Blackmail young girl old man

Blackmail young girl old man
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Had just broken up with my boyfriend I was over hanging out with my best friend Diana trying to drink away the thoughts I had when I thought of him. "Fuck that asshole Riley, he's a fucking prick anyways and you're better off" Diana said "I know he is but God damn 3 years i wasted on his ass and for what?


to catch him in bed with the town slut!" As I took another shot the image just kept playing in my head of the town whore bent over the counter in my kitchen with my boyfriend railing her behind. "Besides he wasn't that cute anyways and trust me you can do a hell of a lot better then him" Diana said as she poured out a couple more shots.

I started thinking about what she said, I knew I was attractive. I've always been described as the girl next door type.

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5'7 roughly 140-145, with black curly hair that falls down the middle of my back. I've always been told I look like those anime girls cause I've got the big green eyes with the full lips and pert nose.

As I was thinking about how I looked and what diana was saying looked over in the mirror and thought "not bad Riley, I had a set of 34 double d's that were still very perky with silver dollar size nipples and an amazing fat ass that was so firm you could bounce a quarter off it.

Eric use to always say my ass was my best asset and I hate to say I had to agree.

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"Earth to Riley, hey where'd you go woman come on this bottle isn't going to finish itself" Diana said. " I know, i know" I told her. At this point my buzz had turned into a nice full on drunk and all I wanted was to go out and fuck the first thing I could find.

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"Ok I'm done, I'm going to crash and your too drunk so just go down the hall and crash in the guest bedroom" Diana said. At this point I was feeling super horny when I heard the door open downstairs.


It was Diana's brother Josh and his friend David. As I was looking just seeing them was starting to make me super wet, always had a crush on Josh but had never had the guts to say anything.

As I was stumbling around trying to find my way to the guest bedroom I ran right into both of them heading to Josh's room. "Hey Riley, you ok?

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Wheres Diana" Josh asked. "Shes passed out in her room and I was looking for the guest room to crash in. What are you guys up to?

Strike out tonight with the ladies lol?" I asked. "Lol no we went to a game and had some drinks, besides nothing to look at but as always you're looking good" David piped in and said. At this point I was throbbing and so wet just thinking about what it would be like to fuck my bestfriends brother and friend. I was just drunk enough that I pulled off my top as my double ds did a little bounce.

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"What do you think of them?" I asked as both guys just stared eyes going wide. "I always said thought you had amazing tits Riley but God damn" At this point I reached out and grabbed both their hands and put them on my tits.

"Like what you see? How about we go up to your room and I'll show you what else I have" We all went into Josh's room where he proceeded to turn some music on as David and I started kissing.

Josh came up behind me started feeling my tits and ass. "I've always loved your ass Riley, I've jerked off a time or two thinking about stuffing you full of my cock.

At this point I was down to just my thong with nothing else on. Both David and Josh were all over me, I was so wet at this point I had pussy juices running down my leg. "God damn Riley you're so fucking wet" as David stuck his fingers in my tight pussy.

Josh pulled his pants down and his massive 9 inch standing at attention.

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"God damn Josh you're fucking huge, I need that cock now" I bent over with my ass in the air as I took Josh into my mouth. "God damn suck that cock, yeah that's right suck it like a good little slut" "God damn dude watch her take it like a champ" I wonder what that sweet little pussy feels like" As I was sucking Josh's cock, David pulls his pants down and my eyes go wide seeing his massive cock.

"Uh huh no way David you're too big, theres no way I can handle that" I say.

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David takes his belt off and slaps my ass hard "You're here teasing me with your ass, so I'm going to take that ass and you're going to like it" At this point I'm whimpering while trying to handle taking Josh in my mouth. "Yeah your whimpering now but you'll be moaning in a minute" "You ready for this cock you drunk slut"says David as he teases my ass. "Fuck you David" I scream as he slams all 10 inches into my ass with no lube.

I cant handle it, I'm begging him to stop but he won't listen. As Josh is raping my mouth and David my ass I'm crying and sobbing at this point. "Alright now it's time for me to try out that sweet pussy, hey David how about we DP this bitch?" says Josh as he moves me where I'm now laying on top of David.

Still fucking my ass Josh grabs both his and David's belt and ties my legs spread eagle where I can't move. "Fuck Riley you got a tight little pussy" as he enters me while David is still filling my ass. "Guys no I cant take both of you at once please only one and I'll suck the other off" I beg, crying at this point.

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"Fuck you, God damn cock tease we're going to fill you with so much cum you'll be spewing it for days" While Josh is drilling my pussy making me scream while David keeps pounding me from below. Fucking me over and over pounding away at my holes sticking their fingers in my mouth while grabbing and pinching my tits till they're blue.

I can't handle this, I cum over and over gushing all over both their cocks. "See I told you this bitch would love it, God damn girl you fucking waterfalled both of us" Josh says. Josh stands up and grabs my hair shoving his cock in my mouth to taste myself. "Like that don't you, you nasty cunt,taste yourself on my cock" As I look up at him I hear someone at the front of the bedroom.

"Josh, David what the fuck are you doing?!?!" says Diana as she sees me covered in her brother and brothers friends cum.


I can see her wearing nothing but boy shorts and a top that barely covers her tits. "Hey sis you want in on this?" I look up in horror cause I know how crazy Diana is when it comes to fucking other girls. "Maybe" she says with a big grin. Check out part 2 to see what happens when little sister gets involved.