Barbudo comiendose una gran polla

Barbudo comiendose una gran polla
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Mommy's Hypnotic Discipline Chapter Three: Mommy's Hypnotic Surprise By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this! Anna Miller "So what did you want to speak to us about?" my neighbor Rita Bowers asked. She was the mother of Wendy, that little slut that helped my daughter destroy my kitchen a few days ago.

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Her daughter was turning into a handful the way my daughter had. And Wendy's older sister, Sheila, was even worse. Holly Anderson, another one of my neighbors, nodded.

"This isn't some sort of pyramid scheme, is it?" I laughed at that. I stood in Rita Bowers's living room, eager to spread my ideas. I gripped my amulet, the garnet cool beneath my fingers.

I loved the feel of the faceted gem. I twisted it, watching as the light from the flaw in the gem flashed across their vision. "It's not a pyramid scheme," I said, shaking my head. "Not like when you tried to get us into selling those nasty acai berry supplements." Holly shifted, her cheeks blushing even as her eyes fixated on my gem. Rita, sitting on her couch, lowered the glass of iced tea she held. Rita was a petite woman, her black hair cut short in that "soccer mom" style.

The expression in her face began to slacken. "What. is that.?" Rita said, her hand shaking. "It's. It's." "There's something in it," said Holly, her words growing slow.

The busty blonde, her breasts almost overflowing the low-cut halter top she wore, blinked her eyes. Her jeans were as tight as teenagers wore theirs.

No wonder her daughter, Brenda, was brought home drunk. The way Holly acted. I would fix her. Make her into a proper woman. "It's. like a snake," slurred Holly. "Just look at it," I said, my voice crooning. "Try and figure out what it is. Listen to my voice. You trust my voice. You know me. I'm your friend. Trustworthy." "Trustworthy." said Rita. "You're our friend." "Friend," Holly said as my finger twisted the amulet. "Trust. worthy." "I'm here to teach you how to discipline your daughters," I said.

"Aren't you tired of how they act?" Holly's head nodded. Rita's forehead furrowed. Her head shook minutely. She disagreed. I'd educate her. "Your daughters are wild. They are out of control. They have to be disciplined." "Wild." Rita muttered. "Disciplined," said Holly. Her blue eyes were unfocused now. A little bit of drool built at the corner of her lips. This wonderful gem gave me such power. It was so wonderful to shape everyone to understand that naughty daughters had to be spanked.

Disciplined. Enjoyed. My pussy clenched, the heat building beneath my skirt. I wore nothing beneath my dress, no bra or panties. My juices dribbled down my thighs. My fingers clenched about the gem as I twisted it. I wanted my daughter here eating me. Feasting on me. I'd hypnotized her to enjoy a new way to use her mouth.

No more talking back to me. No more giving me lip. Now, she pleasured me. "That's right. Your daughters are wild and need to be controlled. They have to be disciplined when they're bad." Holly nodded her head while Rita's body trembled. "My daughters. not wild." "Your daughters are wild," I said. "Your daughters are bad girls. When you're not around, they do terrible things. They have to be punished." "Oh. no." Rita said. "Bad. when I'm not. around." I nodded my head, twisting the pendant.

"That's right. But I'm here to teach you how to handle your daughters," I said.

"Because I'm trustworthy. Right?" "Trustworthy," Holly said, her voice a monotone. "You're my friend," Rita said. "Trustworthy." "That's right." I heard footsteps approaching the door. Talking. I shuddered, my daughter was right on time. She was speaking with someone.

I heard the giggles of young girls through the doors. Through the frosted window of Rita's front door, two blurry figures approached. I smiled, so eager for it. ".and I told her that it was none of her business," Wendy was saying as she opened the door. Her head turned and she blinked. "Oh, Mrs. Miller. Hi. And. Mom?" I smiled, turning, twisting my gem. Already, my daughter's hands went to the buttons of her blouse. She popped the first through its eyelet, the smooth button catching the light and flashing brightly for a moment.

I smiled, eager to show all these women how daughters should behave. I had a juicy pussy in need of being eaten. Rita and Holly had to see the rewards they would receive. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mitch Miller I sat on the couch, waiting to find out how the meeting went. I didn't have a full day of work. The job was wrapping up. The money was good, but it was time to find another project. I leaned back in my chair, waiting calmly. It felt right to wait here. Footsteps approached.

