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"I've never had twins before," Natalia continued after a pause to let her eyes flicker over Ashley's body, a faint smile on her lips, "in any dorm I've been in." "Well now you do." I said trying to be friendly but praying that she would just leave. "Indeed." She said turning her silver eyes back to me. "Well," she said after a moment, clapping her hands together, "I'm sure I will be indulging I'm your company soon enough but I have other matters to attend to." And with that she was gone, her bright orange hair leaving an after image in my mind's eye.

After a few minutes Ashley said, "Holy god! We have to live with her for a whole fucking year?" "It appears so." "This place just gets better and better." She said sarcastically. "Bah, stop worrying we'll be fine, big baby." I grinned, stressing the word big knowing it would get us off of this depressing subject for a little while at least.

Her eyes flared for a second before she realized I wasn't serious but still stood up and hauled me to my feet by my collar. She took a quick look around and leaned in, kissing me hard and spinning at the same time so I had my back to the bed.

She pulled away and looked down into my eyes, "You just wait. Next time we're alone I'll get you back for that." She said huskily. "I can't wait." I responded coyly.

She snorted and pushed me onto my bed before turning to go, a mischievous smirk on her face. "See you in class." She said walking out the door and blowing me a kiss. I heard a girlish "Hi JD!" from my sister and a second later he walked back into the room with a bag of chips from a nearby vending machine.

"Bro your sister is fine." He said grinning, humor as always, in his eyes. "Shut up dude." I chuckled. "Oh I saw Natalia in the other room, did she stop by here?" he asked casting a wary glance towards the door. "Yes, she did." "Whew good, I hope she doesn't remember my last name, otherwise I'm fucked." He said getting up and closing the door before slumping into his own chair, facing me on my bed.

"Why would you be fucked?" I asked, confused but intrigued. "My brother." He answered as if that would make me understand. I recalled that his brother went here but had graduated two years ago. "Huh?" He got up and came around the desks to sit in my chair, leaning forward he licked his lips nervously as if unsure of weather to tell me or not.

"Dude, that girl," he said slowly, "that girl is the most evil, perverted, vicious, psychotic, nympho on this man's planet." I'm sure the color had already started to bleed from my face as I listened to his chilling words. He continued after a pause to compose his thoughts, "When my brother was a senior, she was a sophomore and at the time she was relatively normal, right.

So like all of a sudden she changes and nobody knew why, she dyed her hair all kinds of freaky colors and started acting all weird.

She got super aggressive in hitting on guys and even some girls too, but she got turned down constantly even beat up a few times I hear. And by this time she has already started taking classes for her major, which was and still is chemistry or something involving a lot of chemicals and medicines I'm not sure. So anyways she was really after this one guy but he wouldn't have anything to do with her. So after classes got out for the weekend they disappeared for like a couple days, finally he shows up, looking like shit.

Then after a week or so the story starts to get around that he was eating in the dining hall and got sick all of a sudden so he went to the bathroom and that was all he remembered, before waking up in some random room tied to a chair, naked.

He wouldn't tell anyone specifically what she did to him but you can imagine, after those few days she injects him with something else and he wakes up in his own dorm room, fully clothed. So he goes to take a shower and he sees that there's an N burned onto his hip." "Oh my god." I breathed. "Yeah I know right. And this shit keeps happening, like all tolled about ten guys and two girls just disappear then show up, used and abused with an N burned into their hip." I sat stunned into silence as I digested what he had said.

"Why didn't somebody do something, why didn't somebody call the cops?" I asked. "Dunno. Too scared or something man but it never got reported to anybody, the rumors and stories just went around but nobody did anything." "Then what does this have to do with your brother and you." I asked tentatively.

He winced but continued after another long pause and a sigh, "She came after him man." "Shit, what happened?" "She drugged him but when he woke up he busted loose, gave her that scar on her cheek you probably saw. He was the only one to escape; turns out she had brought them all to this old janitor's storage room in the basement of one of the buildings. He graduated before she could get to him again.

Apparently she stopped after that." "That's good to know." I sighed. "Dude, just watch your back and if you don't mind, keep an eye on mine. She's a senior now and there's no reason for her not to start up again." "My sister was right, this place just gets better and better." I said wearily. "If it doesn't give you nightmares you're a braver man than me." He said thumping me on the shoulder and getting up, heading for the door.

"I'm gonna go find my classes, wanna come with?" "Yeah sure I need to clear my head." I responded following him out of the building. We explored the campus more thoroughly than we had on our previous visits, locating our classrooms and how to get to them. I was still in awe at the size of some of my gen-ed classes, a few were to have upwards of three hundred students in them. By the time we got back around ten I was exhausted and we decided to hit the sack early.

Stripping down to my boxers I got into bed and quickly fell asleep, for my first night in a strange place I managed to fall asleep very quickly. However, it felt like only a few minutes before I jolted awake, fearful that there was someone else in the room besides the two of us. I looked towards the door and let out a relieved sigh as I saw it was closed, I was certain I would see a silver eyed, orange haired, psycho standing there.

Instead I heard a tiny giggle and turned my head sharply to face my desk, eyes wide with anticipated fear. I whimpered pathetically when I saw who was sitting in my chair and scrambled back up against the wall, my heart slamming itself against my chest.

Natalia sat with her legs crossed, chin cupped in one hand, and elbow resting on one knee watching me curiously. She was wearing the same clothes she had on earlier but the top few buttons of her baggy button up shirt were undone revealing a deep V of her upper chest. The light was bad but her skin looked too dark for what I had seen earlier and patchy too as if she was tattooed but that couldn't be, there would have to be too many. "You are a light sleeper, yes?" she said softly but with a hint of disappointment in her voice as if she had wanted to watch me sleep for longer.

"No, just when people like you are watching me." I said hesitantly, trying to slow my breathing. "People like me?" she smiled tightly and cocked her head to the side. "Yeah psychos." I said, slowly building up my shattered confidence. She giggled girlishly and looked back at me with great amusement in her silver eyes.

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"Who has told you this story of me?" "I heard it before I came here." I responded quickly. She narrowed her eyes at me suspiciously, but said nothing. "Did you come here for a reason," I asked, glaring into her eyes, "or did you just want to disturb my sleep?" "Merely a fact finding mission." She said grinning.

I sighed and stood up from my bed, she glanced down as her smile grew sickly and her eyes brightened for a second before her gaze traveled back to my face along the length of my body. I strode to the door and with my back turned said, "Then if you don't mind get the oomph…" A freezing hand was placed on my back and with horrendous strength I was pushed up against the wall with a thud. "My my, I wonder who gave these to you." She purred from behind me as an equally chilly finger traced the scars on my back.

"Your sister perhaps?" I stiffened and slowly said, "No my girlfriend did that." The fingers continued to trace my back but it now felt like she was trying to line up her own hand with them. "Your girlfriend? But she is too small to have done this." My eyes shot open in horrified surprise and her fingers withdrew.

There was a pause before a familiar square image was placed in front of my face. The picture of Oriana in her school girl uniform slowly materialized in the darkness, "Yes she is too small to have done this, but your sister…" "My ex girlfriend did it, she is the same size as my sister and just as vicious as you." She broke down into high pitched girly giggling and it was some time before she calmed down enough to speak. "You are a funny boy. Perhaps we will be friends, yes?" she still had me pushed up against the wall with one freezing hand but gradually the pressure eased and I slowly turned to face her.

"Perhaps more than that, yes?" she smiled and I couldn't help but shiver. She waited for me to respond but all I could do was glare at her to hide my terror and revulsion. "Well we have all year to get acquainted so do not despair." She said happily, opening the door and stepping out into the hall. But she seemed to remember something and turned back to face me holding the picture in her hand.

"She is very pretty; I wonder if I should keep this, it may prove entertaining when I am bored." "Give it back or I'll fucking throttle you." I growled. She beamed excitedly and stepped closer to me. "Oh you will be fun." She whispered as her free hand pulled my waistband and she dropped the picture into my boxers letting go with a snap of elastics. "Try not to get hurt I will see to you in due time." She said reaching up and trying to stroke my face with an icy hand before I jerked away.

