Stupendous barely legal bombshell Bianca bonked in many ways

Stupendous barely legal bombshell Bianca bonked in many ways
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Daughter's Slut Training (An Incestuous Harem Story) Chapter Six: Daughter Takes on Her Brothers By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

Mrs. Umayyah My eyes flicked from my daughter lying on her back, her first customer's cum leaking out of her well-fucked and bald snatch, to President Carver pulling out his wallet from his discarded slacks, his dick soaked in my daughter's juices. A hot tremble raced through me. I pulled my fingers out of my own snatch, my orgasm buzzing through me.

Masturbating to my own live sex show was an added bonus of whoring out my daughter to pay my online gambling debts. No longer did I need to watch that stud Clint fucking his aunt, sisters, and other sluts through the peephole I drilled into the classroom next door.

"Mom?" Leyla asked, her round breasts rising and falling, dusky and gleaming with a sheen of sweat from her exertion. Her raven-black hair clung to her flushed face, her dark eyes still dazed and glossy from her orgasms.

"Hush," I purred. "Just making the customer happy. And you are such a mess now. We can't have you leaking cum out of that whorish cunt all across the college campus, can we?" "No, Mother," she said, such a good, submissive daughter. Even if she was a complete whore. She'd never be pure like me. "Here," President Carver groaned, pulling out another five twenties from his wallet and shoving them at me. I slipped the bills into my skirt pocket, joining the hundred he'd already paid to fuck my daughter hard.

"God, lick her clean. I want to watch that little slut writhe on your face. Your own daughter." "I know, she's such a slut," I said with the patience all mother's had discussing the foibles of their children. My snatch burned as I sauntered to my nineteen-year-old daughter. I grabbed her silky thighs, freshly shaved along with her pussy in the shower this morning. That was after she licked her brothers' jizz out of my snatch, cleansing me after I was forced to take care of them while she was busy with her father all night.

A mother couldn't let her sons suffer hardons. "Mother," she whimpered again as I leaned closer and closer to her pussy. I'd never eaten cunt before, I was a good and pure Muslim woman, but my daughter had devoured mine several times. I knew what to do to make the little strumpet howl and earn President Carver's money.

Keeping him happy was important. He ran the college I taught at. With him addicted to Leyla's cunt, he'd look the other way as I whored her out to other teachers and staff. To all those men who lusted after the barely legal coeds strutting through the halls, all those whorish, American sluts showing off far too much flesh, driving all the men wild.

Women should be modest. Men couldn't help themselves. Just slaves to their cocks. That was why us women had to be pure.

And when we couldn't, the men had every right to use us. I licked my lips and inhaled, breathing in the salty scent of cum mixing with my daughter's tangy musk. My mouth salivated. My pussy ached. I wiggled my hips, nuzzling my lips into my daughter's shaved snatch. Her wet heat smeared across my face.

My tongue dragged through her folds for the first time. Leyla's doe-soft, brown eyes widened as my tongue lapped through her snatch, gathering tangy cream and salty jizz. Her entire body trembled. Her breast jiggled. Her stomach tensed. Then she let out an explosive groan when my tongue brushed her clit.

"Mother!" "Yes," President Carver groaned. Out of the corner of my eye, he rubbed his soft, wet dick. So thick, wider than my husband and sons but not as long. My pussy clenched as I licked through my daughter's cunt again. My tongue gathered her cream and his spunk. The two flavors mixed on my tongue, coming alive. I groaned, pressing my lips tighter against my daughter, my <em>hijab</em> brushing her thighs.

My nose rubbed on her clit, my every inhalation full of her wicked scent. Such an intoxicating thrill ran through me as I cleansed my daughter, helping her perform for her client.

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She squeezed her thighs about my head, grinding her hot snatch against me like a wanton slut, so eager for her orgasm. My cunt itched to be touched, to be stroked. I ignored it, concentrating on the performance.

My tongue probed into Leyla's silky cunt, finding more of the president's cum to devour. My tongue teased my daughter. I rubbed my nose on her clit. She whimpered. She groaned. She squeezed her breasts, dusky fingers digging into perky mounds. "That's it," groaned the president, his dick swelling in his hands, inspired by the whorish passion of my daughter. "Eat your slut's creampie. Lick up all that cum from your child's cunt.

