Fantastic amateur footage of hot babe shaving herself

Fantastic amateur footage of hot babe shaving herself
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The rest of the afternoon passed uneventfully, and Sam didn't know if he was grateful for that or not. The reality of him allowing his daughter to give him a hand job in the living room and insisting that he cum all over her had sunk in, and he had a terrible feeling of guilt or at least the feeling that he should feel guilty.

Those feelings were a part of the conflict going on inside him. The other part of the conflict involved him having to fight back the urge to go upstairs, throw his buxom, sexy daughter down on her bed, and fuck the living daylights out of her with his monster cock until he flooded her tight young pussy with his cum.

The temptation to give in to that desire was strong, stronger than it had ever been now that he'd felt her warm, soft hands on his cock, but somehow he managed to fight it off with a little help from Jim Beam, that is. Three stiff drinks later and he was sitting in his home office at his desk, surfing the web and enjoying the buzz that the bourbon and coke had given him. While alcohol lowered other people's inhibitions by affecting their judgment, with Sam it had always been the exact opposite every time he got buzzed or full-out drunk, all he wanted to do was sit down and grin into his drink like a happy idiot, all thoughts of giving in to whatever was tempting him gone with the wind.

Today was no different, thankfully he wasn't drunk but he was buzzed, and that was good enough. Lisa came downstairs about an hour later, wearing a clean shirt, clean shorts, and carrying her purse over her shoulder which meant that she was going out somewhere.

He turned in his padded desk chair to face her as she walked into the room, her big breasts bouncing heavily beneath her shirt. Watching her as she walked across the floor, he thought that next to her mother she was the most beautiful, sexy, and alluring woman he'd ever seen.

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And he felt his cock begin to harden again. Fast. "I'm going to the mall for a bit, Daddy," she said, stopping in front of him and smiling down at him as if nothing had ever happened.

"I'm going to meet some of my girlfriends for a few hours. Do you need anything while I'm out?" she asked, smiling sweetly down at him. His cock grew another inch. "No thank you, sweetie," he replied, smiling up at her.

"You go and have a good time, and I'll see you when you get back." She leaned over then and kissed him on the forehead, pausing to look him in the eye as she was bent over. "I love you, Daddy," she said. "I love you, too, Lisa," he replied. She gave him a quick peck on his cheek and then was gone, walking quickly across the room, her round, firm ass flexing as she walked. He watched her walk away and felt his cock grow even bigger as he did so.

Then he turned back to the computer and took another large pull from his drink. Lisa smiled to herself as she walked out of the house and got into her car. She intentionally gave no indication of what had happened between them earlier in the day when she said good-bye to her father just now, but she saw the quickly-growing erection in his crotch when she leaned over to give him a kiss.

She loved the effect that she had on him, just as much as she loved the effect he had on her. Seeing his cock grow like that for just a few seconds had made her pussy wet just enough so that she could tell, and she was sure that if she'd stayed there any longer she'd have been on her knees sucking as much of his monster cock into her mouth as she could fit.

She smiled at the thought, her pussy getting even wetter, as she started the car, put it in gear, and backed it out of the driveway. Then she was off to the mall, trying to get the images of her handsome, sexy father and his monstrous cock out of her mind. It was close to five thirty when Lisa got back from the mall, and since it was too late to cook she and Sam ordered Chinese from the local restaurant. After the food got there they both sat down at the table to eat, and to his surprise they had a conversation as if nothing had happened that afternoon.

After they finished eating he went into the living room to sit on the couch and watch TV while she cleaned up what few dishes there were, joining him on the couch when she was done. She sat down on the couch next to him, moving in close to snuggle with him like she always did, and he put his arm around her shoulder and held her as he always did.

They sat like that for a while, not saying anything, just watching TV and relaxing together. She enjoyed being that close to him and having his arm around her, and he enjoyed her being there and having his arm around her as well.

Before today it had been for a different reason, but now it was still for the same reason but also for another one, a more subtle one that they both felt deep inside themselves. And that subtle reason made itself apparent when his cock began to grow, slowly expanding and inching down his leg, the impression of it against his shorts very clear.

He hoped she wouldn't notice it but of course she did there wasn't any way she couldn't have noticed and it wasn't long before she said something about it. "The anaconda awakens," she said, and started to giggle. He laughed as well, caught in the humor of her statement, and he hugged her to him for a moment.

