Sunny Leone wird in der hottub geölt

Sunny Leone wird in der hottub geölt
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Hey guys! If you couldn't check out my last chapter because I was a fool and hadn't included the theme tags, you can easily do so by clicking on my username. It is very important that you read the last chapter (number 5) if you care about the story. If you don't, well. enjoy :D Anyway, I'm shortening the length of the chapters back to what I normally do in hopes that I can write more frequently. Just so you know, we are now in the latter half of the series and the finale will be chapter 10 haha.

I'm saying this now so that it doesn't seem abrupt in the future.


Hopefully, you've enjoyed all the previous chapters and will enjoy all the chapters the come. My Dirty Little Secret (6) The winter sun was setting at 5 as I stepped out of the car in front of David's house. The place I live in doesn't really have a winter but conditions do get very pleasant in those months as a compensation of the sultry and boiling summer temperatures. As I waved goodbye to my driver, I saw Dave's shadow get larger on the humble main gate before it opened. We hugged each other and I'm sure he felt as good as I did.

We had not really spoken to each other over the past week, but I knew I owed him an explanation of the entire scene that had happened with Saahil. Dave didn't waste any time getting to the topic.

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As we walked through the small gate, he asked, "You never told me about Saahil." "I didn't," I replied, following him through the door. Immediately to the right was a drawing room, but I'd never gone in there.

After that, stairs went up to the bedrooms, and I was looking forward to walking up those stairs. But for now, we just sat down in the TV room, which overlooked a small backyard garden that was actually not that private other houses' backyards connected to it.

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I sagged into the sofa, but Dave had the nerve to lie down and keep his feet on me. Dave often did this; people never said anything about it. "You big on feet?" he asked abruptly. "Not really," I answered honestly. "Neither," he smirked, keeping both his arms behind his head in an arrogant sort of way.

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He had big feet, but I didn't bother making a joke about it because he always acted smug because of it. I looked at his face, his pouty lips and the orangeish brown skin.

I wanted to kiss him then, but I decided to restrain myself. I didn't want it to begin this soon. "Saahil was my boyfriend," I confessed. That wiped the smirk off Dave's face.

"So he is gay," he said in a serious manner, although sounding cheesy. "He doesn't want people to know, but half our year knows anyway because I cracked and shouted at him." I did feel guilty… I couldn't imagine what Saahil was going through at the moment.

"Haha, but Saahil and I used to go the gym together every week," Dave reminisced, "He didn't come this week, though. He should have told me he was gay… we have a sauna at the gym." Strangely, I didn't feel jealous that Saahil attracted David as well, but it was certainly weird that Dave was having sexual fantasies during this entire sad affair with Saahil.

To be perfectly honest, even I was thinking of having a hot threesome with them both in the gym sauna, but I was not sure if Saahil and I would ever be friends again. "But what did he do that made you so angry?" Dave asked. "We decided to switch to an open relationship," I said calmly, watching Dave's facial expressions. I couldn't believe he was actually surprised at the suggestion of an open relationship, but I surmised that Dave had only had relationships with girls all his lifes and was bound to be more traditional.

"And it was going well until a friend of ours introduced him to the underground gay scene here. He started going to orgies about three times a week or something, and I always tried to tell him how it will be bad for his health, it might affect his studies blah blah blah and he never listened.


We had many rows." "And your final row was last week," Dave ended, "Now I get why you called him a slut." The very memory made me shake with emotions, none of them good. "He had a point, though.

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He could fuck whomever he wanted. I just don't want to be with someone like that." Dave retracted his feet off of my thighs and came closer to me.

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He put a hand around my neck and I could feel the warmth of those nice, tense fingers. His mouth was inches from mine. "Everything happens for a reason," he breathed, although his voice wasn't that soothing. His lips slowly touched mine and I thought my heart jumped.

His lips were big like the rest of him, and I guess this is why his kisses were not that controlled and precise something I was used to. After having done things with the likes of Abdul and Dominic, who had years of experience, I was slightly surprised to find Dave (who had kissed a lot of girls) not that great a kisser.

