Loose batty anal slut sharts himself till u bust nut

Loose batty anal slut sharts himself till u bust nut
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At Sophie's suggestion, Matt went home that evening. They didn't want to risk anyone suspecting that he had a genie, so they decided that he should probably keep away from her in public for a bit. Matt agreed, although he'd have much rather he didn't have to.

Matt laid on his bed, nude, thinking about all that had happened recently. Many times in his life he'd imagined what his life would be like if he found a genie.

Of course, once he'd hit puberty, his thoughts had turned to all the sex he'd have. To some extent, that had come true, since he very much doubted he'd ever have had an orgy with an entire girls' PE class without magical help.

He'd probably not have gotten a girlfriend for a while either, and he was happy to have Sophie. He'd always had a little bit of a crush on her, so to actually have sex with her was a dream come true. But then, for him to have sex with anyone at all was a dream come true. Matt looked down at Lumiosa, who was laid on her front, giving him a blowjob. He'd asked Sophie for one, but she was more concerned with planning for the gathering on Friday, so instead he'd commanded Lumiosa give him one.

He had to admit, she was pretty damn good at it. She must have given thousands, if not millions of blowjobs in her time. Alexis had said that genies had been around since the dawn of the human race, but what exactly did that mean? Homo Sapiens have existed for about 100,000 years, but our ancestors existed for many years before that. How far back in history have there been genies on Earth?


How many hundreds of thousands of years have Lumiosa, Alexis, Apriya, and all the other genies been around? What wonders…and horrors…have they seen? Matt didn't really want to ask Lumiosa about it. From what she'd said, she'd had some pretty evil Masters in the past, who'd likely abused her and tortured her for their amusement. She seemed like a genuinely nice girl who just wanted to make him happy, and he promised himself that he'd be kind to her in return.

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He wondered what he'd do when he died. Sophie had gotten Alexis from an old man who'd seemingly selected her at random to get the lamp. Matt wanted to pass Lumiosa on to another Master whom he thought would be kind to her. Maybe one day he and Sophie would have kids, who could inherit their genies, like how Apriya had been passed down from father to son.

Matt then wondered about Sophie and Alexis. Alexis really did seem just like a normal teenage girl, aside from the near-unlimited magical power she wielded. They were basically BFFs. Well, more like BFs until Sophie dies and Alexis goes back to being trapped in her lamp until someone else finds her.

Matt wondered if they ever talked about these things. If Alexis told Sophie about her life.

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Alexis had probably had lots of cruel Masters too, so someone like Sophie was probably a relief for her. Matt was interrupted in his ponderings by his approaching orgasm. He groaned, and released his load into Lumiosa's mouth. She swallowed it all, and pulled off of him. "Did that please you, Master?" She asked. "Oh very much so," Matt replied, nodding contently.

"Would you like me to pleasure you some more, Master?" "Not for now. For now, get under the duvet with me so we can cuddle." "At once, Master." Lumiosa got under the duvet, and Matt held her in his arms, kissing her. Whoever had stolen her lamp and sent it to him, he was thankful to them, since he was sure that Lumiosa was happier being out and serving, rather than being dormant in her lamp.

He was certainly happy to have her. "Lumiosa, I wish I could control my TV with my mind," Matt wished. "Your wish is my command, Master," Lumiosa smiled. Matt then turned her to face the TV, and he turned it on with his mind. He switched to an old sitcom that was on, and laid there spooning Lumiosa as they watched it, rubbing his cock on her ass, and stroking her stomach sensually. Lumiosa didn't seem to really get the jokes, but she enjoyed spending time with her Master.

Matt eventually moved his hands down to Lumiosa's groin, and began rubbing her vagina. "Master…" she moaned. "Would you like me to pleasure you?" "No Lumiosa. Tonight, I'm going to pleasure you." "As you wish, Master…" Matt slid his fingers into Lumiosa's vagina. He'd never fingered a girl before, so he wasn't really sure of the technique behind it. But then, he realised, he didn't have to. "Lumiosa, I wish I knew everything there is to know about pleasuring a girl." Instantly, Matt's head filled with knowledge.

"Oh Master…" Lumiosa moaned, as she felt Matt's now-expert hands get to work on her vagina.