"That's the problem with being a guy," he said, still chuckling to himself as his cock continued to grow; the feeling of her big, heavy breasts against his side helped. "What's that, Daddy?" she asked, looking up at him. "Damned things have a mind of their own!" he said, and they both laughed again.

She spoke again after their mutual laughing fit had subsided. "How did you get started in porn, Daddy?" she asked, genuinely curious. He didn't hesitate before answering her truthfully, figuring he had nothing to lose. "My college roommate was majoring in cinematography and had a part-time job as a cameraman for an underground porn studio," he explained. "One night as we were sitting around the room smoking some of the best pot I'd ever had, he came up with the bright idea that I should come down to the studio with him the next day and audition for the producer.

I was just high enough that it sounded like a good idea, and when the high wore off the next day I still thought it was a good idea. So I went." "And got the part, of course," she finished for him, looking down at his still-expanding cock, resisting the urge to reach down and stroke it.

"The producer took one look and nearly fell out of his chair!" Sam said, chuckling at the memory. "He got on the phone and called one of his 'fluffers' in to the office to see how I could perform, and when I came all over the 'fluffer's' face he couldn't get me to sign a contract fast enough!" "What's a 'fluffer,' Daddy?" she asked.

"A 'fluffer' is a woman whose job is to keep the male actors erect between takes by giving them head," he explained. "Oh," Lisa said, looking up at him as she continued. "So did the girl freak out when she saw the size of your cock?" she asked.

"Oh, yeah," Sam said, smiling at the memory. "She said there was no way she was going to let me fuck her, that I'd rip her in half; she said she'd blow me instead, so that's what we did." "And did you nearly drown her, too, Daddy?" she asked, giggling at him. He chuckled along with her.

"Come to think of it, yeah, I did!" he said, laughing harder; she broke out into laughter as well. A few minutes later she slid out from beneath his arm, then leaned over and kissed him on the cheek before whispering in his ear.

"I love you, Daddy, and tomorrow I'm going to let you try and drown me again!" Then she was up from the couch and gone before he could react. His cock was now fully hard, throbbing and pulsing against his leg, and just as he was trying to decide what to do about it he saw the headlights of his wife's car come up the driveway. A minute later he heard the back door open, heard his wife walking across the tile floor, and a moment later she appeared in the doorway of the living room.

She was as beautiful as ever, even the baggy scrubs she wore failing to hide her huge breasts. She smiled as she walked over to the couch and leaned over to kiss him on the cheek.

The sight of her huge, heavy breasts swaying slightly beneath her loose shirt as she walked only made him harder if that was possible. "Hey, handsome," she said, smiling at him. "Hello, beautiful," he replied as she sat down on the couch next to him. She opened her mouth to say something but stopped when she noticed the huge bulge running down the leg of his shorts, and she laughed for a moment before speaking.

"Well, I see someone is certainly glad to see me!" she said, reaching down to stroke his hard cock through his shorts. "You have no idea!" he said, reaching for her and pulling her to him. From upstairs in her room Lisa could hear her mother's muffled moans of ecstasy and her father's quiet groans, knowing that they were having sex on the couch where she was just sitting with her father, and the knowledge made her pussy wet.

She sat back in the chair at her desk, listening intently as they made love, slipping her hand inside her panties to her pussy and finding her clit. She rubbed her clit as she listened to the sounds coming from downstairs, closing her eyes and imagining her father using his big cock on her tight young pussy as she slipped first one and then two fingers inside her wet tunnel, and when she heard her mother cry out in orgasm Lisa came too, her pussy flooding as it contracted around her fingers, the waves of pleasure rippling out through her body.

When it was over she lay back in her chair, tingling all over and gasping for breath, and couldn't wait for the next day when she would be the one making her father cum. And maybe, just maybe, she'd get him to fuck her, too. The thought of his huge cock forcing its way into her tight, young pussy made her wet all over again and a few minutes later she came for a second time, three fingers buried deep in her pussy as she imagined his big, thick cock filling her.

When she drifted off to sleep that night, she dreamed of her father and his big cock. Sam woke up late the next morning, his eyes opening a little past eight AM to the bright summer sunlight coming in through his window. One of the advantages of working from home was that you could set your own hours and sleep in late if you wanted to, and Sam did just that. When he worked he worked hard, sometimes working into the evening if he had to, but when he had the chance to take the day off or just sleep in late, he did that too.