I straightened. The front door opened. The alarm system announced it as I heard two sets of footsteps enter. I turned my head to the foyer entrance, seeing shadows shift. Then my wife and daughter appeared around it, my daughter smiling, my wife bubbling. "Oh, that went well," my wife, Anna, said. "Rita and Holly are both onboard. They're going to bring their husbands around tomorrow evening so I can educate them, then we'll get the rest of their daughters.

Wendy now understands how to be a good girl." "Yep," my daughter, Valerie, said, a naughty twinkle in her eyes. My wife and daughter looked so much alike, but Valerie was the sexier of the two. She was young and tight, her bushy, brown hair falling about her nineteen-year-old face. She wore her sleeveless dress, her fingers already unbuttoning her blouse, working it off fast, her fat buttons pushing through the eyelets.

She had a bright smile, her necklace swaying. My wife was a beautiful woman, for someone her age. She had darker hair, not as long, only down to her shoulders, and lacked the full volume as our daughter's locks. My cock was rock hard. I salivated for my daughter's beauty.

Valerie's blouse opened. Her small breasts came into sight. Her mother had larger tits, round and plump, but they lacked that youthful perkiness. My daughter's were twin mounds of perfection just begging to be played with. I spent my entire life not even thinking that my daughter was a sexual being. I used to think it was wrong, that society was right. .society doesn't know what is best for my daughter, my wife knows. The hunger in me swelled. "So Valerie did good?" "Oh, she was just perfect," my wife said, a big smile on her face.

"She didn't give me any lip. Brought Wendy over just on time. She was the perfect example to the mothers." A shudder ran through my wife. "She ate my pussy and show them the benefits to dominating their daughters.

"That's wonderful," I said, smiling at my daughter. "I'm so glad you did good." .a good daddy encourages his daughter with pussy licking. I licked my lips. I couldn't resist. My daughter slid off her blouse, her perky tits jiggling while my wife said, "Rita and Holly were just so pliant.

Once they understood, they were very appreciative. Weren't they?" "Oh, yes," my daughter said, her necklace swaying as she worked off her skirt.

"You were just perfect, Mom. You did it." "I did it," my wife said, nodding her head. She was taking off her own blouse, exposing her breasts. They just weren't as perky as our daughter's. Not as firm. There was some sag to them. I used to think they were amazing. Then my wife opened my eyes to the sexual beauty of our daughter. "Oh, Mitch, uh." My wife frowned as I fell to my knees before Valerie, unable to wait. I grabbed her skirt and tugged down on the elastic band.


I hauled it down, groaning as my daughter's pussy came into view. Her brown bush adorned her twat, her juices coating on it. That wonderful, tangy passion filled over me. I couldn't think of anything else but her snatch.

Of just licking it. Eating her. I leaned in, that scent filling my nose. "Mitch?" my wife asked. "What are you doing?" .good girls need to be encouraged. "Encouraging our daughter," I said, my hands sliding up my daughter's bare thighs to that tight, peachy rump. I could be happy only fucking her. My wife's pussy wasn't nearly as tight or hot. That tangy musk filled my nostrils. I couldn't think of anything. "She did good." I couldn't focus on anything else.

I had so many questions, but this scent. My mouth watered. I had to feast. "I guess so," my wife said as I buried my face into our daughter's pussy. "Oh, Daddy, yes," my daughter moaned, her firm breasts jiggling over me as I licked and lapped at that barely legal twat. My tongue darted through her folds. Her silky pubic hair caressed me. It was a wicked thrill to enjoy. That wonderful feeling of her silky pubic hair caressing my face. She whimpered and gasped.

Her hips wiggled from side to side. Her bush rubbed across my face. It was incredible to feel. My tongue darted through her folds. I lapped at her. I caressed her. My tongue plunged into her depths. My tongue soaked in her cunt's juices. It was this wonderful treat. I swirled and fluttered my tongue through her depths. This wondrous delight was amazing to experience.

It was a treat. My tongue darted through her folds. I teased her. I caressed her. I fluttered my tongue through her depths. This hunger swelled through me. I just had to feast on her.

Devour her. My hands gripped her hips. I squeezed and kneaded her. My fingers pulled her tight against me. Her juices spilled over my mouth. That wonderful passion filled me. My daughter quivered, moaned. She made such sweet sounds. "Oh, Daddy, yes!" my daughter moaned. "Ooh, I love being your good girl. Ooh, yes, yes, that feels so good." "Well, keep encouraging our daughter," my wife said, shifting beside us.