Such a bad mother." "She is," whimpered Leyla. "Oh, Mother, yes. That's so good. Lick deeper. There's more of his cum in my cunt." My tongue thrust as deep as I could reach into her snatch. My tongue swirled, gathering their mixed fluids. I groaned, loving the taste. My tongue thrust in over and over, searching for more. I wiggled my hips. My pussy smoldering in my panties. I clenched my fingers on my daughter's thighs, fighting the urge to masturbate.

I had to keep up the performance. I had to clean my daughter's snatch. The flavors melted on my tongue. The president's salty cum. My daughter's tangy pussy. What a treat. I curled my tongue, scooping it out of her twat.

I shivered, shuddered. Whimpers escaped my lips as I feasted on my daughter's cunt. "Oh, yes, Mother!" she bucked. "I'm going to cum on your face!" "Yes, yes, cum on your mother's face!" groaned President Carver.

"You little whore. Just explode." "I will, sir," my daughter gasped. Her fingers found her nipples, twisting, pinching, abusing the little nubs as her passion swelled. "Mother, please, my clit! I need you to play with my clit." My tongue flicked up through her folds, brushing her little bud.

She trembled, gasped. Her thighs tightened against my <em>hijab</em>, pinning the cloth tight against my modestly covered hair. I sucked on her bud, her entire body trembling. And then she moaned out in pure rapture. Tangy cream flooded out of her pussy. It poured into mine.

I drank my daughter's pussy cream. The president groaned, moving behind me, his cock fully hard again. I ignored him, focusing on my daughter's snatch. On her delicious juices.

And on the cum washing out of the depths of her twat. I gathered it on my tongue, loved it. Then froze as she screamed, "Mother!" The president hiked up my skirt. A wanton shudder rushed through me as he flipped it over my ass, his hands squeezing my rump through my panties. His finger dragged down my rear to the gusset of my underwear, pushing the crotch into my pussy lips, feeling how wet I was.

"What are you doing?" I groaned, lifting my face from my daughter's pussy. "I'm married. My pussy is off limits to you." "Is it?" he asked, his fingers hooking the waistband of my panties.

He pulled them down, exposing my cunt to the air. I quivered then groaned, his cock sliding through my bush to rub on my pussy lips directly. "Or is your pussy for sell like your daughter's cunt?" The tip of his dick nudged at my pussy.

Only my husband should touch me there. I was a good woman.

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Not a whorish slut. But President Carver's dick felt sooooo good. My pussy was on fire. And his cock was so thick. What would it feel like in me?

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My hands squeezed my daughter's thighs as she thrashed in orgasmic bliss. "How much for your cunt, Mrs. Umayyah?" the president asked. "I'm not.for sale!" I panted. Then, with the greatest effort of will, I stood up and yanked down my skirt. I spun around, facing him, my breasts heaving in my blouse. My pussy burning, itching, demanding to be pleasured. "If you need to get off again, fuck my daughter.

You paid for her holes!" A look burned in President Carver's eyes, lust. He stared at me as a woman he wanted to feast on, a slut he wanted to devour. To use. A tremble ran through my body. I stepped back, my hands clenched so tight. A force pulled at me, like gravity, drawing me towards his cock. "I did pay for her holes," he said and flicked his eyes to my daughter. "This time." I shuddered, taking a deep breath.

He may think he could buy me, but I wasn't a slut. I wasn't. I backed up to one of my student's desks, perching on it, my panties still bunched around my thighs. My hand traveled up beneath my skirt.


Found my pussy. I groaned as he seized my daughter and flipped her onto her belly. I rubbed my hot flesh, giving my cunt the satisfaction it craved. I thrust four fingers into my greedy hole. Pleasure shivered through me as my daughter grunted out in pleasure. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Leyla Umayyah Confusion wreathed me as I came down from my orgasmic high. My mother did something slutty for money. She licked my pussy clean of my client's cum. Just like I did for her this morning, cleaning my brothers' spunk out of her when she was forced to satiate the desires I caused in them.

I couldn't believe it. I was so dazed by it, I wasn't paying attention until President Carver seized my hips and flipped me onto my belly on my mother's desk. I gasped, my tits pressing into the cool surface, my nipples throbbing. My feet found the floor. I was bent over the desk now, my rump quivering. His hands seized my butt-cheeks. And rammed his dick into my bowels. My pussy juices staining his dick gave him some lube, but it still sent a burning shock through me. I gasped in a mix of pain and rapture.

