Twinks XXX He briefly discovers that even young fellows like Timo can

Twinks XXX He briefly discovers that even young fellows like Timo can
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When the men were finished with the two girls, I took them to the showers and watched them clean themselves up one at a time, then took them back to their cages. Neither of them resisted going in at all, and it seemed to me that they were damn neat purring with contentment in themselves, Both knew that they'd been savagely used, but the physical sensations they'd experienced seemed to have affected them even more deeply than the humiliation… or perhaps it was actually a combination of both.

The day was not even half over, and Everett had me bring another pair of girls in for the dogs, while he had Mitch take one to the dungeon. I gathered that it was Mitch's first time alone there with a girl, and went to watch what he did.

Unlike Everett, who would just tell me to grab a girl or two, Mitch went to the basement with me and pointed out one he wanted, a girl about 5'1", with long black hair that went to her waist.

She was thin, but not skinny, and her tits were about a c cup, but nicely formed and rounded with little pink nipples that came erect as soon as I took her out of the cage.

She stood for the leash without a word, and followed meekly to the dungeon, only a mild look of trepidation in her eyes.

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He strapped her to the cross, facing forward, and then put a gag in her mouth and blindfolded her. I saw that she stiffened when he covered her eyes, and knew she was afraid of what he was going to do to her.

Mitch hadn't talked to me much up til then, usually only to relay an order for Everett or a request from Marsha, but now he got talkative.

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"Thunder, you ever see a real torture?" I said I hadn't… some of the things we did in the Nam we just don't talk about. "Well, then watch this… This little girl is about to get a taste of what some of our buyers like to do!" The girl stiffened, and began to whimper, and Mitch picked up a nasty looking quirt… a long handle with a short, stiff whip attached to the end.

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He swung it roundhouse, and the little whip snapped across the girl's belly and a bright red line appeared a second later. At first I thought it was blood, but it was only the brightest welt I'd ever seen… and the girl was screaming right past the gag, her body almost beating itself against the cross!

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Mitch stepped in front of her and the quirt flew, first one way, then the other, and the red lines looked like a roadmap on her skin. He covered her from above her breasts to down her thighs, stopping just above the knees, but the blows were relentless and continuous, and the girl was doing all she could to scream… but she couldn't make much more than a squeak. I tried to keep count of the lashes he gave her, but gave up at over a hundred… and he didn't even slow down. The rain of lashes against skin continued for a good ten minutes, til Mitch was panting from the exertion and his arm was noticeably slowing down, and he finally stopped altogether.

I had sat there, watching, the whole time, and at first I thought I'd finally found something that didn't turn me on… but after a few of her attempts to scream, I knew I was only lying to myself, and my boner only got harder as it went on and on… But Mitch wasn't done.

Now that he'd "warmed her up", he said, the real fun would begin.

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The girl was crying, tears running out from under the blindfold, but she showed no sign of understanding what Mitch was saying, and I began to worry that she'd gone into some kind of mental shock at the pain. I asked Mitch, and he said, "nah, she's withdrawn… they all do that at first in the pain training. It's like they just shut down their thinking, so they don't have to deal with it.

She'll be in and out for a bit… watch this!" He had a small box in his hand, and from it he withdrew some long pins with knobs on the tops, and as I watched, amazed, he stuck one after another into the girl's belly, and she didn't even flinch!

She continued her crying, but it seemed she didn't realize the new torture being inflicted on her… until he stuck one through her right nipple.

I thought she was going to bite the gag in half… the shrill shriek that came from low in her throat was so loud it was like she was not gagged at all!

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She was back… "in" as Mitch put it… feeling everything he was doing now, and I watched as he put more than a hundred of those two inch needles into her already pain-wracked body, He put several around her pussy, one of them actually right through her clit hood… damn, how she screamed… and damn, how hard I got! I felt myself about to lose control and cum in my jeans, and got up and ran from the room, with Mitch laughing at me as I fled.