I bet she wanted her pussy licked, but I'd rather devour this perfect, young cunt. Valerie was so hot and still tight. Fresh and delicious. My dick was so hard. "Ooh, that's good," my daughter moaned. "Oh, wow, yes. Mmm, Mom, what's for dinner because Daddy might be having pussy, but what are the rest of us having?" My wife giggle.

"That's close to you being a bad girl." "Close," my daughter moaned as my hands slid around her waist. I grabbed her rump, squeezing it, remembering how I spanked her ass. I pulled her tight. Her pussy rubbed across my face. Her small breasts quivered of me. "We're having chicken for dinner," my wife said. "It's been in the crock-pot all day, but I have to get the sides ready.

Enjoy your reward. You did good." "Thanks," my daughter groaned, quivering. My wife leaned over and gave my daughter a quick kiss not on Valerie's lips, but on her small, dusky nipple. My daughter shuddered at the sucking kiss, then my wife whirled and darted away, leaving me to enjoy my daughter all on my own.

"Oh, Daddy, yes," my daughter moaned, her fingers grabbing my short hair. She gripped me, grinding her pussy on my lips. My tongue darted through her folds. That wonderful, tangy juices soaked my mouth. The incestuous flavor made me tremble. My daughter whimpered. She wiggled back and forth. She ground on me, her head shaking. Her eyes fluttered. She threw back her head, her small breasts quivering. I made her feel good. I encouraged her. My tongue stroked across her folds.

I squeezed her rump, feeling the perkiness of her ass. My fingers kneaded her as my tongue thrust deep into her depths. My dick throbbed. I took her cherry. My tongue soaked in her incestuous depths. It felt so right to do this. My wife was correct. There was nothing wrong with this.

It was wonderful. Amazing. My daughter was perfect. Her moans echoed around me as her cute face twisted. "Daddy! Daddy!" she moaned. "Oh, you love my pussy! Ooh, yes, yes, you're always going to encourage me to be a good girl." "I will!" I moaned, her juices running down my chin and neck. Her tangy musk filled my nose, that intoxicating delight. "Every day." "Thank you, Daddy!" she moaned. "I love you so much." "I love you," I groaned and sucked on her clit.

She gasped. Her back arched and her little breasts thrust forward. Her body quivered, her small breasts jiggling. She licked her lips. Her eyes shone with such a naughty sparkle. My dick was so hard in my jeans as I pleased her.

I nursed on her clit. I sucked on her hard bud. Valerie gasped. Her breasts jiggled. I nibbled on her. My tongue swirled around it. My fingers kneaded her rump. I pulled her tight to me. I squeezed her. I pulled her tight to my mouth. Her moans grew louder. Her juices hotter. Her face contorted with her bliss. I was pleasing her. My daughter shuddered. Then her head threw back. Her small breasts thrust forward, her necklace bouncing as she gasped out her rapture.

"Daddy! Daddy! Yes!" A tangy flood of her pussy juices spilled into my mouth. "Your stubble feels amazing on my pussy!" she gasped. "I'm cumming! I love cumming!" "I love making you cum!" I growled into her snatch. I thrust my tongue into her pussy as her juices bathed my face. Her cunt writhed around my tongue. My dick ached and throbbed. I gripped my daughter's rump as she shuddered.

She gripped my fingers, staring down at me with her glassy, brown eyes. Her breasts rose and fell as her passion crested in her. I lapped at her pussy, gentle licks, to gather up all of her tangy passion. It was the best thing in the world. She gripped my hair for a moment. She trembled through her orgasm.

Then she sighed. She pulled my head from her pussy. "Oh, Daddy, thank you for my reward," she said, such a sweet girl. I stood up, my hands still kneading her rump, and kissed my daughter on the mouth.

My heart beat faster. She melted against me, so lithe and beautiful. The way my wife used to be. My tongue thrust into my daughter's mouth, loving her. It felt so right now. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Anna Miller I finished my last bite of dinner. The chicken came out great, seasoned perfect, or so I thought. My husband had two helpings and my daughter cleared her plate.

She had a bright smile on her face. She looked so beautiful naked, showing off her body for my appreciation. My pussy itched, naughty thoughts rippling through my mind.