She giggled again and headed off down the hall to the girls side of the building. I took the picture out of my boxers and brought it back into the room closing the door behind me. How had she found this, I had hid it on the shelf in my closet under some random stuff, I would have to find a new place for it but later. Absentmindedly the thumb of my right hand flicked over the ring and I calmed down slightly.

I looked at the clock and groaned it was two in the morning. I got back into bed and tried to fall asleep but kept waking up at every little noise I heard. It was a few weeks before I stopped looking over my shoulder every five seconds and started sleeping regularly. That first morning I had woken up exhausted and had stumbled into class and seated myself when Ashley showed up looking sullen and demanded that we sit in the back at the end of the row with me between her and the rest of the room.

I had been too tired to question her and now I was regretting it, I could barely hear the professor when he wasn't using his mic and it was only thanks to a large overhead projector that I could see.

Although it was a basic English class, and I really didn't need to pay much attention, however I became bored almost instantly. And so a few weeks, closer to a month after that first disastrous night I was sitting in that English class suffering through a severe bout of boredom. The professor had been droning on about proper sentence structure or some shit for an hour now, I took a few notes but it was stuff I already knew. I looked around me and saw that just about everyone was either paying rapt attention, sleeping, or bored out of their minds and fiddling around.

I smiled and looked over at Ashley, she had her arms crossed in front of her and was resting her chin on her forearm watching the professor with sleepy eyes. She was wearing a white blouse with three quarter length sleeves and a pair of ridiculously tight, black pinstripe pants. I grinned broadly as an idea struck me to relieve my boredom; I let my hand slip from my chair to hers. I walked my fingers up her thigh, her pants were skin tight and there was no loose material even when she was sitting.

I gave her hard thigh a squeeze and I saw her eyes flicker over as she looked at me out of the corner of her eye, a smirk starting to pluck at her lips.

I looked around again and smiled to myself at the fact that no one was paying attention and that there was a faceplate to the tables which hid my actions from view. I continued squeezing her leg a few more times before letting my fingers travel down the inside of her thigh.

I ran a finger along her inner thigh towards her crotch but turned back before I came to the junction of her leg and pelvis. Her pants were so tight and thin enough that it was like they weren't there at all; I hoped that it was the same for her as well so I looked to her face from where I had been looking around the room.

Her eyes were closed, an awkward smile kept forming and fading on her slightly parted lips as I came closer and closer to her covered pussy and when it seemed like I was about to caress her no doubt enflamed outer lips. I kept this up for quite some time before finally dragging a finger past her leg to just above her waistband and started doing the same thing as before.

This time as I neared her pussy on the down stroke I spread my fingers and lightly brushed a finger on either side of her slit, as I did so she inhaled sharply and whimpered a little. I did this for awhile as well, adding a little more pressure each time, compensating for the extra layer of her panties.

She started breathing harder and her cheeks were bright red. She had lain her head down on her arms, turning her head to face me she opened and closed her glazed over eyes in concert with her heaving breaths. I paused for a second to flex my arm as it had started to cramp up from such tiny movements. "Uhn don't stop." She gasped breathlessly, her eyes barely open. I smiled and kept following the same patterns of movement as before but started brushing the very edge of her outer lips, almost accidentally.

She moaned gently and I let my fingers venture further, tracing her slit through her pants and panties. I pushed harder against her, running my fingers the length of her cunt.


Even through those two layers of soft cloth I could feel the heat radiating from her and I pushed my fingers in up to the first knuckle, reveling in her warmth. She moved her arms putting her head face down on the table, I could see her hands turn claw like and her fingernails scrape on the table top as she clenched and unclenched her hands.

I turned my fingers upwards and as I did she squeezed her thighs together on my hand, crushing it as she came. Her body twitched and she let out a relieved sigh before turning her face, now glistening with sweat and beat red, back to me and smiled weakly.

My hand was still trapped between her thighs and I gestured down with my eyes. She brought her hands down and grabbed my wrist while letting go with her thighs, as my hand pulled free she placed her hand up to mine, palm facing palm, and intertwined her fingers with mine.

Her other hand played with my fingers, squeezing them, rolling them, turning them as she continued to gaze into my eyes. I pulled my hand with hers and let them hang between us as she tried to come back to her senses.

She let go of my hand and leaned back in her chair sighing contentedly, when she moved her hips a frown suddenly appeared on her lips and she turned to me, jabbing me in the ribs with a finger. "Now I have to change, I hope your satisfied." She whispered. "Very much so." I quipped happily causing her to poke me a few more times. She giggled and said, "You keep this up and I'm gonna have spend the night with you." "Pfft I can barely last ten minutes with you.

How do you expect me to last a night?" "You let me worry about that." She smirked. I chuckled but my comeback was interrupted when the professor started describing an assignment we had to do. We didn't talk until class ended twenty minutes later; we had another class together in half an hour. "It's your fault I have to change so you're coming with me." She said and grabbed my arm pulling me after her as she headed for the dorm. Halfway there JD passed by us on his way to class and gave me an amused look, I rolled my eyes in response and he walked away chuckling.

She basically dragged me to her room and once she opened the door, threw me across the room onto her bed. Luckily her roommate Catherine wasn't there or she had planned it that way. "Whoa there frisky! What do you think your doing?" She didn't respond instead she closed the door and staggered over to me as she tried to get her pants off. "Hey come on we don't have time for this." I said. She only gave me a strained grin as she struggled to get her way-to-tight pants off and as I watched she let out a yelp, falling to the floor as she tripped over herself.

She'd gotten her pants to around her knees when she fell and I got up, kneeling next to her and put a hand high on her back, keeping her down. She started to get up and I had to add a knee to keep her pinned against the floor. "Oh, so that's how it's gonna be? Fine then, take me Tim!" she said lustily, pushing her butt into the air. I couldn't help but stare at her ass which was barely contained by a pair of black panties.

I sighed longingly and reached out a hand, my fingers aching to caress her magnificent ass, her perfect cheeks, and her flawless skin.

I could smell her; those frustrating chemicals that the body gave off were driving my mind and body absolutely insane. "You are the most infuriating girl I have ever met." I whispered. She giggled girlishly obviously pleased that she drove me so crazy. I gave in and let my hand graze over her panty cover ass, cupping a fleshy cheek and giving it a squeeze.

I kept up the pressure on her back though, knowing that she wouldn't pass up the chance to take more from me when she realized that I wasn't going to go all the way. I took my hand away from her ass only to slip it under her panties and rub her supple rear directly.

She moaned from deep in her throat, always loving her ass being touched. I withdrew my hand and placed it by my knee, drawing first my forefinger and then my thumb slowly down her spine back under her panties.

My fingers kept going, brushing over her tight asshole and rubbing her soaked pussy. I pushed a finger into her steamy cunt, her inner muscles seizing it instantly and pulsating around it as if milking it for all its worth. "Oh you're so deprived aren't you?" I teased. "Mmhmm." She moaned loudly. "You want more?" I asked slyly, slowly pushing a second finger into her.

"Yyee-hhheeess!" she cried out. "Oh that's unfortunate because this is as far as I go…well almost." I dragged my fingers out of her clinging pussy and rubbed them over her puckered hole. Circling my slick fingers around and eventually into her, working them in one at a time.

"Nnooo!" she whimpered turning her head to look at me sidelong, the most desperate pleading look in her eye. I pulled my two fingers out of her ass and replaced them with my thumb. I placed those two fingers back in her pussy and shoved all three as far as I could into her.

"Bastard!" she cried, starting to struggle under me, "Stop being so lazy…UUUHHNNN!" I curved my fingers and pulled up, lifting her ass farther into the air and forcing her to put her legs underneath herself.

"You were saying?" I said twisting and turning my fingers like she was a huge dial. "Nnyyaa f-fuck you!" she squealed, breathing heavily. "That's my girl." I said chuckling. I pushed hard with my hand and her body was driven forward even though I was still kneeling on her. I pushed twice more, softer this time and then shoved her hard again. This must have been too much for her because she let out a moan that gradually became a scream and collapsed to the floor panting wildly as a small flood of juices rushed past my fingers and her asshole clamped down on my thumb so hard I thought she would sever it.

