Good Girl Going Down and Swallowing

Good Girl Going Down and Swallowing
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Self Fulfilling Fantasy Michelle's husband, Bill, moaned, as he flipped through various pages of a scrapbook that lay resting on their bed. The 48 year old, balding, overweight man was on his knees, naked, stroking his erect six inch cock to the images in the scrap book.

His eyes trailed the woman in the photographs legs, butt, and back. She was wearing spandex shorts and a sports bra in one photo. Bill turned the page to see another image of the same woman. She was a wearing a red bikini that displayed her tight, sexy core.

He turned the page again, seeing two people this time. He looked upon the woman smiling, looking very happy and wearing a thong bikini. She was standing with a shirtless black man, resting her hand on his chest. He had his hand resting on the small of the woman's back, just above the rise of her perfect ass. He was smiling at the camera too. Bill turned to another page to see a similar image of the two people; then another page and another page.

He got to one image of the two people at a swimming pool. The black man was sitting with his feet in the water. The woman in the pool, standing between his legs, half submerged.

They were both looking at the camera, smiling. Bill focused on this particular image longer than the others. Images flashed in his head of the woman and the man in bed together. He pictured him rolling on top of her, arching his back, impaling her with his rod. He pictured the man picking the woman up in the shower, slamming her against the wall.

Finally, he pictured the woman on her knees in front of the man, moaning as she sucked the tip of his massive black cock. Bill envisioned the woman curling her fingers around that thick, dark meat, stroking it while she slurped on the tip. He pictured her placing her hands on the man's hard, 6 pack abs, as he came into her mouth. Bill continued turning pages in the scrapbook. Using the photos as visual material to fuel his masturbatory fantasies, in his imagination he saw the two of them in a hot room, covered in sweat.

He saw the woman straddling the muscular black man as he lay in a bed. Bill licked his lips, stroking his cock faster, imaging sunlight from outside illuminating the woman's light brown skin, her perky C-cup breasts bouncing up and down.

Bill imagined her throwing her head back in ecstasy, her hair flinging sweat up into the air. Bill ejaculated into the sock he was using. His wife Michelle would be home in a few hours. He started to clean up, not wanting her to know he was jacking off to pictures from her past photo shoots. Chapter 1 "Yeah? And then what happened?" Michelle whispered to her friend and co-worker Christine on the plane ride heading back to Miami.

The two of them just completed a two day photo shoot in the Bahamas for various fitness magazines. "Well, Allen picked up me and slammed me against the barracks wall. He whipped his dick out and uh, you know…" Christine giggled, recalling a memory from her time in the marines. Michelle moaned, smiling and shaking her head. "That must've been exciting. Whatever happened to him?" "Not sure. I went home and he remained in Iraq for awhile. I know he has family in Jacksonville. Maybe I'll look him up one day, who knows," Christine shrugged.

Michelle yawned, turning to look out the small plane's window. She was thinking about her husband Bill. It had been ages since they last had sex; when they did, it was nothing special, only lasting a few minutes. She only ever achieves orgasms via masturbation. Worse than the lack of sex, it had been ages since Michelle and Bill had a decent conversation. Bill was shutting her out and she didn't know why. "You know who I think is hot?" Christine asked, poking Michelle in her side, causing her to turn and face her friend.

"Hmm? Who?" She asked. "Ulysses." Christine replied. She was referring to the black male fitness model that worked for the same agency her and Michelle did. He was 5'9", had long braided hair, and was nothing but muscle, packed into a perfect, obsidian, rock-hard body.

Michelle smirked, silently agreeing with Christine. She was right, he looked amazing. His best feature though was his personality.

He was gentlemanly, sweet, selfless, and very easy talk to and get along with. They had been co-workers for close to five years now.

The agency always seemed to pair them up on photo shoots. His dark brown skin, and her light brown skin, made for excellent contrast not too bright, not too dark.

Michelle was 5'4", making their height difference not too extreme. Michelle's parents had migrated from Venezuela and she was born in America shortly after. She was always involved in sports and dreamed of playing professional soccer - getting pregnant at age 16 put a damper on that dream. She was able to go to college and raise her son with the immensely wonderful help of her parents. Now, at age 32, she was one of the top fitness models in the world and the most sought after talent at the modeling agency she worked for.

Michelle's marriage was great at first. Bill had recently divorced and moved to Miami to accept a teaching position at the University of Miami where Michelle attended. In her senior year, at age 22, Bill asked her to stay after class one day. He asked Michelle of her plans after college, if she was staying in Miami, and if she had job prospects. Bill smiled, learning that Michelle was staying in the area. He offered to be a reference if she needed one during her job search.

Several months later, after Michelle graduated, she sent Bill a note to thank him for his help in getting her a job. She smiled; thinking about the attractive man 16 years older than her, and on a whim included her phone number. Sure enough, a few days later, Bill called. They dated off and on for several years.

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Just as things were going great and the two of them started getting serious, Bill would back out and shut down. Michelle grew to love him and was genuinely hurt several times. She figured, since his previous wife had an affair, Bill was having trouble committing to a serious relationship.

Michelle was empathetic and patient. She persevered because she knew this could help her support her son. The two were finally married when Michelle was 28. She married the man she loved, and her career as a fitness model was starting to take off things were great for about two years. Michelle's career was soaring. She was in high demand.

Her perfectly toned body was on the cover of countless fitness magazines and product advertisements. After a while, her body wasn't the only one on those covers. As time progressed, she was paired with a pussy-drenching piece of man-meat named Ulysses. Their perfect bodies graced many magazine covers. Her light brown Latin skin, and his dark-chocolate, delicious muscles where everywhere in the fitness world.

As Michelle became busier, traveling all over the country and world to exotic locations, she noticed Bill becoming more withdrawn from her. She thought it might be jealousy when more and more photo shoots included her and Ulysses.

"Do know if he's seeing anyone?" Christine asked, shaking Michelle out of her trance. "You know, I'm not sure, we've never talked about it." Michelle replied. Christine smiled, turning to face the front of the plane, thinking about Ulysses. "Do you think he'd be into white girls?" the tanned, blue eyed, brunette wondered. Michelle chuckled, turning to face her friend, "He seems like the type of guy where race or appearance doesn't matter." The plane glided on, gradually reaching their destination.

Michelle thought about her husband and his possible jealousy of her and Ulysses. Bill started working longer hours at the University, and she traveled more often for photo shoots. Several times she attempted to confront her husband to determine if there was an issue they needed discuss. However, the time never presented itself.

Michelle recalled various photo shoots with Ulysses over the years. Their provocative poses wearing nearly nothing. She thought about one photo where he hooked his thumb into her thong bikini bottom and pulled it down to just above her butt crack. There was another photo of her jumping up into his arms and Ulysses lifting her above his head; smiling up at her.