But the rough, raw and natural kisses he gave were sort of a different beast, untamed and wild. His tongue forced itself into my mouth but mostly because I welcomed it. He smelled of cologne which was surprising as well; it meant he had prepared for this I could feel the soft toughness of his body coming nearer to me.

I put my arms around him, gripping his clothes so that I could keep him, tame him. Our tongues licked each other, and we exchange lots of saliva. His mouth tasted of warmth and flesh and I could feel myself writhing slightly under him. The surroundings of our mouth were left shiny with spit and drool, and the warm breaths that fell on my face from his nose reminded me of those of a hungry dog. We stopped and looked into each other's eyes.

His weight was bearing down on me, almost crushing me, but I liked it. I was tough enough for this guy, and through one second of eye contact, I let him know I will be a challenge. He rolled about slightly and we cuddled in each other's arms. I let our legs intertwine and rested my head on one of his huge biceps.

Although I was better at lifting weights, he was naturally big-boned and his arms seemed bigger when not flexed. We lay there quietly, getting a smell of each other, getting used to the deep rhythm of our breaths and the intimate touch of our bodies. I wasn't feeling that horny then, so there wasn't any bulge-contact.

"So," I began, "How do you know you like guys?" "I discovered it," he said simply, "I've always liked girls, but I started feeling a weird attraction to my best guy friends as well. Once, I was having a sleepover just like this…" I chuckled at that point, "Tell me, was this Mike?" "How do you know?!" he asked incredulously. "I think everyone in the year knows that you used to have something going on with Mike.

No straight guy would pretend to dry hump his best friend and no straight guy would let his best friend pretend to dry hump him unless they're both drunk.

And you did this during lunch break two years ago." I paused to laugh somehow, this was all very funny to my hormonal mind. "And you both were super-mega-ultra close and you had no problem kissing him on the forehead or anything.

It was like you wanted people to speculate." "Yeah, I know the rumours," Dave said dismissively, "But they've been gone for about two years or so.

That was about the same time when Mike and I started drifting apart…" I could tell he felt sad about this particular topic but I wanted to know more. "What happened?" "Well," Dave sighed, "All of this began back when I was 12. You know, back when having pokemon cards meant you were popular. And I was this tanned South African kid with braces and spiked up hair and loads of rare pokemon cards.

Mike and I were best friends, but that all change at one sleepover. "We'd begun cuddling up in the bed sometimes, and I discovered that I liked this in a more than friendly way.

I would get hard-ons, just like when I was watching bikini models and whatever. Once, I tried and successfully wanked off to Mike. It's not that hard even now… he's blonde, blue-eyed, with an amazing chest and pinkish-red nipples.

Don't you just wish your cock was in his ass?" "Gosh, you almost sound like me," I joked, leading to a bout of laughter. "One night," Dave continued, "After intense gaming and pokemon cards, we decided we wanted to sleep. Mike just brought his sleeping bag out of habit, but after we talked a bit, he squeezed into my bed and we cuddled. I was feeling fucking horny, but I had to control myself.

I thought Mike had slept after a while, and he turned around in his sleep so his ass was just inches away from my cock. I didn't know what to do, so I just pulled my pants down and pressed my dick against his pants. "I thought it was one of the best feelings ever, and I wanted to do more. I pulled him closer to me and stuck my dick between us, dry-humping hard. I couldn't notice he was breathing heavily as well, and in my horniness, I dared to put my hand down his pants.

I found out his cock was as hard as mine, which surprised me. Then he said something, which literally gave me a heart attack. "I don't remember what he said, but he turned around kissed me. And that was my first kiss." He paused for dramatic effect. But I ruined the moment by saying, "Not as romantic as you would expect a first kiss to be." I was only joking in fact, it was creepy how similar Dave's first kiss and my first kiss were.

"Hey, life is not like the movies," Dave replied, smiling, "We didn't sleep that night. And the next night, although we slept in the day.

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We tried so many things hand jobs, blowjobs, lube, all of that. We decided we'll keep it a secret from everyone. The next year, I asked him if he wanted to have sex. He completely freaked out, calling me a creeper, faggot or something like that.

