Balls in her mouth and bushy copulate

Balls in her mouth and bushy copulate
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"Yeah, you might not believe it, but your aunt is quite the hot assed slut once her shaved pussy gets heated up," I told Jeff, my wifes 24 year old nephew. " All that prim and proper bullshit goes right out the window when she goes into heat, which doesn't take much I might add." "Well, I wasn't going to say anything about it.her.but now that you mention it I could sort of tell she might be kind of wild the sack.

She sure does talk a lot of trash when she's high." "Joy likes to brag a lot to. I'm sure you've noticed," I replied. "Especially when it comes to her bedroom antics." Jeff tried to play dumb by replying, "Brab? About what?" I turned from my driving duties as we rocketed down the interstate long enough to give him a smirk and knowing look and replied, "Don't tell me you haven't heard her bragging about how she shaves her pussy and loves to work herself off with her vibrators and toys.

Shit! She has probably bragged about it right in your face since she knows how bad you want to fuck her!

She is really such a tease!" Jeff stammered, "No, no way, man! I never heard her say anything like that! She's my aunt! I.we. she.naw, man!" "I see the way you look at her when you're over at our house. Fuck it, I don't blame you for lusting over her!

She has got the biggest titties I have ever seen! How about you? Don't try to bullshit me! I know! Jeff seemed to warm up to the conversation and loosened up a bit. "Well, shit, yeah! What can I say? She has got one hell of a rack!


I remember when I was really young and constantly wanting her to nurse me! But, you know, like, that never happened." "Let me tell you this, my young friend, " I responded with a serious tone of voice.

"You would never find a woman that lets loose like your aunt Joy in the bedroom. I taught her how to masturbate and bought her thousands of dollars worth of "fuck me" outfits and she loves to put on a show all dressed up while getting herself off with her toys.

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She spent the entire twelve hour drive home from our honeymoon working her clit with a vibrator and those 40dd titties of hers hanging out for all to see wearing nothing but a tank top and nail polish! I figure at least one hundred people got a good look at her laid back, legs spread, hammering that big clit of hers and probably about a dozen or so of them got to see her cum!

She knew they were watching and she loved it!" "No way, dude!

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Not her! She's always been so fucking uptight!" "That was before she met with me. You know how I am. I won't put up with no prude. I've made her change her outlook.and her behavior." "How's that?" "Just like I said, she loves to masturbate and get off and loves showing those big titties off in all the outfits she has now.

Your auntie took to that like a duck to water. I gotta admit she looks really fuckin' hot in a tight corset with those tits hanging out of the top and her ass pumping up to ride her vibrator!

Matter of fact, we have a little game we play sometimes where I sit outside on the deck looking in the bedroom window while she puts on a show for me, just like she was alone and too horny to remember to pull the shades.

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It is really quite a sight." "You're full of shit, man! You're just yankin' my chain!

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No way aunt Joy is up to that shit!" "Oh, really? Tell you what, this is Thursday, come Saturday night about thirty minutes after sundown, you park at the end of our driveway and slip around to the back deck. I'll be waiting with a bottle and you can see for yourself.

I always tease her about bringing someone along to see the show but haven't yet. You'll be the first. She knows I am just apt to do it some night but she never knows when. She would never suspect I would bring you. But, like I said, I see the way you look at her and I know from things she has said that your attention turns her on. So, are you game? You want to see auntie Joy all gussied up in her "fuck me" outfit and working her shaved pussy into a frothy frenzy?" Without hesitation and in a most serious tone Jeff responded with a loud,"Yes!" The weekend rolled around and it was Joy's pleasure to be asked to perform one of her intense masturbation shows for me.

Gladly agreeing to show off for her appreciative of one (or so she thought) she began making preparations around 6:00 p.m. Eventually, after a couple of hours of primping and preening and pussy pampering she told me to go outside and give her about 15 minutes.

I stepped out onto our large back deck overlooking our pool and was not surprised to see her nephew, Jeff, standing at the bottom of the stairs waiting for his introduction into auntie Joy's theatre. Motioning for him to be quiet, I pointed toward the chair I had set up for him earlier that day, right beside mine. He scurried up the steps and sat down. I could detect a bulge growning at his crotch already and assumed he had been jerking his tool all day in anticipation of this moment. I sat down beside him, my own excitement beginning to show and grow in my jeans, and once again motioned him to remain silent and watch the bedroom window.

Always punctual when it came time to show off her "wares", Joy opened the drapes at exactly 9:00 p.m.


Jeff and I were sitting far enough back from the window we were lost in shadow. Joy had no idea she had an extra admirer in the audience that night.

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Much less it be her nephew. I used my hands to motion Jeff to remain cool, calm, and collected and we both turned to watch my wife, his aunt, put on her performance. After opening the drapes and making sure they would stay apart to give a full view of the bed, Joy slowly strutted over to the Bose Wave stereo we kept in our bedroom and put on a CD of slow, sensual jazz.

The sound of the enticing saxophone could be heard where we sat so I knew if we kept our voices low we could have minimal conversation. The sight before Jeff and me promised hot things to come.

Auntie Joy was wearing, by sheer luck of the draw, what I considered her hottest outfit. Red with black trim full corset that squeezed her waist tightly, making her hips flare outward enticingly and the 1/2 cups up top barely able to contain the mass of her huge titties as they quivered and shook in their confinement with every move she made, tan stockings pulled up tight into her crotch and held there by snaps of four garter straps on each leg, red thong that barely could hold her swollen, puffy, completely hairless pussy lips and split the cheeks of her hot ass, 6", open toed, stiletto high heels with ankle straps, red, fingerless, elbo length opera gloves, and make up applied heavily with blood red nail polish on finger and toe nails.

Auntie Joy wore a sheer camisole over all this so as not to give away all her secrets at once and it swirled around her as she moved to get upon the bed. "Look at the night stand," I whispered to my coconspirator, her nephew Jeff. He did so and saw the fuck toys Joy had selected for the night's use. These consisted of her favorite soft tipped electric vibrator, the 18" black rubber double headed dildo she insisted upon purchasing just a month before, a 5" jelly butt plug, and a tube of lube to help her fuck all of it up in her tight pussy and ass.

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"Damn," Jeff whispered when he laid eyes on the arsenal. "Indeed, my friend. Just watch!" Joy slowly made her way from window, to stereo, to bed, where she lay down and spread her nylon encased legs far apart. Immediately her fingers went to her pussy and began their dance across her swollen, unhooded clitorus. Auntie Joy wasn't shy (especially since she thought I was the only one watching) and spread her legs wide to give a full view of her shaved pussy and its' already swollen lips.

Being a heavy juicer, her milky flow of cunt juices already brimmed and poured forth from her vulva. I heard Jeff whisper in appreciation, "Holy, shit! I.I would have never believed it.of her! Damn! That's hot!" I felt my cock spasm in my jeans when he said that and a trickle of precum oozed from the head. I always enjoyed someone appreciating the sex appeal of my woman and now I was going to share with her nephew exactly how hot his aunt Joy really was.

The thought of what was to come thrilled me to no end! Not content with just her fingers manipulating her slit, Joy soon turned to retrieve her soft tipped electric vibrator and began slipping it up and down her smooth, hairless slit. Her free hand found its' way to the 1/2 cups of her black corset and slowly pulled both huge titties from their confines.