She thought how about professional he was. He never made any inappropriate comment or compliment. He always did whatever the photographer asked, never once trying to push things or cop a feel. The plane landed and pulled up to the gate. Michelle thought about the photo session last year where she was topless. The article was about the best exercises for back muscles. She was so nervous as she walked toward a shirtless Ulysses in her thong.

He smiled as if it was a regular day on the job. Her hands had been cupping her breasts, her nervousness was visible. "Hey. You ready?" Ulysses asked with a soft smile. Michelle nodded and sighed. "It's ok, it's all good, it's just me." Michelle stared into his big brown eyes and slowly removed her hands from her breasts. Ulysses never looked down to her chest, never sneaked a peek. He continued looking into Michelle's eyes equally gorgeous brown eyes.

"Ok, great guys. Now Ulysses put your hands on her waist and pull her close to you. Michelle, go ahead and reach up behind his neck. Perfect." The photographer instructed.

Ulysses did as he was asked, gently placing his hands on Michelle's waist, pulling her against his body. She blushed as she wrapped her arms around his neck. He never took his eyes off hers. Her breasts pressed against his chest, causing Michelle to blush even more when she realized her nipples were hard. "Perfect. You guys are perfect," said the photographer in the background, continuing to take pictures of Michelle's exposed back, her long hair up in a cute bun.

Several minutes later, when the photographer felt he had some good shots, the session ended. Michelle backed away from Ulysses with their eyes still on locked on each other's and Michelle's hands down at her side. "Thank you," She whispered to Ulysses, as she slowly brought her hands to recover her breasts, and turned to walk back to her dressing room. That was the day their relationship changed. For close to a year now there has been an unspoken bond between the two of them.

One that bordered on sexual tension, that neither one spoke of. "You got plans tonight?" Christine asked, again stirring Michelle from her trip down memory lane. "Yeah, I almost forgot. Some friends and I are going out; you are welcome to join us." Chapter 2 "Are you still dating that Heat player?" Michelle asked her friend Claudia. Four friends were sitting at a table in a nearby night club, sipping drinks, talking, and sharing appetizers.

"No, I wouldn't say we're dating. We are, uh, well, hanging out. If you know what I mean," explained the 34 year old of Puerto Rican descent. Michelle chuckled, "He probably can't get enough of that big butt of yours. Is that all you work on in the gym?" "Pretty much!" Claudia replied. "What about you Val?" Michelle asked Valerie sitting across from her. "I'm not really seeing anyone. I'm occasionally sleeping with a black guy I know from the gym, but other than that, no one. There's not a lot to choose from in Charleston South Carolina," the 5'11" blonde bombshell explained.

"Mmmm, love that black dick," Claudia said. "When is your flight tomorrow?" Michelle asked, attempting to change the subject. "I leave at 1 pm, so I get to sleep late!" Valerie replied. She was on the same trip to the Bahamas sitting a few rows back from Michelle and Christine.

"Michelle, how are things with Bill? Any better?" Claudia asked. "Nope. He wasn't at home when I arrived this afternoon. I was hoping to catch him and find out what his deal is. But whatever," Michelle said, tossing a lock of hair over her shoulder.

"I bet you're right. It's jealousy. He has a gorgeous younger wife who is more successful than him and travels the world. Plus you are in pictures with that gorgeous black guy." Claudia said. "Maybe. That could be it. I'd rather not talk about him right now, I'd rather enjoy my night out." "Look who I found!" Christine arrived at the table with her arm entwined with Ulysses'. He politely nodded to the ladies, making eye contact with Michelle. "Sit, sit!" Christine instructed.

"Are you sure? I don't want to interrupt a ladies night." Ulysses humbly asked. "No, it's fine. Have a seat." Michelle said, sliding over to make room. Ulysses sat next to her. She felt a twinge of excitement mixed with happiness to see him there. "So what are you doing here?" Michelle asked. "Well I'm here in Miami for another few days or so. I figured I'd head here to hang out since my hotel is nearby." "He was sitting at the bar all alone on the other side of the room." Christine said, making a fake frown.

The five of them sat and chatted for another 30 minutes or so. Christine caught Michelle's eye, and smiled at her. She darted her eyes toward Ulysses as he chatted with Valerie. Michelle gave Christine a funny look as if to tell her to shut up. "Ok time to dance," Christine spoke up, standing to extend her hand to Ulysses.

He stammered, looking to Michelle next to him. "Are you coming with us?" Ulysses asked with a slightly nervous look in his eyes. "I can. She doesn't bite though," Michelle told her friend, placing her hand on his arm. Ulysses gulped and nodded. "Let's go," Michelle said with a soft smile. The three of them made their way across the night club dance floor. Christine grabbed Ulysses' hand, placing it on her toned stomach, as she turned around, backing into his left thigh. She began grinding her butt up and down and all around.

On his other side, Michelle gently placed her hand on his shoulder. They began to dance, facing one another, somewhat ignoring Christine. "How is Mikey these days?" Ulysses asked, referring to Michelle's son. "He's great. He's at a NJROTC summer camp for the next few weeks now. So this house is a little too quiet without him around." "I see," Ulysses said, not wanting to ask why it was so quiet, realizing her husband wasn't around much.

"Your hair looks great tonight, by the way," Ulysses said. "Oh. Thank you, it's just brushed and straightened." Michelle chuckled.

Their eyes met again, the tension was undeniable ever since Michelle's topless photo shoot with him. Their gaze was interrupted by Christine. They looked over to her to finding her bent over, slowly rubbing her butt up and down Ulysses' thigh.

They looked back into each other's eyes and giggled. "She seems to be enjoying herself," Michelle noticed. Ulysses smiled, continuing to look into Michelle's eyes. Christine turned around, to face them both. "So you want to go to the beach with us tomorrow?" She asked Ulysses, causing Michelle's eyes to widen.

"I, uh, well, I mean if it's ok, I'd love to." He asked, looking to Michelle for approval. She nodded, smiling softly again.

"Great!" Christine said, turning around to face away from them, continuing to grind into Ulysses' thigh. "You don't mind?" Ulysses asked Michelle. "Of course not," She replied. "I'll join you then," He said, starting to say something else, and then stopped. The DJ played another few songs. Christine, dizzy from having too much alcohol, decided to take a rest at their table, leaving Michelle and Ulysses alone to dance. The strobe lights came on and each flash illuminated Ulysses staring into Michelle's eyes.

She was holding him tightly around his neck and shoulders; his hands were clasped at the small of her back. After a few moments one hand slid down her tight, white dress to her thigh. "May I?" Ulysses asked.

Michelle nodded. He brought her right leg up around his waist, holding it at the thigh. Ulysses' held it there, constantly looking into her eyes. The tension was too much for Michelle, her heart rate and breathing increased. She had to look away or else she'd cross a line. She looked upward to the ceiling and closed her eyes. Ulysses nuzzled into her exposed neck as the two bounced up and down to the beat of the music in sexual motions as if they were having sex standing up.

