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Home Made Sex On Hidden Camera In Video Me
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please be nice this is my first post. Let me know if i should continue writing, I have lots of ideas but i don't know if it is going in the right direction, enjoy. (I wrote this in spurts so forgive me if it doesn't flow very well. Forgive the terrible title as well I couldn't think of anything) **** edit: fixed some of the spelling(not all of it) and made it easier to read with the double return.**** I had her strung up by her hands, the tips of her feet just barley touching the ground.

I frowned. She hadn't woken yet and I was becoming impatient. I didn't want to do anything until she was awake, it would be much more fun that way. I took a walk around the dark cellar that I had prepared for her, taking in her body. I had not cut away any of her cloths and she was still drop dead gorgeous. The picture of her I had found online did her no justice, those pictures that I had spent lonely nights with.

She was just what I had been looking for. Young and naïve. I wasn't too sure about the last part but I'd find out soon enough. She was a solid ten out of ten, her ass was a decent curve and she had perky tits but why she had become so popular online was her face. It was perfectly symmetrical and her jaw was very strong, I knew when she opened her eyes I would melt into the large brown oasis.

Golden hair came just to her shoulder, I gently grabbed a handful and brought it to my noise, it smelt like summer. She looked like an angel in a long slumber waiting for her true love to come wake her. I wasn't that true love.

I slapped her face lightly with the back of my hand and her eyelids fluttered a little. It took nothing less than sheer will power to keep my hands off other parts of her body. Like a boy that had just received a new toy I wanted to play. "Wake up my slave" I whispered gently into her ear, her eyelids fluttered once more and then the shot open, she slowly adjusted to her surroundings. I carefully stepped back into the shadows of the corner; I wanted to see her reaction to her situation.

"Ow my head" she said in a small voice, the voice stunning me for a moment, so perfect. She tried to stretch her arms, the chains about her head jingling a bit. Alarm crossing her face she looked up to her hands, more forcefully tugging at them, slowly swaying. She stretched out her legs touching the ground and with much difficulty was able to steady herself and take some of the weight off of her arms.

Pain twisted across her face as she tried to find a comfortable position to no avail. "Help! I'm stuck down here" she shouted, she looked around the small room and eventually saw me. The moment she eyes locked onto mine I melted like ice-cream on a warm summer day.

"Please sir can you help me down from this?" I was too lost in her eyes to respond "Sir? Hello? I'm very uncomfortable, is there someone you can grab or…" she trailed off, realisation coming to her face.

"You did this didn't you?" I managed a short nod, my mouth dry like sandpaper, I wanted her to continue talking her voice surrounding me and filling me with joy. "If its money you want my parents are very wealthy" I shook my head, confusion crossed her face "Well what is it that you need?

I'll do my best to make sure you get it, just loosen my hands I will not try and escape" she must think she is in a ransom position. "I have everything I want right here" I said the voice sounding like it had come from another person. "You are mine" she frowned at this not quite grasping the situation she was in.

"What do you mean by mine?" I smiled at this maybe she was as innocent as I had hoped, she twisted slightly in her bindings making her body quiver, I shuddered at this not knowing how much longer I could keep my composer, I stared at her hungrily.

"Would you like me to show you?" she didn't respond to this but looked at me quizzically. I slowly advanced towards her taking my time and enjoying the moment. I stepped into the lights that I had arranged pointing at her, and I thought I saw her relax a little. I wasn't a scary looking guy, more of a business look to me, sleeked back black hair and a suit and tie.

I also, much to my dismay, supported a weak looking face, not a lot of people took me seriously or as a threat. I would prove that wrong. I reached out a hand and made towards her face, she tried to shy away from the touch but only managed to knock herself off balance; I hesitantly pulled my hand away as she painfully supported herself again.

"What are you doing?" she asked, anxiety entering her voice, I didn't respond but brought my hand to her again and she didn't pull away, afraid she would lose her balance again. I lightly stroked her cheek, she tried to turn away but my hand followed her action. Her skin was smooth like polished wood, not a blemish as I ran the back side of my fingers along her chin.

She looked at me from the corner of her eye, anxiety and fear competing to show on her face. "You are mine now" fear had won. "I have money I can give you money" I sighed, she wasn't understanding. I quickly placed my hand over her pussy, just the fingertips lightly resting on them. She squirmed and tried to get away from it but her tippy toes couldn't get any purchase off the ground to move her body.

I waited until she calmed down and stood there, choosing humiliation over pain. Her cheeks flowed with blood, her embarrassment exciting me, she was more innocent then I had hoped for.

I smiled. "This is mine" I removed my hand from her and she relaxed a little, "I hope you realize you have no power anymore, no control over your body or your fate. You are mine" I could see her swallow nervously not knowing what to say. "My family has connections they will find me, but if you release me now…" she flinched as I brought up my hand to her face. I didn't strike her; it would be very difficult to discipline her properly without damaging her perfect body.

"I will not negotiate with my property, and I am very doubtful they will find you. Now rest here for a while, and think about your new life. I will be back soon" I returned a few minutes later with a few item, A couple vibrators, scissors, ball gag and a small black electric stick. I had figured that electricity would leave little to no damage to her skin but just to be sure I adjusted it to the lowest setting.