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I was surprised as well, but I passed it off as a joke. I guess we were acting really close in school as well, with all the rumours. "Mike's family is Catholic, though, and he always felt guilty about what he did.

I mean, my family's Catholic as well but I didn't feel guilty… I guess it depends on what kind of person you are. Eventually, the number of sexy times we had together got smaller and smaller. We became more like normal guy best friends, and in the summer of year 10 we did not do anything remotely sexual. When the year started I told him I missed him. "But this time, he rejected me in a mature manner. He told me that he didn't want to do it anymore and it was all probably part of an 'experimentation phase'.

He said he didn't feel attracted to me anymore and said he only liked girls now. I tried to get him to do things with me again, but he sort of proved I didn't turn him on anymore and he'd turned straight. "From then on, I decided I'll concentrate on girls and they haven't disappointed me at all. Although that time with you in the school bathroom was fucking hot, and made me want guys more again.

Specifically you." I'd been listening with full attention the whole time and laughed at the corniness of his last lines. But, instead of quipping, I said, "Thanks for sharing that, Dave.

I didn't know that about you. It's a shame though, Mike would be so good for a threesome." "I know right?" Dave agreed, "Oh well." I could feel his bulge against my pelvis. Everyone who had seen Dave's dick had admired its size seven and a half inches, and as much as I wanted to shove all those inches down my throat, I wanted the night to be more romantic than simply a fuckfest.

If Dave and I were going to land up in a relationship, I wanted there to be more to it than what I had with Saahil. "By the way, didn't you say your parents won't be here until tomorrow afternoon?" I asked, adding a mischievous little grin to my face.

"Yep, they won't be here. Your point is?" I could feel the message being transmitted to Dave's face… he himself had turned into a naughty boy.

"Well, I don't know about you, but usually when I'm going to have a sleep over at someone's place and we're probably going to be sucking each other's cocks in the near future, we both adopt a 'less-is-more' strategy on clothing." I released myself from his grip and went onto close the curtains in front of the glass door so no one outside could see.

People could get arrested for putting themselves into a circumstance where they could allow anyone to see their genitals in this country. "I figured you for a kinky little bastard," Dave jeered. "Out of interest," I said as I was taking off my shirt, "How many times have you done sexual stuff outside of a house? Other than the entire thing with me in the school bathroom?" "Does making out count?" he asked innocently.

"Nope." I replied unforgivingly. "Well, then, not many times. To be honest, my only outdoor one was with you. I guess I like my beds." I smirked, "But you'd said the time with me had been one of your hottest orgasms." "Yeah," he replied, "But that was because I was fucking naked in a cubicle, getting a handjob from a guy.

Like, the entire risk of being caught and everything and the fact that it wasn't that private and anyone could have stopped to listen and have a wank… gosh, I should listen to myself!" I laughed. "You should. You like outdoor sex as much as I do. Who are you calling 'kinky little bastard'?" I took down my jeans as well, revealing the boxer brief I was wearing.

It was a Star wars themed one, with Luke in the centre and Han and Leia to either side. The backside was just a big Star Wars logo, which my ass popped out into bulbous letters. David roared in amusement, "One of the best fucking underwears I've seen." It was brand new as well so it stuck to my sides and highlighted my form.

"God," Dave continued, "I've missed your abs and nipples." Without warning, he came up to me and started sucking my nipples. The warm moistness of his lips made me moan, as he slowly licked and sometimes lightly bit them. "Look at Luke and Leia's face," he said afterwards, "They're bulging a bit." I helped him take off his own shirt and shorts, and the huge tent in his boxers excited me.

He took it down straight away, revealing his seven-and-a-half-incher. It was natural, uncut goodness, the same shade of orangeish brown as his usual skin. The head's circumference wasn't that much bigger than the shaft's, but the head was long.

It made my mouth fucking water, and I would have started sucking the amazing object had Dave not said, "Damn it, man, your abs are great. I wish I had abs that gave me boners." "I'm sorry, Dave," I said sarcastically, "But to be perfectly honest, you're perfect just the way you are." I didn't mean that in a cheesy way, I actually thought his body did not need any change at all. His pecs were nice and muscular enough, and although his abs didn't show as well as mine, you got to see a nice outline anyway.

