Manuela acute_s Mature Milf in Open Hose Toys and Fucks

Manuela acute_s Mature Milf in Open Hose Toys and Fucks
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My story begins 35 years ago when I was 15. My dad thought it would be good to make extra money so he closed off a part of our kitchen and Dining room and made an apartment in the rear of our house. After months of renovations the apartment was ready. Marilee was our first tenant. Marilee was 28 years old, 5'4" 110 lbs. with mid length straight brown hair. She was very cute and was always full of energy. She moved here from out of State to get a better position with her company. My dad had just put the ad in the paper and we were the lucky recipients to get Marilee.

Marilee and my mother quickly became friends and she was in our house almost every day. We all began to call her Aunt Marilee. Most of my dad's friends wanted to bang her but she showed no interest and after a while I overheard them call her a cock tease and other names. She was so fucking cute and sexy without even trying, that I jerked off to her almost every night. It was about eight months after Marilee moved in which was the same time I started dating my first girlfriend Michelle.

She was my first fuck but I still got off masturbating to Marilee every time she left my house. Michelle and I would fuck every weekend when her mother went bowling. It was pretty uneventful. Mostly she would lay there and just moan. She didn't want me to go down on her and her blow jobs were painful, too much teeth. I figured it would get better but it never did. She later fell for a guy 5 years older at 20 and began dating him.

I was a little heartbroken but figured I'd find a girl soon enough. After all I just turned 16 and was already 6 feet tall and 175 lbs. and still growing. Plus I was pretty damn cute as well. Anyway, my breakup happened in the summer and one day I was in the pool and Marilee came out in her Bikini.

This was the first time I ever saw her in the pool. She asked how the water was but all I could do was look at her perfect 34 A cup tits and her spectacular tight ass. I finally came back to reality and said the water was 84 degrees and beautiful. No one else was home at the time. Marilee said she saw me in the pool through her window and figured she would join me.

She confessed that she didn't swim well but because my above ground pool was only 4 feet she would probably be safe especially because I was there to save her. After she got in we began small talk and the issue of my break up came into the conversation. She said Michelle was a fool and that if she were my girlfriend I would be getting it all the time.

It was then that I realized I had a ragging hard on looking at Marilee.

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She became frisky and started splashing me telling me to get out of my depressed state. While we were splashing and jumping around Marilee jumped on my back and wrapped her legs around my waist. Her left calf was right on my hard on. As she was trying to knock me down she kept rubbing her leg up and down my shaft.

She had to feel my cock against her leg. Finally, I leaned back and brought her down under the water. I remembered she didn't swim well so I immediately turned; put both hands on her waist and picked her up out of the water. She moved the hair from her face and was staring at me. I held her there for a second and asked if she was OK, she stated "I am now", placed her hands on my shoulders and joked "My Hero". We laughed and that's when I noticed her tit had fallen out of her suit.

It was perfect. She had a small aureola and even smaller nipple. I didn't say a word and instead put her down in the pool and tried not to be too obvious. After a minute she finally realized her tit was out and without being ashamed just placed it back in her bikini and said "You bad boy, you were looking at your Auntie's tit the whole time, is that why you're so hard". I was so embarrassed, I apologized but she said "you're just being a guy, and besides I'm flattered you find me attractive".

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We soon got out of the pool and went our separate ways. I went straight to me room and jerked off twice. A few days later my parents went to a Wedding and left the house around 2pm and weren't coming home till after 11pm. Mom asked Marilee to look after the house and keep an eye on me if I needed anything. Around 5 PM, my older sister left to be with her friends and two of my best friends were away with their families on vacation.

I was just about to put a frozen pizza in the oven when Marilee walked in. She was wearing tight shorts a blue tank top and her hair pulled back. I instantly got hard looking at this woman. She asked if I wanted to order some food and hang out with her for the night if I had no plans. I put the pizza back in the freezer and off we went. We ate take out in her apartment and after dinner Marilee offered me a beer and if I smoked pot.