When the song changed, Ulysses released her leg, causing Michelle to come to her senses. She looked back into his eyes and smiled awkwardly. "I should get going, I had a long day," Ulysses said. "Oh. Right, yes I should too." Michelle replied, clearing her throat as the two walked back to the table to say goodbye and confirm what time they would meet at the beach tomorrow.

Michelle was still slightly flustered when she arrived home later that evening. The excitement turned to anger when she found her husband asleep in the bed. She stood at the foot of the bed, looking down at him snoring softly, and sighed. She wanted to scream at him to wake up and talk to her, but she didn't. She stood there in the darkened room with clenched fists, shaking her head in anger, she began to remove her dress, letting it slide off her shoulders and land on the ground.

She began to imagine Ulysses in the bed instead of Bill. She imagined them heading home after a night of dancing. She saw him laying nude in the bed and began touching herself.

She slowly went down to her knees as she furiously rubbed her clit. With her mouth hanging open and her lip quivering, she pictured Ulysses' perfect, muscular, black body before her. Within minutes she was cumming at the foot of the bed.

She moaned, quickly looking to see if Bill's sleeping status had changed it hadn't. When she finished, she showered, thinking about Bill, trying to figure how to reconnect with him and at the same time wondering if she even wanted to.

Chapter 3 "I love this sexy butt of yours, girl," Christine said, spraying sun tan lotion on Michelle's ass cheek. She was wearing a red thong bikini and Christine, a multi-colored striped one. "You're silly, but thank you anyway," Michelle said, looking around the beach for Ulysses.

The two women lay on their towels for several minutes before heading into the water. They swam out into deeper waters. Christine playfully wrapped her legs around Michelle's waist to straddle her. "I think I'm going to ask him out before he returns to Atlanta," Christine told Michelle. "Oh really?" "Yep, I know he's too shy to ask. So I figured I'd see if he wanted to go to dinner with me tomorrow." Michelle shrugged, still scouting the beach for Ulysses. She thought her friend was silly and felt that she's not Ulysses' type, but didn't say anything.

"There he is!" Michelle excitedly said, waving her arms in the air, attempting to get Ulysses attention. Within a few minutes, he had put his towel and bag near where Michelle and Christine had theirs, and was swimming out to meet them. The three stood and chatted in the water for awhile. Mostly about work and future jobs that were scheduled including the upcoming week-long trip to Brazil in two weeks.

It was only going to be Michelle and Ulysses in Rio de Janeiro. Michelle giggled to herself as Christine flirted with Ulysses, splashing water on him, instigating water fights, and attempting to make him feel uncomfortable with her innuendo.

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"Alright I'm heading back to the beach. I'm going lay out a little. You two have fun." Michelle said to Christine and Ulysses. She smiled at him, trying to contain her laughter from the look of fear on his face. "Wait, I'll come too " Ulysses managed to get out as Michelle headed back toward her towel on the beach, just before Christine jumped on him from behind, tackling him to the water.

Michelle smiled, watching an uncomfortable Ulysses attempt to handle Christine as she pounced on him, tackled him, tickled him, and tried to pull his shorts down when he stood to walk away.

Eventually he had enough and sat in the shallow water, holding his hands up to plead with her to stop. Christine smiled and went to all fours. Michelle watched her crawl toward Ulysses on her hands and knees and then straddled him in the water, talking to him and playing with his long braids. Michelle felt a tingling sensation in between her legs as she watched the light-skinned beauty and the dark-skinned hunk interact and talk with each other.

Brief images of her face super imposed over Christine's. Instead of Christine laughing at Ulysses, straddling him in the shallow water, it was Michelle. She shook the images from her head and watched the two walk back toward Michelle and their stuff on the beach.

"So is that a yes or a no?" Christine asked, plopping down on her towel, smiling at Ulysses. He awkwardly looked to Michelle, as if to ask her permission. "Uh, well." He said. Michelle smiled at him, nodding slowly. Ulysses took a deep breath, turning back to Christine, "Yes, that'd be fine.

Dinner tomorrow night." Christine rose up and kissed him on the cheek before laying back down on her towel. Ulysses cleared his throat and glanced to a giggling Michelle. Chapter 4 Michelle's eyes opened the next evening in her bed. She heard her husband come in. This was the pattern; Bill usually left before Michelle got up in the morning, and arrived later in the evening. During the weekend they catch each other occasionally, offering polite smiles or head nods.

If Michelle was out late on a Saturday night, Bill was asleep when she got home. When Michelle's son, Mikey, was home it was her and him hanging out constantly. Jogging, working out together, and going to the beach was their typical routine. She missed her son dearly, but he was a great student and she was happy he's interested in the NJROTC. She pretended to be asleep as Bill used the bathroom, stripped to his t-shirt and boxers, and climbed into bed facing away from Michelle.

She wondered if he was having an affair as a way to cope with his gradually increasing jealously of her. She wondered what he would do if she slid off her thong, rolled him over on his back, and proceed ride his cock to orgasm. She waited a few moments; still not having the courage to talk to him, then heard him snoring lightly.

An orgasm something she hadn't had from a penis in many years. The man that impregnated her as a teenager gave her one, the two or three men she dated while in college gave her one, the two or three men she dated after college when her and Bill were taking time apart gave her one. She figured it must've been six or seven years since she's achieved an orgasm from sex with a man. Michelle rolled onto her back staring up at the ceiling in the darkened room.

She thought about sex with a man and immediately Ulysses popped into her head. He and Christine were still on their date. "Ah yes! Harder!

Harder!" Michelle imagined Christine saying as Ulysses grabbed her hips, impaling her over and over again with his cock. Michelle pictured Ulysses throwing his head back, moaning, as he pumped Christine full of semen. She saw Christine's eyes roll into the back of her head, and then envisioned her rising up against Ulysses, him wrapping his arms around her stomach, and kissing him. Christine's face suddenly turned into Michelle's.

Laying there wide awake in bed next to her sleeping husband, Michelle slowly slid her index and middle fingers down into her thong.

She licked her lips, pretending she was staring into Ulysses' face, as her fingers slid in and out of her increasingly wet pussy. Bill coughed and rolled over to face Michelle. She quickly withdrew her fingers and stared at her husband's sleeping face. "Why won't you open up to me?" she thought to herself. She stared for several minutes, thinking about times when they were happy and the change in their marriage that might've caused his coldness and disassociation from her.

She decided she would find and confront him this week. She would ask him if he was jealous and seek to the truth. She wiped a tear from her eye and rolled over. The next evening Michelle drove over to Christine's.

