Lesbian babes adore ardent sex

Lesbian babes adore ardent sex
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Yuko's Choice Story: #UA-2 Copyright ©2009 Written: April 05 2009 A Story By: KaosAngel Proofed by: KaosAngel Please send any comments about this story to ([email protected]) ********************************************************************** "Yuko dear" Her mother called from the changing room, to the thirteen year old girl still swimming in the clear water of the public pool house, "Yes mom" Yuko called back looking to her mother, "It's time to go come and get changed" was her mothers reply as she left Yuko's sight to change herself, Yuko didn't want to go home she was having fun at the pool swimming with her friends but she did not want to make her mother angry so she swam to the edge grabbed the ladder and reluctantly emerged from the pool.

The changing room was full of woman and young girls in various stages of undress and Yuko could sense that at least some of them were checking out her luscious young body, cute little tits and gorgeous face, looking around at the other naked woman she found that she was right, there in the corner of the changing room trying not to show her obvious excitement over the young Yuko was a beautiful black goddess, trying to lower her eye's and go back to drying herself off hiding her face in embarrassment over Yuko having discovered her peeking.

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Yuko made no attempt to tell her mother about the black woman's peeking and went to her locker to retrieve her clothes then turning her back on black beauty as she pulled off her bathing suit she turned her head to look over her shoulder into the eye's of the back woman in the corner who's eye's were now glued to the nude form of the young girl.

Once Yuko saw she had the black woman's attention she turned to face her direction to give her a good look at her cute little tits and smooth pussy.

Yuko stood still for several second's staring into the black woman's eye's before she finally lifted her leg to the bench and brought her towel to her legs to start drying off with her leg up on the bench this gave the black beauty a good view of the pretty pussy between Yuko's legs, Yuko took extra time in her drying efforts to make sure her admirer got a good eye full before dressing and leaving the changing room with her mother.

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When Yuko got home she found that she had gotten so excited over the black woman staring at her nude body that she had cum in her panties by the time she got home, the minute she got to her room and closed the door she turned on her computer and started downloading pictures of nude woman from the internet, "I never would have thought a nude girl could excite me so much" she thought to herself as she stripped down and started to rub her pussy to another orgasm.

The next day Yuko woke from a deep and very sexy dream where she was nude in bed with the black goddess from the pool changing room this woman had become all she could think about, "I have to see her again" she thought as she grabbed her pool bag with her bathing suit and towel, "Bye mom ill be home later" she yelled as she ran out of the house and headed to the public pool.

Yuko felt a sense of saticefaction as she entered the pool changing room to see the black beauty sitting in the same corner as she had been the day before getting ready to change, Yuko not really wanting to swim had something else in mind she walked over to a locker and waited a few minutes for the room to emty out, when Yuko and the black woman were alone Yuko took her chance and moved closer to her and sat on the bench right next to her, "Hi, Im Yuko" She said with a cute smile looking into the black womans eye's, "Oh, Um, Hi, im Xandra" Xandra said with a little fear in her voice as she frantically looked around the room and took a deep breath of relife when she saw they were alone.

"Look, I saw you checking me over yesterday and I liked it, wanna just get out of her and have a little fun?" Yuko asked as she placed her hand on Xandra's breast and gave it a squeeze, "MMM nice and firm" she added and bent over to give her nipple a little lick, "Um, Ok lets go to my place" Xandra said and dressed quickly, grabbed her bag and left the changing room with Yuko.

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When the two horny girls got to Xandra's house Yuko wasted no time in ripping off her clothes to stand before Xandra completely nude like she had the day before in the pool changing room, "Which way to the bedroom?" Yuko asked with a smile, "This way" Xandra said, Yuko followed her down a hallway to a room with a big bed Yuko jumped into the bed, spread her legs and used her fingers to rub her pussy to show she was already wet with excitement.

Xandra could not believe her luck this beautiful young girl was actually in her bed and spreading her legs for her, not wanting to waste the opportunity Xandra quickly pulled off her clothes got on the bed and placed her head between Yuko's young legs and started to lightly lick her pussy at first getting a good taste of her juices before sticking her tongue in deep and giving her a good tongue fucking, Yuko started to moan with excitement while Xandra teased her clit with her tongue, "OH IM GOING TO CUM" Yuko yelled and covered Xandra in her pussy juice and cum.

