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When Laura left, it was as if she had been erased. My parents never talked about her, or even acknowledged that they had once had a daughter. It made me sick, as I loved and missed my sister.

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They went on as if nothing had happened, but I could see a certain sadness in their eyes, my mother's especially. After about six months I decided that it was time for answers. "Mom, Dad, I need to talk to you," I yelled across the house, from the kitchen. "What is it Mike?" my mother fired back, form the living room. "Just come into the kitchen please," I responded. I heard the shuffling of socks on carpet as my parents worked their way to the kitchen.

"What is this about, Michael," my father said firmly, clearly aggravated. "… About Laura," I started, before my dad cut me off. "This conversation is over," he said, and stormed from the room.

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"Dad!" I yelled after him, but received no response. Unable to stand my parents anymore, I ran up to my room and began packing. While I was rustling things around looking for clothes and other essentials, I found a note Laura had given me before she left.

It only had her new phone number, and a message saying I'll miss you with a sad face. While the number itself had been in my phone since the day she left, I had never used it. No time like the present, I thought to myself.


I scrolled through my phone, and quickly found her number. While it rang, I became nervous. What if she was mad for not calling earlier? What if she hated me now? What if she forgot about me? What if her number had changed? Thoughts like this mad me go crazy, until … "Hello?" the female voice on the other end of the phone asked, with a slight laugh.

"Hi," I responded, "Laura?" "No, guess again," she said again with more laughs. "Amanda?" I asked again, this time with more certainty. "Bingo, now guess what you have won," Amanda ordered me. "I don't know, a puppy?" I said sarcastically. "Nope, you've won a genuine conversation with me." "Well that is what I wanted anyway," I lied in a flirty way. "Oh really?" she asked "Honestly, Amanda, I don't know you as well as I should." "Well why don't you come over and get to know me? Laura is at work right now, but we can chat until she gets back." "That sounds like a great idea," I said, genuinely excited.

"Ok, we live at sixth and pine, apartment number four," "I will be there in twenty minutes." "See you soon." Despite my mother's protest I finished packing my bag, walked out of the house, and jumped into my truck. While pulling out of the driveway, I wondered if things would ever be the same. I was leaving them, the same way that Laura had, in anger.

She hadn't come back or even called in six months, and I didn't think I would either. Driving through town to Laura and Amanda's place was easy.

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I was familiar with Sixth Street, but I had never been as far north as pine. I pulled into a parking lot that I could leave my truck in all night that was close enough to the building for me to come and go. After locking my door, I put my jacket on, and walked toward the front door. As I was on my way up the front steps, I noticed the front door was unlocked.

I wondered if Amanda had left it open for me, or if someone else had just forgot to shut it. Going inside and finding number four, I knocked on the door. "One sec," I heard faintly, from what sounded like the back of the apartment. After a few seconds, a beautiful woman with a lovely smile opened the door.

She was holding her towel up with one hand and a wine glass with the other. She stood up to my shoulder, with dark red hair down to just below her chin. Her eyes, a sparkling blue, had a soul piercing gaze. The curves of her body, perfect in my eyes. I was nearly floor, being greeted by such a beautifully sexy woman. "… hi," was all I could manage, in my state of delirium.

"Come in," she said hurriedly, not wanting the outside chilliness to creep in. Wow, I thought, she is so beautiful. I rushed into the apartment as ordered. "Have a seat," she offered, "there are cheese and crackers on the table if you are hungry. I just need to dry off and get changed for bed. You caught me right after getting out of the shower," she laughed genuinely. "Thanks, but I'm fine. I do need to go to the bathroom, thought.

Where is it?" I asked "Right across the hall from my room, the first right down the hallway," She yelled back, from inside her room. I walked down the hall, went into the bathroom, turned on the light, and closed the door.

After finishing up my business, I washed my hands, and looked into the mirror above their sink. Seeing my reflection in the mirror inspired me to look at myself and ask, "what are you doing?" The thoughts going through my head were all about my sister's girlfriend, Amanda.

They were devious thoughts, dirty thoughts. I wanted her badly, even though I knew it would crush my sister. The way she seemed to look straight into my soul, it amazed me. After washing my face and hands again quickly, I resolved to not try anything, and walked out of the bathroom. As I shut the bathroom door, I turned around to see that the door to Amanda's room was open. I knew she was in there changing and the devil on my shoulder took over, I peeked inside.

I saw the same beautiful woman, who had me awe struck before, now with her towel on the floor, and nothing new on except a pair of comfy looking boy shorts. While looking for a shirt in her closet, she bobbed her head to a loud song I didn't recognize, so she couldn't really hear anything else.


I opened the door a bit more to get a better view of her. Just as I did, the song hit a fast paced chorus and she jumped, spinning toward me, and landed facing her door. I was scared, I thought for sure she was going to caught and she was going to be upset, but her eyes remained closed. Realizing that I was safe, at least for the moment, I noticed her wonderful breasts were still uncovered.

Her beautiful C cups bounced slightly as she rocked and jumped to the music. After staring for a minute I decided not to push my luck. I quietly walked to the living room and sat down.

