Gay sex films young boys William And Mark On The Prowl

Gay sex films young boys William And Mark On The Prowl
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Numbers never lie but people lie about them or using them. They are there. They can be read by those who know numbers. Rich, the talented musician, studied math and worked for the bank.

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Art was subjective, he explained. When you determine the answer in arithmetic, you are right. People can dislike art but, a bank balance is just a fact. The University Math Professor explained the central limits theorem. One side was statistics and the other side calculus.

Small number distribution tells the same story as nationwide survey.


The certainty is only slightly less, with a tiny sample. Number tell many stories to those who can interpret the meaning. How many people did try to replicate Oswald''s impossible rifle shot before on the millionth try someone did?

Does that prove it possible or perhaps it confirms impossibility? Oswald did meet Clay Shaw; that is now known to be non fiction. It is on released government records.

The impossible shot will be discarded as BS. People understand numbers when they take the time. Little Brain and Pencil Dick had a common insecurity. They could not feel confident in themselves. They felt a need to criticize others. It made them feel better, to find imperfections.

Pencil Dick drove an expensive car from Italy or Germany depending on the day. Little Brain was too stupid to get a well paying job though, he could get things done.

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Neither one felt enough status, in themselves, to be content. Pencil Dick stayed up every night in University fo years. Beautiful interested women never caught his eye. He looked into instrumentation and statistics. He dreamed of money and status from his long study. Little Brain blew his paycheck on tickets to the game. He always had seats and the story the next day. He knew all about those losers on his team.

He talked shit because it made him feel better, Pencil Dick made good but, the office girls still laughed at his manner. He was hung like a hamster, not a horse. The girls knew his type not his actual size. They did not have enough interest to find out. Dinner dates or trips to Europe could not buy their attention. Little Brain talked it up with the hot girls at the game. The listened to his BS and laughed at him not with him.

He had no idea what they thought and always hoped they would go home with him someday. Both men looked at porn movies and read porn stories, even at work. They just could not get laid themselves like the ones in the movie. They could not pick up a woman, if they were the last man in town.

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Neither one could write any idea except a sloppy sex encounter with no story, plot or character. Pencil Dick sought to keep his story ratings up by downgrading everyone else. Little Brain just knew he was down on anyone else, regardless. They were the naysayer twins. The spent all day and night on line busy reading and voting down all stories except their own meaningless dribble.

The could be top rated writers, by their own ratings. Thousands of readers looked at various tales. A few consistent anti votes appeared quickly with no groundswell of agreement. A dozen votes denied the interest of thousands of readers. Watch the number of readers and the number of votes and the pattern is very clear.

The try to vote quickly to bring down an average while their one trick act is visible. The ratio to reads and the continuity or lack show what it means.

Numbers don't lie. One thousand reads and six negative vote might not mean 50 percent approval. It really only means that a handful of naysayers are very motivated by something, other than the writing line.

They have a need to be critical of others in all cases. Watch the numbers to see it unfold every time.

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Pencil Dick had a technical invention that made him rich. He must have thought about stuffing his dick inside some mechanical device because, his patent was a tiny pressurized cleaning probe. He had to jack off since, his wife did not excite him like porn. The office girls did find out eventually. He lived to put down other peoples porn stories and jack off to his own stupid fantasy.

Little Brain wrote crap that pretended to be letters to Penthouse Magazine. In reality he had a chance for a threesome.

He turned it down for a sure thing, that was not. The emotional losers kept at their critic status and added comments only if anonymous. They knew they could not stand up to defend their negative views. The moral is to vote for things you like sometimes. It keeps the naysayers in true perspective Pencil Dick cried all night when he read this.

Little Brain cursed everything and wished he could shoot the moon out of the sky too. They passed out late spent and bored with their meaningless lives. of mental masturbation. A new story appeared to save them. It angered them. There were punctuation errors. They needed more secretions and less plot line. The links led them to the bottom of the page to cast their self important no vote. Their stories can only rise by sinking every other. They are that bad.


The predictables never rest. Only by downgrading others can the feel good about themselves. Their quick vote is their only tool.

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They hope no one else votes.