Marilyn Moore hot blonde in sex scene in front of camera

Marilyn Moore hot blonde in sex scene in front of camera
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My new family (This is the first in a series of story's set over a number of years envolving these people so let me know what you think also let me know if there are any misstakes as i do proof read my storys befor i post them but i am dyslexic and have a real problem with spelling and grammer all comments will be welcome good and bad) Today was the first time my daughter had set eyes on the new house i had built for us after it got strange stayin in the house my wife and i had built together after she had been killed by a drunk driver just over 2 years ago now.

Oh my god it's amazin my 15-year old daughter Amy said as we pulled up and in to the driveway Wait till we get inside i said with a smile knowing what the house was like i handed the spare key i had to Amy as i parked the car and told her to go have a look as i unpacked the car i watched as my beutiful baby girl ran up to the front door unlocked it and swung it open I saw the look of pure glee grow on her face as she scaned the room in front of her.

I desided to leave the unpackin as i wanted to see her reaction to the rest of the house as i got close amy turned throwing her arms around my waist and said it's amazin dad i cut her of sayin you havent seen the rest of it yet let me show you around as we walked into the very large open living room and kitchen i pointed and started walking to the far side whare there was a big open fire place with a big pile of logs sittin next to it as we got closer Amy noticed the large alcove built in area with a large tv stereo cable system and 3 games consels (ps3,xbox360 and wii) she turned to me and said wow that tv is massif i then added there is a highend pc conected to it as well hunny.

I then pulled her away towards the kitchen area that i had stocked with all the latest cookin gadgets as i know how much Amy loves cookin as she scaned and noticed all the gadgets her eyes started to grow wider than i had ever seen befor she bound in past the island that housed the stove,oven and large veg sink she grabed the handle's of the double door fridge frezzer and pulled them open she then turned to me with a look of disapointment as she realized it was emty.

Dont worry there is a large store in town we can head down after you have a look arond and the car is unpacked i said she started to smile agian and said ok dad as long as i get to pick what we have for dinner. not a problem i said as amy is a wonderfull cook somthin she got from her mother the two of them would spend hours in the kitchen at the weekends and on hollidays from school.

I pointed to one of the doors just of the kitchen and said go take a look in there she looked up at me smiled and skiped away as she opend the door she screamed oh my god!!

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oh my god!!! we have a pool i smiled and started laughing at the reaction as i walked over and gently pushed Amy in to the poolroom i pointed over to the other side of the room and said the door to the right is the gym and the door left is a sauna.

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what we have a sauna as well amy screamed in a way only an overexcited 15 yearold girl can i didn't say any thing i just ushered her back out of the poolroom and towards the large curved iron staircase at the other end of the kitchen. As we walked up the stairs to the large open hallway that was open to the pool area Amy asked how meny bedrooms there were i smiled and replied don't worry there are 5 bed rooms more than enof for your friends to come up for holidays amy smiled again and said thanks you are the best dad in the world just then my cell started to go of so i headed back down stairs to get it as i had left it in the kitchen my eyes light up as i saw the name on the display Claire the single mother of two 16yearold twin girls that lived just up the mountain from us.

Clair was stunning i had met her 6 or 7 months back when i was up working on the house she was about 5foot3 had long fire like red hair nice chest they looked to me to be about 32c a size bigger than my daughters as i had check the tag on one of her bra's for my sister just before her birthday last month.

Claire had the most amazin ass i had ever seen she had a perfect hour glass body not to thin and not to curvy with green eyes i was hooked the moment i saw her but nothin had happend to my dismay. After i had spoke to Claire for about 35-40 mins i said see you and the girls later as i hung up the fone i shouted to find out where Amy was as i started up the stairs i heard Amy repliy in your room dad i walked over to my room as i entered i saw Amy standing in front of the full lenth window that ran the entire lenth of the back of the house this view is beutiful Any said as she heard me come in.

So how do u like the new pad the hunny i said oh my god it's perfect dad just perfect. I walked up dehind her crossed my arms around her waist and kissed the top of her head just liked i'd dun hundreds of times befor but there was somthing diffrent this time Amy seemed to be pushing her hips back towards me and softly grinding her butt into me i pulled away not takin anything from it just puting it down to her overexitment about her new house up hear in the montains or i had hit the tickley spot just under her ribs as i put my arms around her.

as i turned away i asked Amy to help emty the car we had to go in to town for suplies Amy smiled and said sure lets get to it. As we emptyed the car amy asked who had phoned earlyer i told her it was the Claire that lived just up from us Amy smiled again and stared askin questions about her so i answered as best i could tellin her what i knew.