"Does that feel good, Lumiosa?" "Yes Master…" Matt rubbed her clit, and she squealed. "Lumiosa, I wish that when you cum, it won't end until I command it to." "Your wish is my…Ohhhh Master&hellip." Matt's hands were working overtime, his fingers thrusting in and out of Lumiosa, rubbing anything they could find. "Master, I'm going to…" Lumiosa moaned, before she went over the edge, and cried out in orgasm.

Matt kept his fingers inside her, and he felt her pussy contracting around them. As Matt had wished, Lumiosa kept on orgasming far longer than normal. Eventually Matt pulled his fingers out of her, and opted to squeezes her tits, hump her ass, and kiss her neck as she rode out her unending orgasm.

"Lumiosa, get on your hands and knees," Matt whispered in her ear. "Yes Master…" she moaned in response, her pussy in the process of exploding with pleasure. She pulled herself up, probably with magical help, and got on all-fours. Matt then positioned himself behind her, and slid into her vagina.

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"Oh yeah…" Matt moaned. "That feels incredible…" Matt could feel Lumiosa's vagina contracting orgasmically around his cock, and he just stayed still for a few minutes, enjoying the feeling, before he started thrusting. "Oh Master…That feels wonderful Master…" Lumiosa moaned.

Matt grabbed her ass, and thrust as hard as he could, in and out of her pussy. "Oh God…Lumiosa, I wish my room was soundproof!" He moaned in pleasure. "Yes Master!" Lumiosa cried out. "Good, because I'm gonna…I'm gonna…UhhhhhHHhHhHHhH!" Matt thrust forward hard, and leaned his head back as he erupted into her. This, he thought, was what he'd always dreamed having a genie would be like. Blasting giant loads of cum into hot girls who'd obey his every command.

It was bliss. Once Matt was done cumming, he got right back to thrusting. After all, it took a lot of fucking to burn off unlimited sexual stamina.

He planned on keeping on fucking her until he passed out from sheer exhaustion, and that is exactly what he did. As he shot his umpteenth load into Lumiosa, he fell on top of her. He managed to give her neck a soft kiss, before he fell unconscious. "Hey Matt, wake up!" Matt could feel quite a few things when he woke up.

The first was obviously the voice that was talking to him, and the hands which were shaking him awake.

But he could also feel his morning wood, which was currently being squeezed gently by something warm and wet. He could feel a body underneath him, breathing steadily, and emitting soft, feminine moans. Matt opened his eyes, and saw Lumiosa's face, which was one of pure ecstasy. It then occurred to Matt that, since he'd fallen asleep whilst fucking her, he'd never commanded her to stop cumming, so she'd been at it all night long. Not that she seemed to be suffering.

"Lumiosa, stop orgasming, and go into your lamp to rest," Matt whispered, and she let out a moan that was a mixture of relief, disappointment, and obedience. Matt kissed her, looking her straight in the eye, before she faded away into pink smoke, which floating into her lamp. Matt rolled over, and smiled. "Having fun?" Alexis asked him, and he sat up to look at the naked genie. "Quite a bit," Matt replied, sitting up. "Where's Sophie?" "Preparing for tomorrow," Alexis replied. "She won't let me tell you what she's planning, but you're involved.

She sent me here to get you up for school." "School? Don't wanna…" "Matt, we don't know much about these people, so we can't reveal all our secrets just yet, so we need to keep up the pretence that you're just an ordinary, genieless boy." "So what, I just need to be normal?" "Just for a while. By all means take Lumiosa to school, but it might not be a good idea to start any whole-class orgies today." "I thought genies were supposed to serve humans, not boss them around?" "It's Sophie who's bossing you around.

I'm just the messenger." Alexis then vanished, leaving Matt to get ready for school. He figured it would at least give him a chance to catch up with Max and Sam. When he got there, he found his friends.

"Where's Sophie?" Sam asked him. "Don't worry, she stayed home today, so you're safe from ghost blowjobs," Matt replied. "But guys, I need to talk to you about something." "What?" Max asked. "Well guys, some stuff's going on," Matt explained. "You guys haven't told anyone about Lumiosa, have you?" "Of course not!" Sam replied.

"We'd never betray your trust like that. And besides, who's likely to believe us?" "I guess not," Matt said. "But it's really important that you guys keep this a secret, okay? I mean it." "We promise," Max said. "Good," Matt smiled. "Let's go." The boys went into their History class, and sat down. Matt's place just happened to be right next to Amy Barrows.

He looked over at her, and his mind went back to the sight of her nude ass, which he'd seen through Sophie's eyes the previous day.