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His wife, however, didn't have that luxury since her job required her to work a set schedule, so she had already left for the day by the time he got out of bed. He had slept soundly that night, thanks to the marathon sex session that had ensued once his wife got home.

After having sex on the couch they went upstairs to their bedroom where they continued, and they were both exhausted by the time they drifted off to sleep three hours later.

He had cum a total of three times, a flood of cum erupting from his huge cock each time, and she had lost count of the number of times she had cum. Just before they drifted off to sleep she commented that he was in rare form that night, and that he hadn't fucked her that hard or cum that much in a long time. He just held her close until she drifted off to sleep, his cum drying all over her breasts, stomach, and legs. Sam swung his legs off of the side of the bed and stretched, then stood up and stretched again.

The long tube of his cock swung in front of him, the dried remnants from the previous night's sex marathon still clinging to it.

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He looked down at his cock and then at the sheets, noting the huge stain in the center of the bed. He pulled the sheets from the bed and tossed them into the hamper in the corner, deciding that he would wash them as soon as he got dressed. Then he walked into the master bathroom to shower and shave, his cock swinging from side to side as he walked.

He always loved the feeling of his big cock swinging free, so he rarely wore underwear. Even when soft his cock hung down to a length of six inches and was the diameter of a "normal" cock when it was hard, and when his cock got hard it grew another five inches and doubled in diameter. And unlike most men who are endowed with "monster" cocks, when his was erect it stood up at nearly a 45 degree angle to his body; all of the other cocks of that size that he had seen rarely stood up parallel to the ground due to their weight and length.

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His was different, however, standing up as tall and as proud as a six inch cock. He stepped into the shower and washed, the steamy shower feeling good on his body and his soapy hands feeling good on his cock as he washed the dried juices from it. After he showered and toweled dry he went over to the sink to shave, standing with his thighs against the edge of the counter. As he shaved he couldn't help but think about Lisa, what had happened last night, and the events of that day yet to come; his cock responded accordingly, and after just a few moments he had to step back from the sink to free his cock from being trapped between his leg and the sink.

It was just hard enough to lift up off of the sink, but wasn't hard enough to stand up completely. "Damned thing has a mind of its own," he muttered to himself, smiling as he continued shaving.

He finished a few minutes later, his cock still semi-hard which caused it to swing even harder when he turned and walked out of the bathroom and back into his bedroom. "Good morning, Daddy!" Lisa said, making Sam jump. She was sitting on the end of his bed waiting for him, feet and knees together, her hands clasped in her lap, her hair tied back in a pony tail.

She was wearing a white tank top that was at least one size too small that showed about a mile of cleavage and just as much "side boob," no bra, and a pair of pink thong panties. Her big nipples were clearly visible as they poked against the shirt, and they got harder and more prominent with each passing moment. His cock instantly began to grow more at the sight of her. "I see you're up in more ways than one this morning!" She was grinning from ear to ear as she looked down at his semi-hard cock, her eyes sparkling as she watched his big cock inflate and grow even more.

"Damn, Lisa, you scared the crap out of me!" Sam said, stopping in his tracks. "Don't sneak up on me like that!" "I'm sorry, Daddy," she said, giving him a big fake pout and her best "puppy dog" look. "I won't do it again, I promise!" "Okay, then," he said, smiling at her and causing her to break out into a grin as well. "I just wanted to make sure your day got off to a really great start, but I see that it already has!" she said, looking at his nearly erect cock. "Did I do that?" she asked, looking up at him.

"As a matter of fact, yes, you did," he replied, walking over and standing in front of her just out of her reach.

"Were you thinking about yesterday when I made you cum, or today when I'm going to make you cum?" she asked, her eyes back on his cock and watching it grow the final bit to become fully hard. The bulbous head bobbed slightly in front of her, and she felt her pussy start to get wet.

"Both, actually," he said truthfully, looking down at her big, heavy breasts stretching out the front of her tight shirt. "And I still say you can't do it." "I guess we'll just have to see about that, now won't we?" she said, glancing up at him and then reaching out for his cock. He grasped her by the wrist, stopping her before she could touch him, and she looked up at him in surprise. "Not here, sweetie," he said, a soft look on his face.

"It's bad enough that we're doing this behind your mother's back, but I won't make it worse by doing it in the bedroom and on the bed I share with her." The questioning look on her face changed to that of understanding, and then she smiled at him. "You're right, Daddy, and I understand completely," she said, standing up in front of him. Her huge breasts looked even bigger, straining at the shirt as she stood mere inches away from him.