Xandra lapped at the young pussy like a starving dog until it was completely clean of all cum then looking up from Yuko's legs in to her eye's, "Have you ever tasted a pussy before?" Xandra asked, "I've tasted myself when I masturbate, but I've never eaten another girls pussy before" Yuko replied with a sly smile, "Well then your in for a treat" Xandra said as she moved up close to Yuko laid on her back and spread her legs to show off her own very wet and exited pussy waiting to be touched, "Wow, your really wet down here" Yuko said as she slid down the bed and placed her head between Xandra's Legs to return her affection with a good tongue lashing on Xandra pussy.

Over the next few months the two lovers met up many times always at Xandra's house to have their little play time.

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One morning Yuko woke up nude in Xandra's bed having spent all night between each other legs and found that Xandra's computer was on, Yuko moved over to the desk hoping to find some nude pictures or videos of woman like she had downloaded at home, only to find that Xandra's pictures and video's were much more then just lesbian sex, there were pictures of young girls Yuko's age and a little older in various stages of mutilation and death, being held down and slaughtered like animals or having a steel spit shoved up a young girls pussy until it came out of her mouth, Yuko watched the videos and pictures for a long time before she realized Xandra had woke up and come up behind her.

"Do you like what you see?" Xandra asked and sat down next to Yuko, "Oh what?, Um what is this?, is this real?" Yuko asked a little shocked and scared at some of what she was seeing, "Yes it is all real" Xandra replied and placed her hand on Yuko's thigh moving it closer to her slit and felt that it was dripping wet with cum, "And you like what you see don't you?" Xandra said with a smile, "Don't try to deny it the pussy never lies" Xandra added as she stuck two fingers into Yuko's pussy.


"I like this one" Yuko said pointing to a video of a young girl close to her age with her hands tied behind her back while a black woman was standing behind her shoving a steel spit into her pussy and forcing it though her body as she screamed in pain and moaned in pleasure at the same time until it came out of her mouth and silenced her, "do you see yourself as the victim or the woman doing the spitting?" Xandra asked, "Um well both I guess" Yuko said her eye's glued to the computer screen and she came all over Xandra's fingers.

Xandra looked into Yuko's eye's, "I know where this place in the video is, I can take you there and you can see it done in person to another young girl" Xandra said and Yuko smiled and they went back to the bed to play some more, "Take me there!" Yuko said a few hours later, laying in Xandra's arms, "Where babe?" Xandra replied, "The place in the video with that girl getting the spit in her pussy" Yuko said taking Xandra's nipple into her mouth and sucking it hard.

When they broke from their lustful arms Xandra got up from the bed to start dressing, "Get dressed" She said to Yuko who got up and threw on what ever clothes she found on the floor. As the car came to a stop at the entrance to an abandoned factory Xandra and Yuko got out and went inside, "Why is this place in an abandoned factory?" Yuko asked as they got into an elevator and it took them down to a sub basement, "Because of what they do here, it has to be hidden" Xandra said and stepped off the elevator and went down a hall where a bright neon light was lit up with the words, "Club X" and two large men with automatic weapons could be seen guarding the door as they went passed and entered the club.

When they entered the club a man handed each of them a set of tags, "Clip one to your clit and place the other in the bowl on the table" The man said, "What is this for?" Yuko asked as she clipped the tag #266 to her clit like the man told her and Xandra did the same with tag #267, "You will find out soon" Xandra said as they passed the bowl and dropped the remaining tag into it.

They took a look around them they could see young girls most of them Yuko's age screaming in pain as they are slaughtered like meat animals, hung by the neck from a noose to suffocate slowly and girls with spits sticking from pussies and mouths, "WOW this is cool" Yuko said as she ran into the room and over to a young girl who was being held down by two large men while another girl pushed a spit though her body, Yuko pressed her lips to the girl and gave her a kiss as the spit came up her throat and started to come out of her mouth, Yuko could feel the spit start to enter her own mouth and tasted the young girls blood until Xandra pulled her off, "It's too early for that" Xandra said and licked some of the girls blood from Yuko's lips.

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As the night passed Yuko was getting more exited by the second and Xandra was having a harder time pulling her back from the scenes of the girls being spitted or hung, "I wanna try that" Yuko said to Xandra as they were staring at six dead girls hung from the gallows, "If you go up there, you wont come down alive, they don't let the girls off the noose until they stop kicking" Xandra said looking up at the six girls who had indeed stopped kicking and had died, "Oh then I don't want to try that" Yuko said and made her way back over to the spitting area.