I kept the black stick but left the other items on the counter of a cupboard in one of the corners. "Look sir I know you're lonely…" "Would you like to undress yourself or should I?" I said cutting her off, she caught a glimpse of the black stick in my hand and I gave the button a push and a small electric loop danced across the head.

Her eyes widened and she jumped at this and the action knocked her off balance, she looked at terror at the stick as I came closer to her, she was trying to distance herself from it choosing pain over standing still.

"Well?" I asked "Please sir this is a misunderstanding, I'm sorry for what I did to you whatever it was" she began pleading with me, while pathetically pushing herself away. Her full lips temporarily mesmerising me for a second, I looked along her body; she was wearing a white tank top and brown short shorts. I brought the stick to her and pressed the button, electricity jumping to her bare thigh. She jumped and screamed, her cute body spasming, muscles around the leg contorting from the shock.

Beads of sweat sowed across her forehead and she looked at me with pleading eyes "Please…" she begged, I gave another shock to her armpit, this one having a better effect, the scream was louder and the jump was more exaggerated, pain twisted her face and tears came from her eyes. I held the stick to her smooth hairless arm and she twisted trying to get away from it. I held fast and asked again. "Would you like to undress or should I do that for you?" I grabbed her chin and pulled her so she was looking right at me; she had broken down into tears and they were flowing freely down her face, black eyeliner streaking her cheeks.

I gave her a series of shocks along her collarbone and watched as she jumped around and contorted in different poses. My ears were beginning to hurt from all the noise she was making. She looked up at me meeting my gaze, anger and hatred filled those perfect eyes.

She spit on my face and yelled "Fuck you mother fucker! I'm not doing Shit for you!" I smiled cruelly at her letting her saliva travel unmolested down my face.

She was done with trying to be rational with me and her niceness was gone. One of the reasons I had picked her was because she was so nice. I would see her pictures of her playing with kids and helping out charities and I knew she would be perfect.

I would purge her of her kindness. She would now addresses me with hostility, but I dint have any need for hostility. "I was hoping you would say that" still smiling at her, she saw the look in my eye and her anger was replaced with terror. "No please sir I didn't mean anything by it you were just…" I slipped the ball gag into her mouth, cutting her off.

I frowned at this; she struggled with it trying to spit it out working in vain against the restraints. She looked like a fish with it in her mouth and really took away from her beauty. But I reminded myself that it would be for too long, which was good for it was much too big for her and it was painfully stretching her mouth. "Enough talk for now, you can talk after" I set to work on her exploring her body, I didn't remove any of her clothing but shocked her through it.

I Discovered how different body parts reacted to the voltage and was pleasantly surprised by her reaction to each. I stayed away from anything sexual, this was punishment not pleasure. I ran the stick along her side tracing out her curves, she had the most perfect hip to body ratio, and it quivered every time it was shocked. She was of Course screaming but her voice was unable to get through the ball gag very well. She bit at it and a dribble of spit hung from it Turing into a constant stream in the course of her torture that by the end it had wet her shirt enough to see every detail of the fancy bra beneath.

Every shock knocked her off of her precautious balance point, and I would wait until she balanced herself, before shocking her again. I could feel her annoyance in this and she eventually just hung there to stay away from the shock, but the longer she hung the more pain she felt in her wrists, and she would eventually reluctantly balance again.

I looked up at her wrists that looked raw and red in their bindings, I needed to finish this quickly if I didn't want to damage her wrists. I turned up the voltage to medium and continued, more tears flowing and eyes widening at this change.

After a few shocks she stopped screaming and her eyes glassed over looking at a point far in the distance. She jumped at the voltage but not in the same way as before, and another few shocks her slender body shuddered and her eyes rolled back in her head.

I knew she had passed out as she hung limp from the ceiling and didn't balance herself, but to be sure I gave her a barrage of shocks to her slender gorgeous neck, and after seeing only the spasm of muscle and no jumps so I put down the stick. I quickly lowered her and hog tied her on the ground.

I had her on her stomach with her hands and feet bound behind her back. I must have done a number on her because she did not wake during any of this. She had a rough day so I rewarded her, picking the most powerful vibrator I stuck it over her cloths on her pussy and taped it tightly in place turning on the max setting. I taped it to her so tightly that no matter how much fidgeting went on it would not leave that spot, overstimulation was the goal.

She would eventually feel uncomfortable with it and most definitely pain, as it vibrated her, and she would try and remove it to release herself from the sensation. But I made sure that she would have no such luck in removing it. I wasn't sure she would feel it through her clothing, but a wet spot soon showed beneath it. I didn't want to cut away her clothing; I wanted her to take it off for me, no matter how long it took. I walked over to her head, she was still passed out but she began panting heavily, I smiled at this.

She was enjoying herself, and probably more so when she wakes up. I decided to leave the ball gag in not wanting her to be too comfortable.

Which shouldn't be a problem because she was laying on her boobs, squished up against the concrete floor, they would be sore tomorrow. To be sure of this I had attached the rope on the ceiling to her legs and hands bound behind her back and pulled it taunt so she couldn't roll over to her side in the night. I kissed her on the forehead and left her for the night remembering to plug in the vibrator so it didn't run out of juice.

Bound with a vibrator in the middle of the floor bright lights pointed down on her, she would be in for a rough night. "Wake up my slave" I said as I removed the ball gag from her mouth, she looked up at me through half closed eyes. She did not have a good night, the large bags beneath her eyes evidence of her lack of sleep.

