Gay sex party movie So in this recent movie we recieved from

Gay sex party movie So in this recent movie we recieved from
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After about 30 minutes and three more beers, Kristen and Jenny came back down the stairs. They were both smiling and holding hands as they walked out onto the porch. Rob and I both looked up at them. They were still naked. "Did we have fun ladies?" I asked them. They smiled at me, picked up their clothes and started to put them back on. As Jenny bent over to pick up her bikini, she faced away from me, crossed her ankles and bent completely over at the waist, just as she did in her dorm the night before.

I reached out and gently grabbed her ass.


He poked her head around her legs to look at me and shook her head. She stood up, put her head through the straps and sat on the edge of the chair. "Can you tie this up for me Brian?" she asked.

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"Yeah, sure." I put my beer down and tied her top for her. I reached around and 'made sure it was adjusted properly' for her. Jenny reached up and grabbed my hands on her tits, squeezed them, and then removed my hands from her chest. She stood up, walked inside and brought out more beers. She handed one to Rob, one to me, set one by my chair, "That's for me," and walked over to Kristen and placed her beer in the cleavage of her tits.

"Shit that's cold!" Kristen yelled, pulling the can away from her tits quickly. "I know, I just wanted to see the look on your face if I did that," Jenny responded. She walked back over to my chair. "Move over buddy," she told me. I moved so there was enough room for her to sit down. We sat there talking about what we were going to do the rest of the day. It was almost lunch time so I suggested I could fire up the BBQ and grill some burgers.

I stood up, went in and got a couple of matches, and lit the grill. I got lunch ready; we ate and got ready to go fishing. I went into the closet, grabbed the fishing stuff and we were on our way to the lake.

It was only about a five minute walk. When we got to the lake I set the fishing rods down next to the tackle box. Jenny bent down and picked up the fly rod. "Oooh, I like this one." "I'll bet you do. Why is it that you always pick out the longest one?" Kristen asked her. "Oh shut up." She laughed at Kristen.

"Actually, I don't really wanna fish, I just wanted to go to the lake and walk around a little. Fishing is boring." "Yeah, but it's relaxing. That's what we came here to do is relax, right?" I said.

"Sure. The sole reason we came up here was to relax. I'm calling shenanigans on that one." "Jenny, can you come here?" I asked her as I walked away from Rob and Kristen. She followed me, "What's up?" "Are you OK? I mean, after earlier you seem kinda different. What's wrong?" "I'm fine I guess. I mean, that was hot earlier, but it was kinda weird.

I was looking at you fucking Kristen and it looked like you were enjoying her more than I was enjoying Rob. I liked it but it seemed that you liked it more than me." "Baby, to be honest, yeah, it was good, but I was thinking that I was doing you the whole time we were doing it.

I looked over at you and you seemed to be enjoying it so I didn't know you weren't. I'm sorry you didn't like it." "Don't be sorry.


It was me and Kristen's idea. You have nothing to be sorry about. I'm the one who is sorry. Looking back, now, it was a bad idea.

It seemed good when we talked about it, but I regret it now." I hugged her, "So that's why you've been acting differently? Why couldn't you just tell me?" "I didn't want to make you mad, I'm sorry." She out her arms around me and buried her face in my shoulder.

"You know when Kristen and I went upstairs? We didn't do anything, seriously. We just talked about how weird that was.

We tried to lead you guys on that we were going to go play around, but we just sat there and talked.

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I think we need to go tell Rob, he's the only one that doesn't know Kristen and I feel this way." "OK, come here." I grabbed her hand and walked back over to Rob and Kristen. "Yo Rob, question for ya. Are you OK with what we did earlier? The whole switching thing?

Jenny and I were just talking about it, and we feel that it was weird." "I don't know. It was fun, I guess, but I couldn't help but feel guilty that I was doing Jenny in front of you. I also got jealous of you and Kristen because it looked like you two were enjoying it so much." "Rob, I didn't know that," Kristen spoke up. "When I saw you, it looked like you liked it. And Brian, I thought you liked it as well. Honestly, I feel kinda weird about it too.

Jenny and I talked about that upstairs. We decided that it was a bad idea and that we weren't going to do that again." By the look on his face, Rob was confused. I looked at Kristen, saying "Yeah, Jenny told me you two talked about it.

