Big Titty Rockstar mom Paige Delight goes wild for Anal

Big Titty Rockstar mom Paige Delight goes wild for Anal
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It was two years after the boys had graduated high school. Chris was in his second year at University for Stage management and Jacob was doing a carpentry apprenticeship. The University Chris was at had weird hours and lectures usually ran into the night. They were living together in a small apartment. Chris' mum was sad to see him move out but Jacobs mum encouraged it. Chris usually came home to find Jacob asleep, sometimes waking him up if he was feeling horny but mostly he just let him sleep.

Chris got home one evening but Jacob wasn't home yet. Chris made himself something to eat and watched a bit of TV. Jacob got home and he seemed angry. " Hey, what's up? Are you okay?" Chris asked rushing over to him. " Do I fucking look okay?" Jacob yelled. Chris was frightened but grabbed his hand anyway.

" What happened?" Chris asked. " You fucking happened." Jacob said snatching his hand back. "You kept me up last night and I fell asleep on the job. The big boss came by and saw me sleeping and insisted I get suspended. " Laziness will not be tolerated," he said. I tried to explain that my boyfriend kept me up all night and he started fuming. He is one of those Christian fuckers who believe homosexuality is a sin. A couple of the blokes at work know I'm gay but my boss didn't.

So as well as getting fired for laziness I got an hour-long lecture for being gay! Both of those things are your fault!" Jacob screamed at him. " I'm sorry you got suspended and I'm sorry your boss and the big boss are close minded homophobe's." Chris said.

" Don't be fucking sorry. You're always fucking sorry. Whatever goes wrong it seems to be your fault and your always so fucking sorry." Jacob said.

" I hate to say this but not everything is my fault. I didn't force you to be gay, it is just who you are. Also I'm getting sick of you always blaming me for everything! Something goes wrong and it is my fault.

Yeah I say sorry a lot but it is because I don't want to fight with you!" Chris yelled back. " Your always letting people walk all over you! Even me! No wonder you get blamed for everything!" Jacob said. " You always blame everyone else except yourself! Take some fucking responsibility for your actions!" Chris yelled. " I do take responsibility! It is just this time it wasn't my fault!" Jacob screamed. " Well you can think about all of the responsibilities you want I'm out." Chris said storming to the bedroom.

" Hold on a second, Just where are you going?" Jacob asked from the door way. " I don't know. Jessie's probably, or Ashleigh's. I need to get out of here.

You infuriate me so fucking much." Chris said. Jacob walked towards him. " You're not going anywhere!" Jacob said unpacking Chris' stuff. " Watch me." Chris said harshly looking at Jacob. Jacob looked like he was about to scream. They leaned forward at the same time and roughly kissed.

Jacob pulled Chris down onto the bed on top of him. Chris pulled off Jacob's shirt quickly and pulled his own of as well. Jacob rolled them over so he was on top and jerked Chris' pants down enough for his 8-inch penis to spring out. It was already fully hard and Jacob tugged at it roughly. Chris pulled Jacobs pants down as well and Jacobs 7 and a half-inch cock sprang out.

Chris rolled the head around in his fingers a bit before roughly tugging at it. Jacob moaned and bit down on Chris' neck hard.

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Chris gasped thrusting into Jacobs's hand. Chris felt Jacob smile and bit a little harder. Chris was a tornado of emotions. He was still furious about the fight, in pain from the rough handling from Jacob and the bite and yet so powerfully turned on by it all.

Chris was panting and both boys had started to sweat. Jacob let go of Chris' neck and the pain from the blood rushing back just added to the experience.

There would definitely be marks tomorrow. Jacob crushed his mouth to Chris' once again. Jacob reached over into the side table and Chris knew what was coming next. Jacob stopped playing with Chris' cock and pulled his pants and underwear all the way off. Chris wrapped his legs around Jacobs waist as Jacob spread lubricant on his cock and around Chris' asshole. " Ahh fuck!" Chris groaned out as Jacob's finger entered him. Jacob entered another finger and Chris moaned.

Quickly Jacob removed his fingers and replaced it with his cock. " Ahhhh!!" they both screamed out. " I swear you just get tighter!" Jacob groaned in pleasure thrusting harder into Chris' ass. " I swear. You get bigger!" Chris gasped between breaths. His legs were tight around Jacobs's waist now. Jacob continued to thrust hard and fast into Chris and Chris started to jack himself off in time.

Jacob looked down at Chris' face full of ecstasy and pain and bit his neck once more. He tried to get the same spot but had just missed.

Chris felt his balls tighten and his cock exploded the first jet of cum all over their stomachs. Jacob felt it hit his stomach and couldn't take it. He bit down and thrusted into Chris hard and came. Chris felt Jacobs cock pulsate inside of him as another strong jet of cum was released.

Jacob let his arms go and fell on Chris. Chris' arm wrapped around him and rolled him onto his side. They both came for another minute, waves of ecstasy rolling over them, before finally falling asleep, exhausted.