He figured he'd have to be especially careful when she was around. For all he knew, Mr Brookman could be reading her mind. Maybe she's some sort of sleeper agent, programmed to find genies? Or maybe that's just paranoia setting in. When the class was over, the three boys walked to their next one together. "Hey Matt, I'm really not feeling school for the rest of the day, so how about you get us laid?" Max asked him. "Sorry guys, no can do," Matt replied. "Oh come on Matt, do your friends a favour!" Sam said, trying to unzip his friend's backpack.

"The lamp must be in here somewhere…" "It won't work for you, so don't bother trying," Matt said. "I'm sorry guys, but I'm trying to remain inconspicuous with my magic usage.

And besides, I'm letting Lumiosa rest. She had a long night." "A long night of fucking you I bet," Max said. "Come on Matt. Aside from the blowjobs Sophie wished up for us, we've not gotten laid since Monday!" "This time on Saturday you were virgins.

You'll live." "Says the guy who can get laid whenever he wants with his genie and his hot girlfriend," Max said. "I promise I'll make it up to you, but right now, no magic," Matt insisted. When Matt got home, Sophie and Alexis were laid on his bed, waiting for him.

"We meet again, Mr Bond," Alexis said. "I thought this was no time for joking?" Matt asked. "Maybe a few," Alexis smiled. "Alexis, he's right, this is serious," Sophie interrupted. "I've decided on a course of action for tomorrow." "Which is?" Matt asked.

"I go to the party, and see what they're all about," Sophie explained. "Meanwhile, you go snooping around the place, and see if you can liberate those 3 lamps he's got." "How am I even supposed to do that?" "Have Lumiosa make you invisible. Your immunity to other people's magic should make you impossible to detect, even by another genie." "Should?" "I cannot guarantee it, but I believe so," Alexis said. "I've never actually tried it." "Where is Lumiosa, anyway?" Sophie asked.

"In her lamp," Matt replied. "I wanted to give her some time to rest." "That's probably for the best, we'll all need to be in top condition for tomorrow," Sophie said.

"Well, I will, you'll be partying with other Masters," Matt said. "Matt, I know I joked earlier, but I would very much like you to take this situation seriously," Alexis said.

"It pains me, and I know it pains Lumiosa too, to know that so many genies are being denied their freedom like this." "Why should it bother you?" Matt asked. "You don't know them." "They are like my siblings," Alexis replied. "Imagine if someone locked your sister away as part of their "collection" of humans." "Alright, I get it," Matt said. "I'll do it." "Thank you Matt!" Alexis grinned, and gave him a big kiss. Alexis and Sophie decided to stay the night, which was mostly down to the fact that they'd not fucked in nearly two days.

Hence why, if you'd walked into Matt's bedroom on that Thursday, you'd have found Sophie Swift on all-fours, being rammed from behind by her boyfriend. Meanwhile, her genie, Alexis, was making out with Matt, while he massaged her tits, and she masturbated. "Oh God Sophie, I'm gonna…FUCK!" Matt cried out, before releasing his load into her pussy. Sophie's wish for simultaneous orgasms sent her into her own climax, before it then sent Alexis into hers. The 3 of them came hard, before collapsing into a pile of sweaty flesh.

They kissed and cuddled for a while, enjoying the feeling of one-another. "Sophie…" Matt said, stroking his girlfriend's skin sensually. "Yeah?" She asked, zoned out a little from post-orgasmic bliss.

"I wanna try something, and feel free to say no to this." "What?" "I want to swap bodies and fuck. You know, so I can feel sex as a girl, and you can feel it as a boy." "Been there, done that.

I once turned into Megan's boyfriend Joe and fucked her brains out. Let me tell you, I can see why he likes her so much. That girl has a very nice pussy indeed." "Oh, alright then…" Matt said, disappointed. Sophie just smiled and kissed him.

"I didn't say no," she said. "I'd like to do it again." "That's great!" Matt smiled. He then went over to his bag, and pulled Lumiosa's lamp. One rub later, and she was sat on her knees on the floor. "What do you desire, Master?" She asked. "Sophie and I wish to swap bodies for a while," Matt said. "Miss Sophie, do you consent to this?" Lumiosa asked her. "I do," she replied. "Do it, Alexis." Alexis and Lumiosa both snapped their fingers, and their Masters both looked dazed for a second, before returning to normal.

