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Viviane Araujo 1 tan Linien
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Chapter 1 Colin "Col, get in here! We need to chat." Uncle Ron yelled from the family room. "Coming, fat man!" I yelled back. My friends got a kick out of the fact that I called my uncle out of his name like that.

But it was normal back in England, where my family was from. I was reluctant to get up because my girlfriend Lindsay was in the middle of giving me a downstairs-outsidey, or rubbing my cock through my pants, while we were under my blanket. I had invited her, my best mate Henry, and his girlfriend over for a movie.

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I'll give you the run down real fast: I'm seventeen; I'd like to think I'm attractive. I'm the captain of the football team, so I know I'm in top physical condition. My family is known for our signature brown hair and blue eyes; the contrast drives girls crazy. I go to the best damn high school in California with my best friend Henry, my girlfriend Lindsay, and my little sissy Katie.

Now I'm not a gay man, but I have to admit my pal Henry is quite the lady killer in his own right. He's my wide receiver on the team: six feet four inches of pure chocolate muscle, as he likes to say. And my beautiful Lindsay is a year younger than me, and on the fast track to being captain of the cheer team next year after Henry & I have graduated. She's the American dream: blonde hair, blue eyes, 32 C tits (I checked her bra one day) and an ass you could bounce a quarter off of.

I love her, despite the fact that she thinks it's funny to call me Prince William. But back to the present, I walked to the family room to meet my fat uncle, Ron. He seriously got the short end of the stick compared to my dad, his twin brother. Ron was maybe five foot ten, and his double chin had a chin.

He would have the brown hair/ blue eyes combo and the whole 'British accent in America' thing going for him if he wasn't so damn fat. He takes my sister and me in whenever dad goes on tour. Dad's a famous rock star; if you have MTV, you've seen him.

Trust me. "Colin, why the hell you continue to give me gray hair is beyond me." Uncle Ron yelled as he handed me a paper. It basically stated that my sister Katie was to attend detention for the next month for stealing half the girls' soccer team's clothes during practice, forcing them to walk around the gym naked until they found them.

Jesus, Katie! "This is Katie's paper; why the hell did you call me in?" I asked. "We've been over this; you're her big brother.


She just turned fourteen last month, and it's your job to take care of her." Uncle Ron stated as I stared at him. "No…It's your job to take care of her, seeing as though you're her, um, guardian???

But uh.Katie's really been acting out as of late. What do you suppose the problem is?" I asked my uncle. "She's been acting out as of late? It's been this way for the past year, Colin! And I'd appreciate it if you took your head out of your arse and helped me out with the child! You just ignore her all day!" he replied as I thought about it.

It wasn't for any old reason why I do what I do… "She's a freshman in my school, fat man. It's normal to ignore the newbies. Pretty soon I'll be gone, and she'll be the one doing the ignoring.

This is how American schools do things." I said back. "I don't care how American schools do things! You. Don't. Ignore. Your. Sister. That's how we do things! Now bugger off!" my dear uncle said, poking me in the chest every with every staccato word spoken. I muttered something in the form of "Mhm, yeashure." And ran back to Lindsay…And my downstairs-outsidey.

Kate My name is Kate, not Katie! I get so tired of being treated like a child!

It's always the same thing with Uncle Ron, Colin, and daddy. 'Katie, be careful!' 'Katie, you're still young; you have plenty of time to be an adult.' Screw that; I'm very mature for my age. After all, I'm a freshman in high school now!


I even changed my appearance to fit the "hipster" style of dress. I dyed my hair red, I wear those big faced black glasses & fedoras, my nose is pierced, and most of the shirts I own are off the shoulder cut offs that leave little to the imagination.

Plus my tits are like double the size they were last year. I'd tell my cup size, but I don't wear a bra. Uncle Ron refuses to take me, and Colin forgot he had a sibling. I just know they're more than a hand full for a grown man. I've been in love with my big brother for as long as I can remember. He's been mom to me since mommy passed away ten years ago, and dad whenever daddy leaves, which is most of the time.