I went outside for a few moments and got some air, got myself back under control, and then went to the living room, but that was almost no better… both of the girls I had brought in were being done by the dogs, and each was sucking one of the men off at the same time. Both girls were blonds, and I couldn't tell, from this angle, which was which of the two, but they were obviously enjoying what was going on… and I wondered if they really were, or if, like Pam, they were trying to fake it, gain our confidence.

I knew that Everett would be whipping them shortly, so they'd know that if that were the case, it wasn't going to work… but right now I was just turned on as hell to watch the dogs humping away at the two of them!


Everett caught my eye, and told me I had some time before I'd be needed… why didn't I go have some fun upstairs? He didn't have to suggest it twice. I ran up the stairs two at a time, and went into the dorm. As always, the girls went silent as soon as they heard me coming in, and their eyes hit the floor, but more than one sat up straighter as I entered, pushed her tits out a bit, obviously trying g to get my attention.

One of them was a cute little brunette, small with little tits and a nice shaved pussy, and I unlocked her without a word and hooked a leash to her. She got up without raising her eyes and followed me to my room.

Once inside, I locked the door behind us and took the leash off of her. She knelt at my feet, her head almost touching the floor, and said, "How may I serve my master?" This was something they learned from another woman who came there a couple times a week… how to behave as a slave.

I hadn't met this woman yet, but I'd heard of her, and apparently she'd already had a go at this one. The question, though, caught me off guard… and at first I didn't know what to say. Then it hit me… "Show me what a little whore you are, and how you're going to make your master happy with you!" I demanded, and she lit up a smile and carefully glanced up at me. "If master will lie down, this slave will show him that entire she has learned, to please him!" I stripped and lay down on the bed, and the girl stepped up beside it and looked me over.


I was looking her over, as well, finding her little body extremely enticing, and I got a thrill when she began to caress my feet, and work her way up, massaging as she went, and following the massaging by her hands with a second massage of kisses and tongue-flicks that felt wonderful. He tongue went everywhere along the length of me, even between my toes… kinda gross, but strangely erotic at the same time… and I loved it as she worked her way up my legs towards my cock!

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And then she was there… and her tongue was teasing me, licking the seeping liquid that was oozing from the tip of my hard dick. Her tongue was skilled, I'll say that… she sued it all over my dick and my balls, and let it wander around the area at times, quickly coming back to the head of my dick, and then she took it in, and began to work her way down it a bit at a time, until the whole thing was in her mouth, the head down her open throat.

God, what a feeling… she worked that cock like it was the first thing she'd eaten in weeks, like she couldn't get enough of it and wanted even more than I had to give her… her tongue never stopped swirling around it, it found places so sensitive that I never even knew they existed… and then teased those spots, making the cum rise up, almost ready to explode down her throat… and then she'd slow her movements, let me subside, let me relax a bit so I wouldn't cum yet, and then back to work, twist it with her mouth, writhe her tongue against the head of my dick, over and over.

And then she came off of it, resumed the massage and kisses, up my belly, all around my chest, kissing my nipples, flicking them lightly with her tongue, my shoulders, my throat, and then she kissed me, timidly, as if unsure of whether it was permitted, and I wrapped my arms around her and shoved my tongue into her mouth! She kissed me then like a wildcat, clutching me, holding me, as her body crawled into position, and her wet pussy began its own massage of my stiff cock.

Her slit ran up and down it, over and over, jacking me off with her pussy, and she kissed me even more deeply, and with a deft shake of her ass, her cunt slid into place and I was buried in her to my balls! She sat back, her hands pressing on my shoulders to support herself, and her cunt grabbed me as hard as her mouth had done a few moments before.

Her ass began to move, and that tight, hot cunt shook with it, moving faster and wilder than I'd ever seen a woman's body move, like a belly-dancer, until I thought my dick was going to twist right off my body!

