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Black Tgirl Hottie Diamond Long Doing It Solo
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It was late. It was cold outside, but the fire kept the house warm. I sat in my chair, waiting. I had been waiting for her for weeks now. I drummed my fingers on the chair, growing more and more impatient as the seconds tick by. I check my watch. 7:30. my heart races, she'll be here soon. My mind was racing, I hadn't seen her since shed left, and now she's coming back to me.

I check myself in the mirror again.

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Was I going to be how she remembered me? I stood up, paced back and forth. I couldn't stop thinking about her. It had been too long since I had held her; felt her body pressed against mine. I can still remember her beautiful body, her long brown hair, her eyes. I try and think of something else.

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We're just friends now; we broke things off when she moved away. We're just to friends catching up, having dinner, drinking some wine. Just friends. but still.

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I hear a knock on the door, my heart starts racing, my body tenses. It's her, finally. I try to keep my stride even, try not to race for the door. I grab the knob, take a deep breath, and opened the door. The sight of her made me weak in the knees. There she was, just as I remembered her. Her long brown hair, her beautiful smile, her eyes. but that wasn't all. She had dressed up for me; she was wearing a short black dress.

Her body was better than I had remembered. The dress emphasized everything about her, her beautiful neck and breasts, her long legs leading up to her perfect butt. I felt my whole body tense as I looked her up and down, trying to hold myself back, but from the instant I saw her, I knew I wanted to completely ravage her. She stood in the doorway, sheepish smile on her face. She looked nervous and excited, happy to see me. She must have seen me my reaction, because her smile became wider.

"Hey there stranger" her voice was music, it made my stomach do back flips. Does she know what she's doing to me? "Well hello there beautiful' I try to keep my voice steady, but it's hard.

Her smile grows even more "can I come in?" she asks so sweetly, so innocently I can barley bring myself to speak. "You know you're always welcome in my home." I stand aside and let her walk in.

she passes me and I can smell her perfume. I savor it, I remember it. She walks into the living room "looks like your doing well for yourself" she turns to look at me over her shoulder, still smiling mischievously.

"But it looks like it could use a woman's touch." I knew what else could use a woman's touch at that moment. but I quickly pushed the thought out of my mind. She was just a friend, don't get you hopes up. "I'm glad you like it, it seems your doing well for yourself too. Looks like New York has made you even more beautiful" her eyes light up, and she lets out a little laugh. "thank you, you always know what to say to make a girl feel special." she drops her purse on the chair and turns to me.

"So. what's the plan? I thought someone was going to treat me to dinner" she steps closer to me; I feel a chill roll down my spine. "Dinner is almost ready; I hope Italians still your favorite." I smile when I see her eyes light up. She loved my cooking, always had. "My god, I haven't had a home cooked meal in ages. You know how lousy of a cook I am." "I remember you trying to surprise me on my birthday with your cooking and we nearly had to call the fire department." we both laughed, the memory of that day still fresh in our minds.

It was awhile ago, we were both so in love then. "Well, lead the way darling" she teased me, she always called me darling. I ate it up. We finally sat down to dinner. She told me all about her new life in New York. She loved her work, and loved the city. She was working her way up the corporate ladder, quickly becoming the fastest rising female star at her company. She said it was hard work, especially with her coworkers.

She laughed and said it was like none of them had ever seen a woman before. I smiled and nodded, secretly empathizing with those poor guys. I'm sure they had all seen woman before, but I can't imagine them being more beautiful than her. The conversation was light, fun. We fell back into the same pattern we had left off with. We were both so comfortable with one another. The meal was good, and the wine made it better. By the end of the night we had empty plates and an empty bottle.

She leaned back in her chair and looked at me. "so, a stud like you must be fighting off the girls left and right." she was smiling, but I saw something in her eyes. Maybe a silent hope she was wrong? "Not really. I've been set up a few times, gone on a couple of dates, but none of them really felt. right." this wasn't a lie, since she had left I had tried to fall back into things, but it just wasn't the same.

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I found myself always comparing them to her. they were never smart enough or funny enough or beautiful enough to take her place. Her smile flickered a little, she was obviously happy. "No girls have fallen for that patented charm of yours? You could always say the right thing to whisk me off too bed." my heart thumped.