His dick seared into my velvety asshole, And that felt exciting. It felt so naughty. Only a slut would enjoy this. So I did. "Yes, President Carver, fuck my daughter's slutty asshole," Mother moaned, fingering her pussy again, her lips smeared with my cunt juices and some of my client's spunk. It made her look so slutty. Faizel claimed our mother was a slut. But.she couldn't be. She was so.proper. But.she licked my pussy for money and. "Yes!" I groaned, the pleasure swelling in my asshole as President Carver fucked me without mercy.

He hammered his cock into my rectum. He sodomized me with a hungry passion. "Fuck my ass! Satiate your cock in my bowels! Oh, President Carver, yes! Work that cock in and out of me! I love it!" "Such a slut you raised, Mrs. Umayyah!" he grunted. "Such a little whore." "Uh-huh," Mom cooed.

"She is. Enjoy that sweet asshole. It's practically cherry. Only her father's enjoyed it." President Carver grunted. He hammered my asshole hard, plowing his dick into my bowels. I savored it. He buggered me with such passion. His balls smacked over and over into my taint. I kept whimpered, cooing as the pleasure surged through me. So hot. So rough. So primal and naughty. My pussy dripped juices, the heat swelling in my depths, turning my cunt into molten lava.

I bucked my hips up, my rump smacking into his crotch. I savored the sound, flesh meeting flesh. The sounds of fucking. Of being a whore. My bowels clenched on his dick, massaging him, pleasing him. "Please, please, dump your cum in my asshole, President Carver!" I gasped. "Just erupt in me." "I will, you little tramp. Goddamn, this sweet ass!" He planted his hands on either side of my body, hammering my asshole so hard.

He pressed my body into the desk, my clit rubbing on the sharp edge. "I'm going to fill your ass with my cum." "Good!" I groaned. "Yes, yes, do it! I need it." "My little slut!" gasped Mom, her tits heaving beneath her dress, her <em>hijab</em> slipping on her face, letting some of her black hair peek out.

I ground my clit against the desk edge as my asshole drank in the rough friction of President Carver's hard thrusts. He reamed my asshole. He sodomized me with every ounce of passion he possessed. I loved it. His strokes pumped his thick cock in and out of me, giving me such pleasure. My next orgasm swelled in me. Another wonderful explosion of rapture. I grunted and moaned, hips wiggling, stirring his dick through my bowels.

I couldn't wait for the explosion. For the euphoria to shower through me. I clenched my bowels on his dick. His cock hammered so deep into me. I whimpered. I groaned. I came. My pussy convulsed. Juices squirted out of my snatch, flooding down my thighs.

My bowels writhed about his dick, caressing that amazing shaft. My back arched, pressing my tits harder into the desk's smooth surface. It creaked beneath me. My nipples drank in the sensation. "President Carver!" I whimpered in euphoria. "Such a slut!" he growled, thrusting so hard. "Cumming from being ass-fucked. What a whore!" "An utter slut!" gasped Mom, her body heaving, her climax surging through her.

"Cum in her asshole!" He rammed his dick into me. Erupted. I savored the liquid heat of his cum pumping into my bowels' depths. I loved it. My asshole milked his cock. I groaned, whimpered, waves of rapture shooting through me. Euphoria left me dizzy. I stared down at the floor, my black hair swaying about my face.

He grunted with every blast. He bathed my asshole with his spunk. I reveled in the naughty feeling. "What an utter whore," he panted, pulling back his cock. He plopped out of my sphincter. His cum trickled out of my well-fucked asshole. I just panted, trembling, dazed by my pleasure. Behind me. President Carver dressed.

He left by the time I recovered enough to stand. More cum leaked out of me. Mom handed a pair of panties she produced from her purse. I guess she was ready to contain messes. I pulled them on, letting the cotton absorbed the jizz leaking out of me. Then I fetched my conservative blouse and skirt, drawing them on, too.

"Here is your share," Mom said, pulling out $40 from her pocket, handing me the two bills. "Mine?" I blinked in shock. "Whores get their cuts," she said. Then she cupped my flushed face and kissed me on the brow. "Enjoy the rest of your lunch break. After classes, I'm planning another lesson with you. Both your brothers will help." "Yes, Mom," I said. "And don't give away your pussy to any guys but your father or brothers," she added. "I'll find the men to fill that hot cunt of yours with the dicks you crave." I trembled.

"Yes, Mom." "Good, go. I have to get ready for my next lesson." I left her classroom behind. I blinked in shock, spotting my friend Kimmy waiting in the hallway.