"Did it work?" 'Matt' asked, before looking down at his groin. "Well I didn't have a penis before, so yes." "Honestly, 3 years, and you still doubt my powers," Alexis said. "You insult me, Mistress." "Oh wow, this is weird." Everyone then looked over at Matt, who was in Sophie's body.

His/Her fingers were inside his/her pussy. "I could get used to this…" "You should try having a dick inside it," Sophie said, before grabbing his penis. "This thing definitely feels different to Joe's. It's bigger." "Wow, I look pretty good," Matt said, looking at him, while fingering herself.

"Why don't you feel yourself?" Sophie grinned, before pouncing on top of her. Sophie grabbed her boobs, and slid inside her. "Holy fuck…" Matt moaned.

"That feels…weird." "Tell me about it…" Sophie moaned. "My pussy definitely feels better than Megan's…I blame all that magic…" "Hey, don't look at me," Alexis said.

"Any enhancements I gave you were because you wished for them." "I know, and I'm very grateful for them." Sophie picked up his speed.

"So just to reward you, I'm taking a leaf out of Matt's book. Alexis, I wish for you to orgasm until I tell you to stop." "You too Lumiosa…" Matt moaned, feeling Sophie thrust in and out of her pussy.

The two genies snapped their fingers, and instantly cried out in pleasure as they came. Alexis grabbed hold of Lumiosa, and kissed her hard, the two genies fondling each-other. Meanwhile, their Masters continued fucking one-another, enjoying the unfamiliar sensations that being the other gender provided. "Sophie…I'm gonna cum…I think…" Matt moaned.

"Me too…Here we go…" The two teens moaned loudly as they exploded. Sophie blasted his jizz into Matt's pussy, and Matt moaned as she experienced her first ever female orgasm. "Oh wow…that was weird," Matt moaned when she stopped cumming. "But really good." "Now you see why I like being a girl so much," Sophie smiled, before giving Matt a kiss.

"Wanna go again?" Matt just nodded, and they resumed thrusting. Matt and Sophie eventually fell asleep in each-other's arms. They didn't bother to switch back yet, though they did permit their genies to stop orgasming, and return to their lamps. They were absolutely exhausted, so they slept until well past midday. When Matt woke up in the morning, he could feel Sophie's, or rather, his penis rubbing against Sophie's, or rather, his leg.

Matt opened her eyes, and looked at Sophie, who was still inhabiting Matt's body. Matt kissed him, and he opened his eyes. "Morning," Sophie smiled, kissing her back. "I must admit, I'm pretty comfy. I might cuddle myself more often." "Yeah, but how about we turn back to normal?" Matt suggested, and Sophie nodded. The two teens got up, and picked up their respective lamps. They rubbed them, and their genies were summoned. "We wish to be back to normal," Sophie said. "Yeah, we do," Matt said.

"Your wish is my command, Master," Lumiosa smiled. "Mine too," said Alexis, and a second later, the two teens were back in their own bodies. "You know, I never thought I'd be so happy to see my penis," Matt remarked.

"Oh yes, because I'm sure having boobs and a pussy was sheer torture for you," Sophie said sarcastically. "There's no place like home, and home for me means being in my body," Matt said. Matt and Sophie hung out together for the rest of the day, but as the evening approached, they began to prepare for the gathering. "Alright Lumiosa, I wish to be completely invisible to everyone except you, Sophie, Alexis, and myself," Matt commanded.

"Your wish is my command, Master," Lumiosa smiled. She took Alexis' hand, and the two genies snapped their fingers. "Did it work?" Sophie asked. "Yes Miss Sophie," Lumiosa replied. "With Alexis' help, my Master can no longer be seen by anyone aside from the four of us." "Okay good," Sophie said. "But Matt, I don't advise you to take Lumiosa with you, in case they find her." "Well what if I need to wish for something?" Matt asked.

"Wish for a mental link between the two of you," Sophie replied. "So you can think wishes to her." "Can I do that?" "Yes you can, Master," Lumiosa told him. "Do you wish for it?" "Yes, I do." Matt nodded.

Lumiosa snapped her fingers. "Hello Master," Matt heard in his head, in Lumiosa's voice. "Woah…" Matt said out loud. "Just think about sending words to me," Lumiosa thought to him. "Okay…" Matt thought.

