so well, or she could have easily become lost.

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She looked through the trees at the house where he lived, slightly smiling at the one electric candle burning in the kitchen window. He had not forgotten their old ritual, and it made her feel like she was finally coming home. A feeling of relief came over her, as if the last year had been a long nightmare and she was finally waking up. The smile still on her face, she walked to his house since the terrain made it impossible to drive up to it.

She stood on his porch, trying to gather up the courage to go to the door. Through mutual friends, she had been able to find out where he lived after they had sold their house. She had been out here many times, wishing she could bring herself to knock on the door but had never actually made it.

Now she stopped, her old insecurities forming a knot in her stomach and making her head spin. Her hand was raised, just inches from the door. Kevin had seen her car pull up and could see her silhouette through the glass, even in the darkness. He saw her pause and hurried to the door, hoping that she wasn't changing her mind. He didn't want her to do anything she wasn't ready for, but he couldn't let her leave without seeing her and talking to her. He grabbed the handle and flung the door open.

As the door opened, she took in his appearance. It touched her to see that he had dressed up for this meeting, something he rarely did without complaining. He smiled at her, and she left all of her doubts behind as she stepped toward him.

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Kevin's jaw nearly hit the ground as he took her in. He recognized the dress that he had bought her and thought she looked more beautiful than any other woman on Earth.

He opened his arms and she darted into them, crashing into his chest, her head pressing into him. He wrapped his arms around her and let the scent of her hair enter his nostrils. Unable to contain himself, he squeezed her until he heard her squeak, at which point, he released her and started to apologize. Laughing, she pushed him into his chair and sat down on his lap, snuggling in and kissing him into silence. While they kissed, the time they had spent apart lingered between them.

Casey knew that it would stay between them for some time, manifesting itself as slight hesitation to act, forced politeness and attempts to be different than they actually were. She hoped at some point they could get past it, but retain the lesson they had learned about time and distances making the heart grow fonder.

Truthfully, she had never fully appreciated Kevin until after he was out of her life. Kevin's thoughts were running along the same track. For such smart people, they had still managed to get wrapped up in their quests for material success, forgetting that their marriage should have been the most important part of their lives. Holding his wife in his arms, he promised her between kisses that he would never take her for granted again.

Casey kissed him again, swearing that she would put their marriage before her career this time. Kevin stood and took her hand, leading her to the unused bedroom. He pulled the curtains open to reveal the stars above the ocean, as Casey walked to the foot of the bed.

She stopped and lifted her leg to remove her heels. Kevin watched Casey as she lifted her leg, and gracefully removed one shoe and then the other. The skirt of her dress rose slightly, enough that he could see her garter and stockings, sending a rush of pure lust through him. He approached her, placing his hands lightly on her bare shoulder. He ran his hand down her bare back to the top of the zipper and started to pull it down.

His eyes drank in the creamy skin exposed with every light tug of the zipper as it traveled down to her lower back. Once the dress was completely unzipped, he trailed his fingers back up to the clasp at the base of her neck, kissing the spot he knew would send a shiver down her spine.

Casey lowered the dress to the floor, bending slightly at her waist, pressing her hips against his pelvis. She leaned in against him as his hands came around her. She was so beautiful, gorgeous… no she was… he gave up trying to articulate her figure before him in the light of the moon.

It was full and cast a bright light through the open windows and gilded her creamy skin with its shine. She turned in his embrace, looking into his eyes, she brushed her lips against his lower lip, parting hers and slowly exhaling. Her hands stroked his pecs, and then lazily drifted down towards his stomach, unfastening buttons as they went.


When they reached the bottom of his shirt she pushed it off his shoulders, then paused when she saw what was underneath. For a moment, she was stunned at the sight of his undershirt. Never in their entire marriage had she known him to wear one, adding an extra level to the changes he had made for her. At any other moment, she might have been amused, but she didn't want to spoil the current mood by giggling. She let his outer shirt fall to the floor, then pushed his undershirt up and over his head.

As she cleared his head, she brought her lips down to his nipple, gently licking and teasing it. She trailed kisses up until she was under his jaw, then slid her tongue out and licked a line from his collarbone up to his adam's apple, making him shudder. She brought her lips back to his, and kissed him hard, pushing her tongue into his mouth.

Her hands lowered to his pants, where she removed his belt and pushed them down his hips until they hit the floor. Kevin stepped out of his pants, and when she hooked her finger in the waistband of his underwear, he scooped her up in his arms and kissed her before lowering her gently onto the bed.

