Lactation in the forest with my hubby

Lactation in the forest with my hubby
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It was tough making the two girls out from the other side of the bathroom, but I did recognize who both of the girls were. It was Paige and Olivia, 2 girls who I had casually seen at house parties and outside of school. They were both on the dance team so I was a little surprised the see them not dressed in their long sleeve uniforms for the pep rally. Paige was 5'8 with long legs and black hair with piercing green eyes and was wearing a green canvas jacket and tight leather jeans.

Olivia was a tan blonde athletic girl in a 5'5 frame with c cup tits and was in a white tanktop with tight blue leggings hugging her heart shaped ass. I didn't know too much about them, but I did hear Olivia was kicked out of her parents house for a while a few months ago because she tried to fuck some dude on the wrestling team while her parents were still home and they caught her.

Paige, I also heard wasn't exactly an angel. Weirdly enough, both of them kinda reminded me of pornstars i knew. Paige looked like tori black and olivia looked like ash Hollywood Still paranoid, I took one look at Chloe, who was still frantically trying to put her t shirt and leggings back on as quietly as possible and whispered in my ear, "whats that smell?" Turning my eyes back to the small crack, I saw Paige lighting a makeshift bong and Olivia started taking hits.

Laughing, I could hear Olivia say, "Holy shit, coach davis is gonna be so fucking pissed, but we gotta try this stuff before the party tomorrow ." Paige responded with, " Hopefully it makes me fucking horny again like the stuff we smoked last week.

Scott has been sending me nudes and I want to fuck his brains out tomorrow. I barely even know the guy haha. As the smoke started gradually filling the bathroom, it soon filled the stalls and I saw Chloe covering her mouth trying not to cough. "You've never smoked weed?" I whispered to her as she shook her head, now sitting on my lap. As they continued to talk and giggle for what seemed like an eternity, I soon began to feel horny as I found myself having blue balls because I never got to finish fucking Chloe.

Slowly, making my right hand down Chloe, I started rubbing her thigh and ass and put my other hand down her camel toe. She looked at me in disbelief but I whispered to her to trust me. I remembered how weed made some girls super horny and i suddenly had a wild thought of a 4 way with paige, olivia, and chloe. I whispered to chloe to get on her knees and i opened my jeans so she could see my rock hard boner.

I told her to suck on my dick like a good girl and she obediently followed. Her mouth felt so good and i then decided to test my luck. I grabbed her auburn hair and deepthroated my cock into her mouth. I made a large moaning sound as chloe struggled to suck my cock with split flying out of her mouth.

I then heard paige and olivia put the bong down and heard them giggling. "Holy shit are they fucking in there?" Paige said.

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"Shh" said olivia as i heard her walk slowly to out stall. I carefully unlocked the door from the inside and continued having my baby girl chloe suck on my cock and balls.

As predicted olivia opened the stall and put her hand over her mouth in surprise as i pretended to get caught off guard. I let go of chloe and she said "oh my god, what the fuck patrick!?" Paige rushed over and both of them started laughing.

Chloe with a look of embarrassment glared at me but i looked and paige and olivia and said "promise you wont tell?" Paige looked up and down at me and my throbbing cock and then looked at olivia. Then olivia said "sure, but let me fuck your brains out first". Chloe with a look of disbelief looked at me and i told her "its ok itll be hot trust me" as i slid my finger into her pussy as she slightly moaned.

Paige then said "ok first, you two need to get out of the stall" olivia then grabbed chloes hips and started fingering her while kissing her neck. Chloe at first protested but then followed saying, "i dont think we should be doing thi.ohhhh fuck" i then stood up naked and paige grabbed my boner like a leash and slowly walked to the middle of the bathroom with her tight ass in leather jeans swaying along. I secrectly took my phone out and pressed record as i put it on top of the paper towel dispenser.

She then pushed my down and took her top off. She violently straddled me and started stroking my cock and she then started blowing me. Chloe and olivia came over to me and stared making amazing lesbian sex right in front of me.Chloe on the bottom took control on top and started humping olivia like she was fucking her missionarry.

Olivia moaned and returned by moving her hips too. Paige was sucking me off and her piercing green eyes almost made me cum right then and there.