She was hoping to confront Bill, but couldn't bring herself to do it just yet. Instead she went to her friend's house to get the details on her date with Ulysses. "Well, it was weird. Not weird in a bad way though," Christine explained, looking up to Michelle's face as she rested her head in Michelle's lap.

"How so?" Michelle asked, running her fingers through Christine's hair. "Well," she explained, sitting up on the couch, facing Michelle, "for starters it was the most honest date I've ever been on. We sat down to dinner and he told me he thought I was a great person, really attractive, but that he wasn't interested in having a romantic relationship with me." "Wow.

That's actually kind of nice." Michelle said, raising her thigh so Christine could slide her chilly bare feet under them to warm them up. "Yes, it was refreshing. At that point all nervousness went out the window. I was a little bummed, but I couldn't stay that way. We were laughing, drinking, eating, it was great." Michelle and Christine sat for a few moments in silence, watching TV. "So did you and him, uh," Michelle attempted to ask. "Sex? Nope. I wanted to of course.

He even came in, where we chatted more. Apparently he's trying to get over someone." "Oh?" Michelle asked, her eyes widening. "Yeah. He said he still had feelings for her, but didn't go into any detail, other than she seemed happily married and he didn't want to interfere or pry into her business.

That's when I offered to 'help' him get over this woman.


He knew what I was suggesting but declined. He said he wouldn't mind, but didn't think I was the type of woman he'd want to do that with." "What did he mean by that?" "You're spending the night right?" Christine asked. "Yeah if that's ok, I have no reason to go home." Michelle sighed.

Christine stood, taking her friend's hand, offering a sympathetic smile, "Let's go shower, we can finish talking in there." The warm water trailed down Michelle's back along with Christine's fingers. "So anyway, I asked him the same thing too.

'What do you mean by that?' He told me that I seemed generally happy and enjoyed life, and that if I didn't get sex on a particular date, it'd be ok. I was confused by this, and then it hit me.

He's a hero guy." "A hero guy?" Michelle asked, resting her arms on her friend's shoulders as the steam from the water rose in the small shower. "Yep. He's a hero that comes in and sweeps a sad or lonely woman off her feet. I'm not sad or lonely. I don't need a good night of sex. Want it? Sure. But if I got it my world wouldn't seem like it drastically improved." Michelle nodded her head, looking downward. She thought about Bill and the issues they were having. She thought maybe she was sad and lonely.

For a moment she imagined Ulysses sweeping her off her feet and giving her a night that made all the dark clouds go away. She shook the image out of her head and smiled at her friend. "I sleep nude. Is that a problem?

If so, sleep on the couch, I refuse to wear clothing to bed. Sorry!" Christine explained. Michelle chuckled, "No that's fine." "Good." Christine replied, giving her friend a quick kiss on the lips. Thirty minutes later, Michelle was in her pajamas laying on her back in Christine's bed, staring up at the ceiling. A naked Christine was propped up with pillows, flipping through the channels on her TV. "So Bill isn't home tonight?" "He's probably home by now.

But it wouldn't matter anyway." "What's going on with you two?" "It's complicated. Well, maybe it isn't. I think he's jealous of my success or the fact that I've been in photo shoots with Ulysses the past few years. We rarely talk. At one point I thought he might be having an affair.

I don't know though." Michelle explained. "Have you talked to him about this?" Christine asked. "I haven't had a chance to.

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It's like he's avoiding me when I'm home. He's often at school late during the week. He teaches summer classes." "Do you think he's having an affair?" Christine asked. "I really don't know. My instincts are telling me no." Michelle said, looking over to Christine. Christine turned the TV off and slid under the sheet. Michelle opened her arm for Christine to snuggle against her, resting her hand on her hip. Christine pulled Michelle's t-shirt up some to reveal her stomach and rested her hand there.

"I'm sorry you're going through a rough time now." "I'll deal with it somehow," Michelle said. "How about a nice kiss before we go to sleep. It might make you feel better." Christine suggested. Michelle rolled her eyes, chuckling, "Just one," she said to her bi-sexual, flirty, friend before grabbing her face and giving her a soft kiss on the lips.

The two women had established boundaries several months ago. Christine had admitted her attraction to Michelle, who informed her she wasn't bi. Always the flirtatious one, Christine asked Michelle exactly what sort of affection and flirts she could get away with. Michelle rolled over onto her stomach and thought about the following night. She planned on waking up, or staying awake, so that when Bill got home she and he could have a discussion.

Chapter 5 "Don't walk away from me! Get back here!" an angry Michelle yelled at a fleeing Bill. They had been fighting for nearly a half hour, with Bill dodging and skirting around her questions as best he could. "Michelle, just drop it! Ok? Leave me alone!" Bill pleaded as he was about to exit the door.

Michelle grabbed his arm and pulled him back into the house and slammed him against the wall. "Don't shut me out! What is your deal?

What's your problem?" she yelled. "You want to know? Huh? You really want to know?" Bill shouted in her face. "Follow me then," he said as he pushed her away. He then grabbed her arm and practically dragged her into their bedroom. He spun her around so she landed on the bed. Bill went to retrieve her scrapbook from a filing cabinet they had in the corner. "Here. That!" Bill said, tossing her the scrapbook.

"So you ARE a jealous baby! I knew it! I knew you couldn't handle my success or the fact that I make more than you. How pathetic is that?!?" She angrily accused him. "No, I'm not jealous." Bill said in a calm manner.

He stood in front of Michelle, looking at the scrapbook. He slowly opened it near the back, where most of the pictures of her and Ulysses were. "Him? You're jealous of him? There is nothing going on between us!

He's just a coworker!" Bill sighed, turning around to face his dresser. "Maybe there should be," Bill softly said. "Should be? What are you saying?" Michelle asked, her face filled with shock. "Look at you. Look at him. Now look at me," he said, turning back around to face Michelle, placing a hand on his chest.

"I can't compete with that." "I don't understand. What are you saying?

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Are you saying I should be having an affair with him because he's great shape or something?" Michelle asked. Bill stood there, looking down at the opened pages of the scrapbook. "I'm not Nikki, Bill!" Michelle said, referring to Bill's ex-wife, who cheated on him several different times. "I know. But I'm nothing, a nobody. I can't please you in bed and any decent looks I had have faded. Maybe I'm not what you need anymore.

Maybe I'm not good enough. Perhaps you're better off…" Bill said, before turning around to look away from Michelle. "Are you…I don't get it." Michelle said, looking down at the scrapbook in her lap.

"I gotta go." Bill said, double checking to make sure he keys were in his pocket. "No! Wait, don't go." Michelle said, closing the scrapbook and laying it on the bed, chasing after Bill. "Please don't go," she pleaded, placing her hands on his shoulders.

"I need to, I have a class tonight to prepare for." "Bill, we can work this out. We can go to counseling, we don't have to go through this, I still love you, please don't go!" Michelle begged him, trying to keep in from leaving. He brushed her off and made his way to his car.