The petite blonde was the closest an American girl got to being a modest Muslim. She didn't wear any sort of covering over her hair, exposing it to the world, but her clothing didn't flaunt her body.

She was innocent, a virgin, and so utterly cute with her braces on her teeth, making her seem younger than nineteen. "You had sex.with President Carver?" she asked, her cheeks crimson.

Her eyes flicked to the two bills in my hand. "He paid to enjoy me," I told her. Kimmy's jaw dropped. Her eyes widened.

"Your mother whored you out?" I nodded, and then a slutty tingle raced through my nerves. A sudden lust for my friend blossomed in my pussy. She had this innocence that just begged for defilement. I couldn't help myself. And why should I? I embraced my inner slut.

I should enjoy myself when I could. And she wasn't a guy. Kimmy gasped as I seized her hand, the crumpled bills pressed between our palms. I dragged her towards the nearest girls' restroom. She stumbled after me as I led her to the rearmost stall. I shouldered it open, the metal door banging into the wall. "Leyla!" Kimmy gasped as I hauled her in and slammed the door shut behind her.

"What are you—" I kissed her. Hard. She froze as I pressed her against the stall wall, my lips working on hers. She trembled like a deer, whimpering, frightened of the desires bursting inside of her. Desires that she needed to embrace. She could be a slut without any shame. Americans reveled in it. They celebrated it. She wouldn't disappoint her parents. Men would still even marry her used body, just accepting that their women were whores while younger.

My tongue pressed on her lips. I wiggled past, brushing the braces on her teeth. I caressed them, feeling the rough texture. They added something naughty to the kiss. My friend whimpered again. And then her lips moved. Worked against mine. Kissed me back. I knew she had a slut lurking in her. I cupped her ivory cheeks with dusky fingers, kissing her harder. My black hair brushed her blonde strands. My other hand slid down her body, brushing her side down to cup her hip. She groaned, her head tilting back, eyes squeezing shut.

Her braces rubbed on my lips as we kissed. My tongue pressed deeper into her mouth, brushing hers. They danced around each other as I taught her how to kiss.

Her lips grew more and more aggressive, her body swaying against mine. Making my pussy itch. My hand on her hip grasped her skirt. Then I drew it up. The fabric rustled. Her eyes snapped open when she realized what I was doing. I stared into her baby blues as we kissed.

I kept hiking up her dress until I felt her naked thigh beneath my fingers. Then my hand explored upward. Kimmy broke our kiss. "Leyla! What are you.?" Her eyes widened as I brushed the crotch of her panties. "No!" "Yes," I groaned, my fingers wiggling through the leg band to brush her silky bush.

I felt wet heat. Her excitement. Then I found her pussy lips, her slit virginal tight. "Please, please, I'm not into girls," she whimpered as I stroked up her slit.

"Then why are you so wet?" I asked, kissing my friend again. I thrust my tongue deep into her mouth as I parted her tight folds. I felt her inner petals, soaked in her excitement. I brushed her hymen stretched over her pussy's entrance, full of little holes. I caressed back up and found her clit. She spasmed.

I worked her little bud, making her whimper and groan against me. Her body trembled. Her juices flowed, slicking my fingers dancing on her clit. She sucked at my tongue. Her hands grabbed my waist, digging into my flesh through my blouse. My nipples ached as I rubbed my tits against hers, wishing we were both naked. I loved the heat of her on my fingers.

I loved how I made her coo and whimper. The way her body trembled as I massaged her clit. I pressed hard against it. She groaned so loudly into my kiss. Her hands tightened. Her fingers almost hurt digging into my side. I inspired such passion in her. I broke the kiss, staring into her eyes. "That's it. Just let yourself go. It's okay to be a slut. I love it." "I'm not, Leyla," she gasped, her body trembling.

"You don't get wicked desires?" I asked her. "You don't finger yourself thinking naughty thoughts?" "I.I." She shivered. "I do. But." "And don't tell me you hate my touch.

You love it. you're dripping wet. Just like me. Touch my pussy. Let's make each other cum." Her hands tightened again on my sides, her body trembling. She gripped me with such a desperate fear, afraid of what would happen if she let go. I grinned and kissed her sweet lips again, loving her, showing her it was okay to let her slut out. Her clit throbbed beneath my dancing fingers. I savored massaging her little bud, my own pussy growing wetter and wetter. My asshole clenched, forcing out more of President Carver's cum.