That much was true, I had always been able to seduce her, make her crazy, fulfill her every fantasy. she always gave back ten fold. I let a smile escape "I really haven't turned that charm on since you left. what about you? I'm sure those powerful corporate types having been fighting for a piece of you." she rolled her eyes. "all those powerful corporate types your talking about are really just little boys.

its hard to find a real man in this world." we were both silent. here words had sparked something. I could feel my temperature rise, my heart rate soar. and I could see a change in her too. I could always read her like a book.

She was biting her lip a little bit, a quality that used to drive me crazy. She kept moving in her chair, obviously antsy and nervous. We sat in silence for a little bit, and then she stood. "Well, the meal was delicious, but I really should be heading back. I had a long day." she was quickly leaving the room, me staggering up to try and catches her.

What was going on, had I upset her? I found her in the living room, fumbling to get her purse open to find her keys. Her hands were shaking, she looked disheveled. Could it be she was feeling as I was? did this night make her feel like I do now? could she be as ravenous as I am? she finally found her keys, took a deep breath and cleared her throat. " well, this was great, we should really get together again. she finally turned to face me, and stopped in her tracks.

her breathing was shallow, her eyes were on fire. " well.

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I. I guess ill. call you." she went to turn away. I knew if there was a moment to have her this was it. I reached out and grabbed her hand, then pulled her close to me. I pulled her against my body, face to face. I looked at her, she returned my gaze. her eyes showed so many emotions, nervousness, anticipation, excitement. her breath was quickening, her heart racing against my chest.

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her lips were slightly apart staring up into mine. I couldn't stop myself for another second. my hand went to her cheek. as my had touched her eyes closed and a small moan came from her lips. that was the last straw, I had to have her, I pulled her face to mine, and pressed my lips to hers.

she accepted my kiss passionately. her lips were like heaven, her kiss like a miracle. I pulled her closer to me, one hand on the small of her back, holding her close me, the other on the back of her neck, keeping her beautiful mouth to mine. I felt her tongue dart into my mouth, tasted her sweetness, I was losing all control.


I forced her up against the wall, broke away from her lips and began to kiss and suck her slender neck. I could hear her breath getting heavy, her hands pulling me closer to her.

I kissed and lick and sucked her neck, moving my mouth slowly lower to her breasts. I felt her heart race as I kissed her chest, felt her breath catch in her throat as I grabbed and massage her breast. " my god.

I haven't felt this way in forever." she let her words out between breaths, barley able to speak. this was all the encouragement I needed. I pulled her dress aside, revealing her perfectly formed breast. I let out a soft groan at the sight, then began to kiss and suck.

she started moaning and cooing as I took her into my mouth, her body getting hotter as my tongue darted all over her chest. I broke away and began to kiss her again. my hand shaking went to her thigh. I felt the hem of her dress on my fingers. I lifted her dress, letting my fingers roam.

I felt heat coming from her, and I let my fingers discover its source. she gasped as I felt her wetness, her body arched to meet my hand, she moaned louder as I massaged her clit between my fingers, and then moaned loudly as I let them enter her. she kept pulling me closer, arching her hips against the palm of my hand.

" my god I've missed you so much" she whispered in my ear. " I wanted you the second I saw you open the door. I want you to." her sentence broke off in a gasp as my fingers did their workbring her closer and closer to ecstasy.

"my god take me, please I want you so bad." her words were rushed, muffled into my shoulder, it sounded too sweet and too sensual to be real. I picked her up in my arms and carried her to the bed. I threw her down on the bed and started to tear my clothes off. she had already torn her dress over her head before I had gotten my shirt off. now she was there, laying on my bed, her body fully exposed.

