Charming floozy Leigh erotically teases

Charming floozy Leigh erotically teases
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Note:Based on fiction only. This is a dark fantasy of mine. This story involves graphic rape and should not be viewed by anyone offended by such material. A large crowd of older boys stood around the room watching and laughing. They drank their beers and cheered him on. "You going to take that?" someone said. I heard another voice say, "Yeah man don't let that little bitch handle you like that. Show her who's boss Cody." and he laughed. "Well, hold her down for me so I can do this!" Cody commanded.

I screamed as I felt the boy sitting behind me on the bed grab my wrists and pin them down behind my head. "Scream all you want.I don't give a fuck!" he yelled into my face. His head surged forward and I felt his mouth begin moving up and down my neck. He sucked at my flesh while his tongue lashed out.

Warm saliva began cooling immediately on my skin and sent goosebumps running up my arms. I began to hyperventilate and then I began crying. I couldn't help it. I was in a room full of older boys I didn't know.

I had just met Cody outside while walking home from school. He was older and good looking and seemed very kind and soft spoken.He asked me if I wanted to hang out for a few minutes and I had agreed without thinking much about it.

When I had first entered the room upstairs, I saw a large group of guys drinking beer and watching television. The room was small and barely fit all of them in it. They were huddled close together around the television and they all turned when I walked in. Cody closed the door and then leaned on it. I became nervous as I was boxed in the room with all of them. They were all much taller then me and staring Some had bloodshot eyes hidden beneath half closed eye lids.

"Oh shit, look what Cody found." They began talking about me as if I weren't even in the room. "Daaaamn, she's fine little bitch." one guy said. The guy in a hat agreed with him. "Hell yeah man, look at those little tits sticking out of her shirt." He raised his hand and ran a finger over my breasts.

I covered myself with my hands at the comment in embarrassment. "Don't" was all I could manage to say. "Yo, Cody! You ever fuck jailbait? I bet she's tight as hell!" They continued to refer to me as, "Jailbait" and " little slut" as their conversation went on. I didn't move but instead looked down at my feet.

They stood around me in a circle as Cody blocked the door. "So Cody man, you gonna hit that or what?" someone asked. "What the hell you think I brought her here for, dumb ass?" he replied Everything had moved so fast after that. Cody was kissing me, holding me close to his body. His hand was behind my head holding firm as I tried to pull away. Someone from behind grabbed my ass with both hands and I felt someone else run a hand up my leg and squeeze at my thigh. Cody kissed me hard and jammed his tongue into my mouth as he walked me backwards.

I fell with Cody on top of me and bounced off the mattress. The boys around us cheered loudly as I hit the bed. "Oh shit! Cody is really about to fuck this bitch!" someone said with glee. The boy in a hat high fived another and took a drink off his beer. I shrieked as Cody well on top of me.

His body was much bigger than mine and I felt like a baby underneath his massive figure. I tried pleading with him but my cries were muffled as his mouth jammed into mine.

When I began pulling at his hair someone on the side of the bed grabbed my arms and pinned them down behind me. The boy named Cody stopped kissing me and sat up. "Let her up for a sec" he said The grip around my wrists was released.

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I sat up quickly and felt a flood of relief. He had stopped and they were going to let me go, I thought. I moved to get up off the bed but but Cody placed a hand on my knee.

"Take your shirt off. Hurry up!" he ordered. I clutched my arms around my shoulders and shook my head, NO!. He nodded at the boy that had been holding my arms down. The boy helping him lifted me up easily by my wrists and held my arms high in the air. Cody began tugging my shirt upwards off my body "Please! Stop it!" I cried to him. This seemed to amuse some of the guys behind us and they laughed loudly at my humiliation. My shirt was ripped over my head and tossed to the crowd.


They began tossing it around and waving it above their head as if it were a trophy. "Wooooh!" some boy said while spinning it around in the air.


The guy next to him grabbed it and they began tugging at it and laughing wildly. I looked back at Cody as I felt my bra being yanked up off my body. My tits spilled out into the sight of everyone except those standing behind someone else.

Those in the back pushed their way in through the circle for a better view.My hands were released and I covered at my breasts as I began crying. Cody pushed me down onto my back.

I bounced on the mattress and turned away from him. The guy next to me pinned my wrists down for him a second time The boy in the hat moved to the other side of the bed and ran his hands over my chest. "Oh my God!" Bitch is so hot! Look at her fucking tits" he laughed out to himself as he molested me.

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Cody grabbed my skirt and yanked it down. They slid off quickly and easily. Cody's rough hand started at my ankle and ran up my leg to my thigh. His hand lingered at the edge of my panties. "Whatcha got under here slut?" he asked as he looked own into my eyes. My eyes stared back, wide open and blurred tears.I pinched my lips together as I tried not to whimper.

I didn't want to give any of them the satisfaction of hearing or seeing me humiliated. I had pride and I was doing my best to hold onto it. "Look at her, she's scared. She has probably never been fucked before. YO! Cody you're going to be this bitches first!" Someone patted him on the shoulder in congratulations. His face had been calm and then changed into an intense look in the blink of an eye.