Her body tensed beneath me as I felt her excitement build and build. And then she came. I made my friend cum. Such dizzy delight washed through me. She groaned and whimpered against me. She gasped and shuddered. Her juices flooded out hot around my fingers. Her blue eyes fluttered as the rapture passed through her. Her hands moved, sliding around to cup my ass. She pulled me tight, utterly surrendering to her desire. Her body shuddering against mine made me so hot. My nipples and clit throbbed.

My pussy dripped juices. My sphincter tingled. I wanted her to eat me. I wanted to feel those rough braces sliding through my cunt. Her tongue licking cum out of my asshole. I wanted to utterly corrupt her. To show her how awesome being a slut was. All the orgasms she would get. All the men she would please. So many things to show her. "Leyla!" she gasped, her head snapping back, breaking our kiss. "Yes, yes, yes!" "See, it's amazing!" She whimpered again, her body convulsing a final time.

My pussy on fire, I stepped back. I brought my fingers to my lips. She stared at me through lidded eyes, watching as I licked her sweet pussy off my digits. I savored her musk, my tongue swirling around them like they were small dicks. My free hand hiked my skirt, revealing my panties. "Now it's your turn." Kimmy bolted. Before I could stop her, she burst out of the stall. I shuddered, crying out her name, but she was gone.

I caught just a glimpse of her blonde hair flying behind her as she fled the bathroom entirely. "Oh, no," I groaned, my stomach twisting.

I didn't mean to frighten the poor thing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mrs. Umayyah Clint's eyes were on me as I lectured about math. I felt him ogling my big breasts. Even in my conservative blouse, their size stretched out the material. He was such a handsome, young man. Sitting back-straight, tall, his shoulders broad.

He had a chiseled face and intense, dark eyes that hungered for me. I had seen him naked, his muscles rippling as he drove his big cock in and out of his women's mouths, pussies, and assholes. He used his sluts in every way possible. He had a harem, all related to him by blood. "So how is this equation useful?" I asked, pointing at the chalk board, my pussy growing so hot.

It wasn't just Clint staring at me. I felt the other young men I taught lusting for me. Evan and Vince and especially Pete. A depraved tremble went through me. How had I never noticed their attention before? The way their eyes followed me as I walked back and forth showing far more interest in my breasts than the girls in the classroom.

They lusted for me. Was I a MILF to them?

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A mother they'd like to fuck? A naughty tingle ran through me. Ever since President Carver rubbed his cock on my cunt, I'd been horny. Masturbating while watching him sodomize my daughter didn't help. The desire had built in me through my last two classes. And now to realize all the boys were ogling me.

I knew young men fantasized about fucking their hot teachers. I just never thought of myself as one of them. Now a slut like Vicky Samuels, Clint's aunt, I could see them lusting after. The way she dressed, her big tits on display in low-cut blouses, designed to make her young students pant after her like little puppies. I inspired that same lust.

"That's correct," I said, teaching on autopilot. I turned around, staring at the chalkboard. I picked up a piece to make a mark on the equation when I hesitated.

Then, quickly, I undid the top three buttons of my blouse, creating a delicious cleavage of my dusky flesh. Feeling so depraved, I modified the equation. I whirled around, my big breasts swaying in my blouse, Clint's eyes hungry on my cleavage. Pete's almost bulged out of his skull, his fists clenching. "Now do you see how we can use this equation?" All the boys drooled over me. How much would these young men pay, hypothetically, to have sex with their teacher? My pussy clenched.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Leyla Umayyah For once, I didn't have to wait around the college while my younger brother, Jalal, fucked around with his chess club. I drove him home as soon as school ended. He was so eager for our special training. I had no idea what it was. I was even more shocked to see that Mom and my older brother Faizel had beat us home from school.

"We are going to have so much fun with you," Jalal grinned, his hand rubbing at my panties as I drove. He shoved it between my thighs the moment he got in the car. "Oh, yeah?" I asked, my pussy dripping with excitement, my asshole a sticky mess with President Carver's drying cum. "What are you training me on?" He just grinned at me and ripped his hands from beneath my skirt. He pushed up his glasses on his slender, boyish face, then darted out of the car. I shivered, turning off the engine.