"I'm sorry, I should have thought of that myself." "It's okay, sweetie, really," he said, lifting up her hand and kissing the back of it. "No harm, no foul." "Thank you, Daddy," she said, smiling sweetly at him.

"So I guess we'll just have to go to my bedroom, huh?" "I guess so," he replied. "Then let's go!" she said. She reached down and grabbed his fully-erect cock with her hand, then turned and led him out of his bedroom, down the hall, and into her bedroom, all the while pulling him by his shaft.

He watched the firm, rounded globes of her bare ass flexing and swaying as she walked, and this excited him even more. He wondered what they would feel like clenching around his shaft as he rubbed it up and down between them, and decided to put that on his list of things to do with her. She led him into her bedroom and over to her bed, stopping to turn and face him when they were standing next to the side of the bed. She kept her hand on his shaft and began to slowly pull on it, gripping it firmly with one hand, running her other hand over his lightly muscled chest and down to his flat stomach.

"Wow, you've got some body, Daddy," she said, looking him up and down as she continued to slowly tug on his cock. "You look really hot!" "Thank you, sweetie, I'm glad you think so," he said, genuinely proud of himself. He worked hard to keep in shape, and to have her compliment him on it made him feel good. It also made him want her even more, and his cock throbbed in response. "You know, I was thinking this morning that I haven't even kissed you yet," she said softly, sliding her hand back up his chest and around to the back of his neck, pulling him slowly to her.

He could feel the firm, heavy mounds of her big breasts pressing against his chest as she drew him close, her hand still latched onto his throbbing cock. "I was thinking the same thing," he murmured as she tilted her head, closing her eyes as their lips touched.

Her lips were soft and warm, parted slightly as the kiss began, and then parting more as her delicate pink tongue, soft and wet, slid into his mouth to find his own. He slipped his arms around her trim waist and pulled her closer to him as the kiss deepened, her hand still gripping his cock and pumping it more firmly as they kissed.

He could feel her big breasts mashed against his chest, the hard pebbles of her nipples evident, and he slid his hand down to grasp one firm, rounded asscheek in his hand. He squeezed it firmly and she moaned in his mouth, signaling her desire for him. He could feel his cock start to ooze precum, and the ooze quickly turned into a steady flow as she tugged and pulled on his cock.

She felt the slick spot on her stomach where the head of his cock had rubbed his precum on her skin, and she slid her hand up to the head of his cock to rub it around and get his shaft slippery. He slid his other hand down to her ass and grabbed her other cheek, squeezing them both in his hands as she slipped her hand up and down his shaft. After a few more pleasurable moments she finally broke off the kiss, looking deeply into his eyes as she panted slightly for breath.

She smiled as she spoke softly. "Wow," she said, looking into his eyes, "you're a great kisser, Daddy!" "So are you, sweetie," he replied, looking back into her eyes. "But I think something's wrong here," he said. "What, Daddy? What's wrong?" she asked, alarmed just a bit. "I think one of us has too much clothing on," he said, grinning at her. She smiled back at him, the look of relief evident on her face.

Then the smile turned seductive as she replied. "I think I can take care of that," she said in a low voice. She released his cock from her grasp, the head and first three inches of the shaft slick and shiny with his precum, and took two steps back.

Never taking her eyes from his, she crossed her arms in front of her, grabbed the bottom of the tight-fitting tank top, and pulled it up over her big breasts and then over her head to drop it on the floor.

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Still keeping eye contact with him, she immediately hooked her thumbs into the sides of her pink thong panties and pulled them down her hips, then slid them down her legs and stepped out of them, her heavy breasts swaying with her movements, the nipples hard and erect.

She held the panties out to the side, still looking in his eyes and smiling a half-smile, as she deliberately dropped them onto the floor to join her discarded shirt. Then she spread her feet apart, put her hands on her hips and stood there in front of him, allowing him to take in the sight of her completely naked body. "Well, Daddy, what do you think?" she asked, smiling demurely at him.

"I think you're absolutely beautiful, that's what I think!" he replied, and he meant every word of it. Her breasts were big and heavy but firm with very little sag, and they were capped by two big, prominent nipples surrounded by large, dark areolas. After letting his gaze linger on her breasts for a few moments he looked down at her pussy; she had trimmed her pubic hair into a very narrow strip, clipping it close as well, and her outer lips were shaven smooth.