And anyway, his size and huge arms more than made up for "abs". Although he would look amazing with abs as well, I didn't understand why he was so insecure about not having them. I guessed that people are never satisfied with what they have. "Whatever," Dave said dismissively, "I guess if I can give you a boner and you can give me a boner, we're all happy." I chuckled and kissed him, gripping long cock under a firm hand and stroking it.

The familiar unfamiliarity came back to me, the same thing I'd felt when stroking his cock for the first time all those months ago stroking an uncut cock felt so much more fluid and easier because the skin simply slid over the actual cock, it felt really nice to me.

As my our lips pressed against each other and my tongue wrestled with his, he grabbed my much more average six-incher, stroking it gently, possibly feeling the same way I was a stranger in a new place. With my other hand, I felt him up, feeling the tense yet smooth muscle that somehow reminded me of chicken.

I went down to his ass and was pleasantly surprised to find some fat there, some squishiness around the muscle. Saahil, Abdul and Dominic's asses had all been lean muscle, but feeling a truly bouncy bubble butt for the first time just made me feel more attracted to this big guy. I'd guessed by the sparse amount of chest hair between his pecs he'd have a hairy ass, and I was right. As I pushed the finger in and explored, I felt all the tangled hair above sweaty skin.

Pushing my finger in was easy, but as I started pushing it in and out in a rhythm, he began to moan. "Oh fuck, Ali," he groaned, "Fuck, I love this." I pushed in my middle finger as well and started going faster, and I could feel his breaths becoming faster as well, adjusting to the rhythm.

"STOP!" he finally shouted, and I pulled my fingers out of his ass the had been all the way in. "Sorry, that part of my body is really sensitive," he explained, kneeling. Once again, he gripped my shaft, stroking it slowly, and the thing I had fantasised about so many times actually happened his nice, pouty lips around my cock.

He was much better at cocksucking than kissing. I guessed he loved sucking Mitch's cock back in the day. He licked it up and down and kissed the tip lightly three times, and I found myself groaning deeply, "Fuck, Dave!" Whenever my eyes were not closed due to pleasure, I looked down to see him looking at me, seeming like an innocent child with wide eyes and pouty lips around my cock.

Some times, our eyes locked in eye contact and that was so fucking hot. Watching him being pleasured by having my throbbing cock in his mouth was a memorable experience.

But then he pulled his mouth away, although a trail of precum and spit hung as a bridge between his mouth and my cock. "I want to try something," he said. "What?" "Have you ever heard of penis docking?" "Yes," I said, my eyes widening.

He stood up and directed me to the sofa again. We both knelt on it, within penis-range. I looked him up and down and my dick pulsed in approval. He put some lube on both of our cocks, although not too much just enough to make it slightly smoother.

I held my cock and pressed my head against his. The sight of precum oozing out was so hot, it made my mouth water. Slowly, with a few strokes, David was able to bring his stretchy foreskin up to my head.

I could feel the skin slightly wrapping around my wet cock and pushed in.

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The skin engulfed my cock and I could instantly feel the cozy warmth and humidity of his skin. It was fucking amazing. I gasped and we both started making out again. He both our cocks in a firm grip, stroking his skin over my cock.

I could feel us both dripping pre-cum and it felt like one of the most intimate feelings ever. We were dripping fast and our tongues were licking each other at the same time.

My heart was beating rapidly and he started stroking harder, my dick awash in his pre-cum. "DAAAAVE!" I shouted in ecstasy as my semen came flowing out of my hot rod. He ejaculated a second later, both our cocks covered in each other's juice, as his hand moved away shiny and wet.

Apparently, Dave had shouted something as well, but I had been too absorbed in my own pleasure to hear it. The first thing he said afterwards was: "I'm glad I know you, Ali." Later on, as we snuggled on his bed, totally naked (like he used to with Mike), he said, "Ali, I know this is weird.

people usually save the blowjobs for after they've been asked out, but I guess I wanted you to know that I like you. And. well, will you be my boyfriend?" "Of course." And then we kissed and fell asleep beside each other.