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"Lumiosa, can you hear me?" "Yes Master," she thought back, before giggling. "Judging by you two being quiet, I think we can assume it worked," Alexis said, and Matt nodded. Matt, Sophie and Alexis got dressed, Matt having to wish for his invisibility to apply to his clothes too. The three of them then teleported to Sophie's house, and Alexis drove them to Mr Brookman's house in Sophie's Ferrari.

"Wow, this place is pretty nice," Sophie said as they arrived at a large mansion. "I've served royalty in the past," Alexis said. "Trust me, this place is nothing." They drove up to the gate, and Alexis pressed the intercom button. "Yes, who is it?" They heard Miss Showers' voice say over the intercom. "Sophie Swift and Alexis," replied Alexis. "Oh good, Mr Brookman was hoping you'd come," Miss Showers said.

"Proceed." The gate opened, and Alexis drove the car in. They got out of the car (Matt having Lumiosa let him pass through the door, to avoid having it seem to open for no reason), and were greeted by Mr Brookman and Miss Showers, or Apriya, as she was once known.

"Welcome, Miss Swift," Mr Brookman said. "I'm glad you decided to come." "I figured it would be good to know my enemy," Sophie said.

"Still don't trust me, eh?" Mr Brookman said. "Well we'll soon fix that, when you meet the others. Come with me." Mr Brookman led them inside, and Matt quickly separated himself from the group to snoop around. Mr Brookman showed Sophie and Alexis to a lavishly-decorated room, with a large fireplace, and many comfy-looking sofas and armchairs.

Lounging around the place, she saw 8 people, whom she assumed were the other members of the group and their genies. The 4 she assumed were the Masters were 3 boys and a girl, while the genies were 2 boys and 2 girls. Sophie observed that no-one looked older than their twenties. "Sophie, may I introduce you to the rest of the group," Mr Brookman said. "This is Jürgen, Brian, Sarah and Neil, and their genies, Marcio, Lexia, Iago and Ophelia. Everyone, this is Sophie Swift, and her genie, Alexis." "Oh God…" Alexis groaned.

"What?" Sophie asked her. She quickly got her answer. "Alexis, as beautiful as ever I see," said Marcio, Jürgen's genie. "Hello Marcio…" Alexis said, obviously annoyed to see him. "Why the last time I gazed upon your beauty, you were with that painter in Florence," Marcio said, before squeezing Alexis's ass.

"Maybe if our Masters dismiss us, we can go for a quick "catch up" session. Or a long one." "As much as I would LOVE that," Alexis said sarcastically. "My Mistress has forbidden me from having sex with anyone but her." Alexis was lying, but Sophie could see why, so she didn't say anything.

Marcio looked at Sophie, and grinned. "A shame, but your Mistress is quite the beauty herself," he said. "Marcio, setz dich!" Jürgen shouted at him. Marcio looked annoyed.


"Ihr Wunsch ist mir Befehl, Meister," he said, before returning to his Master's side. "I apologise for my genie's behaviour girls," Jürgen said in a heavy German accent. "He has always been a raunchy one. Please, sit." Alexis and Sophie went over to an empty sofa, and sat down. "It is a great pleasure to meet you," said Sarah.

"It is especially good to meet another female Master. Our last female member died 4 decades ago." "And one so young, too," said Neil. "It gives me hope that our organisation will outlive the 5 of us." "You see Sophie," Brian explained.

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"I hope you'll let me call you that, by the way. The 5 of us here are all on first name terms. You see Sophie, all of us here are in our 60s or 70s. We've all not got many years left. It's why we were all so excited when we discovered you. A girl with a genie who's actually as old as she looks." "Would you like a drink, Sophie?" Mr Brookman, or rather, Alex, asked her.

He then looked over at Miss Showers, who snapped her fingers. The doors opened, and in walked two nude, and VERY attractive girls, who were carrying several bottles of wine, and a glass for Sophie.

"What about Alexis?" Sophie asked. "As you wish," Alex said. Miss Showers snapped her fingers again, and another nude girl ran in carrying another wine glass. The girls then poured wine into the glasses for Sophie and Alexis, bowed, and left. "I assume they're not here of their own free will?" Sophie asked him. "Not completely," Alex replied, sitting down on an armchair.

Miss Showers moved over to give him a shoulder massage. "But don't worry, no-one misses them. They've been passed down through my family like Miss Showers here. The girl who brought Alexis' glass, for example, was enslaved by my grandfather in 1830." "1830!?" Sophie exclaimed, trying not to spit her wine out.