"That was great," Mitch said, leaning back, his muscular chest rippling. He was such a hunky man. Strong and brawny. I always enjoyed when he used his strength to carry me. To take me hard in the bedroom. "Yes, it was," I said, standing up. My naked breasts swayed as I scooped up my husband's plate, resting it on my own, the fork shifting on it. Then I grabbed my daughter's. "Thank you, Mom," she said, smiling brightly. A pleased thrill shot through me.

Valerie was such a good daughter now. I stacked the salad bowls on top of the plates and bustled towards the kitchen. I hummed, feeling so good. I scraped the plates and bowls in the garbage and set them in the sink. My daughter squealed in the dining room. "Oh, Daddy, yes, yes, enjoy your dessert." I headed back out to the dining room to grab the other dishes and found Valerie sitting on the table, Mitch kneeling before her. He had his face buried into her twat, feasting on her.

She had a grip on his sandy-blond hair. She shuddered, his hands stroking her, one reaching up to grab her breast. His large hand squeezed around the small, ripe tit. "Devouring her again?" I asked as I grabbed the main salad bowl and the bottle of my homemade vinaigrette dressing.

"You're going to spoil her." "He has to devour me, Mom," my daughter said, giving me a smoky smile. I frowned. "You were a naughty mommy, weren't you?" my daughter continued. "Having Daddy spank me. Fuck me." I blinked at her words. They were so. bratty again. "Are you being a bad girl again?" I asked. I had hypnotized her to act out every so often so I could have the fun of watching my husband spank her. "Do you need to be disciplined?" "Do I?" she asked, arching her eyebrows.

"Or do you?" My hands darted to my breasts to grab my amulet. There was something very off about the way she was smiling at me. My fingers roamed between my breasts, searching for it.

My heart beat faster. Where was it? It should be around my neck. "Did you drop something, Mom?" my daughter asked. She raised up her hand. Dangling from her fingers was a gold chain and a red crystal, the flaw in it.

I froze. Then I realized my daughter's other hand was between her breasts. She was stroking her necklace that she. She had a crystal about her neck. A blue one.

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She twisted it and the light flashed across my face. There was a flaw in there. A serpent burning in azure flames. My heart beat faster. I shouldn't be looking at it. I couldn't fall under her spell. With a shout, straining with every bit of my will, I wrenched my gaze away from the amulet. It almost hurt to stop looking at it. I cast my gaze to the side, my heart pounding. The room spun around me.

"Do you remember yesterday when I said I was naughty? I was bound to the table. You were using me in your demonstration for Trina and Evie?" I asked. "Thing is, Mom, I was naughty. I had to be disciplined because I did something bad. I used your credit card to order my own amulet. Overnight shipping. Cost a bundle." I trembled. "Did you think I wouldn't notice you bemusing Daddy when he tried to call the police?

Or that I wasn't there, licking your asshole, while you hypnotized that cop with your amulet?" There was a sneer to her words that rose over the noisy sounds of my husband eating her pussy. "It was easy to find out how you did it. Where you got this power.

You sent me to do my homework after using me. I got it done fast, then I checked your browser history." My daughter made a tsking sound while I struggled to think. I had to get my amulet away from her. No, I had to get away from her before I fell under her spell and get a replacement one. She already had my husband. He was just feasting on her. I backed away, heading towards the kitchen, holding the salad bowl and dressing. My heart thundered in my chest, pumping pure ice through me.

My stomach roiled. I had to regain control. I had to restore my perfect family. First, I had to take care of the dishes in my hand. "Where are you going, Mommy?" I asked. "To the kitchen," I said. "I have to do the dishes." "Well, of course you do," I said. "A good mother and wife does the dishes." .a good mother and wife does the dishes.

.a good mother and wife cleans the house. .a good mother and wife cooks delicious dinners. "I made sure you wouldn't remember," my daughter said. "I wanted to see how long it took before you realized you didn't have any power. You caught on pretty fast. Mmm, but it's fun being open about it.

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You're squirming." I trembled in the kitchen, my hands itching to start washing the dishes. I had to be a good mother and wife and do the dishes. "I got you the moment I walked into Wendy's house," she continued. "You were kind enough to put Mrs. Bowers and Mrs. Anderson under already, so I just had to get you. You weren't expecting it. You fell under my power in a flash." I trembled, the bowl shaking in my hand. "No," I groaned, shaking my head. "No, you couldn't have." "Good mommies do all the housework," my daughter said.