She sat up as he brought his hands around to her bra, unfastening it and tossing it to join the rest of their clothes. She lay back again, and lifted her hips to allow him to remove her garters and stockings. He pulled them down carefully, kissing each of her calves. When he was done, he pulled back the comforter and top sheet of the bed while she squirmed underneath.

Up until this point, she hadn't noticed the cool ocean air that wafted into the house, but now it covered the bed and sheets. She moved her limbs, trying to warm the bed with her body heat as her eyes followed him around the bed. He stopped at the other side and slid into the bed himself. While it was not late, it had been a very long and emotional day.

She moved across the bed, hesitantly placing her hand on his stomach and laying her head on his chest. The sound of the waves crashing on the beach was the only sound, aside from Kevin's breathing.

Her fingers combed through the hair on his upper chest while she listened to his heart's rhythm under her ear. He looked down at her, his piercing eyes taking her in; the glint from the moonlight making them almost predatory.

He opened his lips, but before he could speak, Casey lifted her body and stopped him from talking by kissing him again, conveying everything that needed to be said in that kiss. Kevin awoke to the sound of Casey's light snoring and the crashing waves that almost drowned her out. She was still deeply asleep and he was very careful not to disturb her as he got out of bed. After stretching, he pulled on some swimming trunks and sandals. He went into the bathroom and when he came back out, he repositioned the armchair in the bedroom so he could sit while he watched Casey in bed.

She was so beautiful, lying there peacefully while he observed the rise and fall of her chest and her soft, pink lips. After a few moments, he rose, grabbing his cell phone and closing the door to the bedroom behind him. Once out of hearing range, he called in to work, telling them he was taking a much needed vacation.

He padded down the hallway, scratching his chest and yawning. As he rounded the corner into the kitchen, it dawned on him that it might be good to make her breakfast. When he opened the refrigerator, however, all he found were leftovers. Grabbing the wastebasket, he threw out all the old food, leaving the fridge sparkling clean, but on the empty side. Walking out the front door, he deposited the trash in the outside can and jumped into his vehicle, heading to the corner market, where he picked up breakfast food and other items for lunches and dinners.

Not sure at this point what to buy for Casey, he kept it simple. With the fridge stocked, he saut? some of the vegetables and started to cook eggs for omelets. While those were going, he proceeded to dice tomatoes, avocados and a few other odds and ends. As the edges of the eggs started to solidify, he added broken up pepper jack cheese, following with ham, bacon, and cheddar cheese.

He then added mushrooms, olives, the avocados and tomatoes, covered them with more cheese, then folded the omelet and turned it over. Casey woke to the smell of something delicious. She raised her head and took in the unfamiliar surroundings. It took a few seconds to place the room and everything that had transpired the night before. Rising, she went into the bathroom and used Kevin's toothbrush to brush her teeth.

Coming out in nothing but her panties, she walked over to the closet and pulled out a t-shirt and sniffed at it, smiling at the way it smelled just like Kevin. Running her fingers through her hair, she pulled the t-shirt over her head and walked out the door. Kevin heard her footsteps coming down the hallway as he put both omelets on plates and added more cheese and avocados. He set them on the table and grabbed a fruit bowl when she came around the corner.

As Casey rounded the corner, not paying much attention to where she was going, she ran into Kevin, knocking the fruit bowl in the air. His eyes swept slowly from her bare feet to her face, where he stopped, a broad smile on his face and passion in his eyes.

Seeing the look in his eyes, her mouth went dry, and she found it hard to swallow. To distract him and refocus herself, she cleared her throat and asked if there was anything she could do to help with breakfast. He didn't reply, just shook his head and sat at the table. She opened the fridge and grabbed a bottle of orange juice, and two glasses from the cabinet. As she walked over to the table, he stood and pulled out a chair for her, then pushed it in, lightly caressing her shoulders, and sat down across from her.

They ate in companionable silence, exchanging smiles and flirtatious glances every so often. When Kevin was nearly finished, he looked across the table at Casey, who was about halfway done. He had not expected to see her so hungry. Finally done, she set down her fork, and wiped her mouth with her napkin. She politely thanked him and complimented his cooking skills. He finished the last few bites on his plate and leaned back into the chair, happily stuffed, and not only with food.

The simple act of enjoying a breakfast together was an experience he had not known he was missing until he had it back. Casey stood, clearing the table and pouring more juice into his glass before putting it back in the refrigerator. She scraped the leftover food from the plates, then rinsed them and stacked them in the empty dishwasher.