She watched him drive off, out of sight. Michelle was thoroughly confused. She asked herself over and over again, why would Bill want her to be with Ulysses?

Was his self esteem so low that he felt he didn't deserve her? Her mind was reeling as she walked back to the bedroom. She sat on the edge of the bed, shaking her head, fighting back tears.

She didn't want to get a divorce. She wanted Bill and her to go to counseling first. This was all too much to deal with. Sighing, she lay back on the bed, and closed her eyes. "I love you Michelle. I always have," a naked Ulysses said as he ran his hands through Michelle's hair. She woke up; gasping for air before the memory of her argument she had with Bill earlier in the evening returned. She ran her fingers through her hair and looked over at the opened scrapbook she placed on the bed earlier.

She reached over to grab it, sitting it on her lap, examining each page. A small smile came across her face when she came to a photo of her and Ulysses smiling at each other on a beach. She turned a page and saw a photo of Ulysses picking her up in a swimming pool. She turned the page again and saw a photo from the topless photo shoot.

She saw his large black hands resting on the small of her bare back. Michelle stared at the picture until she became angry. She was angry at Bill. She turned the page and saw a photo of her and Ulysses standing close, with her hand on his chest. She quickly and angrily took off her tank top and threw it across the room. She turned the page, and did the same with her bra.

She turned another page and placed the scrapbook next to her, she unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts and flung them across the room too. She looked at another page, licking her lips; she slid down her thong, then grabbed the scrapbook to put it back on her lap. She licked her index and middle finger, not taking her eyes off Ulysses in the next picture. She sucked on her fingers, coating them in her saliva.

She held up the scrapbook with one hand and drove the other one to her drenched pussy, plunging her fingers in and out over and over again. Michelle envisioned kissing Ulysses chest, his nipples, and his abs. She moaned and then imagined herself running her hands up and down his sweat covered back, grabbing his butt, as he royally fucked her. She saw herself on her hands and knees, looking over her shoulder back at Ulysses, running her fingers down his chest and torso.

She was getting close to cumming. She kept fingering herself harder and faster. She envisioned her and Ulysses sitting, facing each other, staring into each other's eyes, and having a mutual orgasm. Michelle cried out in pleasure, as she closed the scrapbook, tossing it to side and shook on the bed. She convulsed for a few more seconds before settling down. Bill would be home soon. She didn't want him to know she was masturbating to pictures from her past photo shoots.

Chapter 6 The next several days consisted of Michelle trying to get more information out of Bill. She would stay up late with him begging him to go to counseling and not throw this marriage away. "Why are you feeling this way? I can't believe you think I should be with someone else!" Michelle pleaded. "Look, I knew I was marrying a hot younger woman. I thought I could handle it. Then your career took off.

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You were in photo shoot with him more often. You two just seem so natural." "So? So what? That's it, I'm making an appointment for us tomorrow with a counselor." Michelle was close to losing her temper.

"No! We're not doing that!" Bill ordered. Michelle, shaking her head in anger, looked at Bill. "I don't know what to say or do anymore." She said, sitting down at the kitchen table. "I shouldn't have married you." Bill said, just above a whisper, grabbing his keys and leaving Michelle alone.

She teared up and started crying. She sat there for several minutes thinking about what had transpired, thinking about ending her marriage, and finally, thinking about Ulysses.

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She cried harder when she imagined his huge arms gently wrapping around her. Shaking the image from her head she got up and walked down the hallway.

Paranoia and curiosity got the best of her. Instead of heading to her bedroom, Michelle went into a room she rarely went into Bill's office. She rummaged through some of the papers on his desk and found nothing of interest. Michelle sat at his desk and moved her finger across his laptop's mouse pad, causing it to come out of sleep. To her surprise his laptop wasn't password protected. Bill, being a history professor, was never the most tech savvy individual so perhaps he didn't know how to set his laptop to be password protected.

Michelle shrugged and continued her snooping. Michelle opened up his internet browser and immediately went to the history. She gasped, covering her mouth with her hand. "Yeah? Then what happened?" Christine asked Michelle. She had arrived with a packed bag several minutes ago. The two women sat on the couch as Michelle explained her evening.

"I opened up an internet browser and went to the history. It makes sense now. All the sites he had been going to were interracial porn sites. Some sites dealt with something called 'cuckold.' I had never heard of it before.

" "I know what it is," Christine smirked. "Anyway, there were other sites about, well, black guys and their penises and ugh…" Michelle couldn't continue. "Wow. So he saw you and Ulysses in photos. It made him horny, jealous, excited, or maybe a combination of all of those. His low self-worth made him think you'd be better off with Ulysses who is admittedly a much better physical specimen.

Perhaps he looked at interracial porn as a way to deal with it? Or to satisfy this fantasy he's developed?" Michelle nodded. "Nikki. I think he said Nikki cheated on him with a black guy." "That's his first wife? I see. So maybe that trauma was conditioned into him somehow and now he thinks you will, or should, do the same." Michelle nodded and started crying, "He said he shouldn't have married me.

Do you know how hurtful those words are?" "Oh sweetie, come here." Christine said, wrapping her arms around her friend and slowly rocking her back and forth as she wept.

"Are you sure you don't mind me staying here? I'll in Brazil all next week anyway." Michelle asked a few moments later, wiping her eyes. "Of course you can stay here, I don't mind," Christine said, placing her hands on Michelle's, consoling her. "I just have to figure something out. I don't want to get divorced, but he said he shouldn't have married me. So what do I do?" The two friends talked awhile longer. They watched TV and ate a little food.

Later in the evening, Michelle stripped down at Christine's request. She lay on her stomach on Christine's bed as Christine slowly rubbed massaging oil onto her back. She was straddling Michelle and giving her a lovely deep tissue massage. Her shoulders and back were so tight from stress. A couple hours later Michelle stared up at the ceiling in Christine's bedroom. The look on her face was pure anger.

Her eyebrows actually hurt from the scowling so much. She sat on the edge of the, looking over her shoulder toward Christine's bathroom. Still naked, she got up and stood in front of the open blinds, illuminated by a street lamp. "What are you doing?" Christine asked, sitting up, rubbing her eyes. "There's something I need to do before I go to sleep." Michelle said, walking toward Christine's bathroom. She started up the shower, lathered herself in body wash, and proceeded to finger fuck her own brains out.

Angrily slamming her fingers into her pussy, she furiously rubbed her clit with her other hand as the water poured down on her.

Within minutes she was moaning and cumming; Ulysses and his perfect body were the only things on her mind. Chapter 7 Several days later Michelle boarded a plane headed for Rio de Janeiro. She had just sent Bill a text saying she was boarding and that the two of them would discuss some things when she returned. On the plane ride she thought about the last few days at Christine's.