I couldn't tear my eyes away form her, she was looking at me, biting her lip, tempting me and teasing me. " I want you to fuck me baby. please god fuck me. I've wanted you f or so long. please I want you inside me." I could barley handle it any more. I leapt on top of her, my mouth exploring every inch of her body.

her hands were immediately at my waist, fumbling with my belt. she tore my belt off and went to work on my pants. I felt her hands swiftly unbutton and unzip me, then I felt the greatest sensation I had ever felt as I felt her small slender hands grasp me. I was fully hard, aching to be touched, and her hand on my hard, long cock made me moan. she stroked me as I kissed and licked her neck, mouth and breast, then pushed me away from her. " I want to see it baby.

take it out for me. I want it." I tore the rest of my clothes off, and stood at the foot of the bed. her eyes grew wider, she looked hungry. I knew what she wanted. I got on the bed and forced her down on her back. I started to kiss her neck, then her breasts, slowly moving downward. when I got to her hips, I started to kiss and lick her thighs.

I felt her quiver and shake under my touch, I teased her by kissing everywhere on her hips, then I dug my tongue deep inside her. I heard her gasp and close her thighs tight around my head. I tasted her, savored every second of it. her hands reached down, grabbed handfuls of my thick lack hair and pushed her hips to meet my mouth. " Oh god baby, don't stop, don't." her voice trailed off as she gasped in air, overcome by pleasure.

her back was arched, pushing herself closer to mouth and tongue, her legs and body shaking. " fuck me baby, please fuck me I want you cock inside me." she gasped her words as she begged to be fucked. " I cant stand it anymore I need you to fill me up.

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please baby please!" her voice was getting louder, her body hotter, her breath more and more shallow. I lifted my head up to meet hers. I let her taste her own taste on my lips. I laid her down, still embraced in a kiss, and then I entered her. she moaned into my mouth as she felt me slowly fill her. she broke away from.

" yes, yes please all the way." I thruster further into her. her face contorted into a mix of pleasure and pain, she hadn't had something so big in a long time. " oooh, keep going, I want all of you in me." I pushed further her, making her cry out.

" o fuck me please, fuck me hard and fast and rough please baby.' I thrusted in and out of her, watching her face melt into an expression of pure ecstasy. she was crying out, begging for more, her legs were wrapped tight around me, her nails digging into my back as I fucked her, as I put my hard long dick further and further into her.

she was starting to get loud, her moans and cries getting louder and louder as I fucked her harder and faster. I reached up to her head and grabbed her hair, pulling it as I fucked her. she moaned louder as I got rough with her, her hips arching to meet mine, trying to get me to go deeper and harder. " don't stop, don't stop, don't stop." she kept saying, her voice still rising. I could feel her tighten around my cock, pumping it as I fucked her.

it was pure pleasure, I was getting to my limit. " o baby I'm going to cum, do what ever you want to me." I didn't need to be told twice. I pulled out and flipped her onto her stomach. I grabbed her by the waist and put my dick in her from behind. again, I grabbed onto her hair and pulled. she let out a scream, not of pain, but of complete orgasmic bliss." yes baby be rough with me, fuck me harder, god I want you to cum inside me." I wasn't through with her yet though.

while one hand was still tangled up in her hair, I used her my other hand to spank her firm ass. I brought my hand down with a slap, and felt her whole body contract, and heard her moan even more. " o yea baby, I've been bad. I need your cum in me." I couldn't handle it anymore. my entire body felt like it was going to explode. I started to thrust harder and faster, going as deep as I could go.

" o god I'm going to cum" " I want you to cum inside me, please fill me up with all you cum." her voice alone was enough to drive me over the edge. " I going to cum!" " I'm coming too baby, please fill me up " I kept thrusting, harder and faster. her breath grew shallower and faster and her cries grew louder and louder.

"o. my.


GOD!" she cried out as she came, I could feel her body tighten around me. it pumped me until I couldn't take it anymore. I cried out, and with a groan and one more hard thrust I let loose all of my cum deep inside her. it was pure pleasure, it was bliss, it was like dying and going to heaven. the flood gates let loose and I poured all of myself into her.

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I collapsed in a heap on the bed, she collapsed on top of me. we were both panting, completely out of breath, and entirely exhausted. she lay with her head in the crook of my shoulder, her hand on my chest. " that was amazing" she said " I've never felt anything like it" " I've never felt that way either." I told her.

she looked up at mesmiled her sheepish smile, and kissed me one last time before laying her head back on my shoulder to sleep. I looked at her, absolutely glowing from pleasure, and as I drifted off to sleep, I thought of new York.

Maybe I would like it there?