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Hot nice body horny babe sucks two dicks
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A=Amanda (owner of Salon Kitty) C=Chris (A regular Punter) An Interview A: "When did you make your first film?" C: "It was around 1995, I think, here in Salon Kitty, in the main dungeon." A: "How did that come about?" C: "Well I had first come to live in Australia a few months prior to that. I had had a bit of experience in London of Dominatrices but was unaware that such a place as Salon Kitty until I met a hooker in Liverpool Street.

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I had asked her about corporal punishment and she had told me about this place. In fact I actually met my future movie partner, Mistress Barbara, the very first time I came here although things did not quite work out like that straightaway." A: "Why is that?" C: "Well, you know how you organise your Mistresses.

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I was sat in the downstairs reception whilst a series of ladies came in and introduced themselves. Barbara was one of them although I did not choose to go with her at the time. I chose Mistress Feray who turned out to be something of a disaster.- it was not all her fault, Mistress Feray's I mean, in fact -I blame myself for giving her a poor briefing." A: "What went wrong?" C: "During the session, I was obliged to "mercy out" as she went over the top on the discipline.

Before that, she had dragged me downstairs and tied me in such a way that I could not see what was going on." A: "To see what's going on, is that important to you?" C: "It is I am completely besotted by feminine attire - I do not want to wear it, just see it on beautiful curvaceous bodies.

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I love the sight of stocking and suspenders, high-heeled boots and stiletto heels. For me personally, it is an important part of a session to be able to crave for sex with the Diva without being allowed to have it." A: "Where did the desire to make public videos come from?" C: "Well, I have always been fascinated by Strippers, I don't know why.

It is something about doing the outrageous. I guess it comes from that." A: "Did you ever want to become a male stripper?" C: "No actually, I don't think it looks right - a man prancing around like some faggot on stage.

For me, the male equivalent to a stripper is a porn star." A: "A porn star? Did you ever think of becoming a porn star?" C: "I certainly would like to have been one.

However, a porn star is a matter of lifestyle. It's really hard to have a normal lifestyle at the same time as fornicating in public." A: "What do mean normal?" C: "Well to be honest, by the time I got to thinking about becoming a porn star, I already had a well paid job with a good pension and did not want to jeopardise it." A: "Doesn't the same apply to making a B and D video?" C: "It does but, however because of my money, I am the one who finances it and therefore, to some extent, control the distribution.

In any case I have stopped working now. Nevertheless, to be quite honest, there is nothing I would love better than to shag the arse of some tart on video.

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It is, however, extremely difficult to find a partner given that I would not want to use a condom." A: "What's wrong with using a condom? Surely safe sex is what we should all do?" C: "It certainly is and I would always use a condom in the circumstances of having sex with someone I did not know.

However, from the perspective of sex in public, it just is not the same. Let's face it, the viewer wants to see the man ejaculating. In the end masturbating for a Dominatrix achieves more or less the same end result whilst staying safe. That brings me back to Salon Kitty. It just so happens that you, Amanda, allow the use of your premises for filming.

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I can see there is a strong case against it and, all credit to you, you are so radical. The other thing is that there are not many places in the world which are suitable for the occasional ad hoc person such as myself. Not only do you need quite a bit of space and reasonable lighting to be able to deal with the technical aspects, you also need someone to operate a camera.

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In this regard Salon Kitty, whilst not perfect, is still better than anywhere else I have ever seen." A: "So how did you come to agree with Mistress Barbara?" C: "Well, following the fracas with Mistress Feray it took me a while to come back here.

I saw at least one other Mistress before getting involved with Barbara.

Little by little she got to know my propensity for exhibitionism. We saw each other at your other place in Sydney several times. One day, whilst sat in reception, I saw in your brochure that you did do video sessions so I bucked up courage to ask Barbara if she would do it. To my surprise she agreed. On that occasion we did a practice run and I agreed to come back a couple of days later for the real thing." A: "Practice run? Why did you need a practice run?" C: "It's quite a job to direct even a simple video and take part in a major role even if the story line is simple enough.