.good mommies do all the housework. .good mommies lick their daughters' pussies. "Oh, god," I groaned, my body trembling. "What happens to bad mommies?" my daughter asked. "Bad mommies are spanked," I said, the words spilling out of me before I could stop them. My entire body trembled. "Daddy, what do good husbands do when they have naughty wives?" my daughter asked. "Good husbands spank their wives," my husband growled.

"And you've been very bad, Anna. Making our daughter into our slut.

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Making me spank her. Fuck her." There was anger in his voice. "When our daughter showed me what you did to us, well, I gave her your credit card. She promised to fix it." "Yep," my daughter said. "You've been bad, Mommy.

Right, Daddy?" "Yes," he growled. My husband's marched into the kitchen, naked, hard, his face smeared with our daughter's pussy juices. I trembled before him. I whimpered. I sat down the salad bowl and dressing bottle. I wanted to fight. I did, but my daughter told me I was bad. .your daughter always knows when you've been bad. .your daughter is always right. .your daughter must be obeyed. .good mommies obey their daughters. .bad mommies are spanked. "I've been a bad mommy," I groaned, unable to stop myself.

My heart beat so fast. I trembled as my husband seized my hair. "Isn't this what you wanted?" he growled, yanking back my head, the roots of my hair flaring in pain. I gasped as he pulled me after him. "For me to take charge. To be the man in the family. To keep control." "Yes," I whimpered. "I.

I." I tried to fight it, but these words pressed on my mind. I was bad. I had to obey my daughter. I had to be spanked by my husband. I didn't want to do this. I wanted to dig my feet into the kitchen floor. I whimpered and groaned as he dragged me to the dining room. My daughter perched like a queen. I remembered her entering Rita's house and the flash of what I thought was her button reflecting light. It was her amulet. She was bemusing me.

The memory burned clear now how I slipped into the trance as she sauntered up to me and began to talk. My husband released me. I found myself bending over the table.

I pressed my naked breasts to the tablecloth. My rump was presented to my husband. I squirmed, my heart pounding in my chest. My daughter smiled at me, her dark eyes almost glowing with her excitement. "Mmm, you were a bad mommy, weren't you? Turning me into your sex slave." I shuddered as she said that.

"Not a sex slave, but." "Just someone who licks your pussy and satiates your perverse desires?" Valerie asked. "That's all. What else would you call that?" .your daughter is always right. "A sex slave," I said as she grabbed her amulet. She twisted it. "And what is a good mommy?" Valerie asked. "How does she make her daughter the happiest?" .a good mommy makes her daughter the happiest by being her sex slave. "By being your sex slave," I moaned. .a good mommy licks her daughter's pussy.

.a good mommy kisses her daughter's nipples. .a good mommy rims her daughter's asshole. .a good mommy does any naughty, nasty, kinky things her daughter wants. "I'm your. your sex slave, Valerie," I moaned, the words beating on my mind. I had to do it. I had to surrender to it. I knew it was wrong.

I shouldn't submit, but. "I was a naughty mommy. I wasn't your sex slave. I made you my sex slave. Mitch, Mitch, you have to spank me." CRACK! My eyes widened as the powerful impact of my husband's hand on my rump.

The burning pain exploded across my ass. The pain melted down to my pussy. I whimpered, squirmed, this strange heat blossoming in me. CRACK! The pain was incredible. A heat that I needed to experience. I whimpered. My pussy clenched. My juices spilling down my thighs. My nipples throbbed against the table. I squirmed and groaned. I whimpered, the juices spilled down my thighs. CRACK! "Ooh, yes, yes, such a naughty mommy," my daughter purred. She shifted on the table. Her lithe leg slipped over my head.

I whimpered as her pussy hovered right before me, her lips parting, pink and juicy and coated in her juices. CRACK! I gasped at the pain exploding through me. My ass burned.

My pussy was on fire. I whimpered, groaned. My daughter's pussy was right before me. The words battered my mind. I stuck out my tongue, reaching for her cunt. CRACK! "Oh, Mommy, do you want to eat my pussy?" my daughter asked, this malicious tone to her voice. CRACK! "Yes!" I whimpered, my ass a mass of fire. It burned across my rump. It was this heat that made me shudder.

My juices spilled down my thighs, soaking through my bush. It hurt so much. Every spanking made my rump burn.

Tears beaded my eyes as the agony surged through me. CRACK! Yet, it felt so incredible. It made me so horny. She hypnotized me to love it.

