Mulata rabuda sentando e rebolando gostoso na pica do macho

Mulata rabuda sentando e rebolando gostoso na pica do macho
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This is a fictional story of Laura and her love of cock that gets her in some very enjoyable trouble. The story contains scenes of hardcore sex and racism. Please be warned. I welcome all comments, both positive and negative, on my stories or please feel free to email me on [email protected] Sanjit's Cabs - Part 2 Laura's green eyes were dazzling as she watched the other Asian men all standing naked and all sporting very hard and very long cocks all pointing towards her.

She grinned drunkenly and leaned back. "Get up you dirty Bitch!" Mohammed suddenly said as he approached her.


More out of shock at his outburst than obeying his orders Laura rose feeling slightly unsteady on her feet and looked at the older Asian directly in the eyes, before glancing down to see the massive cock sticking out in front of him. Laura gulped visibly. This was much larger than Raj and Mo was wanking it slowly as he walked towards her. "Here it is baby. See it?" Mo grinned.

"You like? All of this is going to be in you. You're going to like it. You're going to be begging me for more. I'm going to fill you up with so much cum it'll leak all down your legs for ages!" He grabbed Laura's thin wrist tightly and pulled her hand towards his cock roughly.

"Touch it slut!" He grinned as her fingers took hold of him. "You're going to taste me. You'll be groaning as I feed it to you, all of it. It'll fucking choke you, you horny cunt just like it chokes them all!" As Laura's nipples hardened and her grip on the base of the long shaft became tighter it was clear that she was becoming more aroused again and she knew that much of it was because of the taunting remarks from this middle aged Asian man.

Suddenly he was pushing her back against the wall and pulling her thighs up lifting her off the ground with his strong arms and his hands were under her pale thighs. "Get that thong off!" He shouted and Imrak grabbed some scissors as Laura felt the cold metal scrape across her soft skin as he cut the thong away. She looked directly into Mohammed's eyes with her large green eyes smoldering with passion as he rubbed his thick cock head all around her wet opening.

Laura let out a whimper but the sounds coming out from between her lips quickly turned to more subtle yelps and cries as the Asian started to push into her stretching her wide with his fat cock. The first inch was a task for him as Laura was tight so Mo simply pushed her back against the wall for leverage.

He pulled out and then pushed a second time but this time Laura relaxed her muscles and felt him push his entire cock into her. She almost screamed as she felt the monster fill her up. "Bring her over here!" Sanjit suddenly said and swept all the food from the table onto the floor in a sweeping motion of his arm.

Uneaten sandwiches splattered onto the already dirty carpet as the table was cleared. Holding Laura to him, Mo walked over and pushed her back down onto the table with his cock was still buries deep inside. He leaned over her and started to pump in and out first with long slow strokes then going faster. Imrak and another leant down either side and took a breast each in their tanned hands and started to suck hard on the engorged teats.

Sanjit and Samir stood, cocks ready in their hands near to Laura's face and suddenly a big fat Asian cock of Sanjit was being pushed across her mouth and stuffed between her lips. She instinctively opened her lips sucking the dripping precum from the Asian manhood forcing its way in as she felt the head enter her mouth. Mohammed groaned loudly and his body went into a spasm as he started to shoot into Laura before withdrawing and moving back.

She was panting wildly, her thighs wide apart as another old Asian moved from her breasts to take over between her legs sliding his cock straight into her well used hole. It took literally seconds for him to cum before he was replaced by Samir.

He lasted longer as his smaller cock slid into the cum hole. He reached down and lifted Laura's legs so her thighs were up against him and her calves on his chest. He started to pump in and out almost in anger as the cum welled up both inside his balls and in her body.

He came first spurting load after load into her then this simply started her off as her body trembled again and the cum flowed inside her hot chamber. In the excitement Laura grabbed her breasts roughly squeezing the nipples hard which simply added to the intensity of her orgasm. Imrak was now in place with his cock which was as big as that of Mohammed.

But instead of entering her he leaned across her body looking into her emerald eyes. "Touch yourself!" He demanded. "While I watch you!" A cheeky grin crossed Laura's lips as her hands slid down her body and one rested on her throbbing clit with the other sliding her fingers into her cum filled cunt.

"Yes Sir!" Laura grinned. "That's the girl. Finger fuck yourself, you fucking horny slut!" Imrak said. Laura couldn't help but smile as Sanjit pulled his cock from her mouth and joined his friend to watch the show at the other end. Her fingers started to penetrate her wet pussy expertly. Lifting her legs so her feet were on the table she spread them wide as she finger fucked herself hard and fast with three fingers.

At the same time her other hand was strumming on her clit and with her head tossed back as her gorgeous body was nearing orgasm once again. But with a cheeky glint in her eyes she suddenly stopped herself. She looked towards her Asian admirers and smiled. "C'mon big boys!" She grinned.

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"I want your big fat Asian cocks up my cunt, not my fingers! Fuck me please and fuck me hard!" Imrak did not need asking twice as he almost came, hearing Laura begging them to fuck her. She pushed her body onto her front with her feet on the ground and turned to show her arse. Imrak pulled her cheeks apart and literally slammed his cock home into her pussy going as deep as he could.

She moaned and her hands drifted up under her body to hold her breasts tightly. With Imrak's hands on her hips he started to pump and Laura came again with a wonderful orgasm as his long think member slid up and down over her G spot.

He continued to pump in and out until he finally started to cum and quickly released his cock from her pussy shooting hot cum all over her lower back and bum cheeks. "Don't stop!" Laura begged him. But Sanjit was at hand to take over and she felt his cock slide directly into her pussy. Once drenched in the mixture of cum he pulled out and placing his cock against her puckered arse he forced it in.