The vibrator was still humming at full strength emitting a low droning noise. With the ball gag removed she flexed her jaw muscles opening and closing her mouth, getting all the knots out that had built up over the night. Despite the ragged condition she was in she was still stunning, the dried black mascara streaks running down her face and matted hair doing little to take away from her natural beauty.

I was still stunned by her looks but not to the same degree as I was yesterday, I had just gotten more comfortable with her. I brought a wet cloth to her face and rubbed away the mascara streaks, she didn't fight me. "Get that thing off of me. That vibrator" she shifted uncomfortably, trying to mover her legs to get the source of discomfort off of her but the tape held it in place. I crouched by her crotch and frowned at the relatively small puddle beneath her; she had lost much more liquid from the ball gag then the vibrator.

It must be from the cloths she was wearing but she did not orgasm that night. I sighed and switched it off. "And untie me from the ceiling my boobs are killing me" I raised an eyebrow at her "Who's in charge here?" "Please let me down from the ceiling" satisfied, I untied the rope, and she rolled to her side and visibly relaxed.

"Sleep well?" "Fuck you" she said back "I need to go to the bathroom" I walked up behind her and hand cuffed her wrists and ankles, then proceeded to untie the ropes the bond her legs and arms behind her. She wasn't strong or fast, I didn't think, but I didn't want to risk fighting her. I did my research, she went to the gym regularly, and had an athletic body so there may be a chance even if unlikely that she could overpower me.

Better safe than sorry. Around her neck I fastened a leather collar with a heavy chain attached. "Am I a dog?" "You are whatever I want you to be" I said flatly becoming irritated by the tone she was addressing me with. She looked down to it insulted. The hand cuffs chain was long enough that she was able to bring her hands to the front over her body with little struggling. She began massaging her tits rubbing the soreness from them but she did this turned away so I couldn't see.

I helped her to her feet and led her by the chain to a room off of the small one they were in. she shuffled along quietly. It was relatively bare save for a single bed in one corner and a nightstand it had carpeted floors.

"If you're good then you will sleep here" I stressed the word good. She didn't respond. Through another door there was a bathroom, it was a small space with a shower a sink with mirror and a toilet.

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I made sure none of the rooms she would be in had any windows. "Umm I can't go with you watching me" I unhooked the chain around her neck and closed the door behind me.

"You got one minute" after a minute or so after I heard a flush I knocked loudly on the door, there was no response. I reached out and cautiously pushed the door in. She came rushing out with tremendous speed propelling herself off the wall and smashing my face with the cuffs on her hand. I fell to the ground my face covered in blood, I brought my hand to my face, my nose wasn't broken but it was very bloody.

She didn't even look back, but scrambled to the door falling continuously in her shackled state, her feet not moving fast enough in her bindings. I lay there for a moment before calmly picking myself up and following her into the room where I had first kept her. She was trying desperately at the door at the far end, banging at it and yelling for help. She started crying silently when she saw me with my blood covered face and sinking to the bottom of the door where she curled up into a ball.

I had that door locked with a key pad and a key just in case she had gotten her hands on either. I could change it before she could get the other. I calmly walked over to her and crouched at her side, she desperately tried to crawl away but I grabbed a hand full of hair and pulled her to my face.

She streaked at this. I looked at her letting the blood drip onto her legs, she did not meet my eyes but whimpered instead looking at her feet.

I reattached the chain to her collar, using a lock to make sure she couldn't take it off. "I brought some food for you" I said releasing her and standing up and retrieving the plate I had left on the cupboard when I had come down in the morning "I bet your hungry". I walked over to her and lay the slice of pizza at her feet, it was left overs from my supper the previous night. She cowered away from me but when I backed away she looked hungrily at the pizza.

But then back to me suspiciously. "What's wrong with it?" "Nothing, eat up" "You're not mad at me?" "Of course I am, eat up" she looked down to the food like it was poison. "I assure you if I were to kill or drug you I would do it while you were tied up. now eat up. you're going to need your strength if you going to escape" this must have made sense to her because she hungrily inhaled the pizza still looking hungry when she finished.

"You want more?" she nodded. "Alright but to get more I need to tie you too the ceiling ok?" "Just not on my tip toes" I strung her up this time by the chain on her collar and went to get her more food. It was tight enough that she could only take two steps in any direction before choking herself.

When I returned with two more slices she was where I had left her looking sour. I had also brought with me a chair which I set down in front of her, out of her reach. I set down the two slices and a bottle of water before her I undid her leg cuffs first and then her hand cuffs.

She was contained so I wasn't too worried about her attacking me again. The blood was now dried on my face but I left it on to show her I had not forgotten. She crouched down and began eating the other pizzas while I asked her questions, "Do you have a boyfriend?" "He's looking for me right now and is going to find me" she said between mouthfuls.

"Are you a virgin?" I asked, she was twisted her face in anger and was about to say something when she caught a glimpse of my blood caked face and serious stare. "Yes I am" I smiled at this. "You name is Anna right?" she nodded "you will now be named slave" she didn't acknowledge this and kept eating.

I began to get annoyed by how she addressed me "You may call me master or sir, understand?" "yes…sir" she said, there was a long gap between yes and sir. "Have you had an orgasm before?" she looked at me strangely.