You need to agree a system of communication and agree in general terms who will stand where and when. We also needed to sort out the position relative to the camera angles.

As you know, a real live session can get pretty chaotic. It was important for Barbara to be able to know where to force me in order not to be off camera." A: "So what was your agreed scenario?" C: "The idea was that the Mistress would come into the dungeon and catch her slave masturbating instead of cleaning the floor.

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As a consequence the slave is to be punished. We used "a key word" to communicate with each other during the session. For example, it was agreed that I would receive six strokes on the hand as punishment. If, at the end of the six strokes, I thought I could take a further six, I would say "It tickles" To make it really authentic, it was agreed that I would always receive six strokes regardless of how much it hurt. I think that worked quite well because, at one point, it hurt so much that I really did not want it to continue." A: "The camera, how did you organise that?" C:" I was lucky to have Mistress Mayer for this.

She was quite familiar with video cameras, a potential minefield for the uninitiated. Whilst being disciplined, it is possible to monitor the camera to some extent, as there is a red light on the front, which comes on when the thing is recording. However, this is just another thing to have to think about when you may not necessarily be in the right frame of mind due to the pain of the session. Ideally, as a masturbating slave, you want to concentrate on your Mistress, how she is dressed, what she is saying and not be pre occupied with the camera.

Of all the sessions I have filmed, that one went the best as far as ease of camera work." A: "And the session itself? How did it go for you personally?" C: "At one point, as I have indicated, I was a little concerned I might have to ask for mercy. The first six strokes passed off reasonably well. However, my left hand is not as good as my right and after two fairly painful shots Barbara scored a direct hit on my left palm.

If you watch the video you will see she asks "Just tickled did it?" to which I answer, "it ticked on the right hand." In fact I am trying to signal to her that it is really hurting like hell and that if she does any more like that I will have to give up.


Somehow, I hung in there and took a further six on that same hand shortly afterwards." A: "Yes, I have seen the film and I noticed you really seem to get into the session just after that?" C: "That's right, I had sort of second wind. I got an enormous erection before falling to my knees. Mayer correctly followed me down with the camera angle and I managed to shoot a huge quantity of semen when commanded by Barbara. What really was a good bit of luck was that the light caught the sight of the ejaculated sperm and I was able to turn my head towards the camera just at the moment of ecstasy." A: "How many more videos have you made?" C: "About 10 with varying degrees of success.

I made one more with Barbara in which she looks absolutely gorgeous wearing stockings and suspenders.


I have also had some bad luck with equipment problems. There is one great series with Mia, which was pretty well ruined, as the sound track did not record.

Then I moved into digital technology and have done a really good session with Athena and more recently Arna. In these the camera was operated by Charlotte in the first instance and Claudia in the second. Although the film quality is a good bit better, I personally have never been able to put on such a good performance as that first video." A: "Why is that do you think?" C: "It's probably adrenaline. There can only be one first time. Actually looking at them the viewer would probably never know.

I just know that the erection I had was harder and the quantity of semen was larger than any subsequent video." A: "Have you done any outside Salon Kitty?" C: "Actually yes. I made one down in Melbourne at The Discipline Centre, another in the UK, which was done without a photographer and one in Germany, which is with a German dialogue." A: "In German, Do you speak German?" C: "Sufficient to be able to get by.

You don't need that much in the session as the Dominatrix does most of the talking. The hardest part is to brief the photographer in the use of the camera. In fact, along with quite few people, I find the German language really onomatopoetic good for this kind of work." A: "How is that?" C: "Well the language has lots of good vowel sounds and sounds really scary with a raised voice." A: "Are you planning any more?" C: "After my last visit here I was going to give up.

Then Mistress Arna wrote to me saying what a wanker she thought I was.

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Just reading her short note gave me a huge hard on. I knew then I would have to try and make another." A: "You really are a wanker aren't you, Chris?" C; "Yes Ma'am."