He could see that her outer lips were swollen and full, slightly parted, an indication of just how aroused she was. She walked slowly over to him, sliding her arms around him as she got close; he slid his arms around her body and pulled her close, feeling her completely naked body against his for the first time. The feeling of her naked breasts pressing into his chest was nearly electric, and when she pressed her mound against the base of his cock he thought he would cum right then and there.


"Thank you, Daddy," she whispered, then kissed him hard and deep, pressing every inch of her body against his, molding her body to his in a sensual embrace. His big, thick, hard cock throbbed between them, the precum flowing out, and she pushed her body against it as they held each other close.

When the kiss ended he nuzzled the side of her neck, kissing and sucking on the sensitive skin there, sliding his hands down to cup and squeeze the globes of her ass in his strong hands. She ran her finger through the hair on the back of his head as she slid a hand between them to find his hard cock, then grasped it by the head, wrapping her fingers around it and squeezing firmly.

She felt him buck in her grip, and she tightened it just a bit and began pumping her hand up and down. His precum quickly lubricated her hand, and she was able to slide it up and down the head to the first few inches of his shaft easily. After a few more moments of pumping his cock while he nibbled and sucked on her neck, she released his cock from her grip and put her hands on his upper arms, gently pushing him backwards towards the bed.

He stepped back until he felt the back of his legs encounter the mattress behind him, and the he sat down as she continued to push on his arms.

She was now standing over him, his hard cock standing straight up in his lap, and she moved his knees apart with her legs so she could move in close to him. He found himself face to face with her magnificent breasts, and as he watched she cupped them in her hands and then held them up for him. She leaned forward and pressed them against his face, and he reached up and grasped the big globes with both hands.

His lips found one of her erect nipples and he immediately clamped his lips around it, sucking on it as he ran his tongue over it as he squeezed her big globes in his hands.

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She moaned slightly as he sucked on her hard nub, feeding her breast to him. After a few moments she pulled that nipple from his mouth and fed him her other breast, pushing the nipple into his mouth so he could repeat his treatment to the other one. She felt her pussy flooding at the feeling of her father's lips and tongue on her breasts and nipples, and she moaned again as he squeezed her breasts harder in his hands. She pushed her breasts harder against his face, pushing them together to smother his face in her breastflesh.

As she pressed her big breasts in his face he slid one hand down her flat stomach to her mound, and she gasped as he cupped her mound in the palm of his hand. She was hot and wet, her outer lips slippery with her juices, and he slipped a finger between them to caress her soft, silky and slippery inner lips. She groaned and released her breasts from her hands, wrapping her arms around his head and pulling his face into her breasts as he slid his finger inside her tight, wet tunnel, running it along her clit in the process.

She squealed and pulled his head tighter to her bosom as he did this, then thrust her hips forward to urge him in deeper. He slid his finger in deeper as she wanted, and he felt her pussy muscles clamp down on it as he moved inside her.

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His thumb found her clit, and he began to massage her clit in circles with his thumb as he slid his finger in and out of her pussy, sucking and nipping on her nipples as the same time. "Oh, God, Daddy, I'm gonna cum!" she moaned, and then she did. She cried out as her orgasm hit, pulling his head hard against her chest, and he felt her body trembling and shaking as her orgasm took control. He wrapped his arm around her slim waist and held on fast as he slipped his finger in and out of her clutching, gripping pussy, still rubbing her clit with his thumb as she came.

She closed her eyes and held on to his head, her mouth open as wave after wave of intense pleasure crashed over and through her body in one of the most powerful orgasms she'd ever experienced. When it was finally over it left her gasping and weak in the knees, and Sam slipped his hand from her mound and wrapped both arms around her waist, holding her for support as she recovered from the intense orgasm.

He could hear her gasping for breath, her large breasts heaving around his face as she struggled to catch her breath, and he picked his head up from between them and looked up at her face, smiling at her. "You ok, sweetie?" he asked, and she opened her eyes to look down at him.

She smiled back, her eyes slightly hooded. "Oh my God, Daddy, that was wild!" she said, smiling back at him. "That's only the first one, you know," he said, giving her a wicked smile as a promise of things to come.