After about 10 mins and a thousand qustions Amy looked into my eyes you old dog i saw that twinkle you like her she said with a giggle in her voice i started to blush and said maybe we were very open about our feelins with each other since kim passed away. Amy chuckled and said so when am i getting to meet my dads fancy woman i laughed and said she's not my fancy woman but you'll meet her tonight she's bringing her daughters for dinner so the three of u can meet.

Daughters Amy said questioninly i replied yes daughters she has twins 16yearolds nikky and julie iv'e only met them two or three times in passing.


By this time the car was empty and we headed for town. Amy was strangly queit on the trip in to town i just left her to her self as i figered it had been a long couple of days for her the trip from our old house to the new one took nearly two days stopin of at a hotel over night then we got up and left at first light so i guessed she was beet. We walked around town for nearly two hours gettin every thing we needed as we got back to the car i asked Amy if she wanted to swing by the school she would be attending after the summer yeah sure why not might as well have a look befor my first day just to make it a little easyer knowin ware it was and what i looked like after we had a look around the school that was open strangly we descuverd it doubled as a comunity center over the holidays so the kids have somware safe to hang out we headed home.

Again Amy was queit on the way up the road again i put it down to it being a long couple of days and she had a lot to take the new house new town new school and the fact her dad might be gettin into a new relasionship sooner than she expected witch i was hopeing that was the case as i had got to know Claire rather well and i liked her quite a lot.

As we pulled in to the drive there was a large 4x4 in the drive that i knew to be claire's as we got out of the car i looked over to ware claire was and my cock jumped standing against the back of the 4x4 she looked beutiful she was wairing a pair of really tight black jeans and a plain white vest top that looked a size or two too small that made her ample chest look even better than it had befor her hair was up in a bunch showing of the line of her neck i said sorry we were late we spent more time it town than i had planed have you been here long i asked.

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Thats cool we just got here Claire said as the back doors of the 4x4 opened and her daughters stepped out this was the first time i had seen them outside the car my cock jumped agian in my pants thay were even hotter than there mum just a bit taller about 5foot6 same firey red hair both cut to just below there sholders they had the most amazing eyes i had ever seen nikkys left eye was bright blue like sea ice and her right was the same green as her mother julie had the same exept the left was green and the right was bright blue there tits looked the same size as there mother mayde a little bigger that may have somthin to do with the fact thay were both had the same small white vest tops onas there mother and i could tell nether of them had a bra on thay had amazinly thin bodys almost to thin but still curvy.

I couldn't help notice a tight soft peach like ass as julie turned away from me to close the door of the 4x4 my cock jumped again as she bent strait over and begin to fix her socks her ass looked so good in her jean shorts that steched perfectly over her ass pulling her cheeks apart my cock started to rise and i couldn't help thinking about how it would feel to grab a hold of those cheeks and slip my cock into her.

i snaped out of my little day dream when claire wispered like what you see in my ear in a very sexy tone i jumped and started to say sorry when she cut me of wispering hot aint thay dont worry i've had those thoughts too this was very surpriseing as i had only known this woman a few months and she was always so reserved to reveal somthing like that she must feel relaxed around me wich only got me horrnier than i already was she gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and turned too her girls sayin give amy a hand with the bags matts going to show me around as she draged me to the front door i looked over at amy who gave me a funny look one i had never seen her use befor.

As me and claire came down stairs after showing her the house all three girls were in the kitchen puting away the shoping nikky turned and said so matt what we havin for dinner am starin mom wouldn't let us eat anythin after lunch i replied ask amy she's the cook in this family to wich amy said beef and mushroom stroganoff with fried rice mmmmmmmm hummed out from all of us amy continued would you two like to help sorry but am not sure who is who giggiling nikky said it's easy to tell julie's left eye is blue and mine is green.

Thats good to know i said now i will stop getting confused have you had a look around yet i got a resonding no from both the girls amy piped up sayin ok looking at claire you and dad can put this stuff away and i'll show nikky and julie around she grabed both girls by the hand and draged them away.

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Dinner went smothly apart from the fact i had a ragging hard on all night after we cleard the table the girls disapeared up stiars as me and claire went to the sofa with a bottle of wine we sat talking for about two hours and got through just over half the wine. Befor the twins came runnin down the stairs at the other side of the fire place sayin they were sleepy and amy had just fell asleep so claire and i got up and started walking to the door claire handed the car keys to julie and told her to go start the car as they ran out the door claire turned and thanked me for a wonderfull night then she kissed me not like a goodbye kiss but a proper long slow kiss as any horrny guy would have dun i kissed her back hopeing that a kiss wasn't all i was getting tonight but to my dismay claire broke the kiss smiled and walked away.