I said yes to both but she made me promise on my life not to tell anyone, of course I agreed. Soon we were high and giggling like school kids and that's when Marilee asked me a question. "When was the last time you got laid"? She asked "A few weeks ago, right before I broke up with Michelle? I said "Do you miss it" She said "Oh yeah", I responded Marilee asked if I jerk off to relieve the stress.

I was embarrassed but said I did. Marilee then confessed; "I haven't gotten laid since before I moved here, but I masturbate every night", She said. By now my cock was ready to burst out of my shorts. Marilee then told me the reason she didn't fuck my father's friends was because men can be selfish pigs and can't keep their mouths shut; besides half of them were married.

"I like young guys, because I can train them and they can keep a hard on after they come three or four times" My head was swimming from the pot and I was trying to take it all in when Marilee walked across the room and straddled me on the couch, she said "If you promise on your life never to tell a soul we can satisfy each other every day ". My jaw felt like it was on the ground and all I could do was nod and grunt a little.

Then Marilee made me swear on my life, which I replied "I swear, oh my God, I swear". Marilee smiled and held my face in her hands and slipped her tongue in my mouth. It was the best kiss I ever had. It lasted about five minutes. I was running my hands up and down her back and finally found her ass and started to squeeze it.

Marilee broke the kiss and went down on her knees and began to undo my shorts. In two seconds my shorts were on the floor along with my underwear. I pulled my shirt off and she began to run her hands up my flat stomach and chest. Finally she grabbed my cock and began to slowly lick the head of it, then up and down my shaft. She held my cock in her hand while she licked the underside like an ice cream. Marilee was looking at me as she was licking my cock and said, "Auntie wanted to do this for the longest time".

"Auntie loves to suck cock; do you want Auntie to suck your big fat cock"?

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She said. I just looked at her and said "Yes, Auntie suck my cock", then I grabbed the back of her head and leaned her forward. She started to suck my cock with her mouth and her hand right against her lips, so every time she came off my cock with her mouth, her hand still jerked me off. This woman was a professional. She alternated between sucking my cock and licking my shaft from my balls to the tip of my dick.

I lasted about 5 minutes and then I couldn't take much more. I yelled out "I'm coming" and Marilee began to suck harder. As I began to come, Marilee locked onto my cock and swallowed every drop I had to offer.

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When I was done, she said "man you came a lot, I wasn't sure if I could take it all". She stood up and took off all her cloths. There before me was the most incredible woman I had ever scene. Marilee had a full bush, but it was trimmed and neatly and shaven on the sides. Her tits were small but perfect for her small frame. Remember, this was the 80's before the internet so you only saw naked women in magazines or shitty VHS tapes.

She leaned back in a chair, placed one leg up on the arm of the chair and said to me "This is what I've been doing the last few nights, thinking about you". She then licked two fingers and began to rub her clit. I'd never seen a woman masturbate live before. Marilee then alternated between finger fucking herself and rubbing her clit. I began to jerk off watching her and she started to coax me on.

"Yeah baby, jerk off for Auntie, stroke that big cock and show me how you would jerk off thinking about Auntie Marilee ".


The more she called herself "Auntie", the harder I got. After a few minutes of her dirty talk Marilee stopped and waived me over to her. She asked if I knew how to eat pussy. I said "I did a few times but my girlfriend didn't like me too, otherwise only watching porn on video". Marilee laughed and said I'll show you the way I like it this way you can make me come every day. With both hands, she pulled back her labia and exposed her clit. She pointed to it and told me to lick it. I began licking her clit and she said "Now faster and in circles".

I did as I was told. Marilee was soon moaning and then said, "Now suck on it", she then grabbed two of my fingers and placed them palm up inside her cunt. She instructed me to move them back and forth as if calling someone over while I sucked on her clit. She told me that's where her "G" spot was. I began to alternate sucking and licking her clit while fingering her cunt like she instructed.

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Minutes later, Marilee began to moan louder, her body was beginning to quiver and she told me to suck on her clit and finger fuck her deeper. She suddenly froze and grabbed the back of my head, digging her nails into my scalp. After a brief pause, she began to buck and lose control of her muscles.