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And again, when I thought I couldn't hold back another second, she stopped, slowed her movements to a relaxing tempo, and her muscles clamped down so tight I felt like I was being strangled down there… My orgasm subsided again, and she slowly slid off my cock, her eyes locked on mine, and moved forward ever so slightly… and slid back down, her tight little ass opening to my dick and taking it all the way in one smooth stroke.

She began to move again, and her own moans now mingled with mine, as she fucked me with her ass… her sphincter contracted repeatedly, grabbing my cock with each upstroke, and pulling me as if I were being masturbated by skilled hands… for minutes, this went on, and the sensations were incredible, feelings I'd never experienced before, until once more I felt my cum rising to blast into her, and once more she stopped me… and got off of me… and grabbed my dick and plunged her mouth back down onto it!

The shock and erotic rush of seeing this girl willingly take my cock directly from her own ass into her mouth, sucking it as she had earlier, was more than I could handle, and I blew my load into her mouth and watched as she drank every bit of it down… She licked the last of it off my dick, and looked up at my eyes, a pleading look on her face, and I thought that she wanted to cum too… but what she asked was, "Master, punish me, I've been so bad… I got master's cock all dirty, and the I put it in my mouth, like a bad girl… punish me for being so bad…" I rolled up and grabbed her, my dick beginning to shrink back to normal, and pulled her naked body across my lap, and began to spank her, my hand rising and falling as hard as I could manage, and she cried out in pain at each swat… I was leaving beautiful handprints on her ass, and they only turned me on, so that I kept swinging harder and harder, listening to her begin finally to scream, tears flowing down her face from the spanking I was giving her.

And then I realized that I was no longer going soft, I was as hard again as I had been when I dragged her into the room… and I pushed her off, me, put her on hands and knees, and rammed my cock back into her cunt from behind! She was still crying from the spanking, and now she cried as I thrust into her now sore ass, my hips bashing against the red handprints, and I kept on spanking, smacking her ass hard with every thrust.

She shook her ass for me, again, making it move like mad, so fast I almost fell out of her several times. She ground against me, harder and faster than I'd ever felt… for almost a half hour it went on, and I was gasping for breath, when she shook herself one last time and screamed as she came, dragging my own explosive orgasm along with her… We came together, the slave and I, and it was a wonderful sensation… and we fell onto the bed, exhausted.

I woke suddenly, and realized that in my contentment, I had drifted off to sleep… the girl was awake, and merely laying there, contented herself, apparently, and I quickly dressed and took her back to the dorm. From the moment I told her to get up, her eyes were once more downcast… I was starting to like that.

I went downstairs and watched as Everett and Don finished up with the girls they were working with, and took them back to their cages, then checked in on Mitch. The girl he had been so abusing earlier was now laughing and squealing as he pumped in and out of her, and she looked at me as if inviting me to join in.

If I hadn't been so worn out from my exercise upstairs, I might have tried, but I wasn't supposed to be involved in their training and tortures… at least, not yet. I left Mitch to finish up and went to take the dorm girls to lunch. Once they were fed, I carried the bowls that the cage girls were fed in down to the basement, and fed them as well.

Everett called me shortly after that, and we went outside to a picnic table. "So," he began, "are you handling everything okay?" I said that I was, and admitted that I was even enjoying it all, far more than I would have dreamed.

"To be honest," I told him, "I thought it would be hard for me, at least til I got used to it, but goddamn, it turns me on!" Everett nodded. "There's something about power that does that, and knowing you have absolute power over these girls… god, what a rush!" We talked about some of the girls, and what he expected me to do with them… I learned that I was actually being a bit too easy on them; he wanted me to be rough and even somewhat cruel with them, while at the same time remaining their safety net… I agreed that I could do that, and he told me to go get a particular girl from upstairs and bring her to the rack room… it was time for me to see some of the more extreme things the girls were taught.

As I went to get her, I thought: What the hell can be more extreme than the things I've seen already??? I would soon find out…