"We need more meat" Xandra and Yuko heard the man who gave them the tags call out, "We will now draw two numbers from the bowl when you hear your number called come to the stage" The man called out again and put his hand in the bowl that Yuko and Xandra had put the tags into, "Number 187 please come to the stage at this time" He called out and handed the tag off to another man and put his hand in the bowl again, "Number 267 please come to the stage at this time" He called out again.

Xandra's heart skipped a beat as she heard her number called, "Oh my god" she said to herself checking the tag clipped to her clit to make sure she had heard him right, "Xandra, what's this mean?" Yuko said lo0oking into Xandra's eye's slightly scared, "It means that I have been chosen to be spit roasted to provide more food for the members of the club" Xandra replied, "You mean they are going to kill you?" Yuko asked, "If they do that what will happen to me?" Yuko added, "usually young girls who are left alone become the property of the club and used as sex slaves" Xandra said as they started to walk toward the stage the girl with the number 187 tag was already mounting the spitting machines and getting strapped in.

"I don't want to be property" Yuko said as they reached the stage and started to walk up the steps, "Then volunteer" Xandra replied, "What do you mean?" Yuko said as they stopped to watch the first girl get spitted and scream out in pain as the spit exited her mouth dripping blood, "Tell the man who called out the numbers that you want to ride the spitting machine after they put me over the fire" Xandra said as the first girl was lifted out of place and was lowered to a free pit to start cooking and Xandra reluctantly approached the machine and a large men came over, forced her hands behind her back and tied them tight, Xandra then lifted her leg over the machine to straddle it and rested her chest to the padded platform and slipped her breast though the holes so they would hang below the padded platform.

Once she was locked in place the man gave her a hard slap on her ass and the machine came to life, Yuko placed her lips to Xandra's in a passionate kiss like she had done to the first girl she seen spitted here, Xandra wanted to scream out in pain like so many other girls before her but Yuko held tight to her lips and would not let her, when they both felt the spit enter the back of her throat Yuko knew the end of Xandra was near, released her hold on her lips and took a step back, from here she could see more was going on then just the spitting, both of her breast had a section cup attached with a long needed injecting something into them while a saw blade had slit open her belly dumping all her guts into a steel bin, Yuko was scared now, Xandra looked into Yuko's eye's and mouthed the words "I love you" as the spit came out of her mouth.

When Xandra was done her spit was lifted from the machine and moved to a fire pit where Yuko could see her jerking on the spit trying to get away from the fire as it licked her skin and started to heat her up, Reluctantly and not wanting to end up as club property like Xandra had said she approached the man on the stage, "Hello sir, My name is Yuko Number 266, I want to volunteer" She said and the man smiled, "We have a volunteer" The man called out as the same large men who tied Xandra came over and grabbed Yuko's arms forcing them behind her back and tied them tight, Yuko being smaller then Xandra needed the mans help to mount the machine, he picked her up forcefully one hand slipped between her legs and his fingers found her pussy causing her to cum for the first time ever from the touch of a man.


Once she was in place and strapped in she knew what to do from seeing Xandra and wiggled her chest on the platform until her tiny tits slipped though the padded platform's holes, hoping this whole experience wouldn't hurt as much as she thinks it will, The man walked over and slapped her hard on the ass, "This is it, this is the end of my life" Yuko thought to herself as she heard the machine come to life and felt the tip of the spit enter her pussy and slowly push its way up to her cervix and stop.

"Why did it stop?" She thought to herself and then screamed out in pain as the spit pushed forward hard in one fast thrust forcing her cervix open and entered her uterus, there was no one standing with her to give her a last kiss to keep her from screaming out in pain like she had done for Xandra so her screams could be heard by the whole club as the spit tore its way though her body, "Oh god this hurts" She thought as she continued to scream out and then the spit stopped again the pain continued but the spit stopped, then Yuko felt a new pain as she felt suction cups attach to her nipples and drive steel needles deep into her tits injecting her with a buttery seasoned marinade to make her tits roast up nicely.

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When the needles where done the spit started moving again up her chest passed her heart when she felt it at the back of her throat she started to gag on it a little then she heard a buzzing sound and realized it must be the saw, new pain cursed though her body as the saw slit open her belly and her insides became her outsides, "Xan baby I love you too" Was her final thought as the spit exited her mouth and she was moved to her own fire pit right in front of Xandra who was still alive, the two lovers shared a final glimpse into each others eye's before they died together.