She thought about the sleepless nights, about the doubts running through her head regarding her marriage, and about future possibilities. She knew she was attracted to Ulysses, but never crossed any lines since they were coworkers and because she was married. Now things had changed. She was still married, but to man that for some ridiculous reason, a reason she still couldn't fathom, didn't want her.

Shaking her head and rolling her eyes, she tried to take a nap on the flight. After she arrived she checked into her hotel. She was in reception doing some paperwork when she thought about how miserable she was here in this beautiful country.

She hurriedly scribbled her name on the final expense agreement her agency needed, grabbed her luggage and headed toward the elevator with the same scowl that's been on her face since last week. She paused at her hotel room door to take out the keycard. Fumbling with it, she dropped it, and as she bent down to pick it up she heard a familiar, soft, and gentle voice.

"Hello Michelle." It was Ulysses; he was leaving his room across the hall from Michelle's. Her eyes widened and she tensed up.

"Oh. Hi!" She said, standing to face him, with an awkward smile on her face. Her heart was pounding out of her chest. She chastised herself for being so excited. "I wasn't expecting to see you here. I mean I was, just not here, in the hotel. You know what I mean…" Ulysses chuckled, nodding his head, "Yes I supposed they booked our rooms close to each other easy to keep track of everyone I guess." "Mmhmm." Michelle gulped. "Well I guess I'll see you later for the dinner the agency is giving." Ulysses smiled, nodding again, "Yes, I'm going to get a quick swim in and I'll see you later." "Bye bye," Michelle awkwardly replied.

Rolling her eyes at herself, she opened her door and entered her room, tossing her luggage on bed and flopping down on it. "So stupid. It's like I had never seen him before. Why was I so excited?" She asked herself, yet deep down she knew the answer. Deciding to take a shower, Michelle stood, removing her clothes, running her hands through her long dark hair, she checked out the bathroom. It was surprisingly luxurious.

There was a nice shower stall, with glass a door. There was also a huge tub, which looked very appetizing to Michelle. She prepared the hot water and climbed in. It felt wonderful.

The hot water soothing her nerves and easing the tightness her muscles felt from the long, uncomfortable flight. She leaned back, closed her eyes, and casually rubbed her clit. Her altercation with Bill gradually left her mind. Later in the evening Michelle, wearing a long white skirt and short top that exposed her midriff, found herself sitting across from Ulysses at the dinner table, along with several models, photographers, and staff members. Dinner was relaxing and lighthearted. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Both Ulysses and Michelle caught each other's eye several times throughout the dinner. Eventually the table slowly started losing its inhabitants.

Folks would finish desert and say goodnight to everyone, one by one, until it was only Ulysses and Michelle. They didn't speak much, exchanging smiles and making small talk as they sipped their coffee. Ulysses finished his coffee first. "Well I suppose I'll head to bed then." "Yeah me too," Michelle said, standing up with him. They walked to the nearest elevator. As they entered the elevator, they were surprised to see a large group fall in right behind them. They were tourists. Cramming the elevator, Michelle found herself standing in front of Ulysses at the back of the lift.

As more people piled in, she backed up, accidently stepping on his foot. "I'm sorry!" She said, looking over her shoulder to a smiling Ulysses. "It's ok. Come back a little more to make room," He replied.

Michelle turned around in the crowded elevator and felt something warm and soft on her stomach. She looked down to see that Ulysses' hand had reached around her and was resting on her stomach, gently pulling her back into him. Without thinking she placed her hand on his and watched him caress one of her abs with his thumb. She smiled, waiting for the elevator to empty. The tourists were on the same floor as her and Ulysses, so she remained in that position, leaning against him with her butt pressing into his crotch, the entire elevator ride.

The tourists cleared out first, followed by her and Ulysses. They walked to their rooms with smiles on their faces. Ulysses gave Michelle a warm and gentle hug, his hands trailing up and down her back.

They broke the hug, looking into each other's eyes. "I guess I'll you in the morning," Michelle said. "Yes. Sleep well. Goodnight, Michelle," Ulysses said, squeezing her hand and turning around to enter his room. Michelle did the same, stripping naked and climbing into bed. It had been a long day of travel. She held onto a pillow, pretending it was Ulysses, and fell right to sleep. Chapter 8 The next two days were a whirlwind of photo shoots, re-shoots, and traveling to the locations of the photo shoots.

By the end of the day Michelle and Ulysses were exhausted. They met up for dinner, chatting and laughing the entire time. The interesting thing about the two days of photo shoots is that in each and every provocative pose the photographer would put Michelle and Ulysses in, she would idly caress his back, or his chest, or his abs.

She would squeeze his hand after a change in position. They would flash each other glances and soft smiles throughout the entire work day. They would sit next to each other looking out over the water on a nearby beach, eating lunch, not saying a word. Michelle didn't even think about Bill or their situation. She was so far away from it literally and figuratively now. She felt at ease and free.

The third day was more tiring than the second. Ulysses was used primarily more for soccer ads, and Michelle was in other parts of the city shooting fashion. They didn't see each other much until later in the evening for another delightful dinner together.

They chatted about their past jobs and their childhood. Michelle felt even more at ease around him, giving him a much longer hug than normal almost a long embrace in front of her room, ending with a shared smile and gaze into each other's eyes.

The next day was more of a sightseeing day. Ulysses and Michelle met in the lobby of the hotel, had breakfast, and began touring the city and its surroundings. At one point, when they were stopping to peek in various shops, Michelle nearly tripped on one of the cobblestone streets they were walking on. She grabbed Ulysses' arm to steady herself. She didn't let go though.

"Is this ok with you?" She turned, asking Ulysses as they walked. "Oh course. I don't mind. I tend to prefer hand holding though. That is, if you are ok with that." Michelle nodded, taking his hand, holding as they walked from shop to shop. "I would never do anything to make you feel uncomfortable," Ulysses said as they left one shop and walked over to check out a fountain.

"I know. You've always made me feel comfortable around you. I really like this. Spending time with you today; it's relaxing." Michelle said, standing in front of a fountain with Ulysses.

Moments later a local teenager asked if he could take their picture. He assumed they were a couple and figured he could make a few dollars from them. Ulysses smiled at Michelle, "We have so many pictures of us together already." "I know, but this would be a non-work related picture." Ulysses nodded, releasing her hand, he slid his around her waist, resting it on her hip.

She turned slightly and placed her hand on his chest. They smiled at the kid and he took their photo. He gave them a receipt and told them where to get the photo printed. "I like this picture," Michelle said at their lunch table an hour later. "Well you certainly make all your pictures worth looking at. I'm sorry that was lame." Ulysses said, poking fun of himself.