I laughed and struggled to remove my fingers from her gripping orifices, finally doing so I looked at my hand once and immediately grinned at what I was going to do with it. I turned and reached out, stroking her face with my hand making sure to smear as much of her fluids on her face as I could. She moaned feebly as I pushed my fingers to her lips trying to coax them open like you would with a stubborn baby. Slowly her lips parted and I slid my fingers one after the other into her hot mouth, only wishing it was my cock in there instead.

I actually moaned as her tongue danced over my fingers, cleaning them of any remaining juices. Finally satisfied I pulled my fingers from her mouth, she whimpered again and tried to grab them but I took my hand away too quickly.

She flopped back on her stomach with a resigned sigh and licked her lips looking at me, her eyes full of desire. "Well would ya look at the time," I said, "Class is in ten minutes. You'd better hurry up and change." I stood up and backed away from her just in case she decided to come at me.

She didn't get up; instead she stretched gracefully and turned on her side propping her head up with her hand and elbow. "You said you can barely last ten minutes with me, don't you want to stay?" she purred, seductively drawing her free hand up her stomach to her chest where she gave her left tit a squeeze.

"No, I think I'll let you dangle for a while." I said stepping over her. The look of shock and disappointment mixed with pent up lust on her beautiful face was hysterical and it was all I could do not to laugh out loud. She pouted, and reaching down I smacked her ass hard enough to leave my skin tingling.

She opened her mouth as if to scream but just gave me the most pitiful longing look I had ever seen. "See you in class." I said echoing her earlier words and even blowing her an exaggerated kiss on my way out the door. I heard a muffled "Tim!" from behind the door but kept going not really wanting to be seen walking around in the girls side of the building. I had to walk through the common room, which was probably the coolest room I had ever seen.

It was decked out with chairs, sofas, a pool table, a ping-pong table, a few regular tables, and a wicked nice entertainment system complete with fifty inch flat screen TV mounted on one wall. Although, after a flash of color caught my eye I had no intention of remaining in that room for another millisecond.

"Visiting your sister, yes?" Natalia asked, not even turning around from where she sat in an overstuffed chair in the middle of the room, facing away from me. "Just seeing what she was up to, I didn't want her to be late for class." I lied, throwing an obscene gesture in her direction. "Tsk tsk there's no need for that Mr.

Donovan." She said and I realized with a start that she could see my reflection in the darkened television set. "I have to get to class." I said and hurried out of the room feeling like a coward for running out of there like that, but I did need to get to class seeing as the room was a good distance away across campus.

I picked up the pace and made it to the room panting slightly with five minutes left, damn it I needed to get back in shape. I was going to be involved with several intramural sports but they didn't start for another month or so.

I vowed to start hitting the track or the gym starting tonight. Those ideas were confirmed when Ashley strode into the room with thirty seconds to spare, her breathing even and not a trace of sweat on her. This was a science class and at the moment we were conducting a fun experiment where we tested the reaction certain chemicals had with each other.

It wasn't a real learning lab, but a sort of laidback activity thing we would get to do every now and again. This class was tiny compared to the others with maybe forty students; the professor was probably the coolest science teacher I had ever had. Like most of my classes those first few days when they had assigned seats and groups, Ashley had made me be with her.

And as a result I was in a group of four with her, a guy named Alex, and a very attractive girl by the name of Kate. The four of us got along well so I didn't really mind; already I had made quite a few friends in this class due to the amount of interactions we had to have in the class and giving out 'help' when it was needed.

"Didn't think you were going to show up." I said. "Took me like five seconds to get here. I don't know why you left so early." She remarked snidely, obviously exaggerating to poke at little fun at me for leaving her there.

Our little conversation ended there when Kate showed up with the lab sheet and instructions. "Tim could you help me get the chemicals?" she asked quietly.

Her voice was incredibly soft and it was always a struggle for me to hear what she was saying. Though it seemed everything about her was quiet, in fact her personality was demure, never making eye contact with me and when I tried to talk to her she would blush profusely and turn away.

I thought she was like that all the time until I saw her in the dining hall after that first day or so eating lunch with a few girls she had made friends with and having a grand time, laughing loudly and speaking clearly. I even saw her in the halls walking with her shoulders back and her chin up, not like in class when she seemed to want to withdraw back into herself. I asked Ashley a few days ago why she would act like that but she just called me and idiot and continued on with what she was doing.

"Of course Kate." I said following her over to the front table where dozens of bottles and boxes were sitting, containing all the ingredients of the experiment. There was a stack of trays that we could use to carry stuff and putting the list between us we started loading it up. She was leaning slightly over the table trying to get at a bottle of potassium sulfate and I, innocently reached under her to grab a bottle of hydrochloric acid but as I brought it to me my arm brushed her chest, well her breasts really.

She gasped and I almost dropped the bottle as she slammed her hands down on the table to keep herself standing I suppose. "Oh my god, are you all right?" I asked putting the bottle carefully on the tray and reaching out to gently touch her shoulder. The professor came over, seeing the distressed look on her face and asked the same question of her.

"Uh yea I'm fine, I'm fine. Don't worry." He seemed satisfied with her answer and turned his attention on a pair of students goofing around in the corner near some delicate equipment. I however, was more concerned, "Are you sure you're okay Kate?" I asked keeping my hand on her shoulder. She nodded and cast a glance at my hand so I pulled it away, hoping I hadn't done something wrong.

"What happened?" "Nothing, don't worry about it." She said her voice quiet as ever and I had to lean in closer to her and ask her to repeat herself. She did and it was then that I caught a whiff of something that had become so very familiar to me this past year or so. I had started calling it the girl-in-heat smell and living the way I was I knew it well. I sighed and collected the rest of the chemicals and brought them back over to our lab table, she followed a minute later after composing herself.

"What was that about?" Ashley whispered before Kate had returned. "Same problem you had a little while ago." I responded as she got back to the table with the lab sheet and started setting up the Bunsen burner and other materials with Alex.

"Huh?" I sighed and pinched the bridge of my nose. "God you can be dense sometimes." "Hey fuck you tiny Tim!" She said angrily. We heard a "watch the language" from across the room and lowered our voices again. She looked at me expectantly, still waiting for what I meant. I shook my head and grabbed her arm making sure she watched my face.

I opened my mouth slightly and fluttered my eyes, silently imitating her orgasm face. "Oohh." She said knowingly. "That's what I call pent up right there, you barely even touched her." She whispered.

"I don't have to. My rugged manly aura, sexy body, and charming wit can cause an orgasm from twenty paces don't ya know." I said, struggling mightily to keep a straight face.

Ashley quickly put a hand to her mouth and I could tell she as having a hard time not collapsing to the ground in a seizure of laughter. After a second she took a deep breath and whispered, "I know that I, at least am having a hard time keeping my pants on around you." Suppressing a snicker I said, "Well that's to be expected of you. You are a whore are you not?" She made a face and punched me hard in the arm but leaned in close to me, her lips almost touching my ear.

"I prefer the term professional. And it certainly isn't my fault you haven't been using my services." She breathed and leaned in closer if the was possible, her tongue flicking out and tickling my ear, "And I sooo want to be used." She pulled away and turned to Kate who wasn't even paying attention, giving her a girly giggle and an embarrassed smile like I was talking about her.

"Tim, don't say things like that!" she laughed, slapping my arm. I barely noticed Kate's 'I wish I was dead, I'm so embarrassed' look, I was too busy trying to calm down from almost creaming my jeans at my sister's previous words. I backed up and leaned against the counter trying to calm my suddenly sweating body.

Alex saw me and came over, concern on his face, "You alright dude? You don't look so hot." "Yeah man I'm fine." I respond, watching as Ashley snuck around the corner of the table to just behind Kate, who seemed blissfully unaware of her presence. Ashley took a look around and looked back at me with a huge grin on her face, before biting her lip grinning lecherously and thrusting her hips a few times at Kate's back. I must have looked horrified because both Alex and Kate, who had by now become aware that something was up, looked where I was looking.

But by then Ashley had stopped and was standing innocently looking over Kate's shoulder. Kate looked back and nearly jumped out of her skin before her entire face turned six shades of red. I shook my head and started conducting the experiment with Alex.