Jacob woke up in to morning to find Chris missing. There was a note however on Chris' pillow saying, " still mad at you and need time to myself. Gone to a friend's house, don't know how long. Try and grow up a bit." Jacob was so furious he started to cry and he wished Chris was there to hug him and tell him things would be okay. Then he remembered Chris left and just cried more. Then he got angry. So angry. He was glad Chris was gone. He would have hit Chris and regretted it the rest of his life.

There was nothing Jacob could do but cry. "Thanks again for letting me stay." Chris said walking in the door. " Ashleigh is now living with her boyfriend and Jessie is at her parents place for a week." " It's fine." Elliot said. Elliot was the current lighting technician for the play Chris was working on and he was openly gay. They instantly became friends, gossiping about their boyfriends and people in the industry.

" I promise I won't stay long. As soon as Jacob says sorry I will go home." Chris said. " Stay a long as you like." Elliot said a little sad. " What about your boyfriend?" Chris asked worried. " Ex." Was all Elliot said but Chris understood. " When?" Chris asked hugging him. " Two nights ago. I told him I was unhappy and have been for a while and he said whatever I was thinking was all in my head and then left because he was 'sick of my shit'." Elliot said using air quotations.

" I'm so sorry!" Chris said. " It's fine. I was sick of his shit too." Elliot said. " He just hasn't taken his stuff yet. I keep seeing it everywhere and it is like a constant reminder." Elliot said. " We should box it up for when he comes to get it." Chris said. " That way it is easier on both of you." " Yeah I guess. Anyway you can crash on the couch.

There is blankets and stuff there. I have to go out for an hour or two.


Will you be okay?" Elliot asked. " Just need the Wi-Fi password and I'm good to go." Chris said.


" Drama queen. One word with a capital." Elliot said smiling. " I like it." Chris said smiling and walking over to the couch. When Chris turned around Elliot was gone and he could hear the front door shut. Chris sat down finally processing everything. His eyes started to tear up and he pulled out the phone. Before he could stop himself he was dialling Jacob's number.

He hesitated before pressing the call button, his finger hovering over it. He sat that way contemplating for what felt like an eternity. He wanted to say sorry; he wanted Jacob to be okay and most of all he wanted to go home. Suddenly a little diva in Chris head stopped him. He turned the phone off and put it on the table. " Jacob has to say it first. I'm not going to always be the weak one. I'm not going to let him control me." Chris said out loud to him self. He walked into the kitchen away from his phone and sighed.

Jacob had just finished work when his phone rang. The ring tone was called 'out tonight' from a musical called rent. Jacob immediately knew it was Chris. " Hello?" Jacob asked. " Hi. Do you want to say something to me?" Chris asked. " No. I will if you say sorry for walking out on me." Jacob said. " I thought you didn't like it when I said sorry." Chris said.

" Because you over use it." Jacob said. " Because I fucking love you and I hate fighting with you." Chris snapped. " You have to learn to stand up for yourself." Jacob said.

" And that is why I'm not coming home until you apologise." Chris said. " Do whose house did you end up staying at? It was Jessie wasn't it?" Jacob asked.

" No it wasn't. And it isn't Ashleigh either." Chris said. " The who is it?" Jacob asked annoyed. " You know Elliot, the hot gay lighting technician working on my show?" Chris said smugly. Jacob stopped. He wasn't expecting that.

" He as a boyfriend though." Jacob said. " They broke up a few days ago. It looks like he needs some comfort." Chris said. " Whatever. That doesn't matter. I'm sorry for everything. Please come home." Jacob said desperately. " No. I know you don't mean it. You're only saying it because you're jealous. I'm going to stay here a few more days and when I come home I want you to prove you are really sorry." Chris said.

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" I swear if he touches you, or you go after him and he let's you, he is dead and you will mean nothing to me." Jacob warned. Chris was scared of Jacob when he got like this and he was glad the conversation was over the phone so Jacob couldn't see how scared he was.

" What we may or may not do." Chris said a little shakily. He coughed and continued, " Is currently none of your business." Chris finished. " Chris don't you dare." Jacob was cut off when Chris shut the phone. Jacob got angry. He grabbed his coat, wallet and keys. Jacob had a plan. He wanted to do this. Better yet he had to do this. He wouldn't let anyone else look at Chris the same again. Chris felt amazing after hanging up on Jacob. Elliot was in the kitchen pretending not to listen.

Chris walked over to him. " Was I too harsh?" Chris asked.


" You were a grade A bitch." Elliot said. " What did he say to make you shaky like that?" Elliot asked concerned. " It really wasn't important. I was just about to break down and forgive him so I had to end it." Chris said. Elliot thought over Chris' words while mixing the sauce he had boiling on the stovetop. The part he thought about most was Chris saying he had to end it, meaning he was free to date.

" I'm so glad we get Wednesdays and Sunday's off. I always want to give up by Wednesday." Chris said. " I usually get most of my gaming done on the Sunday and all my bills and important stuff done on Wednesday." Elliot said smiling. " Its cool they legalised gay marriage." Chris said.