My daughter had such a wicked grin on her face as my tongue strained to reach her again. I whimpered, stretching my back, wanting to feast on her. CRACK! "Oh, I guess, I should let you eat me," my daughter said. "You're not going to be as good as Daddy, but." CRACK! "I'll let you indulge." CRACK! Tears spilled down my cheeks. My ass as a massive stinging pain. My pussy clenched, aching to be filled by my husband's cock. I felt his dick brushing my rump, thrusting hard before him.

He needed to fuck something. CRACK! He could fuck me. CRACK! My daughter slid that last inch. I whimpered in delight, some of the pain in my ass retreating as my tongue thrust into my daughter's deflowered cunt. She shuddered, her small breasts swaying, her blue amulet bouncing between her breasts. CRACK! "Oh, yes, Mom," she moaned. "Mmm, you made me do this. You made me eat your old cunt. Now you get to eat my fresh, young pussy." CRACK! "I was so bad," I moaned into her tasty, tangy snatch.

My hips wiggling, my pussy begging for my husband's cock. CRACK! "I'll eat you. I'll make you cum. I'm your sex slave now, Valerie." CRACK! "Yes, you are, Mom!" CRACK! My daughter gripped my dark-brown hair. She shuddered, leaning back on her arm. She humped against my face. She smeared her silky bush against my cheeks, her folds caressing my lips.

Her juices were hot. Delicious. My tongue thrust into her pussy's depths. I swirled around, stirring through her. CRACK! She tasted amazing. Her pussy was delicious. I groaned, feasting on her.

I gripped her thighs, my nipples throbbing against the table as I squirmed. Tears spilled down my cheeks. My ass burned, ached, throbbed with my beating heart. It hurt. CRACK!

I deserved this pain . CRACK! "Oh, yes, Mom," my daughter moaned, her back arching, her amulet bouncing, flashing with light. "Get that tongue in me.

Oh, yes, yes, you're such a naughty mother. Eat me!" CRACK! "Eat our daughter!" growled Mitch. "Make her cum, slut!" CRACK!

"Yes, dear," I moaned. "And." CRACK! "Thank you for spanking me!" CRACK! "It's all my pleasure," my husband growled. CRACK! "Oh, Daddy, yes, yes, spank her! Such a naughty mommy! She's got her tongue buried into my twat!" CRACK! "She loves it. She's such a wicked woman. She's craved this. You should see all the nasty stories she reads." CRACK! "Such a naughty mother!" CRACK! "I am!" I moaned. My pussy was molten. I was on the verge of exploding. My pussy was on fire.

I couldn't believe how horny I was. My cream dripped down my thighs. I was so close to cumming. CRACK! My daughter tugged hard on my hair. She pulled me into her pussy. She ground on me, soaking me with her juices. Her small tits quivered above me. She whimpered, her face twisting with pleasure as my tongue darted and fluttered through her. CRACK! She tasted amazing. CRACK! The best thing I'd ever eaten.

Words whispered through my mind, driving me to feast on her as the pain in my ass almost overwhelmed me. If I wasn't devouring her, I would be crying. Sobbing. I shuddered, my pussy on fire. I needed a cock in me. CRACK! I needed to make my daughter cum. CRACK! I sucked on her clit.

Every inch of my ass burned. My husband didn't hold back. My rump felt bruised. Throbbing. I focused that agony by sucking on my daughter. I nursed on her clit. Her juices spilled over my lips, her silky bush caressing my face. CRACK! "Mom!" she gasped, her eyes rolling back in her head. "Yes, yes, right there and. Mom!" CRACK! Juices flooded my mouth as I screamed in agony and sexual frustration. The final spanking hurt so bad and yet felt so good. My pussy had never been hornier for a cock.

I needed my husband's dick in me. My tongue dove deep into my daughter's pussy, feeling her convulsing around me as she gasped and moaned, her amulet flashing between her tits.

.a good mommy licks her daughter's pussy. I was a good mommy now. I was her sex slave. My tongue fluttered through her folds, licking her juices up as she gasped and heaved. Her fingers dug into my hair. Her sweet moans echoed through the room, reverberating around us. "Yes, yes, Mommy!" she howled. "Oh, Mommy! Oh, that's it! Oh, wow, that's good. Mommy, yes, yes! Ooh, you're my pussy slave, aren't you?" I lifted my head, tears and pussy cream staining my face. I nodded. "I am," I moaned.