It was a few minutes before I looked up and saw Ashley whispering in Kate's ear while staring straight into my eyes. Kate's eyes were huge and she was blushing profusely, every now and again glancing up at me. Ashley seemed to ask a question and Kate shook her head looking back up at Ashley.

The look on Ashley's face seemed to suggest that Kate's answer was an unexpected one and I think my sister was actually blushing herself. However, I paid them no more attention as I had already spent enough time doing nothing, so I buckled down and in what seemed like very little time finished the lab, realizing we still had like half an hour left of class. But now I was starting to get a little aggravated because Ashley kept giving me these stupid little smirks and it was driving me crazy.

So, I thought to myself, why not have a little fun. Acting innocently I circled the table making it look like I needed something on the counter behind Ashley, nobody asked to be passed things by the way. So getting behind Ashley with little trouble I made like I was rummaging in a cabinet while reaching a hand out behind me and locating her large ass without difficulty.

I gave her a hard squeeze, I heard a little gasp and moan from behind me signaling success. Still pretending to look for something I ran my hand down the little (or not so little whichever way you want to look at it) cleft of her ass and between her legs, once again rubbing her "deprived" pussy hard through her tougher jeans.

She instantly went ridged and her thighs tightened around my hand, I could only imagine what it would have looked like if somebody happened to see what I was doing. After a moment she slapped my fingers away and turned around to face me, a flush running up her neck to color her cheeks yet again, a look of desperation on her face.

But before she could say anything class ended and she turned grabbing Kate by the arm and dragging her out of the room, the last thing I saw was a faint almost relieved smile on Kate's lips. I hurried out after them and just managed to catch a glimpse of them scurrying out the front door of the building.

I walked out into the cooling late afternoon air, this was my last class for the day and with a single day left before a short break I was feeling superb, better than I had in a long time. "Oh now this is going to be interesting." I said to myself as I watched Ashley practically carry Kate across campus to our dorm building.

I kept an even pace not bothering to rush as I sauntered back into the dorm and headed for my room where I changed, headed for the common room and started on some assignments. There were very few people around, which surprised me and time flew by, it was a solid hour before I felt a presence next to me.

I looked up and let out a short laugh at Ashley's appearance.

She had on nothing but a large towel wrapped around herself and her hair was all messed up, she appeared to be sweating. "Come with me." She demanded and I did, she appeared in no mood to tolerate my nonsense at the moment. She led me to her room where she opened the door for me before pushing me inside. The lights were off but there was enough light for me to see clothes strewn around the room in disarray and I thought I could see a figure sprawled on Ashley's bed.

"Okay, who'd you force yourself on this time?" I teased even though I knew who it was. "It was me she was hot for, not you studly. She said she almost pissed herself when she first saw me. Ha, she's almost as flattering as you. She'd been trying to get up the courage to talk to me but you kept getting in her way." "Ouch talk about bruised ego." I chuckled, "So what was it she said in class?" "I asked her if she liked you. She said no it was me that she wanted so bad it hurt." "What are the chances…?" "She's so mine now, better than Sarah or even Oriana.

Watch this." As of now she had been standing behind me and I hadn't turned my head instead letting my eyes acclimate to the gloom. But now she pressed herself into my back and linked her arms around my waist, squeezing me gently, I could clearly tell she wasn't wearing that towel anymore. "Kate." She said. There was no answer from the prone form.

"Kate, wake up!" Ashley said forcefully. There was a yawn and a sleepy voice asked, "Yes mistress?" I turned my head and gave my sister an appreciative grin, mouthing 'very nice'. Kate's silhouette sat up and appeared to rub her eyes. "Tell my brother what you did for me." "Um I licked the mistress's pussy and ass, I sucked on her tits and she was kind enough to do the same for me and made me cum with her fingers." She said this all very clearly, proudly even and I could sense she didn't give a damn if she knew about me and Ashley's relationship.

"She make you cum?" I asked Ashley. "Naw, for one I have to teach her how and two I didn't let her." "Why's that?" I asked lamely. I let out a little squeak as she spun me violently to face her. She reattached her arms low on my back and arched backwards lifting me off the ground slightly. She carried me over to her bed and dropped me next to Kate who had to scramble out from under me, Ashley dropped down on top of me pushing her naked body into me.

"I wanted you to do it." She gasped breathlessly. "What!" Kate squealed. "Quiet." Ashley cooed staring into my eyes and working her hands between us trying to undo my belt. I grinned viciously and reached my own hands between us encountering no obstacles in reaching her pussy before she could even unclasp my belt buckle.

Even just touching her impossibly hot cunt caused her to gasp and squeeze her eyes shut.


"Noooo not again you bastard!" she moaned loudly. Obviously her little romp with Kate left her incredibly sensitive and just from her reaction I knew this would be a short affair. I slowly pushed two fingers into her oven hot pussy and rubbed my palm against her clit, describing small circles. "Aaahhh nooo f-fucking piece of shOOOHHH!" she screamed in to my shoulder where she had dropped her head. I pushed harder against her and I felt her teeth bite down on a bit of skin over my collar bone.

"No biting." I grunted, thrusting my hand against her so hard her hips were lifted off of me before she forced them down again. I mashed my palm against her clit and she gave one final muffled scream as she bit me harder. She shuddered and went limp collapsing on top of me, panting like she had just run a marathon.

"See Kate your gonna want to go for a reaction like that." I chuckled looking over Ashley's shoulder at Kate sitting at the end of the bed, glaring at me. "F-fucking…hmm…hate you." Ashley moaned, pitifully tired.

I rolled her over against the wall and stood up from the bed, stretching my back and running a finger over the bite mark on my shoulder.

I dropped into Ashley's chair and swiveled to face the bed, picking up the locket I had given her and absentmindedly running the chain through my fingers. Ashley had covered her face with her arm and appeared to be embarrassed at the fact that I had foiled her plans once again. Now that my eyes had adjusted sufficiently I could appreciate Kate's body much better. Her slight Asian features, tanned skin, and small pert breasts made her seem cute, almost adorable, practically radiating innocence.

Whereas Ashley gave off the impression of raw sex and force, though not at the moment. "Mistress?" Kate whispered looking worried as she crept up to Ashley and draped herself over Ashley's body, trying to nuzzle her arm away from her face. Ashley flicked her hand dismissively but Kate kept at it, kissing her neck and cupping one of Ashley's large tits with a small delicate hand.

Ashley finally responded taking her arm away from her face and looking into Kate's wide eyes. "Tim, get out." Ashley commanded. I stood up and put up her locket back on her desk, "Since when are you self-conscious?" I laughed. She grabbed Kate's head with one hand and kissed her hard, using her other hand to grab Kate's ass and squeeze it, pulling her waist down into her own. "Tim I'm about to do things to this girl that would give you a heart attack." She said, leaning back in and mashing their mouths together again.

I turned to the door and looked over my shoulder, "But that's something I want to see." I whined jokingly. "Get out!" "Fine, fine." I said opening the door and stepping out, hearing "OOHH ASHLEEEYY!" before the door closed. I sighed, disappointed, and headed back to my room. I changed into some lightweight shorts and shirt and headed back out again making my way across campus at a fast walk.

The track was situated alongside the sports fields and other athletic facilities and even at this relatively late time there were still a few students doing laps. I spent a few minutes stretching before walking for a lap and then hitting a steady jog. I had brought along my mp3 player and I was totally involved nothing but trying to steady my breathing, the pounding of my feet, and the blaring music in my ears occupied my attention. I lasted six laps at that speed before the burning in my lungs and legs finally forced me to a walk.

I walked for two more laps and after recovering my breath did a sprint up the straightaway. "Shit!" I coughed, spitting to try and clear my throat. I clutched at my chest but kept walking for another lap before stumbling off to one side near the bleachers and collapsing to the ground. I sprawled on the grass and let my heavy rasping breaths take me for awhile. "Okay too much, too fucking much." I closed my eyes and tried to calm down.

I had just gotten my breathing under control when a great weight forced it back out of me. "Ashley, leave me alone." I whined without opening my eyes. There was no answer and that's when I caught a whiff of something over my own sweat, a chemical tang that burned my nose. My eyes shot open and I recoiled in horror at what they saw straddling my waist.

