Gratifying males hardcore needs blowjob and teen

Gratifying males hardcore needs blowjob and teen
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Hello readers , This is the 4th story I have posted about Stacy If you have read any of my other stories about her you will know she is a total oral nympho. If you would like to find out more about her then can I suggest you try my other stories. Now on to my story.


Stacy and I had both booked a week of work together to do some stuff about the house like decorating and spring cleaning and as usual Stacy was her usual slutty self.

She would parade about the house naked during the day and even answered the door to the postman in only her knickers.

All this was making Stacy really horny and one morning at breakfast she asked me if I would like to go a local dogging spot that she had looked up and read about on the internet. She explained to me that on her way home from work a couple of times she had stopped there and saw loads of guys looking into cars and wanking off and even getting into the cars occasionally.

And on one occasion a cars passenger window was down and a woman was sucking guys off who put their cock through it. Now as you are probably aware by now stacy will suck anybodys cock so this was right up her street.

Stacy got showered and dressed up in black 6inch heels black stockings black suspender belt with white lacy see through knickers. She put on a tight fitting white vest top and a very short black denim mini skirt.

.she also has a three quarter lenth jacket that she normally wears nothing underneath for when we go out flashing.

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That she put on. As soon as we got in the car stacy spread her legs wide and had her hand in her knickers rubbing her already soaking pussy. As we drove to the dogging spot stacy wanked off furiously and would let the passing truck and coach drivers get a good look at her stocking covered legs and hairy blonde pussy. We arrived at the parking spot that stacy had told me about and there was already a few cars parked and also a few workers vans.

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In the woods and bushes there was also guys hanging about looking at the cars but there was no action going on as such. All this time stacy was fingering her soaking cunt and rubbing her hard nipples through her top.

After about 5 minutes a guy walked over to the car and stood at the passenger side window watching stacy masturbate. He then took his cock out and began to slowly wank off as he watched my young wife rubbing her cunt. In no time there was a crowd of guys round the car all watching stacy as she fingered her hole.

6 of them had their cocks out and another half dozen were just standing with their hands in their pockets playing with their hard cocks.stacy leaned over and took my cock from my jeans and began to suck on it takeing me deep in her throat as she moaned loudly with 3 fingers in her cunt.

In no time I was shooting my load in her mouth which she played with using her tongue to move it about her teeth and cheeks. As she was doing this she sat up in her seat to let all the men see her do this.

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Stacy then opened her window and told the first guy who had approached the car to put his dick through the window. He must have been 80 years old but had no problem getting a hardon. She took his old cock in her mouth sucking on the head for a few moments before slowly taking the other 6 or 7 inches into her mouth.

As she was doing this the oldman was telling her he was old enough to be her great great grandfather this only made stacy suck on his cock harder and before long he was shooting his old seed into her mouth which she swallowed of course.

The old guy thanked stacy before moving to the side to let another guy get his dick sucked he was a good bit younger than the first guy maybe around 40 with a big cock. He wanked his cock in stacys face before she took him in her mouth. He reached into the car and began to pinch and stretch stacys nipples as I fingered her cunt hole. This had her moaning loudly again and she orgasmed just as the second guy came in her mouth.

Opening the car door stacy swung her legs out of the car and still sitting on the seat she spread her legs wide pulling her panties to the side to reveal her hairy blonde cunt to the 15 or so guys who were now standing there.all with their dicks out ready to be sucked off.

As the guys lined up 5 of them went to tie their dogs up to trees around the parking spot. For the benefit of people who have never heard of dogging the term comes from the excuse guys would give if they were caught doin the sort of stuff im writing about.

The excuse being they were walking the dog Anyway stacy told the guys she wanted to be fingered as she sucked all of their cocks. And that they were all to come in her mouth and if they got her horny enough she would go into the trees that were around the parking spot and anybody who wanted to could fuck her from behind.

She asked the guys who owned the dogs if they were male dogs and 4 of the guys replyed that they were. And to her delight it turned out none of them had been neutered.

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she asked the guys if they thought the dogs would be up for fucking her and they all said yes. The next guy to get his dick in her mouth was an asian guy about 30 years old as he was fucking her mouth a young guy maybe 20 was fingering her cunt.

The asian guy came and the young guy put his dick in her mouth he was replaced by a black man who was about 45. His dick was really big maybe 10 inches long and very thick. It wasn't long before the young guy came in stacys mouth and stacy had the black guys dick down her throat in a flash.

She really went to town on his big black cock. As she rubbed his balls in both hands her head was bobbing up and down on his meat. every now and again she would come up for air as she was choking herself she was so desperate to take as much of it in as possible.

An old guy about 60 was between her legs with 4 fingers in her cunt wanking his cock furiously he told stacy he was going to cum and she took the black guys cock from her mouth. The old man got his cock in her mouth just in time as he shot loads of spunk into my wifes greedy mouth.

Stacy put the black guys cock back in her mouth and another guy started to finger her hole he was about 30 years old. She began to wank the big black cock hard and the black guy spunked in her mouth stacy let some cum dribble down her chin but quickly caught it with her fingers and put it back in her cum filled mouth.