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" It was a long time coming." Elliot said. " This new guy we have is pretty progressive." Chris said. " I voted for him." " well I don't get into politics much but when I read his campaign I voted for him too." Elliot said plating up dinner. They had just finished dinner and sat down on the couch when Chris' phone began to ring.

The ring tone was ' I'm too sexy for my shirt'. Jacobs ring tone.

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Chris ignored the call. " Thanks for dinner. It was really nice." Chris said. " Your welcome. It's not that hard to make you just-" Chris' phone started to ring again. " sorry." Chris said. " He obviously can't take it." Elliot said referring to the break up. " He is just so persistent. Usually I just give in but this time I am kicking the habit and staying strong." Chris said.

The phone started to ring again and this time he turned the phone off. He looked up at Elliot who was smiling slyly. " What." Chris asked, his heart beat picking up. " I think you need a little comfort." Elliot said.

" I." Chris stammered as Elliot moved towards him on the couch. " When was the last time when the sex was only about you and what you wanted?" Elliot asked. " umm." Chris thought. He was about to answer when he felt Elliot's mouth on his own. Chris kissed him back, placing his hands on Elliot's hips. Elliot ran on hand through Chris' hair and the other went on his crotch. Chris moaned an Elliot smiled. " Come to my room." Elliot said.

Chris was a little nervous but followed him into his room and onto his bed. Elliot pushed Chris down and hopped on top of him. Chris couldn't get into it. Usually he would have jumped at the opportunity but he knew he couldn't do it to Jacob.

" Wait." Chris said, pushing Elliot away. Elliot moved and sat next to Chris on the bed. " I can't. I'm sorry. It's not right. I still love Jacob and I know he loves me." Chris said sadly. " Why did you break up with him then?" Elliot asked confused. " What? I didn't break up with him." Chris exclaimed. " Just after the phone call you said you had to end it before you broke down." Elliot said. " I meant end the call." Chris said. " Wow now I feel really awkward because I went after you like that." Elliot said.

" And in any other circumstance I would have let you have your wicked way with me. But I can't do it to him.

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He would never forgive me." Chris said. " He is a really lucky man." Elliot said. " Yeah but so am I to have him.

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After all the drama we went through to be together it just feels right you know." Chris said. " Yeah. I thought I did." Elliot said. " You said your self you were unhappy." Chris said. " Yeah. I guess I'm kind of glad it's over. Now I can focus on me for a while." Elliot said.

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" I'm going to go to bed. Can you give me a lift to work in the morning?" Chris asked. " Of course." Elliot said hugging him. When the hug ended Chris kissed him on the cheek. " You will find your one too. I will even help." Chris said. Elliot chuckled and said " Good night." Jacob had everything he needed now. It was just a matter of time before he would get to Chris.

The waiting was driving Jacob insane though. In his head he planned it over and over again until he finally fell asleep. It was just after lunchtime and Chris was rigging on stage while Elliot played with the colours of lights for the up coming show. Suddenly there was a bang and someone yelling, " What are you doing?

You can't be here!" Chris heard Jacob yelling at them that he had to talk to Chris urgently and he wasn't in the mood to wait. Jacob burst through the theatre door and walked right up to Chris who was centre stage.

Two men Chris recognised but couldn't name came running after Jacob. They were about to pull him away when Chris said, " It's okay. I want to hear what he has to say." The men nodded and walked over to the wings to watch, just in case.

" Why are you here Jacob?" Chris asked. Jacobs throat closed up and he got really nervous. He knew if he put it off anymore he wouldn't be able to do it. The stage lights changed to a light purple wash and Jacob remembered Elliot and what pushed him to do it in the first place. " Jacob?" Chris asked. " I don't like fighting with you either and I'm sorry for my actions. I don't care what you did or didn't do with Elliot.

Last night I couldn't sleep, worrying about what you might do. I'm just going to make sure it will never happen again." Jacob said. As he was talking Elliot brought up a spot light on where Chris and Jacob were talking. Jacob reached into his pocket and pulled out a ring box. Chris gasped, his heart fluttering. His brain stopped working and all he could see was the small square box. Jacob knelt down before Chris and Chris could feel tears coming on.

" I love you. I didn't at first, then I didn't want to admit it but now I say it freely. I love you Chris, and I think I always will. Will you be my husband?" Jacob asked. Chris stood stock-still. He couldn't process it.

" Chris?" Jacob asked. Chris looked down at Jacob. Jacob was shaking and looked extremely nervous. Chris smiled and said, " Yes! Oh my god Jacob yes!" Jacob stood up and kissed Chris, wrapping his arms around him. Tears were falling freely from Chris' eyes. " And I didn't do anything with Elliot. I couldn't. I love you so fucking much." Chris said kissing him again. " I love you so fucking much too." " You know I want a big wedding." Chris warned him. " Chris, you can have whatever you want." Jacob said smiling.