I followed him to the door, my body trembling. Faizel was already naked when I walked in, stroking his hard cock. Mom had the camcorder in hand, a big grin on her face. Jalal pulled off his shirt, revealing his body, skin darker than mine. He had a slender build, not the muscular strength of our older brother. Faizel inherited our father's manly form while Jalal was a more sensitive boy, smart and shy. And so horny. "It's time for you to learn to please two men, slut," Mother purred.

My pussy clenched. "Yes, mother." Faizel sprang from the couch. I gasped in shock as he seized my black hair. "Come here, you little slut," he growled, throwing me down to the floor. His dominance just made me so wet. He and Jalal stood over me, their dicks so hard. "Strip naked then get us ready to fuck your whore-holes." "Yes!" I panted, my body responding to his confidence, my pussy growing so hot and wet.

Mom let out an envious groan, the camera trained on me. I had a feeling she would offer videos of my whorish behavior to my clients, too. I trembled, my nipples so hard as I ripped off my blouse, not even bothering to unbutton it all the way. My youthful breasts sprang out. Jalal seize my right one, squeezing hard. "That's it, slut. You're going to make us both cum today." "Yum," I moaned as I worked off my skirt, difficult since I was on my knees.

But I managed to get the skirt and my stained panties off. I trembled, Jalal letting go of my tits. Their cocks bobbed before me, both so thick and hard. Faizel's edged out Jalal's in size by just a bit, but they both had inherited Dad's prowess. Precum beaded their tips. Acting on instincts, I seized both their dicks, stroking them, pulling their tips close to my slutty lips. I shuddered, fisting them as Mom filmed. My pussy clenched, juices trickling down my thighs, more cum leaking out of my asshole.

I sucked Faizel's dick into my mouth first. He was the eldest, after all. "Fuck, yes," he groaned, his muscular chest rippling as I sucked on his thick dick.

My tongue bathed the tip, loving the flavor of his precum. But I didn't ignore my little brother. My hand flew up and down his dick, making him groan.

He pushed up his glasses as his face twisted with pleasure. I shuddered, feeling like such a slut. I sucked harder on Faizel's dick, making him grunt in delight. Then I switched. My lips popped off my older brother's dick and swallowed my younger brother's cock. Jalal let out a gasp of delight. I sucked and slurped on his shaft, fisting my older brother's prick hard. I pumped my hand up and down his girth as I pleasured Jalal. "Such a sweet sister," Jalal groaned.

"Yes, she is," Faizel panted. I switched cocks again and he groaned, "Fuck, yes, little sis. Suck my dick. We're going to fuck that whore-body of yours so hard." "So hard," Jalal echoed. Their words made me so hot. I fisted their cocks, going back and forth between them, Sucking, slurping, pleasing.

My saliva dripped down my chin and ran down their shafts to my pumping hands. Their dicks throbbed in my hands to the rhythm of their passionate hearts, Jalal's beating faster. I savored the flavor of their precum staining my lips.

I trembled, my pussy growing so hot and juicy. More and more cream ran down my thighs. The itch swelled in me. I wanted to touch myself, but my hands were busy.

Mom filmed it all. "That's it," grunted Faizel, his chest rippling as he trembled. "Damn, baby sis, what a slut. We're going to drench your face in cum." "Drench your face," panted Jalal, his eyes wild behind his glasses. "Oh, yes! Just cover you! Such a slut." "I am!" I moaned as I switched dicks. I could feel their passion mounting. Their pleasure building. Such whorish desires surged through me. I stroked their cocks faster and faster, switching their dicks with such speed. I hardly sucked more than once, my head whipping back and forth, my hair dancing about my shoulders in sweeping arcs of silk.

Then, by some instinct burgeoning in my hot cunt, I pulled my lips from both. I aimed my brothers' dicks at my face. I stroked their dicks as fast as I could. I stared up at them, seeing the pleasure in their faces. The building passion. I knew their cum boiled in their balls. "Cum on my face, brothers!" I howled. "Drench me in your jizz! Let it splatter all over my skin." "Yes," Mom hissed, the camera aimed right at my face, ready to catch my dusky features painted in pearly, incestuous cum.

"Do it!" I snarled, so lost to my depraved lusts. "Drench me, brothers!" "You fucking whore!" grunted Faizel. His dick erupted first. Hot cum spurted from his cock, splashing the left side of my face. I shuddered, the hot cream rippling over my features. Then Jalal, letting out a grunt, copied his older brother.

His cock spurted incestuous jizz. I moaned, opening my mouth wide, thrusting out my tongue to catch my brother's salty cream.