She took her top off to reveal her c cup tits and started tit fucking me. She slowly put her ass up in the air and started moving in with rhythym of her tits. I could see her long legs and tight ass hugged by her black leggings and i couldnt take the tease anymore so i pushed her off. I bent her over face down ass up and told chloe to come here. As i mounted paige with my dick right on top of her ass in leather jeans i unzipped them and stuck my cock inside her pussy and she moaned in surprise.


i had chloe stradle her so me and chloe were facing eachother. We started to french kiss as i put my hands on paiges tan ass while butt fucking her. Olivia then got in front of paige and said "oh god im so fucking horny. Eat me out !" As i continued fucking paige and kissing chloe i looked ahead and saw paige violently lick and eat out olivias ass through her see through blue leggings.

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Olivia was spread out Doggy style so her heart shapped ass was in full view and she was moaning while making eye contact with me biting her lip seductivly. She then started taking her tank top off reveiling her perfect tits eye fucking me.

I fucked paige for 10 minutes more and was at the point of no return. I pumped a good 10 strokes of my load all inside paiges pussy while chloe was still kissing me. I pulled out my cock from paiges ass and her pussy was dripping with jizz.

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Paige got up and started licking the cum with her fingers moaning. I was so fucking horny that my cock was still rock hard so i bent over chloe and fucked her like an animal for 2 minutes straight pulling her hair and watching her tan tight ass boucing against my cock and balls as she screamed "HARDER PATRICK POUND ME FUCKING HARDER".

I started going faster and faster as she screamed and i noticed her little asshole begging to he fucked I pulled out and stuck it up her ass and she screamed with surprise.

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I came inside her tight asshole as she grinded her hips moaning. I pulled out and saw her ass leaking my warm cum as she looked back at me panting and smiling at the same time But my dick wasnt satifyed yet. i made a bee line toward olivia who was licking her lips patiently eye fucking me Me and olivia started passionatly making out as I reached around Olivia and pulled down her tight blue leggings.

I bent her over and the sweet sweat and sticky spit of paige eating her out made her heart shaped booty glisten.

Chloe started moaning and eventually started screaming as she started to eye fuck me while fingering herself humping the floor. Paige came over started sucking my balls until they became huge and puffy as sticky spit dripped down to the floor. Olivia looked at me and impatiently said "what are you fucking waiting for patrick?" As she slapped her ass then bent over doggystyle.

i inserted my dick into her tight asshole then her pussy. It was tight and sticky with spit and ass juice as she moaned. She started grinding her hips in a circular motion and started to bite her lip in ecstacy. Paige then stripped butt naked and chloe and her both went under olivia and started sucking on each of my balls I felt nothing in my body except for my dick going in and out of olivias asshole and my balls being massaged and pulled into the warm mouths of chloe and paige as my whole body was vibrating with sexual ecstacy.

I continued to fuck olivia in this position for 20 straight minutes and my balls started feeling so heavy and tight. Paige and chloe popped my balls out of their mouth and i could see how big and filled with thick spit they had gotten. My balls were now the swelled up to the size of 2 golfballs and i started feeling like i was gonna cum. Chloe and paige wrapped their legs around both of my thighs and begain to sensually rub my chest and and suck and kiss my neck.

I got goosebumps all over my body and oliva started riding my cock as sticky froth was starting to form everytime she squat her ass on my cock making a sexy sticky sound.

Olivia then stopped moaning and suddenly slowly turned around with her blonde hair swaying to the side. She spit on her hand and started caressing my big tight balls as i could feel the warm spit lubricating them as they got fuller and tighter. Chloe and paige were starting to moan now and they became humping both of my thighs while continuing to kiss my body.

Olivia had a slight sexy smile on her face and she leaned back and started to make out with me. My cock was balls deep in her ass while she continued to massage my balls.She looked at me and said "i want you to empty your tight sticky nutsack and blow your load all over me baby. I want those balls fully drained so i can suck them after and make you cum again" i slowly pulled out my cock and paige chloe and olivia turned around and squatted in position in front of me.

Olivias pussy and ass was dripping with sweat and her cum and chloe and paige started sucking on my balls again. Olivia winked at me and opened her mouth sticking out her tongue with her tits hangig out. I started stroking my cock and built up all the cum i could muster up inside my balls. My toes began to curl and i got goosebumps all over my body as my prostate started inflating. I let out a gast then all of a sudden i blasted my cum all over olivias mouth.

There was 20 straight ropes of cum as i started to scream of ecstacy. With every pump of cum my orgasm feeling instensified as my body began violently shaking. Every burst of cum came in 2 second spurts and i came for 40 seconds straight. Chloe and paige gasped and moaned as they saw my tight nutsack pump out jizz like a machine. Olivia never broke eye contact as my cum plastered her blue eyes and sexy face After unleashing my ropes of cum i just stopped jerking my dick off and my cock continued to drip with cum like a leaking faucet.