To be honest with you Kristen, I was imagining that I was fucking Jenny when we were doing it. Sorry." "No need to apologize Brian. Like Jenny told you, it was our idea and it sounded good at the time, but we both started to regret it as it actually happened. I just think it was a mistake and we move on. I don't have a problem fucking in front of you guys, obviously (referring to the night at the lake), and I don't mind you doing it in front of me either.

I think it's hot. But I don't think we should do the switcheroo thing again." Kristen grabbed Rob's hand and pulled him close to her. "I don't really want to share my boyfriend with anyone else, even my best friend." "Wow, this boyfriend thing is spreading like wildfire up here.

I'm not complaining, but what made you two decide that?" He asked looking at Kristen and Jenny. "I don't know. Just the feelings we got yesterday before class. We talked after class and we both felt a sort of connection to you guys, I think." Kristen said, as she reached up and hugged Rob. "OK, I like that," Rob said as he smiled. "I wasn't sure about the trading thing anyway. I am more than happy just having you Kristen. You are more than enough for me." He looked at her and they kissed.

"Awwww," Jenny sighed and squeezed my hand tighter. She looked up at me and closed her eyes. I bent my head down and kissed her. She broke the kiss and said, "I thought we were going to fish?" "Yeah, I'm not really feeing the fishing thing right now.

Besides, the fish don't usually bite in the afternoon. Really, all I wasn't to do right now is go back to the cabin and relax on the porch." Rob said, "Good enough for me." He bent down and picked up the fishing rods and started to walk back up the hill to the cabin. He looked over his shoulder, "Are you guys coming or not?" I grabbed the tackle box and started to walk hand-in-hand with Jenny behind Kristen.

"She does have acute ass though. You gotta admit that." I whispered to Jenny. She punched my shoulder, saying "Mine's better and you know it." "That's true." I let go of her hand and put it in the back pocket of her shorts and squeezed he ass as we walked up the hill.

Jenny looked at me and just smiled. When we got back to the porch, the girls sat down on the lounge chairs as Rob and I went inside to put the fishing stuff away. "Hey Bri, can you get me a beer?" Jenny yelled. "Yeah, me too, but have Rob bring mine so it not awkward," Kristen said laughing, trying to lighten up the mood.

We walked back out each holding two beers and a lounge chair. I set my chair up right next to Jenny's and sat down, opened my beer, took a drink and sighed. I looked over at Jenny, smiled, rolled my head back and closed my eyes. Jenny, leaned over to my ear and whispered, "Hey, do you wanna go lay down and rest. I'm tired and I could use a nap." "Yeah, that sounds good." We stood up.

"We're going to go lay down guys," I told Kristen and Rob as we walked inside. I followed Jenny upstairs. She kicked her shoes off, and lay on the bed. I kicked my shoes off and started to crawl on the bed with her. "Wait, it's kinda hot up here, can you open the windows please?" she asked me. "Yeah, no problem." I stood back up, walked to the windows, opened them and turned to walk back to the bed. Jenny had taken her bikini top off in the time it took me to walk to the window and back.

I looked at her as she said, "I told you I can't sleep in clothes when it's hot out." She smiled, unbuttoned her shorts and just laid there. She looked up at me as I got to the edge of the bed, then back at her shorts and back at me. "Can you help me?" she asked. "How could I resist?" I looked at her.

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Her tan body, lying there, was asking me to get her naked. I grabbed the waistband of her shorts, and slid them down her legs and off. Then I unbuckled my belt and slid my shorts off too. I climbed onto the bed, and tried to crawl over Jenny to get to the other side and lay down.

As I straddled her, she grabbed my hips and said, "I'm not really tired. I just wanted some time to be alone with you." She brought her head up and kissed me.

I opened my mouth to meet hers and lowered myself on top of her. She started to run her fingers up and down my back, giving me the chills. I grabbed her hip and rolled over so she was on top of me. I felt my cock against her damp pussy.

Once they touched I could feel the blood rush into it. She kissed me passionately. She lowered her pelvis against my semi-erect penis and started to slowly grind against it.

I ran my hands through her hair, holding it out of my face, exposing her neck. I moved me head over and kissed the base of her neck. Jenny started to softly moan as I did this and she rubbed her clit on my dick a little harder. "Maybe this time the slow thing won't get interrupted by a damn phone call." "I know it won't, no service up here," I replied as I returned my mouth to hers.

I could feel that my cock was almost full hard now.