"How is that possible!?" "Basic maths," Alex replied. "My grandfather was born in 1811, and discovered Apriya's lamp in 1827. He died in 1899, passing all his possessions onto his then 38-year-old son, who passed everything on to me when he died in 1955." "I guess that works, but how are those girls still alive?" Sophie asked. "I thought people still had to die at their time?" "We do, but regular humans can be kept alive as long as we desire," Brian explained.

------------------------------- Meanwhile, Matt was walking through the house, looking around for where the lamps might be.

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Along the way, he passed many nude girls, who he assumed were servants. Or slaves. "Lumiosa," Matt thought to his genie. "Are all these girls brainwashed into being here?" "I cannot know for certain, Master," Lumiosa replied.

"But I can tell you that there is a magical barrier on all of the girls, presumably put there by Apriya, which prevents other genies from interfering with them." "Looks like Mr Brookman probably enslaved them then," Matt thought. Matt wandered around, passing through doors like a ghost, happy that none of these servant girls seemed to realise he was there. "Master, might I suggest checking the basement?" Lumiosa thought to him.

"It seems like that would be a sensible place." "Good idea Lumiosa, thanks," Matt thought. He eventually managed to find his way to the stairs to the basement, and he walked down. In there was a lot of wine, as well as many boxes. But what drew Matt and Lumiosa's attention the most was the large safe at the back. "Master, that safe has magical protection on it," Lumiosa said.

"It is likely where the lamps are being held, but I regret that this magical protection will prevent me from opening it for you, or teleporting it away. I'm so sorry Master." "Well, what about if you make me super strong and I carry it out?" Matt suggested. "That would be possible, except that the safe would not be invisible, meaning that you would easily be caught.

I'm afraid I do not see any way for you to liberate the lamps." "Right…" Matt thought, disappointed. "Well in that case, let's see what Sophie's up to." ------------------------------- "So Sophie, why don't you tell us how you came to possess Alexis?" Sarah said. "I tried that, she won't tell," Alex told them. "I don't think she trusts us." "There is really no need to be afraid," Brian said. "We're not out to harm you." "Sophie, I think we should tell them," Alexis said to her Mistress.

"I don't see anything particularly wrong with it." "My goodness, a genie who's on first name terms with her Master," Neil said.

"You wouldn't dream of that, would you, Ophelia?" "No Master, that would be most disrespectful of me," Ophelia replied, bowing her head. "Alexis is my best friend," Sophie said. "I treat her as an equal." "What a strange girl you are," Sarah smiled. "I myself enjoy having Iago eat me out while he tells me how great I am.

Aren't I great, Iago?" "Every second in your presence is an incredible honour, Mistress," Iago replied. "Every day I thank the powers that be for being allowed to serve you." "Good boy, Iago," Sarah smiled.

At this point, Sophie and Alexis both saw Matt phase through the living room door, and smile at them, before sitting down on an empty arm chair. Sophie resisted the urge to give him a look of "what the hell", since she didn't want anyone to realise he was there. "I guess I may as well tell you all then," Sophie relented.

"3 years ago, I was walking home, when I felt a compulsion to walk into a house. There was a dying old man in there, who bequeathed Alexis to me." "Fascinating," Alex said. "I'm impressed that you were able to operate in this town for 3 years without me noticing you." "I tried not to draw attention to myself," Sophie replied.

"What impresses me more," Brian said. "Is that Alexis' previous Master was able to avoid our detection too. Who was he, girl? How long did he own you for?" "First of all, I have a name, which I'd appreciate you using," Alexis scoffed. "Secondly, his name was Eric Anderson. He was a soldier who found me in Berlin in 1945.

He was a very kind Master, much like Sophie." "Well, at least Alexis is in our group's possession now," Neil said. "At least, if you'd consider joining us, Sophie." At this point, Miss Showers leaned down and whispered something in Alex's ear.

"Interesting, thank you, Miss Showers," he said, kissing her. "Everyone, it seems we have a spy in our midst." Matt's eyes widened at this, while Sophie and Alexis tried to look appropriately shocked for the group.

"Impossible, we would know!" Jürgen shouted. "Then kindly look over to that chair," Alex said, pointing to where Matt was sat. "There appears to be a human-shaped print in it, which keeps wriggling." Everyone looked over. "My word!" Sarah gasped. "Master, this person appears to be immune to my magic," Miss Showers told him. "Likely they also possess a genie." "Well in that case, reveal yourself, whoever you are," Alex ordered Matt.