"That's a no then, what's the most sexual act you have ever done?" "I kiss my boyfriend but nothing else… sir" for a moment horror crossed her face "You aren't going to do those things to me are you?" "Only if you ask me to" she relaxed a little at this but then alarm came across her face.

"Sir? You are going to torture me until I ask you right?" I didn't respond and let her finish her meal.

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Realization slowly crossed her face and she began to comprehend the situation she was in. "Ok lets pick up from where we started from yesterday, remove you cloths" she bit her lip, looking at me hesitantly.

"I trust you do remember what happened last time you refused?" She hastily started to remove her tank top, graceful arms pulling at the fabric. "Stop!" she froze letting the shirt fall back onto her "Do it more slowly" she complied but glared at me the whole time. Her stomach was flat with little ridges running along it showing where her toned abs lay hidden beneath the skin.

Her breasts must have been a C cup, the bra she was wearing was a little too small for her and it pushed them together nicely. I took my eyes from her not knowing how much longer I could keep my composer.

She took the top off and let it hang from the chain around her neck, and started on her shorts gyrating her hips to get the tight brown shorts from around her slender form to below her mesmerising hips, when they fell to the floor she stepped out of them. "Turn around for me" she spun around, and when I got a view of her perfect ass, I froze.

Years of working out at the gym and god's smile made that ass, I reached out a hand, But she turned around before I could touch it. "Don't stop there" "You want me to…?" she looked down at herself, she had her arms crossed hiding her beautiful breasts "my underwear?" I nodded eagerly "No. no way I'm doing that" I had had enough, she had already bashed my face and now was refusing me, I stood up quickly knocking the chair over.

And grabbing the chain on that wall that was attached around her neck pulled, lifting her off the groundshe coughed and sputtered making a gargling noise with her mouth, after a few seconds I set her down.

She tried to plead but I placed the ball gag in her mouth and bound her hands behind her back. Sometime during this she managed to get her panties off, one last ditch effort to calm me and for a moment I was distracted looking longingly at her pink folds and hairless pussy.

So she was expecting to get some more from her boyfriend, lucky guy, or I guess now unlucky. Her muffled pleads brought me back and I shook my head focusing on the task at hand. I grabbed the black stick on the counter and turned it to medium advancing towards her. "This is for that tone you are using with me" I stuck her on her stomach and watched in pleasure as she jerked back too far, the collar around her neck choking her and forcing her back onto the stick.

I only moved the stick slightly as she danced around it tetertoding between choking and getting electrocuted. I held it so that she was just able to grab a short breath before she jumped back pulling the chain on her collar to send her into a choking fit. After I while I stopped, and let her rest, she stood there gasping for air. "Are you sorry for that tone you uses with me?" she desperately nodded, and tried to say something through the gag, but all she managed was a little line of spittle to her tits.

"Now this is for hitting me in the face" her eyes widened in fear as I turned the electric stick to the max, and she blubbered out some more spit. Tears came to her eyes. I teased her by bringing the stick to her and dancing it around her as I thought of where to stick her first.

She twisted and turned trying to evade it her tits bouncing around her as if they too were part of the dance. The bra restricted them but she was moving so frantically that they looked as if they had a mind of their own. Her ass on the other hand was so firm that it only jiggled slightly as she contorted, it flexing ever so often to accompany a movement.

After a few seconds she stood still. I grabbed her by the chin and cupped her soft face in my hands looking into her pleading eyes inches away from mine, I searched her eyes looking for hatred but all I saw was terror. Without breaking eye contact I pressed and held the button shocking her between her legs holding the stick to her as her body contorted around it. I watched her face change into a painful ugliness, her eyes were big like saucers her jaw muscles flexed and she bared her teeth as if she was caught in a silent scream, spit pouring from her gag.

Her legs dance around hopelessly barely able to keep her from choking. With All her muscles permanently flexed, her eyes glazed over and rolled back in her head. "Oh no you don't" I was prepared for this, out of my pocket I pulled an epipen and stabbed her neck with it, after a few seconds her eyes refocused pupils dilating. I stood there holding the stick to her on the max setting until the charge depleted itself, and then I released the button.

She was still twitching and trembling as I loosened the chain that held her up, she imminently collapsed on the ground her body still convulsing and twitching as she curled up into a ball. Her eyes were glassy again as she stared at nothingness. I couldn't see any damage to her pussy when I went down to examine it, I sight in relief.

Perhaps I went too hard on her. She did not resist as I placed the butterfly shaped vibrator securely to her clit. She continued to look forward in too much shock to know what I was doing to her. I gently placed a finger in her pussy, it being too tight to accompany more; she squirmed a little at this but made no attempts to stop me. I found no heimen but wasn't surprised; athletic women usually break it through running or jumping.

I felt towards the roof and found a small spongy part, I slipped in an egg shaped vibrator and pushed it tight up against this the two vibrators connected by a single wire.

Then to top it all off, around her waist I placed a hard plastic chastity belt, perverting her from removing either of the vibrators and locked it in place. I tucked the remote for the vibrators and the key to the chastity in my pocket and let her rest, and clean myself up.

She slept a long while, after five hours I got impatient and woke her up. I pulled off her gag and brought a bottle of water to her face, she gulped it down thirstily.