"There's more on the way, if I have anything to say about it and I think I do!" "But now it's your turn, Daddy," she said, reaching behind her to unclasp his hands and take his arms from around her chest. He knew what she was going to do, so he stretched his arms out behind him and leaned back on his hands as she knelt between his legs, bracing herself with her hands on the top of his thighs for support on the way down.

She kept her eyes on his as she lowered her big breasts down onto and around his throbbing cock, and he felt their weight on his hips on either side of his cock before she grabbed his cock and slipped it between her breasts, holding it straight up as she pushed her breasts together to nearly engulf his entire cock. Just the head and about an inch of his shaft was visible once she had her breasts wrapped around his cock, and she pressed them together firmly to keep it trapped in between them.

Then she began to move them up and down his shaft, lifting them up with her hands as he kept them pressed together, slowly tit-fucking his cock. "Let's get some of that wonderful precum in there to make things nice and slippery, shall we?" she said softly, looking down as she lifted her breasts high enough to bury the head of his cock between them.

She did this for several moments, and his steady flow of precum soon had his shaft and the inner surfaces of her big, firm breasts covered with his slippery fluid.

She looked up into his eyes as she fucked his cock with her big tits, smiling at him as she did so. She looked down to see the bulbous head of his cock as it appeared from between her breasts, and she stuck her tongue out to lick the precum from the tip. Then she lowered her lips down to the head and placed them on the tip of his cock, sucking on it firmly as she continued to slide her breasts up and down his long, thick cock.

She was sucking the precum from him, swallowing it as fast as she could get it out of him, and it made him moan with pleasure.


"You like that, Daddy?" she said in a husky voice as she continued to tit-fuck him. "You like when I suck the precum from the end of your dick like that?" "Yes, baby, I do," he replied softly, watching her as she moved her breasts up and down his shaft. "I love the feeling of your cock between my big tits!" she said, smiling at him. "I've dreamed about this for so long, and now to finally have your big, thick cock trapped between my tits is a dream come true!" "For me, too, sweetie," he replied, and she smiled bigger at him in response.

"Now I'm going to make you cum," she said, releasing her breasts from around his cock and grasping it firmly with both hands.


"First I'm going to suck your big cock and see how much of it I can get in my warm, wet mouth, and then I'm going to make you cum and let you watch me swallow every drop!" "Good luck, sweetie, you're gonna need it!" he said, grinning at her.

She grinned back and then turned her attention to his cock. She began by licking the tip of his cock with the flat of her tongue, licking up his precum and swallowing it as she pumped his cock to produce more.

Then she slid her hands up over the head of his cock to smooth his precum over the head and down the shaft, tugging and pulling on the thick shaft with one hand while she spread the slippery clear fluid all over the head and shaft with the other.

In a matter of moments nearly his entire cock was shiny with his precum, and she was sliding her hands up and down the entire length of his eleven inch cock. She held his cock nearly straight up, then slipped her soft, full lips onto the tip as she pumped it.

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She slid her lips down and over the bulbous head of his cock, knowing that if she could fit the head of his cock into her mouth then she could get his shaft in as well. How deep was another matter, but right now she just wanted to see if she could open her mouth wide enough to get the big head in. She slid her lips down further, stretching her jaw open as wide as she could, and to her surprise and his the head of his cock slipped into her mouth.

It was a tight fit, but she did it, looking up at him and smiling with her eyes in triumph. He smiled back at her, laughing just a bit. She turned her attention back to his cock, swirling her tongue over and around the head as she sucked on it.

She continued pumping the shaft with her hands, pulling more and more precum from his cock as she sucked on it, then began to slide her mouth down his shaft bit by bit, bobbing her head as she pushed her mouth down further and further on his cock.

He watched in amazement as she slowly and doggedly slid her mouth further down his shaft, taking more and more of his thick, throbbing cock into her mouth with each dip of his head. Her jaws were stretched with and he could feel her tongue on the underside of his shaft, sliding back and forth as she slowly worked his mammoth cock into her wet mouth.

When she had about four inches of his cock in her mouth she paused, breathing hard through her nose, then slid her hands further down onto his cock to give her room to move.

To his amazement he watched as she took another two inches into her mouth quickly, then he heard and felt her gag a bit as the head of his cock hit the back of her throat. He reached out and gently touched the top of her head with his hand, and she nodded around his shaft to let him know she was okay.