Frustrated and horrny as hell i turned the tv of flicked out the lights and headed up to my room striping completly as i closed the door i jumped on the bed naked as the day i was born i grabbed my rock hard throbing cock and started to rub one off wile i thougt about claire and her daughters.

as iwas strocking my cock i could feel the stiring in my balls i jumped up off my bed and ran into my en suite just in time to blow my load all over the shower wall my knees gave way after the third squirt as the strongest orgasm i've had since befor my wife passed away rippled through my body i showered and went to bed i was out cold befor my head hit the pillow. I half woke up a couple hours later with a feeling i hadn't felt in a long there was a soft female hand around my cock my eyes shot open as i remembered there was only me and amy in the house i looked bown and there was my beutiful 15yearold daughter sitting naked beside me with her little hand tightly wraped round my throbing 9 inch cock i jumped up off the bed grabbing the towel droped on the floor after my shower wraping it aroud my waist as i shouted Amy what the hell are you doing you cant do that your my daghter as i stood there my cock still pointing out like a big meat sword amy looked up at me and said please dad i want you to be my first i love you so much i've wanted you for years mom and me used to talk about you all the time.

This took me by surprise i had no idea they had talked about our sex life i dont know what came over me i asked what thay had talked about amy still looking up at me she said we talked about how big you were how you would always have forplay never skip n just slip it in you always made sure she had an orgam befor you put it in and if she didn't come during sex you would bring her of after you had finished and how good you made her feel after sex.

She paused for a bit then looked up at me with a look i can only describe as pure wanting lust i want you to make me feel like that i want to know i need to know how good it feels to be your lover please daddy i want you to put it in me and fuck me all nlght long i want your big beutiful cock in my mouth in my pussy and in my ass i want you to cum in me i want to taste your cum i want to know how it feels to have you lick my pussy and my clit and play with my boobs please daddy dont send me away make love to me be my first she said as her head started to go down and she started looking at the bed ware a few minutes ago she was sitting with hard soft little hand around my cock.

I stood there in complete shock for a few minutes at hearing my daughter talk to me like this i couldn't beleave it my daughter was sitting on my bed naked begging me to take her virginity she looked up at me again with a pleading look and just said please daddy i want to learn. I still to this day have no idea as to why i did what i did next i dropped the towel from my waist still with my eyes locked on her big brown eyes they got really wide and she started to smile (like i had only seen one other time the week of her tenth birthday as she realized the trip we were taking was to disney land) at this point as she realized i was going to do exactly what she wanted she jumped up wraped her arms and legs around me and started kissing me pulling back just long enof to say thank you daddy i love you so much befor she kissed me again with a passion i had never felt not even from her mother the night we got married.

I lay her down on the bed in front of me and started kissin every part of her face then down her neck then back up the other side nibbling on her ear befor working my way down towards her nipples kissing and licking all the time as i reached her left nipple i began to lick kiss and suck on it wile i had my hand on the other nipple rubbing tweaking it squeasing till it was as hard as the one in my mouth i then switched kissing and lickin down the inner side of her breast and back up the other one till i got to the nipple wich i gave the same treatment amy was moaning softly and her breath was starting to quicken by this time giving out little squeak every time i squeased her nipple between my teeth or finger and thumb after what seemed like hours i started to work my way down her body again kissing stokeing and licking until i reached her slit i could see she was flowing with juice at this point i looked up at her and just as i was about to ask if she was sure she wanted this she lifted her head and in the sweetest voice i have ever heard said please dont stop daddy it feals so good keep going i want this so badly i went back down gently licking from the base of her slit right up over her clit amy let out a gasp as my tongue touched her pussy for the first time i repeated this several times amy gasping every time befor i gently spread her lips with two of my fingers and started licking and sucking her now well swolen clit amy gasped and moaned loudly as i was working my magic on her again for what seemed like hours i worked my way down searching for her tight little virgin hole as i started to dart my tongue in and out amy started screaming loudly as her body began to shake and convulse i felt her pussy try to clamp down on my tongue but it was to slipery from my saliva and her sweet sweet juices i went back to her clit and started licking and sucking again this time i sliped my middle finger into her tight virgin pussy OH DADDY!!


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DADDY I'M CUMMING I'M CUUUUMMMMMIIINNNGGGG she screamed I kept giong working my finger in and out untill i felt her hymen blocking my progress all the time amy was wriggleing about still screaming words i couldn't make out her pussy was overflowing now her juices coating my hand and my face her pussy clamping down on my fingers as i worked the second one in stroking in and out stoping just befor i hit her hymen amy had finaly stoped sceaming she was still moaning loudly and wriggleing about with every stoke of my finger and every flick of my tongue gasping the hole time after a few minutes of this i could feel amy stating to cum again i worked up the pace until with another loud long scream amy anounced she was cumming again i kept going increasing my pace until still moaning and gasping amy grabbed my head and started to push me away saying please stop daddy i cant take any more it feels so good please i smiled hearing those words and i slowly pulled my fingers out of my develish little girl stealling one more taste of her sweet bald pussy with my tongue.