She swallowed hard just to get the massive load down her throat. The guy who was fingering stood up and stacy took him in her mouth as another old guy about 70 went down on stacy he was licking her cunt and arsehole like he hadn't given oral sex for years. Stacy grabbed hold of his grey hair and began to grind her cunt into his wrinkled face and at the same time the other guy was fucking stacys mouth.

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The guy came in stacys mouth and she pulled the old guy up by the hair and immediately took his cock in her cum filled mouth he came in seconds his old spunk mixing with the younger guys as stacy swallowed the mixture with a grin on her face. Another dozen guys came in her mouth and fingered her soaking cunt hole.

They were of various ages and colours and by the time she had finished 17 different guys had came in my wifes dirty slut mouth. Stacy stood up from the car and told the guys to follow her into the woods.

12 of the men followed her including the 4 dog owners with there pets and the 80 year old who was the first to cum in her. Getting on her knees stacy pulled her skirt around her waist and pulled her knickers to the side revealing her cunt and arsehole to the 12 men and 4 dogs. Stacy told me to go back to the car and get a container from the boot that she could collect the dog cum in after the dogs had fucked her and came in her pussy. When I got back from the car stacy was finger fucking her cunt as one of the dogs a boxer was licking her arsehole.

She told the owner of the boxer to bring the dog around in front of her and hold it there then she told one of the other guys to get behind her and fuck her cunt hard. A guy around 50 years old got behind her and easily slid his cock into her wet hole.

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As he did this stacy reached under the boxer and began to massage its cock from the hairy sheath. The boxers cock was long and thin with a bright red end and stacy smiled with anticipation. She began by licking the lenth of the dogs cock before teasing the end with her tongue. As she was doing this little jets of the dogs pre cum were escaping from the end of the dog cock and were splashing onto stacys mouth and chin.she licked these of with her tongue and swallowed them the guy who was fucking her let out a moan and came deep in stacys cunt.

He moved aside and another guy who was in his mid twentys took his place again sliding his hard cock up stacy easily. She was now sucking the boxers cock really hard taking it all the way up to the knot. The guy fucking her told her he was about to cum and shot another load into my wifes cunt. Turning her arse to the dog stacy asked for another dog to suck off and a guy brought his Doberman forward this dogs cock was already hard and stacy immediately began sucking on it as the boxer jumped up on her back and began to pound her cum filled cunt.

The dog was really going for it and its back legs lifted off the ground giving all the guys a great view as its bulbous knot pushed its way past stacys cunt lips and disappeared into her. After a minute or two the boxer began to jerk its back hard as it came deep in my wifes jumped down from her back its knot still tied into stacy. She told me to get ready with the container and the knot escaped from her hole with a loud slurp. I had to move quickly to catch the smelly mixture of the two guys and the dogs cum but there was loads of it.

Another 3 guys fucked stacys cunt and came in her as she sucked on the Dobermans cock. They were 2 middle aged men and another in his early twentys.

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She then decided that it was the Dobermans turn to fuck her and she asked its owner to put its cock in her sticky cunt. This things cock was massive and stacy moaned as it hammered its dick up her hole its thick knot barging past her swollen cunt lips.

I stood watching my wife get fucked by a dog in front of over a dozen strangers in the woods and couldn't belive my luck at having such a slag for a wife.

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The Doberman didn't last long either as it spunked up stacy again I had to work fast to catch the cum that poured from stacy. That being 3 guys and the dog cum.

The container now had 5 men and 2 dogs cum in it I asked stacy if she wanted it now but she told me to keep hold of it until all the guys and dogs cum was in it. The guy who owned the first dog was next to fuck stacy he was a really fat man who looked as if he hadn't had a bath in weeks his dirty hairy cock slid into my wifes slippy holre easily as stacy sucked on her third dog cock this belonged to a scruffy old mongrel dog that had a massive pair of balls hanging between its legs. Stacy began to massage its balls with one hand and at the same time she sucked its old smelly cock.

This was enough for the guy fucking her and he came up her cunt. Then an old guy about 65 got behind stacy and began to rub the end of his cock up and down her swollen cunt lips.

He pushed his cock into her but was lucky if he lasted 20 seconds before cumming. Now it was the old dog that was fucking stacy its owner had to help it up onto stacys back but once up there it really banged stacy hard for about 5 mins before it eventually came. Again it was my job to catch all the cum.

The last 7 or 8 guys and the last dog all fucked and came in her cunt and after they had all finished there was over a dozen men and 4 dogs cum in the glass. Stacy took the smelly mixture from me and began to drink it from the container pausing occasionally for a breath and to show the guys the cum in her slutty mouth.

As all the guys left stacy thanked them and as usual she gave the oldest guy there her knickers his name was tom. You know who you are!!!!!


On the way home we stopped of at a service station and stacy let 3 truck drivers she had flashed at cum and piss in her mouth My wife really is a total slag but I love it. The end