He took his hand away as she tried to take more of his cock into her mouth, but she gagged again; that was as much as she was going to manage, and he was shocked and amazed that she had managed to get six of his eleven inches into her tiny mouth! Then she surprised him again by beginning to move on his cock, sliding her mouth slowly up and down the six inches of his shaft she had managed to fit in her mouth.

She pumped the rest of his thick shaft with her hands as she bobbed her head up and down on his cock, sliding it in and out of her mouth in long, steady strokes, sucking on it and slathering her tongue around the head as she did so.

She gripped his shaft hard with her hands, pumping and tugging on it as she worked her wet, sucking mouth up and down his cock, and he knew by the feeling in his balls that he was going to cum soon. And it was going to be one hell of a gusher, he could tell that as well. She could tell by the change in his breathing that he was getting close, so she tightened her grip on his cock with her hands and started moving her head up and down faster on his shaft, sucking as hard as she could.

He was breathing quickly now, and was mere moments away from cumming in her mouth. "Hang on, baby, here it cums!" he warned, feeling his balls tightening and his cock widening. She felt his cock widen too, and after two more quick dips of her mouth down on his shaft she slid her mouth up to the head and kept the head trapped in her mouth, sucking hard and slathering her tongue around it as she pumped the rest of his shaft with her hands.

He came then, hard, his hips thrusting upwards as his cock erupted in his daughter's mouth, and he groaned with the intensity of it. He felt the cum rushing up the length of his cock as it came blasting out into Lisa's mouth, and the first long, powerful stream went straight into her mouth and right down her throat. She gagged for a second but hung on to his cock as the first blast filled her mouth, then she swallowed and kept pumping his shaft as his cock throbbed in her hands again and again as his cock pumped stream after long stream of hot, thick cum into her mouth.

Her eyes grew wide in amazement and surprise as his cock pumped and throbbed in her mouth and hands, blasting much more cum into her mouth than she was expecting. She swallowed again and again, struggling to keep up with the fire hose stream of cum exploding into her mouth, but it was just too much for her.

After swallowing the first five blasts of cum he shot into her mouth and down her throat she lost control of the cum flood shooting from his cock, and a stream of cum slipped from each corner of her mouth to drip down onto the base of his cock as she struggled to swallow what she could.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the pulsing and throbbing of his cock began to slow and the flood of cum shooting from his cock abated to a trickle, and she pumped the last of his cum from his cock with her hands and swallowed it down.

When she was sure she had it all she released his cock from her mouth and from her hands, letting it fall back to slap wetly against his stomach where it slowly started to soften. She fell down onto her haunches, her arms resting on the tops of his thighs as she gasped for breath, her mouth hanging open, two streams of cum slowly dripping from the corners of her mouth.

He was panting and gasping for breath, too; she had made him cum hard, and he was surprised by the intensity of it, the volume of cum he had shot, and the amount she had managed to swallow. He looked down at her gasping for breath, noticing the two streams of cum at the corners of her mouth and the two pools of it on either side of his slowly softening cock, and he was disappointed that she wasn't able to swallow his whole load as she so badly wanted to do.

"Damn!" she said, still panting for breath as she slapped her hand on the mattress next to his leg. "And I was so close, too! I almost did it, Daddy, I almost swallowed it all!" she exclaimed, smiling up at him. He could see the mixture of delight and disappointment in her eyes, and it touched him. "You did damned good, sweetie, you really did!" he said, smiling back and her and placing his hand on hers.

"You did better than any other woman ever has, and that's something to be proud of!" "Better than any other woman except for one," she pouted, sticking out her bottom lip in an exaggerated pout. "Even she didn't do it the first time, sweetie," he father said, rubbing the side of her face.

"It took her three times to finally swallow it all." "I guess I'm just gonna have to practice on you, huh, Daddy?" Lisa asked, smiling at him. "Anytime you want, sweetie, anytime you want," he replied, smiling back at her and then getting up from the bed. "But now it's your turn," he said, reaching down to help her up, then turning her around and sitting her down on the bed. She looked up at him, her eyes hopeful and excited at the same time. "Lie back, sweetie," he said, and she did so, her big breasts falling to the sides of her chest as she lay on her back.

Even lying down, her breasts were so big and firm that they didn't flatten out completely like most women's breasts did, only flattening a little bit. Sam knelt down in front of her, putting his hands on her knees and spreading them apart. He heard her gasp just a little as he exposed her young, smooth shaven pussy to him for the first time, and he paused for a moment to admire its perfect shape and beauty. "Do you like my pussy, Daddy?" she asked, lifting her head up and looking over her breasts and down her body at him.