Kevin slowly sipped his juice, admiring the way his shirt slid up to reveal her ass in her very sexy panties. When she bent over, the old fabric stretched tight across the cheeks of her ass. Cleanup finished, they got dressed in order to drive to her house for clothes. As much as Kevin would have been satisfied to keep her in his shirt, she said there were things she needed. They still weren't sure where this was headed, or what it really was, but they did know that it wasn't a one night thing.

She eagerly agreed to spend a few days out at his house and was also taking two weeks off from work. At Casey's she changed out of her dress, grabbed some clothes and stuffed them in her well-worn travel suitcase.

They exited before Kevin really had a chance to look around, but he could see just how well she was doing by the decor alone. Once back out to the sidewalk, he put her bag in the trunk of his car and pulled out into the busy street.

As they drove, Kevin wondered aloud why they hadn't spent more days like this, traveling, just the two of them, with nothing to do but be together. They fell to talking about their lives and just how wrapped up they had been in their careers.

Casey turned sideways in her seat, resting her head on her hand, the way she always sat when he drove. He placed his hand on her jeans and rubbed her leg as he wove through the traffic at ease.

However, the morning traffic was hitting its peak, becoming complete and total gridlock. By the time they were outside of the city, a drive that should have taken thirty minutes had taken almost three hours.

Ordinarily, Kevin would have been annoyed, but he was so caught up in conversation, he didn't even notice how long they had been on the road. Casey kept up a flow of cheerful chatter, making him laugh with her jokes, and laughing when he told his own stories. She pointed out funny things about the other drivers on the road, such as the guy in the next lane she noticed mining a week's worth of nose gold and wiping it onto his passenger seat.

After a while, Casey started to get hungry again. Luckily, Kevin knew of a great little restaurant not far from his house. After a few minutes of driving, Kevin pulled up to a sprawling wooden building with a view of the beach. He explained to Casey that it was a surfer dive he had come across soon after moving. As they walked through the old saloon-style double doors, Casey admired the rustic decor and commented on how crowded the place was, even at the early hour.

Kevin navigated easily over to where the owner sat just off the main floor. As he approached the man he called James, the man stood and slapped him in the stomach.

"Kevin! Man, I hope you brought an appetite today! I need someone to check out some of the new stuff I'm thinking of putting on the menu. Let me get you a table! Or you can eat in here and keep me company, if you want." Kevin laughed and shook James hand. Casey watched, smiling. It was easy to see why Kevin liked this place so much. "Sorry, man I've already got a date and she's much prettier than your old washed-up surfer ass." James turned his attention to Casey, who smiled brightly and held out her hand.

He grasped her hand and looked her up and down, nodding slightly as he did so. "You're the wife, I take it?" Casey turned to Kevin, her smile slightly bewildered. He grinned back at her. She smiled at James. "Yeah, I suppose you could say that. Casey. It's a pleasure to meet you, James." James led them to the middle of the room, where he had a table brought out for them.

He asked Casey if she would mind playing guinea pig for lunch, as he had some dishes he really wanted to try. Casey gamely agreed, then, as James left towards the kitchen, she turned back to Kevin, her eyebrow raised in an inquisitive look. "Spill it." Laughing, Kevin launched into the story of how he and James had met or, more accurately, how James and his surfboard had met him.

He kept her laughing at his retelling of James almost clipping him when he had first moved out there and tried to stay busy by taking up surfing. After nearly thirty minutes had passed, James and two of his chefs came out of the kitchen, carrying what looked like a meal to feed a family of seven. Kevin and Casey's eyes almost popped out of their heads as the dishes were set on their table and an empty table was pulled over to hold the extra plates.

Normally, James would join Kevin for lunch, but, with a wink at Casey, he left the food for them to enjoy. The other diners were trying not to stare at the banquet in front of them, but Kevin and Casey found the situation amusing. Casey started with some of the oysters, while Kevin opted for the lobster and steak.

James was an amazing chef, and all of his food was definitely of the five-star caliber. They kept the mood light, feeding each other and talking about the different tastes and textures of the food. Even as hungry as they had been, when they were finished, there was still so much food left over, James had to-go boxes made up for them.

Kevin tried to pay, but James refused his money, only asking that they told their friends about the new dishes, to which they readily agreed. Casey rhapsodized over the food, every course, sauce and flavor. She was still complimenting James when Kevin finally pulled her out the door, laughing.