They bathed my face. Ropy lines painted across my cheeks and forehead. Spunk ran down the bridge of my nose, soaked my eyebrows. More splattered my hair, matting down my curls. I felt each pulse shoot down their cocks before jizz splashed on my face. I loved it. I moaned with such lust. I savored the flavors of their mixing jizz. My tongue flashed out of my mouth, whipping around my lips to gather every drop of their spunk I could.

They both grunted as I fisted them. I squeezed out the last drops onto the tip of my tongue. "What a whore, baby sis." "Yes, a whore," echoed Jalal. "I am," I groaned, my mouth full of cum.

More ran down my body. "And I love it!" I released their cocks. They stayed hard as they watched me scoop cum off my face, bringing it to my greedy lips. I felt Mom watching me, her eyes smoldering. Did she hunger to lick the jizz off my face. Was she truly a slut like me, just pretending she wasn't. The way she ate my pussy. "Damn, baby sis," Faizel groaned as I dragged my fingers up my cheek, gathering more pearly jism on them.

I popped them in my mouth as he stroked his own dick. Their cum coated my face, my neck. Some even ran down to my breasts. "What do you say, brother? Do we fuck this whore hard?" "Yes," Jalal groaned. "Just like we talked about," Faizel grinned. "Take control of the slut.

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Show her who's in charge." "You are," I breathed, my fingers scooping up cum off my neck and popping the salty treat into my mouth. Jalal groaned. Then he fell to his knees and grabbed my hair.

I squeaked in pain, my pussy clenching hard, as he pulled me over him. He sank onto his back. I ended up straddling him, my pussy rubbing on my brother's hard dick. An incestuous thrill ran through me. "Fuck that cunt down my dick, sister," he growled, sounding so strong and authoritative.

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Even with his glasses on, his face transformed into such manly power. I loved it. Mom whimpered, still filming but with only one hand, the other digging her skirt into her crotch, fingering her hot pussy through her clothing. How would Dad react if Mom was a slut? "Fuck my cock, slut!" Jalal snarled, seizing my nipple and twisting hard.

The pain shocked me into motion. A wet, wanton moan rose from my throat as I seized his dick. I lifted up on my thighs, guiding him to my dripping pussy. Then, with a loud groan, I impaled myself down his incestuous shaft. My brother filled my pussy. He reached deeper in me than President Carver. I whimpered, grinding my clit into his pubic bone, his thick bush rubbing on my clit. My body contorted.

My asshole clenching, forcing out more cum from the depths of my bowels. "Look at that," Faizel grunted as I rose on our little brother's dick. "The whore's already been fucked in the ass today." "Yes, she's such a slut," Mom moaned, fingers digging so hard into her crotch. "Fuck her asshole." My eyes widened as Faizel knelt behind me. "Two cocks? At the same time?" "Just like a slut would enjoy," Faizel said.

"Right, Mom?" "Of course," she answered, her voice tight and breathless. I trembled, my pussy clenching hard on Jalal's cock as our older brother rubbed the tip of his dick against my asshole. He pressed against my sphincter, the president's cum lubing the way for him to slip in with ease.

His drove me down Jalal's dick. My eyes widened. Two cocks were in me. They filled me to the hilt. I whimpered, squirming on them. Both my holes stuffed with my brothers' shafts. Pleasure radiated out of me, two different but delicious flavors of euphoria. The silky, wet heat from my pussy and the rough, velvety fire from my asshole. And then Faizel fucked me.

"Oh, yes!" I howled, my head snapping back, my body pressing into Faizel's muscular chest. "That's. That's. Wow!" My hips moved by whorish instinct. I found a rhythm with my older brother's hard, forceful strokes. I moved on both their dicks. My pussy slid up and down Jalal's cock as Faizel sodomized me with his powerful thrusts.

His balls smacked my taint, slamming me down Jalal's shaft. My little brother groaned. His hands seized my tits, squeezing hard. His face twisted with pleasure as he enjoyed the delight of my pussy. My hips danced, stirring both their dicks through my holes as the euphoria surged through me. It reached my mind. "Oh, yes! Oh, that's so good. Fuck me, brothers!

Fuck my whorish holes!" "Yes, yes, yes," hissed Mom. "Plow the little slut. Fill her with your cum!" "We will, Mother," Jalal groaned, fingers finding my nipples, twisting. Pleasure shot from my nipples to my pussy and asshole. Two different fires drank in the sensations. My cunt and bowels clenched down on their shafts. Incestuous rapture raged inside of me. My orgasm swelled and swelled as my brothers' cocks reamed my body over and over.