He looked up at her as he replied. "It's beautiful, baby, absolutely beautiful!" he said, looking back down again. He reached out and ran a finger over her smooth, wet outer lips and felt her jump slightly, gasping again at his touch, and then he rubbed her outer lips more firmly with his fingers. Her lips parted, reveling the pink, wet folds of her labia to him, and he traced a finger up and down her slit. She moaned slightly as he did so, then moaned a bit louder as he placed the tip of his finger against her tight opening and pushed it in.

He felt her pussy clamp down on the tip of his finger, and he slipped it in and out just a bit to tease her. Then he slipped his finger out of her pussy and slid both hands under her knees, pulling her ass towards the edge of the bed until her hips were resting right on the edge. He put her legs over his shoulders, and she began breathing quickly as she realized what he was about to do.

"Oh, yes, Daddy, yes!" she said breathlessly, breathing quickly, "Lick my pussy, Daddy, lick my pussy, please!" Sam leaned forward and slowly ran his tongue up her wet slit, making her hips squirm as he tasted her sweet juices for the first time. He licked her slowly several times before running the tip of his tongue over her clit, then flicked it over the hard nub several times to make her moan.

He leaned further in and clamped his lips over her clit, sucking it into his mouth and rolling his tongue over and around it. She cried out briefly, her thighs moving around the side of his head, her hands finding his head to intertwine her fingers in his hair as he sucked her nub.

Then he slid his tongue down to her opening and pushed it inside as far as he could, and she pulled his face against her pussy as she clamped down on it with her inner muscles.

He began sliding his tongue in and out of her tunnel as he reached around her leg to rub her clit from above, his other hand on top of her other leg to hold her down as he tongued and fingered her. "Oh my God, I'm gonna cum!" she cried, panting for breath, her fingers still caught in his hair as she pulled his face more firmly into her pussy.

"I'm gonna cum, Daddy, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna CUM!!" And she did, her pussy flooding Sam's mouth with her juices as her tunnel contracted and fluttered on his tongue as he pushed it deeply inside her pussy. She clamped her firm, shapely thighs around his head as he rubbed her clit, hanging on to him for dear life as an intense, powerful orgasm ripped through her body. Sam clung to her pussy, intent on making her cum as hard and as long as possible, and she cried out again as her orgasm continued.

Her hips bucked and jerked as wave after wave of pleasure came crashing through her body, and she thrashed on the bed as her orgasm took control of her very being. Her cumming this hard and this long has an immediate effect on Sam, and he felt his mammoth cock begin to harden and rise as he held on to her thrashing hips.

By the time she was finished cumming he was rock-hard, his cock fully erect and throbbing, standing up in front of him, the precum flowing. When her orgasm finally faded she was left breathless and gasping, panting for air. She dropped her legs to his shoulders and let her feet dangle behind him, her hands falling to the mattress at her sides. Her mouth hung open as she gasped for breath, her big mounds rising and falling with her chest as she tried to recover from the intense orgasm that had just rocked her body right down to her soul.

Sam looked up at her, watching her big breasts with her still-hard nipples rising and falling as she caught her breath, and she lifted her head up to look at him. She smiled a weary, satisfied smile at him as he spoke. "You okay, baby?" he asked, still kneeling down, his erect cock not visible to her.

Yet. "Yes, Daddy," she gasped, still trying to catch her breath. "I just came so hard! I don't think I've ever cum that hard before in my entire life!" "That's good, baby, I'm glad to hear that," Sam said, shrugging her thighs from his shoulders and finally standing up in front of her, his fully erect cock standing up proudly. Her eyes dropped down to his cock and widened immediately. She watched as he gripped his cock near the base with one hand and pumped it slowly, forcing a near-river of precum to flow out of the tip and drip down onto her mound.

It was hot and slick as it touched her skin, and her mouth fell open as she watched him do it again. Sam looked down at his daughter spread out on the bed before him, her pussy glistening with her juices, her big breasts sitting majestically on her chest, and he realized that she was one of the most beautiful women he'd ever seen.

He also realized that he wanted her, badly. She looked up at him, her eyes still wide but filled with lust, hope, and desire all at the same time. "Daddy…" she said softly, looking down at his throbbing cock in his hand and then back up to his eye, asking the question without saying the words. More to come…