Laura screamed out as he penetrated her tightness and she felt him fill her back passage.

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There was no holding back this time with his cock buried deeper and deeper into her and Sanjit started to hump her violently. Laura's body bucked and grinded back into Sanjit with every thrust. Suddenly he pulled her tightly to him as his cum spurted into her anal canal. Sanjit collapsed on top of her panting uncontrollably and lay still until she felt him soften inside.


He slowly pulled out. As his cock slid out, cum poured down from her arse. "Lick it!" Sanjit demanded. He grabbed her hair tightly pulling her around. "I said fucking lick it!" He snarled again but with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

Laura obediently did so. Dropping down onto her knees she licked the sperm from Sanjit's cock that had until moments earlier been embedded in her arse. He watched her lap at it with her long tongue and he began to touch himself once more. Laura watched it harden with a smile and standing pushed Sanjit to the floor before sitting astride his fat hairy body.

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She smiled and purred as she mounted his cock and began to ride him back and forth as she had done to Raj. Sanjit sucked on her nipples as his hands pulled on her tit flesh in front of him. Laura simply moaned and groaned. It wasn't long before Laura's body was sent into another massive orgasm. Sanjit's body trembled as he started to shoot again with hot sticky cum flowing into her pussy. Laura leaned back and to her delight was suddenly being splattered by cum from all the other Asian cocks in the room, as they were wanked by their owners.

Covered with cum but completely satisfied Laura took a shower in the office and dressed. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… "Where's Tommy?" Mikey asked.

"Away………………&hellip.he's doing somefink!" Came the reply from Jed. "What the fuck is it?" "No!" Mikey, the smallest of the group and youngest at only just 16, replied.

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"I gotta tell Tommy!" "You can tell me ya little twat!" Jim, Tommy's younger teen brother grabbed Mikey by the throat and lifted him right up off his feet before dropping him back down as Mikey lost his footing and fell on his back.

"It's the slag!" Mikey spluttered. "Well………&………&hellip.!" Suddenly the tall bald figure of Tommy appeared in the doorway of the barn. Jim stopped in his tracks as a mark of respect for the gang leader.

Tommy approached, his sunken eyes dark and mischievous as he glared down at the boy on the floor. A large tattoo of a swastika was on his chest and with his buttonless shirt wide open it was clear for all to see against his wiry but strong frame.

"Now twat!" He addressed the boy cowering on the floor beneath him, his big booted foot in line with Mikey's head.

"What about the slag?" "Fuck Tommy, she was fucking, mate!" Tommy moved his foot closer to Mikey's face and leaned down towards him menacingly. "I ain't your Mate!" He literally screamed at the boy spitting his words out as he did. "And who was she fucking?" Mikey now appeared too frightened to speak and meekly said.

"The Paki's&hellip.!" "What?" Tommy eyes were now closing slightly as his fists started to clench in an angry gesture. "You saw the slag fucking a Paki?" "Yes Tommy, well, Paki's!" Mikey started to feel more confident as he knew he was now the centre of attention.

"Yeah, Tommy, she wasn't just fucking a Paki, she was fucking wiv all of them!" "Dirty Bitch!" Jed joined in. "Dirty fucking slag!" Rob, the oldest member of the group stepped forward. He too sported a swastika, but was proud of his beliefs and had it on the side of his neck.

"So you saw the bitch fucking the Paki's?" "Yes Rob, I did!" "What was she doing?" Tommy enquired and the barn area fell silent as Mikey rose to his feet. He straightened himself up ready to give the four thugs in front of him a detailed account of what the slag had done. "She is one dirty fucking slut!" He started as a smile appeared on his face. "First she was sucking a Paki bastard's cock then riding it like a whore with her tits swinging about all over the fucking shop and her fat arse sat on the smelly Indian shit's lap as he pummeled her white cunt full of Paki cock!" "Awesome!" Jed let out as he stood near to the others.

He didn't see it but suddenly felt the pain of Tommy's clenched fist clatter against the side of his head that sent him tumbling to the ground as Tommy leaned over him once again screaming and spitting his words out.

"No, it ain't fucking awesome! It's fucking ludicrous and crap. She is a white whore and those Paki shits should be poking their own kind, and not a white whore!" He deliberately spat down onto Jed after he had finished his sentence before turning back to Mikey. "Go on!" He ordered. Mikey looked fearfully at Jed on the floor with blood dripping from his nose and then back at the group. "Well," he started again. "Once the fat old Paki had had his way, the rest of them wanted her too and fucked her in very hole sticking their Paki pricks right in her cunt and mouth.

Fucking disgusting bastards!" "Yes, they are!" Said Tommy under his breath. "And they will pay for this!" Mikey started again. "Then when she was being fucked she was moaning like she didn't like it but I could see the slag did cos she was kissing them and sucking on their Paki cocks and I could see she loved it all!" "And then what?" "Well," continued Mikey, "they started to finish off.

All they Paki's had a fuck with her and then they stopped so I ran back to tell you Tommy." He grinned. Tommy grinned back baring his broken yellowing teeth. "They will pay for fucking a white bitch!" He repeated.

"But she will pay first!" …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… When Laura returned to the office she was feeling more sober, fresher and certainly cleaner.

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All the men had dressed now and acting like nothing had happened. Sanjit smiled at her. "You know you're welcome back anytime Laura!" He grinned. "Are you sure you don't need a lift tonight?" "No you're okay!" Laura smiled back still feeling tipsy from the drink and sex.

"I'll get the bus." She closed the office door behind her and made your way across the waste ground towards the railway underpass.

She stumbled slightly, the drink having taken its toll on her senses and she giggled to herself as she steadied her feet before walking on in the darkness. To be continued………………………&hellip.