Michelle smiled, "Same could be said for you." They continued their afternoon touring the city with Michelle initiating hand holding between the two. She never once thought about Bill, and Ulysses never asked about him. She bought a souvenir for her son. They walked back to their respective hotel rooms, agreeing to meet in a couple hours for dinner and then to check out some of the clubs nearby.

It was a very hot and humid night. Michelle in a gorgeous, short red dress, sat outside, eating dinner with Ulysses. He was wearing khaki shorts, and a short sleeve, open collared shirt with a white tank top underneath. Michelle was sharing a funny story about her son, Mikey. Afterward, they chatted about plans for the evening. Ulysses said he was open to anything.

She suggested a nearby nightclub, relishing in the chance to dance with him again like they did in Miami a few weeks prior. The club was packed full of people dancing, drinking, and sweaty. It was like a packed sardine can full of gorgeous Latin bodies in an orgy of dancing.

Michelle and Ulysses made their way through the crowed to find a table. Ulysses got her water and a rum and coke for each of them. They enjoyed their drinks and a little while later Ulysses stood, extending his hand to Michelle. The music was loud, so they didn't bother talking. They danced, sharing gazes into each other's eyes, as they faced each other. Ulysses held her leg up to him like before, except this time Michelle never looked away. She lifted his tank top to expose his abs and ran her hands across them, as they looked hungrily into each other's eyes.

She turned around, gyrated her butt against his crotch, feeling something, something very large and hard. She was horny, she wanted him, but she was afraid. The evening ended with her in Ulysses' arms in front of her hotel room. She broke the embrace, resting her hands on his shoulders, staring into his eyes.

She slowly inched closer, closing her eyes, and kissed him softly on his lips. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have," Michelle said, looking downward.

"No, please don't be sorry. It's fine. It's ok, really." Ulysses said, bringing his fingers to her hair and brushing it behind her ear. She smiled softly at him, staring into his eyes for what seemed like forever. She knew how this would end but not tonight.

Michelle sighed and hugged Ulysses once more before entering her room. She sat at the edge of the bed thinking about everything. She knew what was coming; she knew she couldn't stop it. Bill was right when he said he wasn't what she needed anymore. This has been brewing for years now. It was unavoidable. The only question is when would she let everything come to a head and explode. Chapter 9 "Ok just hang tight, we're having some issues here," one of the staff members said to Michelle and Ulysses on a beach the next morning.

Some of the camera equipment was malfunctioning. This would be another delay to their shoot. There had already been vehicle problems that caused their arrival at the secluded beach to take longer.

Now it seems the humidity or human error were causing problems for the equipment. "I'm sorry guys; just give us some time here. Hopefully we'll be back up and running in an hour or so.

The cooler is over there if you want some water. Lunch will be arriving soon." The staff member told his two models. Michelle wearing a yellow thong, string bikini and Ulysses, wearing matching, yellow Speedo bathing suit, flashed each other a soft smile and walked toward the cooler to get some water.

They had been relatively quiet this morning. The kiss from the previous night wasn't mentioned. Ulysses remained his friendly, normal self, and Michelle remained professional even if she felt awkward. It was close to noon and it around 97 degrees out. Every staff member was miserable, sweaty, and tired already. The faulty equipment was just another added stress factor.

There was a rundown shack about 100 yards from the spot of the photo shoot. Ulysses headed off toward it, smiling politely at Michelle as he walked away. She watched him enter the shack. It was sheltered by some mangrove trees on one side. The other side, the one facing the water was fairly dilapidated and partially open.

It didn't look dangerous, and was most likely used for fishing. Michelle watched Ulysses inspect the outside of the shack and then cautiously enter it, closing the wooden door behind him.

Michelle made small talk for a few minutes with some of the make-up ladies on the staff, and then stood, clearing her throat and slowly walked toward the shack. Michelle opened the door, peeping inside. She saw Ulysses leaning against the wooden wall near the open part of the shack, overlooking the water. Small waves gently rolled against the embankment that the shack was on.

He smiled at her, wiping sweat from his forehead. "It's a hot one isn't it?" He said, wiping his forehead again. "Yes," Michelle said, looking at Ulysses' sweaty, muscular torso. She took a few steps toward him, glancing over his dark chocolate body, her eyes trailing to his crotch. Ulysses stopped leaning against the wall and stood up straight, softly smiling at Michelle. She stood in front of him, looking into his eyes. "Michelle? You ok?" He asked.

Michelle said nothing, slowly reaching behind herself, to undo the strap of her bikini top. She let it fall to the ground, never her taking her eyes off Ulysses.

His eyes widened as he watched her slide her thong bikini bottoms down and step out of them, tossing them to the side with her foot. She stood there nude in front of him. "Michelle, I…are you sure," Ulysses said. Michelle took a few steps toward him. "Shhhhh," she said, bringing her index finger to her lips. She moved closer, running her hand up and down Ulysses' chest. She bent down and began kissing his chest. She swirled her tongue around his nipples, and then lowered herself to her knees.

She placed her hands on his waist and proceeded to kiss every inch of his abs and stomach. Michelle looked up at Ulysses' face, and began to tug at his yellow Speedo, slowly pulling it down. Ulysses ran his fingers through her hair, looking into her eyes.

A massive, black cock sprung up, nearly hitting her in the face. She grabbed it by the base and ran kisses up the side all the way to the tip. She looked at it and smiled, this was her cock now. She kissed the tip, then closing her eyes and opening her mouth, she brought it inside, slowly sucking it. Placing her hands on his stomach she weaved her head back and forth along his long dick.

She grabbed it again, and began to lovingly lick the tip, while looking into Ulysses' eyes. His mouth was open as he moaned. Michelle stood up, casually stroking his cock, and smiled at him.

Ulysses' hand was tangled in her long flowing hair. He pulled her in for a steamy kiss, their tongues dancing with each other. "You're beautiful Michelle." Ulysses said, breaking the kiss and glancing over her perfect, glistening body. "So are you." She replied. Ulysses bent down and picked Michelle up.

There was a small cot near the other side of the shack. Fisherman probably slept there. He placed her gently on the cot, laying next to her, kissing her mouth, neck, and breasts. He kissed all the way down to her stomach, licking her navel, and then continued south. Michelle spread her legs for him. He was kissing and licking her inner thigh, he then moved to her sweet spot.

He performed long, languid licks up and down her outer lips. He slowly, sensually sucked at her blood engorged clitoris. He then, running his hands up and down her body, slid his tongue inside her, slowly swirling it around, tasting her juices.

For several minutes he licked her, taking his time, going slowly. She couldn't stand it anymore and arched her back, letting out a loud moan, as Ulysses' tongue swirled around inside her vagina. With her lips quivering she looked at Ulysses as he rose to his knees. He stroked his glorious cock and placed it gently against her vaginal opening. She could only nod to him to signal for him to penetrate her.