It's just after that thing happened, he started to ignore me. And it only got worse when I started going to the same school. It hurts because we were so close as kids.

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Popularity killed our relationship I think. I walked past Colin's room and saw both couples were under separate covers loosely watching a movie, talking, and making out.

I hated Lindsay for what he got to do with my brother. I was about to walk past when I heard what they were talking about. "Dude, we totally need to do that shit tomorrow!

Get wasted and go on a hayride!" Colin's friend Henry suggested. I gotta admit, he was a sexy black man. I'm not usually attracted to guys like that, but he looked like he was sculpted by Greek gods. The girl lying with him spoke up. "I gotta work all day tomorrow, so I'm out." Colin looked up long enough from attempting to inhale Lindsay's face to agree to go. Then he went back to attempting the impossible. I barged in. "I wanna go! I've never been on a hayride!" I said excitedly.

"Colin sighed hard and looked over to me.

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"Definitely not, Katie. Dad would kill me if he knew you were drinking." He stated as Lindsay snickered. "I am not a child, Colin! I can handle myself!" I stated as I folded my arms together.

My shirt fell down to right over my bust line, and Henry looked hard, as if he was debating if my shirt was loose enough to fall enough for a wardrobe malfunction. "No, sissy! Now get the hell out of here!" Colin yelled as I pouted and left the room. I was determined to go with them, so I set in motion a plan to get what I wanted, for once and for all. I put my long hair into pigtails, changed into my silk green pajama shorts that came right under my ass and a tight white tee that was almost as soft as my creamy skin, grabbed my favorite white teddy bear, and walked into the family room where the fat man was in a robe watching the tele.

He saw me walk in, and immediately his eyes shot to my tits. I knew I had him. "Uncle Ron…Wha cha watchin?" I asked in my innocent voice. "When animals attack, I believe. What is it you want, small lady?" he asked as I smiled.

I hate that fucking name. "Can I watch it with you?" I asked as he motioned for me to sit on the couch next to the recliner he was sitting in.

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Instead of the couch, I opted to sit on his lap. His small cock instantly sprang up to poke me in the ass. I pretended to ignore it as the program rambled on about lions.

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"So, the lioness actually does the hunting while the males sit back and relax?" I asked as I adjusted my position, ending up with my ass cheeks on either side of his cock. He groaned slightly before he replied. "Y-yeah, they do honey bunny." He managed to reply.

I was starting to like this game; and my poor fat uncle had no idea what was going on. Every few seconds I'd move up and down on his lap as I spoke. "So they get all hot and bothered…going out of their way to find food for their king…while he gets to sit…and watch his girl squirm…Hoping she could please him?" I asked suggestively as I continued to rock in his lap.

"Yeah, I g-guess that h-happens, honey bunny…" uncle Ron stammered as I started rocking harder. I was getting turned on, so I didn't care about trying to hide it anymore. "Fat man, Colin's going on a hayride tomorrow with his friends…I'd really like to…come…Wouldn't you want to…Come…If you were me?" I asked as I started grinding in his lap. "I'll t-tell him you're tagging along, honey bunny…" he replied instantly as I chuckled.

"Are you sure, uncle? Because I could just stop…bothering you. "I said as I stopped moving, and started to lift off of him. "No, no! Don't stop!" he grunted as he grabbed me by the hips and started to dry hump me.


"I knew you'd see it my way! And as a token of my appreciation…" I whispered in his ear as I clenched my ass cheeks, capturing his cock, and I rocked violently in his lap. After about ten seconds of this, he grabbed my hair with one hand and wrapped his other arm around my waist. "I'm fuckin coming!" he grunted in my ear as he jerked three or four times, and then lay back in his chair.

I stood up and felt a warm liquid running down my leg. I scooped it up in my hand. "Dirty old man… You aren't wearing anything under that robe, are you???" I asked as he grinned and shook his head no. I walked to the door and licked my hand clean. "Thanks again for the invite to Colin's trip tomorrow Uncle Ron! .You know, for a fat man, your babies are delicious. Yum!" I stated as I walked back to my room. Part one was a success.

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