I gave her another bottle which she happily consumed. "Good drink up you will need a lot of fluids, you feeling better?" she nodded not trusting the answer she would give might lead to some more shocking. "I think it's time for your fist orgasm" "Please no sir" she said in a quiet voice, I searched it for tone and found none, she's learning well.

I untied her hands and she sat up and brought them to her mouth massaging her jaw. I picked up my chair and sat on it looking at her. "Ready?" "I'm sorry for trying to escape, it won't happen again, and I will not use tone with you anymore I…" I turned the vibrators to the first setting; her voice got caught in her throat. Her hands imminently went to the chastity device on her pussy searching for a way to open it.

Her face slowly turned a light red and she started panting softly. Her hands mindlessly picked at the device that trapped her as she tried to form sentences.

"I will… do anything… you need me… to doooooo ohhhhh" I turned it to the second setting and the panting got heavier and her face was now a dark red. Her hands now desperately darted across the plastic, fingernails trying to get perchus under it to pry the chastity off.

Then they fell to her side and she stiffened for a moment her cute face frozen in a silent scream and after about fifteen seconds she collapsed to the floor. I could see the pussy juices oozing out, escaping through the sides of the device and pooling beneath her. "How was that?" "Weird… now please … turn… it… off…" she said, difficultly producing the words with more trouble than it should have taken.

Her face was still red and she was still panting but was far off from a second orgasm. "Nope" and I pushed the vibrators to the max. Surprise raced across her face and her eyes grew large again sweat forming on her brow, her back arched sharply and she began to madly involuntarily hump the air above her, her panting turning into raged gasps as she orgasmed again.

Although she finished the orgasm her hips had a mind of their own and were still thrashing about sending the now free flowing pussy juices all over her body. Her back stayed arched until her third orgasm, she looked like a fish out of water as her mouth desperately trying to breath in air. Despite the fatigue that was already showing on her body, her hips continued to viciously hump the air. I watched her large eyes glaze over and roll back in her head, she passed out again.

But this didn't stop the continual orgasms. Although she wasn't conscious her hips still gyrated and her back stayed arched. She was soaking herself in her own pussy juices. I watched for a few more orgasms before I stood up placed the remote and key by her head gently kissed her wet forehead. Either she would wake up and turn off the vibrators or they would run out of batteries.

"Good night slave, please don't go crazy" and I left the intensely thrashing girl to lie in her wetness and fiercely hump the air. She must have pissed herself sometime in the night for when I came down the next morning the smell was overpowering. She lay curled up in the wet mess, and when I reached her I saw that the key and vibrator remote remained untouched I picked them both up. It must have run out of batteries.

I gently nudged her awake with my foot, she was in desperate need of a shower and new clothing. "How are you feeling this morning slave?" "Why are you doing this to me?" she evidently had been crying last night, the bag on her eyes accompanied by the redness of tears. I ignored her question. "You think you can take a shower today without trying to escape?" "You are a sick man and you need help" I sighed, she wasn't being very cooperative today.

I went to the counter and and lay my hand over the black stick, she saw this and immediately said. "Yes Sir I can take a shower without escaping" she said remembering to add Sir, I smiled at this.

"Good girl, make yourself look pretty, I left some makeup in there when you were sleeping, and there is some food on the dresser." I turned around to her and threw a blue two piece at her "and wear this too" she looked down at it, it was much too small in the chest area to accommodate her tits but she nodded and didn't say anything.

"Oh and for heaven's sake remove that plastic from yourself." I tossed her the key. She let the chastity belt drop to the floor, and I grimaced. Her pussy was an angry red, rubbed raw from last night's events. Pain showed on her face as she removed the vibrators and let them drop to the floor.

Maybe I was a little too cruel to leave them in. "Be quick about it, you know where the bathroom is, I don't want to come looking for you" I removed the chain from her neck but held her there by the collar. She looked at her feet not willing to meet my eyes. "Look at me" she slowly stared back at me, her eyes timid and afraid. "Yes sir" and I let her go.

While she was gone I moped up the mess she had made, or rather I had made her make. When she returned the shower had done wonders for her, she looked like the person I had two days before. Stunning. She didn't put on the markup very well, a sort of passive rebellion.

It was splotchy and looked like it was done very fast but it still looked passible. The blue suit was indeed too small the top squishing her breast together so tight that it looked uncomfortable; they bulged out the sides and bottom.

I sat down in in the chair and scooted it up to about three feet in front of her. I tapped the back stick I had laid across my lap for effect, she was eyeing this nervously. It had run out of charge yesterday and I had forgotten to charge it, but she did not know this.

I told her to face me which she did hesitantly, and I looked at her for a while before she diverted her eyes and looked down. "Look at me." She slowly raised her eyes to mine but nervously looked away every few seconds "Don't look away" she fidgeted as she met my gaze, not looking away this time.

I searched her eyes and only saw anxiety and fear. Any anger she had for me was hidden deep from sight. I told her to step forward, and she complied. I had cleaned and charged the vibrators that were on the ground beside me and when I picked them of the floor she whimpered a little.

"Please no Sir, I'm still sore" "Keep looking at me! And stand still" she clasp her hands behind her back to prevent herself from trying to stop me. A thought came to my mind and I smiled stopping myself.