Flesh slapped against flesh. My crotch into Jalal, my ass into Faizel. Every stroke of their dicks swelled my rapture. It grew and grew inside of me. It promised to engulf me. To bury me in a tsunami of incestuous ecstasy. "What a slut," grunted Faizel, pounding my asshole harder, increasing the wonderful friction. "A slut," Jalal groaned, twisting my nipples so hard. "I am!" I whimpered, my head swaying, my body growing drunk on pleasure. "I'm going to. Yes!" My pussy and asshole writhed about their dicks.

Rapture surged through me. Ecstasy hammered my mind. My body convulsed between them. I spasmed out of control as their dicks filled my holes over and over. They fucked me, Jalal thrusting upward as our brother thrust downward. Their dicks slammed into my cunt and bowels over and over. And that kept me cumming. Rapture raged through my body. I squealed and gasped, beyond words, beyond thoughts. There was only the press of our flesh. My brothers' dicks filling my cunt with their incestuous lusts.

Their thick, long cocks reaming to the depths of my twat and bowels. They filled me over and over. I loved it. I drank it in. I never wanted it to stop. "Fuck that little slut," hissed Mom, trembling, a stain spreading across her skirt as she rubbed her pussy through it. "Plow her! Cum in her!" "Yes, Mom!" Jalal groaned, his face twisting with pleasure.


"We'll dump so much jizz into our slut-sister!" Faizel grunted, ramming that cock into my spasming bowels, driving my convulsing pussy down Jalal's dick.

"Yes!" I whimpered, quivering, another orgasm surging through me. Stars danced before my vision. "Cum in me, brothers!" This time, Jalal came first. He grunted, thrusting upward as Faizel's stroke drove me downward. Our flesh slapped together. Then his cum spurted into my hungry cunt. I groaned, my little brother's spunk filling my twat.

A moment later, Faizel groaned. His hands squeezed my hips. His dick unloaded into my asshole, adding more spunk to my bowels' depths.


I quivered, both my brothers' jizz pumping into my holes. I whimpered in orgasmic rapture. And the camera captured it all. Immortalized my whorish pleasure. I found the lens, staring into it as my rapture burned through me. I grinned at it, so proud I pleasured both my brothers at the same time.

That I used both my holes at once to make them cum. I only wished Dad was here, his cock filling my mouth. All three of my holes used at the same time by the men in my life. The men I loved. "What a slut!" Mom hissed as my orgasm peaked through me. "I am!" I howled to the camera, my holes milking out the last of my brothers' jizz.

And then I collapsed into a gasping, panting, quivering mess. Faizel ripped his cock out of my asshole. Jalal pushed me off of him, his shaft plopping out of my cunt. I could only lie on the floor, my entire body buzzing, incestuous jizz running out of both my holes, making a mess on the living room carpet. I stared at the ceiling, slowly cumming down from my orgasmic high. My fingers idly played with my messy pussy, bringing cum to my lips, savoring it mixed with my tangy cream.

The same delight my mother feasted on earlier today. Was she a slut? She couldn't be. She couldn't do that to Dad. Yes, she helped me train. Yes, she helped out my brothers when I couldn't, but that didn't make her like me? She was just being a good mother. Helping out her children. But she licked out President Carver's cum out of my pussy. For money. I shook my head. No. She did that to help with the performance.

He offered to fuck her for money, and she refused. She pointed out she was married. She would never hurt my father by being a slut. He was such a wonderful man. She could never betray him that way. And I bet he would be so proud to learn that I made $200 whoring today. $160 for the family and $40 for myself. I wondered if he would give me a treat for applying my whorish predilection to help out the family.

That had to be why Mom whored me out. Why should she let me be a slut for free when guys would pay for my body? My cell phone rang. I groaned, spotting my discarded skirt. I crawled to it, more cum leaking out of my holes, and fumbled around. I manage to untangle my skirt and dig my cell phone out of my pocket before the call went to voice mail. Then I froze when I saw who it was, my finger hovering over the green circle, about to swipe it to answer the call. It was Kimmy. My stomach tensed. Was she calling to tell me she hated me for fingering her in the bathroom?

Had my whorish behavior ruined our friendship? I swiped the green circle, took a deep breath, and said, "Hey, Kimmy." To be continued.