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She collapsed into the chair, pulling my head from between her legs. "Holy Shit that was good". "I needed that so fucking bad" she said. My cock was hard as a rock. Marilee took a moment to regroup herself and then took my hand a walked over to her bed. She pulled me on top of her and kissed me hard.

While still in that intoxicating kiss, Marilee reached down, grabbed my cock, and placed it right at the entrance to her hole. I couldn't believe this was happening to me.

In one quick motion she pushed me in. She was soaking wet. She was moaning in my mouth while still kissing me. Marilee then broke the kiss and guided my hands under her ass and instructed me to left her ass up into my strokes so they would be deeper. As I was doing it, she told me to move my hips side by side and in and out.

Once again I did as I was told. Marilee then slipped her hand down on her clit and began to rub it as I fucked her. Soon she was telling me not to stop and once again came like crazy, bucking up and down and losing muscle control, I did all I could not to come, but she was too damn hot.

As I pulled out, Marilee grabbed my cock and aimed it at her belly. I shot my load all over her stomach and tits. I never came as hard as I did the last two times my entire life up to that point. I rolled off Marilee and we laid there in her bed without saying a word. We were coming off our high, and Marilee was just lying there rubbing my come over her tits and then licking her fingers as if I wasn't there. Finally she broke the silence by getting up and going to the bathroom. When she returned, she was smoking the other half of our first joint and wiping herself with a warm wet towel.

Marilee then wiped my cock and cleaned me up while placing the joint in my mouth at the same time. We began to recap our sexual activity and I told her how incredible she was. She said as long as I kept my mouth shut, there was more where that came from.

Marilee confessed that the day she came out to the pool, she was masturbating watching me through the window. Then she said "I told you I like younger men". I quickly grabbed her and rolled her back on the bed.

My dick was so fucking hard. This time Marilee grabbed a pillow and placed it under her ass, raising her hips up higher. I was kneeling between her legs. I grabbed my cock, placed it up against her lips and leaned forward.

I pushed my cock in all the way to my balls. I stopped and grabbed the back of her legs and began to fuck her as hard as I could. Marilee just kept tell me, "Yeah baby, fuck me harder, for you Auntie like a little fucking whore". I leaned in and placed my shoulder against the back of her knees and fucked her with everything I had. This time I was pounding her for literally 15 minutes before I needed to catch my breath. Marilee was also winded and said "This is why I love young cock".

She pushed me back and rolled over on all fours. Marilee looked back and said "I want you to fuck Aunties pussy from behind, fuck me deep baby".

Once again I did as I was told. I placed my cock against her soaking wet hole and began to ram her with everything I had. Marilee reached under her and began to rub her clit. In no time she came for a third time, but when she started to buck, I lost control and came inside her at the same time.

It was absolutely incredible. We had lost track of time and just when we were catching our breath, we heard my parents pull up. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 1130 PM. I quickly grabbed my cloths, got dressed and told Marilee I'll try and come back tonight but had to be home to greet my parents.

When I walked in the door, my parents were wasted from the wedding. I told them I was with Marilee watching a movie and could I go back and finish watching it with her.

Mom said sure, she was going to bed anyway. The two of them stumbled up the stairs as I dashed out the back door. I opened Marilee's doors to find her just getting into the shower. She smiled and said, "your just in time I was about to take a hot shower and jerk off, I'm still so fucking horny". "Who am I to stop you" I said "I'll just watch for a while".

I got out of my cloths and crawled in the shower with her. I watched her jerk herself off before fucking the shit out of her in the shower and then three more times that night. I crawled into my bed around 6 AM. Marilee and I fucked and sucked a few times a week.


I would tell my parents I was going to a friend's house or out with some girl and sneak into her apartment. We almost got caught a few times around the Holidays trying to finger fuck her or jerk me off under the table, but that's what made it exciting.

Mom thought it was cute that I had a crush on her. Marilee always played it off perfectly. Marilee had to move away about a year later.

She was offered a better position in her company in California. The day she left was the saddest day of my life. I hadn't seen or talked to her in over 35 years until I found her on Facebook a year ago…&hellip.TBC.