"Beg me to put them on you" she swallowed and darted a quick glance to black stick on my lap. "Look away again and you will be sorry" she stared me dead in the eye her voice cracking a bit as she held back tears, "Please put them on me Sir" "Put what on you?" a single tear rolled down her cheek as her mascara began to bleed off her "Please put those vibrators on me Sir" I pulled down the swimsuit and reviled her anger red pussy.

She involuntarily backed away when I tried to attach the vibrators, so I placed a hand on her hip to prevent her. Her face showed discomfort as I securely attached them, then when I was finished I pulled up her bottoms to cover the vibrators.

I did it all by touch so I could continue to look at her, and she looked down on me in uneasy nervousness. "Now if you, remove these from yourself for any reason I will empty two charges of maximum strength onto your neck… am I clear" "Yes sir" she replied "I feel like you should thank me more often" "Thank you sir" I looked across her beautiful body and wondered what my next move would be.

She crossed her arms when I looked at her painful looking chest. I would like to see the body in action. "Beg me to let you dance for me" her jaw fell open and she gave me a 'are you serious look' I placed my hand over the black stick and she imminently asked "Please may I dance for you Sir?

"I mean only if you want to" I looked at her and closed my first around the black stick and she blurted out, "Thank you Sir!" and began to swing her hips around, then she bobbed on one leg then the other in a sort of jig "More sexy!

Pretend I'm your boyfriend!" she attempted to, but she wasn't doing it very well. "Have you seen any strippers or dancers on TV?" "Yes sir" "Dance like them", she still didn't get it, I fumbled around in my pocket for my phone and found a video of a girl dancing it the manner I liked.

I held it up to her but she was still looking at me in the eye. "I give you permission to look at the screen" she watched it for a minute "can you do that" she nodded slightly, "Good now look at me again and dance" This time it was a little better, but it seemed half hearted. I turned the remote of the vibrator to the max and she fell to the ground hard. She landed on her chest and began humping the floor her body quivering from the effort. She came quickly. I turned them off, her hand instantly moved to the vibrators but at the last second stopped herself and clenched them into fists.

She stood up slowly taking her time, panting and glaring at me. "Ready to do it properly now?" "Yes… sir" she stressed the last part her voice heavy with sarcastic tone, and I gave her another orgasm, Watching her twitch helplessly on the ground.

When she stood up again I repeated myself and she replied enthusiastically. "Yes sir!" The dancing was much better now she grinded her hips and thrust her chest out while slowly running her hands down the side of her body.

She did this without breaking eye contact with me, I got hard and she knew it, her face turning a light red. I motioned with my hand for her to turn slowly and she did, letting me see her incredible ass jiggle ever so often with the movements. She broke eye contact with me for a split second as she turned in a complete circle but I didn't mind. "Play with your tits" she stopped, and looked at me pleading with her eyes 'don't make me' "I didn't say stop dancing did I?" "No master" and she continued dancing massaging her tits with her hands, humiliation on her face.

The top was quite restrictive but they still moved slightly at her touch. "take off the top" she knew this was going to happen eventually and when she removed It carefully while dancing a looking at me she kept an arm over them blocking them from view.

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"Caress your ass now, both hands" a look of defeat crossed her face as she slowly reviled her breasts. They stood up by themselves no sign of any sagging, they were perky and firm, and the aloe was a cute pick and was very small around the nipple.

I wanted to touch them I stood up and walked to her. "Beg me to touch your tits" "Please sir touch my tits" she wimped, she was crying now but didn't break eye contact with me.

"keep touching your ass" she complied as I reached out to grab them. They were wet from her tears but were soft to the touch while being firm to the grasp, I pushed them together and apart while I looked her in the eyes and she started back in humiliation nipples slowly growing hard beneath my fingers.

I had pushed my hard dick up against her thigh and she felt it but could do nothing about it but dance slower "Beg me to put vibrators on them" "Please sir put vibrators on them "she said between sobs, her hands slowing grabbing at her firm buttocks. I produced two egg vibrators from my pocket and a roll of tape. A wire connected the two with a power setting, it wasn't a remote controlled one like the others, I taped them on to her nipples and tucked the switch into her bottoms, and I set it on medium speed.

They started up emitting a soft hum and her cheeks grew a dark red, she brought her hands to them covering them but that didn't lessen the vibrations. So she had sensitive nipples. I was about to turn around and sit down when I felt her hand press up against my bulge, her palm caressing the jeans covering my dick. I looked at her in surprise, and she stared back in determination, biting her lip and looking really sexy.

I was so caught up in her change in attitude I almost didn't feel her reach into my pocket and pull my phone out. But I felt something strange at my side and saw it flash behind her back out of the corner of my eye.

I let her play with me for a little while before saying. "I'll let you have some pleasure too" pulling out the vibrator remote. "No need for that master I'm happy pleasuring you" she said in the most sexy voice possible. She dropped the phone to the ground when I adjusted the remote to setting two catching her by surprise. She jumped on it trying to make a phone call but could not breach the password.

I looked down at her and sighed. Realizing it was useless she scrambled over to the chair and picked up the black stick I had left there, then jumping onto me pressed the button. Disbelief crosser her face as she tried it again and again. I grabbed it out of her hands. "I thought we were done with this type of stuff?" "No please sir I didn't mean it" she said on the floor at my feet and began crying into my feet.