Groaning about how full they were, Kevin and Casey drove off. He glanced over at her as they reached his house and turned off the car. The delicious lunch and warm air had caused her to drift off on the short drive. He gently woke her and grabbed the takeout boxes from James, tossing the house keys to Casey. She opened the door for him and helped him cram them into his fridge.

After closing the front door, Kevin didn't see Casey and went walking around the house to find her in the bedroom putting on a halter and boy-short bikini set. When finished, she turned to him and said, "Ok instructor, I'm ready to hit the waves." Kevin smiled and changed into swimming trunks, grabbed his board and gear, and they walked out the front door to the beach.

While he got his board ready, Casey headed out for a short swim, the sight of her in the water distracting him from his appointed task.

Her strokes were clean and strong, her arms curving gracefully out of the water, and then back in again. He shook his head to clear it and, finished with his board, finally headed to the shore, where she met him. She told him that she had tried to learn to surf before so they headed straight out into the water. As he explained some of the finer points to her, he could not help letting his hands grab her body often, caressing her.

Ten minutes into the lesson, even with the cold water, he was getting turned on. After getting her up on some small waves a few times and correcting a few things, he let her go off by herself. He swam for a bit before heading back to the deck to lie in the sun and watch her out on the waves. As he sat there on the wooden deck, he marveled that she had only grown more beautiful since high school. She was still in great shape and her curves were perfectly formed and full.

He imagined what it would be like to make love again, his fantasies lulling him into a nap. As Casey came out of the water, trying to hold Kevin's big board, she thought she would have to get one of her own. She frowned at it; it was just too big and had a different shape than she was used to. Coming up to the deck, she nearly called out to him, but noticed that he was sound asleep in one of his chairs in the sun and showing the beginnings of a sunburn.

Setting the board beside the front door, she walked around and carefully crawled onto the chair, sliding her body up his. She cast a glance around, but they were alone on the beach. Kevin was dreaming about something crawling up his legs. The sensation was not unpleasant, and when that something touched his crotch, he looked down to see Casey sliding up his body, her breasts pushed into his stomach, and her hand on his cock, slowly rubbing it through his trunks.

Their lips met and her weight settled fully on top of him as her tongue entered his mouth.

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Her cool, wet body was soaking into him, refreshing against his sun-warmed skin. Grabbing her around the waist he turned them over, pressing into her. Her legs wrapped around his waist as his fingers gently twined into her wet hair, which smelled of the ocean. He picked her up and, without breaking the kiss, carried her into the house and towards the bathroom. He set her on her feet on the dark blue and cream rug. The bathroom was the one place in the house where everything was very fluffy; it was a bathroom, after all.

Turning the water to a comfortable temperature, he helped her out of her bikini. He could feel her body practically vibrating with her desire to be touched. When she was naked, he began to remove his shirt, but her hands took over, and she undressed him slowly, taking time to kiss his chest and stroke his arms, her fingertips transferring her energy into his body.

The air was thick with the steam from the water and the heat of their bodies as they entered the shower. He watched as the water cascaded down her shoulders and ran down her stomach, then her legs. She stuck a finger underneath his chin, drawing it up, and bringing her lips to his again. Pressing her up against the shower wall, he groaned at the way her breasts felt, mashed into his chest.

As his lips moved with hers, his hand roamed down over her supple ass cheeks, down to her right leg. He raised it, supporting her weight and drove himself up into her, rubbing his cock in between her very hot, wet, pussy lips.

Grinding hard into her, she moaned into his mouth, as the hair on his chest tickled her firm naked breasts, her nipples now hard and poking into his chest. Kevin broke the kiss and turned her around, running his hand up, around her ass and over her waist, then down to her slightly hairy pussy mound. His fingers slipped between her outer lips, the juice from her pussy lubricating them well. The aroma that came from her was permeating the air more than anything else; he inhaled deeply, almost tasting her fragrant musk in the back of his throat.

His rock hard cock probed at her ass while he rubbed her clit furiously, making her buck back towards him. Slowly, he lined his cock up at her back entrance and whispered in her ear, asking permission to take her; she murmured a note of need and acquiescence.

Coating his shaft in her pussy juices, he re-positioned himself against her, using his finger to spread a little around the ring of her opening and pushing in slowly, taking time to prepare her for penetration. When he was able to get a knuckle inside her, he started to work his finger in and out until he was all the way in and withdrew it.