Olivia then put her mouth on my cock and sucked all the cum up as i moaned loudly. After about 2 minutes of cumming, the longest ever for me, i collapsed on the floor in ecstacy with my legs spread out cock still throbbing Olivia after cleaning her face slowly crawled to me with her ass in the air.


Chloe and paige wrapped their legs around me again and started kissing my neck. Olivia then did what she promised and started licking my sensitive balls slowly. Normally after cumming it would take atleast 30 minutes to be horny again but this was so hot my body started signalling spurts of horniness again even though my dick wasnt as hard anymore. Olivia started moaning and rubbed my thighs with both of her hands as she stuck her ass in the air. Paige then came over perpendicular to me and put my entire dick inside her mouth like a warm suction cup and started licking it as i saw her long legs and ass in the air from the side.

Chloe then got close and whispered to me "i know what will make your dick hard again baby" and slowly put on her soaked black leggings knowing i had a fetish for them.

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She stood up and started slowy shaking her ass and hips all the while my dick and balls were engulfed by paige and olivia. Chloe approached me and slowly squatted her tight leggings on my face and started teasing me boucing up and and down out of the reach of my tongue. I could still smell the perfume and cherry sweat and instantly got hard to paiges delight.

Chloe eventually squat down so i could eat her pussy from her leggings and she started moaning with delight. Olivia started struggling sucking both of my balls as they miraculausly started puffing up filling with cum again as my cock was fully hard again.

The feeling returned to my pelvic area and i started moaning while humping the floor and deepthroating paiges throat as i bust a nut inside her mouth. This time the orgasm wasnt as intense but i got a weird feeling because it wouldnt die down. Instead my cock continued to blast streams of cum thanks to olivia milking my balls and the orgasm feeling stayed for at least 5 minutes.

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My body was girating back and forth of pure ecstacy as chloe wrapped her leggings around my chest and whispered in my ear the whole time. "Yeah, you like that shit baby. You like paiges mouth on your big cock?

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Does it make you feel good when olivia is sucking on your tight nutsack, milking your cum out? Look at olivia patrick. Shes eye fucking you with her blue eyes. Imagine how fucking nasty its gonna be when the three of us fuck you all winter break like our sex toy.

Actually i was thinking maybe we could stay the whole night here. Theres a sink so we could clean up and we could use our spit as lube when you fuck eaach and everrry onne of our tight assholes. All i want is to milk your balls. The 3 of us are gonna make you fill up that bong over there with your hot sticky cum by the end of the night." As i continued to cum endlessly, paige continued to deep throat my cock and olivia still sucking my balls, spread her ass cheeks so i could see them in the mirror.

After what seemed like forever, every last drop of my cum was drained and all of us just layed down on the floor for a few minutes. My head was spinning and my dick and balls were still vibrating with horniness After a while, paige put on her tank top and tight leather jeans and olivia put on her blue leggings. Olivia asked for my number and said her parents would be gone for the first week of winter break and i could stop buy and we could have endless sex in her bedroom with paige.

As both of them left the bathroom. Chloe spread her legs and wrapped them around me so she could face me. I just caressed her tight ass as she started sucking on my neck. I grabbed my phone to stop recording and chloe giggled and whispered"you are a dirty boy patrick. Do you want to come over to my house right now? We could play the whole fucking video on my flatscreen while we fuck.

I want to ride you all night untill you cant cum or walk the next day." I grinned and kissed her on the lips as both of us got dressed. We snuck out of the bathroom and noticed the foggy cloud of sex filling the guitar room as we left the music hallway Coming into the main hallway, the bell rang and chloe lead the way in the crowded hallway to her car. Her ass in leggings and pink thong were much tighter because they were still slightly wet and i noticed a small stream of cum down her ass and pussy.

As we walked to the parking lot. Chloe purposly swayed her hips back and forth ocasionally looking back to me staring at her tight ass .As we got into her car i got a text from olivia saying her and paige wanted a round 2 with my and chloe. I gave her the directions to chloes house and she drove off.

Looking out the window and with chloes hand massaging my cock through my jeans with the other on the steering wheel. I couldnt wait for the next 14 days of winter break. This concludes this 3 part story will be part of a spinoff series called winter wet dreams with Olivia, Paige, and of course Chloe returning along with new girls