"If you also have a genie, then you have nothing to fear from us." "Master, do you wish me to teleport you out of there?" Lumiosa asked Matt. Sophie waiting in nervous anticipation of what he'd do.

"I wish to be visible again," Matt spoke, and in an instant, he was. "Hello everyone." "You're lucky you've got a genie boy, or we'd probably have to wipe your memory, or worse," Sarah said somewhat sinisterly. "Where are they, anyway?" "Lumiosa, I wish for you to teleport here with your lamp," Matt commanded. Lumiosa then immediately appeared, kneeled next to him, with her lamp in Matt's lamp. Alex saw the lamp, and his eyes widened as he recognised it as the one that had been stolen from him, but he stayed quiet about it.

"So who are you?" Neil asked him. "Matt Evans," Matt replied.

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"I thought I'd pay you all a visit." "I'm Brian, and this is Sarah, Alex, Neil, Brian, and our newest member, Sophie," Brian said. "Oh I'm well aware of who Alex and Sophie are," Matt told them.

"They had a meeting the other day in his office." "How did you know that!?" Alex asked angrily. "I was watching you, invisible," Matt lied. "I overheard something very interesting while I was there. Apparently Alex here has 3 lamps that he's hiding from you all." "That's not true!" Alex protested.

"There's a magical safe in the basement which I can't get in," Matt told them all. "I'm assuming that's where they are." "Well perhaps we should take a look at this safe," Jürgen said.

"And put Apriya back in her lamp. We don't want her interfering." "Very well," Alex said, standing up. "Miss Showers, back in your lamp." "Yes Master," she obliged, fading into a cloud of grey smoke, which shot upstairs to where her lamp presumably was.

"Off we go then," Alex frowned. The group then walked downstairs to the basement, where the safe was. "Open it up, Alex," Neil ordered him. Alex merely sighed, and opened it. There, sitting there on a cushion, were 3 magical lamps. "Oh Alex, I'm disappointed with you," Sarah said. "Well I think that this ends our meeting for tonight," Brian said. "I'll take these lamps and add them to the others. The rest of us will convene to decide what to do about Alex." Everyone went back upstairs to get ready to go home.

"Tell me Matt, do you live locally?" Sophie asked him, annoyance obvious in her voice. "Why yes I do…Sophie, was it?" Matt smirked in response. "Then please allow me to take you home." Sophie practically dragged Matt into the car, Lumiosa sitting next to him, while Alexis drove. Sophie waited until they were away before starting her rant. "You fucking moron!" She shouted. "What were you doing in there!?" "I couldn't get into the safe, so I came to see what you guys were doing," Matt replied.

"When I got caught, I improvised." "That wasn't in the plan!" "So? They seem like nice people Sophie. I don't think we're in any danger." "Matt, those girls he's got working at that place have been his family's slaves for 200 years! And you saw how the others were rude to Alexis. They see their genies as possessions, not people. Hence why they've got 217 of them locked up." "Well maybe if we join their group, we can gain access to those genies, and get them out of there." "Still…I don't trust them." "Sophie, perhaps Matt is right," Alexis said.

"Alexis, shut up," Sophie ordered her. "I get you're upset, and you don't trust them, but I really think it might benefit us to stay with them," Matt said. "Didn't you say you were glad you'd found another guy with a genie?" "Yes, but these people are different. They're not like you. I agree we should stay with them, but they're not our friends. We're with them to free the captured genies. And then, who knows?" "Alright then. Look…I'm sorry." "It's alright.

I'm sorry too. I shouldn't have shouted." "No, you should have. I went against the plan, and now that Alex guy's suspicious of me. He's gonna want to know how I got Lumiosa's lamp." "Well we'll have to see what happens next. What the other members do." They pulled up outside Matt's house, and he and Lumiosa got out. "I don't know what's going to happen now," Sophie said.

"I suppose we could be together a bit now at least. Just say we hooked up after tonight." "Do you wanna come in?" Matt asked. "Not necessarily for sex. Just for cuddles if you want." "No, it's fine. I just want to go home and rest. Thanks though." "Alright then. Goodnight Sophie." "Goodnight Matt." The two of them kissed, and parted for the night.

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