"Please don't electrocute me again" she sobbed begging to my ankles. I could feel the tears on my bare feet and her warm breath on my ankles. "Lick my feet". She did not need to be told twice. Faster than I expected I could feel her warm moist tongue dart out, and lick between and on my toes, across the top of my foot and around my ankles. Both feet too. She really was sorry. "Well if you really didn't mean it I can put you through a test with vibrators instead of electrocuting you, but you have to beg me and I mean really beg me for it" she looked up and me and said in the most innocent voice begged.

"Please sir I would love to be put through a test with vibrators that make me feel so good, please sir let me be your test subject" she had me convinced. I smiled down at her and the terror from her eyes had fled. "Good girl" I patted her on the head, I crouched down beside her and pulled off the blue panties. Of course I wasn't going to make the test passible; I can't let actions like that go unpunished.

I attached an external battery to the two vibrators on/in her pussy and another one to the ones on her breast and taped them to her body "this is so that charge won't run out" I said to her patting her side, she looked at me and then down to the vibrators in anxiety biting her lip.

I walked over to the cupboard and brought back plastic hand cuffs. I cuffed her wrists together and attached a rope to them, helping her up I pulled the cuffs above her head the rope around the small metal wring attached to the celling.

I also loosely attached the collar to the ring just so that she could wander the room once she broke the cuffs. "Please sir no" "These cuffs are relatively weak and if you pull on them hard enough they will break, then you can remove the vibrators from yourself. But if I come back and they are broken I will punish you properly. If they remain intact you can avoid your punishment." "How long do I have to endure it sir?" "Six hours" "I can't do that!" "Seven hours now" she clasped her mouth shut, I walked over to her with a large metal pan that I placed below her feet, she stepped into to it "I don't want to clean up another mess" and kissed her on the lips.

They were hard and she didn't kiss back, but didn't fight it either, they tasted salty from her tears. I reached down to the control on her side for the nipple vibrators and turned them to full her cheeks flushed, then I walked away.

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Before I left I turned the remote control to the third setting and watched the trickle run down her legs into the pan that was slowly full with juices. She struggled to keep her knees from shaking and began to pant loudly closing her eyes and moving her hips slightly forward and back as if she were taking a man into her.

Her hands twitched ever so often contorting in claw like formations, her face showing the struggle to keep them in their place.

I left her to go charge the stick, I would need it. A few hours in I got impatient with waiting and I crept down the stairs opening the door a crack to see her. She was how I left her slowly dancing in her juices. I pulled the remote form my pocket and switched it the max setting, setting 5. Her eyes shot open as she lost control of her legs, crumpling to the side all of her weight going on the handcuffs that snapped in two.

She fell into the large pan gasping for air as she twisted and began her rhythmic humping, breasts dancing about helplessly churning the water. I closed the door and returned up stairs. I frowned at the pan of water, she hadn't pissed herself this time but there was a faint bit of red in the fluid.

She was attempting to curl into a ball close by but the chain around her neck prevented her from lying down, she whimpered softly. The vibrators were pulled off and tossed aside still humming on the ground.

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I turned off the switch. "Let me see" I snapped at her, she didn't move. "You wouldn't want me to ask again". Slowly she turned to me and spread her legs letting me see her angry red pussy.

She bit her lip and turned her head away her face reddening. The clit had chaffed very badly and was bleeding a little, I could not tell the internal effects.

"Take these pills they will make you feel better" I half lied she looked at them doubfuly. "Either I force you to take them or you take them yourself… I assure you it will be more comfortable for you to take them yourself". She obeyed hesitantly and downed the bottle of water I handed her. "Stick out your tongue, let me see that you have swallowed them… good girl! Now what do you say?" "Thank you sir" The pills were going to make her feel good but not better.

They were sensitivity pills, prescribed to those women who had trouble reaching orgasm or feeling anything during sex; these were extra strength. They should increase her sensitivity tenfold, the bottle recommended at most 2 per day, and I had given her six.

"Here have something to eat" I produced a bowl of stew and handed it to her, she dug in gratefully as I watched her eat she had tried to turn away but I told her to face me. The pills had started taking effect half way through her meal, her cheeks turned red and she started to breathe heavily. She had closed her legs but I could still see the juices that were forming on her pussy lips. I let her finish her meal, which for her became progressively difficult, as she became progressively hornier.

She placed the bowl to the side and brought her hand down to her pussy and began to rub it softly looking way from me embarrassed. "Hey! No! Your injured there you need to keep your hand off!" I smiled wickedly. She let her hand drop to the side but I could tell that she as itching to bring it back to it.

"What did you give to me?" she asked her hands fidgeting at her sides; she had contented herself with shifting her legs. "Sensitivity pills, I noticed you were having problems reaching orgasm" Her mouth dropped and she looked at me in surprise "And call me sir or master I won't ask you again!" her surprise turned to hatred, and she glared at me. This only turned me on more. "I was having orgasms just fine sir" she said through barred teeth.

"I felt you weren't enjoying yourself enough" I produced a small jar with a clear jell "this is for the chafing; spread your legs for me. I trust I won't have to tie your hands." She nodded still glaring at me. I got down on the floor and crossed my legs, her snatch just in reach of my hands. She slowly opened her legs to me using her hands to support herself the plastic cuffs still on them. "Now your hands are going to stay there and if I see them touch your pussy I will…" I thought for a second "it will be a surprise, understand?" I smiled mischievously at her.