"Mommy's your sex slave." "Yes, you are," my daughter said. "And will you ever hypnotize anyone again?" This sudden revulsion surged through me. A sickening writhe that twisted my stomach.

"Never!" I panted from the force of my scream. "I would never do that. Only evil, disgusting, filthy mothers would hypnotize their daughters!" "That's right," my daughter said. "Mmm, you made me cum hard, but I need Daddy's cock now. He has to breed me." I shuddered. "What about me? My pussy is on fire. Mitch, Mitch, please, can you fuck me?" "No," Mitch said, something like derision twisting his words.

"Why would I want to fuck your pussy?" "Yeah, Mommy," my daughter purred. "Why does he need your old cunt when he has my young, tight pussy? He loves my pussy more than yours." "So much more," Daddy groaned. "You never should have made me fuck her. I got a taste for her.

Young. Tight. God, I'm not sure you were ever as tight as her. I don't know how many guys fucked you before we were dating, Anna, but our daughter was a virgin when I broke her in." "I only need Daddy's big dick," My daughter purred. "But." I shuddered, wanting to protest. He was my husband.

He should fuck me. "You did this, Mommy," my daughter said as she scooted down the table. She sat beside me and spread her thighs, draping one of her legs right over my burning rump. I winced and hissed in pain. "You wanted a perfect family, and it will be. You're going to be our perfect slave. You're going to raise our child. Be such a wonderful nanny. You'll clean. You'll suck Daddy's cock and eat my pussy. Every night, you'll get to sleep at the foot of our bed and listen to Daddy make love to me.

Isn't that nice?" I wanted to moan no, but. .a good mommy serves her family. "A good mommy serves her family," I moaned. "I want to be a good mommy." I saw it. My future. Serving them. Raising their children, regulated to using my mouth to please them. My ass burned as my daughter rubbed against me. She had learned from me and bested me.

She had usurped my place at the head of the family from me. I started this. I was a bad mommy for hypnotizing my family, now I had to pay.

The words whispered to me. I closed my eyes, tears spilling down my cheeks. My ass burned. My pussy ached. I needed a cock fucking me. Instead, it slammed into my daughter's cunt. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mitch Miller "Yes!" I groaned as I slammed into my daughter, her necklace bouncing across her tits.

I didn't mind that she had hypnotized me. She told me not to mind. Outside of the house, I would pretend to be normal, but in here. In here, Anna was our slave, and I pleased our good girl. Anna whimpered. I didn't care. Not when I had Valerie. This sweet, young, beautiful, tight thing. My daughter. My wife showed me this was right, and my daughter agreed.

She groaned as my cock slammed to the hilt in her. What a wonderful heaven. That sheath squeezed around me. My daughter whimpered, her arms shooting around my neck. She always was a good girl. Her mother always had overreacted. Anna went way, way too far. Now she paid. "Oh, Daddy, let's make a baby!" my daughter moaned, her pussy squeezing around me.

.good daddies breed their daughters. "Yes," I growled and kissed her. She melted against me, her firm breasts pressed to my chest, the amulet cool between them. Her arms clutched me tight as I pressed her down on the table. It groaned in protest, rocking and creaking. Anna whimpered and groaned beside us. My daughter's pussy clenched about my cock, that wonderful, silky massage making me shudder as I drew back my dick.

I groaned as I slammed into her. I buried to the hilt in my daughter. She gasped into my lips, her pussy massaging me. Her pussy felt incredible. What a treasure. An utter delight. My heart beat with the excitement of making love to my daughter. Her fingers bit into my back as she writhed beneath me. She worked her hips, stirring her pussy around my cock. That wonderful, silky sheath massaged me. My dick savored it. Every plunge into her sent heat swelling down to my balls. They drank it in.

I had a load of cum ready to spurt into my daughter's fertile depths. We would make a baby. An incestuous joining of our flesh. My daughter broke the kiss. Her dark eyes glassy as she moaned, "Yes, yes, I love your cock in me, Daddy. Do you love my pussy?" "So fucking much," I growled, thrusting into her hard.

My balls smacked into her taint. "I love your pussy so much more than your mother's. " "She's such a whore!" my daughter gasped.

"Such a bitch!" "Yes!" I growled, my wife trembling beside us. "But now she's our sex slave. She's going to please you whenever you want." My daughter grinned at me. "Oh, Daddy, I love you so much! I always wanted you to do this! I spent so much time flirting with you, hoping something would happen. That you would see I was better than Mom." "I see it now," I groaned, staring into her eyes while her pussy squeezed around my dick.

