Southern red neck giving blowjob

Southern red neck giving blowjob
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"You are late." Those three words, stern, a touch of anger in them hits the back of Sandra's head as she closes the front door and settles heavily onto her shoulders. She had hoped Charles would have already been in bed asleep. He had been working so hard lately with the new job, early hours, late hours, all night hours, that she had been feeling lonely and when a couple of her new friends called for a girl's night out in this new country, she had jumped at the chance.

She called his office and simply left a message with his service, telling him where she was going, who she was with, and promised to be home at a certain time. The night had been wonderful, full of fun and drinking and relaxation.

She had wanted to get home when she had said she would, but they had been her ride and their night had taken her far from home. On the way home, she had decided that she would crawl into their bed and hopefully wake him up with the site of her sucking his cock both apologizing and showing how she had missed him at the same time. Picturing it, she had worked herself up quite a bit and the heat between her legs had grown and demanded that she touch herself.

Keeping her hands in view, she silently wished her new friend would hurry.

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All of these thoughts went through her head in less than a few seconds as her hands dropped to her sides and she began to turn around. "Don't move" and she froze. She had never heard anger in his voice before. Oh they had argued and yelled at each other, but never had there been anger. She feels more than hears his presence come up behind her. She feels his eyes noticing the tight jeans that hug her ass so nicely, feels his eyes upon the tight shirt that shows off her breasts without revealing a spot of skin.

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"Charles, I…" "Quiet! I do not want to hear it." His voice sends shivers through her, wondering who this new man was. Wondering what was happening. Why it was happening. "Put your hands flat on the door." Sandra places her hands on the door, her eyes going to the ring they had found together and that she hopes to one day pass on to their daughter with the rings from her mother and grandmother.

She had come for a visit from France to see if the connection they had felt from the beginning transformed into physical longing and true, lasting companionship. That was a year ago, she had yet to return. Not wanting to anger him any further, she kept silent. SMACK! His palm connecting with her ass shocked her and sent both pain and pleasure to her brain. The fire in her pussy had dimmed quickly from the sound of his voice, but suddenly flared anew and hotter than before.

Biting her lower lip, she barely kept from crying out. SMACK! His hand connected with her other ass cheek and the sting mixed with the pleasure, bypassed her brain, and connected directly to her pussy causing her fingers to curl and nails to dig into the door.

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His breath warm against her skin, quietly spoke in her ear, "You have been bad tonight, Sandra. You promised to be home at 11 and you weren't here. So now you must be punished." Another couple of strikes on both cheeks and Sandra could hold back no longer. "Ohhh Charles!" "And now you disobey me?

I see we are going to have to take this punishment even further." Sandra feels one of his hands move around her waist and undo both her belt and unbutton her jeans. After loosening the zipper, his fingers curl over the waistband on each side of her hips and quickly pull her jeans down to her ankles revealing the blue panties she wore. The cool air hitting her exposed skin eases some of the sting from the spanking and fans the fire between her legs.

She feels him pause and admire, knowing the panties are his favorite, knowing how he loves her ass, she smiles. "Step out, Sandra." She steps out of her jeans, each heel clicking against the wood flooring as she puts her foot down. He throws her jeans out of the way and his hands make quick work of her panties in the same manner as her heels click two more times.

They cling a bit because of how soaked her pussy is. She feels his hands, so strong and sure move back up her legs once more. One hand guides her hips back and the other presses on her back until she was in the position he desires.

Her arms stretch out and pull the fabric of her shirt causing her bra to move and rub her hardened nipples sending even more sensations of pleasure through her body. She readies herself for the next spanking. It does not come. She thinks he is just prolonging the moment and wiggles her ass a little, but still nothing. Then she hears a noise, like wood being picked up from the wood flooring of their house.

And then the paddle lands across both her ass cheeks and she screams. The panties she had thought he had thrown the same way her jeans went, she suddenly finds wadded and stuffed in her mouth cutting off the sound and filling her nose with the scent of her pussy.

Her arousal and the taste of her juices from her panties overcome the sensation of pain and new juices begin to run down her legs. Charles rubs her ass with his hand smoothing the sting even further and then another swat sends a new mixture of pain and pleasure. After several alternating swats and rubs, Sandra is whimpering through the panties. "You want to say something, Slave?" She nods her head and he removes the panties, "Oh please, Maître. I know now I've been a bad girl." "Yes you have.

This is not going to happen again, is it?" Sandra shakes her head, immediately thinking of ways that might cause her Maître to punish her again. He grabs her arm and turns her around and for the first time since she is home she lays her eyes on her man. Her eyes widen as she sees he is naked and fully aroused, pre-cum leaking from the tip of his cock. Sandra yearns to lick off every drop and she stares. "Answer me, Sandra, when I ask you a question." Her eyes travel to his, "No, Maître.

It won't happen again." He sighs. "I see we still have some issues to work on." He turns and begins walking down the hall. "Follow, and lose the rest of the clothes." Sandra quickly sheds her shirt and bra, but decides to keep the heels. As she passes through the arch into the living room she notices the paddle leaning in the corner and shivers at the recent pleasure.

She enters the living room and her Maître is already seated on the couch, one hand slowly stroking his cock around the tip, spreading the pre-cum into the rest of his shaft. Sandra wants to run over and slap his hand away so she can take him into her mouth. Instead she slowly walks towards him, knowing that he takes pleasure from watching her, seeing her need in her eyes, her nipples, and the glistening moistness from her pussy.

She stands in front of him, the nervousness of being on display before him the first time has since been replaced by the sheer joy from the arousal and desire she sees in his eyes. "Kneel down, Sandra." She kneels on the carpet thankful that they had covered the wood flooring in here. "What do you want?" "I want your hard dick, Maître. I want it to fill my mouth." "Who are you?" His voice grows huskier as he is not able to keep his own desire completely from it.