He growled as he yanked upwards with his hand. The force lifted me off my ass until my panties came off in a loud rip. "Oh Shit!" someone said happily. "Cody's about to rape this little bitch!" The room whooped and cheered him on. "YEEAAH CODY! GIVE IT TO HER!" someone shouted.

Cody removed his pants quickly and with an angry look. His fierce gaze stared at me as he undressed himself as quickly as he could. I clutched my knees together and begged him over and over to stop. I whimpered as his underwear came down his thighs. My eyes opened wide in horror when I saw his cock spring forward. It was the first time I had seen one in this manner.

I stared in shock. It seemed to be fairly large. The head looked like a large mushroom and the shaft was curved and pointing toward the ceiling. Thick veins swelled underneath the skin and dark hair surrounded the end of his cock.

His dick bounced as he moved onto the bed.I closed my eyes tightly in fear as he moved towards me. He shoved open my knees with strong hands and forced himself between my legs. I screamed loudly in a high pitched voice The only effect it had was laughter from the crowd around us. Cody spoke as he worked himself on top of me. "Yeah bitchyou ready?." He grabbed my right nipple and squeezed his fingers hard over it making me shriek in pain.

"Slut, gonna fuck you deep" he groaned out. He breathed heavily like a dog in heat and his his chest heaved up and down. He spit on his hand and reached down to rub it over his dick. More cheers from the crowd. I closed my eyes when I felt his mushroomed shape head brush up against my vagina. When he found the opening he pushed in slowly. "Ahhhh" I cried out. He grunted as he repositioned himself. "Come on dude, what are you waitiing for?" the boy behind me asked. "She's fucking tight dude.

I cant get it in, hold on" I looked up at his face to see him bite his lip. My eyes closed as I felt the head begin to stretch my entrance open.

He had spit on his dick but I was still not lubricated down there. It felt as if I was on fire between my legs. His mushroomed cock pushed in slightly deeper as my walls tore and stretched around it. I gritted my teeth. His shaft slid in behind the head and I felt it push up against my hymen.

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"No, No. Don't!" I said through my sobs. I felt his cock slide back out of me and then he shoved his pelvis forward with an "Mmphhh!". A sharp pain shot through my body and without being able to help it I gripped my thighs around his waist and cried out in pain. His hair moved back and forth over his face as his body began rocking back and forth on top of me. I lay there in shock as he began raping me. My eyes were open wide as I stared at the ceiling. The boy in the hat hovered over me with his cell phone.

He pointed it at me and moved it slowly over the bed as if he were directing a film. "What the fuck Jeff! Don't record this shit, what if someone finds that?" someone asked him. The boy in the hat replied, "Don't worry. If she tells anyone then we put this little sluts video on the internet. She'll be a star!" he laughed.

He pointed the phone close to my face and filmed my tear streaked face. "Smile for the camera honey." I turned to hide my face and began crying even harder. I opened my mouth wide and yelped out in pain as the boy on top of me grunted and slammed into me. His thrusts picked up speed and the frame behind me began banging off the wall. I was wet down there now and his shaft slid into me with less pain now.

A warm sensation built up inside my pussy as he fucked me relentlessly. My walls were stretched and felt as if they were about to tear open. He gripped his hand around my throat as he began moaning to himself.

His thrusts came quicker and faster and I knew he was a the point of ejaculation. His groans of pleasure sent more cheers throughout the room. I felt his dick swell and then release its load into me.

His shaft throbbed wildly as he began shooting his cum deep inside me. He opened his eyes to look down on me as he orgasmed inside of me. A satisfied look crept over his face and his thrusts slowed.

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He lay there for a moment on top of me to catch his breathe and then he pulled his dick out of me. It was finally over. He wiped his dripping cock on the sheets and began to dress himself. The guys congratulated him on a job well done. Jeff shoved the camera in my face as I lay there balling my eyes out. He moved the camera down along my naked body and recorded the scene.

"Damn, you fucked her good. She's bleeding on the sheets bro." he informed the room. 'Come on, who's next?" Through my sobs, I begged them not to rape me again. My voice was shaky as I pleaded to them. "Please no more. I can't! Just let me go, I wont say anything. I just want to go home." To my relief a blonde boy in the back spoke for me. "Give her a break guys. She's bleeding. She's had enough." I looked hopefully at them.

I just wanted this to be over. Still pointing the phone at me, Jeff said. "Yeah man give her pussy a rest. Yo Jay. Teach this bitch how to suck a dick and then we'll let her go." I looked at the blonde kid who had spoken up for me, hoping he would say something. He kept silent and said nothing. Cody finished dressing and said, "Come on man, what are you waiting for?" The boy shrugged and moved toward the side of the bed to switch places with the one that had held me down.

All the fight and crying had gone out of me. I was in a dream like state now and felt numb. I rose up off my back as he motioned me closer to him. At least he wasn't going to rape me.

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