"You expect your sister?" Natalia asked girlishly. I tried to raise my arms to push her off but she grabbed my wrists and pinned them to the ground with little difficulty, her hands perpetually cold.

I struggled under her, trying to buck her off but I couldn't use my legs, they were too weak. Giggling was the only reaction I could elicit from her before laying still again, breathing just as hard as I had been a few minutes ago. She had on a black tank top and dark jeans but it wasn't her clothes that caught my attention.

Her shoulders, upper chest, and upper arms were covered in tattoos. I could make out strings of barbed wire, tribal designs, blood and tear drops, roses, pentangles, a skeletal hand, intricate Latin phrases, and stylized roman numerals. It was awesome in its horrifying beauty, every single one of them was amazingly well designed and though some of them looked to be quite old they still retained their color well. "Get off of me." I hissed. "Sshh quiet my love.

Be still, I am not going to hurt you…yet." She purred like she could actually calm me down. My eyes wildly searched the area for any hint of the students who I had seen when I came here but I could find none. "Please." I whimpered pathetically. She leaned down so close our faces almost touched, her features attempting to form into something resembling compassion or maybe reassurance.

"There is no need to be afraid. You…you are…different." She said haltingly, her English seeming to have failed her for a moment. "How the fuck, am I different to you? How am I different then any other guy you have drugged and abused over the years?" I yelled venting my angers as to why she would pick me out from any other guy on campus. She slid up my chest and knelt on my arms, pinning them painfully underneath her and with her hands she hurriedly undid her jeans.

"You are the only one who has done this to me so quickly. You…you are the only one who can make me so hot. I can not explain what it is about you…but I must have you. I must!" She panted. Her hand had disappeared into her jeans and after a second she pulled it out and held it up to me. Her fingers glistened with a clear liquid that dripped down her fingers and clung between them.

Color had started to bleed into her pale face and she looked at me with such depressed longing that for a split second I almost felt sorry for her somehow. However she backed up again and grabbed my wrists once more, leaning in she tried to kiss me but I turned my head away from her. She followed, licking my face from chin to temple. I groaned, closing my eyes and turning my head from side to side trying to avoid her.

Her chemical smell was making my nose burn like hell and causing me to gag slightly, my struggling only seemed to delight her and I was fighting the urge to scream. It was like a game to her, trying to kiss me without using her hands and every so often just licking my face with long wet strokes. "Why do you make me feel this way?" she seemed to ask herself, her breath coming in short gasps.

Suddenly there was a chocking noise and I opened my eyes to see Ashley behind Natalia with an arm around her neck. "Get off of him." She hissed menacingly punctuating her words by squeezing harder. Natalia made another choking noise but instead of looking scared her mouth hung slack in an image of pure ecstatic pleasure while her eyes rolled back in her head.

She let go of my wrists and laid her hands over my face tracing my features with chilly fingers just before she shuddered violently and went slack in Ashley's arms. Ashley snorted derisively and tossed her twitching form aside; her body rolled a few feet away and came to a stop against the bleachers with her back to us.

"Oh my god Tim, are you alright?" she cried kneeling down next to me. I reached out and linked my arms around her middle, pulling myself to her and hugging her tightly. I felt like crying but managed not to as Ashley laid her head against mine and held me tightly, gently rocking back and forth. "I'll kill…her…" she trailed off and I looked up at her wondering what was wrong.

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She was looking in the direction she had thrown Natalia and had a worried look on her face. I followed her gaze and to my horror saw that she was gone, looking around I couldn't see her anywhere, it was if she just disappeared. All of a sudden my eyes started watering, my nose was running, and I felt nauseous. I pushed Ashley away and rolled to my knees before vomiting violently on the grass.

I seemed like forever before my stomach was empty and when I was done my body was wracked by horrendous dry heaves. When I had managed to calm down enough so I could move my arms I tentatively touched my face. My skin was cold and clammy not unlike Natalia's. My fingers came away wet and sticky, I realized the same substance was also on my wrists. I brought my fingers to my leaking nose and as soon as the smell registered my body tried to purge itself again.

"She…she put something," I had to stop as coughs tore through my throat, "put something on my face!" I croaked. I got to my feet and staggered off in the general direction of the dorm. I swayed drunkenly and fell more than once and was about to fall again but found I couldn't. Instead I found myself moving without feeling my feet hitting the ground. My vision started to blur as tears filled my eyes and my head felt heavy as if I was sleepy but times a thousand.

My eyes closed and my mind went blank. "I think he's awake!" I heard JD's muffled voice. I cracked my eyes and winced at the light stabbing into them. "Oh thank god!" I heard Ashley gasp. Her arms encircled my head and brought me close, I breathed deeply, savoring her flowery scent as a welcome relief from the chemical stench.

"Don't touch my face it'll affect you too." I warned. "Don't worry we cleaned you up." JD said. I looked at him sharply and he laughed, gesturing down at a bowl of water and a washcloth. "Fuck I don't care," I sighed, "Where am I? Back in my room?" "Yeah, your sister practically carried you in here, scared the shit out of me. You've been out for a few hours now." "Fuck." I breathed.

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Ashley tightened her hold around my neck and I thought I could hear her sniffling. I looked past Ashley's golden head and saw Kate standing in the doorway. I gestured for her to come over and she cautiously stepped over to the bed, her eyes flicking from the back of Ashley's head to my face. "Take her back to her room Kate." I said. She reached down and pried Ashley's arms from around my neck and peeled her off of me. Tears streamed down her face and her eyes were all red and puffy.

"Come on mis…um Ashley." she said pulling on Ashley's arm. Ashley gave me a final sad but relieved look before letting herself be led away. "Dude it's barely been a month and already I've almost been killed." "Do you want to do something about this?" he asked. "Yeah but I'll do it myself. I don't want to get you involved either man, if she'd do this to someone she likes I can only imagine what she would do to you." I said sitting up and immediately regretted it as pain exploded behind my eyes.

"She likes you?" he asked incredulously. "So she says, apparently I make her hot." I chuckled humorlessly. "Jeez." "Yeah, I just need this break, get home and I'll be fine." "See Oriana?" "Yeah, god I miss her." I sighed finally standing up, grabbing a fresh pair of clothes and heading for the shower.

I felt like a new man after stepping out from under the hot water and as soon as I got back into my room dropped onto my bed and promptly fell asleep. The next day was uneventful if not the longest day I had ever suffered through. Ashley kept giving me these heartbreaking looks; apparently she was still a little shaken up.

I however had gotten over it somehow, I mean you would think I would be traumatized or something but I wasn't and I couldn't explain it. I was pissed to be sure and I would be damned if I let her get away with this but that was it really. All I wanted was to go home and see Oriana. It was one of the most painful days I had ever experienced, the only high point was the science class and only because Ashley spent the whole class teasing Kate to the point where she actually started drooling and to her credit she didn't make a sound.

But the really funny part was that Ashley looked bored doing it, her mind was obviously elsewhere. Finally, mercifully the day ended and without serious incident. However, I nearly lost control when I saw Natalia as I was sitting in the common room that night. I had my feet up on one of the tables reading an incredibly boring book trying to put myself to sleep, when I saw her come out of the girl's hallway.

She yawned and stretched her back provocatively thrusting her small chest before her, as I'm sure she scanned the room out of the corner of her eye. She must have seen me because she sauntered over and plopped into the chair across from me. I glared at her over the top of my book as she crossed her legs and smiled at me. It was then I realized something was different about her. It wasn't her clothing, jet black as usual. Her hair was still short, spiky, and bright orange.

Then it came to me, it was her eyes, they weren't silver/grey anymore they were red, like solid fire engine red. She blinked and I couldn't help but shiver. "Oh yeah I forgot to thank you for almost killing me yesterday." I growled. She giggled girlishly and bit her lip smiling, she cock her head to the side, "You seem to have suffered no ill effects, yes? If your loving sister had not intervened I am sure you would have had a more…pleasurable experience my love." She purred, her hand venturing to her face where she pulled at her lip.