When I sat down the music stopped, and I looked over toward the hallway entrance. Amanda came out wearing only a tight black pair of boy shorts and a tight pink t-shirt, which didn't cover her midriff. I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra, as her hard nipples were poking up slightly from her perky breasts. My mouth had become dry from all of the gawking I had done. So I asked, "Amanda, can I have something to drink?" "You can finish my glass of wine. I am going to get another one anyway, and you can call me Mandy" she responded, with one of the cutest smiles I have ever seen, as she walked past me into the kitchen.

I picked her glass of red wine up off of the table and took a sip.

I liked how it tasted, but I didn't have anything to compare it to. My parents had a strict "no alcohol until you are twenty one" policy. I took one more sip, almost draining the remainder of the glass, as Amanda walked in to the living room with a new glass and a just opened bottle of wine.

"You need a refill, Michael," she stated, as she sat down next to me and began to refill my glass. "It's just Mike," I told her, staring into her sparkling blue eyes.

"Ok," she said softly, after filling my glass, as if she was now in awe of me. I needed no other invitation. My hand came up to caress her face, and pulled her toward me. I kissed Amanda softly and sensually, but only briefly. She broke the kiss, only long enough to set the wine bottle on the table.

Then she jumped at me, knocking me back, making me lay on the couch. I pulled her on top of me, sliding her knees up to my hips, making her straddle my midsection. She kissed me with an intense passion, as if she had wanted me from the start, just as I wanted her.

I kissed back, keeping up with her intensity. In on swift movement she pulled her tight pink top off, revealing to me once again her amazingly perky breasts. I reached my hand up to caress them, and she smiled. Her breasts were firm and her nipples hard.

I could tell she was excited, as she pushed forward to continue kissing me. Amanda was making me excited also, as my groin began stirring. Before long I was rock hard, and she was very aware of it as it was poking her in the butt every time she pushed back.

I didn't want to do that; afraid she might get the wrong idea. So I placed my hands on her hips and moved her down slightly, so the head of my dick was rubbing between her clit and belly button. She let out a moan as I did that, and kissed me with renewed ferocity. My hands moved from her hips to her ass cheeks, and I helped her rock back and forth on my dick, through my pants. She kept up a rhythmic tempo, moving as if there was music. Amanda broke our kiss and sat up, riding on my dick back and forth.

My hands slid from her ass cheeks to the front of her boy shorts, pulling them down slightly. She looked at me with a devious smile on her face and said, "is that what you want? Do you want to get me naked?" In response, I pulled Amanda back down to me, kissed her, and whispered, "more than anything," in her ear. She jumped off of me, stood next to the couch, and held out her hand.

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"Come with me to my room and we can both get naked," she said, keeping her smile. Placing my hand in hers, I allowed her to help me up and lead me down the hall toward her bedroom. After walking into Amanda's room I closed the door behind me. She turned to me, pushed me against the wall, and kissed me again. I kissed her back passionately, overpowering her intense ferocity, pushing her back onto the bed.

Before joining my beautiful new lover on her bed I removed my shirt and pants. "I didn't think you should be the only one naked," I told her, she nodded in agreement. I was about to climb into bed with her, but she held her hand up to stop me, saying, "Help me take off my boy shorts." I reached up, pulled her tight underwear down in one swift move, and started to climb in again.

But again, Amanda held up her hand.

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This time she said, "I want you completely naked," with a hungry look in her eyes. No wanting to deny either one of us another moment, I was quickly out of my boxer briefs and in the bed. Wasting no time, we went back to kissing passionately, our hands moving all over each other's bodies. Her hand slid down my body, grabbed my hard cock, and tightened. "I want you to fuck me, Mike," she said after breaking our kiss. She positioned my dick at the entrance to her beautiful, already wet vagina and looked me in the eyes before saying, "go easy, I haven't had a man inside me in three years." I ease my dick into her tight vagina, pushing the head in slowly but forcefully.

Amanda gasps and digs her nails into the back of my neck. My hands slid up to her shoulders to help me thrust into her harder. She moans loud as I push my dick all the way into her. "Yes, fuck me harder, Mike," she said in exasperation, as my dick pounded into her.

"You love my cock, don't you?" I asked in response. "Yes," was all she could manage, trying to catch her breath. My dick slammed into her tight, wet vagina, harder and harder, as she begged me to fuck her hard. "Yes, I am a bad girl and I need to be fucked hard as punishment," "You are such a dirty girl," I told her as I lifted her legs up to my shoulders, so I was able to push my dick deeper inside her. "Oh, that feels so good. Mike, get deeper in me!" Amanda moaned.

She tightened her vagina, having an intense orgasm, and pushed me over the edge. "Amanda, I'm going to cum." "Cum in me baby, I haven't had a man's cum inside me in so long. I forget what it feels like," she ordered. I exploded, shooting load after load of hot cum into my sister's beautiful girlfriend. I let her legs down, pulled my dick out of her, and cradled her in my arms.

Amanda looked into my eyes again and said, "That was amazing. We should do that again sometime." "What about Laura?" "Oh yeah, well talk to her about it."