Did you enjoy that baby i said in a soft voice as i came up to kiss her again after she recovered a bit amy looked at me and said i never knew it could feel so good mom never said you could loose control like that i smiled again knowing i just gave my daughter the biggest orgasms of her life i was kind of proud of my self even tho what we were doing was so wrong i knew i wanted more i knew i needed to fuck my little girl i cant deleave this i'm actuly doing this i'm going to fuck my daughter.

As i kissed and rolled over on to my back amy shot up looked at my cock with a wicked smile and said your turn daddy as she grabbed my cock put her head down and started to lick my shaft from the base up to the tip then taking hy head in her mouth working her tongue around as she took a little more in her mouth repeating this sevral times taking a little more in every time when she gagged as my shaft hit the back of her throat my cock jumped in her mouth and she gasped and took it out of her mouth looked up at me and asked what was that i smiled and said that was him telling you it liked what you were doing she smiled and took my shaft back in her sweet little mouth this time as far in as she could wich turned out to be about 7 inches again my cock jumped as she took my shaft down the back of her throat swallowing as she did after a few minutes of this i could feel that all to familuer feeling in my sack i'm going to come i said gasping as amy picked up the pace ramming my cock into her mouth i couldn't take it any more i moaned and my body started to shake as streams of my hot creamy cum flowed into her mouth amy milking and swallowing every last drop out of my cock after i minute or so amy raised her head and let my still rock hard cock fall on to my belly.

she crawled up my body and started kissing me she sat up pushing her tight little virgin pussy against the underside of my shaft rubbing up and down my softening cock she moaned as she looked down into my eyes sayin are you going to make me a woman now daddy my cock twitched as she said this pushing down harder on me i staired into my babys big brown eyes and told her daddy needs to recover you just made me cum so hard she leaned down presing her firm perfectly shaped 30c cup tits into my face still rubbing up and down my hardening member i started sucking licking and rubbing her ample young breasts for 5or6 minutes until my cock came back to full hardness.

Feeling i was hard again Amy sat up raised her hips and pointed my cock up til my head was resting on her dripping virgin pussy she pushed down taking me into her about an inch pulling back up so my cock was nearly out of her befor pushing down taking a little more of me in her tight overflowing pussy doing it again and agian until i could feel her hymen block any further progress as amy felt my cock push against her blockage she moaned gasped and screamed in extacy her eyes shot open looking down at me with a wanting look she wispered push it in daddy all the way make me a woman make me your lover i smiled and asker if she was sure she wanted this still looking into my eyes amy gasped saying fuck yes i want you to treat me like the dirty dirty little slut i am fuck me hard daddy i couldn't take any more i grabbed her hips pulled back and thrust my twitching shaft deep into her forgeting she was a virgin for a second she screamed flopping down on top of me wimppering with tears in her eyes i started to wisper to her but she cut me of befor i could finish the first word it hurts daddy it hurts really bad i kissed her neck telling her i was so sorry and it would start to feel good soon i put one hand on the back her head and told her just to stay like this till she was ready for more.

After a few minutes amy stopped wimppering and started rocking her hips back and forth after about a minute of this i started slowly pushing in and out of her resently virgin hole savoring the feeling of her lips and mussles squeasing the full lenth of my rock hard shaft it felt thicker and harder than it ever has befor i couldn't beleave this i had just takin my daughters virginity and it felt unbeleavable amy sat up and started moving up and down faster and faster moaning loudly and gasping deeply i couldn't take my eyes of her beutiful tits douncing up and down i had to grab them squesing and twisting her nipples i then garbbed her hips and rolled her over and posissioned my self on top of her she took hold of my throbing manhood and gidded it in to her tight dripping wet hole with a loud moan i started to thrust into her slowly at first gently working up my speed as amy started raising her hips to match my thrusts i could feel her tight litte hole starting to get really wet and starting to squese my cock as her orgasm started to build amy rapped her legs around my waist telling me she was close to cumming and begging me to fuck her deeper and harder after 7 or 8 more deep thrusts with amy rocking and moaning louder and louder under me i felt her pussy tighten even more as her orgasm hit with panting breath and arching her back she screamed OH GOD DADDY IM CUMMING AGAIN i smiled leaned down nesaling my head on her neck so i could work my cock faster and deeper into her with each stroke i couldn't take anymore as my balls twitched and with a shudder and one more deep penatrating thrust my juises shot in to amy's waiting hole after a few more thrusts my balls were empty and my shaft started to soften after a few minutes laying on top of her both of us exausted and completly satisfied i rolled over on to my back with a pop my cock sliped out of amy she rolled over puting her head on my sholder and her hand on my chest she said that was the best thing i have ever experianced i hope we can do it again i just sniled kissed the top of her head and driffted back to sleep