I grimaced and turned my eyes back to my book my feet back on the floor, now I was pissed at being fully awake once more. I heard some shuffling and a tiny moan and I sighed, looking up again. She had both her hands between her legs and she was shifting uncomfortably, her face was contorted in something akin to pain. I jumped as she leaned forward and slammed her hands down on the table. "Why must you torture me?" she burst out.

"I just like to see you in pain." "Nnyyua I want you right now!" she cried lunging across the table but coming up short and ended up sliding off the table at my feet. I calmly picked up my feet and put them on her back pushing down until she grunted in pain.

"See now I'm happy." "I am so glad I can please you." She grunted turning her head so she could look at me with her red eyes. I sighed and picked up my feet and watched as she stood up gazing into my eyes. "You…please I am begging you." she moaned falling forward on top of me; I caught her and held her at arms length. I sighed as if admitting defeat and giving into her. "What is it you want?" I asked coyly. "You." She gasped. "What part of me?" "Everything." She breathed trying to get closer to me but unable to do so.

"Well, I am feeling generous; let's go back to your room." I said. "M-my room?" she seemed taken aback by my sudden willingness. "Yes." I said standing up and grabbing her, pulling her tightly to me, the chemical smell was gone replaced by something I couldn't place but smelled sweet. She looked up at me with excited eyes. "Really?" "Well if you don't want to then I'll just go back to my room." I said squeezing harder.

"No, no please, come with me!" she said before breaking away and heading off down the hall, I trailed after her praying that what I needed, I could find in her room. I was having a hard time keeping up with her as she practically ran down the hall to the very end of the building and her room. She stopped at her door and pulled out a key fumbling to unlock her door. Finally with a triumphant "Ha!" she got it open and ushered me in. Instead on my way in I grabbed her arm and pushed her before me, slamming the door behind me.

She tumbled to the floor and quickly rolled over onto her back and started tearing at her shirt. I cast a quick look around and located what I was looking for off in one corner and fortunately she had fallen right in front of it. I stepped over to her as she was still struggling to get her shirt over her head. I grabbed her arms halting her progress and flipped her over putting a knee on her back as I had done with Ashley. She gave a little muffled cry as I pulled her pants down, exposing a black thong and I have to say a very pretty ass, very firm and tight.

Her pale cheeks were only marred by two tattoos, a broken bleeding heart and a roman numeral five. "Don't disappoint me Natalia." I whispered as I reached past her and opened her mini fridge. I let out a relieved sigh as I saw a small test tube rack and several rubber capped vials along with a few syringes sitting among some sodas and beers. I looked closer and even saw one marked sedative, what luck I was blessed with!

I carefully removed the vile and a syringe and one handed filled it about halfway, I didn't want her coming to until I woke up the next morning. Of course by now she had realized something was awry and as soon as she heard the clink of glass she started struggling under me. Though with her shirt now wrapped pretty tightly around her head and her arms tangled up in said shirt she couldn't do much.

Without further adieu I plunged the needle into the flesh of her left ass cheek. She screamed something in a very brutal sounding language as I pumped the drug into her system. I tossed the needle aside as she started thrashing around and had to basically sit on her to keep her still, for such a small girl she had a lot of strength. Finally after about five minutes or so she started to calm down and I got off of her, rolling her over and pulling down her shirt she glared into my eyes and even as I watched they slowly closed.

"Crazy bitch." I sighed standing up and looking around her room for the first time. Because she was an RA she had a single and didn't have to pay room and board which is why the position is attractive. Her room was as I expected from her, dark and menacing posters covered the walls and just about everything not supplied by the college was black. It was very clean however and not a scrap of misplaced clothing or dirt could be seen. I looked back in the fridge and even though I was hungry, I wasn't about to touch any food she had in there.

However I saw no harm in downing a closed can of soda, cringing at its flat taste. I closed the door and went over to her bed after tossing the can in the trash, sitting down I started going through the drawers of her nightstand table thing.

The first drawer had some loose change, a cell phone, and a picture. I picked it up and looked at it squinting in the bad light; I flipped the switch in the light by her bed and chuckled when I saw what it contained.

It was Natalia looking much like she was minus the bright orange hair, it was green this time. Behind her were the trunks of an evidently very large forest and I could make out a tent off to one side.

It wasn't those things however, that drew my attention it was the girl that had her arm around Natalia's waist. She was maybe two or three inches shorter than Natalia and dressed very similarly. Both had on big t-shirts with death metal logos on them and apparently or at least from what I could see, no pants. The girl was holding the camera and looking into it while Natalia had her head turned, gazing into the others eyes. The girl was also eerily tattooed and I could see many similar symbols and markings in common.

And like Natalia she had incredibly evil piercing eyes that even from a picture seemed to bore into the very depths of my soul. They were also silver like Natalia's so I assumed they were actually contacts, they were accentuated by black mascara and two black arrow tattoos pointing down, one under each eye. Combined with the make-up they seemed to be connected to her eyes running down to her cheeks. It was one of the most fascinating things I had ever seen. I flipped it over and wasn't surprised at the simple message on the back.

Natalia we will always be together, forever with our love. All my being, Sasha. Shaking my head I put it back in the drawer and opened the second one. Jackpot! Handcuffs, dildos, lube, masks, and all kinds of other sex specific items were packed into the drawer. How evil was I feeling tonight? Not very, but still I picked out the handcuffs, a dildo, and a blindfold. I stepped back over to Natalia's knocked out body and knelt down next to her. I roughly flipped her over and put the handcuffs on her then rolled her again so she was face up with her hands restrained behind her back.

Next I put the blindfold over her closed eyes making sure it was centered. And finally I pushed her pants down and took a deep breath at what I was about to do. I pulled her thong to one side which was absolutely soaked and without hesitating forced the decent sized dildo into her still leaking cunt. She let out a tiny moan in her drug induced sleep and I smiled wondering if I could make her body cum while she was asleep, but decided against it.

I also noticed that the area around her pussy was untouched by ink and save for a tiny triangle above her slit she was shaved clean. Now done I re-centered her thong and pulled her pants back up, refastening them tightly around her thin waist.

"Well my work here is done." I said out loud to myself. I got up and left her room without a second's thought, meandering my way back to my room feeling tired at last. I fell into bed and was asleep before I knew it. I awoke the next morning feeling better than I had in quite some time. I took a shower and got dressed; this would be the first time since arriving here that I would get to go home. Our parents thought it would be a better idea if we only came home during breaks or just once in a blue moon, so we would adapt faster or better, I wasn't sure which.

Anyways, our parents couldn't get here fast enough and Ashley or I at least, felt every painful second. And it only got worse.

As I was sitting on a bench with Ashley outside of the dorm building I heard the front door crash open and I looked over seeing Natalia burst from them out into the rapidly cooling fall air.

She stormed over to us and stood in front of me hands on hips, her eyes were still blood red and she hadn't changed since I left her last night. "Oh, why hello Natalia! I hope you had a good nights sleep." I said cheerfully as Ashley let out a cruel laugh. I had told my sister what I had done. The scar on her cheek twitched and pointed a finger at me accusingly. "You…you said." "Said what?" "You said you would!" "I lied." She lunged forward and grabbed me by the collar hauling me to my feet, Ashley shot up as well, looming over Natalia but she paid her no attention.

"You will pay for this." She hissed. I looked around and seeing nobody I put an arm around her back and pulled her close to me. She was startled to be sure and her eyes practically burst out of her head when I slid my other hand between her legs. "Did you like the surprise I left you?" I asked softly. She didn't respond but looked up at me her eyes softening as much as they could with bright red contacts.

I let my fingers probe her pussy through her pants until I felt something hard. She let out a soft mewling moan and laid her spiky head against my shoulder. "She still has it in." I said to Ashley withdrawing my fingers.

"Why?" Natalia looked back up at me. "Because you did it." she breathed. Ashley sat back down shaking her head. "That's got to be uncomfortable." She said almost to herself.

"No. Anything he does to me will cause me no pain." Natalia sighed. "Hey Tim remember when she was scary? Now she's just a little pussy swooning at your attention!" she laughed. I couldn't help but snicker a little. Natalia looked back up at me sharply then slowly turned her head to glare at Ashley. She pushed me back down onto the bench and turned to face my sister. "Were you born to ruin my fun whore?" menace filling her voice. "Yes in fact I was." Ashley responded coolly.