It was standing up and Jenny was rubbing her wet pussy lips along the full length of it. I felt her juices on the top of my shaft. I started to dig my fingers into her back. Then I heard Kristen start to giggle down stairs. "Hmmpff." Jenny said, acknowledging them, but then turning her attention back to me. She slid down a little and started to kiss my chest, also making my hard-on push against her wet slit more. I moved one hand down and grabbed her ass and started to massage it.

Jenny got up on her knees, grabbed my cock and brought it up in front of her pussy. I reached up and grabbed her perfect, tanned tits and rubbed them. She started grinding on my cock, putting her hands on her head, pulling her hair up.

"That is so hot. You could stay like that all day," I told her. Her pussy was plenty we by now, I could feel her juices on the under-side of my cock. She slid up to the tip of my dick, lowered he body and slid my cock into her wet pussy.

"Oh yeah, baby. That feels great!" I told her as she sat back up and started to grind on my cock. I reached around to pull her back down on top of me. Her chest against mine felt so nice. I lightly dug my fingers into her back, scratching her. She opened her mouth and rolled her tongue around mine. She was slowly and passionately grinding back and forth on my hard cock.

Each time she brought her hips forward, I could feel her cervix press against the tip of my dick and her clit would rub against me. Jenny put her hands on my chest, broke our kiss and sat up. She brought her right leg up and over my chest, spinning but not letting my cock come out of her. She rolled to her right hip, pulling me over with her and she lay down on her side.

I kept my cock in her as we fucked in the spooning position.

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I reached around with left hand, found her clit and started to rub it as I slowly pumped my cock in and out of her. Jenny reached down, grabbed my hand and brought it up to her chest, placing it on her breast. She squeezed my hand around her tit and let out a few more soft moans. "Keep it here," she told me. We spoon fucked for a few more minutes. Jenny picked her head up off the bed and pushed herself so we rolled over and I was lying on my back.

Jenny sat up and started to grind on me again.

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I grabbed her hips and moved my hands with her back and forth motion. Jenny arched her back and let her head fall back.

She started to moan from the pleasure. She leaned forward, away from me, put her hands on my legs and started to move up and down on my shaft. I watched as I could see my dick get shiny from her pussy juices.

She pumped up and down on me a few more times and pushed herself off of me. "Stand up, over here," she said, pointing to the edge of the bed. I rolled over and stood up facing the bed as Jenny lay on her back across the bed on the edge. She spread her legs out, grabbed my hands and pulled me closer to her. She grasped my dick and guided me to the entrance of her wet slit. I pushed into her again.

I reached to either side of me, grabbed her ankles and brought them up to my shoulders. I was gliding my dick in and out of her ever so smoothly. Her pussy was so wet I could see the glisten of her juices around her lips. She bent her knees and pulled them to her chest, putting her feet on either side of her. This motion pulled me down so I was bent over her. It also gave me the perfect angle to push my hard-on in all the way, farther than I have before.

I slowly pushed into her, when I thought I was all the way in, Jenny brought her feet around to my ass and pulled me even farther into her. She started to moan more now as I pumped in and out of her. You could feel the passion between us. I felt the blood and juices rushing into my balls. Jenny felt me twitch my cock inside of her because she smiled and clamped her pussy down on my cock. She kept that pressure on me until we finished.

With her pussy gripping my cock, I bent down and kissed her softly. She started to get louder with her moans. "Oh yeah baby. Right there, stay there, it feels so good.

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I love feeling you all the way into me," she moaned between breaths. She started breathing heavier, as did I. The pressure kept building in my balls. "I can't hold in any longer Jen, I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna…" I pushed hard deep into her. We both felt the explosion of my cum shoot deep in her pussy. I pushed more, trying to get deeper into her.

"It feels so good. Oh my God Brian! Oh my!" She yelled as she dug her fingertips into my back. I felt them break the skin, but I didn't care. "I don't think it goes any deeper babe," she said smiling. She looked up at me, and started to raise her head to kiss me. I knew she couldn't, so I lowered my head to hers.

In doing so, I pushed her legs against her chest, spreading them more. I felt my cock go even deeper into her. "Wow, I guess it does go deeper.

Oh my God Brian.

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That was amazing." Jenny rolled over, pulling my cock out of her dripping slit and giving me room to lie next to her on the bed. I climbed back on the bed, snuggled in behind her in the spoon position.

My cock was still fairly firm as I pressed it in between her ass checks, pointing it down toward the bottom near her pussy. I wrapped my arms around her, kissed her shoulder, and fell asleep.