I kissed my daughter hard. My tongue dueled with hers. Valerie whimpered beneath me. Her nipples rubbed into my chest as she squirmed. She was so light and delicate beneath me. My precious, baby girl. My dick rammed harder into her. My balls smacked into her taint. The sound echoed around us, merging with the groans of the rocking table. My wife watched us, squirming, moaning.

She sounded like a horny bitch. My daughter broke the kiss and groaned, "Go clean the kitchen, Mom! We don't need you right now." "Yes, honey," my wife moaned and hopped to her feet.

I groaned at the sight of her burning ass. She was so red in spots while other patches were already darkening into bruises.

She would feel that for a week or longer. A constant reminder to her to be a good wife and mother from now on. Not a controlling bitch. I kissed my daughter again, loving Valerie's young pussy. Her body. The tastes of her mouth. Her fingernails clawed my back. Her silky cunt squeezed around my cock, clinging to me as I pulled out then welcoming me back into her juicy depths when I thrust forward.

The ache swelled at the tip of my dick. It wouldn't be long now. I would flood my daughter's fertile pussy. I would breed her. Maybe not today, but soon. I would fill her with spunk until she had my child. I couldn't wait. She would make a better mommy than my wife. Valerie wouldn't be a controlling bitch. My daughter moved beneath me, bucking, her hips matching the plunging rhythm of my cock.

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The sweet friction swelled and swelled. I couldn't take much more of the sweet heaven of her juicy cunt. "Goddamn," I groaned, breaking the kiss. "You're amazing, baby!" "So are you, Daddy!" she squealed, her fingernails digging into my broad back. "Oh, Daddy, yes! I'm going to cum on your cock!" "Good," I growled.

"You deserve all the pleasure in the world. You're a good girl. Good girls need to be encouraged. Good girls need their daddies cumming in their pussies." "Yes!" my daughter hissed. "Breed me, Daddy! Do it!" I slammed into her pussy and groaned as she bucked beneath me. Her hot twat writhed about my cock.

The wonderful heat spilled over me. Stars burst across my vision. I grunted and groaned. My heart hammered in my chest. I kissed her again as she came on my dick. It was incredible to plunge over and over into her writhing flesh. The incestuous thrill of fucking my cumming daughter surged through me. My balls tightened as I plowed over and over into her. I groaned, the ache reaching its zenith. That point of no return. I broke the kiss, grunting, "Fuck!" "Cum in me, Daddy!" my orgasming daughter squealed.

"Give me all that cum!" "Always!" I groaned as I buried into my daughter's pussy. I erupted into her fertile depths. The pleasure shot through me as I pumped load after load of my seed into her. Valerie's pussy writhed about my cock. It spilled over me. It surged around me. I groaned as she worked out the cum from my balls. This amazing pleasure slammed into my mind. Every blast had me shuddering. I groaned as I spilled my passion into my daughter's twat.

Hot spurt after hot spurt of my cum. I filled her to the brim. She quivered beneath me. Then she collapsed as I fired the last jizz in me. "Daddy," she mewled. I smiled down at her flushed face and glassy eyes. I knew she was controlling me now, but it was better her than my nagging wife. Anna started this mess. She screwed us up with her perversion. She twisted us into liking this. Now she got to reap the joys of it.

I know I was. "Mmm, I love you, Daddy," my daughter purred. I kissed her as I came down from my orgasmic high. I savored her lips. She was so young and taut. So perfect. So long as I thought of her as only my daughter, I could ignore how much more beautiful she was than my wife. Once I saw her as a woman. My wife couldn't compare. .daughters are always hotter than their mothers. I ripped my cock out of my daughter's pussy.

I groaned at the sight of the cum leaking out of her and onto the tablecloth. I glanced into the kitchen where my wife worked, her scarlet rump flashing as she cleaned up after dinner. "Slave, get your ass in here and lick up this mess," I growled. "Oh, Daddy, you're perfect," my daughter purred, playing with the necklace while her mother scurried in to lick up my cum.


"I love you." .daddies love their daughters. "I love you, too," I told her as Anna fell to her knees and licked up the jizz spilling out of our daughter's cunt. Valerie purred her delight. "Tomorrow, we're going to teach Wendy's daddy to love her, too. Won't that be nice?" I nodded my head in agreement. The END