He coated another finger, lubing her ass and his cock again, and then began to apply pressure on her hole with his cock. He met a strong resistance, but the head finally broke through and he slid in a bit further than he had intended, stopping as she gasped, and giving her a moment to adjust to the intrusion. Using his hand, he coated his cock with the abundant juices from her sopping wet pussy, and then continued his slow penetration, holding her hips as she adjusted her position.

They had never had anal sex and Kevin wanted to make sure she enjoyed it as much as he was. The tight grip her ass had on him made it difficult to focus; the stimulation and pressure on his cock was overwhelming. Finally, having buried his cock fully inside her, they were able to work into a steady rhythm. Bracing her arms against the wall, she rotated back against him, not letting him pull completely out. His fingers came around to play with her clit, and, as soon as he made contact with the hard little nub, her body tensed and a guttural moan escaped her full pink lips as she yelled for him not to stop.

He started to push against her as hard and fast as he could, his fingers rotating quickly around her clit. Her body was trembling violently and he felt her clamp down on his cock, making it impossible for him to move an inch, his cock imprisoned in her hot, fleshy grip. She arched up on her toes as she came, and when his still-hard cock withdrew from her, the loss of support almost made her lose her footing, but Kevin held her until she regained her strength. They cleaned each other up and stepped out of the shower.

He grabbed a towel to dry her off and grabbed another for him. As she proceeded to dry her hair in front of the mirror, he hung the towel on a hook and walked up behind her, his hands sliding up and under the towel to cup her breasts.

She leaned back against him as he caressed her nipples and stroked her taut belly. They walked out of the bathroom, totally naked, Kevin lowering the curtains to shield them from anyone who might pass by. The sunset lit the room beautifully as they padded down the hall to the kitchen, both of them having worked up an appetite. They pulled the takeout containers from the refrigerator and picked at their food. Laughing and eating, the sun set unnoticed; night set in and the house became dark.

When they were finished eating, Kevin wrapped Casey in his arms. They settled on the couch, her naked form molding to his as he flipped through the channels, laughing at how, even with five hundred channels, there was nothing on.

As he started to check the channels from the beginning, Casey shifted her body and his cock came back to attention. Casey could feel Kevin harden, his cock pressing into her backside. While she was enjoying the intimacy of just being together on the couch, she was not quite ready to call it a night.

She rose and walked to the door, then turned to grin mischievously at Kevin before opening the door and running into the night. He watched her run out the door, his mouth hanging open. Casey had always been daring and spontaneous, but never to this extent. He was thankful that he owned a good stretch of beach and didn't have neighbors. At the door, he paused to look for her, the darkness all but obscuring her pale form.

He ran out in the night, the sand between his toes still warm from the day's heat. He caught up with Casey standing at the water's edge, the waves lapping around her ankles. Kevin's arms encircled her waist, his body pressing hard against her back. She could feel the heat radiating from his engorged manhood, making her long for it to be inside of her.

She turned, pulling him into the embrace of the waves. Standing on her toes, she kissed his lips, running her tongue over his lips and tasting the traces of food on them. Kevin lifted Casey, her legs wrapping around him; holding her just above the waves, he nudged her pussy lips apart with his shaft. Using his shoulders for leverage, she wrapped her arms around his neck, and impaled herself onto his cock, slowly rolling her hips forward; he felt the heat from her pussy as he entered her body.

She was wet already, and he slid in without resistance; however it was not a quick thrust, as she was still so tight he could feel every inch of her as her muscles gripped around his cock. Casey leaned her head back, enjoying the feel of his cock deep inside her pussy. She was aware of every vein of his cock against her pussy walls. It felt full and warm inside of her as she pulled him in deeper, before burying her face in the hollow of his neck, then started to rise up and down against him, squeezing him as hard as she could.

Casey was riding him hard and after a few minutes of supporting them both in the wash of the waves, he was having trouble standing. As the water lapped up against him, she clamped down hard and started to cum on his cock. He felt her fluids wash over his cock when she suddenly bit down on his neck, mixing the sharp pain with the ecstasy of the moment.

As her orgasm washed over her, Casey's world shrunk to the sensation of Kevin deep inside of her and the amazing feelings coursing through her.

She felt like she was on a different plane of existence where all the insignificant things in life were gone and only truth remained. She was finally where she was supposed to be, making love with Kevin, and that everything outside of the world they were in was superficial and not worth a damn without him. Coming back to earth, however, she could feel Kevin beginning to wane, and that he was losing his balance.