She nodded. I pinched her clit hard, she shrieked in pain closing her legs but keeping her hands at her side. "Speak up girl! I won't ask you again I don't want to see any of this nodding, always reply verbally" "Yes Sir!" "Good now open your legs" Satisfied, I took a glob of jell and slowly began to rub it around her clit.

The ointment would increase the speed of healing but I would need to play with some other part of her while I let it heal. While I was rubbing her she grinding her hips into my hands to match my motion, using my movements to get herself off.

She unintentionally made it slow and sexy, and I could tell that it was painful to the touch but for her the pleasure was worth it. I had finished applying the ointment, but I still teased her sensitive clit, rubbing around it and flicking it gently, ever so often inserting a finger into her to poke around.

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Her face was in ecstasy, eyes closed, ragged breaths coming through her gorgeous full lips, eyebrows furrowed and neck flexed. Her breath quickened and she began to move faster, I could feel that she was close to an orgasm. She began to shudder and her pussy flexed tight.

I slowly moved my hands away from her. She opened her eyes and looked at me doing a poor job of hiding her disappointment. I smiled as her hands twitched but did not move. She tried to get herself to orgasm with her legs but I snapped at her to keep them open.

She sat there frustrated until the feeling passed. And I started again. I was able to get her close, three times before she said something, the frustration and annoyance showed through in her voice. "Just let me finish already" "I'm done. I've had it. I've told you multiple times to address me properly; I've let it slide, but not anymore" I stood up angrily and looked down at her. "What are you going to do sir?" she said quietly emphasising the sir.

She looked up with apologetic eyes, but I could see the hatred behind them. "We will try something different" she silently shook her head, I smiled at this. "It will be a surprise to you, a different type of torture, no pain involved." She swallowed, hanging on my every word "Up until now I have only punished you when you have been bad." "I've tried to follow your instructions" "Not well enough to my expectations. Now Unfortunately I don't have anything to make you pass out, and for first stage of conditioning I need to tie you up really tight so you can't move, and it's much easier to do if you are not conscious." I could see the bottom of her lip begin to tremble, and fear return to her big round eyes.

"No! Please sir I won't move!" I could tell she was thinking back to the past methods I had to make her pass out. "I'm sorry I don't trust you, you have tried to escape too many times, and there really isn't a pleasant way to knock someone out" I walked over to the cabinet and grabbed the black rod, when she saw this she curled up into a ball on the ground, and I set to work on her. When she awoke again she let out a painful grown. Her arms and legs were crisscrossed with ropes, folded behind her back.

Ropes attached arm to leg and leg to arm, her hair was in two ponytails, each had a rope tied to them and to each arm and leg.

She tried to struggle but could not move a muscle. She was completely and utterly immobile. She could move her mouth though, the only part of her body that she had control over. She was quite exposed too, her legs and arms spread, vagina and breasts exposed. Quite painfully stretched, her muscles were cramping and her hair felt like it was being pulled out of her head. She could only slightly move her head, but rolled her eyes to see the figure approaching.

I put down the car battery beside her, just out of her sight. She began to tear up again, but not a full cry yet. She was beginning to accept that she had no power over her situation. "That's where you are wrong. You do have power over what happens to you" she stayed silent. "Don't worry this is only for you if you do poorly" I brought a home-made device to her mouth, a long clear funnel with a mouth piece attached.

She did not fight me when I attached it to her, but calmly accepted it, putting her lips around the tube. The car battery must have provided the needed encouragement to comply. I fastened the straps and she looked at it fearfully, anything I put in the tube was going into her mouth, whether she liked it or not.

I tied the tube to the ceiling to keep it upright and brought a plastic in front of her face. "Do you know what this is?" she could not mover her head or talk through the device so she stayed silent "That's right!


It's all the juices I collected from you in the past few days!" her eyes widened at this looking at the yellowish red clear liquid that had white floatys in it. I sloshed it around for effect. Then she looked at me pleadingly unable to speak. I frowned, it wasn't as fun if I couldn't hear her pleas and begging, looking into her freighted eyes was good but not as good as it could be.

"I will only give you half of this" I put my hand on the halfway mark, about half a gallon "if you are good. But if you are bad… it's the whole thing. So drink quickly!" I opened the lid and began to pour it into the funnel, I looked down at her as she desperately tried to force the mouth piece out of her, the straps held. When the liquid reached her mouth she threw up, the puke mixing in with the juices to make a brown sludge.

When I had finished pouring I knelt down beside her. Her eyes followed me, pleading with me. "Nope, you decided to throw up… you have to drink that to" after seeing her try to push the liquid out of her mouth and back in to the funnel unsuccessfully for a few minutes I got impatient.

"Ok fine ill help you out with your first one" I reached over and pinched her nose shut, and watched her squirm. I let go and her inhaled deeply. "Ok I'm going to do that again but I won't let go until you drink some. I grabbed her nose again and watched her struggle with her first mouthful.

The liquid in the funnel went down and then back up again, at a higher level than before, she threw up again. "You're not making this any easier on yourself" a grabbed her nose again.

This time it stayed down. "Ok good, you got half an hour to finish the rest of this, or you will have to drink it all. while being hooked up to the car battery" I said and she watched me in terror as I left the room.