"I am yours. I am your cock-slut, I want it so bad." With each of her words the fire in Sandra's pussy grows and aches to be sated. "Then take it, Slave." Before he finishes the sentence, Sandra leans forward and wraps one of her hands around Charles' cock and he moves his hand to her head. She kisses and licks the tip and then moves her tongue up and down his shaft. The smoothness of the skin flavored with a faint salt taste from the pre-cum that had been rubbed on.


She moves back to the tip and sucks him into her mouth sending even more pleasure to her pussy and she moans with need. One hand is stroking his cock, and with the other she is massaging his balls.

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"Oh Baby, your mouth feels so fucking good!" With the use of that name, Sandra knows that she has shattered his patience with the role play and has given herself free reign to do as she wants. Immediately her hand around his cock flies to her clit and she begins rubbing it. She doesn't stay long and moves her fingers to her soaked lips and then into her pussy. She is so wet that two fingers enter with little resistance. The feeling of sucking her man's cock and fingering herself sends her to the edge.

The tightening of his balls in her other hand and the sudden expansion of his cock tells her he is about to cum as well and she moves both her head and her fingers faster to bring them over the edge together. "Sandra, I am going to cum!" She takes as much of his cock into his mouth as possible as his hand tightens in her hair and she inserts a third finger into her pussy.

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The taste of his spunk as he explodes in her mouth starts her own orgasm and both of their bodies clench completely as they ride the waves together.

They stare into each other's eyes as their bodies convulse through their shared orgasms. She milks his cock for every drop he has and then releases it. Neither one of their shared desire is lessened by the release and Charles pulls Sandra up onto the couch with him. She puts her fingers from her pussy into his mouth and he greedily sucks her juices, closing his eyes in enjoyment.

He grabs her wrist, pulls her fingers from his mouth, "I want more." "Everything is yours, Lover." Sandra then moves to the end of the couch they had sent for from her apartment in France and sets one foot on the floor and moves her other leg to hang over the back. Charles wastes no time in moving between her legs and begins feasting on her pussy.

His tongue covers her pussy as his nose rubs against her clit. He spreads her lips with his fingers and then spears her pussy with his tongue. "Oh mon Dieu! Eat my pussy! Take everything!" Sandra's hands run into his hair, but there seems no need for guidance.

Charles' tongue explores the inside of her pussy, wanting every bit of her juices that have continued to flow from her previous orgasm. He withdraws his tongue and sucks one of her pussy lips into his mouth and then the other.

Small bites send shocks of pleasure through Sandra and she moves her hands to her breasts. Pulling on her nipples, grabbing handfuls and pressing them together as Charles licks her pussy from the bottom to the top and then flicking his tongue across her clit. Sandra's eyes move from Charles head between her legs to his cock which has started to stiffen again. "Oh Charles, please.

Please." Charles' eyes find her staring at his cock, "Please what, Baby?" Without looking away from his cock, watching it grow with every word, "Please fuck me! Please stick that cock in my pussy." Charles then lifts Sandra's hips and pulls her towards him as he moves onto his knees on the couch. She feels his cock at the entrance to her pussy and the look in her eyes tells him exactly how she wants it. He spends only enough time to align his fully re-hardened cock with her pussy and then he buries his cock inside of her.

Holding himself above her, he fucks her fast and hard. Pulling out to the tip of his cock and then slamming back to the hilt, stretching her pussy and each time he slaps her clit with his pelvis sending extra jolts of exquisiteness through her body. Her arms are over his shoulders, her legs wrapped around his waist letting him get only far enough away to continue fucking her with abandon.

He leans his head down to her ear. "Ma Sandra, your pussy feels so good around my cock. I love fucking this pussy. This is my pussy, Baby." His words and his cock cause Sandra to moan loudly. "Yes Lover!

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Yours! Only yours, forever!" Their words to each other heighten the passion and Sandra cums loudly as Charles continues to slam his cock inside her. Her nails dig into his back and she knew the scratches would be there for days. She didn't care, she knew he enjoyed them. She knew that he showed them proudly without saying a word in the gym locker room. She often smiled when she would pick him up from the gym and the guys he was with would pretend not to stare at her.

She was his and all they could ever do is keep pretending that they didn't become aroused at the thought of what she and Charles do to cause such passion. Her smile would grow even larger the few times she would show up early to watch him work-out and see the jealousy in the other women's eyes because they had at least some idea of what it took to cause marks like that and the men they were with could not compare to her man.

He was hers and all they could ever do is pretend that they were with men that satisfied them completely. All this goes through Sandra's head in an instant when she feels Charles' body telling her he was about to cum again. "Cum inside me, Lover! I want you to empty your seed inside my pussy!" "Sandra!" He yells as he spurts his seed into her womb.


His body jerks with each pulse of semen being released and then collapses gently onto her. Her legs release from around his waist, but he stays inside her. Theirs breaths slowing. He raises his head, " I've missed you, Baby. Sorry things have been so busy with the new job." Sandra thinks of the paddle resting in the hallway and smiles, "Well, you definitely picked the right way to make it up to me." His smile takes up his whole face and their love for each other is almost a physical presence in the room.

Their lips find each other, sensual and sated desire flowing together. They fall asleep together and as Charles' cock softens inside of her, Sandra smiles to herself before drifting off thinking that she could still fulfill her original plan in the morning.

*From the authors - Charles and Sandra want to thank you(the reader) and XNXX for sharing in their first published adventure. Comments and feedback are welcomed, please be constructive though, as we would like to share future adventures with you(and possibly past True adventures).