Natalia switched gears easily, "I saw the scars you gave your brother." Ashley eyes flickered past Natalia to search my eyes for a response. I mouthed "Sarah" and she turned her eyes back to Natalia, putting on a confused façade. "I told you Natalia, me ex girlfriend did that." I said. "Sarah did that to you!" Ashley asked incredulously. Now looking frustrated Natalia said, "I have seen no proof of this so called Sarah." I already had my cell out and selected a picture I had taken two or so years ago of Ashley and Sarah in full hockey apparel standing side by side grinning like idiots after a stunning victory.

I put the phone in front of Natalia's face and said, "That is Sarah." She grabbed the phone from my hand and brought it close to her face, squinting at the 1x1 screen. After a moment she handed it back without looking at me and leaned in closer to Ashley. "Lie all you want, I still know it was you Ms. Donovan. You two are more than just brother and sister." "Yeah, we're best friends." Ashley giggled, inclining her head and smiling sweetly. Just then I saw our parent's car pull into the parking lot and stood up.

"C'mon Ash mom and dad are here." I said and she stood up as well brushing past Natalia which almost knocked her over to link arms with me as we walked over to the car. I didn't look back but Ashley did and she started giggling as we neared the car. It turned out it was just my dad who had come to pick us up, probably because mom was too emotional.

"Isn't that one of your RAs?" he asked. "Yeah she wanted to wish us a fond farewell." I said and Ashley had to suppress her laughter again. Ashley and I got in the back and without much further questioning from dad we headed off.

"What was so funny?" I whispered once we had gotten onto the highway. "She was wicked pissed. Her face was priceless." "Shit. Coming back here is gonna be great." I said sarcastically. "Meh just think of what you get to do this week." She said glumly. I looked over at her and was surprised to she her with chin in hand gazing out the window, her other hand playing with her locket. "What's with the face?" I asked, concerned. She hesitated, looking at me sidelong, "It's not like your gonna pay me any attention are you?" "Dunno, depends on if you're a good girl for me this week." "Define good girl.

I'm not known for that." She said narrowing her eyes at me warily. "Lets see, just try not to force yourself on me is all, that's a bad habit of yours." She seemed to consider it for a moment before turning bright eyes back on me, "Okay!" she chirped happily. "Good." "Oh and none of this alright," she wiggled her fingers at me, "I'm sick of that. Three times is two too many.

All the way or nothing, understand?" "Can you handle nothing?" I teased. She made a negative noise and turned back to the window, but I saw a tiny smile creep across her lips. As we pulled into the driveway my dad turned to us grinning, "Prepare yourselves." As it was before we even got five feet through the door our mother was on us.

For a solid two hours we were interrogated mercilessly and when she was done with us we staggered off to our separate rooms, exhausted. Once in my room I flopped on my bed and fell asleep, I had no idea how good my own bed felt after sleeping on that school supplied mattress.

It seemed like it was only a few minutes before I was woken up by someone shaking my shoulder. "Oh Timothy your girlfriend is on the phone." Ashley cackled. I snatched the phone from her, "Good afternoon Ms. Bane how may I be of assistance?" "It's evening now, am I to assume you just woke up sleepy head?" she quipped happily. "You would be correct and am I to assume that I will be more exhausted by the end of the evening?" "Maybe. Wanna come over and find out?" she said seductively.

"When?" I asked, suddenly serious. There was a pause as if she was looking at the clock, "Twenty minutes." She said equally serious. "I'll see you then." "Oh and don't plan on coming home until tomorrow." She purred and hung up. "God I'm not going to get any sleep this week am I?" I sighed looking over at Ashley who was puttering around on my computer. "Nope." I looked over at my clock and saw, not surprisingly that it was seven pm.

Her mother would just be setting out for work. I turned and stared at the ceiling, heaving out a huge sigh. After a moment I heard moaning and a quiet scream and turned my head sharply towards Ashley. She was intently watching my computer screen and the noises were coming from the speakers. I jumped up and stood behind Ashley, looking over her shoulder. "What the fuck Ashley!" I hissed running to the door and closing it in case our parents decided to walk by.

"What are you doing?!" "Looking for inspiration." She responded evenly. Right now my computer screen was filed with the image of a woman with some guys hand up her ass to the wrist.

"I've always wondered if I could do that." Ashley sighed. "No." I stated simply. "Why not?" she whined. "Just find something else okay." I sighed rubbing my eyes. She snorted and brought up a new video of a different girl being held up by a very well muscled guy who was pretty much picking her up and dropping her on his dick. Now it was my turn to snort, "Who do you think I am?" "Christ! And you say I'm frustrating!" "Why do we have to do something new?" "Why not?" "Oh my god!" I groaned looking back at the clock, "Look I have to go.

I'll see you tomorrow." I hurried out into the hall closing the door behind me. I made my way into the kitchen and wolfed down some toaster strudel before heading out the door to my car. Now that we were college kids we could pretty much come and go as we pleased. I kept to the speed limit as I drove to Oriana's but my mind was going at light speed. Like idiots we hadn't talked since leaving and though it was part of her so called "little scheme" it drove me insane with worry.

I pulled into her driveway and shut off my car, sitting for a moment. "Get in there you retard." I mumbled to myself. I heaved myself out of my car and shambled up the steps to the front door. I was reaching for the doorbell when the door slowly creaked open. "Quit creepin' me out Oriana." I said entering warily.

Something hit the back of my legs and the next thing I knew I was on the ground staring at a winged skull on a black field. "I remember getting you those." I chuckled looking up at my girlfriend as she sat with her knees on either side of my head, crotch right in my face.

She was wearing just four items of clothing, her panties, a black lace bra, and an eye numbing checkerboard patterned stocking on each leg, up to about mid thigh. "It seems like I'm woefully overdressed." I giggled, running my hands up and down her smooth back, tracing her spine. "Did you keep your promise?" she asked softly. "Yes. Pissed off Ashley in the process but yeah I did. It seemed like just about everyone was conspiring against me though." I whined.

"You did?" she said excitedly, "I'm so proud of you!" She scooted down and lay on top of me, circling her arms around my head and bringing our lips together.

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This wasn't a tongue deal, just our lips together, true passion flowing from one to the other. "I love you so much." I whispered when she pulled away for a deeper breath. She closed her eyes and slowly opened them again as a smirk plucked at her lips, "You know just what to say to get me all hot and bothered, don't you?" "Maybe." She leaned in and kissed me again, this time letting her tongue creep into my mouth.

"Why don't you step into my office." She said punctuating each word with a tender kiss. She stood up and made for her room before realizing I wasn't following her. I held out my hand like she should drag me. She crossed her arms and started tapping a checkerboard foot in mock impatience. "What is there a problem?" I asked trying to draw this out and tease/torture my way to a fun time.

"Do you see this Tim?" she asked indicating her pussy with an accusing finger, "This thing will bite off your face if you don't feed it right now!" "Oh dear that sounds like a dreadful fate, I appear to have no choice do I?" I stood up and she seized my hand, pulling me after her as she headed for her room once more. I pulled back on her continuing my fun, "But I'm thirsty." She looked back at me but continued pulling me along, "I'll give you a drink in a second.

Now get in there!" And with that she shoved me through her door and my momentum carried me onto her bed. She slowly closed the door behind her and stepped closer to me, struggling out of her panties.

She climbed onto the bed and crawled up my body, taking the time to remove my shirt before stopping when she had been sitting earlier, her glistening cunt right before my nose. "Lick me! Make me cum with you tongue!" she cried lustily. I grinned up at her and grabbed her bare ass with both hands pulling her farther onto my face. I didn't waste any time in licking at her dripping slit, lapping up her juices with gusto.

She threw her head back and screamed before falling forward; catching herself with her hands, her chest heaving. "So good!" she moaned, her body trembling, waiting for that one sensation and release. I didn't disappoint, I stiffened my tongue and pushed it into her, sliding up one side and then the other.

Her body when ridged and she screamed once more but this time her pussy contracted around my tongue and a deluge of liquid poured out of her into my waiting mouth. Despite myself her juices went everywhere, soaking my face. "There's your drink." She giggled softly. I moaned contentedly and nuzzled my nose over her clit. She squealed delighted, and wiggled her hips over my face.