He nodded back and slowly fed his member into her wet pussy. Michelle's eyes rolled into the back of her head as Ulysses pushed is as far as he could. She moaned when he reached her cervix.

He went down on his elbows, looking into Michelle's pleasure stricken face. He kissed her long and hard. "I've wanted this for a long time," He whispered, inches from her face. "I have too, I knew this would happen the moment I met you," she replied.

Ulysses nodded and slowly began pumping his hips, squeezing his butt muscles, and penetrating her over and over again. She moaned and gasped for air as he made love to her. He kissed along her neck, sending tingles down her spine. She wrapped her arms around him, and brought her legs up, locking her feet together around his flexing butt. "Ah yes!" she whispered. "Cum for me, cum for me my darling," He whispered in her ear.

Michelle grabbed his face, kissing him hard, as the cot shook with their love making. Then it started again, another orgasm building up. She cried out in pleasure as Ulysses kept going, continuously thrusting into her. She reached around and ran her hands up and down his sweaty back, then down to grab his butt.

Ulysses grabbed her, sitting up and rolled onto his back. He kept thrusting up into her, never stopping. Minutes pass and other orgasm builds up in Michelle. This time they both stopped moving. Ulysses watched as her body shook from pleasure.

A tiny droplet of sweat was forming on her nipple. Ulysses opened his mouth, sticking out his tongue and lapped at it. He then took that breast in his mouth, sucking hungrily at the nipple. Michelle core started shaking again and she arched her back, throwing her head back, her hair flinging sweat up into the air.

The sunlight coming through from the outside illuminating her light-brown skin as her perky C-cup breasts bounced up and down while she rode Ulysses to another orgasm. He rose up and held her tightly, kissing her, "I've wanted you for so long," he said in between powerful, single, thrusts. "Ever since I first met you, I've loved you," He said pounding up into her again, causing her to moan and throw her head back.

"I've always loved you, Michelle. I want you to be mine." He said, with one final thrust. She looked into his eyes, out of breath.


She stared down at his chest and ran her index finger in between his pecs, collecting sweat from his body. She brought her finger to her mouth and sucked it. "Will you? Will you leave Bill and be with me?" Ulysses asked. "I will." She replied. "I will. I'm yours now." "Give me everything; give me all that you have once more." She grabbed his face again, kissing him, as he started thrusting again into her.

Up and down she bounced on the cot until both of them moaned and grabbed each other tightly as a mutual orgasm washed over them, Ulysses flooding her pussy with his semen making her his. Chapter 10 The photo shoot never continued. They couldn't figure out the issue with the equipment, and the van was fixed so the manager figured they would try again tomorrow. Michelle fell asleep in the van with Ulysses' arm around her; the wonderful air condition cooling them off after a nearly hour long love-making session in the privacy of their shack.

When they arrived at the hotel, they had a late lunch with everyone, trading smirks to each other; the rest of the staff oblivious. Michelle kissed Ulysses goodbye and went to her room to grab a few items, bathe, and meet Ulysses over at his room in an hour.

She phoned Bill as well. He, as she predicted, didn't answer his phone so she left a voicemail. "I figured you wouldn't answer. I wanted to let you know there's been a change of plans. I will be coming home in a few days and instead of talking about our issues, I want you gone. We're done. Plain and simple. I want you gone. I'll be filing for divorce when I return.

Goodbye." Later that evening in Ulysses' hotel room, he rolled on top of Michelle, arching his back, impaling her deeply with is rod. They were out cold and slept like babies. The next morning, Ulysses slammed her against the shower wall. She moaned as the steam rose, enveloping the two lovers. Later in the day, the crew was on break at the same location from the day before. Michelle and Ulysses headed back to that shack for a quick session.

She was on her knees, moaning as she sucked the tip of his massive black cock. Her hands were on his 6-pack abs as he came in her mouth, providing her with a nice little dessert for their lunch. The final day in Brazil was a short one. Before they left for the airport that morning Michelle and Ulysses spent some time together finalizing their plans. She would file for divorce and he would move to Miami he already had several friends there, so it just made more sense.

"So you want me to leave Atlanta? You sure?" Ulysses asked. "Yes! Yes!" Michelle screamed, looking over her shoulder at Ulysses, running her fingers down his chest and torso as he fucked her from behind. All the way home, she thought about the last three days. Bill was right, they shouldn't have gotten married. She felt she and Ulysses were destiny. She couldn't get the smile off her face, until she got home that is. Michelle entered a quiet house. Bill's car was still there, which caused her smile to turn to a scowl.

She sighed, placing her bag on the couch and heading back toward the bedroom to confront him. She wasn't in the mood to fight again, she just wanted him gone. She entered the bedroom and saw no sign of him. "Bill?" She called out to him, entering the bathroom Michelle found Bill, naked in the bath tub, covered in vomit with several empty bottles of sleeping pills around him.

Her scrapbook was on the bathroom floor, turned to a page with a picture of her and Ulysses that was used for a magazine cover. There looked to be dried semen stains on the page. A couple days after his funeral, Michelle sat with her son in his bedroom.

She had been crying again and he was consoling her. She was leaning against him with his arm around her when her cell phone rang.

She dug it out of her pocket, it was Ulysses. She told Mikey she had to take the call and would be right back. "Michelle, I'm so very sorry. I don't know what to say. Management sent out an email to everyone letting them know of the situation." Ulysses said on the other end of the phone. "I know, it's ok, it's ok. I don't know what to say either." "I've been thinking about you a lot, please let me know if I can help with anything." "I will.

I've been thinking about you a lot too." Michelle said, staring to cry. "I don't think we can be together right now. I'm sorry…" she trailed off, as she wept into the phone. "Hey, it's ok, Michelle. I understand. There's a lot you have to do and deal with." "Yes. It's just I don't even know where to start. I have to make sure finances are in order. I'll probably sell this house. Then there's the guilt." "Guilt?" "Yes, he had so many issues with himself and with me.

I don't want to get into it; things just weren't good between us. It makes me wonder what I could've done to prevent his choice to end his life," Michelle explained.

"I understand." "I just need some time to get my head straight and sort everything out with the house, money, and I have to make sure my son is ok." "I know, it's fine. Please remember I'm here for you if you need me. I love you, Michelle. I'll wait for as long as you want." "I love you too, Ulysses." Michelle wiped her tears and re-entered her son's room. He rose to meet her in the middle of the room, wrapping his arms around her, holding her as she started crying again.

He kissed her head and ran his fingers through her hair. "Thank you Mikey." Michelle said, breaking the hug to look up at her son. "Shhhhh." The 17 year old replied, gentling caressing her face, and wiping a tear away. "We'll get through this together. It'll be ok." Michelle smiled, closing her eyes; she leaned back into her son's embrace.

He was turning out to be a "hero guy." The end. Or to be continued.?