Regretfully, she moved off of him, feeling as if his withdrawal left a void, not only in her body, but in her soul. They walked back towards the house, but when Kevin reached the door, he realized Casey wasn't with him. Turning, he saw her bent over the porch rail.

The way she stood was like an invitation, and he walked back over to her, braced his arms on either side of her and entered her again. As she felt him fill her again, she spread her legs wider and pushed back against him firmly. Her hands gripped the railing hard and she moaned as he pushed back and forth against her.


She relished the feel of her breasts bouncing with the force of his strokes and the way her pussy stretched around his cockhead. He started to ram her harder and she matched him stroke for stroke, her cries louder and more ecstatic.

Her breathing was harsh and ragged; she was close to passing out with bliss from his intrusion. The sound of skin on skin was ringing in the night as he pumped furiously into her.

Her skin glowed white in blue light of the moon. He was close to cumming, and felt like his cock was in a hot, wet, furnace. She started to sink down a bit, but he could feel a tingle in his lower back, the sensation coursing through his body like wildfire.

He shuddered and his balls tensed as his shaft grew overly sensitive. He felt his cum shooting up through his cock and blasting into Casey. He gripped her hips firmly and ground his pelvis against her ass, burying himself as hard and deep as he could while his cock was washed by Casey's pussy juices.

Casey could feel Kevin release into her, but she was too far gone into her own orgasm. Their juices mixed together inside her, making her feel as full as if he were buried all the way into in her stomach. She felt every single time his cock jerked and spilled his seed into her. The heat of his cum coated the walls of her already hot pussy, and the additional sensation sent her over the edge again.

Her body convulsed and she came again on his cock, the sensation so intense, she blacked out. Casey slumped down as he shot his last rope into her. Straining into her, Kevin felt her pussy begin to contract again, as she entered another orgasm. This one was more intense than the last, shaking her body under his hands. He held her up with the little strength he had left after coming down from his own orgasm.

When his heart rate returned to a somewhat normal speed, he was able to pull out of her body. His cock was starting to soften and even though she was sopping wet, his cock slipped out with an audible pop.

Juices started to run down Casey's leg and as the wind hit his cock, a shudder ran up his body. He picked Casey up and carried her to the bedroom. On the edge of slumber, Casey felt a warm sensation between her legs. She wondered at it at first, then the last few minutes came back to her and she thought Kevin was still inside of her, releasing his cum.

She raised her head, opening her eyes to see Kevin on the side of the bed, a wash cloth in his hand, gently cleaning her body as he stared into her face. A glow seemed to be coming from him and he was still not fully limp. She laid her head back again, luxuriating in the soft, warm wetness on her most intimate places. When he was finished, she watched him walk back to the bathroom and let out a wolf whistle as she stared at his ass.

Kevin walked back into the bedroom and crawled into bed beside Casey. She turned and looked into his face as they both spoke the words, "I love you." Pausing, they shared a laugh at having said it at the same time. The rest of the night was passed in quiet conversation on how they would try not to repeat the mistakes they had made and how very much they loved each other.

Finally they drifted off to sleep in each other's arms. He woke to a warm, wet sensation on his cock. Looking down his body, he was greeted with the sight of Casey bobbing up and down vigorously on his head.

Noticing that he was awake, she let the cock slowly slide from between her lips and said "Sorry I woke you, but I wanted a warm, salty, breakfast." He grinned at her, and without speaking, she continued to work on his cock.

As he watched her head rise and fall on his shaft, she increased the suction and he rolled his head back, his eyes closing as his balls tensed. Casey could feel that Kevin was close to cumming and lowered her mouth halfway down his cock and started to suck very hard. Rolling her tongue around the base of his cockhead she imagined the rock hard purple head shooting inside of her mouth. She knew it would not be much longer before his cum would be inside her mouth and sliding down her throat.

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He tensed, then she achieved her goal as his cum filled her mouth and trickled down the back of her throat. She continued sucking until every last drop had left his cock. When he was able to move, Kevin left her to her own devices and hopping into the shower.

After his shower, Kevin walked towards the kitchen, wrapping a towel around his hips. He shook his head, smelling the smoke from the burned breakfast food and trying not to choke. He came around the corner and helped Casey dispose of the waste and clean up the mess.

He opened a few windows and the front door to let out the smoke. They laughed about it then got dressed and headed out the front of the door to get breakfast.