I then slowly started pushing her back down my body, lightly kissing up her body. Her delicate navel, her flat smooth stomach, to her lace encased breasts. "Could you…?" I asked tentatively, embarrassed to no end. I looked up at her and I could feel myself blushing deeply.

She was looking back down at me with a huge grin on her face. "Could I what?" she cooed seductively, sitting up and looking down at me past her nose, smiling wickedly. I winced painfully, "Oriana please don't make me beg!" She sucked air in through her teeth and let it our in a long low breath "Mmm, that's just what I want." She arched her back and peered over her large tits at me with one brilliant blue eye.

I took a deep breath, "Oriana can you please take off your bra, because I am totally incapable of doing it by myself?" I said flatly looking off to one side as my face burned. She snorted and leaned down, her lips mere inches from mine, sapphire eyes bright with mischief, "If you want to see the twins, you're going to have to beg better than that." I grinned and started leaning up, she kept an even distance between our faces and I had leaned up until her back was straight again.

"Do you not want me to play with your massive tits?" I asked curiously, maintaining a straight face. She pouted and bit her lip, perhaps torn between trying to make me beg her and feeling me on her breasts. "No fair!" she whined putting both hands behind her back to unhook her bra, which had the added effect of shoving those glorious mounds in my face.

Quickly she had it undone and pulled off, letting her 'shoot me in the face because I've seen it all' tits bounce and jiggle into freedom.

"They're not that big." She said softly, almost to herself as she cupped one in each hand and started pushing them around. "You're the one who said it." I teased; she knew I was messing with her by now. "God I love it when you do that." My eyes were riveted to her hands, only flicking up to see the impish smile on her face. "Yeah?" she beamed, and stopped playing with her tits, slowly taking her hands away and giving her shoulders a shake enough to make them jiggle.


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I let a hand slide up the flawless skin of her stomach and caressed her angel soft breast from below. I brought my mouth to her other, taking her rock hard little nipple into my mouth and sucking on it greedily. "Aaahhh." She sighed contentedly and pushed her chest out against my face.

I now pushed her other nipple into her supple flesh with my thumb and lightly twisted it. She groaned from deep in her throat and leaned her head down against mine, I noticed from the corner of my eye that her hands were grabbing fistfuls of the bed sheet and twitching every time I did something new.

My free hand roamed her body reveling in her soft skin and glorious curves. "Oh Tim." She whispered wrapping her arms around my back and pulling me harder to her.

I now moved my free hand into the tiny space between us, letting it creep lower and lower down her stomach. I stopped and switched it up, moving my mouth to her other nipple and switching my hands before continuing. She started moaning softly and her breathing was labored, her hands were white-knuckled from gripping the sheets. Once again I let my free hand roam before bringing it to a stop on her left thigh. From there I slowly worked it down and towards her pussy, the heat from which had been warming my middle for quite some time.

Ever so slowly, I teased my finger into her drenched slit. She had been leaking pretty much nonstop since I started playing with her tits and the small puddle of her juices pooling around my belt buckle was a testament to that.

"Oh fuck it!" she cried, "I can't take it anymore! Fuck me! Fuck me now! Tear me apart!" Seems she could only take so much foreplay. I was only too eager to comply and as she threw herself off of me I ripped my belt off, struggling out of my pants. "Hurry!" she gasped breathlessly, throwing her checkerboard legs into the air invitingly.

Finally getting my pants and boxers off I moved between her legs, which she put over my shoulders. I gripped her thighs and leaned against them, lining up my iron hard cock with her oh-so-sweet pussy.

"Do it! Shove it in my cunt!" she cried out again throwing her head back, tortured by anticipation. And again without further prompting I pushed the head of my dick into her and shoved forcefully. "EEYYHHEE-HHEEESS!" she screamed. As soon as my pubic bone hit hers, she came, way harder than I had ever seen.

Fluid nearly drowned my cock and spilled out of her in a rush. Her whole body shook violently and if I hadn't been holding her legs I'm sure she would have kicked me in the face. She pushed her arms down and lifted her whole body up, continuing to scream her lungs ragged. The whole time I kept pounding our hips together with a steady slapping sound.

It was only a matter of time at this pace and already I could feel the immense buildup being pulled from every point in my body.

My mind blanked and I barely registered screaming her name before I exploded, blinding light stabbing my eyes and horrific pain shooting through my arms and legs. My ass was freezing and my back was sore, I couldn't feel my hands and feet. My head felt like it was split open and there was a nauseating sensation in my stomach. I nearly screamed when I felt a cold finger caress my cheek. "Ah my love welcome back to the real world. It seems you had some pleasant dreams, yes." Natalia's thick voice suffocated my thoughts.

I heard muffled noises from behind me but couldn't really tell what it was or what was making them. Slowly my eyes adjusted to the light and I could see Natalia's blurry form sitting on a stool directly in front of me.

Again slowly my eyes focused and I finally became aware of how extensive her tattoos were, that night in her room the lights were too low to appreciate them correctly. She was clad in a black bra and panties and that was it, her chest was covered in tattoos.

Detailed tribal bands crisscrossed her torso and legs in a dozen different places, the Roman numerals seemed to be part of a larger pattern and I could see at least twelve of them. There were several roses with bleeding thorns, a load of demonic symbols of all shapes and designs and numerous other images, too many to count or describe. "Do you like my art?" she asked, red eyes sparkling with glee.

I couldn't respond my tongue felt like it was made of a huge wad of cotton. She stood up in front of me looking down at her body and over her shoulder, trying to see all her tattoos. "I believe you will be number thirteen, correct Sasha?" I tried to turn my head but found I couldn't.

"Da." A rough feminine voice responded from somewhere behind me. I swallowed hard and finally found the power of speech, "How did I get here? I was at home." I was looking around, seeing nothing but plain white walls, there was just Natalia and the stool in front of me.

I could not identify the source of light. "No. You never left my room. You gave me a shot of saline solution not sedative, I figured you would do something like that." She paused for a second, a little color bleeding into her face as she shuffled her feet, "I was pleased when you gave me that little gift though." One of her hands strayed towards her panties before a halting cough from behind me snapped her out of her stupor.

"That soda tasted flat, yes?" she smiled sadistically as it finally dawned on me. "Of course you saw the picture of Sasha and I." She held up a hand and crooked a finger beckoning Sasha to her.

I heard the heavy clomp of boots and felt a hand brush my shoulder as she stepped past me to stand next to Natalia, who wrapped an arm around her waist and leaned her head down on Sasha's shoulder. If I had thought Natalia was scary looking when I first saw her, Sasha was down right terrifying she absolutely radiated menace from the top of her head to the tips of her to booted toes. I'll start from there. She wore knee high, black leather boots with thick soles that laced all the way to the top.

She had lithe but powerful looking legs that rose gracefully to a black panty junction. Her flat torso was likewise extensively tattooed and though her breasts were tightly bound by a black bra I could tell they were only slightly larger than Natalia's. Though of the Roman numerals I could see they went up to at least twenty two, her arms again were lithe but seemed to contain surprising strength. Her chin was square and her lips, pouty, her nose was strong.

And then there were her eyes, they were completely white, I could see no hint of her pupils and combined with the thick arrow tattoos running from her eyes created one of the most fascinatingly terrifying visages I had ever seen. I had trouble tearing my eyes from her face. Her hair was a shimmering jet-black and shoulder length.

"Fine pick for last boy Natalia." She said her English was terrible. "She did the same thing when she was in college." Natalia explained. "Our senior year we are to pick a freshman to spend the year with." My eyes were still riveted to Sasha's face and I barely comprehended what she said. "Of course you are special. A two for one deal, yes?" That got my attention and the muffled noises made sense, my stomach lurched and I fought the urge to vomit.

"Natalia, Demitri is gone for day, that is time I have. We start, yes?" Her lifeless white eyes never stopped staring in my direction, a terrifying sadistic grin plucking gently at her pouting lips.

Natalia sighed, "Yes." They stepped up to me and grabbed the underside of the chair I was strapped to, lifting me and turning me around and I finally saw what was behind me.